October 30, 2012

The Threefold Flame is Key to Your Self-Mastery

Message from Ascended Master Djwal Khul

October 29, 2012

Begin each day in humbleness dear ones. As you present yourself to others and to God understand the immense power you hold every time you re-establish your connection with God. It is okay to ask others for a little help once in a while but your spiritual progression must be met by your own efforts. Even with the guidance you receive from us and others who you seek advice from cannot make your choices for you. What we are doing is directing you to other ideas that develop into new opportunities to make decisions that will further you along your path to gather knowledge and wisdom based on the experiences you have endured. Each of you must decide when it is time to focus purely on the communication between you and God. It is through your efforts that are based on unconditional love that allow you to reach the Freedom of God’s brilliant light and comforting love.

Your ascension in this lifetime or any other is based on honour, compassion, discipline, and wisdom. And you gain these dear ones through experiences that provide you with incredible life changing lessons. Each one is to be embraced and understood. Yes it does sometimes take a while before some lessons are learned. We urge you to reduce negative self-talk when expectations do not go as you had hoped. Look at the progress you have made and see the good that has occurred. Even the mistakes acquired by making certain choices can be looked at in a positive light. You learn through your mistakes, they help nurture your growth and development, they provide the pathway to great wisdom. Any area within yourself that you know full well that could use a little polishing, is your opportunity to gaining more mastery of yourself.

Your journey brings you along to many diverse people from many cultures. It is essential to your own growth and theirs to understand and accept them as members of your cosmic community. There is much you can learn from each other when you drop defensive walls and allow the love to flow freely from one heart to the next. Even if you are not blood related, you are all family dear ones as you are all deeply connected. When you allow yourself the time to think about the unity you share with all life forms, deep inside you stirs an energy of knowing – this knowing is the Divine Light and Love from God providing you with the inner knowledge that He is a living part of your life.

Your spiritual heart is your central point of all your experiences and it is also where you begin your connection with your inner spirit that eventually expands to your God Spark that rests in the central core of your beautiful heart. When you start stoking your God Spark dear ones you will come to learn the sacred Threefold Flame is there waiting for you to build this into your spiritual growth and development, to push yourself forward from the knowledge you will find through the wisdom you gain from this sacred fire. The Threefold Flame is where you begin building your foundation and bridging the Light of the Divine to be manifested fully for the good of you and all of mankind.

You learn to give respect to Karma because you begin to understand Karma crosses your path to help you create further developments from all those experiences you have endured and to put those learned lessons where they belong where they no longer cause any pain or harm. Karma does not only cross your path for just you, but through you other dear souls are brought further ahead on their journey as well. How you handle your trials and tribulations are noticed and affected by others dear ones. The choices you make, the actions you choose do not go unnoticed. You are shifting into a newer way of life; you have been ever since you began making your own choices. Change has always been part of your growth. You are learning other ways to evolve that will propel each of you into a reality that is different than what you are currently familiar with. We of the Divine have for some time now have been helping many of you through our teachings, love and guidance to move away from the darkness of ignorance and enter into the light of knowledge.

I see many dear souls come to the aid of the Ascended masters to learn of the gifts we often share through your consciousness. How is it you developed your consciousness to the perfect awareness state is in now in? Your consciousness develops when you learn to utilize constructively all of your gifts by following the teachings of the Masters and by listening to God’s divine direction. It does require mindful willpower to carry the understanding of what you are required to do and not give up until you are triumphant in mastering each point of yourself. Too often dear ones, many dear souls want to rush their development and growth. Not realizing they were missing out on a fundamental part on the building of their inner selves that reflects and demonstrates their victory and freedom that is gained from self-mastery and understanding how the Threefold Flame fits into their lives.

It is well understood that many of you are on a journey that will bring you to ascension. Understand dear ones ascension does not come if you are dawdling about and not taking seriously the basic and primary teachings to build your spiritual foundations. The sacred Threefold Flame requires concentrated devotion. To understand the Threefold Flame you need to understand the representation of each plume within yourself. Realizing each colour holds an essential part to understanding yourself as whole that is dearly required and understanding the importance of infusing these plumes within your creative endeavors in order for solid mastery to be brought forward into the life you are currently living. You are urged dear ones to seek to understand the Threefold Flame and to stoke this beloved flame that sits in the central core of your beautiful heart.

The Threefold Flame; blue, pink and gold all have their own distinctive meanings that speak a certain vibration within your heart that radiates a divine glow throughout your entire body that you learn to build on from your developing understanding and awareness. When you learn to work with each flame through meditation you will begin to grow enormousness and the extent of the whole Threefold Flame working together. Just like your chakras they expand through growth and understanding from you, so does the Threefold Flame. As you become one with the understanding of what each plume is to you, you will come to know and possibly feel this nurturing flame soak every part of you – mind, body and spirit. In time dear ones you will wear your Threefold Flame as a favourite garment of choice. It is here dear ones when you finally begin to moderate the pure action and vibration of the Threefold Flame with your mind that radiates the purity and perfection of your Christ Self.

Realize dear ones each time you send out a thought form that includes the full representation of the Threefold Flame, focus on your inner power, holding on to the energy that fills your Solar Plexus firmly reflecting upon the Threefold Flame during time you have given yourself for solace you will discover how to intensify whichever masters of the Seven Rays of Light you are trying to focus on through your heart chakra. Understand dear ones each Ray of Light carries a certain quality of God and they are available when you need them throughout your journey.

As you discover through your own study the Threefold Flame is an all-important key to your spiritual development. From the beginning of your reality, every aspect of God has radiated through these plumes and has been unfolding every time you reach a pivotal phase of understanding within each plume. You will become more skilled and you will discover by the act of pure Will you are able to allow your Christ-like mind and your perfected God Presence to reach through any blanket that has covered a potential area of growth that can be achieved by activating the power within your Heart Chakra by using your inner mind, learning to separate your emotional self from your spirit self. You will reach this particular attainment if you have constructed an established momentum by allowing your God Presence to intervene in all aspects of your life.

Before any attainment is reached dear ones understand the Threefold Flame, learn it and expand this Divine flame that is alive within your beautiful heart. Comprehend the complexities of its involvement with your own unique creativity. Then dear ones, the blessed association with your own God Presence becomes stronger and you will demonstrate more of your God Self more often in all your actions, words, thoughts, and feelings. Within each of you is the understanding of your call that is directly in-line with the Light of God. This call may be subtle; the wisdom within each of you provides each of you with the opportunity to embrace every opportunity presented to you. The call dear ones is simple it is listening to the Divine Word of God, knowing the direction your path will lead you to will bring you to successful accomplishment of the transformational development of the Threefold Flame within your heart.

Look at the Threefold Flame as food for your heart, as your spiritual life force. Become master of your heart by becoming one with each plume; Wisdom’s Golden Flame, Love’s pink Flame and Power’s Blue flame. As you inhale each breath of air, include an inhale of understanding of this precious flame. Just like your chakras, the Threefold Flame can become imbalanced. You must have this sacred flame dear ones working in perfect harmony with each other. Do not hesitate to engage the pink Plum of Love when you find yourself wanting to spend more time with God’s Love. Learn to know when are not balanced. The more balance you have of this sacred flame, the more balance you will notice of your own personal life during every day affairs.

If there is any area along your spiritual journey you wish to change, look into the Threefold Flame, through each plume you will discover new ways of making change and adopting newer and fresher ways of being you. Always take the time to re-examine your inner-self. There is always work to do be done dear ones. Your development is a never-ending road to success and fulfillment. Your pure effort that is guided by your heart will bring you there dear ones. There are many wonderful opportunities waiting for you through the building of your foundation of the Threefold Flame. The more you work on cultivating you, the more patience you will encounter and patience you know is very much needed in all aspects of your life.

Before we close our discussion on my favourite topics, I would like to remind you the use of the Violet Flame. Throughout your journey and the process of developing your fundamental foundation within the Threefold Flame you discover the need to express forgiveness to any grief that was experienced as part of development will help free all negative pressures letting go some of your old painful memories can have. The Violet Flame is merciful and divinely nurturing. Call forth the Violet Flame every day to heal yourself from the pressures that come with condemnations and judgments. Allow yourself to be healed dear ones. Allow yourself to be directed to choices that could take you out of repetitive mistakes. And realize the dear souls that do not ascend in this lifetime, are still perfect. Learn to make use of the Violet Flame even if you are a person who has a habit of being criticizing. The healing flame, if you let it in dear ones will direct you to a more loving way of interacting with others that will illuminate your God Presence.

