January 30, 2012

The manuscript of survival 80

Today will seem like just another day for many of you, but nothing could be further from the truth. You see, today marks the demarkation between the old and the new, in other words we will use this day as a marker for when the first humans were finally welcomed over to the other side. When we say the other side, we refer of course to the fact that the timelines you have been straddling for some time now will start to diverge, and you will slowly but surely see how the old dissipates and the new starts to emerge, literally from the shadows that covers the old.

This may sound strange, but let us give you some examples as to what this will entail. We have previously touched upon the fact that you are now approaching the point of no return, and this is in fact what we have been alluding to. This is a day that will in many ways go down in the historybooks as the day when everything changed, but on the outside, nothing much will give away any hint of this momentous moment. No, there will be no fanfare, no special numerical sequence in your calendar that sticks out, no celestial miracles or omens, just a seemingly normal day, much like the others that come and go. But this day will certainly leave it´s mark on all of you who have already decided to cast their lot with the new world, as you have now taken that final, decisive step across the border and into unknown territory. But the strange thing is, this unknown territory will feel so much more like home than the place where you were born and spent all of your previous lives, and you will get a strong sense of finally, finally coming home, after so many lifetimes on a planet that felt more and more foreign to you.

Your connections with the remnants that are stilll lingering in the third dimensional effigy that the rest of this little planet´s inhabitants still refer to as Earth will fade away one by one. One day not too far off, the last link that still holds you down there in some ways will be severed, and you will finally be free in every sense of the word. This may seem to be a mere fiction of imagination, as you all have countless of these threads going back and forth between you and the old world, but we think you will be amazed at the speed of this severance process. We are well aware that for now, the old world and all of its connotations will have a powerful grip on your minds, as it is only a few individuals who have managed to make themselves independent of all of the old systems that still governs the rest of you. Remember, your society has been set up in such a way that it guarantees the disempowerment of its citizens, as it is not easy to do without everything controlled by the world of finance and governments that surrounds you on all sides. But now, these institutions are crumbling one by one, and their stranglehold on you all is lessening by the day. We hasten to add that from your point of view, it will seem to be different, as you have yet to be able to free yourselves from this illusion of a man made existence, where everything and everyone is beholden to a system that is so rigid and conform it has literally sucked you dry in more ways than one.

But now, as these worlds are starting to drift apart, you will be able to breathe the unpolluted air that will help you to see things so much more clearly, and with clarity comes strength, and you will be able to use this newfound strength to rip off the last of these hooks and barbs originating in the old way of thinking and living. Remember, your freedom does not come in the form of a liberating army, suddenly appearing in the form of shining ships hovering above your planet. No, it comes in the form of every individual human being called to find his or her voice, the voice that has been dimmed down for centuries inside of them. This voice is starting to gain strength, and what it says carries more weigth than anything else in the universe – literally. For if you refuse to listen to that voice and heed its advice, then nothing we can do will change your destiny.

You are the only one who decides if it´s time to wake up and face the consequences of the life you have been tricked into believing is the only way to live, and if you do so, you can be certain that you will find the strength to rip this old fabric of lies asunder and start afresh in the new world unburdened by that baggage of fear and guilt. If not, you will stay behind in the morass of disillusion and disbelief, where the sea of fear will rise ever higher as the days go by and all hope seems to drain out from the broken containers holding the old way of living. The choice is yours sweet ones, and for so many of you, the choice has been easy. You have already stepped across the divide, and you have embarked upon a journey towards the first part of your new life. Bon voyage dear ones! Remember, you are not travelling solo, we are with you all of the way, and soon that will become more and more apparent as the shores of yesterday starts to fade away on the horizon.

January 29, 2012

Hilarion’s Weekly Message 29 January 2012

Beloved Ones,
You who have walked the lonely path of Light are soon to be joined by many, many others who will begin to walk their path with you. For every sacrifice you have made for the highest good of all, the Universe is already bringing to you many wonderful synchronicities, miracles and gifts. All you have to do is open your hearts to receive and be in trust and in joy. Watch for these in your daily living, recognize them, receive them, enjoy them and record them. Soon you will begin to know without a shadow of doubt that you have always been loved and cared for and that you never walk alone.

Along your trail blazing path, you have encountered much that was not love and being empathic, took on these energies thinking they were your own. The time has come when your power of discernment and intuition will grow by leaps and bounds and you will find the ability to detach from the energies and challenges of others while still giving Love and compassion. Each of you have had tests and trials that have been making you turn yourselves inside out in your quest for transparency and purity. Even as these old energies are still being brought out from the depths of your Being, know that it is only a matter of time before these fall away from you forever, leaving only wonder and awe in its place.
Your higher senses are now coming to the fore and we ask you to be prepared and cognizant that these will open up the ability to perceive others thoughts and inner motivations before even they are aware of them. It is important to use loving detachment when these occurrences take place and not take what you tune into in a personal way. Become the observer and scientist and instead of dwelling on the revelations of the inner workings of others, dwell upon and record the synchronicities, the revelations, the frequency, the timing, the intuitive promptings that happen so that you can begin to perceive the new you beginning to manifest in a totally new way.

The true test of higher abilities is to stay in the energy of Love in all ways, even when your perceptions reveal that the underlying motivations of others that are crystal clear to you are assumed to be hidden from you. Just observe and do not judge or react. Practice loving kindness and compassion. This is a temporary stage that could bring discomfort to you but it is the next step on your journey to higher consciousness and perception and the continued Mastery of your self. Like a diamond cutter, you have been cleansing and polishing your outer self to better reflect the brilliance and purity that lies within just under the surface waiting to emerge as sparkle and shine.

