February 21, 2011

Life in city of Telos

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Telos: The Lemurian City Inside Mt. Shasta
Joanna Cherry

Princess Sharula Dux is a woman known to me for many years. Her message is amazing, yet simple: she is from Telos, a Lemurian city beneath Mt. Shasta. She has come to the surface to begin sharing her culture with ours, so that we might mutually benefit and become one whole civilization.
Several times over the years I have known her, I have heard Sharula speak. I have listened very carefully; never have I heard her contradict herself on the information, which to our ears is complex. She is unassuming; she has a good sense of humor, and gives a lot of love to those around her. She feels like an old and wise being.
In 1995, with Sharula's permission, I combined information from two tapes she recorded about Telos with my memory of her answers to questions I and others have asked her. I gave it the form of an interview. She has approved it in its entirety.
JC: Sharula, why was Telos built?
SD: Twenty-five thousand years ago, there were two major civilizations of Earth. One was based in the continent of Lemuria, or Mu, which included the area of much of the Pacific Ocean, the western United States, and parts of Asia. The other was Atlantis, over much of what is now the Atlantic Ocean and parts of Africa and Europe. There was a disagreement between these two civilizations concerning the social and political evolution of the rest of the human race: Lemuria wanted the less advanced civilizations of Earth to remain free, and Atlantis wanted to govern or control them. A lengthy war broke out between the two. These wars became so severe--they even included thermo-nuclear warheads--that karmic energies were set in motion that would eventually sink both continents.
JC: You used thermo-nuclear warheads? Is there any evidence of this that we can see today?
SD: Yes, the Gobi desert and the Sahara desert, to name just two. After the war, many of the Melchizedek priests and priestesses of Lemuria saw into the future, and foretold the sinking of the continent. They began to look for a place to move. They settled on Mt. Shasta in the eastern part of Lemuria, a great mountain already considered sacred, and which they understood would be safe in the coming cataclysm. They decided to build underground, partly because of the shocks Earth would sustain from the sinking of two continents, and partly because the original atmospheric mantle of Earth had gone, subjecting life on the surface to harmful ultra-violet rays.
In deciding where to build their city, they came upon a great domed cavern within Mt. Shasta, several square miles in area and hundreds of feet high. This became the top level of Telos.
JC: Why was it named "Telos"?
SD: The whole southwestern United States was then called Telos, which means "union with spirit", so that name was chosen for the city. Four levels were built under the top level, five levels in all, and the city was built to house up to two million people.
JC: How many people live in Telos now?
SD: One and a half million. But it began with only 25,000 people, who moved into Telos 100 years before Lemuria sank. Very few others survived the earthquakes, tidal waves and volcanic activity that accompanied the sinking. JC: When was this?
SD: About 12,000 years ago.
JC: What about the Atlanteans? Did they build an underground city also?
SD: Yes, under the Mato Grosso plateau of Brazil.
JC: Are there any other subterranean cities?
SD: Yes, in fact there is a whole group of subterranean cities called the Agartha Network. The Lemurians petitioned the Agartha Network to become a member. But as the people of the Agartha cities are wise and non-violent, Lemuria had to convince Agartha that it had learned from its mistakes and would embark upon a course of peace. This was done.
JC: How many cities are in the Agartha Network?
SD: One hundred twenty.
JC: Where exactly under Mt. Shasta is Telos?
SD: The domed cavern is over most of the base of Mt. Shasta, and the top of the dome is about halfway up the mountain. The fifth, lowest level is about a mile beneath ground level. Each level is several square miles.
JC: What are on the different levels of Telos?
SD: The top level under the dome is the main part of the city. Most people live there, most commerce takes place there, and that's where our public buildings are. It's the heart and soul of Telos. Directly in the center is the Temple--we are a temple society--built to hold 10,000 people. It is white and pyramid-shaped, with a capstone made of "livingstone,” a substance from Venus. It looks crystalline, and emanates all the rays of the color spectrum. The Temple is dedicated to the Order of Melchizedek, a cosmic priesthood of our universe, dedicated to embodying the light plan given to us by the higher levels of the Godhead.
On the top level are also our council buildings and our record buildings. We have records of Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, other past Earth civilizations, even civilizations of other planets. There is a building that manages the communications within Telos, between Telos and the other subterranean cities of Agartha, and places off-planet. It also monitors radio and TV from the surface.
JC: What about entertainment? Do you have fun in Telos?
SD: Indeed we do! We have pleasure places for sports, plays, films, music, and dancing. We have a place a lot like the Holodeck in Star Trek, where you create virtual reality for yourself in any adventure you want: climb a mountain, swim a river, go back in history, etc.
JC: Wow!
SD: We also have a building that houses multi-tracking, amino-based computers. These computers are alive. They operate on the Christ-mind and therefore cannot be corrupted. They can read the records of the past, they can read your past lives if you wish and even show them to you; they can read your aura or the health of your body and tell you what you need. They can play your "soul note", which helps you to meditate clearly, and they can communicate with you on a soul level. They can communicate across galaxies. They help train the Christ mind in people, and we depend on them quite a bit. JC: What a wonderful thing.
SD: On the second level we have classes, manufacturing of clothes and furniture and other things, and more people living.
On the third level are our hydroponic gardens, where we grow all our food. We've been vegetarian for over 12,000 years, and we live on vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, soybeans etc. Our crops grow in water; some minerals are added, but there's no fertilizer and no soil depletion. Our crops grow much faster than on the surface, and we're able to feed 1 1/2 million people from just a few square miles of land, and give enough variety for eating to be pleasurable.
JC: Do any of your supplies come from the surface?
SD: No, we trade with the other Agartha cities. The fourth level is half hydroponic gardens, part manufacturing and part nature.
The fifth level is our nature level. People come here to relax. We've created lakes and grown tall trees--there's a park atmosphere. Animals live there, some of which no longer exist on the surface such as the saber-tooth tiger, the mastodon and the do-do bird. We were able to save them and bring them down to Telos.
JC: Do you keep them in zoos?
SD: No, people and animals get along peacefully in Telos. We've trained the carnivors to eat vegetarian food, and gradually they've lost their aggression. So literally, here the lion is lying down with the lamb! And you can actually play with a big cat, carefully!
JC: How can you live under the earth? Do you have light?
SD: Yes, we have a process in which stones with a high crystalline content are fused with an electro-magnetic force field of energy. This causes the crystalline matrix of the stone to create a polarity that allows the stone to pull in invisible rays and re-emit them as visible, full-spectrum light. The stone becomes like a small sun, for about 500,000 years. We dim them at night to stay on the same 24-hour day as you have on the surface.
JC: What about air? How do you get enough oxygen?
SD: We've created an eco-system. We get our oxygen from the plants and trees that grow here, though some vents do go to the surface. Water in some areas moves at high speeds, circulating air and negative ions. This is so effective, we have less and less dependence on air vents, and this is good because even the air around Mt. Shasta is becoming more polluted.
JC: How do you get around in Telos?
SD: We do a lot of walking, but there are three ways we can travel more quickly. One is something based on crystalline technology and looks just like a basket. You get in, and the basket is guided by your mind--you lift up into the air and float to your destination. This is used for travel around the city.
The second method is an electro-magnetic sled that looks like a snowmobile, also used within the city. We can get from Mt. Shasta to Mt. Lassen, an extension of Telos [about 50 miles away], within a few minutes.
The third way is electro-magnetic trains that travel at thousands of miles per hour through tubes, never touching the sides. These are similar to your subway trains, and are how we travel to the other subterranean cities around the planet.
JC: Do you build your tubes like we build our subway tunnels?
SD: No. We created the tubes with a boring machine that melts rock and earth to white-hot incandescence and then cools it again instantly, forming a diamond-hard, water-tight substance that is also elastic enough to move with an earthquake, like rubber. We build walls the same way, and there are even subterranean cities under ocean water that have been built this way. We are preparing to bring this technology to the surface when the time is right.
JC: Sharula, could you be the "Bonnie" one author writes of in Mt. Shasta: Home of the Ancients?
SD: Yes, I am that one. In those days I used a name to fit more easily with your society. But when I came to the surface to stay for a time, I wanted to use my real name.
JC: Are there others from Telos up here with us?
SD: Yes, people from all subterranean cities have merged with life on the surface, to benefit both civilizations. Some of them are well known.
JC: How does a Telosian come to the surface?
SD: There are three ways. There are entrances on Mt. Shasta, with holographic screening devices to make them invisible from the outside. If somebody wants to enjoy the stars or wander a bit on the mountain, he'll use these.
The second way is to take a tube, such as to Los Angeles or another subterranean city of the Agartha network. And finally, you can take a scout ship, one of the smaller "space ships" we have.
JC: So some of those ships we see are yours?
SD: Yes, we call them the Silver Fleet. Along with the scout ships, we have three large mother ships. When the mother ships come out--the mountain opens physically--we don't want to scare people, so we've invented machines to create a cloud cover--you call them "cloud ships".
JC: Could one of us from the surface go down into Telos?
