August 30, 2011

The manuscript of survival - 8

Chapter ten

Today´s topic might be a bit hard to swallow for some, but it is indeed of the highest importance. We refer of course to the fact that you as a species have never been the only sentient beings present on this planet. You have all – or most of you – a preconceived notion that you are in fact the beings who have evolved furthest on this planet, and that you therefore have the right to command the rest of the living beings as you wish. Not so. Never forget, you are only a minute part of creation, and you are by far not the most intelligent one. Yes, you have evolved much from your simple beginnings, but even if your so-called scientific communities and all other creative beings have ensured that you have developed into a reasonably intelligent life form, you have still to reach your pinnacle. There is so much more to learn, dear ones. And we have come to help you further along the way. We are also just a small part of creation, and we are more than a little humble when it comes to placing ourselves in the hierarchy of higher learning. We are not the ones standing on top looking down on others below us, but at least we can claim – and rightly so – that we have something to teach you. Remember, there are species out there who have far surpassed anything you could ever hope of attaining, even if you were left to your own devices for thousands of years. That is, if you managed to keep yourselves alive for such a long time. We all know by now that that would not be the most probable outfall if we had left you to your own devices. Rather, you seem hell bent on setting a direct course straight over the cliff´s edge, and mismanaging yourselves to death and extinction as it were. This cannot be allowed to happen, therefore the powers that be have been instructed by All there is to ensure that you are to be shown the way ahead. This we will do, no matter what you think about the matter. You cannot go on destroying yourselves, and polluting the eternal as you do so. Remember your planet is intrinsically linked to the rest that exist, and your actions have a direct impact on everything else. Therefore, it is time to clean up your act, in more ways than one. And as you have made so abundantly clear, you are stubbornly refusing to do so without any outside intervention.
Many, many will protest this, and say that you are a sovereign species, and therefore should be left to govern themselves. That is no longer an option, and you have to comply with the new rules. Once again we repeat that we are not here to destroy you, but we are here to make sure that you do not destroy yourselves. You have proved incapable of sorting out your own mess, and as such it is time to deploy the helpers. We are just a small part of this – shall we say clean-up crew – and we will collaborate extensively with others already present here on this planet. Some of them you might be aware of, some not, but we would like to give you some details.

Before, we have mentioned your nemesis, the so-called reptilians, or the plague, as we like to call them. Make no mistake, they have been present here for a very long time indeed, and they have no inkling to leave on their own volition. However, they have far outstayed their welcome, and their transport out of here is already booked. In addition, they have some local help, namely some of your own kind. These so-called greys have been in hiding right in the public´s eye, and we think it will cause many a jaw to drop when these are exposed in front of your very eyes. Many of these have been named in your media already, but we hasten to add that are all considered innocent until proven guilty. Let us just say that the trial is about to begin, and no one sailing under this false flag will be allowed to slip away. That is a stated fact, and you can all sit back and watch them trying to crawl back into a dark corner trying to escape the light. They cannot, and the ruling will be just in all of their cases.
It might come as a surprise to some just how populated this planet of yours really is. You have been colonized by many, many civilizations over the ages, but they have done so under the strict orders to leave you to your own devices. Except for the reptilians, this order have been followed. Some of you may have been lucky enough to encounter some of these peaceful cohabitants of yours, but that has been a very rare occurrence indeed. Now, as the veils will be lifting, you will all for the first time meet your new – or shall we say old – neighbours face to face. They are all a benevolent lot, and they have decided to prolong their stay here in order to be of help in this process. Make no mistake, they might have a visual setup that differs very much from your own, and for those that have watched too many scary movies, be prepared to see something seemingly very scary. We say this in order to prepare you to interact with beings that have a very different physical vehicle than yours, even if some of them do resemble you in many ways. You have been well and truly misinformed by that parasite race in order to make sure that anything alien-looking is dangerous. They themselves have been portrayed quite accurately as monsters by some of your entertainment media, but they want to make sure that you run away from anything that might resemble a so-called alien. This mistrust has been bred deep into your bones, and many will have a hard time swallowing this fear. Let us just say that there will be many ways to help you all to overcome this fear, and we will make sure that you come trough these first encounters in a harmonic way.
Much have been said about the arrival of so-called false saviours, and much more will come. Stay assured that all impostors will be demasked, and if the black ones try to pose as the bearers of light, they will indeed suffer the consequences and be dealt with swiftly. Misinformation and propaganda have been rampant, and many have already been preprogrammed to go into fear at the first sight of a new, intelligent life form. We are well aware of this, and have therefore prepared some effective antidotes to this. As always, you will feel when something is amiss, and we advice you all strongly to follow your heart. Many will try to manipulate you further, and you must be prepared to meet darkness head on at occasion. If you do, just call for help and we will be there in an instant. It is advisable to stay closely connected to the source at all times, but we will of course make this our top priority once we arrive. In addition, those friendly allies of yours already in place will make sure that you are also invited into this new world of perception in a palatable way.

Aisha North

August 29, 2011

The manuscript of survival - part 1-7

I have been asked to put out this information by the group that I channel. They call themselves "The Constant companions", and have given me instructions to write down something they have titled "the manuscript of survival". Some of the information contained in it may sound dramatic, but I do not think it comes as a surprise to anyone who have opened their eyes to the world we are currently living in. Even though their choice of words may seem harsh at times, I experience them as loving beings that are here to guide us trough this dramatic re-birth of this wonderful planet we call earth.

Here is the first part of the manuscript:

This book will contain much information flying in the face of conventional wisdom and indeed knowledge. Much will be said of it´s origins, but let us just say that we come from a galaxy far, far away as they say in the movies. This is a place that contains a vast deposit of knowledge, and we have been designated as carriers of that knowledge. Now the time has come to start sharing it with you in order for the planet earth to start spinning in the right fashion. There is no way around it, you as a species has mismanaged this planet in such a way is heading for total destruction. The greed for power has corrupted your minds in such a way you are prepared to destroy life itself in order to make a few extra bucks. The greed is so profound it has already taken the lives of so many beautiful creatures, and you yourselves are at the brink of exterminating yourselves in order to obtain that next dollar. You have gone too far, and now you will be stopped dead in your tracks, and we do mean this in the literal sense. There is no way of going forward in the direction you are heading, the only result is certain death. We, on the other hand, has been given the power to direct you in the way of survival, by encoding you with the right information that will help you redress the wrongs you have been doing, and that will help you all clean up not just your act but the whole ecosystem you are on your way to destroy. This information will be ridiculed at first, of this we are well aware. So also the channel. But you do not have a choice in following our instructions. If you do not, you will suffer the consequences, and they will come swiftly indeed. Consider this as a warning, not as a threat. We are not violent people, we are here to redress the harm that has been done in order to guarantee the survival of the human race. Make no mistake, this planet has been build to survive anything, but you as a species is infinitely vulnerable and as such you are the ones who will perish. Not the earth. This concludes the first installment of this saga.

Chapter one
On the channel´s request, we will start this slowly. After all, the information contained in this manuscript is of a nature far removed from the knowledge she previously has been part of, and we will honor her wish in this.
Much has been said about the nature of energy, but there is still so much to learn. The human race has contented herself to use only a small part of the energies available to them, and they have chosen to do so in a manner greatly destructive to the planet. Burning fossilized fuel is by no means the best way of ensuring a sustainable future, and this has now taken it´s heavy toll on the planet. In addition, keeping to these limited resources has ensured that only a fraction of the populace would benefit from this. Not only from the profits, but also from the power and control it gives them over the rest of the human race. Needless to say, their time of domination is coming to a close, and rapidly so. We will in this manuscript convey all of the secrets that has been hidden from mankind for such a long time, namely those that tells about how to access the unlimited supply of energy that is at all times surrounding you planet. In other words: free energy for all. This may sound like an old hoax, but the truth is very profound one.

All over the universe, not only the small part that you are familiar with, there runs an incessant stream of mutable energy, energy that is ever lasting and as such and unending source of power for everyone to utilize. The only problem with this power that in order for it to be tapped, one needs to be in a clear state of mind. By that, we mean that this energy cannot be accessed by anyone trying to exploit it for their own purpose in the same way that the petrol companies have been ruling this world of yours for such a long time. In other words, only those of pure intent will be allowed to come into contact with this energy, and it will never be allowed for it to come into the hands of those corrupted by greed and hate. The time has come now for the portals to open, and to allow you as a human race to peer into this door and see what is hiding inside. Just remember, whenever someone from the corrupted race approaches, that door will slam shut again. We say this in order to make it clear that this is a source of energy only to be used for the betterment of all, not for the manipulation of a few.

For many years, your scientists have been studying everything from the deepest recesses of space in to the tiniest comportments of a human cell. They are still scratching their heads and wondering where the true answers lie, but they have for too long looked in the wrong direction. Now we will, with the help of this channel, start to instruct them directly so they will finally see what has been hiding right in front of their noses. We say this both in the literal and figurative sense, as there is so much more to this world of yours than meets the eye. You as a species has been blinded and have not have neither the ability nor the wish to see anything else than what has been put out for you to see, but now the veils are lifting once and for all. Whether you like it or not, you will all soon be able to see everything so much clearer, and for many that will be almost too glaring to even contemplate feasting their eyes on. The truth is not pretty, and for many it will take a long time to ingest, but ingest it you must or you will all fall by the wayside. Evolution waits for no one, and now you are about to take a great leap into the unknown, whether you like it or not.
Many brave souls have already taken that leap, and they will indeed be the wayshowers for the rest of the flock. Many will go into denial, and try to ridicule not only the message but also the messenger. Let us just say that their efforts will be futile, and they will hang their head in shame and repent as soon as they manage to see the error of their ways. We choose our words carefully, and the likeness to the language your so-called spiritual leaders use is no coincidence. They themselves have been instrumental in leading their flock astray, and they will be called upon to redress the wrong they have been doing for generations. We do not say this as a threat. Again, we come in peace, but we come with a very clear intent, namely that of cleansing this world of all of the residue that has been accumulated from all of these generations of mismanagement and greed.

p. 2
From the earliest of times, man´s quest for information has driven him forward. In the olden times, this information was delivered freely from the powers that be, and all were considered equal. However, it did not take man a long time to develop into duality, and as such the quest for power came to be. In addition, manipulation by outside forces - we will come back to these more specifically later – heightened the exodus into the straits that since has led the humans astray from their real course. The real course is fast and straight and pure, and now the time has come for mankind to return to these shores and steer away from the abyss that looms straight ahead. Much has been prophesied about this beforehand, but let us just say that this process will be very, very different from what the doom-sayers have been calling for. Yes, it will be a violent one, but it will also open the eyes of mankind in order for all of them to finally regain the ability to see the light where before they could only see darkness and despair. We are aware that many will take these words as only puffs of spoke, but they will have to take into consideration certain actions that will soon take place in their vicinity. We refer of course to that life changing event that is narrowing in on your planet. It is already looming on your horizon, but this is far from the aforementioned abyss. In fact, it heralds the breaking of a new dawn, and as such is something to be celebrated. Beware of those false prophets who will try to turn everybody´s heads and send people into fear. They will be many, and their words will fall on many sympathetic ears. Avoid these prophets of doom, as they are the only ones that will cause harm, not the approaching harbinger of light. We conclude today´s missive by stating that in order for mankind to save herself, they need only to stop listening to the human voices expressing fear, anger and hate, and start listening to that quiet voice whispering in their own heart. That is the voice of reason, and the voice of hope. That is all for today.