The awakening of yourself dear ones will release profound levels of gratitude that will come from your heart through great positive thought forms of brilliant light. Each step you take you are perfecting your consciousness. Know dear ones that no matter where your path may lead you, God has permanently blessed you with his infinite love and light.

I AM Ascended Master Djwal Khul through Julie Miller

Speak with Kindness and Gratitude

Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message 

Channeled by: Julie Miller, October 30, 2012
Each of you are well aware of the importance on language, what is understood and how you relate to others. It is very important how you sound. Your tone indicates many things including your level of confidence. In addition to your tone is how articulate you are and the choices of words you choose to express yourself and help to increase trustworthiness with your listeners. We communicate to many of you silently, yet the truly focused ones do hear us through the messages we leave through the heart. You though communicate greatly through how you speak and from the words you choose to say. By actively listening you learn to read if another is tired, feeling anxious or even insecure just by the tone of their voice. Too often judgments are made regarding another’s educational background and financial position based on the articulation and choice of words.
It is important dear ones to be aware of how you sound when you speak even while under stress. It is often witnessed under stressful situations; harsh words are spoken and heard through words and tone. More often than not, you are not breathing in a manner that supports your ability to come to a peaceful mindset. Breath-work dear ones have much benefit in more than stabilizing one’s body during meditation and fasting. Practicing deep breathing helps to bring calm before you speak and this is encouraged to learn. Hurting others through negative word choices does not demonstrate your God Presence dear ones. It is crucial to pick up on your own inner body’s cues on your own feelings, learning when you might becoming agitated before you say something you very well could regret. You cannot truly take back what is said, but what does evolve most definitely holds a lesson or two.
Spiritual leadership is role that utilizes your charisma and power in a balanced combination that comes through your tone, speech and the words you choose to express to others in order to motivate other dear souls that at any time seek your council. Each of you has the ability to be teacher and student during different times of your journey. These hats are interchangeable and depend on where your path has lead you and what you need to clarify that brings you to a specific person. Understand dear ones; you cannot rely only on your thoughts and philosophies to express your strengths and character for you. When your voice is strong and confident, with clear articulation tells many you are comfortable with yourself and with others. It also tells others you are accustomed to bringing forth positive outcomes from difficult situations.
Yes it can be hard to change your vocal style, but nothing is impossible we know this. As you accustom yourself using more positive words and expressing your thoughts in a well-organized manner, you will notice yourself becoming more confident and the conversations you have will adapt as well as you bring in different vocabulary. The best place to practice changing the tone of your voice is not while working. Better practice places are going through the checkout, when you are on the telephone with someone you know, in front of the mirror to see your facial expressions, etc. Strengthening your vocal tone dear ones requires both physical and mental adjustments.
We do have some ideas that will help improve your vocal tone. Ensure if you are sitting you are sitting straight to allow energy to move through you and for good air flow. Breathe deep, it’s okay if you need to pause before you speak. Work at reducing tension in and around your mouth and jaw. Learn to strengthen your pitch, make an effort to not sound monotone; pace your words as well as you can. When you interact with another even if you do not know them well, treat them with the same respect as you would as if they were a trusted friend. Make sure to never undervalue yourself or miscalculate who is talking with you and listening to your words. When the other person talks, always answer or reply with genuine care and compassion. Understand dear ones every interaction even if they are not person-to-person is significant. Everything has purpose.
When you express loving kindness to your speech dear ones you bring yourself to the knowledge that is inside of you that encourages you to cease from using harsh language and to engage in kindly speech instead. Speech that is kind is an expression of your God Presence in action dear ones. When you are expressing yourself with kindness you are not being superficial, rather you are demonstrating positive emotions through your actions and words. Love, generosity, compassion, and joy can be noticed by others if you allow this dear ones to be recognized through your actions, speech and written word. Your positive emotions can be developed while meditating and from practice you might even develop a habit of rejoicing in other people’s good qualities and good deeds instead of criticizing on the negative. More dear souls grow from positive words of encouragement rather negative judgments and condemnations.
Yes you can create a habit of giving praise and encouraging others. We see many dear souls passing blame, criticizing, complaining and so forth because it is easier to find faults than to see the good points. This dear ones helps to build a substantial package of negativity that is full of unenlightened kindness but through your own conscious choices you can turn this around dear ones and make your speech work effectively for you.  Open your hearts dear ones and express your gratitude, friendliness and encouragement with strong, positive and kind words. When you speak in kind and with gratitude you are forbidding yourself from being drawn into complacency.
Each day you are presented with many fortunate opportunities to improve your speech and your relationships with others. Make the effort dear ones to maintain a positive mood to your vocal or written message that expresses your God Presence through love and kindness. When you are home with yourself, ONE with you, you then fully understand all your traits and what you have mastered. Knowing what you have mastered is your opportunity to show others in a way that is helpful and non-biased. What you have not yet mastered is work in progress, and you know you will fulfill each part of your journey in time. Develop yourself and watch yourself grow.
Observe yourself dear ones; be aware of the effectiveness of your speech and its effect on others. Ask yourself, “Are you speaking from your God Presence?” When you speak in kindness, love and compassion you are sharing God’s love and that dear ones is a beautiful gift to be sharing.
I AM Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller

October 28, 2012

A Period of Transition

27 October 2012

I AM the Great Divine Director. Today I come with greetings from the Ascended Masters for those ascending ones and our brothers and sisters who are just now in the process of waking up.

In the Northern Hemisphere of your dear planet, great storms are brewing, sweeping clean vast regions of the collective miasma of the ages. In the Southern Hemisphere, strange weather systems are bringing snow to places where it has never come before. Everywhere there is a cleansing undergoing. Mud and rain have come to tropical and mountainous regions of South America. Huge typhoons and tropical storms are battering the coasts and mountains of China and the Philippines bringing disaster to coastal cities, small villages and outlying areas. All of these occurrences have brought with them loss of property and in some instances, loss of life. Yet we tell you now the disasters would have been much greater were it not for the efforts of the lightworkers and wayshowers. Your progress in reconnecting to your inner power, along with the cooperative efforts of your galactic relations, has averted the greatest disasters from happening.

Cleansing will continue; it must. Your planet is undergoing the process of releasing the darkness and misaligned energies that she has lovingly taken into her body through the ages. Now as she undergoes her own process of ascension, these energies must be released from her body, like your own experiences. On a scale more vast than your own, she is undergoing a Kundalini fever, shaking and night sweats, releasing the pollution that has encumbered her. Even after ascension, much will still have to be done to clean up the surface of the planet, its oceans, water, air and soil; that is where the cooperative efforts of your galactic relatives and your own efforts will come into play. The greatest efforts must, however, wait until such time when it is safe for the galactic ships to land on your shores. Until the darkness in men’s hearts is rolled back or removed, your planet will have to conduct most of her cleansing on her own, with the help of her elementals.

Did you know that each human who is in a body vehicle shares that vehicle with a body elemental? It is so. These intelligent adaptive beings run the so-called autonomic systems of the body, without conscious input from their passenger. Without the cooperation of the body elemental, it would not be possible for the soul to reside in a body vehicle. And without the connection of the flame of life to the greater soul, the soul fragment within the body would quickly return to the heaven world. Your existence in this environment is dependent on cooperation between all parties. Yet most humans are not at all aware that they are not just a body; their awareness of something beyond their daily life has been dulled by social conditioning and poisons in their food, air, water and environment.
Did you not know that your body is a temple? It is a temporary vehicle that allows you to experience life in the physical realms. Granted that currently life is difficult for many, it was not always that way. Still, some of humanity has made great strides in approaching the boundaries of the realms of light. The journey is still yet to begin for others.

There is much to overcome. During the past thirteen millennia, the power of your planet has resided in the hands of a few beings not of this world. They have wrought much destruction and have sowed seeds of hatred, fear and division between the various peoples of this planet. Now their time is ending; the cycles of change are upon them and they have gone against the degree of their former masters and have defied the forces of light. They do not wish to give up their place of power, their material wealth. They want to keep the planet under their control and to continue with their plans of destruction of much of the populace, while keeping a much smaller population as slaves to do their bidding. You see, these ones have so denied the light that exists within that they no longer can create anything but destruction. They live such lives of insecurity and insatiable need that cannot be satisfied by anything they gather or wrestle from others. They are like the damned pirates who live a half-life, half in this world and half in hell. Nothing can satisfy their lusts short of the death of those they envy – you, the lightworkers. And now they are frightened. They lash out murderously at those who dare in the mass media to inform the people of their ongoing crimes against humanity and their own communities. They attempt to provoke war and disagreement between groups of people. They work from both sides to inflame prejudice, fear and division between races, cultures, countries and religions. Why? They fear the power of humanity; they fear the connection that even those who are not aware of their mighty gifts have, the connection to the soul that cannot be broken except through the agency of a complete denial and turning away.