SD: In Telos there is no judgment of others, and we have telepathy between minds. Most people on the surface have judgment thoughts, and these are physically painful to a Telosian. Some are invited to go down, mostly students of spiritual masters. As the world changes into greater light and love, our two societies will come together. This will be a long-awaited and joyous time!
JC: When do you think that might be?
SD: We don’t know yet; when there is enough readiness in people on the surface.
JC: Would you describe a typical life in Telos, from birth?
SD: Well, when a woman first realizes she's pregnant, she goes to a temple room where she's given lots of loving support and surrounded with beautiful pictures and music. She sees her baby as beautiful and perfect. This love and perfection go right into its cells. Wonderful building blocks! Both parents talk to the child with great love, sing to it, etc. So it really knows it is loved and wanted. Pregnancy lasts only three months.
JC: Three months! But how does the baby survive?
SD: That’s all a baby needs in the womb; it’s born quite healthy and strong.
JC: What a difference!
SD: When the baby is ready to be born, the mother goes to a birthing section of the temple, where she's assisted by a birthing priestess. The birth is under water--painless--which is best for both the mother and the baby.
JC: Why is that a good way?
SD: As birth usually is on the surface, the baby's umbilical cord is cut long before it is ready or able to breathe easily and naturally. Often it is struck in order to start its breathing, so its first breath is taken in pain and fear. This leads to people shutting down their breath during life--being half alive!--and to diseases such as emphysema and other lung problems.
When a baby is born in Telos, it slides right in to warm water. It feels right at home. It continues to be connected to the mother by the umbilical cord for perhaps half an hour, while it floats around and rests from the birth process, being loved and welcomed by its parents. Finally, it starts to breathe fully on its own. Only then is the cord painlessly cut with a laser.
For the next two years, the father stays home to help with this crucial time of the child's life. It's vital that both father and mother, female and male are present for a child to be fully balanced. Each child is given twelve sets of godparents, most often with children of their own. It spends time with all these families, and begins to feel like all the world is family. This discourages cliques from forming, and de-rigidifies family patterns.
Education begins at three years, and it's based on the intelligence of the child, not its ignorance. Meditation is taught, reading, dance, sports, math, acting, abstract concepts, playwriting. The kids are taught to think for themselves, and work things out. In a "play and learn" concept, they learn self-expression without violence.
Beginning at age five, astral projection is taught, so that children can travel out of body and learn many things. They visit records of the past and view history for themselves; they visit the surface and even other planets. They learn that angels are real, and develop the faith to manifest from the unseen to the seen. They become wise and strong in themselves; there's no victimhood.
We call the teenage years the "years of temporary insanity.” Kids join with others of their age under the supervision of wise and loving adults. They create plays, they might run wild in the lower caverns for a few days, scream and holler and let out their energy positively. They grow into whole adults--no alcoholism or other addictions.
JC: Is there any insanity on Telos?
SD: None.
JC: Any crime?
SD: No.
JC: How about poverty?
SD: No, everyone has what they need and want.
JC: What is a typical home like?
SD: Homes are based on sacred geometries, mostly spheres. Our public buildings look a lot like those of ancient Greece.
JC: Do you have electricity and appliances like we do?
SD: We've developed machinery to tap energy from the ethers, so we don't need electricity. Some appliances are similar to yours, but more advanced. We even have a replicator, as on your TV show Star Trek, but most of the time people like to cook for themselves.
JC: Is your food anything like a surface vegetarian's?
SD: Very similar. We've stolen some of your ideas; we love pizza! Also chocolate.
JC: Do you have pets in Telos?
SD: Yes, just like you.
JC: How tall are Telosians, on average?
SD: About a foot taller than surface folks.
JC: And what's the average life span?
SD: There's no aging in Telos. We are genetically exactly the same as you, but we know we do not age; so we don't. There are a few American Indians in Telos, and they're hundreds of years or more old now.
JC: How old are you?
SD: 269. Most Telosians are between a few hundred and a few thousand years old. One man has been in his body for 30,000 years. We jokingly nicknamed him "Longest"!
JC: So you're a youngster! What about dating? Do you get a gal who's 25 dating a guy who's 2,000?
SD: Often! (Laughs)
JC: Is there any death in Telos?
SD: Yes, but it's rare. Sometimes a person dies in an accident. Pets do die.
JC: What happens when someone is ready to leave Telos?
SD: A large portion of people ascend--take their body into light and move into a lighter dimension. Others may not be ready to ascend, so they learn how to leave their body, and then dematerialize it.
JC: How does a society work where people just stay around?
SD: When people know they're going to live as long as they want to, and even stay young as long as they like, there comes a completely different feeling about life than you have on the surface. There's not that "You're only young once!" kind of wildness that happens a lot in your society, with reckless behavior and maybe even drugs or alcohol. Also, since you live for hundreds or thousands of years, you make sure you're taking care of the environment! You're more responsible. The most wonderful thing about living without aging or dying is that you get to do all the things you want to do. Up here, just about the time someone gets enough wisdom and knowledge to start really living, he's grown too old to do much with it.
JC: How is Telos governed?
SD: We have a Council of Twelve Plus One. The twelve who head the Temple are six men and six women, mostly ascended masters, people of high wisdom who stay balanced in any situation. They always set the good of the many above their own personal good, by following what God wants.
JC: What is the "Plus One"?
SD: The “One” is either the High Priest and Priestess, or the King and Queen of Telos. The Order of Melchizedek always balances male and female, which is vital to spiritual enlightenment.
JC: Who are the High Priest and Priestess?
SD: They are working partners. The High Priest is Adama, an ascended master working directly under Archangel Michael. He is a blue ray master, assisting humanity with ascension. The High Priestess is Terra Ra. She teaches the students in the Temple and is much loved by them. She also is an ascended master.
JC: And the king and queen of Telos?
SD: They are Ra and Rana Mu. This lineage is unbroken for over 30,000 years. Though royalty is inherited, it doesn't pass automatically to the oldest son or daughter. The king and queen decide which of their children or grandchildren is most capable of the job. That one then goes through full Temple training and becomes a Melchizedek Priest or Priestess.
JC: You are called "Princess.” Does that have anything to do with this lineage?
SD: Yes, I am a daughter of Ra and Rana Mu.
JC: Who makes the governing decisions?
SD: The Council of Twelve. When it makes a decision, the king and queen can back it, or they may request a change. If there is an unresolved question, the High Priest and Priestess have the final word.
Below the main Council of Twelve are lower Councils of Twelve which handle any local disputes. Individual problems or arguments are handled by an arbitrator, a priest or priestess who has access to the akashic records of the past.
JC: Why is this helpful?
SD: Because often disputes come forward from previous incarnations. When a decision is made, each person understands it is best for all concerned, and the matter is closed.
JC: Do you have money on Telos?
SD: No, we have a non-monetary basis of exchange.
JC: How does this work?
SD: The government owns everything, but isn't responsible for controlling anything. It makes sure, for instance, that food gets to the distribution outlets. When you need something--food, clothes, furniture, art, books, etc.--you simply go to a distribution center and pick it up.
JC: If people don’t need to work for money on Telos, how does everything get done?
SD: Each person chooses what he wants to do. Say he decides to work in the hydroponic gardens; he sets his own hours, and lets his "foreman" know when he'll be there. And he does show up, because he knows everyone's well-being depends upon his doing his part. Some people's gifts are art, massage, etc.
People have plenty of time to meditate, play, rest, go to the Temple for training, and grow spiritually.
JC: What about the jobs nobody wants to do, like collecting the garbage?
SD: We all take turns doing community service--even Council of Twelve members. There is no one better than, and no one less than. So we might give four hours a month to collect and dematerialize the garbage, weed the gardens, pick up animal droppings, etc. We're doing it with others so it becomes fun, we sing and have a good time.
JC: You actually dematerialize garbage?
SD: Yes.
JC: Could we ever use that skill on the surface!
JC: Do people get married on Telos?
SD: Yes, we have two kinds of marriages, bond marriage and sacred marriage. When two people feel they really have something together, they care for each other and want to see where it's going, they go to a priest or priestess and commit to a bond marriage. Sometimes these last for hundreds of years, but are usually shorter. Bond marriage partners don't have children. If the marriage doesn't work, they simply go again to the priest or priestess and it is dissolved--no stigma, no disharmony.
When a bond marriage becomes very deep and lasting, the two may choose a sacred marriage. This might happen after two hundred years together, or two months. They have a beautiful, large wedding. All of our children come from sacred marriages.
JC: Why did you choose to marry a man from the surface level of Earth?
SD: He is my twin flame, the masculine half of my soul. He chose to incarnate on the surface level to help fulfill our work together, that of merging our two societies into one.
JC: Are any of these master abilities practiced by at least some Telosians: 1) travel by thought (leaving no form behind); or 2) manifestation from the ether?
SD: People who have gone through temple training do learn these things eventually, when they are ready.
JC: Sharula, thank you for coming up to be with us and help merge our two societies. How long do you think you will stay on the surface?
SD: That is up to spirit.
©1995, Joanna Cherry.You are most welcome and encouraged to share this article with others, as long as you credit the source. Thank you.

