September 19, 2011

A Thousand Years of Peace

Marlene Swetlishoff has a rather remarkable channeled message from June 2011 on her Rainbow Scribe website, which Byron has mentioned. In it a communicator who styles herself “Athena” discusses life in the near future and in the Golden Age. 

JUNE 4, 2011
Athena Prepares Us For The Miracles To Come

Athena: It is time now. It is time to come together. I am Athena.

Sandora: Welcome Athena. Thank you for coming.

Athena: Oh, you are so welcome! I am thrilled to be here and have a chat with all of you. It is indeed time for the Lightworkers to make their demonstrations. They will begin to really understand why they are of the planet and what their mission is, in case there is any doubt. Service to humanity. This is huge. Love and service; the reason they came to the planet at this time. Because when the changes truly begin to happen system-wide, there will be so many confused souls, so many unhappy people.
Do you realize how difficult it is for some people to change? Yes, and with change they will be very upset. With change happening fast they will be very confused so I am putting you on notice that this change is going to take a turn to being dramatic rather than day by day by day having small occurrences. Instead it is going to be bing, bing, bing, bing and it will be hard for your mind and also your body, to keep up with it.
Now you have worldwide media and therefore you will be able to know what is happening on the other side of the world when you need to know it and things will be changing in this country, that country and another country. It will be interesting for certain but it will be hard to keep up with. Much of your information is going to come through the media and this will mainly be television because it is picturesque.
There is going to be great changes to the normal family. Whereas people such as they have been in the background of society for years and years, now they are going to be in the foreground. They are going to be on equal footing to those who are in business or doing service-oriented vocations. I am excited to be on hand for you when this is occurring, as is Ashtar and, for certain, Saint Germain. You will be able to tap into any one of us or simply one of your own guides for quick updates that are personal.

Lighten Up Through Love

With the spreading of love around the planet, which is basically what is going to happen; your vibrations are going to rise. You will feel a great difference. You will feel a lightening up in your body and because of this the teleportation that you would like to do will actually start to be happening. Lightening up is so important. When the cares of your world disintegrate because your answers come thick and fast as well as your security and anything that you need; therefore, you are going to be as light as a feather. This is a huge step and it is imminent. Your next year should be very interesting and I am counting from now!
It will be one thing after another. There will be the change of your economic system. There will be the release of information about UFO’s and the life on other planets. Those two things are huge but they will bring up more and more in all of the systems such as education, medical, the police and city-wide systems. Governments all over the planet will change, so you have a lot coming.
The changes, so far, have been very gradual, very, very well paced but this is about to change. This is where the Lightworkers will come in. When their neighbors don’t know if they’re coming or going as they can’t keep up with it all, it is the Lightworkers that will provide stability. They will be grounded and yet in their wonderful diversity they will also be able to know, on a deep level, what is occurring.

The Thousand Years of Peace Are Coming

The thousand years of peace that have been in prophecy are on the horizon so you can imagine all of the changes that need to be made in order to be there. All of the machinery of war, the ammunition, the vehicles, all of those things need to disintegrate into memories from the past and instead beautiful parks will be built and also recreational facilities for the people, medical facilities, health spas and all kinds of entertainment.
You know what life is like in Canada. You don’t see military vehicles on your main streets but many countries do and it is so sad and so frightening for the people who live there. For them to have, hanging over their heads, the possibility of a bomb dropping at any moment and to live with the knowledge that it is almost a certainty, it is tremendously hard for the human mind. When the weight of war is lifted from your planet totally, so many people will be freed, free to do what they truly love to do, free to follow their passion. Some people love to work with children, others love to teach. Some people enjoy helping others in many diversified ways. Some like to do hands on healing and some would like to be a very kind policeman or policewoman.
In your days now the law enforcers are taught to be unkind, to be rough and to be cruel at times. People in your military have had to be hardened to the fact that they need to kill human beings and in order to produce a military person who is ready to kill can you imagine what they must go through in their training? This will all stop when everybody has enough, enough of anything that they want or need. There will be no need anymore for confrontation, no coveting of things, no greed, that’s such a big one; no greed, no more lotteries. Lotteries will become redundant. No more casinos. They can turn the casinos into healing spas. This will be in your lifetime. This will occur!
Dear ones, all people on the planet are heavily guided. They have abundant spiritual energy around them at all times. As they lighten up they will be able to understand their guidance better. They will be able to understand why they really came to the planet. Many came because of love and to do service. Those who came for other reasons are finding it very difficult to live on this planet right now. They have taken a deviant route and they are thinking that the idea of love and service sounds pretty good. It just might save them from going to jail for those crimes that were created in the past.