Chapter two

Now we would like to start going into more details.
The surface of your planet is covered with a grid of energy. This energy grid has been kept out of bounds for humanity for a very, very long time. But now the decision has been made to let you reconnect. We use this word very deliberately, as you as a race was connected to this power grid at a much earlier stage of your development. You had in fact an extensive use of this vast supply of power, and this, combined with the extensive knowledge you were privy to, fueled the evolution of some of the most remarkable societies ever inhabiting this planet. Some small remnants of these societies still remains here on earth, but the preserved ruins of these magnificent communities can only reveal a small fraction of the ingenuity and science that these peoples employed. They were of such a high vibration, they were in total harmony not only with nature herself but also with the harmonics of the universe, and as such they had an unlimited access to all the energy and information available not only locally but also celestially. As we will show more clearly later, this gave them power to evolve far beyond what you today as ”modern man” has achieved. The reason for this is simple. Once you were tampered with and introduced to duality, ego took precedence and then the downhill slide started in earnest. In his lust for power and control, man soon lost grip of the eternal world he once was connected to, and all the information and knowledge hitherto accumulated slowly but surely seeped away. As we have stated previously, everything you need to survive is literally right in front of you, but you as a species have been disconnected from this information because you are so deeply entangled in the duality and quest for power and control. In other words, once man discovered greed, everything else fell away, and this has dominated your brains for far too long. Now this implanted deficiency will be taken away, and you will once again be connected to the whole. This will be a process that may seem overly dramatic to many, many of the souls currently inhabiting your planet, but it is necessary. Not for the planet, she has been programmed to survive anything, but for you as a species. You will become extinct in a very short amount of time if you insist carrying on the status quo, and we are well aware that there are those out there that will do so, but they will be taken away as it were to a place where they can continue their self-imposed misery.

The details that needs to be conveyed might be many, but the most important part is the aforementioned one. Once humanity is finally released from the shackles of duality, much will happen in a very, very short time. Remember, this is not a process of inventing and evolving, rather it is a process of reconnecting and remembering. Once you have passed that initial stage of shock and awe, you will realize that all you have to do is to return to your natural way of being and drop all of the false images that have been planted in your consciousness. Deep down you are all aware of this, and now some of you have already awakened to this reality. Many will follow in your footsteps soon, and then this world will take a turn for the better in the matter of a few short weeks. We are aware that this will sound improbable to you, but it is a stated fact. We have all the knowledge and technology and energy at our disposal that will eliminate all traces of the destruction you have created on this planet in an instant, and we are prepared to do just that as soon as you let go all traces of your old ego-based structures. If they do not go away, you will. End of story.

Back to the power grid that is already in place on your planet. It is composed of a kind of superstructure involving more than the current dimensions you as a being can perceive. Think of it as a latticework of interconnected strings, forever humming away with vibrations of pure energy. Your scientists have started to see some of these strings as a part of the research they are doing into the so-called dark matter, but they are still very far away from discovering the real outlay and effects of these structures. Think of it as a web of living tissue, constantly communicating with every other part of itself, sending energy and information back and forth in a constant stream. When you tap into this system, you also tap into the vast vault of information already stored there. Information that is free to use for anyone and anything connected to it. There is no charge, and therefore no way to misuse this information energy to manipulate others. The rest of all beings, in fact the whole set of physical structures that compose your planet, is already connected to this structure, you are the only ones still left out in the cold as it were. Imagine what you will be able to do once you are firmly reconnected to this grid!

Remember that you have the same original encoding as us from the beginning, namely that of eternal life, but as you became disconnected from this grid, your system was reprogrammed. Now you have an inbuilt self-destruction mechanism that will kick in at a designated time, and you will in a well-defined way start to exterminate your physical body. This may take years, or it will happen instantaneously, but the result is the same. Your physical body cease to function, and you die. The knowledge of your own mortality is what engenders the fear that governs all of you. That is why you are on an eternal quest for youth, health, money and power. You think these factors in some way might stop the inevitable decline into death, but nothing you do can stop that. The only thing you can do to escape this, is to let go of all the old programs, but that is no easy task. Once you do that and get reconnected to the source energy, you will live forever. Not in the same physical form that you currently inhabit, but in the form of a stable energy that will be able to recreate itself in a physical body and then stay in that body for a very, very long time. The purpose of being in a physical body is to evolve into a wiser being, and the confinement of a physical body makes the lessons more effective. You need the friction of a physical body in order to evolve further and further, hence the importance of the human race. You are the star pupils in this evolution, but you have all decided to collectively attend the wrong school. Hence the need for reprogramming. Never forget, you are meant to be here on this planet and evolve into the most beautiful beings in the universe, but in order for you to do that, you need to let go of the disinformation you have been fed for far too long. That is why we have come, and that is what we will do. If you refuse to listen, you will indeed have to suffer the consequences.

The existence of humans is a long and complicated one. You evolved from seeds planted by the star beings many, many generations back. These seeds were given a programming of multiplying, and slowly the advent of the so-called human civilization was invented. You took to the task of organizing yourselves in groups, and these groups maintained a structure of co-operation and co-existence in harmony, not just with yourselves but with the environment around you. The planet was a happy place, and all beings on her prospered. The experiment was a success, but then someone else intervened. This ”someone else” was a group on entities from a different solar system than yours. They had depleted their own resources after falling from grace, and now they needed a new playground on which they could play out their evil schemes. We realize that this sound like hogwash, to use a word you are all familiar with, but this is the truth. Remember, your planet was originally designed as a haven, a place where beings in a physical body could evolve, and help us all understand the limits and possibilities of being inside a physical body. Much has been said about this subject before, let us just add that the beings that put you here in the first place did so under the protection of All there is, the highest form of intelligence that exists in any shape or form throughout all of the universes. Yes, we use the plural, as your own universe is only a fraction of what exists beyond your vision. As we were saying, you were put here with a special purpose, namely to investigate the endless possibilities that a physical body have to experience themselves and their surrounding trough the senses. Remember, there are many, many other forms of sentient beings alive. But most of them reside in a non-physical form and as such they have a limited vocabulary of interaction with others.

Chapter three

Throughout man´s history, there have been many examples of seemingly out of the blue forward leaps in understanding and knowledge. Your scientists have found traces of ancient civilizations that harbored very, very advanced knowledge, knowledge that since has been suppressed and fallen away from your common heritage. Much of this knowledge, in fact all of it, came from a source not located here on this planet, but it was brought forth from civilizations outside of your known universe. That knowledge helped the human race evolve into what is now called modern man, but it has also helped you to make so many wrong decisions. The reason for this, is as we have already stated. The ground work upon which we build the first human societies have been corrupted by a later influx of other intelligence, intelligence that has been used to manipulate humans to such a scale that they have all but forgotten their own origins. You as a collective have been taken back to the dark ages, so instead of developing further into contact with us, you have been kept deliberately in the dark and seemingly left to your own devices. Nothing could be further from the truth, as you have at no time been left alone, not by us, and certainly not by those dark forces who have been controlling you for these last centuries. They have almost succeeded in wiping out all traces of ancient memories, memories from the time when you were all connected closely to the source, but some vestiges remained, and now these seeds have been awakened again. The knowledge that you have been kept in the dark for far too long has finally seeped out, and it is spreading like wildfire. Even if the dark ones have tried as hard as they could, even their strong hold on your souls have finally lost their grip, and now the truth will come out in the open for all to see. It will be a momentous day indeed, but for many, it will be the worst day of their lives. The reason for this is easy to understand, as many will have a hard time digesting the fact that they have been kept as slaves in a system designed to benefit a chosen few, destroying the planet and the lives that live upon it in order for these few men and women to live a life in absolute luxury whilst almost half the population on the planet is living in poverty, war and terror. Now the time has come for humanity to open their eyes and face the truth, no matter how grim it seems, for remember, you will also see the light again for the first time in a very, very long time, and believe us when we say that the light has returned and cannot be turned away yet again.
Part 3

We would like to go into further detail concerning the so-called dark forces currently residing here on earth. We are aware that this chapter will probably be the most ridiculed, but be that as it may, the truth will be evident for anyone to see once their eyes have been opened sufficiently. And opened they will be, no matter what. For a very, very long time, entities from another galaxy has treated your earth as their own private playground, a playground where they can indulge all of their bases instincts at the expence of the human race. The place whence they came has long been destroyed, they were no better caretakers of their own planet then they have been of yours, and as such they are amongst the rare breeds still present in these universes that never learns from their mistakes. They have been doomed to repeat them again and again, until they destroy themselves once and for all. But now their time is up, and the powers that be has decided to terminate their game once and for all. They will not be allowed to continue in their destructive ways, and they will be stopped in their tracks. The outcome of this will be dramatic for your planet, as the veils will be pulled away once and for all and you will all have to face the stark reality you have been inhabiting for such a long time. Not much of what you perceive as the truth really is so, and the manipulators have been successful in hiding it from you, at least from the majority of the peoples on the earth. But as we have previously stated, their hold on your hearts and minds is slowly but surely lessening, and the truth is starting to seep in even in the darkest recesses. Much has to be abandoned on the scrapheap of lies, and many, many will have to start their lives all over again, as they have build their house like a house of cards with no solid base underground. Now it will all fall down, and the rebuilding will have to start from scratch.