February 20, 2011

The Arcturians: Parallel Realities Part I



Your physical planet is a mental creation. It is a personal creation when viewed through the perception of Personal Consciousness, a collective creation when viewed through Collective Consciousness and a planetary creation through the perception of Planetary Consciousness. Furthermore, your personal, collective and planetary creation is perceived in an entirely different manner through your Galactic and Cosmic Consciousness.
Whenever you expand your consciousness into a new octave, you can perceive and experience more parallel realities of Earth. Therefore, the process of traveling to sixth dimensional Earth is actually the process of expanding your consciousness to encompass that frequency of reality. Below is a message from Kepier, Suzille’s fifth dimensional stepping-stone self, received on 2-12-1997, which best explains parallel realities.
I, Kepier, your expression of SELF on a parallel reality, am able to assist you from my vibration of the fifth dimension. First, however, allow me to explain the difference between “realities” and “dimensions”. Each reality of the many parallel realities has a vertical flow, which streams through all the dimensions. Each dimension also has a horizontal flow, which is specific to the frequency of that reality. Upon the third dimension, each of these parallel realities appear to be totally separate, as one of the main laws of the third dimension is the law of separation.

The Law of Separation

The law of separation was instated upon the conception of the third dimension to separate consciousness into small, single units. This reality was created because consciousness wished to slow itself down and to itemize itself into individual units for the purpose of training through experience. Therefore, one experience at a time was set up so that Consciousness could experience itself in an individualized, polarized, sequential fashion.
In your fifth dimensional reality, you are able to connect any of your parallel realities that you desire to experience. On the sixth dimension, you are able to simultaneously be aware of and consciously live multiple realities in many dimensions, galaxies, planets and “third dimensional times.” I know that this is a difficult concept for your physical brain, but think of it as multi-tasking. For example, imagine that you are doing dishes, eating an apple, talking on the phone, and talking to someone next to you while you look out the window, observing someone walking down the street. Now think of each of these “tasks” as a different reality, and you are living them all at once.
Also, one can experience dimensions in a lower vibration, but can only observe higher dimensions if they raise their consciousness to that frequency. Therefore, you can easily see the second and first dimension, but you have to raise your consciousness to perceive the fourth and fifth dimensions. Your process of ascension begins by raising your consciousness into the vertical parallel realities of the higher dimension to accustom you to that frequency of reality.
When I say I am your expression of SELF on a higher dimensional parallel reality, I mean that I am living a life on a different page than you, but it in the same book. If you were to compare the book to the space-time continuum, you would say that the first pages are the past. Therefore, you feel as though you are remembering the pages you have read and you are creating the pages you have not yet read.

The Book of Life
However, YOU are the creator of the entire book. This book is beyond the limits of space and time, and you are writing this book you with your every thought. With every thought and emotion you write and re-write the book of your myriad expressions of SELF. When you edit one expression of SELF, you change all the expressions of your SELF, for they are all ONE.
As another example, think of your “Book of Life” as having clear pages with images rather than words. These pages are overlays, much as you have seen on your anatomy books. From a horizontal viewpoint you only see one page, which would be only one of your myriad realities. On the other hand, from a vertical perspective you see all of your parallel realities existing within NOW. From this viewpoint you can see how all the “pages” interact and intermingle to create ONE book. If you change anything in any of the images (realities) on any of the pages (dimensions), the entire collective picture (reality) changes as well.
If you were to look down through the pages, you would have the perspective of your higher expressions of SELF looking into the lower frequencies of expression of your SELF. If you looked up into the book, you would have the experience of your third dimensional self looking up into your higher dimensional expressions of your SELF. However, since time and space is an illusion of the third dimension, the above terms of down and up are only used to clarify your image. In reality, all realities are functioning within the NOW of the ONE, and you perceive each parallel reality by adjusting your consciousness to a specific frequency.
In other words, when you change from one reality to another,
you are actually changing your consciousness!
(THE RETURN at http://suzanneliephd.blogspot.com starting on 1-3-11)

Multidimensional Operating System
Third and fourth dimensions are based on the illusion of space-time. All the “files” for these realities are recorded on the Akashic Records that resonate to the highest sub-plane of the fourth dimension. You have the innate ability to have access these Akashic Records, such as is done by the Lemurian, Atlantian and Aghartan societies of Inner Earth. When you active your Multidimensional Operating System, you will be able to gain access to the collective information of the third and forth dimensions stored on the Akashic Records.
However, much of modern day establishments are limited by the Third Dimensional Operating System of thinking, as well as their addiction to old models of reality that place them at the top of the “food chain.” Therefore, it is up to you, the awakened and awakening ones, to download and activate the Multidimensional Operating System. This multidimensional system is the system that is used by the Galactic Federation. Once you download and integrate this system into your consciousness and thinking, we can better communicate with you and you with us.
The writer of this message, whom has been identified as our channel, is not actually channeling us, but instead she is listening to us. She has moved along her path of awakening enough to realize that we are not speaking through her, but actually, speaking to her. On the other hand, she can only perceive her self as talking directly to us when her consciousness resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond. It is at that resonance of consciousness that the Multidimensional Operating System is activated. All of you have the innate ability to consciously communicate with your higher expressions of SELF. However, while you, our grounded ones, are still functioning within your Third Dimensional Operating System, your mind is limited by the beliefs of your ego/self.
This grounded expresses of your Multidimensional SELF does not have adequate SELF-esteem to believe that you are “WE” in a higher expression of your Multidimensional SELF. Therefore, in order to perceive our communications, you have to release your attachment to your human consciousness and allow us to “channel” through you. Eventually, you will be sufficiently awake to be able to listen to our message with your fifth dimensional consciousness and translate it into your linear earth language. This translation is much like translating cuneiform, hieroglyphics or Light Language, because you are translating collective images into individual words.
Soon, you ALL will be awakened enough to listen with your Multidimensional Mind. Your Multidimensional Mind is free of all third dimensional processing issues of linear space and time. Hence, you will be able to receive our messages, which are actually sent to you from a higher expression of your SELF. These communications from higher expressions of SELF will lead you to a full understanding of the manner in which you will fulfill your purpose, as well as guide you to your fifth dimensional stepping-stone life.
(As was discussed in the 1-20-11 Multidimensional News
Click HERE for audio meditation for Connecting with your Stepping-Stone SELF

Connecting to Your Fifth Dimensional Stepping-Stone SELF
Once you establish the connection with this expression of your SELF, you will gain an increasingly intimate relationship with this fifth dimension. You will meet this YOU in your dreams and meditations. Information that is pertinent to this understanding of your SELF will suddenly come into your awareness because your Multidimensional Operating System will be activated by this frequency of consciousness. You may or may not be aware of this inner direction. However, gradually, you will recognize the presence of this direction in your daily life. This recognition is the first step toward allowing the expression of your Higher SELF into the daily activities of your third dimensional life.
As you allow your higher expressions off SELF into your daily life, new Truths will begin to come into your awareness that before you were likely too afraid to know. It is this new information that will assist you to release fear from your life. There are two antidotes for fear: information and love. The new information will diminish your fear and fill you with unconditional love. Also, as you recognize the higher frequency expressions of your SELF, you will begin to recognize the higher frequency of others. In this manner, you and those with whom you share your life, will work as one unit to gradually rise the resonate frequency of your entire reality.
Through your higher expression of SELF you will be able to perceive the truth because illusions will fall below your perceptual field. Remember, illusion only resonates to the third and lower fourth dimensional realities. Hence, as you expand your consciousness into the resonance of the fifth dimension, you will be able to easily discern illusion from Truth. Then, just as a child becomes tired of old toys because they are “too old” for them, you will tire of the endless drama and intrigue of the third dimension.
At that time, certain third dimensional foods will become too heavy for you to digest, many third dimensional clothes (especially synthetic materials) will be uncomfortable, and violence, competition and adrenaline filled endeavors will lose their entertainment value. You will find that being creative is more fun that watching someone else’s life, and you will enjoy the creativity of your friends and family.
Your dreams and meditation will become deeper, but also less important, as your daily life will feel much better. In fact, you will enter into a state of walking meditation, in which you will ground your enlightenment as you receive it. This grounding and integration of previously a “high” state of consciousness will allow you to attain even more expanded states in your meditations and to have more and more lucid dreams.