So strong is the flame in some individuals that we can see your brilliance from high above the planet’s surface. The beacons of light on your planet have been growing in strength on a daily basis for the past ten years. It is this occurrence that the dark forces fear the most, for in the awakening of humanity will come their own downfall. There is nothing they can do now to avert this crisis in their eyes; the cycles of time move against them. The increasing bombardment of your planet by cosmic rays from the center of the Universe has made the awakening of some of humanity a certainty. You are ascending and your planet is ascending. Once the bridge between dimensions is crossed, the planet will no longer be a viable environment for these darkened lost individuals. And so they fight with every scrap of their beings and continue to spill out their envy, spite and hatred of humanity, seeking to turn brother against brother, black against white, banker against citizen, rich against poor. They seek to deny the humanity of others because they cannot experience it themselves. They have become, through their own efforts, incapable of feeling anything but hatred and fear.

How can this dark force be opposed? What can people do in this transitional period between the shift and adjustment beyond? As has been said before, seek the kingdom of heaven within. It is important, it is imperative that all lightworkers cease their efforts to attack the dark forces and seek to discover the realm of love that exists within each and every human. Every human being on this benighted planet, even those of the darkest hearts, has the capacity to reconnect with their inner Being, but it takes individual focus and effort. It is not a journey for the faint of heart, the unprepared, but neither is it a journey that impossible. Many individuals through the ages have followed the promptings of their soul and have made their way, one by one, into the higher realms, leaving their body vehicle behind. Most of these individuals have received training and initiations through lifetimes in order to reach the purity of body and soul required to complete the transfiguration. Sprinkled through the pages of history, such as it currently exists on your planet, are the stories of those courageous ones who have made this journey of the heart. Now has come the time that many can make the same journey, a happening unprecedented in the history of your planet, the galaxy and even the Universe. With unprecedented support by the forces of Light, it is now possible for a large number of individuals to undergo collective ascension into the higher, light-filled realms of the fifth dimension.

We understand that not all people want to undergo this transition. We honor their decision. When it is their time, they will respond to the inner call of their soul and will begin their own journey, but now it is not their time. That is where the work of the Lightbearers, starseeds and wayshowers comes in; you are setting an energetic pathway for all those who follow in your footsteps. And now there are many who are beginning to awaken to the call of the soul. They will respond; it is an insistent call that cannot be resisted, if it is the right moment for the individual to wake up. So it is important to not judge the progress of others against your own. Look to yourself, release your fears, seek out the words of others if you need consoling, but always remember that your journey into ascension is your own unique path, forged by your soul. As a unique part of the Creator, your journey involves the collection of information for your Creator, as God learns about God; in that joyous act of reconnection when the flame of life expands to encompass the entirety of the physical body and all dross is burned away. Purified by the fires of resurrection, your soul fragment returns to the Wholeness of Creation, to All That Is. And with your ascension you enrich the treasure chest of all Humanity, for you are One.

(The message was interrupted by the day’s various activities, including house-cleaning, LOL!)

We continue on with our message now. We encourage all lightworkers to strive to connect with their inner being, to remain calm and centered during this time of transition. There exists much chaos upon your world at the moment, but all is not as it seems. The matrix or illusion so carefully built up by your collective consciousness and cemented together by fear is in the process of disintegrating. There is desperation in the ones remaining of the illuminati leaders and minions; they know now that time is not on their side. Keep clear of these ones, turn away from keeping your attention on their activities. Be aware, but as a compassionate onlooker, not as a participant. Let the last throes of the dark matrix not catch you up in its dramatics.

We have noticed that many of the weary wayshowers are letting go of the last vestiges of those things that are not of the light; all remaining memories, emotional connections, traumas and disappointments. These do not have to accompany you into the Light; let them go, leave them to be transmuted by the Violet Flame. They are a part of the illusion that you are now leaving behind; they are not you.

Open to reunion with your Higher Self, your one true guide back to Source. It is the inner Christ Self that dwells within that will greet you, in your dreams and meditations. Your guides and mentors will accompany you, but always remember to retain your personal sovereignty. Constantly test the spirits. If something or someone does not resonate with you, bless them and release them. Now is not the time to attempt to change someone, only to change yourself by becoming more of your Self. This process calls for releasing everything, your expectations, your desires, everything. In the stillness of your heart you will discover a world that exceeds everything you could ever hope for. And you will be guided, step by step, on a need to know basis as to the direction of your journey. By learning to listen to your intuition and quiet inner voice, you will discover what you need to know. Learn to trust the guidance that you receive from within; it is your higher Self communicating through its silent language. With time and practice you will begin to channel your own messages and instruction. We encourage all seekers to spend time with their journals, creating a blog, drawing, writing poetry or music, or finding some other means to express your inner creativity. You will find that you begin to feel more joyful, calm and disinterested in the dramas of others.

If you are guided to assist others, do so, but always with the understanding that each individual must make their own way to ascension; no one can do it for you. As your guides and inner mentors, we will be by your side to give you little nudges in one direction or another, but it up to you to respond. We lovingly watch over you and admire humanity for making the recent strides towards freedom. You have come far in just a few short years, just seconds in the eternal Now. We anticipate great things to happen in the coming days, weeks and months as more and more people begin to wake up and seek assistance in understanding what is going on, within and around them.
For the wayshowers and those who have taken on the new job of gatekeepers, your place is to hold the way open for those who follow. You can guide but mostly you will be acting as examples. Be the calm center in the storm of
transition; be the light upon the hill that points the way home.

We send you our blessings and encouragement during this time of transition. It is an important step that is being taken by all souls upon this planet; much is dependent on what happens next. We wait breathlessly to see what the show will bring to all. Although we can see many futures, they are subject to change. Your free will makes it so, so surprise us, too, humanity and set yourself free from illusion, hatred and fear. And we will celebrate together at the reunion the family of Light.

We are your loving brothers and sisters of the Light, the Ascended Masters.


by Tazjima

Copyright © 2012 by Elizabeth Ayres Escher  http://bluedragonjournal.com/

October 26, 2012

Global Love Day: Envision Peace on Earth

Dear ones, we come once again to you with a message of peace and love. We have a special request today. Please ground yourself first, make the connection to your body, to your natural breath, and go into your sacred place that you call heart.

The network of love called heart is linked to the remaining of your body through connections of nerves and nodes. Your entire body is an expression of love and purity of loving vibrations.

Go within, take stock of your inner state and extend your awareness to encompass your surroundings, include also the ground you sit on, feel the connection with Gaia and with her own heart, feel the connection with the above, with your Higher Self, with Source and with the Ascended Masters.

Once you feel you have reached the sacred place within, experience your energy expanding all around you like a bubble of pink and golden love rays intertwining and mingling. Feel its power fill the room you are in, and expand it to the people around you. Allow for this loving energy to expand to your neighbours, to go deep down within Gaia, and to raise high in the atmosphere.

Feel the love expand to your entire country, and to the entire planet all at once. Your vibrations will reach far and many dear friends. Also please bear in mind the wish for reunifications with all who wish peace to be permanently settled on Mother Earth. Include in your thoughts also the animal kingdom, as their vibrations are loving and pure. Include the energies of wind, air, earth, water, fire energies to your wave of love.

See Mother Earth surrounded by your love vibrations, and feel the actual substance you are producing with your heart and mind. The difference is tangible in the Higher Spheres; it is palpable for us, as well as for many of you.

Let's have today another global love day with many waves of joyful love travelling all around your beautiful planet.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I am extremely happy to connect with our Earth brothers and sisters in order that we work as one once again.

Thank you


Channel: Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean, 25.10.2012

Translations Index: http://indexmultidimensionalocean.blogspot.ie/


October 23, 2012

SaLuSa, October 22, 2012

We are pleased to see you demonstrating for your rights, which is a timely reminder to your authorities that they are in their positions to serve you the people. The number of good hearted souls amongst them are few and far between, and that is why far reaching changes have to take place. If your representatives are not keeping to their oath, then they can have no complaint when they are removed. The problem is that corruption and greed spreads like a cancer and before long is accepted as a normal way of working. In the future you will become more involved in the decision making, and consulted before action is taken. Clearly you need the right type of people leading the way forward, who have the foresight and understanding to take you into the New Age. The last cabal would be totally unsuitable, and will be unable to interfere or influence what will happen.

