September 1, 2011

The manuscript of survival - 9,10

 ( 1 to 8 parts placed in August section)

I am a channeler for the group The Constant Companions, a group of entities that have been in contact with me for more than a year. I have been channeling for more than two years, but now I have been told to find a way to share the recent messages they have given me as they consider them to be of importance to others beside me.  Aisha North

Chapter 11, August 31, 2011

The advent of a new dawn has been heralded for a very long time now, and many have already lost hope that it will in fact arrive someday soon. That is very understandable, as there are so many things going on around you that points in the opposite direction, namely that of a total collapse and annihilation of the human species. Many have prophesied Armageddon, and many have an interest in stoking up the fires that make others fall into fear. Never forget, these are the ones that have an interest in keeping people down by holding them in fear. Just watch what happens when people let go of the fear in their hearts. Then they discover that they are far more powerful than they could ever imagine. We defy anyone who say that they were unmoved by the recent events is Tunisia and Egypt. There, a people long being held hostages by their corrupt leaders suddenly woke up and said aloud ”today, I have no more fear. Today, I will take back what is rightly mine, namely the right to live as a free citizen, unburdened by the shackles of tyranny”. Did you see the freedom in their eyes? Did you see how they rose up, seemingly as one, and marched unarmed against their armed oppressors? When people are afraid no more, they do not care if they themselves have to lose their own life so that others may breathe the fresh air of freedom. These rulers know that, and nothing frightens them more than the knowledge that the so-called ordinary citizen outnumbers the ruling classes. So also the world of finance and commerce. If it were not for the silent approval of the common man, these institutions would not prosper as they do. They need willing victims in order for them to grow ever richer and fatter and more complacent. But now the time has come for humanity as a whole to wipe the last vestiges of sleep from their eyes and say ”no more”. No more time for silent abjection, no more time for willing slavery, no more time for letting others decide how they should live, no more time for being sucked dry by a monetary system that ensures their beholdenness to a few affluent ones. The time has come for everyone to stand proud and make themselves heard. This planet is for everyone to enjoy and live a prosperous life on, not for a few to harvest the riches and let others toil and slave without having a say in the matter.

All around you the evidence of this transition is already taking place, and mother earth is helping you along. People go into fear, saying that she is taking her revenge on mankind, but that is far, far from the truth. She is in fact only making sure that this transition will take place, no matter what the dark forces so desperately try to do to avoid it. This is not the results of a wrathful god, rather it is a necessary reprogramming that cleanses away the last vestiges of your old, corrupt way of living.
Most of your fellow humans consider the large earth tremor in Japan a disaster beyond human imagination, and they only see the suffering of the people getting in the way of that enormous wave. Have you not seen what the fallout from this is already? Have not several other countries already deemed nuclear reactors as far too dangerous to keep up? Have they not already turned away from the ”energy of tomorrow” as they called it, and started to see into other and more reliable and sustainable sources? Yes, the answer is clear to see for those that dare open their eyes, but so many will refuse to see beyond the so-called natural disasters that have and will occur. They choose to see only destruction where others with a keener eye will see possibility for change. Yes, we have stated already that we stand ready to come in and help you to ensure that mother nature will be swept clean of all of your disastrous mismanagement, but in order for us to do just that, you will have to decide to start the cleaning in earnest yourselves. If you do not get the message and start off in a new direction, we cannot and may not help. Therefore, it is imperative that more and more of your fellow citizens awaken from the deep sleep they have been held in for far too long. You as wayshowers are all important in this process. You are as lighthouses sending out a steady beacon of light with which others can navigate safely into a new harbour. Where it not for you, many would have foundered on the treacherous shallows hidden in the dark, and you must all congratulate yourselves for all of the hard work you have done already. Not only have you ensured that the number of enlightened beings is multiplying by the hour, you have also been instrumental in the changes that already have occurred on your planet.