If you want to change something,
Change your mind.
Your mind is the interface between your consciousness and your personal hologram. In fact, your mind is the medium upon which your sixth dimensional SELF projects your holographic patterns of reality. In other words, your sixth dimensional expression of SELF projects via its Multidimensional Consciousness the version of reality that is most beneficial for your soul growth. In fact, in these times, the Cosmic Consciousness of your Multidimensional SELF projects your program of ascension onto the mind screen of your current reality.
Unfortunately, your mind has acquired many viruses in your myriad earth bound incarnations. Therefore, even though your SELF is projecting a clear program of multidimensional light and unconditional love, the viruses embedded in your mind may distort these messages. Before you downloaded your Multidimensional Operating System your mind had the difficult task of translating these multidimensional programs that were sent to you from beyond time and space.
Your Third Dimensional Operating System was created so that you would perceive all reality in a polarized manner. Hence, messages/programs of Unity were translated into programs of separation and programs of unconditional love were translated into programs of love vs. fear. Your Sixth Dimensional SELF knew that their grounded one would translate their multidimensional program into polarized, third dimensional versions, but it kept sending its infinite messages awaiting your awakening and subsequent download of your Multidimensional Operating System.

Beginning the Download
This download has now begun. Also, for most of the awakened ones, your new Operating System is now in the process of integrating into every level of your consciousness and mind. Regrettably, at the time of integration you are extremely vulnerable to the fear viruses, as your “firewall” is diminished to complete the process of changing operating systems. Fortunately, most of you have learned that your human mind is the hardware for your biological computer brain. Therefore, just as you can “delete” a corrupted message on your computer, you can delete a corrupted message in your mind. Then, once you have deleted this fear-based programming in your mind, you will delete the resulting behaviors in your life.
The advantage of your Multidimensional Operating System, even if it is not fully integrated, is that it can read Light Language. Therefore, it doesn’t have to translate your cosmic messages, except to share them with others. You will receive the Light Language message into your consciousness and suddenly Know the meaning. Whenever you can consciously receive the Knowing of the Light Language, your consciousness expands into Galactic or even Cosmic Consciousness.
This expanded consciousness can easily identify any message that has been corrupted by residual fear-based thinking in your mind. You can also “read the code” of the damaged message to find the exact site of the virus. You know that the comic message is beyond corruption, as it comes form the ONE. Therefore, the virus of fear is somewhere in your mind, and you are faced with the task of finding and removing that virus.
You can change every degraded message, which is an arduous task or you can take out all the viruses. It is quite simple to perceive that virus even from your third dimensional consciousness for all viruses are based on fear, even fear-based love. Fear-based love is the conditional love of the third dimension. Examples of this love are: “I will love you if you…” or “I will stop loving you if you…” Our earth bound ones are quite familiar with the feel/frequency of conditional love. Hence, you can easily delete that translation of the message and “read” it at a higher frequency, the frequency of unconditional love.
In other words, you can directly read Light Language off of the feel/frequency of unconditional love. We said feel/frequency because the manner in which you can discern the frequency of a cosmic message is by how it feels. Specifically, you can determine the frequency of your inner messages by how they feel when they move through the Three Fold Flame of your High Heart. Because of this fact, your High Heart is the translating center for all inter-dimensional messages from your Multidimensional SELF.

The Three Fold Flame
The Three Fold Flame within the ATMA of your High Heart, has the Wisdom Flame to instantly discern if fear and fear’s translator, ego, have corrupted a cosmic message. Your High Heart also has the Power Flame to give you the inner power to delete all fear-based messages. The Flame of Unconditional Love identifies the causes of the fear virus and can heal and release that cause of fear. Unfortunately, since the fall of Lemuria and Atlantis the frequency of Earth has been on a steady frequency free-fall. Because you were often surrounded by constant and intense fear, your body went into adrenaline-filled survival mode, which closed your High Heart. Without the filtering mechanism of your High Heart, you accepted many corrupted messages. Therefore, we ask you now to take a moment to fully open your High Heart, which is the source of your multidimensional discernment.
Click HERE for audio message to open your High Heart.
Now that your High Heart is open again, its force of Wisdom, Power and Unconditional Love can assist you on your journey into the sixth dimension Cosmic Mind. The Cosmic Mind is also Cosmic Light, Cosmic Consciousness and the Divine Blueprint for life on third dimensional Earth. Once in this sixth dimensional Blueprint, we will find, heal and delete the cause of the fear-virus that was created over 12,000 years ago. In this manner, your planetary history can be re-written.
However, you will not forget the lessons you learned from your many incarnations on Gaia in the past 12,000 years. These lessons will remain within your Wisdom Flame to remind you of the inner wisdom you have gained and in the Power Flame to remind you of you power within. Your Flame of Unconditional Love will constantly monitor your Wisdom and Power Flames to assure that they shine brightly to lead you on your Path. The Flame of Unconditional Love will be your tool of discernment and the means by which you will release the pain of the past and the fears for the future. In that manner, you can forever live in the NOW.
This process of healing your past to heal you present is a common tool used by mental healers. Once you are free of old mental programming and have healed the emotional scar tissue buried in your personal Akashic Records, you can write new ones. These new Records can be based on the great courage, wisdom and power that it took you to enter the dark archives of old programs and fear-filled experiences. Once the “foundation” of your “building” is repaired, you can “remodel” your home based on a blueprint of unconditional love and multidimensional light.

If you want to travel
in your mind,
Change your consciousness.
You receive messages from the higher dimensions via your expanded consciousness, which relays those messages onto you mind so that your earth vessel can register them. Now that you have downloaded and integrated your Multidimensional Operating System, you will be able to remain more conscious of the inter-dimensional communications that you have been experiencing since you were a small child. As children, your “imagination” was allowable, but you felt you needed to “grow up,” which made your innate ability move into the realms of your subconscious.
As a child you might have had “imaginary friends.” Many of these friends were actually your higher expressions of SELF. Since your child mind found no explanation for these “friends” in your physical world, you created an envelope of form, such as an animal or another child. This imaginary friend was perceivable to you through your imagination, which is actually fifth dimensional thought. Thoughts are a combination of consciousness and mind. If your consciousness is restricted to the third dimensional reality, you have little access to your imagination.
As children, you had not yet learned to limit yourself to the third dimension. Thus you could easily cross the imagination bridge, which connects the lower third/fourth dimension to the higher dimensional realities. Consequently, as a child you still remembered your fifth dimensional “friends,” and even communicate or “play” with them. You had also learned that your activity needed to be approved of by your parents, who had forgotten their higher connections. Therefore, you created a friend that was acceptable to your parents.
Since imagination is the mental activity that connects you to your innate multidimensional consciousness, it also connects you to your Multidimensional Operating System. Within this operating system, you are increasingly conscious of parallel realities that resonate beyond the physical world. It is to one of these higher dimensional parallel realities to which you will return. It is helpful to know that the reason why there are so many stories of your past and your possible future is because there are myriad parallel realities. Therefore, many of these versions of reality are indeed correct, but they exist within different parallel realities.

The 3D Game
Just as you project your consciousness into a video game, your Multidimensional SELF projected its consciousness into this third dimensional version of reality in order to experience the many challenges of a polarized reality. However, the very conflict that was once energizing, while you were still connected to your SELF and knew that you were playing a “game,” caused many of you to forget your true SELF. At that point you became trapped on the wheel of birth and re-birth on physical Earth. With your awakening and the activation of your Multidimensional Mind you are becoming increasingly aware of the many choices of reality that are available to you.
You Know that you are a vast, Multidimensional Being of great power and discernment, and you remember that this reality is not real. It is a “game” into which YOU projected yourself. Unfortunately, due to humanities fallen states of consciousness great damage has been done to you and to Gaia. Fortunately, ALL of you have the innate ability to heal that which you have wounded—in this reality or in one of your parallel realities. With the re-connection to your Soul/SELF, you have the ability to create that healing. It is this healing that is our next adventure in the Arcturian Corridor.
You, also, have the innate ability to shift realities via expanding your consciousness to calibrate your mind to perceive the higher dimensional expressions of reality that flow around you like lights in a Cosmic Sea. This power of choice has always been within you, but the earth vessel that was once a portal to a polarized experience gradually became a prison for your consciousness. Before the decline of Lemuria and Atlantis, you could maintain a connection to your Multidimensional SELF until you were ready to log-out of the Earth experience. We say, “maintain a connection” because you did not lose your simultaneous connection to your Multidimensional SELF. You could visit any other versions of reality that you wished by the mere power of your mind.
It was on Atlantis that these powers began to diminish because the Atlantians became attached to their machines. At first, the machines for inter-dimensional communication were like toys. Then, over time, the Atlantians became so dependent on their machines that they forgot that they could do everything with their minds. They forgot that their bodies were a temporary projection of their consciousness into the model of polarized reality.
Then, instead of remembering that they could return Home (log-out) whenever they wished, they began to “die.” At first, they only died after hundreds or even thousands of years, but eventually, they began to “die” at younger and younger ages. Their solution, rather than turning to their Soul for answers, was to turn to their machines. Unfortunately, instead of using the divine flow of unconditional love that is the healing force of the Universe, they used their Regeneration Machines that pulled energy from the Earth.