Your Spiritual Age is about to begin and your progress will be astonishing and very quick. Imagine how wonderful it will be to be able to trust all of those around you, because you know that they are ascended Beings like yourself. The Love and Light will have permeated everywhere, and there will be no doubting that you have arrived in the higher dimensions. Life will be a big contrast to what you have now, and will be of no comparison. To live in peace without any threat to it will be a wonderful feeling of freedom and joy. The problems of health and the challenge of mere existence that beset you in the third dimension, will no longer be a factor in your lives. It is difficult to convey the absolute feeling of happiness and contentment, which has to be experienced to be appreciated.

The mind set of those who have opposed your evolution and aimed to prevent Ascension, is focused on self power because they lack the understanding of Oneness, and therefore love for their fellow man. However, they still have their Godspark even if has become very dim, but one day it will light up again. They have the same opportunities to be of the Light as every other soul, and God will welcome them home like every other one. You all started out together, but as you decided your own path of experience some were engulfed by the lower vibrations and fell by the wayside. There will always be a way back into the Light, but the lower you fall the harder the journey. However, as with any soul there are always many willing volunteers who will guide them homewards. Everyone of you without exception has higher Beings in close attendance who guide your life for you.

In the future we of the Galactic Federation of Light will work with the ascended souls, until you become our equals. You will then become very independent and decide your own future, but that does not mean that we will lose contact with you. We will literally only be a thought away at anytime, and that applies to any soul that you have links with. Indeed, as we have previously indicated you are likely to join with those of a similar level of consciousness. Your experiences are unlimited, even moving from one Universe to another to extend them into new areas. On Earth you are obviously much more restricted, and with your lower level of consciousness have lost touch with your Higher Self. In consequence the truth of your real self becomes clouded by the illusion of 3rd. dimensional life.

You are about to witness the real beginning of the end as the old system falls into chaos. No attempts to restore it will work as it is destined to complete its time in its present dimension. It has well served its purpose where you and Mother Earth are concerned, and the new paradigm is moving into place. You will not miss the final outcome as the changes are so far reaching everyone will be affected. All souls will achieve what they desire and most have already exercised their freewill choice. It is the reason we ask that you do not attempt to override another souls decision, but allow them to be satisfied that it has been made with their future in mind. The fact is you cannot move higher than your vibrations allow, and clearly that would be the level at which you would feel most comfortable.

We are as ready as we will ever be to play our part in ensuring your experience of Ascension. Our involvement will soon be apparent, and you will already know that we have been keeping the peace on Earth. That is with reference to our actions to prevent present troubles escalating into another world war. We are eager to become more involved and help ensure that our allies are able to bring matters to a head. The Presidential elections in the US are a key focal point, that will determine when we exercise our divine authority to bring about beneficial governmental changes. Much hinges on the outcome and it will be a victory for the Light.

From hereon each week that passes should reveal where matters are heading, and there will be the fulfillment of events that are necessary to bring peace to your world. As you would imagine, nothing happens that we are not aware of even if it is out of our sight. We know the true intent of the different nations regardless of what they say to the outer world. They are in fact divided into those who encourage war, and those who now seek peace even if their history suggests otherwise. What is happening is that the Light upon Earth is transmuting the lower vibrations, and whole nations are waking up to the truth. There is a powerful move to unite within those countries that desire peace, and a wish to disassociate themselves from those who do not. The warmongers are gradually becoming isolated, and without support their plans are doomed to failure.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and see that the various peace movements are reaching more people than ever before. It is the blooming of people power that will bring about the desired results. It is also boosted by the continual input of higher energies from outside of your Earth. As we have often said, you have already won the battle with the dark Ones, and it only remains to clear up the remains of their activities to go speeding on with Ascension. That Dear Ones is well in hand as you will see before very long.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Hi Friends,

As I will be in Sedona from Tuesday the 23rd. October at the 2012 Scenario Conference, my next message from SaLuSa will not be until the 5th. November. There may be still a few tickets available for the second conference ..https://the2012scenario.com/conferences/2012-10/the-2012-scenario-conference-sedona-los-abrigados/

Thank you
Mike Quinsey.

October 21, 2012

Planting The Seeds Of Forgiveness


Mother Mary,   October 21, 2012

Good day to you, My Children, and I bring to you the warmest blessings from the heart of All That Is.  Be of lightness, be of joy.  Be of one heart and mind on this most auspicious day – a day which many of you have chosen to be a day of change and noticeable  progress.  Such a beautiful endeavor, and one in which I foresee you as being markedly successful.  But I shan’t go on indefinitely in relaying my thoughts, as I shall keep this missive brief and simple. ❤

So, I see that you wish to take this day and live your lives as though you had already arrived at your 5th dimensional place of enlightenment.  And I agree that indeed, for so very many of you this has been your state of mind and heart for a very long while.  Do spread the word.  Do entice one and all to join in with you and experience the tranquility and freedom that this way of being brings.  Therefore, in keeping with the spirit of the occasion, I wish to challenge you to take a thorough and honest evaluation of your own hearts.  Examine where you stand at this point, the way you feel about your brothers and sisters – the way you honestly feel.  And see if there are no hidden areas in need of clearing. ❤

I bring this to your attention because I see that within so many there still lie areas of unforgiveness.  Forgiveness is one of the more challenging characteristics to fully and completely grasp and employ while living on a planet with such a dense vibration, and most especially when you are still expected to function and perform within it’s ailing societies.  This is the area I see and feel needs a slight dusting off, so to speak.   You see, you cannot fully ascend until you have learned to forgive, and until you master it and experience it genuinely.  It is imperative that you forgive those you feel have harmed you.  It is crucial that you sincerely forgive yourself.  You are so hard on one another and so critical of your own actions, and there is no need for this at all.  No one of you is superior to the other.  You must seek to understand this and accept that each of you are on a unique journey, each one of equal importance.  ❤

To nurse a grudge is to practice self-sabotage.  Release your angers and resentments now, Dear Children, as to keep the pain alive is  to continually rip the scab off a wound which is struggling to heal.  You are mistaken in thinking that to hold on to past hurts and ideals is somehow a sign of strength and conviction, because it is not.  I assure you it is not.  The greatest show of strength is solidarity.  Brother helping brother.  It is in the understanding that you each traverse your chosen path and that your end-goal is one and the same.  It is peace.  ❤
So on this day of change I ask you think upon my words and to take positive action.  Go inside your heart and find those festering wounds and call to the Angels for healing and resolution.  Always, always trust the voices of your heart, as the heart carries no false ego.  Plant within your healing heart the seeds of an open mind, and nurture them.  Water them and see yourself blossom.  I say that the most merciful gift you can give yourself is to let go of negative and self-destructive patterns.  The greatest gift that I can give to you is of my love;  unbiased, limitless, and always forgiving.  Practice this not only today, but every day.  Be ever conscious of your words, actions and intent.  Let us work on this now, shall we? ❤

Copyright © Bella Capozzi.


October 15, 2012

The World is Your Reflection, Not the Reverse

 Michael, 15 October 2012

On this day we would like to thank each of those who have joined in the discussions on our Facebook page.  This is now, and will become more of, a way for all to share the wisdom they have gleaned during this time of ascension.
We urge all of those who are spreading our messages around the world in their various languages to begin such discussions, as well.  Please be aware that we know of and greatly appreciate the work you are doing.  Your efforts have our total support.

There are currently very few countries on your planet which have as yet not received our messages, and even those are being reached in other ways.  Feel the truth of this.  Look at the success you can see on your own pages.  Allow this to bouy your spirits up in this time when your news media are only telling you of negative things.  You are the news media chosen by us to spread a quite different message.

There is an energy contained in these words we send which brings the love of your Creator to all who read or listen to them.  If you are a translator, one who publishes these with clear intent to keep their message whole, or one who records and publishes them in video form, please know that we are aware of your efforts and work with you as well as we do this channel.  Please accept our thanks and blessings as you continue this work.

Many of you have never considered yourselves to be channels, but we tell you now that you most certainly are.  As you begin to feel the energies of these messages while you work with them, you will likely find yourselves becoming even more so.  Even if you only read, but begin to feel these truths, you are becoming a channel for the light which is flooding into humanity now.  You are a container of light.  But you are not such a wonderful container.  It leaks out of you and blesses all in your life.  I think perhaps I should have said you were a garden sprinkler.  Yes, you make wonderful sprinklers.