Many of you are unaware of the impact you already have, not only on those closest to you, but also on the world at large. Consider yourselves as instruments of illumination, but in a way that have not been seen on this planet before. Many have chosen to go out in the open, as so-called healers or channelers, or in another capacity that brings this new energy out to the masses. Many others have been working very hard in the same vein, but without their own knowledge in the matter. They act as anchors and transmitters of this new energy, and even if they have no clear image or even notion that they are doing work on behalf of the collective, they are in fact working very, very hard for the benefit of all. This channel is a case of the latter. Now she has been told repeatedly that she has been doing a vital job, even if she has no way of seeing any results of it, but even she has had her doubts that she is in fact doing anything else except feeling the onslaughts of energy on her own body. Now we have guided her to start communicating with others and share the words we give her, so she has a much clearer picture of the work she is actually doing. But in fact, this is only the tip of the iceberg, and so it is with so many others out there as well.

Let us explain. You act, as we said, as a sort of anchor or transmitter of energy. What we mean by that, is that in order for these new energies to be assimilated not only into the earth herself, but also into the inhabitants, much of it needs to be distributed via a human channel. This may sound strange, but we need you in the same way as the telephone companies or electricity companies need their masts and hubs to distribute energy and information. Think of it as a sort of transponder that receives everything in a certain frequency, and then alters it in such a way so it can be received by others. This is very important work indeed, and it is being done by thousands of people out there, many of them totally unaware that they are in fact working 24/7 on behalf of us and the collective. And it is hard work indeed, as many of you can testify. The dosages of energy you receive and transmit through your physical bodies are astounding, and we are all a little in awe of the way that you handle this. It is by no means a mean feat, as the side-effects can be quite drastic and at times even painful. We hasten to add that it is by no means harmful to your system, as you are all being carefully monitored throughout, but they can be debilitating in the way that you need much more rest and breaks from the so-called normal life. For some, this may sound like a big sacrifice, but we assure you that all who are doing this job have volunteered for it, even if they do not have any recollection of doing so in this lifetime. This is not forced labour or slave-work, it is doing voluntary work of the highest importance for the good of the collective. We would like to take this opportunity to applaud you all for the work that you do, and to assure you that you will be well rewarded for the sacrifices you make.

Many have likened this to acting as a sort of acupuncture needle that has been inserted into the grid that covers the whole planet, and that is a very apt description. As many of you know, an acupuncture needle is inserted in a well-defined spot on the energy meridians on the body in order to help it to re-establish balance. This is what you all are doing, and it is working beautifully. In addition, some of you are also used as go-betweens between us and other human beings. Sometimes a large dosage of advanced knowledge is deemed necessary, but the human being who can utilize this knowledge is not someone who can be accessed directly by us. The impact on that humans body would be too much, maybe even fatal. Instead, we have devised a system whereby we use other humans as ”carriers” of this energy, so that we can transmit the whole package into their system and through them relay it into the receptive mind in a safe dosage. Much like the energy companies send out high-voltage currents but pass it through a transformer to make sure that the current transmitted into your house do not set it on fire in the process. This may sound far-fetched and even scary to some, but let us just say that it works brilliantly. It is interesting to see just how many ”new” discoveries have been made by your scientists lately, and they are only a fraction of what is to come. We are in many ways training you to stand more firmly on your own, and this ”teaching by proxy” is part of this process. In other words, do not feel despondent and think that you are not ”doing” anything in this process. You are in fact a vital part of this process, and without this tapestry of lightworkers covering the globe, this planet of yours would have been cleared of all traces of human civilization a long time ago. Now you are glowing more brightly by the hour, and even if the individual light might seem feeble at times, it is in fact building in strength each and every day. In addition, the cumulative effect of all of you have already ensured that the survival of the human race is almost guaranteed. Together, we will make sure that you all take that decisive step back from the brink, and start off in a direction headed for safer ground.