The Turning Point
This choice was a vital turning point in their civilization, as they became so identified with their material creations that they forgot their true multidimensional creative powers. The times of selfish intentions began and Unity Consciousness was lost in comparison, competition and wars. What if you were to go back to the days of purity and love of Lemuria and Atlantis to recapture your initial intention for this cycle of Gaia’s timeline? You could then align with the version in which ascension is a peaceful and loving experience.
There are some of Earth’s residents who still need the model of conflict and control in order to learn. They will create an ascension filled with conflict and drama, much like a Hollywood move. Some will win in that reality, and some will lose. On the other hand, there are many of the Galactic Family’s grounded ones who no longer need challenge and conflict to learn. They have already remembered, downloaded and integrated their true, Multidimensional SELF into their consciousness. They KNOW that they are already a resident of the ONE. It is these members of Earth that are ready to create a peaceful and loving ascension for themselves and for their planet Earth.
These grounded ones look around at all the conflict and fear and KNOW that it is no longer necessary for them. They are learning this fact through communicating with the higher dimensional expressions of their SELF. The heart and Soul of Gaia is also learning this through communicating with Her higher expression of SELF. Gaia is tired of the endless warring and decent on Her body and is ready for a peaceful and loving return to Her fifth dimensional expression. Hence, She has called in all her helpers from all Her higher dimensional parallel realities to create a joyous return HOME filled with multidimensional light and unconditional love.
YOU, in all your dimensional expressions, are the ones whom Gaia has called. We—that is the Arcturians, you and your higher expressions—will create this Homecoming by connecting with the parallel reality of Earth in which Lemuria and Atlantis lovingly and peacefully created the conclusion of their cycle. Your cycle is also coming to a conclusion. Unfortunately, in your parallel reality your ancestors concluded their cycle with war and destruction, which created a deep fear within you that you might do the same.
Auspiciously, you are a multidimensional being and can exist in many parallel realities. Hence, you have also experienced a loving and peaceful transition. We will revisit that reality so that you can re-write the past of your past to change your future. In order to understand the big picture, you will need to activate the power of your imagination and your Multidimensional Operating System while we “tell you a story.”

Living In Myriad
Parallel Realities
We remind you that there are two kinds of parallel realities. There are parallel realities that exist on a vertical level, in that they exist across many differing frequencies and dimensions of that version of reality. An example of this is the parallel realities that run vertical, across many dimensions, from your third dimensional earth vessel to your fifth dimensional Lightbody and beyond. There are also parallel realities that exist on a horizontal within the same dimension. An example of this is the violent fall of Lemuria and Atlantis and the peaceful conclusion of the cycle of Lemuria and Atlantis.
Both vertical and horizontal parallel realities afford your magnificent Cosmic Consciousness the ability to engage in myriad versions of the same experience within the same NOW of the ONE. In this way, you can simultaneously try out several “experiences of third dimensional polarity.” From within the NOW of the ONE your Multidimensional SELF viewed the two realities in which (1) Lemuria and Atlantis peacefully and lovingly concluded their cycle and (2) the reality in which Lemuria and Atlantis concluded their cycle in fear and destruction.
What you discovered was that in the version in which Lemuria and Atlantis peacefully concluded their cycle, the players did not gain enough strength, might, potency and tenacity to successfully assist Gaia in Her ascension. In your current version of reality in which the Lemurian/Atlantian cycle ended in fear and destruction, some of the players became deeply lost in darkness. On the other hand, other players became wise, powerful and courageous enough to awaken in spite of great difficulties.
These players are definitely strong enough to assist Gaia in Her planetary ascension. Even better, these awakened players even regained enough Wisdom, Power and Love to want to stop creating war and start creating peace. Upon your multidimensional analysis of these parallel realities, you/we (grounded ones and Galactics) realized that by joining the two versions of reality, you could maintain the attributes of both realities within the NOW of ascension. Do you see how mighty you are?

Blending Realities
In your current version of reality, you repeatedly incarnated on a fearful, warring reality in order to gain the strength to ascend a planet. We, the loving members of your Galactic Family, commend you for your immense courage. We want you to know that we are helping you and Gaia more and more each day. Your version of Earth is based on extreme free will, which has limited our intervention. However, when you, the grounded ones, use your free will to ask for our assistance we can answer your call. We joyfully answer your call for WE are YOU in a higher dimensional parallel reality.
You (those who receive and read this message) are awakened enough to leave the game of opposition between light/love and dark/fear and create a reality in which Gaia can peacefully return Home to the fifth dimension. This creation will appear to be a mental exercise. However, the third dimension is an illusion, whereas your Multidimensional Mind is real. Therefore, mental exercises are real. The greater portion of your light, your mind/consciousness, and your unconditional love already resonates to the fifth dimension. Hence, there is no danger, as you are beyond the concept of death. You have connected with your Multidimensional SELF and are in the process of “stepping into” the fifth dimensional expression of your SELF with whom you have made your birth agreement. The stage is set.
We understand that the concepts we are presenting will need to be explored with your Multidimensional Mind or even your imagination. However, if you have come to believe that you are the creator of your reality and you are a peaceful and loving being, why would you want to create ascension with a cliffhanger ending? Those dramas are for those who are still “on the fence” regarding their Multidimensional SELF. These grounded ones need to unconsciously create (“unconsciously” for they have not yet remembered their creative powers) a reality in which they “barely make it through” in the last second.
Because you have downloaded and integrated your Multidimensional Operating system, you are able to view all possible realities of ascension and choose the one you wish to create and, simultaneously, experience. Within your Multidimensional Operating System, you can perceive both of these versions of Lemurian/Atlantian realities within the NOW. The process through which we are about to take you can be confusing for your third dimensional mind, but it will be natural for the multidimensional mind of your Lightbody.
Your Lightbody is a higher frequency expression of your current third/fourth dimensional earth vessel. Thus, the reality in which you express your SELF as Lightbody is a vertical parallel reality to the reality in which you express your SELF as a grounded earth vessel. Opportunely, since your Lightbody resonates to the frequency of the Divine Blueprint, when you “become Lightbody” in your consciousness, YOU merge with the Divine Blueprint, as well.
When you initially experience this merging of the parallel realities of Lightbody and earth vessel you may think of your self as being physical with a higher dimensional Lightbody. However, you will increasingly think of your self as being Lightbody with a lower dimensional earth vessel.

Changing Your Consciousness to Change your Body
While you are in your form of Lightbody, you can easily direct your consciousness to create your reality. Therefore, we ask you now to:

* Direct your attention away from the external perceptions of your third dimensional brain…
* Direct your attention inward towards perceptions of your multidimensional mind…
* Allow your multidimensional mind to receive the message from your Lightbody…
* See yourself INSIDE your Lightbody…
* See your earth vessel INSIDE your Lightbody…
* Release your perception of self as your earth vessel…
* Perceive your SELF as Lightbody…
Just as your earth vessel perceives Earth around it,
your Lightbody perceives Light all around it.
* Perceive your Lightbody within our Corridor, which has been resonating to the frequency of the fifth dimension and beyond…
* Look around you and see the many Lightbodies that share your experience of this Corridor…
* Commune and communicate with them…

Enjoy your Lightbody.
We will return soon to guide you on a Lightbody journey into the sixth dimension.
In closing, we remind you that the process of ascension is much like surfing the Internet or watching the television. Which sites, which channels, do you choose to linger on? What information are you feeding your consciousness? Where are you choosing to place your attention? What thoughts are you allowing to linger in your mind? What emotions remain in your body? As one of your spiritual books say, “Consciousness is your only eternal treasure.” What treasure do you choose for all eternity?
Arcturian Lightbodies
Channeler: Suzan Caroll,  February 2011  www.multidimensions.com