For many weeks now you have felt as if things were about to come to a head, as if something, you knew not what, was about to turn your world on its head.  Now, since the gateway of your 10-10, this feeling is even stronger for most of you.  As usual, we will stress that you are feeling changes which are about to occur inside of yourselves.
Yes, the world will soon see changes, as well.  And those changes, when at last they settle down, will be welcome.  But we tell you to keep a close eye on what is happening in your own minds and hearts, for that is where the true and most important changes are happening.  Once again we remind you, the world is your reflection, not the reverse.  If you had not changed in very significant ways, none of what you are about to see would be possible.
It has taken thousands of years for you to bring your world to this point.  Enjoy the fruits of your hard work.  Be of good cheer and be of one heart now, my beloved friends, my army of light.  We will speak again soon.  Good day.

Copyright © Ronald Head. 


October 14, 2012


Today we would like to focus your attention on the topic of judgment. This is a challenging topic for many of you, which is why we would like to try to shed some light on the subject. Many of you are in the process of trying to release judgment; the judgment of yourselves, as well as the judgment of others. Really it stems from the same root; it is just simply two branches of the same tree. To judge another, really is quite impossible. We say this because any judgment you hold for another is something you judge with in yourselves. Remember that your inner reality is always reflected in your outer reality. It can be no other way.

So let’s further discuss the topic of judgment. We will begin with the judgment of self. One of the most difficult things for humans to achieve is self-love. This is quite a large issue amongst all cultures around your world. You are all so very hard on yourselves. Your minds go wild with “what ifs” and ”if only’s”. Most of you are actually much more tolerant of others than you are of yourselves. We ask you, why is that? Why are you so very hard on yourselves? Why do you demand such perfection? From our perspective their really never are mistakes, just one decision over another which allows you to experience different realities.

It is so very hard for all of you to love yourselves just the way that you are. You often find yourselves wishing you were, taller, thinner, better, stronger, faster. You focus on what you don’t like when there is so very much for you to love about yourselves. By focusing on what you do like about yourselves, you allow for more of it to be experienced. What you focus on expands. We implore you to just take one day out of your lives which you do not allow yourself to judge yourselves harshly and watch just how different you feel.

Many of you hold a constant fear of what others will think of you. You worry that you won’t fit in, or that you will somehow make a fool of yourselves. Judgment is isolating. But know that when you are feeling judged it is stemming from your own beliefs, not theirs. Your beliefs are always reflected back to you. You create your reality and the experiences in it. If you believe you look beautiful, then you will only experience situations that allow you to feel more beautiful. Maybe someone may not think that you look beautiful, but they will not be part of your experience because it is not what you are pulsing out. Like attracts like. Your beliefs are always reflected back to you through your reality. Your outer reality and the experiences in it is always a very good indication of what beliefs you are truly holding onto. If someone criticizes the way you do something, then you are holding that same fear of being criticized for that very same thing. Your beliefs will always be reflected back to you, usually through others to show you that you are holding the belief.

Now when we said that when you judge another you are essentially judging yourselves, we mean just that. We are all one and in reality there is no separation, it only seems like there is in this illusion that you are choosing to be a part of. When you find yourself judging another, you can be sure that you are holding on strongly to a belief about what you are judging them for. Truly allowing yourself to be neutral on a topic and to observe the situation from a detached point of view is what we would say allows for the most amount of freedom; freedom for you and freedom for the person and situation that you are observing. Remember that judging something as good is still judging.
Now remember that neutral does not necessarily mean that you are indifferent to a situation; that would imply that you simply don’t care. No, that is not what we mean when we are referring to remaining neutral. We are asking you to practice being a neutral detached observer. One that is not partial to either side and does not have any preconceived judgments about which side is “right” and which side is “wrong”. This form of neutrality allows you to simply observe a situation for what it is, with no sense of attachment to the outcome. For once you master neutrality, we can assure you, you will never have a “bad” day again. How could you if you no longer judge something as bad?

You may be wondering how you can remain neutral in a dualistic reality. We would say that an integral part to achieving neutrality is: understanding. How so? You look at a situation and it is hard for many of you to view it from a detached perspective because of the judgments that you hold in your hearts. We understand that from your perspective there are many atrocities still being committed throughout your world.

We say that understanding is an integral part to becoming neutral because without it, neutrality would be impossible. We ask that when viewing any situation you remember that all parties involved have willingly agreed to participate in the experience. Now it may be hard to accept for some of you that some would agree to be a “victim” but on a soul level they have. There is nothing that can be done to you that you have not on some level agreed to experience. Remember all of the experiences that you are having in this reality are for the overall soul growth and the learning that will be gained from the experience. From our perspective none of this is really actually happening. From our perspective it is as if all of you have agreed to play many different roles in many different types of movies. You can choose to watch a sad movie for a form of entertainment. You watch the movie and you are enveloped in the drama but you happily walk away from the movie knowing “it wasn’t real”. It was just pretend. The actors are actually all fine and no one really got hurt. They agreed to play those roles for the entertainment of others. They are all fine in real life but in the movie the actors may have suffered. We see no difference between you watching a movie and you “playing your roles” that you have agreed to in your lives here on Earth. So by knowing that all parties have agreed to play these roles, it is a bit easier to view the “story” or the “movie” from a more detached view-point.

Remember that you would not be able to experience the light if you did not have someone willing to play the role of the dark. All of you have had many lives old souls, not all of them have been what you would term “of the light”. We ask that you honor their decision to play in the dark, because they too are performing a service in duality.
We hope that this message has in some way helped you. Please try to lighten up and love yourselves, you are divine creator beings and deserve the very best.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

Copyright © 2012 by Taryn Crimi. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. http://AngelicGuides.wordpress.com

October 11, 2012

You have not much time left in 3rd density

Archangel Indriel: Remain Centered In Your Heart

Channeled by Bella Capozzi 10/3/12

Dearest Children of the Light, I am Indriel, beloved compatriot and guiding presence. You are so loved, and it is of this I choose to remind you. I seek this fine day to commend you on the work you have done thus far. I know you have not had an easy go of it, not by any stretch of the imagination. Yet here you are still. You continue, onward and upwards. There have been innumerable stumbling-blocks along the way, yet never have you once allowed yourself to be dissuaded. You sometimes falter and there are times you question both yourself and your mission. Of course you do! It is quite natural, and it is just as natural for you to quickly recover yourselves and soldier on. No matter how rough the journey has been and regardless of the depth of challenge that awaits you in the days to come-know that it is not in you to quit. You are the forerunners of a brand new society, a brand new race in a sparkling new land. You are leading the way for the occupants of that new society to evolve and find their way home. Most amazingly, you operate without open access to your true abilities and tools, and are blazing that trail without the benefit of maps or clearcut directions. Do you understand now how perfectly magnificent you are?

The progress you have made so far exceeds all of our hopes and expectations. We, your Angelic Teams, wish for you to know how truly honored and deeply touched we are by your patience and willingness to seek out and accept our loving guidance. Our hearts are warmed by your readiness to accept us into your lives. Someday soon you shall remember the close relationship we share. Thus, it is crucial, now more than ever, that you cultivate a loving, trusting and open heart. The heart is the operating system through which all things function in the higher realms. You have not much time left in 3rd density, and that is the only paradigm whose occupants follow the dictates of linear, ego-based thinking. The heart is not only just a storehouse of emotion. It is capable of not only feeling love, but of discernment, wise choice, the taking in of knowledge, and of unobstructed communication and thought. When you are centered in your heart and conduct yourself from this point, much like a type of inner home-base, you can relax and trust implicitly that the actions you are taking are the right ones. When you are living in your heartspace and operating therefrom, you shall find yourself devoid of anxiety, judgement, pain, dramatics and conflicting negative emotion.

It is time to take the next essential step, Dear Lightbearers, the next mandatory step. I am asking you to cease your micro-management and overly analytical thinking about what is coming and when. Surrender all outcomes and what is to come beforehand, and give yourself and all of your expectations over to God. I tell you, please do take personal responsibility for your own role in the ascension process, but you must stop worrying over the details. I see that many of you suffer great trepidation regarding what you do not yet know, and your fears are mounting over what you are seeing and reading about throughout your media. There is much interference and disinformation running rampant at this time, and the perpetrators of these untruths are counting on just such lower, base reactions. I caution you, do not feed the beast. Do not expend your precious energy on such things; you must pull back when you sense yourself slipping downward and plant your awareness back firmly in your heart. When you are living from your heart, your decisions, reactions and emotions shall be reflective of your newly emerging 5th dimensional operating system.