What will fall, you may ask, and the answer is everything that has been based on the false lies you have been fed. The whole bedrock of your communities will crumble, as the power-structure based on fear and manipulation falls away, so will the world of finance and commerce too. They are solely based on a perverted sense of value placed upon anything and everything by the so-called financial leaders of the world, and everything you see around you now connected to this web of lies is only an illusion. There is no such thing as a monetary value, it is all literally paper money and numbers that does not count. This will be glaringly obvious to all in a very short time indeed, and then everything else will start to collapse. For what is the value of a commodity if no one can sit on top and define it from purely a self-serving aspect? Why do you need a government to govern you when they do not have any financial backing behind all of their promises of a better world? And why should anyone go back to a workplace they dislike if no one will pay them any money for doing so? The banks will have no place in the new tomorrow, as the need to move finances around will totally disappear. But what about employment we here you say? What will people do with their lives? Do not fear, remember we are not here to destroy, but to clean up. The old systems will be washed away, and new systems will arise from the ashes of the old world. The new systems will be based on the real value in everyone and everything, and that is not a value that can be put out as a price. You are all priceless, and so is your planet. The minute you start to understand this, the same instant all of the old systems lose all of their value. They have been purposely set up to serve a very, very few people in order to make them keep the rest of you under their heal, never forget that. And behind them again, lurking in the shadows, sits the real masters of this planet. The grey ones, the reptilians, call them what you want, but their real name is the plague, and they have been polluting this multiverse for far too long. Now that plague will be smoked out once and for all, and then we can all heave a deep sigh of relief, and you can start to breathe the fresh air of freedom once again. That day is not far off now, but until then much work will have to be done, and many, many will fall under the sweepers´ broom before this work is finished.

Chapter four

Recently, the influx of energy to your planet from the centre of your solar system has risen exponentially. Your scientists have been waiting and watching for the solar activities to rise, but the recent upheavals on that planet have taken even them by surprise. Make no mistake, there is more to come, and it will have a very heavy impact on your planet. The reason for this is not only the obvious one, namely that of the damage the electromagnetic storms and the so-called CMEs have on your fragile technology. In addition, these ejections hurl out large amounts out hitherto unknown particles aimed straight for your planet as well as the others that accompany yours in this solar system. These particles go straight to the core and beyond, not only in your physical bodies but in everything that inhabits the earth. The scientists have started to register some of these particles, but they are still baffled by them, and they have no idea just how powerful these little energy packets really are. Nothing that comes into contact with them stay unchanged, and there is no one and no thing currently on this planet that can avoid coming into contact with these powerful harbingers of change. What these particles do is at the moment beyond any human understanding, but they are on a very specific mission, namely that of reprogramming every living entity on your planet. This is how you all will ascend, whether you like it or not, and the results of this ascension is therefore unavoidable. It is in fact like being wired to a supercomputer that downloads endless streams of information continually into your system, and all of this information has a very special purpose indeed. Namely that of waking you all up from the deep sleep you have all been in for such a long time. Being wrestled out of your sleep, especially without your expressed wish to be so, is not a comfortable process, and neither will this be for the millions out there who have chosen to keep their eyes closed to the world they are living in. Some of you brave souls have already dared to peek out from under your eyelids, and we commend you for that. You are indeed brave souls, and you will be the wayshowers for the rest of the sleepwalkers out there.

As we were saying, there is no stopping this process, but there are of course the aforementioned dark forces to contend with. They will do all they can in order to keep the populace numbed into sleep, but theirs is a lost battle, and they know it. However, that will not stop them from trying, and we want you to be on the alert for many, many underhand attacks from these desperate entities. Their only weapon is fear, and fear of change is the most strongly programmed gut reaction in any human being alive today, but those of you who read these words have already resolved yourselves to this change, and as such you are untouchable by the dark ones. There is one caveat however, and that is if you choose to fall into fear from anything these scoundrels concoct, you will also start down that slippery slope towards hopelessness and resignation. Always remember, no matter what they might throw at you that causes anger, destruction, violence and chaos, stay strong in your hearts and know that this is only the last of the birthing pains. You have only to stay in your hearts, that is where the voice of reason resides, the voice that will guide you safely trough the chaos and confusion that soon will envelop this planet. Remember, you are not alone in this, and we do implore you all to seek the counsel of like-minded souls that have literally seen the light also, and avoid contact with those riddled by fear and anger. They will only serve to pull you down with them, and then all is lost. For those that manage to stay afloat in this flotsam of fear, much will come their way. Remember, you are birthing a brand new planet, one where the light has conquered the darkness, and where the only darkness still residing there is from your own shadow cast by the brilliant light shining upon you.

Part 4: Chapter five

We return to the topic of interconnectedness of energy and information. As we have already mentioned, the whole universe, or rather multiverse, is intrinsically connected by a vast web of filaments, containing all the information and energy needed for anything and anyone. Once also the human race was connected to this web of magnificence, but as they were wrested away from this source of enlightenment, they lost all contact with All there is. This has had disastrous results, not only for your planet, but for the rest of the beings around you. Remember, this functions as a kind of hologram that contains every part of the content in every little particle it is comprised of. Therefore when someone tampers with a small part of it, it pollutes the whole. No one has been untouched by what has taken place on your planet for the last thousands of years, therefore much is invested in order to rectify it again. Why the long wait, you might ask, and the reason for this is indeed very simple. You have been kept as a sort of special school in order for all of us to see if you could find your way back to the light on your own accord, but recent developments have confirmed that you are instead heading further into darkness. Therefore, we have been ordered to intervene and to put things right again. And who are we, you might ask again. ”We” are a whole host of benevolent beings, representatives from many, many civilizations residing in other universes and other dimensions. It might be a bit big for some of you to swallow, but you are in fact at the moment surrounded by a whole fleet of let us use the word ”crafts”, monitoring and helping you in sorting out this mess once and for all.

Many of you have lingering memories of interacting with some or a whole group of us in different locations and capacities, just remember that your memories are just that, yours, and no one else's. That is important to keep in mind, as there will be many, many stories of this surfacing from now on, and it is imperative that you do not judge another´s story from the personal experience – or lack thereof – that you have. This is important, as you must understand that only if you all co-operate will this campaign be a resounding success. If you start to splitter and try to tear apart each others credibility, the road ahead will be so much more bumpy than it is necessary. Humankind has unfortunately been rife with this kind of fractioning, and we do advise you to let these differences be just that. Namely a different approach to the tutoring you all receive, and a very personalized one at that. Some of you have or will come into contact with beings in a very physical manner, others will only meet spectrum-like appearances, almost fog-like, that will connect with you in quite a different way. Remember, this is all very carefully tailored to suit your personal set-up and your well-defined role in this campaign, and you cannot go down the path chosen for another one. This also means that all of you are of equal importance, even if some gets a little bit more spotlight shone one them, so please try to let go of that ego-based thinking once and for all. If you do not, you will not only be held back, but you will ensure that the rest of humanity also is.

Chapter six

For a long time now, many have heralded the end of the world. Now that time is finally coming. We hasten to add: the end of the world YOU know, not the end of the world as such. Human beings have been ingrained with much fear, and much of it concerns the so called end of time, or the calendar allocated to the Mayan people. Much has been said about this before, but not much of it makes sense. There are some grains of truth hidden inside the great volume of information already out there on this topic, but let us just say that much of it is missing it´s mark. As we have previously stated, earlier civilizations were much closer linked to the source than modern man is, and the vast depository of knowledge this gave them access to, has long been forgotten. That is, by most of the human beings currently living on this planet. But a few remnants of this wonderful knowledge has been kept alive in small pockets of humanity, namely those kept alive by oral transmission inside certain indigenous communities. They found a way to keep this hidden from the western marauders that slaughtered their people in their quest for gold and riches, and now that information is quietly making it´s way up to the surface again.

It is always interesting to see how modern culture somehow taps into these streams of consciousness, and even more interesting to see how they almost always manage to distort these messages in the way that they represent them. Hence the endless stream of Hollywood blockbusters full of doom and gloom. We must say it amuses us no end to see how they all portray us so-called extraterrestrials. Let us just say you are in for nice surprise on the day you will be able to see us with your own eyes for the first time. This may sound like another cheap filmtrick, but we do assure you that it is anything but. Yes, we will come – when the time is right – and then everything will change in an instant. Many, many of your fellow human beings will have a hard time getting to grips with the fact that their whole belief system will crumble, literally in front of their own eyes. Those who have set their hearts and minds upon finding their balance trough a spiritual dogma or belief system put together by those more interested in manipulating others than by empowering them, will especially have a hard time getting trough this experience. So much that they have taken as a literal truth will be swept away from them, like grains of sand caught in a flash flood. Many, many will panic, and choose that time to depart this life. We do not say this as we relish the thought of being harbingers of death, only to make it absolutely clear that many souls inhabiting this planet in a physical body will understand that they cannot be here anymore, and will choose to cease to exist in order to return in a form that will make it easier for them to release themselves from the clutches of their old too ingrained thought patterns.

This may sound grim to you, but that is in fact a very, very important part of the re-establishment and rebalancing of this planet. There are so many souls out there who already know that their work has only just begun in this lifetime, and many that read these words are certainly part of that group. You have realized that you have been groomed for just this opportunity to stay here and help the planet and those upon her to come trough this challenging rebirth. Others have already decided that they cannot be part of this process. In stead, they will come in again in a new physical body, replete with all of the necessary brand new programs that will ensure that not only will they fit in perfectly in this new vibration, they will also help to elevate the frequency further just by their mere presence here on earth.

We caution you very strongly not to take this as a signal that you should try to run to the exits as it were and restart this process all by yourself. That is not the core of this message. You have been selected to perform some very, very specific tasks, and you will not be allowed to turn your heads in the wrong direction. We realize that this is indeed a very controversial subject, and that there are many unbalanced souls out there who would love to take this opportunity to jump off a cliff, to use a not too blunt metaphor. If they choose to do so, it is on their own volition. All those that have been groomed to be part of this process, know that they have to stick it out, no matter how hard the going gets. And the going have been hard already, we make no qualms about that. The road ahead is not an easy path either, so it is imperative that you all understand your personal responsibility in all of this. Remember, we are with you, literally all of the way, but we are also very well aware that it is indeed YOU who have to make that trudge towards that elusive finishing line far down the line. All we can do, is to ensure that you have all the necessary tools and supports at your disposal, and believe us when we say that we are really, really working hard to ensure just that. You are indeed the bravest of the brave, and we salute you all. You have done so much hard work already, and you have certainly surpassed all of our expectations already. We cannot ask for more.