February 13, 2011

Adamu, the Pleiadian

always fantastic Adamu through Zingdad - worthy of translating

Steve Beckow: Cdr. Adamu, can you give us some insight into the matter of divine deadlines and freewill.  SaLuSa of Sirius says that:
“We will confirm that in the whole context of your Ascension, there is an ultimate date given us by which we must be able to commence our activities. We may find it necessary to make the first move, and remove those who are holding us up in our mission to Earth and all life upon it. (SaLuSa, March 22, 2010.)”
My understanding is that before this “ultimate date” the galactics must respect freewill, but after they do not need to do so to the same degree.
However I also surmise that an “ultimate date” is not a monolithic thing, but has gradations and specificity. Can you give us some insight into the matter and its relationship to the Law of Free Will that will help us to understand how the Light can and cannot conduct itself with regard to the dark ones at this time?
Adamu speaking through Zingdad: My dear Steve. What a pleasure it is to be speaking to you again. We are going to have a number of discussions and so I feel it is important to take a small step back and provide you with a little context. If you understand my perspective a little then my words will be easier to understand too.
To begin with, my friend, I do not have a military rank. I am simply Adamu. The back story is that the name “Adamu” is an ancient one. It dates back to the first human civilisations in Lyra. The word means something like “first man” and can be used to refer to a revered grandfather or possibly the wise-man of a tribe. Something like that. As such it is a common enough name in the Lyran and Pleiadian civilisations.
My young friend, Zingdad, remembers me by this name. His first incarnation into this galactic system was with me there in Lyra. I was his … mentor and teacher.
Since then the personality construct he knew and loved attained a return to unity with the Pleiadian soul-collective. I am now One with all that we are. So, in reality you are now in discussion with the monadic entity of that which is known to you as the Pleiadian civilisation. But it would be very difficult indeed for my young friend to have a conversation with the whole gestalt mind of all that we are and I present myself as an interface.
I hope this makes sense. With that context in place I shall proceed to answer your questions.
Let me state that I do not make a practice of commenting on others’ thoughts and expressions. To do so would imply that their perspective might not be valid or might be validated by me. This is not my view. Each holds their own truth as is their divine right and duty. And one being’s truth cannot invalidate another’s. So I shall take the liberty of reframing your questions. Please address them to me again if I have misunderstood your query.
It appears you wish to know if there is a final date by which intervention with your planetary society will and must happen by extra-terrestrial agencies. And as a subordinate thought you wish to know how such extra-terrestrials will go about abrogating your free will.
My friend, there are so many levels to this question it is going to be hard to find one clear answer for you. Do you understand about dimensional levels? That your world exists at the consciousness level of the 3rd dimension? And that there are finer and subtler levels of existence at other dimensions? And that each dimensional level is a step up back to true unity… oneness of all?
If you understand this then it will assist you to comprehend the answer to your questions. For indeed there is not simply one outcome for your planet. There are a great many different outcomes and each of them will be enacted. Each will be real. Your one time-line is about to be split into many. And yes, there is a specific date to that splitting of the time-line and it is not a date that can be altered.
Let me address that first. No planet or star in the whole universe ever stands still. Everything is in a constant state of motion. And as these bodies hurtle though space in their intricately interwoven spiral dances around each other so the great universal clock turns. Indeed, here in the 3rd dimension this movement though space IS time. These two things are one and the same.
And so it is that your planet is traversing an area of increased energy at this time. Your whole solar system is. And as energy is increased so your planet is preparing to alter its vibrational frequency. There is a moment when the energy input is absolutely optimal and, at that moment, an instantaneous step-wise transformation will occur.
How will you experience that? And what will come after it? These are questions that are too vast in scope to address here. The simple answer is that all this will depend entirely on your own consciousness level. Indeed there are those who are fixated upon violent planetary conflagration. There are those that wish conflict. There are those that cannot move forward without destruction. These ones cannot be denied their creations.
Fortunately there are other happier circumstances available to those that wish to create them. If you are ready for a new reality of global harmony then that, too, is a future reality that you may enact.
You see, Steve, I am telling you that you, each of you, are the fundamental ingredient in determining what your own future will hold. You decide.
Will there be interaction with extra-terrestrial beings? Why, yes, this is certain. At every dimensional level above your own there are whole armadas of ships awaiting your attention. At the moment of transition you will suddenly become aware of them as if they had always been there. They will suddenly be as much a part of your reality as the passing traffic in a busy street.
But what will their intent be? And how will they interact with you? Again, this depends entirely on you. Steve. In reading so-called channellings of extra-terrestrial beings, have you ever wondered why some speak of nothing but peace and love and light whilst others speak of nothing but violence and domination and abuse?
Perhaps you thought some were wrong and others were right? Well, I shall tell you that none are wrong and all are right. But your internal guidance in your heart tells you what you yourself resonate with and what you yourself feel to be true. This is a good indicator of what you are going to experience.
But you are not a victim to that. You certainly can change what lies ahead of you. You can change it by awakening to your own inherent creator nature and by enacting powerful control over your own destiny. By doing so you change your own energetic resonance and bring to yourself a new and different outcome at the moment of transition.
To finish this question then: Yes, Steve, there will be a particular moment at which the great changes will be apparent – a divine deadline, as you put it. And yes, in some realities there will be conflict. In some realities there are many that desire this in the furtherance of their own soul-progression. Both parties desire this conflict and it is their right to have it.
There are, however, other levels of reality in which beings have evolved more towards the creative and away from the destructive. You will get what you create and so, you see, no matter what you choose, your free will is always paramount.
The point here, of course, is that you have always had the option to create the illusion that you do not have free will. You have always been able to create that you are not a creator. And this is why it is possible for you to perceive that you do not have free will under some circumstances. But this is an illusion that you can see though if you are willing.
I do hope I have answered your query in a satisfactory manner. We shall give my young friend a break and continue with your other  questions in due course.
I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian civilisation.

February 10, 2011

New communication skills

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry Creations.

Feb 09, 2011

Lesson 4 is different from our previous lessons for it includes others. You are going out into the world to explore how working with others is yet another learning experience in your new tool kit. Think of it as a study group!
Find one person that you typically see daily. You do not need to know this person, but you do need easy access. At least once a day, look this person in the eyes and say something like, “Hello, how are you?” Or “What a beautiful day” or “What a lovely activity.” Your words are not as important as the feeling you will share. For as you are looking into that person’s eyes, open your heart.
For those of you having difficulties determining how to open your heart, merely visualize doing so, or sense doing so or think that you are doing so. It does not matter. Just concentrate on opening your heart and loving that person.
What will be the result of connecting with another human being in a loving fashion? That is something we will leave to your imagination for each connection will be as loving and unique as you are. Perhaps that person will respond with love. Perhaps that person will attempt to retreat from your loving gaze. Or perhaps that person will start a lifelong relationship with you. It does not matter. You are merely practicing how to interact with others in a loving fashion. For indeed, the result will be communications with others without words or with fewer words.
Ah. Many of you are now asking if communications is yet another system that will shift dramatically in this New Age transition. Most certainly. You and others will communicate with thoughts and feelings, rather than thousands of words not consistent with your inner being. Let us explain.
For the last few eons, you have communicated via words that may or may not relay what is in your heart and mind. Most have taken you at “your word” and accepted what you have said even though they have sometimes noted that your eyes or your voice are not consistent with your message. Have you ever been in a working situation in which your boss tells you that you are doing a good job, but you have shivers running up and down your spine because you “feel” that he or she does not really mean it? Or have you had a spouse or significant other tell you that they love you and yet you doubt their sincerity? Communications in the future will not contain such inconsistencies.
You will know what people are feeling even before they express what they think they are feeling. And if those two means of communication (yes, indeed feelings are as much a communication tool, if not more so than the spoken word), are not consistent, you will either delve deeper or remove yourself from that person.
The new communication system is about truth – both in words and your inner realms. This thought may be frightening to many. Some of you will feel as if you are nude at first, as if you have no place to hide. In the New Age, there will be no reason to hide. Once you place fear and pain on the “back burner,” you will find a means of communication that speaks from your heart to another’s heart – with or without words.
Let us return to our lesson for just a moment and then we will close. The words you use to engage your new “communication buddy” in lesson 4 need to be positive. It will be much more difficult to learn to speak from your heart if you feel the need to tell someone, “I hate you!” Other than that, the most important piece is to open your heart.
Your communication buddy may or may not open their heart – this is a new lesson for everyone. But we will venture to guess that if you practice this lesson with the same person for at least a week, they will do something that indicates they are opening their heart – even if just a bit.
This inner work is amazing. And much more powerful than you can now imagine. So start practicing. Open your heart to another and note any results you feel or receive.
Some of you may find that your partner is so frightened of the concept that they will start avoiding you. That is fine. Either select another partner or know that not everyone is yet ready for this means of communication. Others of you will find that relationships you thought broken will heal. Or relationships you never thought possible will occur. We will add that this is not about capturing your current “love object” in a mystic snare, it is about you learning how powerful opening your heart to others is.
Have fun with this lesson. Perhaps even write down the results for future reference. It is time to start your new communication skills with this lesson. Open your heart to yourself and the world – and note the results with an open mind and a playful demeanor. It is time to play with your new communication skills. So be it. Amen.