Our Far Out Future!

It will be a joy to be living on your planet when the new technologies come in that are on the back burner right now because the government is holding them back for fear that perhaps no more oil will be able to be sold or some other greedy reasons. When those reasons disintegrate and the wonderful inventions are able to be released to the public you will have such fun!
Can you imagine trading in your car for a little helicopter? No more roads, just parks, beautiful parks. Whatever people want to create will be done.

It is going to be a joy for you when you intermingle with those from other planets, when you go for a ride with them in their vehicles or simply go to their planet by taking their hand. They will bring more love to you, more ways of showing love and you will also be able to visit the inner Earth. It will be like exploring another world and yet you have been living right on top of it! What fun, what joy that will be!
Those dreams you have had of flying without wings can become real. Can you imagine lightening up enough that you could fly? I have been talking about lightening up your life for almost twenty years. Some of you must have taken my advice and are becoming quite light by now. It’s nothing to do with how much you weigh, understand. It is to do with having a joyful heart, embracing life, doing your good works. It is about raising your vibrations. Your size and your weight does not matter, not one bit. It is the joy within each and every molecule in your body that matters.
Sandora: When I was a little girl I would spend hours jumping off the end of the veranda flapping my arms because I was very sure that people could fly.
Athena: Well, you had just come from a land where you did fly! (Joyfully laughing!)

Sharing Your Creativity and Following Your Passion

So, one day soon, each and every person on your planet will have enough, enough of anything that they want and more. They will share from their hearts. They will care, also from their hearts. They will do their demonstration because they will know their purpose. Each and every person that comes to Earth comes with an interest or, as Saint Germain mentioned, a passion, a passionate need to share their abilities, their knowledge, their caring… whatever it could be and people have such diversified ideas and interests. It will be a true joy to see what everybody comes up with.
Now Sandora, you make your soaps so wonderfully for people. It is indeed a joy for you. It is a passion for you. You know you are helping others by doing this. Still it is a very small thing, isn’t it, in the scheme of things. Other people will do something similar yet different. They will think of a recipe or they will think of a way of writing, art, or some other ability that will so much help others and give to society. It will not seem like work because they have figured out, very uniquely, something that can help others and you are such a good example of this, Sandora.

Sandora: Thank you. I enjoy doing it. It’s very kind of you to say that.
Athena: Thank you my dear. (Gently laughing) Many of you have your fingers in many pies but eventually you will single one out, as you have, Sandora, something that gives you such a lot of pleasure.
Sandora: It’s something that not only helps people but it helps the Earth too.
Athena: Yes, and that is an amazing quality.
In this age of the Internet and instant communication in several ways, it behooves a person to have a website and to have a way to advertise what they do. It is not necessary, of course, all you need is a sheet of paper that goes out with your product but there is so much innovation nowadays.
Think of the entertainment world, the musicians and how they are going to benefit from being their own person rather than having to go to a nine to five job and produce some mechanical monster that they don’t enjoy doing so they can play music at night. Instead they will be making music full time. How wonderful that will be! How joyful.
Ariana: Could you please explain to us, Athena, about the thousand years of peace? Will it be in the Fifth Dimension?
Athena: Yes, that is right. It is indeed but we need to take people, in their minds, one step at a time. Most people on the planet have no clue about the Fifth Dimension. They have no understanding how they are raising every day. It is a process, a day by day process. It is speeding up.
Sandora: It’s really good to see the military being used to help at the various places that are having catastrophes happen.
Athena: Oh, this is truly the new reason for the military. Yes. Yes!
More and more goodness will come to your planet. Enjoy the ride because it is, indeed a most marvelous event. Hang onto your hats! So now I’m going to suggest that you get into your little helicopter and I’m going to take off too. This has been Athena, enjoying chatting with you about the coming times when the thousand years of peace finally descends upon your planet. It has been my joy to share with you.

Athena spoke through Ariana Sheran
June 4, 2011

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