Part 5: Chapter seven

The emerging of the new human has been a long time coming. As we have said already, you as a species evolved from seeds planted by an outside force a very, very long time ago. The development into a coherent physical being, capable of manifesting and creating is the next step in this process. You have all been groomed for this, and now the learning-curve will step up. Get ready for the time of your lives! Make no mistake, this will not be a walk in the park, far from it, but trust us when we say this will be worth every drop of blood and every tear shed when you see the end results. Many of you have already been to hell and back as they say, and as such you are no strangers to hardship. This will hold you in good stead in this upcoming period.

We repeat: remember that you are all watched over, not just by us, but by many, many benevolent beings currently traversing your skies and landmasses, and we will do our utmost to ensure that you come trough this trial by fire still in one piece. The reason this process is so grueling, not only on your physical body but also on your mental state, is easy to explain. You are all literally being rewired in such a way that the old systems controlling all of your physical and mental processes are rendered invalid. Thereafter, you are hooked up to the new systems, in many ways exactly the same as you do with your computers. A major rebooting is in other words well on it´s way, and the fallout from this process is not always easy to handle. Many of you have had serious problems to cope with, not only with your physical bodies, but also with your whole set-up of arrangements that cover the rest of your daily life. The end result of this is often physical and mental malaise, and it is at times very, very hard to keep your focus. We are here to remind you that you will be able to complete this process, even if you often times lose almost all hope of doing so. Please remember to ask for help if you feel unable to continue. We are all around you at all times, and we are more than willing to give you that helping hand. Just remember, that help can manifest in a very, very different way from what you yourself envisaged, and we do often experience that an outstretched hand is overlooked. You humans are so set in your ways in thinking out how and when assistance should arrive, it is almost as if you expect to see the blue lights from an emergency vehicle approaching to help you out of that seemingly dire straits. Most of the times, the solution to help you getting unstuck is so much easier, but you stubbornly refuse to look in the right direction. Instead, you stare forlornly down that long, empty stretch of road were no help is in sight. Wake up please, we are closer than you think!

Chapter eight

On the effects this process has on the human body. You have by now already experienced many so–called ascension symptoms from this intense upgrading you are being put trough. There are dozens of websites out there were many of you regularly gather to discuss all of the current aches, pains and other physical and mental occurrences. Be that as it may. Even if it is of value that you gather information on this topic in order to try to keep your own head above water, remember that these symptoms are nothing to spend too much time worrying about. As we have stated earlier, your own fear of death is so strongly ingrained into your system, anything physical you experience that is considered out of the ordinary or ”abnormal” as the current phrase is, will trigger this fear very strongly. In fact, in many, many of your fellow beings this fear has already made them stop dead in their tracks towards ascension, as they have lost all hope that this painful process can be of any value. Not just to them, but to the rest of the planet also. We do understand this, for it is no easy task we are asking you to accomplish. There are not a few of you who have been bedridden and almost totally isolated from the world around you for a prolonged period of time, and we know that this is indeed taking a very heavy toll on most of you but we must again say that is indeed an unavoidable part of this process. If we did not put you trough this grueling updating program, your physical and mental bodies might go into overdrive once this show gets on the road. We do not intend any disrespect by this choice of words, but we use it in order to remind you that although the experience in itself is not a pleasant one, the end results will certainly be so. Many have lost their trust in this already, and we cannot fault them for that. It is hard to have to manage to keep getting back on your feet timer after time as the incoming barrage of light energy only gathers momentum almost by the hour. We are more than a little in awe of your perseverance, and never forget that you are in fact pioneers in this. Never before has anyone trapped in a physical body taken upon themselves to go trough such a long and intense shift, and trust us when we say that we are all standing by your side and applauding your efforts in this. Easy for us, you might say, as we do not have to suffer the consequences from this the same way you do. All we can say, is when you set your eyes upon the new world, all the hard work will be forgotten, much like an exhausted mother holding her newborn child in her arms after a long and painful birthing process. You have no idea just how close that moment is, and we do therefore implore you to keep breathing trough those last few intense birthing pains, and then soon, very soon, you will all be able to heave such a deep sigh of relief. In the interim, there is still much work to do. You do much of it yourselves, but we are also busy preparing you all for this final battle as it were. We would like to share some information on just what is going on inside your bodily systems.

As we have touched upon earlier, you were originally designed to be in a very long lasting physical body, capable of a long life devoted to the evolution of your mental capacities. However, after you were tampered with by that aforementioned plague of external beings, many of these systems were shut down or overwritten as they say in the computer language. Remember, you are not a separate entity contained inside an impenetrable physical being. You are a physical manifestation of All there is, in other words you are connected to the vast energy grid that surrounds everything around you. Many have already started to understand this, and also some of your scientists have touched into this field. They call it nonlocal mind, in other words, they have also started to see that your brains are not the real seat of the thing they call ”the mind”. This is such a quantum leap for anyone to admit, as for such a long time most of you have been totally convinced that you are all like separate ships adrift on a vast empty ocean. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your ”mind” is not YOUR mind. You are just a physical manifestation of a small part of an enormous, all pervasive intelligence. The physical body you inhabit at the moment is only a very well constructed vehicle that enables you to literally walk around and experience yourself and everything around you in a very special context, namely that of being and interacting trough the senses this physical body can respond with. As we have stated earlier, there are many civilizations out there were this is not the case, therefore you are of special interest to us all.
Back to the physical body. It was originally designed to withstand all the wear and tear it it would get trough the kind of life it would lead. It has an inbuilt self-repairing mechanism that can go to any part of your body and repair anything that is damaged, whether it is an internal or external blemish. The overall effect of this was that your body could be fully functional for a very long time indeed, until it was deemed that the time was right to terminated this physical body and make a new one. In other words, when the persona inhabiting this physical vehicle felt that it had learned all it could in this setting, it would start over again in a new physical body in a new physical setting. In other words, start a new life with new parents in a new locality. This worked very well, but then the tricksters came. Needless to say, living long and acquiring masses of knowledge was not in their best interest, so they decided to reprogram you. And boy, were they effective! Now the average lifespan of a normal human being counts only a handful of decades. This also severely limits the opportunity for you to really develop your mental capacities as well, especially as the deep seated fear that stems from your ingrained knowledge that you are headed for a certain death keeps you away from entering that vast depository of knowledge that surrounds you.

As you are well aware of, the current human body is indeed a very frail one, and it is continually exposed to a not too benign climate that creates havoc with your physical container in so many ways. We need only to remind you that the very air you breathe is so polluted with chemicals it alone can be harmful if you live in the wrong place. In addition to all of the harmful pollutants that surrounds you in all of the elements on the planet, you also insists on ingesting food and man made medicine that contains even more harmful substances. Make no mistake, some of the things that are labeled as ”safe for human consumption” is anything but, and as always there is someone lurking in the shadows that literally makes a killing from it. In other words, the big business of medicine and food production is laden with dark energy, and you have to look hard and long to find something not tainted by their greed.
The up shoot of all of this of course is that your physical body inevitably starts to decline, almost from the moment it is born. It suffers from so many ailments, some of them caused by outside intervention, but some of the actually implemented by your own system. Let us explain. As we have already stated, you were originally fitted with a program that was so intelligent it would constantly be on the lookout for anything amiss in your setup. Whenever something was detected, it instantly sent out a message to alert the so-called self repair program. This then fell into action, deploying the most efficient carriers to ensure that the cells that was causing damage were repaired. Or rather, were made to fall into line with the rest. As you may be aware of already, all of you are humming to a tune. That is, you carry a frequency inside of you that is like no-one elses, and as long as your whole body is in tune with itself, it can live in harmony any desired length of time. But when something falls out of tune, it needs to be brought back to the right frequency again so it can interact seamlessly with the whole program you have been set up with. Now many things can bring you out of balance and cause these false tunes to develop, but that used to be of no consequences as the ”tuner cells” to call them that would be instantly on the scene to retune the failing part. Problem solved. But now, these tuning cells have been disconnected, so instead of coming back into harmony, more and more of your body becomes untuned and chaos ensures.
A good example of this is all of the so-called autoimmune diseases that are rampant at the moment, where the body literally starts to tear itself apart. It is as the old memory of auto repair has been distorted to become the opposite, namely something that attacks unsuspecting cells in your body as if they were some kind of intruder. Cancer is another of the debilitating and deadly parasite, to call it that. Parasite is not the best way to describe it, as it it your body´s own cells that starts to multiply uncontrollably, and in many instances causing the whole body to die in the end. The parasite description is better when you think of what these cells do, namely steal the nutrition meant for another part, thereby starving your system and depleting it of vital energy. We shall not even begin to mention the havoc the so-called modern treatments causes in addition to this. The best way to describe it, is to poison you in order to stop these rampant cells in their tracks. Sometimes they do, but the fragile balance of your physical body is almost always further destroyed in the process, thereby causing even more cells to rebel at a later stage.
Back to the reprogramming. Another interesting thing is that you have all been fitted with a self-destruction mechanism. Your system runs on a very finely balanced chemical cocktail so to speak, and the endocrine system controls everything that is going on inside you. Minute portions of different hormones are secreted by different glands around your body, and they act as the control system and decide what shall happen and when and where. The balance is so fine, and the minutest disinformation will throw all system into chaos. Your scientist have made much research into this already, but unfortunately they are not too good at seeing the big picture as it were. They are more concerned looking into the smallest parts in stead of finding out how it all is connected, so they tend to overlook the most obvious. Your whole body is constantly talking to itself, it is, as we said, humming it´s own unique melody, and these chemicals are a vital part. They are the ”notes” so to speak, and everyone know that if you mess with the notes in a melody, it will not sound the same. So also with you. You have been programmed to start singing in the wrong key after a while, or to be rather more succinct, you have been programmed to start shutting down these vital ways of communicating, thereby ensuring that all problems that develop after a while keep multiplying and growing. ”It is a normal part of the aging process” they say, the scientist who cannot explain why your cells suddenly refuse to keep rejuvenating themselves. Not so. They have been PROGRAMMED to do so, but not by the ones that designed you originally. Now you will all be deprogrammed as it were, and brought back into a crystalline way of living, and you will all start to sing the most pure and beautiful tune yet again This does not mean that you can throw caution to the wind and start living recklessly. You will still be fully in charge of keeping yourself pristine and clean, make no mistake about that. In fact, this responsibility will weigh even more on you than it has previously. No more blaming outside sources for anything that goes amiss in your system, nor will it be possible to go to a doctor and ask for a pill. If you want to stay in tune, you must all start to listen intently to your body, it will tell you what to do and what not do to. And believe us when we say that the list will be a long one indeed.
Part 6

Now over to something else. There have been many questions about the timing of these events, and as always when it comes to this question we answer ”time is relative”. In other words, you must let go all of your notions of date and time. You are slaves to this, and this will have to cease in order for you to find your balance again. Remember, mother nature is on a very different clock from yours, and she prospers more than you do. She has a slow and harmonic rhythm governed by the sun and the moon, and she breathes to a regular rhythm. Not so you. You rush about, looking at your watch, bemoaning the lack of time. There is no such lack, it is only another figment of imagination conjured by your brains, or rather the program running it. The sooner you realize that, the better, and when you fall into step with mother nature´s pace, you will reach your destination so much faster. The rest will keep going in ever smaller circles, never getting anywhere.