Life Tapestry Creations.com

February 8, 2011

Dissolving of the Veils

Message from My Guides
Teachings from the Star Councils of Light on the Solara Plexus & Heart Chakras
Many of you are almost obsessed with the energy centres you call the chakras. Chakra this, chakra that, chakra oils, chakra crystals, chakra bowls – and these are only the energy centres within your physical body! You do not pay enough attention to the centres within your aura, and to your outer energy body in general, and to the connection of your sacred Light geometry within your energy body.
But we will say this – the time which has been on Gaia has been a time of MANIPURA distortion. This is the solar plexus chakra. The age of Pisces, these some 2,000 years, has been a time of Manipura or Solar Plexus distortion, so that you have moved into a place where you do not understand what power means. We speak not specifically about you , dear ones, but about the human race – about the civilisation as it has been on your planet Terra.
The perception of power and 'being in one's power' has been entirely distorted. There has been separation consciousness - separation between yourself and you Higher Self; separation between one country and another; separation between you in your little household box and the boxes around you – wishing that your box is superior to their box; wishing that your town or city is superior to another; wishing that your country is superior in some way – sometimes even through your primitive sporting events!
This has been propagated consciously you understand. You have been placed into boxes of separation consciously, and all of this has been registered in Manipura – comparing yourselves with each other; wanting to be like another – this is a Manipura issue. At the same time this wonderful sun chakra at your solar plexus is your point of greatest power!
As you are able to let go of separation consciousness, so that you do not desire to be better or higher or prettier or cleverer than any other one - as you accept yourself perfect exactly as you are – so you start to come into a place of peace! As you come into a place of peace, you are more easily able to access your inner power, which comes from accepting yourself and following the urgings which activate your gifts.
These aspects involve dissolving the barrier between Manipura (the solar plexus chakra) and Anahata (the heart chakra), and the barrier between Anahata and Manipura. For the heart centre, with it’s infinite capacity for unconditional love, will assist you in moving into a place of peace, in which your willpower, courage and determination is activated. As this is activated within Manipura, so your heart centre is empowered, that it may be strong and not so vulnerable. For many of you have suffered from this vulnerability of heart because your hearts are not connected with your solar plexus power!
Is it not so, in your society, that power is not automatically associated with peace? And yet we say to you, each one of you, that when your power is truly with you, what you experience is a sense of peace. And so we will advise you to do this meditation which has been given, which is called ‘Dissolving the Veils’. Dissolving the veils between Manipura & Anahata – it will be of great benefit, and we are in great joy in anticipation of your energy shifts through this means.
On the Heart Chakra
We are fond of reminding you of the words of the Master Jesus ‘As you give, so you receive’. Let us now add, ‘As you receive, so you are more able and free to give.’ For many of you are giving, giving, giving, without an equal ability to receive.
When you give love, your energy should not leave you – the infinite energy of the God-Goddess should empower you as it flows through you – a giving of love from yourself which dis-empowers you or drains your energy means that the love is not unconditional – that there is some aspect in which that which you give involves trying too hard or giving away your power.
As you learn to receive and accept compliments, gifts and acknowledgement of your beauty – as you learn to receive these and to say ‘Thank you, I know that this is true. Thank you, I know that my voice is beautiful. Thank you, I know that my eyes are divine. Thank you, I know that I am truly gifted and that I have much to offer.’
This idea is likely to bring tears to your eyes is it not? - for it is the healing of your misperception that you are not worthy!
In great love, we wish you namaste.
Listen to the Dissolving the Veils' Meditation here http://www.solara.org.uk/meditation.aspx?element=102
Love love love
Solara An-Ra, Warrior of the Light

Dissolving the Veils - Meditation

Place your right hand on Manipura now, the Solar Plexus Chakra – allowing yourself to experience that energy centre as a golden sun radiating from the centre of your body in all directions. Feel this truly as your power centre, comparing it to the energy of the sun’s rays which are powerful and transformational.
Ask right now that the Angels assist with clearing and healing this powerful chakra. Feel the Angels pouring pure golden healing energy through Manipura now. Use your intentions to let go of fear from this chakra – fear of the unknown, fear of the future, fear of not being loved exactly as you are, fear of disapproval – fear of stepping into your power and being seen as you truly are.
Say out loud now ‘I let go of all fear that holds me back!’ Let go – let go with your out-breath, let go of theses unfounded fears and insecurities which have stopped you from being in your full power.
Let go of the need to please and be approved of, and allow yourself to feel who you truly are – a fearless Warrior of the Light!
With the right hand still on Manipura, bring the left hand to Anahata in the lower chest just above your breasts – to the emerald green of unconditional love which radiates from this brilliant centre within you. Anahata is the centre of harmony in your body – the balance-point between the spiritual and the physical.
Say out loud, ‘I accept myself exactly as I am right now!’ With this statement you feel Anahata expand into the whole of your chest and out into your aura – a soft, glowing, melting energy that is centred in your chest. It is acceptance of the self exactly as you are in this moment which allows Anahata to be whole.
The veil between Manipura & Anahata is like an etheric membrane whose physical counterpart is the diaphragm. It’s been held in place by the separation consciousness which prevailed in the Piscean age. Right now, as we move into the Aquarian age, with a magic breath of the golden energy of the Angelic Kingdom, feel the veil between the heart and solar plexus dissolving. Feel the Angels blowing their golden energy through the membrane until it is no more.
What you experience now is that the golden energy of Manipura is able to radiate upwards into Anahata – empowering and energising it. The brilliant emerald green of Anahata, the energy of unconditional love from within is able to radiate down now, so that Manipura is empowered through the source of true spiritual power and energy which is LOVE. With this connection, your will power and determination to use love as your motivating force on your path is activated.
Now move your right hand above Anahata onto the place of Amun. Experience the energy of Amun – an intense and yet gentle pink flowing energy which is the colour of Love-in-motion. Tap gently with your fingers now on the place of Amun, saying out loud ‘Amun is activated within me now!’.
As you hold these 2 centres feel the veil dissolving between Anahata and Amun, so that the ONE-HEART is ignited now! The one-heart is the centre of unconditional love that comes through Christ Consciousness. The one-heart is that which was seeded over 2000 years ago with the coming of the Ascended Master Jesus Christ, and this is the time of the second coming of the Christ energy – not through any mortal or immortal master on the planet, but from within ourselves.
 Let your hands rest in your lap now, and hold your focus simply in Amun. WE ARE ALL ONE - through the dissolving of the veils, through our stepping into our power, through our ability to love and accept ourselves unconditionally, through the ignition of Amun & the letting of all judgement of others so that peace and love may reign again on this blessed planet.
We are all one. Know this to be true. Namaste

February 6, 2011

Do not focus on the suffering and misery within the illusion

Channeler: John Smallman, February 6, 2011


Do not focus on the suffering and misery within the illusion. Humanity is well on the way to awakening, and evidence of this can be seen all across the world as concern for the down-trodden, the impoverished, and the planet herself intensifies. It truly is a marvelous time as kindness, compassion, and generosity start to blossom.
The number of you giving your lives in service has expanded phenomenally in just the last ten years, and the effect that is having is apparent everywhere. Many more of you are being called to service and are answering that call, as you begin to understand what a joyful calling it is. Greed and self-centeredness is declining, although that might not appear to be the case as much corruption, that was previously hidden, is being uncovered.
Have faith in yourselves and in your guidance because God is with you in every moment providing loving support in abundance to assist you in responding to His call. He wants you to awaken, that is why He is calling you Home. The Light that burns within each one of you is getting ever brighter and attracting your attention to the wonder of what you are, divine children of God, and you are starting to recognize one another and celebrating that recognition.
It is becoming apparent to you that you are all dearly loved and that all the help you need to find your way Home is constantly available to you. To know this is inspiring for you and brings you peace, confidence, and satisfaction as you wend your way homewards. Your homecoming is assured.
You know that deep within yourselves, and that knowledge is seeping into your awareness as your divine inner Light burns ever more brightly as your moment of awakening approaches. You have struggled long and hard to get to this point, and nothing can stand in your way that will halt your progress, because the power of divine assistance is with you every step of the way. If you could only realize how dearly loved you are, and how much you are honored for what you are doing, it would blow you away!
Do not focus on the suffering and misery within the illusion, but focus instead on the knowledge that the illusion is to end and will be replaced by the exquisite delight of existence in the Light of God’s eternal day, where anything other than that is impossible. This of course does not mean that you do not see the suffering that the illusion causes, because while you remain within it that would be impossible.
Be aware of it, help to ease it where you can by compassion, kindness, and generosity, but focus joyfully on the knowledge that it is a nightmare whose end is approaching, and when that happens the misery and suffering that it contained will be gone, having truly never existed, because nothing that is not of God could ever exist. There will be no traumatic memories, only everlasting wonder in the perfection of God’s divine Reality.