p 10, Chapter twelve, Sept 1, 2011

Throughout modern man´s history, there have been moments like these, when everything hangs in a balance ready to tip either way. Do not underestimate it this time, you have never been more precariously balanced between hope and despair. As we have already stated on so many occasions, this is the final countdown for humanity, and if you do not pass this test of will, you will not have a future here on this planet. She is too precious to be held hostage to a race that continues to misuse her in so many ways, and if you do not change your ways, you will be eliminated and a new world will start without you. This is no idle threat, and we think you have seen by now that the end result of leaving you to your own devices is not a pretty one. On the other hand, it is imperative that you do not give up hope when you face the stark reality that surrounds you on all sides. Even if it took a long time coming, it will all be changed for the better in a very, very short time indeed. That is because this change will not be brought about in a linear fashion, in other words, not as a slow and steady process, but in a quick and decisive about-turn that will seem almost impossible to all of you at the moment. Even if the last stage of this process will be a swift one, the stages leading up to it has been anything but. Hidden from view from most of your fellow human beings, a true revolution has been taking place. Unawares for the ruling group, many, many of their subjects have quietly started to open their hearts to the fact that there is another truth out there, a truth that cancels every fear they have harboured for generations. At first this new truth can be difficult to believe, but as the light slowly seeps all the way into your heart, this new truth banishes the old one once and for all. Then, you suddenly see the world around you in a new, and glaring light. It is not easy to look about you with perfect clarity, as then you suddenly see so much pain and hurt and decay as for the first time. We do not say that any of you were completely blind before, but when the scales fall away from your eyes, you suddenly SEE everything. And it is not a pretty sight to behold. For some, it will be too much, and they go completely into denial. For others, it awakens a hatred and anger in them that completely poisons their hearts. For others, it instills hope in them that this illusion will soon die away once and for all, and then the true world will reappear from the ashes of the old.

We are aware that many will fall into the first two categories, and they will have a hard time indeed going trough the changes ahead. We cannot state this often enough: in order to keep yourselves intact throughout it all, it is imperative that you stay out of fear. And hate and anger are only a projection of fear, so any of these negative emotions will cause untold troubles for the ones harboring them. We will repeat this message often, as you will have many reasons to go into fear, anger or hate in this upcoming period. Remember, it is not easy facing the fact that you have been manipulated for such a long time, but let us deal with those responsible for this. Your job is not to be the vengeful one. Your job is to be the one building the new foundations from love. That is all we ask you to do, and we know we are asking a lot. But thankfully, for many of you, it will seem to be the easiest task in the world. You have already cast away so much of the heavy baggage you have carried throughout all of your lifetimes here on earth, and you have set your sight on the brightness of dawn, not gotten stuck in the seeping darkness still remaining. We applaud you for that dear ones, as you are the bravest of the brave.

You will literally be the shining examples for all to see, and you will help to lead the way into this new dawn. But remember one thing: it is up to each and every one of your fellow human beings if they choose to follow you or not. It is not your task to round up the flock so to speak. You are not to be the shepherd, only the wayshower, and remember that these are two very, very different tasks. There are some still insisting on being the former, and they will exhaust themselves running around trying to push others forward. This will not do any good, not for them and certainly not for the stragglers insisting on falling behind. If you do not let them do so, you too will be held back, and the consequences will be dire for you all. In other words, your task is to go boldly forward, unhampered by anything and anyone, and we know that this may sound callous, but in fact it is the only way to save the last vestiges of your civilization. And contrary to what the critics will scream out, it will not be an act of egotistical behaviour, nothing could be further from the truth. You have all seen what living in this truth has done for so many around you already. Some will for the first time see the light in themselves because they see the strong light inside you, but others cannot get fast enough away from you, scared stiff from that same light. Again we stress, you do not have any responsibility for how the others around you react to this. They can only save themselves if they wish to do so, but you are not here on a personal rescue mission for those near and dear, you are here to make sure that no matter what happens, your light will still be shining as brilliantly as possible so that others can follow that light – if they choose to do so.

Aisha North

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