This subject of time is on everyone´s mind at the moment. You are not the only ones in sensing that ”something is up”, and the collective have started to moan and groan and ask ”when, when”. Some are like children, too impatient waiting for their presents to arrive. Of course, this impatience is very understandable, but you humans must learn to let go of any preconceived notions of chains of events. As we have stated earlier on, many old ways of evolving slowly and step by step will fall away once the deprogramming is completed. You have this idea that B follows A, and so on in a natural chain of events. The scientists looking into the so-called chaos theory is on to something better, as a linear way of proceeding is not the case here. Things will happen soon, and they will happen almost instantaneously, that is all we can say on this subject. And we are very aware that many out there are more than tired of hearing the word soon, as it can connotate anything from tomorrow to ”in a thousand years”, but let us just say that this time we mean in a very short amount of time. Many have gotten into their heads that they know the exact date or even hour for this momentous event. Let us just say that they cannot be further from the truth. It has all been set up already, but the decision to start the final stages of this process is not one taken lightly. It is such a complex creation, nothing can be left to chance, and we will all hold our breaths and wait for the signal to go. In other words, nothing is cut in stone here, and nothing will be leaked out beforehand. Many will call this an easy way of escaping judgment, but we call it careful planning. This is not a play we do for our amusement, it is something that is of the highest importance to all of the civilizations involved in this mission.

Many will be lost on the way, but we are very confident that most of you will see the light of the new dawn after this battle is over. Yes, we do call it a battle, as it will not a be a silent revolution. This will come as no surprise to all of those already bloodied in this battle of wills. Some of you have come up against formidable challenges already in this process, and you are well aware that this is not child´s play. We do not want to underplay the seriousness of this, as it is imperative that you are all prepared for something very dramatic indeed. Again, going into fear is the only way to lose yourself in this process, that is why we are very careful in outlining the ferociousness this last stage will have. As we said earlier, it can best be compared to that last, straining and bloody period just before that baby finally emerges from the birth canal. To many, it will be the most frightening thing they can ever experience, because they for the first time truly understand that this is not something they can control. To others, it will be a triumph over the pain and fear, as they can feel the heartbeats of their newborn baby already. We hope you will all be in that second group, and manage to keep your focus on the end product of this prolonged battle. That is so important, as otherwise you will only think that dark things happen around you. Remember, the darkness is most profound just before dawn, and so will this be. Especially now that the full force of the light for the first time will rise above the horizon and shine it´s benevolent rays on human kind. We are all looking forward to this very moment, but we would be lying if we said the road to get there is an uneventful one. As you have seen with your own eyes these last few months, it has started already. Not much on this planet is the same as it was only a year ago, and changes keep coming hard and fast. Many a dictator have been toppled since you all celebrated new year, and believe us when we say that there are still a few chairs ready to fall. We do not only refer to all of those aged and corrupted heads of state who have been mismanaging their countries for such a long time, we talk also of all of those mismanaging the world´s natural resources, and of course that dark world of finance. Watch as it all falls to the ground, seemingly in one fell swoop, and count yourselves lucky that you are here to witness it all. It will be a day to celebrate indeed, as it does not entail the end of the world as so many doom-sayers will insist. No, it only entails the end of THEIR world, the one they have constructed in order to gorge themselves bloated on others. That world will have to end, and end it will. Then the start of YOUR world will begin, the world were darkness cannot raise it´s ugly head again.

We realize that this will sound like a bad script written by deluded people, but be that as it may. Those that refuse to open their eyes will only keep seeing just what they want to see, that is the usual tactics of anyone refusing to see the light as it were. We do not spend any valuable time trying to sway the non-believers, they can do what they want. Our job is only to prepare those already out there willing to go trough this in order to wash away the dark stains of yesteryear. You are so many, and you cover this planet with an ever increasing layer of light. Know that it shines far, far out in the universe for all to see, and this brings tears of joy to many an eye out there watching and waiting. Remember, we are in this, not just for you but for us all, as the purging of the darkness on your planet will bring even more light to so many others as well. That day is not far off now, and we are all counting the days. Please be patient, it will take a little more time before this heralded day will arrive, but trust us when we say that it will indeed be oh so much sooner than you think. In the interim, keep connected with your heart and all of those other shining souls out there. Your light is vital to this process, and the stronger you shine the faster ”they” fall.

Chapter nine

Today´s topic will be of interest to many, not just those who have opened their eyes to this so-called world of esoteric wisdom. We refer of course to the world of finance, something that touches the lives of almost every living person on this planet. As you are very well aware of, the question of money – or rather lack thereof – has been on people´s minds almost from the time this idea was originally conceived. Just imagine how much power this paper weapon has, when in fact it is no more than pieces of paper and numbers on a computer screen. The value of these moneys fluctuate according to someone´s whim, and when the value fall, many, many suffer the consequences. Stocks and bonds are traded globally, and their value makes kingdoms prosper and republics crumble, and vice versa. Have you ever questioned yourselves why this all-pervasive system has gotten such a stranglehold on you all? It is not by chance, and it was certainly not put into place to make the whole human race prosper, far from it. Even if someone wanted to, they could not set up a more efficient way of controlling another species even if they tried. Putting a defined value on anything from literally the air that you breathe, the water you drink and the food you need to stay alive means that you are all dependent on a system that has been set up to bleed you all dry. Some of you have managed to wrestle yourselves free from this, by maintaining a high degree of self-sufficiency, but most of you are more or less beholden to someone or something else. Who really owns you? That is a question more of you should be asking yourselves on a regular basis, and when you do, the answer is certainly not a pretty one. You have become slaves to a system put together by greed, a system that has no end to its incessant hunger for more power, more riches and more of everything. The earth is literally depleted because of these greedy beings, and they leave hunger and tragedy in their wake. How long will they be allowed to continue like this? The answer is: not for very much longer. Just like the young peoples in the Arab states have finally found the courage to depose their dictators, so too will the peoples of the rest of the world finally raise themselves up and throw off their shackles. Shackles that have been put around their hands and feet by a monetary system designed to keep them downtrodden forever.

This may sound like wild fantasy, but trust us when we say that the system they have designed has been fatally wounded, and even if they seemingly patched it together during that last global financial crisis, it has in fact steadily been hemorrhaging to death ever since. Now the patient is very near that final collapse into a coma whence it will never ever wake up from, and people all over the world will start to realize that they have been kept beholden to a system that is only a figment of fiction. The so-called market value of commodities, firms and even human beings is nothing more than a puff of smoke, and when they see this, the whole structure of it will collapse. Remember, this has been a system based on fear, namely that of the fear of lack, and when the truth comes out, the fear all over the world will be of such a magnitude that every value will instantly be reduced to zero. The beauty of this is of course that they will be vanquished by their own weapon. Fear is a formidable ally at times, and this time WE will use it to our best ability to ensure that the whole system of finance will be vanquished once and for all by it´s own ally. Now how beautiful is that? And remember, fear is a weapon these sinister forces themselves do not have a way to retaliate against, because it is the only weapon they themselves have in their arsenal. Just watch how their whole house of cards collapses in an unbelievable short amount of time. It will amaze even the most stubborn of skeptics.

But what about the fallout from all of this collapse, we hear you say. Let us repeat: this is not a process of linear development. You do not have to go back to the stone age, to call it that, once this system has been eradicated. As we have said more than once, we have prepared everything in advance, and hidden from view is a well-functioning new system, all set and ready to go. This is a system that has been set up trough the help of many, many enlightened souls all around your planet, and we are more than certain that it will show it´s strength from day one. Remember, this is not a system that has been designed to cater to a lucky few who can siphon off the resources from anyone else. No, this is a system that ensures a fair and equal distribution of all of the earth´s resources so that every one on this planet can prosper. We must stress that this is not a political message, we do not herald the arrival of a certain political system that will keep their subjects under the heel. We herald the arrival of a world were you do not need these labels or fractions, were all indeed are considered as equals, and where every living being have the same rights as anyone else. We refer to a global community linked together by respect for all living things, not only their fellow human beings, but every little piece of the wonderful creation you call planet earth.
If you want to prosper on this planet, this is how you shall have to lead your lives. No one can fall back to the old ways of greed and ego-based thinking yet again. It will not be allowed. Never. End of story.
Many will have a hard time believing that this is more than a remote fairly tale, and many will fear for their own lives. ”What will I have to give up” they will ask. And the answer is: everything. That is, everything, except for that core of light still residing in the innermost corner of their soul. We do not mean that you will be left bereft of every possession you have acquired, but by this we imply that you will, in many ways, have to start all over again. Not as a destitute living in the streets, but as a human being reborn into a world were the lack of the fear of lack will make everyone certain that their needs will be fully covered. And no, this does not include those who thinks that their needs are superior to others, far from it. It you still harbour that thought, then there will be no place for you in that new world. We say this in order for everyone to understand that sacrifices have to be made by each and every one of you, but we do not think it will cause any tears of sorrow to be shed because you will see what the true reward from this sacrifice is. You will be living in a world governed by love, where all of mankind prospers in the way that they are meant to prosper. Not by acquiring new things or more money, but by living in peace side by side, spending their lives in harmony and committed to the betterment of the whole. If you have ever studied an anthill, that is a perfect example of what we are talking bout. That is a viable community, bound together by a common goal, namely that of their own survival. The individuals are each assigned different tasks, and they are performed to perfection, not to make their own position better on behalf of the others, but to ensure the best conditions for their whole community. They do not give themselves different values according to the task they perform, they are all considered as important in order for this complex society to survive and prosper. So to will you have to live, but we do stress that you will do so joyfully and with a song in your hearts.

aisha north

August 28, 2011

Reflect and Review

Archangel Jeremiel
Channeler: Julie Miller, 28 August 2011

Welcome Beloved Children! I am Archangel Jeremiel, I AM one of the seven core archangels written about in the ancient Judaic text. I am one that helps with the newly crossed over dear souls. I AM also able to help you review your life and show or guide you where you can make necessary adjustments.  I AM also able to help you with your dreams and learn how to figure them out.