Blessed are you God's children. Know with a certainty that you may call upon your Angels and Guides at anytime. We shall soothe your weary soul and help you maintain a heart-centered way of being. You are blessed.


October 8, 2012

SaLuSa, October 8, 2012

It is never too late to turn your eyes towards Ascension, and do realize that if you feel ready you are certainly at a point where you could achieve it. It requires focus and intent to go forward, but you must understand that whether you ascend is dependent on your level of consciousness. You must apply yourself to whatever your understanding is of being at One with all life, without exception. Love is the operative word that will see you succeed, but you will need to work at it so as to overcome the very human emotions that often pull you back. You have a tendency to act first and ask questions later, so a new way of responding to situations has to be found. Forgiveness is also vital when you have been the victim of someone else's actions, even if it is not attributable to you in anyway.

The advice given is also going to be useful when you are clearing karma connected with relationships. These are probably the hardest challenges you are likely to confront, and you are best advised to try and leave those concerned with your forgiveness. You simply cannot move on if you persist in carrying resentment or continue to harbor negative thoughts. Let the past go and step onto a new path that leads to the Light and Love. Then you will feel at ease and know that you have cut your links with the old paradigm that no longer serves you. The likelihood is that those who read these words, have already decided to change their lives and concentrate on preparing for Ascension.
Remember that your body is your temple, and look after it and move away from any practices that you know are causing it harm. You cannot for example take your drug habits into the higher dimensions, and the sooner you are determined to break the addiction you will succeed. The same principle can be applied to other addictions such as alcohol, which will in any event harm your body. Think carefully about what you need to do to ensure your upliftment, and you will receive help from your Guides. God wishes for every single soul to ascend, but accepts that having given you freewill the final choice is yours. Ask yourself seriously if you wish to remain in your present 3D cycle, and if you cannot see your way clear to desiring such a move it will be final.

The end of the cycle is approaching very rapidly and our delight is in seeing how the Lightworkers have lifted up the Light upon Earth. Light attracts even more Light, and your pathway to Ascension is opening up. The time lines are converging, and soon the most powerful one will be uplifting you with Mother Earth. It must happen and will separate those who are ready from those who are not, and it is a natural result of the changes that you are going through. It also means that once ascended, the dark Ones will have been totally removed from your lives. The peace you have sought and prayed for will at last be yours, and through the Ascension process you will indeed experience the changes within yourself. It is not that you only experience the changes at that time because it commenced some years ago, but the actual Ascension will be a milestone along your way.

There are a lot of changes about to occur on Earth, and have been considerably building up this year. That means your problems will grow until something in the nature of a clean sweep can be made. The more obvious areas are connected with politics, and many countries around the world are experiencing great upheaval. It is unfortunate that it has to reach such extremes before the need for vast changes is accepted. However, once agreed there will no time wasted in setting up the new systems. We see that once the political issues are decided, the rest of the changes will follow on quite quickly. For the time being, it is you as an individual that is most important, as we wish you to realize what a wonderful opportunity is being presented to you through Ascension.

You do not necessarily have to give up your attachment to your possessions to ascend, but anything that carries a low vibration cannot go forward with you. For example some of you have pastimes or hobbies, that involve collecting memorabilia that relates to people or events that are undesirable. The new vibrations will in fact allow for the manifestation in a new Light, of many things in your reality. Everything will be expressed in an energy that will bring out the beauty and perfection in them. Objects will seem to be more "alive" and you will have a closer relationship with all sentient beings, as consciousness levels will be that much higher than previously. In real terms you will gain from ascending in so many ways, you will soon forget your time in duality. It will eventually seem like a bad dream, although you will always benefit from the experience.

In the future your every need will be looked after and you will want for absolutely nothing at all. As time progresses and you develop your skills in creation, you will be able to provide for yourself. In the meantime you will benefit from the advantages of using new technologies, that will cover your needs. It is all ready for you, and only waits the right time to be introduced and distributed. Do not however expect too much immediately, as the changeover will not happen overnight. As we have told you previously, our priority is to bring help and relief to those who are underprivileged and lack the basic necessities of life. You will be lifted up in a series of progressions from where you are now, to take your place in the Golden Age of absolute beauty and joy.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and know that If only you could get a glimpse of what is in store for you, your present worries would seem of little or no consequence. There is such a short time before Ascension, so try to think in terms of the benefits that you are soon to receive. You will have earnt your rights to them and they will totally transform your lives. We of the Galactic Federation of Light will continue to work with you after Ascension, and help you achieve full Galactic Consciousness. Until that time you will not know what it is like to have that level of consciousness, as by comparison you are now very much unaware of your real capabilities. Look at us, and you will see in us your true selves as you will be in the near future.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

NESARA Petition Reply

When I heard the NESARA Petition had a reply and the reply essentially said - no such thing as NESARA existed - my initial reaction was Bliss. I thought that was very odd. I meditated a long time and then Ashtar came to me with the explanation. Many will judge this event with grief and doubt. All I can say is you are being invited to know truth today.

Please reference http://WH.gov/4d5 The following is Ashtarʻs reply to my questions.~et

NESARA Petition Reply A Message from Lord Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin, October 8, 2012

Greetings! Welcome back to these communications. I am reporting from Ten Forward.This is Ashtar from the New Jerusalem. I would like to comment on the reply from the White House We The People Website regarding the NESARA Petition.

The Plan is more complex than it appears at times. There was always a potential this would happen. We had written the Play Book for every potential play by the cabal.

It seems that since Earth has passed the tipping point of Souls needed for Ascension and since the word has spread about October Surprise, the cabal felt threatened. They were plagued by insecurities that the World Citizens will find out that they have landed on the moon thousands of times, have built bases on the Moon and on Mars, have landed on and explored many minor Planets and have for decades had communications with Extraterrestrial visitors to Earth. In fact today Space X launched their cargo Spacecraft to the International Space Station. Oh what webs we weave! There is so much about the Secret Space Program that has not been revealed, like the 6th generation Space Shuttles the Army has launched into deep space and too many to describe here. The cabal has crossed the point of no return and frankly no longer know how to tell you the truth.

When the People of Earth have their Announcements and Disclosure what do you think will be the result? Indictments, Tribunals, Sentencing and an end to the high life for many little piggies, as in the Beatles song - many who have taken everything for themselves. Military, Government, Private Contractors, Bankers - Lots and lots of money to be had all around.

There is nothing to be upset about. Nothing. All is in Divine Order. This is yet another sequential flow of events unfolding St Germainʻs bank for all on Earth. The Assistant to the President who wrote the reply was under the orders of the cabal still working inside the White House. Remember this is an elaborate chess game President Obama is playing in order to ensnare the cabal with their own rope. Indeed there is no other who is prepared to play this role to completion. This will be complete before the end of the year. The election is just a distraction in the overall picture. By constantly headlining the news about an election that will take about 10 hours some day in the month to come - it hides all the other news which is happening behind the scenes. It makes it harder for the cabal to see the moves in the chess game if the front page is filled with nonsense. Loose lips sink Ships. Filling the papers with election news is a sort of News Blackout in reverse. It is for the benefit of the Lighted Beings, the White Knights - so they may carry out the Plan with deft and speed. We are speeding into October Surprise. The election holds no importance whatsoever - it is part of what is dissolving - that which no longer works.

The cabal are hoping as you absorb the impact of this news it will take the wind out of your sails. They are hoping that you will feel like giving up. They are hoping that it will cast doubts on the Galactic Federation and the Plan. They are so very mistaken. They are desperate with thoughts of their imminent demise. You have done the inner work and you see right through this scheme. Honor the role the have played in bringing duality to completion. Love them More.

The truth is this action taken by the cabal from within the White House was prophesied thousands of years ago in an Ancient Text called the Rig Veda. Exactly this scenario was predicted back then. It was fulfilled with the reply. It is part of the Plan. History is repeating itself. It happened just like this before. We are equipped for this. It worked before and it will work again. Understand, you are in a play of sorts. You are playing a role. You are witness to the dissolution of all that exists outside the realm of love. We must witness its complete demise in a sequential flow of
events in order to birth the New.

When the reply was written it stated that nothing called NESARA exists. This is exactly like the reply to the first Disclosure Petition which stated there was no proof that humans on Earth had ever had contact with or interacted with Extraterrestrials. This is the best thing that could happen. These false statements - these defamatory statements can never be denied, There is nothing vague about them. They hard line say - it does not exist. Beautiful! When NESARA is Announced by President Obama and Disclosure with decloakings occurs at the same time then the Ones making the statements will not be able to deny anything.

