September 9, 2011

All Beings are Equal

A message from Ascended Master, Lady Portia
Channeled by: Julie Miller, 9 September 2011

Dearest Children, it is I, Lady Portia, the twin flame to the beloved Saint Germain. I am also the Goddess of Justice. I am one of the Lords of Karma. I have come forth this child to speak to all of you. So many beautiful children bless this land of Earth. And I bless all of you before I begin with my love and my light through the violet flame’s energy.

I see so many dear souls trying so hard to be what others EXPECT them to be. You must dear ones learn what is best for YOU and not build expectations based on what others want of you. Balance is part of all your being and in finding your true self. The balancing of your female and male energies can be a regular challenge for some children as I have been seeing. It is not as hard as you might think. You do not become masculine, and you don’t become feminine when you balance yourself within these two energies. You simply work within the two at equal levels, and learn to maintain these energies in all you do, not just within.

So many of God’s children are learning what makes them unique, what gifts they may have (if any yet), where their path will lead, what the future may hold, so many possibilities. Many of you have come across people that have judged them, made assumptions on them, passed incorrect opinions, and many other lower minded thoughts and harmful energy patterns. And some of you have done the judging and false assumptions and so forth.
The ones that pass the judgements and the criticisms and the ones that have taken this form of pressure and harm can be looked at different angles. Let us look at some angles one at a time if we can. Some people I have seen, judge and criticize when they find fault among themselves and want to point this fault to everyone but themselves. Its easier to point a finger at another than accept your own responsibility for yourself. What this is dear ones, is a lesson to both people involved. Yes, a lesson. The one doing the judging, must at some point recognize this and find ways to turn that negative thought pattern around and learn not to judge others. The lesson for the one receiving the judgement is to see that this person may be having inner issues within themselves and to try and be empathetic, and merciful. And not to judge in return. But to love. When someone points you out, that is a time for you to reflect and see if they are correct. You find out you are not what was said and you reconfirm what you already know about yourself. You know yourself better than anyone. I am only giving one example of a possible lesson dear ones. Each of you will have different lessons and you will face them all as you are meant to. These lessons are to be thanked on both sides as they are your potential for further spiritual growth. Some growth areas do require further attention and will take longer. All depends on the individual and what they are able and willing to face and do at that particular time. No lesson is rushed, all lessons will be faced eventually.

Many of you are learning to think more often before you speak. A wonderful way to be. I don’t know many children that like to be assumed. Assumption is close to judgement. When one assumes about another, most of the time the assumption is incorrect. Its always better to know, rather than assume. Assume is guessing, another lower mind energy that works with the ego. I know its really hard for many dear people to NOT judge, or to NOT assume. Some of you say, “I can’t help myself”, or “he/she really walked into that”. Dear ones, there is always choice. You can choose to not judge, you can choose to not assume, you can choose.
When a person passes judgement or assumptions on another, regardless if it’s a fellow light worker, friend, family member, partner, or someone passing by, you also create an opinion based on what you think, not necessarily what you really know. I would like to help both the dear ones that are receiving this kind of attention and the ones that are involved in causing this as it causes grief for the one receiving it and lowers energies on both sides. All of you are beings of light and all people need to learn to work together in balance and in harmony.
This is no overnight task. To make changes such as these, you must be willing to open your heart and allow more love and light into you body. Learn to see all beings as equal, not less than you and that all beings have their own ideas on what is right. Guiding, supporting, and comforting from a non-biased position is the best for all. You can easily be loving without being hurtful with your words. Hurtful words, can be very harmful to a person’s spirit. How do we work on reducing judgements and assumptions? You let more love into your life and into your being. You find time to look within yourself and truly find all that is there, all your own good parts and all the not-so-good parts. You then choose what of the ‘not-so-good parts’ are changeable. You might find some you don’t want anymore. Its your choice what you choose to keep and what you are willing to work on. There is always room for improvement. You also accept others for their beliefs, what they think is right even if you do not agree. You learn to appreciate what they have to say, as each of you has a unique purpose. Learning to bite the tongue is a good start. Oh I see some of you squirming at that, as I now you are very outspoken, and your outspoken way serves a purpose at the right time and place, but doesn’t always effectively guide, support or show love.

The whole point is to find balance within all that still allows you to live through the purity of your heart, to give and receive unconditional love. The journey to becoming one with yourself and with the Light of God is filled with learning. Allow mercy to fill your spirit and show kindness that comes from your heart and share this onto others. Its in you to give, and costs nothing. What you get in return is an overflowing heart that is filled with love and it makes you shine with Divine radiance. Allowing your humble nature to come forth is a good thing children. Come on our and shine with me. Let me guide you to your inner balance and show you how NOT to treat others. I love you in all that you are, as you are. Yet I know, and so does the mighty God, you are able to reach new spiritual heights, awareness, to become wiser and filled with greater knowledge as a result.
May your day, your night and days to come be filled with the greatest joys no matter the size, from a smile to a butterfly to a gift. Beautiful children, as I depart, I am also sending forth a swirling feathery light embrace of my love and my light.

And so it is, Ascended Master, Lady Portia through Julie Miller

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