When a family member, friend, loved one, or any one crosses over, you are unable to know exactly what they are thinking. You wish them to be in a better place, with no pain, and no worries. I on the other hand am right there, calming them, comforting them and dissolving any confusion they may have as they leave their shell.

It is important to address your history, and learn from past experiences, as they help to mold you and teach you what to do or not to do. I will add more fire to your courage as you enter some areas that are painful. I will support and guide you as you face those fears of yourself that are intertwined with past events, history that is holding you back from your true potential of a being of immense Light. You will clear yourself of these events and you will successfully move on, in your own time and you will learn all that you are meant to from them. As they will help prepare you how to handle upcoming challenges and how you will cope when they come. The wisdom you gain from the clearing of your own history will give you much preparation and knowledge for the next round of events.

It is important to reflect at regular intervals on your personal and spiritual growth. It will benefit you and help you understand what or where you are to go next on this journey that will bring you to becoming one with yourself and with God. The review you do at regular intervals will go with you as you pass over to the ‘other-side”. When a dear soul passes over, they soon begin to prepare their next mission, and I help them, guide them to review their recently left lives. So by reflecting and reviewing along the way while you are living, tying up loose ends, making amends and so forth, will help your crossing to more pleasant. What a sobering thought on a beautiful Sunday.

Many of you I see are asking to see and learn your future. All comes to you as you are ready. You may call upon me for assistance with this. When you need my assistance ask, “Jeremiel, please clearly give me guidance about anything that I may do or change to create the highest and best future for myself and all concerned.” This is an example dear ones. I have faith that you can come up with your own words to call on my assistance.  I will also help  you remember past events. Select some time that is quiet, asking me to come into your thoughts or dreams at night. I will then be able to display pictures and images of events that are in your life, that will induce your memory of other happenings. What you find and decipher will help you learn about yourself and others that are a part of you life. From these small pockets of images and pictures, you will receive very important lessons. Only you will know these lessons as they come. They are not to be feared but to be thanked as they are approaching you to help you grow and become more than you already are.

Dear ones, I do feel our discussion is at an end for today. It was immensely wonderful to come forth through this fine vessel and speak to all of you. I will come back again through her in the near future. Know you are loved beyond measure dear ones.

And so it is…Archangel Jeremiel

August 24, 2011

The Emergence of Multiple Chaotic Nodes

A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon

Your planet is entering a critical transition state, characterized by a multiplicity of Chaotic Nodes.
In our previous communications we have discussed the changes taking place on your Earth in the context of a single Chaotic Node. But from our viewpoint, multiple Chaotic Nodes are now emerging. These complex interacting nodes involve such things as radical weather anomalies, increases in earthquake and volcanic activity, critical challenges to the planet’s eco-systems, challenges to agriculture and food sources, as well as political and economic volatility.

In addition to these planetary Chaotic Nodes, the sun of your solar system is entering a greater level of volatility and unpredictability as well. It is entering into multiple Chaotic Nodes itself, driven by its own internal cycles, but also greatly impacted, as we have said in previous messages, by the galactic center.
The physical challenges you will face in the near future are many, but our message at this time does not concern the physical dimension of these difficulties. These changes, and their resulting challenges, will be apparent to anyone who looks beneath the surface of current events.

Our focus in this communication is on the emotional and spiritual crisis you are facing.
When a system enters multiple Chaotic Nodes there is increased stress on those elements or beings that reside in the vibratory level of existence where the Chaotic Nodes are taking place.
Let us speak to this for a moment in terms other than human existence. From our experience, other dimensions of consciousness and existence are also experiencing their own version of multiple Chaotic Nodes. Thus, the energetic challenges you are facing are not limited just to Earth, but extend to all dimensions of consciousness and all beings, including non-corporeal (energy beings without bodies), who are related to Earth and this galaxy.

But let us come down to Earth, to the nexus point of your existence in time and space.
As we said earlier, beings living in a realm of existence undergoing multiple Chaotic Nodes will be inevitably stressed by increases in chaotic events.
As chaotic elements within planetary weather patterns increase, as challenges to agriculture multiply, and as economic problems grow, there will be an increase in global human anxiety.
This type of anxiety tends to center around physical survival, and while anxiety about survival can drive human beings into a type of madness and irrationality, there is something more insidious and hidden in the current transition state you are now entering.

This hidden danger has to do with thought forms perpetuated by some of your major religions and spiritual traditions. These thought forms and belief systems maintain the notion that there is a separation between the physical and the interdimensional (spiritual) aspects of your existence. The physical world is viewed as tainted; nature is seen as something to be subdued and dominated (as opposed to co-creating with the natural world), and in essence, the world is viewed as something to be escaped from.
We do not share this belief. Our experience is that consciousness is one continuum from the highest vibrations of light into the lowest vibrations of matter and that the very atoms and subatomic particles that comprise your world are, by their very nature, sacred—if by sacred you mean related to the whole.
As the stresses generated by multiple Chaotic Nodes increase, there will be a tendency for many humans to enter delusional and dissociative states of consciousness.

Those who adhere to the thought form that there is an eternal schism between the realms of matter and those of spirit will be most prone to this aberration in consciousness. And as stresses increase, due to the complex interaction of multiple Chaotic Nodes, there will be a marked tendency for some of these individuals to be separated further and further from the realities of the physical dimension. This type of communal dissociation will be further driven by religious and spiritual thought forms regarding “the End Times,” “the Day of Judgment,” and the “Purification of Earth.” This delusional state of mind will become a type of collective mental/emotional virus as whole groups of individuals succumb to stress and overwhelm as they struggle to deal with the global effects of multiple Chaotic Nodes.

Lines in the sand
From our perspective, a line is being drawn in the sands of human consciousness. And this line is nothing less than the demarcation between those who uphold the schism between matter and spirit as perpetuated by the world’s major religions and those who don’t.
What side of this line you stand on will determine to a great extent what you are open to, in terms of planetary and personal transformation.
All Initiates must determine for themselves, what is true and not true, especially when it comes to this religiously perpetuated schism between matter and spirit. And by Initiates, we simply mean those who strive to live upward in consciousness, regardless of the method or spiritual traditions they follow.

The Path of the Heart
From our perspective, the threshold for an Initiate from the lower vibrational worlds into the upper worlds is, first and foremost, through the heart. This transit of consciousness is essentially an inner journey from the lower chakras to the higher chakras. It is only when an Initiate both transcends and transforms his or her personal fixation on security, sex and power that the upward spiral opens. And the entrance into this upward spiral of consciousness occurs when the heart chakra becomes energetically open and permeable.
The paradox and the difficulty is that you live in a dualistic universe, and virtually any action you take is met by a counter-force. This paradox and difficulty is like a metaphorical grain of sand in an oyster; it is irritating. But through the process of self-evolution, the irritation (i.e. duality) becomes a pearl, and paradoxically, something of value emerges from that which was problematic. But each Initiate must create this pearl of self-transformation for him or herself. No religion, no master, no teacher or guru can do it for you.
It may sound too simplistic but, in our experience, the greatest evolutionary catalyst, and the greatest vibratory field of safety to bridge transition states (such as the one you are collectively entering), is through the heart, your heart.

Let us be more specific here. As the number of Chaotic Nodes increases, the challenges to mental and emotional stability will multiply. And as a result, increasing numbers of individuals will enter irrational states of consciousness. There will be a tendency for these individuals to act out in self-destructive ways. And because you are connected to all life on this planet, you will be affected to some extent by the emotional turmoil of others.

Thus it would be of great benefit to you as an Initiate, to cultivate a coherent emotional state, something you return to again and again, reinforcing what we call a positive attractor.
Then it will be as if you have an energetic bubble of coherency around you. You will be able to see clearly and respond to the dualistic world you live in, yet your vibratory essence will remain protected from the increasing levels of chaos and irrationality of others. How you do this is your choice. There are many ways to accomplish this. We will simply offer two.
The first is the most basic and fundamental but is the foundation for the more advanced. We are well aware that many persons reading these messages are new to this type of information, while others are very advanced, which is why we are offering two techniques.

The Basic Technique
This first method is for those unfamiliar with the vastness of their own inner consciousness. It is simple but highly effective.
We recommend you regularly cultivate this coherent state in the garden of your mind.
To accomplish this, you simply reside in the feelings of appreciation or gratitude, without any reason to do so. In other words, you are not looking to something in your environment or your life to feel appreciation or gratitude for. You simply enter into this vibratory state for no other reason other than choosing to do so.
This vibratory state creates a coherency in your body and mind, and it is a type of mental/emotional upliftment that acts as a counter-balance to the downward spiral many humans will be experiencing.
We recommend that you enter this emotional state several times a day. Just a minute or two is all that is needed, but by entering into this vibratory state throughout the day, you train your brain/mind/body to enter into a coherent state at will. And this will be a very helpful and important mind-skill as you enter further into this planetary transition state (i.e. the emergence of multiple Chaotic Nodes).
One reason we say that this mind-skill will be helpful to you is due to the inherent effects of multiple Chaotic Nodes.