With so very much love, Saul.

February 5, 2011

Arcturian Group

I think this is very important message:


through Marilyn Raffaele, 5 February, 2011


 We are here in this new day to tell you of the changes about to transpire on your planet.  You are in the beginning stages of many changes that will take place throughout the world.  It is a time of what appears to be rebellion, but what  is actually  the awakening of the masses  to their entitled freedom.  Now is the  time when unknown to themselves, people are feeling an opening to their higher energies which is causing them to feel the need and desire for the experience of  freedom.  That is;  freedom from the tyranny of those who would dictate,  freedom of those who would have you believe that you need them, and freedom from those who would condemn you for not believing as they do.  It is a powerful energy dear ones, that is now awakening many  to the realization that they have been kept in bondage by the few.

Be aware of false prophets.  We speak of  those who would speak to you in tongues gentle with what seems to be truth, and yet is simply another way of keeping you in bondage.  Please always trust your intuition and do not be fooled, for the false prophets are "coming out of the woodwork" so to speak at this time on earth.  Many spread fear with revelations of what is about  to take place, and would guide you with tongues of silk while pushing you into fear regarding nuclear war (which will not come as has been decreed by the higher energies) and  earth catastrophes (which are a part of the earth cleansing but which will be done by Gaia as carefully as she can).  Be alert to this by staying centered within yourselves and asking for guidance to know which information is coming from a place of truth and which is not. It is important to be informed, however do not let the awareness move into fear which then feeds the whole picture.  You see, you are creators.  Do not put your energy into those seeming negative events which in turn gives them more power.

Even those who would channel, unless they keep themselves pure and filled with light, will bring forth a false message even though they believe they are bringing a true message. Channeled messages come through a channel and carrying  the energy of the channel.  Many still confuse psychic with spiritual and they are not the same thing.  There are many of a lower resonance   waiting for the opportunity to speak through someone.  With the higher  energies on the planet at this time, many are becoming aware of an ability to hear and see other frequencies and are beginning to channel.  If you choose to channel   ALWAYS KEEP YOUR ENERGY FIELD IN THE LIGHT AND STATE THAT YOU ARE OPEN ONLY TO BEINGS OF LIGHT.  This is very important. There are those who through ignorance  or ego are  opening themselves in  careless ways that are not for their own good or those to whom they give their messages.   The messages of Light Beings  always carry an energy  of love and hope, never  fear or negativity; and always carry an energy  that will help you move into the higher frequencies of truth.  Let that be your yard stick, dear ones.  Be aware of false prophets.

This message is not to trouble you, but to instill in you the need to  take back your power of discernment, for you have been taught and accepted that you needed  others to tell you what was best for you.  This is a big step, but a necessary one in your evolution.  You never need anyone to tell you what to do, let information and guidance  be a free will choice coming from a place of being centered within.   It is fine to ask those who may have more insight on certain issues, certainly that is their gift to the world, but always ask yourself;  "How does this feel within?"  If it does not resonate with you, then do not feel obligated to accept it even though the one you have asked may be considered an expert.

There is much energy pouring forth at this time from your sun.  Many new frequencies that the earth has not experienced before.  This is making changes in your thinking and in your way of doing things. Do not believe that you are going crazy dear ones, as some have believed.  You are simply adjusting to new and higher frequencies of light.  Many of you are experiencing  new aches and pains and rush to see your doctor who tells you he seeing nothing wrong.  Often these aches and pains are the clearing of old energies; old beliefs about disease, deterioration, and  cellular inheritance- energies from past lives as well as this one.  It is the clearing of the energy meridians and the opening of energy portals within your physical bodies.  It is also the clearing of your chakras and the opening of new and higher chakras never utilized before.

Many of you are having problems sleeping.  This too is a part of  energy integration.  Many integrations must take place as you are at rest, but still within the body.  Since most people  are busy all day, night is the only  time  when you can be at rest but still  in the body if not sleeping.  This is actually  a good thing dear ones, not a problem.  You are used to believing that you must sleep a full night or you will be tired the next day.  This is a belief,  things are changing.

Let go of all that is old and open to asking yourselves;  "Is this really true?"  Experts work from the third dimensional energy of what is already known.  Much of what you are experiencing now is not known.  New ideas are coming to many of your more  enlightened scientists, but they are keeping quiet about it for now, pondering these things within themselves.   Let go of your  dependence upon  the so called experts, for this dependence is what  has gotten you into many of the predicaments you find yourselves in now.  This is not a judgement, but an explanation of how the old energy has dictated your lives because you believed you needed something outside yourselves to tell you how to live.

You are beings of light in your true essence.  It is time now to claim your true selves.  In order to do that, you must not be afraid to release from your belief system all that no longer resonates with you.  Experts are simply people  that have devoted themselves to a certain topic.  If that topic has been totally studied in the third dimensional energy of duality and separation, then it is not of the highest level that could be known.  Correct ?  Please ponder this dear ones.

In love we say we are the Arcturian Group.                                                    

February 2, 2011

Bren-Ton of Andromeda - Q&A

Monday, January 24th, 2011
Greetings from Athabantian. We return this day to answer questions that have arisen since our earlier message.

What is “The Transformation?”

There are two major aspects of The Transformation. With the assistance of outside energies Earth is transforming herself — restoring herself to her former pristine self. No longer will she permit the burning of fossil fuels. No longer will she permit the fouling of her atmosphere, water, and soil. She is returning to a place of pristine beauty.
The transformation of Earth’s humans is the second aspect; it is a unique experience. Humans are being invited to transform themselves into beings of lighter vibration, higher consciousness, and to function from a basis of love. Not only are your souls invited to transform, but your physical bodies will also be transformed, if you so choose.
This is a complete transformation, for all will change. No more will fear, hated, anger, violence, and lies rule this planet. These aspects of the so-called 3rd Dimension are going away, along with structures and beliefs that favor the few. This is NOT just another business cycle, nor is it socio-economic upheaval. It is a fundamental transformation of humanity. You may find more details of The Transformation in our earlier messages.
The Transformation will be accomplished within the next few months. Fasten your seat belts; you are in for a true metamorphosis, despite what you see in your national media The Transformation is underway. Physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional aspects of it are playing themselves out. There is no more business as usual. Is it any wonder that so many beings from around the universe are gathered here to watch this wondrous event?

Why did you come all the way from Andromeda to assist with Earth’s resuscitation?
As participants in the Starseed project, we from Andromeda were one of the contributors of the initial humans to Earth, so we naturally felt a kinship with Earth and her humans. We had experience in Andromeda in providing light energies to overwhelm the dark energy. The elders of our galaxy determined to send us in response to Earth’s call for assistance.

What planet are you from?

We aboard Athabantian come from several planets in the Andromeda galaxy. I, Bren-Ton, have most frequently incarnated on a planet whose name in your English language might be called Sicily. It is of the star system Mooney, a star midway to the center of our galaxy. It is a planet with an ecosystem totally different from Earth — we existed totally as air breathers. I had many incarnations, principally on that planet, but also on others, and eventually transformed into a being without physical form. It is not unlike your progression to a higher level of consciousness, based on acquiring the necessary light and experiences within your soul. For the last 100 of your years I have been aboard Athabantian.

How did you find Mark Kimmel among all the others of Earth with whom to communicate?

Mark is a member of a soul group who had been incarnating on Aden, a planet of the star system Beloit that is in our galaxy. When he determined to incarnate on Earth — to be here at the time of The Transformation — his soul mates, Justine and Moraine, followed his progress. When it became time to find an Earth human, with whom we could communicate, Justine and Moraine suggested Mark — by then both were onboard Athabantian. We accepted their suggestion and awakened Mark to his mission. If you look at the original communications from us to Mark, they were from Justine.
Are you communicating with other Earth humans?
Yes, we have been here for many years, and have communicated and continue to communicate with several Earth humans. In addition, many from Andromeda walk upon your planet.

What of the institute to which you have referred in your earlier messages?

The institute is an anchor involving a collective of people joining their intentions and actions together to ground the energies of change. It is one focal point in our efforts to assist humanity. It is slowly manifesting itself as the energies of change impact more and more people.

Why did you take this new approach to communicating through Mark Kimmel?

Our focus in these new messages will be to raise your consciousness so that you will more easily weather the coming changes and will emerge on the other side as eager caretakers of the new earth. We wish to assist you to avoid fear and discouragement. We believe this new format will accomplish this.
We hold you in unconditional love, my sisters and brothers. Until we communicate next time, I am Bren-Ton of Andromeda.