Most important of all - when the cabal deny our existence, in writing, as a reply to a request made from Earth Citizens, in many countries all over the world, it empowers the Galactic Federation to give our assistance in ever larger contributions. When the Body Politic makes its demands known to the elected officials and the elected officials in turn reply complete denial - it opens the doors for unprecedented amounts of assistance to pour in from the Forces of Light to assist Earth in every way. We have waited a very long time for the process to play out. We went through decades of legal battles, the appeal process, writing and signing the law. We went through the Petition Process and waited another 11 months for a reply. The Lightworkers have followed Universal Law and been the change they want to see in the World. You have succeeded on every level of seeing the Plan through following Universal Law. You have created the Inevitable.

Lions Gate exactly 8 weeks ago on 8-8 opened the floodgates of love. You have come a long way since then. Look forward to what is revealed for 10-10  11-11 and 12-12. Keep Your Eyes To The Skies for October Surprise! 2012 is Your Year! Fill Your Hearts To The Top With Love and Gratitude. Congratulations on this enormous success! We stand beside you assisting Earth Ascension with greater and greater Love and Light empowering the Changeover. Salut!

This is Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin, October 8, 2012

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October 7, 2012

It is time for developing trust by practicing it

October 7, 2012 by John Smallman

Humanity is on schedule to awaken as divinely planned, and that schedule will be maintained because it is your will and God’s.  Focus on that knowledge and release any doubts and anxieties onto which you are holding because they depress you and lower the frequency of your energy fields.  When you open your hearts to the Love that is surrounding you, your frequency rises and your energy becomes stronger and aligns itself more fully with the divine One.  You are one with your Father, but the distractions of the illusion lead you away from your memory of that and hide it from you, which is why you feel alone and separate.

Your Father always keeps you in Mind because He loves you and wills only your eternal happiness.  And your knowledge of that is always with you even though you have chosen to be unaware of it while you play your games: denying His existence; or, if you believe in Him, wondering if He loves others more than you; wondering if He could even be aware of you, let alone actually care about and love you.  When you release your intense focus on illusory things – the worries and anxieties of daily living, and your own inadequacies – and start accepting life just the way it is as it flows through, you make room for His Love to enter your hearts, and you begin to become aware that It is always with you, just as you are always with Him.  Peace starts replacing anxiety in your daily living.
The relationship that each and every one of you has with your heavenly Father is quite magnificent.  No one is excluded because you are each perfect divine creations in whom He delights.  In the illusion, when you see yourselves as separate from each other and engage in judgment, you close yourselves off from the knowledge of your oneness with Him and build for yourselves a state of fear. You then feel very insecure and construct defensive barriers around yourselves to deflect and ward off those whom you believe would attack you.

For a state of peace and abundance for all to come into being on Earth, it is essential that you release your fears and trust that you all have everyone else’s best interests at heart.  Mostly, of course, you focus on the massive betrayals of trust with which human history is inundated, and which are in constant evidence everywhere you look.  As a result you bought into the energy of fear that is so seemingly all-pervasive and enticing, and decided to start trusting others only when they prove to you by their actions and behavior that they are trustworthy themselves.  Waiting for someone else to “do the right thing” ensures that it will never happen.

The spiritual energy enveloping the planet is highly charged, intensely powerful, and in place to help you to do the right thing, by opening your hearts and learning to love, trust, and forgive one another.  When you do so, initially in small ways, you will be surprised at how effective it is in disarming those whom you thought were likely to attack you.

This is a time for developing trust by practicing it with relatives and friends.  It will not always be honored, but you will find that you have the strength and the love to forgive them when it is not.  Understand that whereas in previous times to trust was to lay yourselves open to be preyed upon and taken for fools, now the loving energies enveloping the Earth are inviting and encouraging all to change their attitudes and behaviors and move into the new age of peace and abundance that is approaching.  These are immensely powerful energies and they are extremely supportive of your efforts to become loving and peaceful.

There is no one on earth who is not feeling these energies, and of course those who are at war with themselves – and all who engage in conflict of any kind and on any scale are at war with themselves – and who would make preemptive attacks on others should they be presented with the opportunity to do so, will be reluctant to accept and engage with these energies of Love.  Their fear is well-developed from eons of betrayal.  Nevertheless, they long to feel safe, to feel loved, to feel respected, and so when they experience attitudes and behavior that demonstrate honesty, integrity, acceptance, and trust, they will begin to allow themselves to be guided by these energies and start lowering the barriers with which they have surrounded themselves.

The way forward is through loving and trustworthy behavior no matter how great the odds against such a sea-change or behavior reversal may seem to be.  You are divinely guided, you are divinely supported, and you know in your hearts that this is the only path.  Therefore, be loving, compassionate, and forgiving, because you know that all attacks are calls for love, and you know that the Love that supports you in every moment is invincible and irresistible.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

October 5, 2012

From Agartha with Love

From Agartha with Love as a Collective Messenger,  5 October, 2012

Hello we are from within your planet that we all term Gaia and we wish to communicate with You as a collective today and have returned to discuss current situations on your planet and in your United States as to those that have ceaselessly carried out the whims of those that proclaim themselves the ruling class of the current dimension.
Patrick: If you do not mind I would like to discuss the recent spraying of the skies around Los Angeles, California as I am under the impression that these have stopped or slowed down considerably and of course there is no way to know for sure. It has been 3 days of constant activity in the skies around here

Agartha: Those sprayings you refer to over the city of Angels and other cities of significance are the last remnants of an oligarchy attempting to cause a last ditch series of events that they feel will ultimately lead them to a victory, a form of their creation or a type of ‘Ha ha, you can’t stop me”.
Their methods are more scattered than they have been before. As you witnessed at Mount Shasta they attempted to spray before this last Equinox and were thwarted in their efforts by forces unseen. Please trust your insight. We saw that you noticed the start and stopping of their spray tactics. Those forces could not complete their grid pattern and called off their efforts and left the area. You intuitively knew this and also witnessed this.
As you could see over the City of Angels, their trails of attempted chemical spraying were intermittent unlike in the past. Their mechanisms for the spraying have been interfered with as to make the solution placed into the environment inert.

Patrick: I think my brothers and sisters within their heart hear this and may at some level within the soul know this but how can we be sure that the groundwork and efforts of those that attempt to harm are being diffused? How can we be sure that the ingredients or that within the spray is indeed harmless and that this is an exercise in futility.

Agartha: We understand your concern and we will address this question by saying that the spray itself is harmless as the essence of the harming compounds within the liquid pumped into their machines was indeed neutralized before it entered the plane in much the same way the H1N1 had been neutralized and the corresponding vaccine, the swine flu was neutralized and its corresponding vaccine, the bird flu was neutralized and its corresponding vaccine and the most recent soap box antics of whooping cough in your country has been neutralized and never materialized. Let us look back and see how the press touted their owner’s wishes to create a panic so that vaccinations were to be generously and freely given to the public in the name of a humanitarian effort. Were these diseases ever spread far and wide?

As you well know the answer is that those man-made diseases never came to fruition as those whom created them desired, and as such there will never be another epidemic or another pandemic that is created and proclaimed by the few that deem themselves at the top.

The issue at stake here for those that claim superiority is that there is only one direction that can be traveled once at the perceived top of the mound, one of their own creation. Just like a drug addict cannot blame others for their downturn those at the top can only stay in that position for a relatively short period of time, as you know it. Eventually the drug addict hits what you call a bottom and then has only one direction to travel if the clarity of the individual is present. That direction is one of the Phoenix that can rise from the ashes in glorious splendor. The magnificence of this act is not the rising above in this manner but that an individual makes a concerted effort to rise above him or herself while in a state of uncertainty, to rise above with all the love of self-one can muster. For those that exist on this planet to control, thieve and harm are all created with the same ‘stuff’ as everyone else that has come forth in this time and in this space; with love, kindness, light and a desire to be a friend to those that would ask.

So those that are in, as you term, the dark, have chosen a path that is ultimately here to assist those brothers and sisters to decide and declare what it is they truly desire; that of peace, those tenants of harmony, that of a clear and decisive health of body, spirit and mind and an experience of abundance in all things in the time of here and now. Inadvertently they have created their own demise.

Are these not the things that all choose? So those that have chosen to harm are here for a purpose, to show those aware that there truly is another way, one not of servitude but one of service, one not of fear but one of joy and a faith and a knowingness that all is and will be okay. A gift has been given in that the motivations to change almost always result from contrary action. Slavery in the past of the United States was man created and the act of eliminating physical slavery is also of man’s creations arising from that which you as a collective decided did not work and afterwards you as a race began to choose differently. Again slavery of the physical form was also created by those few that considered themselves at the top to serve those that considered themselves separate and to create that sense of separation from those that deemed themselves superior against a backdrop of those they considered not at the pinnacle of man-created wealth.