Many of you will find greater opportunities for frustration in your daily life. This is because actions taken will increasingly not lead to the result anticipated. Even those of you who are intellectually gifted and masters of manifestation may find blocks and unanticipated hindrances, due to no causation on your part, but rather due to the actions or inactions of others, as well as unanticipated problems caused by the increase of chaotic events in the world around you. Thus, when you find yourself at your wit’s end, so to speak, if you have cultivated the positive attractor of appreciation or gratitude you can use it to intervene into your own emotional turmoil, for if you succumb to your own emotional stress the contagion of mass hysteria is more likely to reach you.
Think of this simple technique as a lifesaver. It’s something passive, you just rest in it, and it creates a vibratory field that by its very nature protects your emotional and spiritual essence.
The Advanced Technique
The second technique we wish to share is for those of you who are more experienced with your inner worlds.

We discussed the first part of this method in a previous message called Ecstasy and the Heart.
The technique involves focusing on the physical heart, not the heart chakra, and while focusing your attention on the physical heart you enter into the state of appreciation or gratitude (just as with the simple method we gave earlier).
The effect of holding your awareness in the physical heart while experiencing appreciation or gratitude creates bliss or ecstasy if you hold the two together long enough.
Once you enter bliss or ecstasy you become aware of the space between the atoms of your body and your environment. This is a shift of mental attention and is based on the quantum reality that physical matter is over 99% space.
Obviously, you do not perceive this space between the atoms of your body and your immediate environment through your physical senses due to the limitations of your nervous system. But the non-local aspect of your consciousness that is unfettered by the limitations of your physical reality can experience this space.

The final stage of this technique involves a shifting of attention. As you become aware of this space in your body and the space around you, you perform a paradoxical feat of consciousness. You send the appreciation and gratitude you are experiencing, both to the space within your body and to the space around you, as well to the particles of matter that comprise your body and the world around you.
This “holding” of both space and matter in the vibratory realm of appreciation or gratitude will eventually reveal your nature as both an embodied and un-embodied being—as a being living through a physical body or form and simultaneously as a consciousness unbounded by form. If you persist with this method, it will eventually open a miraculous doorway for you, a doorway that leads to profound insights regarding the nature of ascension.
In regard to choosing which method to use, we suggest you begin where you are.
The first method, though simple, is highly effective at protecting you from the contagion of human irrationality and will lift you upward into the currents of the upward spiral, even as those around you spiral downward.
When you feel you are ready, you can explore the advanced method. This is not a marathon race to see who can get to the advanced method the quickest.
The only thing that is required is that you reside in appreciation or gratitude as often as possible without causation. This simple vibratory realm will be a great ally to you as you pass through the current planetary transition state.

Another ally to you in this transition is a meditation we gave in one of our previous communications. We call it The Crystal Palace Within, and we encourage you to experiment with it. If it speaks to you, use it often for it connects you to the wisdom of Gaia (Earth) and enlivens a central conduit for the higher realms of your existence known to your science as your pineal gland and known to us as the jewel in the head.

For those of you planning to join us for the World Meditation on November 11th of this year (11/11/11), we ask that you work with The Crystal Palace Meditation as often as is convenient, to prepare you for the next Dimensional Attunement, which will be used during the World Meditation.
This Dimensional Attunement will be a sound meditation created to transmit light into the pituitary gland, the master regulator of your endocrine system. We will be giving instructions on how to use this sound meditation on your own and for use during the world meditation on 11/11/11.
We will post the Pituitary Dimensional Attunement (sound meditation) in the Sound Gifts section of the website at the end of September or the beginning of October.

As we said at the beginning of this message, you are entering a critical transition state. For those unfamiliar with our previous message entitled Transition States of Consciousness, we strongly suggest that you take a look at this communication.
Your Earth is entering a perilous period in its upward movement. Many aspects of your reality will be changing right before your eyes, more rapidly than you could ever have imagined.
Due to the acceleration of time, the transformation of your civilization will increase exponentially. Your word “transformation” literally means moving beyond form, thus the structures of your reality (meaning the thought forms and beliefs as well as the external realities of your life) will be undergoing rapid change.
A greater fluidity of consciousness is required. Protection of your vibratory essence is vital. You are entering harrowing times and yet in this complexity there are immense opportunities for your own personal evolution.
We believe that there will be a greater polarization between people as the Chaotic Nodes increase in number and intensity. And yet even in the midst of that polarization, if your heart/mind is open you will have moments of deep communion with others, even strangers, whenever you look into the eyes of another human being who recognizes the sacredness of this moment, the sacredness of life, and the sacredness of this Earth.
Our thoughts and blessings are with you.

The Hathors
August 12, 2011

Tom’s Thoughts and Observations

According to the Hathors, we are now witnessing the rising of multiple Chaotic Nodes, with a resulting increase in chaotic events and situations all over the world.
The Hathors have singled out a few of these Nodes in their message, such as extreme stresses on our ecosystems, bizarre weather patterns which are, in turn, negatively affecting both agriculture and our food sources, as well as earth changes (i.e. earthquakes and volcanoes), not to mention drastic economic and political volatility.
But they don’t spend a lot of time on the details of these physical calamities. They say quite rightly, I think, that the consequences of these Chaotic Nodes can be ascertained by anyone who looks beneath the surface of current events.
The primary focus of their message is two-fold: one, how each of us can create a vibrational field of protection as we collectively move into this transition state (and the corresponding increase in global chaos). And secondly, they address what they see as a hidden danger, which paradoxically isn’t physical, but mental.

They slam some of the world’s major religions and spiritual traditions for the toxic and insidious effects from some of their central thought forms—first, that nature is something to be dominated and subdued according to our will (as opposed to co-creating with the natural world—to use the Hathors’ own words). And secondly, that there is an eternal schism and battle between matter and spirit. The Hathors are so convinced that these are toxic thought forms and beliefs they have mentioned them in two of their recent messages.
I have been working with the Hathors for over twenty years now, and they are normally more gracious when it comes to allowing others their own perceptions. It is highly unusual for them to take such an adamant stance.

After receiving this most recent message, I asked one of my Hathor mentors about this unprecedented attack on two common thought forms in many religious and spiritual traditions. His response was that humanity is at a tipping point and that the two aforementioned thought forms are a toxic poison that has polluted, and continues to pollute, our collective approach to life itself (since according to some of these traditions, life is either a punishment, an error and/or an illusion).
The Hathors consider these ideas to be delusional in nature, since according to their perception, there is no separation between spirit (i.e. interdimensional realities) and matter. Indeed, as they said, they see consciousness as one continuum from the highest vibrations of light to the lowest vibrations of matter. And for them, matter is inherently sacred since it is an expression of this continuum. It’s just that things move slower in the worlds of matter than they do in the realms of light.
In true Hathorian style, they say that each and every Initiate (i.e. anyone striving to live upward in consciousness) must make his or her own decision regarding the religiously perpetuated schism between spirit and matter. In other words, they are not telling us what to believe (nor should they). But they have unquestionably made their position crystal clear.

Collective Madness
They also discuss how many of us will experience significant stress reactions as the global effects of the Chaotic Nodes become more intense. One result of human-related stress, according to them, will be an increase in collective mental and emotional instability. And furthermore, they think, “there will be a tendency for many humans to enter delusional and dissociative states of consciousness.”
The psychosocial history of humanity shows pretty clearly, I think, that when social, economic, and/or environmental stresses reach a certain point, mental health problems crop up in the collective human family like mushrooms in springtime.
The psychiatrist Carl Jung predicted World War II based on the tormented dreams of his patients shortly after the end of World War I. The intensity and similarities of his patients’ nightmares indicated, to him, that the human collective was deeply disturbed and traumatized by something that would materialize in the near future.
In fact, a relatively new field of socio-psychology has been looking at the complex interactions of social and economic pressures, how they generate stress reactions in people, and how this type of stress can result in mental health problems. In this regard, I found a study released by the National Institute of Mental Health to be a fascinating piece of reading. For those interested in such matters, I would refer you to a document entitled “Social Stressors and Social Resources and their Health Consequences,” NIMH Office of Prevention and Special Projects, Bethesda, MD, August 17-19 1995. You can also do an Internet search and find the document by pasting this URL address into your search engine:

But turning our attention back to the Hathors’ comments about increased delusion and dissociative states of consciousness, they site one example of this as the expectations of many that we are at the verge of (or some would say already at) Judgment Day.

The Doomsday Scenarios
The idea that we are near the apocalyptic end of time is hardly new.
At the end of the first millennium, a type of End-times Madness engulfed Europe. Convinced that the world was coming to an end and the return of Jesus was imminent, untold numbers of people left their villages, their livelihoods, and set off on pilgrimages to atone for their perceived sins against God. When the first day of the new millennium (1,000A.D.) dawned and the world had not ended, many firm believers were no doubt dismayed. After all, the return of Jesus guaranteed escape from the madness of their time.
More recently, a modern day prophet calculated the end day of creation to be May 21st of this year (2011). He based this upon what he called a meticulous analysis of the Bible. And his vision of the Apocalyptic End Times went viral through a large group of fundamentalist evangelical Christians. In an odd recapitulation of the last millennium, many of these devoted believers left their jobs while others donated their entire life savings to take out full page ads and to put up billboards to save the heathen unbelievers from eternal damnation by bringing them into the flock during the final days.
When May 21st came and went, and the morning of May 22nd dawned, unaware that it was supposed to not have been, many of these believers were, no doubt, shaken. Others, however, have jumped ship and now say that May 21st was a miscalculation, and that the correct date for the end of the world is October 21st, 2011.
But this End Times Madness is hardly limited to Christian fundamentalists. The New Age has its own potent and heady brew called the Mayan End Times. And according to these literalists, the world will end when the current Mayan Long Count calendar comes to an end on December 21, 2012.
Personally, I think that the Mayan Calendar is more like a cosmic odometer. When the Calendar ends, it simply rolls over and starts a new cycle of time. The old count of time ends, but a new one begins. To say that the world will end on December 21st of next year is, to me, like saying that my car will disappear when the odometer rolls over 100,000 miles. I just don’t buy it.

I have asked the Hathors on various occasions what they felt about the end of the Mayan Calendar and their position has been consistent. The end of the Mayan Long Count does not mean the end of the world to them, but it does mean the end of the world as we have known it. They also believe that a powerful evolutionary energetic will be released on December 21st 2012 from the galactic core, what is sometimes called the Central Sun. But while this energetic will have a powerful transforming effect on humanity, it does not, for them, signal the end of Homo sapiens. In fact, some of their predictions regarding humanity center on cosmic events taking place in 2023A.D. In other words, they do not see an end to mankind anytime soon, but they do see a radical transformation taking place in the global consciousness of humanity itself.