As you of the heavens are wholly aware there exists another form of slavery that is much more subtle but has all the trappings of a form of servitude that is harsher than the whippings and manacles of people in times from your past. For the realizing of this form of hardship at first created anger within, and by the light of your consciousness you realized that this awareness was also man made and designed to enslave you once again. This is how you of the light power perceive your environment in these times of the now and why you have also chosen to create differently.
We from Agartha are here to assist so that, if you choose, you may realize that those within the darkness of their own creating were not prepared for an unleashment of the most powerful force on your planet, in the space and in all of the cosmos; this power is what you reading this have come to know as Love.

Let us think back in a time scale as to why the groups that decided to control decided that a power as Love would not and could not be allowed to flourish on the surface. We here within and above this planet believe you all know the answer. For no matter how powerful ones who control believe themselves to be above there is absolutely nothing that can counter the effects and the power of Love when given directly from the soul, when offered from the heart without asking for nothing in return. Think why this power has been stifled until now.

Thank them that have oppressed for they have shown you exactly what it is you do want for yourselves by virtue of experiencing what you do not want. In this way your Albert Einstein was correct about his thoughts and papers on the issue of relativity. For if there is no perceived injustice how can one find it in them self to create and feel a justice, such as an equality of all, not equality for those few at the top of a financial heap or those with the most powerful weapons.

We know you all have now experienced the power of Love ceasing all major destructive elements on this planet. To be repetitive those weapons that have been created to harm or cease the existences of great masses have been not allowed their intended purpose. We realize this is not new information but it bears repeating as it directly relates to our discussion today with Patrick and you that are reading. Repetition breeds remembrance.

Patrick: We here on the surface choose to believe all that has been said about the dark and that their empire is crumbling, the minions of the labeled cabal are jumping ship and those that are here to assist; the white knights and the positive military. I do have a belief in God; although I can experience a God or a creative force in my life I do not have empirical evidence that there is a God. Does this negate the experience for me? Absolutely not for I have had experiences that if it was just up to my being in my experiences here I know I would have chosen differing paths at various periods of my existence here without the assistance of something benevolent and guiding.

So we do see signs of a crumbling financial empire in the news and I think the majority believe that it is now being held together by a few at the top of their own perceived heap by duct tape. After time though even duct tape wears out and loses its strength when exposed to light. We (our brothers and sisters of light) have read stories of nuclear weapons in Britain and the Unites States and their missile launches failing. We saw North Korea’s missile launch fail and it appears they have realized that they still cannot explain why it failed and have no plans for a another launch.

I suppose, if I could speak for others, we would like to see something concrete that reinforces our “see…I told you so!” factor. I do believe. I do feel that all that we hear is so. This has been slow to materialize and as in the beginning I wanted to believe what is being proclaimed about our soon to be experienced freedom and then I felt I had to tap on the brake a little, not screech to a halt but slow down and observe. I know from some past head knocks that it is best to tread slowly but boldly and sometimes take a break and observe a little.

I talked with some of my family and friends about some of the freedoms to come awhile back and it is no one’s fault, but there is a definite CNN mindset with the majority. It was necessary to learn this quickly. So now I have decided afterward to just toss out a snippet of information and see how the hook was approached. They said “none of this is on CNN or FOX so surely this cannot be true”. I just felt that it was not my responsibility to force feed something that could not be grasped or would not be embraced. Not my job. So I post on various sites and create a program of attraction and one not of promotion for there are certainly others out there that are aware, on a deep level, that changes are occurring even though it takes some curtain lifting on the internet to disseminate all of the various conflicting sources.

Those of us reading this are fortunate in that we have learned that no matter the source, trusted or untrusted we have the power of resonance to peel back the onion layers of alternate news, so called channelings, authors and bloggers to create a healthy heart space in as far as information is concerned; it is within all of us we just need to access that power and be willing to be open to its discerning glory.

Agartha: There are those that have chosen to stay with the beliefs that have formed as they have occurred over lifetimes because to have another shatter one’s beliefs creates the statement that “what I have been thinking, saying and acting all this ‘time’ is a farce” and this is too much change to absorb for the average individual that may not be open to change. Worry not as all who embrace the new world paradigm as You are seeing it play out have a space, a task that will be involved in the assistance of those that choose to ‘see the light’. We joke but in spirit this is a truth.
The forcing of issues on others has been the paradigm of old of religions and governments and has never worked efficiently. We will use the example of, those that become addicted to harmful substances once again. When one chooses to cease the ingestion of these substances or modify their behavior so that they may get their wife or family back or get the right and perfect job or not go to be incarcerated or for a reason outside of themselves and does not chooses to cease this behavior for the benefit of their own being, the results are rarely lasting. Yet when one decides that they wish to halt this form of self-destruction because they feel compelled by their inner-self then the chances are improved that longevity will be with them in their endeavor, for finally they have chosen to accomplish something for themselves by themselves.

This is why the most successful forms of organizations are those that allow the people to govern themselves, to shape their own environment in the form of equality for all in their structures, rules (if any) and their financial well-being and that their leaders are but trusted servants, to quote a famous and successful group on your surface. Keep your eye on Iceland and the people’s progress in that nation. We elaborate on issues affecting your family on the surface so that You may continue to realize why it is that You all are here for.

As You are all aware there is rarely a practical experience that is seen with the eyes, something that you can touch with your finger or clearly see with your mind, yet we ask that you go to your place of knowing, deep within, that you find your comfort. There is a reason that more and more of your family on Gaia are now joining the path of creating a world by and for the people and this is because this movement intrinsically feels good, it feels as if it is meant to be and most are aware, to certain degrees, that something is inherently not right in the outside world yet are not sure how to alter its course.

Patrick: We would like to believe, and I apologize for the pushing of the topic, and we want to be a part of… But I am sure most of us would like to experience tangible results. There are those that are financially destitute and do believe, and there are those that have severe health issues and would truly like to believe, and there are those of us that choose to believe but their hope is waning.
Could we receive some sort of clarity, some sort of physical aspect of the process of either Ascension that is currently playing out or perhaps a small juicy hint of abundance being dispersed to those in need.

Agartha: We will be glad to assist in the understanding of the processes currently taking place and we will tell You this; You of your movement towards a more satisfying experience on Your Gaia are creating just that. Just think of the dictator that tells his people that they have all they want yet the people know different and to the world they are expected to act as if…What would happen if a group of advanced beings came in and said we will give you a better way of life, we will give you a more abundant and joyful set of experiences for you and your family?
All their lives they have been told what to think, what to do and what to feel. If a group came in and all of a sudden altered their current state of reality without raising their consciousness do you believe it would take root and grow towards a positive outcome?

A great example is that of your lottery winners where overnight those of destitution have millions of dollars at their disposal and what happens over and over again? Within a short period of time the money has vanished and the lottery winner is often far worse off than before. There is a simple explanation for this and it is because their consciousness was not sufficiently raised to account for a differing life experience, even though it was a step in a positive direction. They continued to stay in a poverty consciousness and as such continued to create the same thing yet once again. So it is the power of thought of people that are aware or unaware. We may suggest that one be aware of your environment and what thoughts you may tell yourself

Those that are formless, our angelic family members, those in the cosmos and those of us within Gaia have been nudging You and waiting with you of the surface to raise the majority consciousness so that when the time comes to meet, your beliefs are not shattered, that you are in a ready state of mind and thought to accept that which is divinely decreed, which is Your Ascension upward and a meet and greet with your family of space. This is why those of You that know and have raised the bar of consciousness for yourselves and each other are to be those that will further assist those not quite up to same mileage marker.

Patrick: I see more clearly now and Thank You for explaining it so simply. I do not even think I would have understood this even a year ago although it would have felt right but I might not have registered it properly. I also see now that it has always been up to ourselves to facilitate our change and to raise our consciousness, and that is why you have been jumping for joy when you see us take the bull by the reins and assert concrete actions for the betterment of our family. For then our transitions will be natural and will not be rooted in old behavior such as fear, anger, worry, doubt or lack which I am assuming we could easily slip back into, like the lottery winner, if we had not made a conscious choice and continued our self-growth.

Agartha: You have grasped the message well Patrick. We will go now but are never far. We are from Agartha with love.

Patrick: Thank you!

Patrick Sullivan