The Implicit and Unspoken Consequence
History will, of course, eventually reveal who is right and who is wrong in regards to all this End of the World stuff—that is assuming, of course, that some future history does, in fact, exist for humanity.
Perhaps the doomsayers are right, and the world will end in a final judgment brought on by an angry God, or as some believers in ancient alien intervention attest to, the world will end when the Anunnaki return to review their genetically modified slave labor force (i.e. mankind).
Maybe as some believe, the Great Benevolent Ones will return and save us from ourselves. And the end of the Mayan Calendar will usher us into a new Age of the Gods and all of the nightmarish things we see happening around us will be like a bad dream when we wake up.
Or perhaps the Mayan literalists are right, and when the Mayan Calendar ends, so will time and so will our world.
But Doomsday Thinking presents, at least for me, some intrinsic problems regardless of its origins. For one, it is—by its very nature—self-limiting and essentially disempowering. And too much time spent delving into the numerous Doomsday scenarios can lead one into a very negative state of mind indeed.
The unspoken consequence of this type of thinking is that it diminishes any actions we might take in our lives. And our power to act, to change situations in our lives, is one of our most important attributes.

Vibrational Fields of Protection
In this message, the Hathors gave two methods for dealing with the chaotic nature of the transition state that our planet is now entering. Both of these methods deal with the heart and/or emotional states associated with the heart. This is not surprising since the Hathors have told me from day one that the most effective and safe means to accelerate one’s spiritual evolution is through the heart and through the emotions of appreciation and/or gratitude.
The first method they shared is for those who are new to this type of information. If you are an advanced practitioner, you might wish to skip over this next section since it is fairly basic. My discussion of the advanced technique follows the heading The Advanced Technique/Philosophical Considerations.
The Basic Technique
The idea here is to enter into the emotion, or feeling-state, of appreciation or gratitude. And you enter this state of body and mind for no reason other than choosing to experience it.
In other words, you don’t look to something in your life that you feel appreciation or gratitude for. You enter into this feeling-state through an act of will.
According to the Hathors, when you reside in this state of body and mind, you create what they call a positive attractor. It positively affects your mood, your thinking, and your behavior and, they would say, your vibrational energy-field as well.
The Hathors are suggesting that we enter into this feeling-state of appreciation or gratitude several times a day—so that we become masters of it—meaning that we can enter it anytime of day or night at will.
They say that this ability will serve us greatly as we, and the other nearly 7 billion people on this planet, enter more deeply into the consequences of so many Chaotic Nodes. In other words—the feeling state of appreciation or gratitude is an antidote, a mental/emotional protection, against chaotically induced stress responses.

The more often you practice this flipping of your mental/emotional state into the feelings of appreciation or gratitude, the better you will become at it. This type of emotional brain skill is just that—a skill. And like all skills, mastery is gained through repetition. We have to build the neuro-circuits in our brains before we can count on the response to be there when we most need it.
If you are the type of person with a well-developed neural network that gives you access to your emotions, you can probably just recall the feeling of appreciation or gratitude. And as you do so, you will notice the quality of your emotions changing into the coherent and positive feeling of appreciation or gratitude. Now all you need to do is choose to enter into this feeling-state several times a day. Do it as a type of mental experiment. Do it in situations when it is easy and do it in situations when it is difficult to do, like when you are annoyed, impatient or angry. See what happens when you intervene into your own mental/emotional experience with this coherent emotional state (i.e. appreciation or gratitude). And remember, the more you practice this, the more adept and masterful you will become.
If you are the type of person who does not have direct access to your emotions, you might try the memory recall method. The idea, here, is that when you remember an event or a situation in which you experienced an emotion, the emotion tends to come back into your awareness when you access the memory.

Thus, the first step is to recall something in your past that you felt appreciation or gratitude for. It does not matter what the reason was. It could have been something big, or it could have been something small. It really doesn’t matter so long as you felt some degree of appreciation or gratitude.
The next step is to recall the actual memory. Remember the situation, the details of where you were. Bring all your senses into this experience. Imagine yourself actually physically being there. See it; hear it; feel the physical sensations. As you fine tune your memory of what it was that made you feel appreciation, you will find yourself feeling that emotion again.
The final step is to let the memory drop away so that what you have left is the feeling-state itself. As you rest in this coherent emotion of appreciation or gratitude, familiarize yourself with its quality. Eventually you will be able to recall the feeling-state of appreciation or gratitude without having to go to the memory. At this point, you are ready to enter into the coherent feeling-state of appreciation or gratitude several times a day. And remember… practice makes perfect.
Some people are unable to access the feeling-state of appreciation or gratitude either directly or through the memory recall method. This is usually due to many different factors such as neural networking in the brain and especially past history. In other words, when these persons go searching for something in the past they felt appreciation or gratitude for, they come up empty. They simply cannot recall any positive experience that would generate these types of feelings.
If you happen to be this type of individual, you can create a new neural network in your brain that will allow you to experience the coherent feeling-state of appreciation or gratitude even though you have never actually experienced it in your life.

To do this, you will be engaging something called creative fantasy. And as odd as it may sound, in certain situations the body/mind cannot tell the difference between a real and an imagined event.
When you create a healing fantasy, you release powerful healing responses in your body/mind even though the source for these healing responses is your imagination!
The first step in this particular method is to think of something that would make you feel appreciation or gratitude. It doesn’t matter what this imaginary something is. It could be something really big, or something simple. It just needs to be something that would make you feel appreciation or gratitude.
Next, you start to build the fantasy by imagining yourself in the situation and receiving whatever it is that would make you feel appreciation or gratitude. Imagine yourself fully and completely in this situation, as if it were actually happening. See it; feel the physical sensations; hear the sounds.
As you fill in your senses, the fantasy will seem more and more real to you. When you feel the emotion of appreciation or gratitude rising up within you, let the fantasy drop away so that you are left with the feeling.

Sometimes people have a secondary response to the fantasy in addition to the feeling of appreciation or gratitude. These secondary responses can include such feelings as sadness, regret, or anger that they never had anything in their life that made them feel either appreciation or gratitude.
If this happens for you, allow yourself to experience the secondary responses. The idea here is not to cover anything up, especially authentic emotional responses to situations in your life. The idea is to introduce a new feeling-state that you can work with.
If you let yourself feel the secondary responses long enough, they will eventually fade in their intensity. At this point, return to the fantasy and let the feeling-state of appreciation or gratitude rise up again. Then rest in this coherent feeling-state as long as you are comfortable with it so that you begin to recognize its quality.

Some people with a lot of secondary responses may have to go through this creative fantasy method several times. Stick with it, as both it and you are worth the effort.
When you sense the feeling-state of appreciation or gratitude arising from your fantasy work without secondary responses, you are ready to start experimenting with the coherent feeling-state as described above. Experiment with it. Try it in all types of situations. The more you practice entering into appreciation or gratitude at will, the more masterful you will become.
There is another, often unexpected benefit from doing this practice. As you enter into this coherent feeling-state of appreciation or gratitude over and over again at will, you create a positive attractor. And you will eventually attract to you situations, people and opportunities that will make you feel appreciation or gratitude in your real life.
The Advanced Technique/Philosophical Considerations
I think it is quite important to discuss the philosophical implications of the Advanced Technique before going into some of the finer details. The reason for this reticence on my part is that the Advanced Technique alters brain processing and inner perception in profound ways. And I think you should know what you are getting into so that you can decide if it is, in fact, something you want to experience or not.
If you read the Hathors’ instructions for this method, you will notice that there is a moment in the technique when you focus on your physical heart while feeling the emotion of appreciation or gratitude.
If you stay with this long enough, there will be a spontaneous arising of bliss or ecstasy. And then, according to the Hathors, you remain in bliss while contemplating (i.e. being aware of) the emptiness or space that comprises your body.

This dual awareness of bliss and emptiness produces a profound shift in inner perception. It is a type of liberation, since you directly experience the infinite and non-local nature of your own consciousness. While in this state of inner awareness, the constraints of your body and the limitations of the world are transcended.
You have entered an infinite state of mind that knows no boundaries.
If you get this far into the technique, I suggest you spend a good deal of time in this expanded state of mind, and really enjoy it before going to the next step. I say this because it is for me, at least, a deeply nourishing and restful state of body and mind.
In the next step you send appreciation to both the space that comprises your body as well as the actual matter that comprises your body—remembering that all matter, including your body, is over 99% space.
Each of us will have our own experience of this step, I imagine. For me, it is a visceral experience. I am brought back from my unbounded state of mind to a state in which I am both bound by the limitations of my body and transcendent to them all at the same time. I am, in other words, both non-local and localized simultaneously. This is a truly odd state.

When I remain in this dual state of non-localized and localized consciousness long enough, I start to experience surges of energy entering my body from what seems to be the internal space of my body. And my body often starts to spontaneously enter into a type of circular rocking motion (if I am sitting upright or cross legged), which is known to yogis and yoginis as kriyas. Kriyas are a sign that subtle energies are moving through the body.
This phase of the technique, at least for me, is not restful, it is potent and energizing.
According to the Hathors, this phase of the Advanced Technique generates a flow of subtle energies from the body’s interdimensional space into the KA (the energy body) and from here into the cells of the physical body via the mitochondria and then into the DNA. I have no way to determine, for the record, if this is what is actually occurring. I am only reporting what the Hathors told me about it when I asked them some pointed questions about my personal experiences with the method.
They say that the energizing of the KA/mitochondria/DNA will spontaneously reveal insights into the process and nature of ascension if the practitioner works with this technique long enough.
And this is the crux of the philosophical dilemma. The Advanced Technique alters inner perception in such a way that you will experience the non-localized (i.e. transcendent) aspects of your being as well as the localized aspects.
Furthermore, it creates a bridge between the aspect of you that is embodied and the aspect of you that is transcendent to your embodiment. One of the effects of this bridge in consciousness is that you bring into your body some very potent energetics from the aspect of you that is transcendent to your body.
I would not suggest this technique to anyone who believes in a schism between matter and spirit or who thinks there is a battle between the spirit and the flesh. This technique is, at its most fundamental level, about spiritualizing matter. And if that is not something you are interested in, I would not advise engaging this technique at all.
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