Your Light now reaches a much greater distance around your physical body and can have an effect on the energy fields of those with whom you come in contact. This will grow in its power so it is most important that you practice inner and outer discipline and walk the way of peace and harmony so that all that you touch will be empowered and blessed. Staying balanced in your daily life is key and when you feel yourselves out of alignment in any way, bring yourselves back into balance as quickly as you can. You have at your disposal many tools that have been presented and now is the time for you to use them. Self discipline is another requisite to the Mastery of self along with discernment and can only be administered by your intention.

Try to filter every happening through your heart chakra so that you train yourselves to be a heart centered person rather than one who processes through the mind. Many times, the heart will lead you straight to the core of a matter with a directness and clarity that will bring you freedom from all confusion or doubt. Know that you are each Loved beyond measure and enfolded always in the energy of the Angels as you walk upon this World in service to the Divine Plan for the highest good of all.
Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana, (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace.

Surrender and Flow

Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased and honored we are to be in your presence today. We are honored to be in your presence because you have made the commitment to be part of the group to anchor the energies that will be enjoyed now and in the future through those who may enjoy the energies of the group and the channel on your internet at a later time.

So here we sit, Dear Ones, well into the energies of 2012, that pivotal year that has dangled in front of your humanity for so very long. We have spoken in the past of how transitioning into the energies of a new year can be challenging and indeed many of you have found it to be so. It will be an incredibly busy year. There will be many shifts, twists and turns on the ride, if you will. As you can see, the activity has already begun in earnest with your recent solar flares. What an amazing system! The earth is releasing and the sun is releasing. They are both, in turn, assisting you in releasing whatever you may not wish to carry as you are firmly on your enlightenment path and intending to create the New Earth.
Many of you worry that you are not doing enough. Many of you worry that you are not on the right path. We are hoping to soothe your fears today.

There is no “one size fits all” path to enlightenment, Dear Ones. Each and every individual path is a distinctly unique path. Your unique path is yours and yours alone. There is no one as qualified as you are to navigate your unique path. You are not qualified to tell anyone else how to navigate their own unique path. You are simply not privy to all of the information that would be required in order to do so.
Many of you have probably experienced working on your boundaries. It has been a major theme that was brought to the forefront in 2011. The importance of working on your boundaries was pivotal in order for you to stay in your truth, in your integrity and standing firmly on your own path. There will be many voices shouting loudly what they think you should be doing in the energies of now. You must be in your truth, in your integrity, and you must have the confidence in yourself to stay firmly on your own path and to shut those voices out.
There will be a cacophony of noise, Dear Ones, from those who will profess that the world will end (which it will not). There will be those who tell you that in order to ascend you must follow steps a,b,c and d. There will be some that swear up and down that reiki is the path to enlightenment or that this other form of energy healing is what you need, that you must meditate x amounts of hours every single day, you must follow these teachings, you must be this religion, that you must repent, Dear Ones, oh, how you must repent! (laughter)

The only thing that is required to ascend into the New Earth is surrender and flow.
That is it. There is no knowledge necessary of the ascension process in order for someone to ascend. All that is required is surrender and flow. If meditating helps you surrender and flow, then wonderful, it is a great modality for you. If yoga helps you surrender and flow, that’s wonderful, too! If walking in nature, if spending time with a beloved child or animal, or doing reiki or whatever it may be helps you stay in surrender and flow, it is perfect for you. Do you see? Do not allow others opinions to sway from what you know to be true for you.
Oh people say, “Gabriel, how do I know?” We would say to you that your body will let you know. Does your heart feel good in an activity? Do you feel empowered? Does it feel good? Does it bring you joy? When you are in joy, you are in your highest alignment and feeling your connection to Source. Could there be a better position to navigate shifting energies from? If what you are doing is a chore and you are forcing yourself to do it, Dear Ones, it is not helping you one bit do you see? Give yourselves permission to be the masters of your own unique path that you really are.

We find it interesting to say the least, from our perspective, that there are those who are saying that it must be done a certain way. If you step back and realize how much the planetary alignments are helping you, how the sun is helping you, how Gaia is helping, can you not see that the system is taking care of itself? All the elements that you need are there. Of course, it’s wonderful to have assistance along the way. If there are people who bring you joy and buoy you and help you with your process, then absolutely, embrace those members of your soul group. If they empower you, feel free to engage in those activities with them but do not feel like you need to be doing things that do not suit you.
This is going to be a major theme throughout the year. People will be shouting loudly that they know the way and that their way is the only way. Listen to what you know to be true within your own bodies, within your own hearts and within your own souls. You have everything you need in this moment to navigate these energies beautifully. It is all there. We have reached the point of no return, Dear Ones. Ascension is happening, it is happening now! You are creating the New Earth. It is happening. It is not going to be halted or stopped in any way if you don’t do certain things. It is a ridiculous idea to think that that is so. Do not fall for it.
Sometimes it is easier for you to assimilate things through analogy so we have one that we would like to share with you today that should make things quite clear for you.
Imagine that spirituality is a salad buffet and you all have your own plates. It is up to you what you wish to pile high on your plate and you will choose what you want on your plate by listening to what your body needs. If your body is craving certain ingredients you will put more of those ingredients on your plate. After a while you might get sick of certain foods and try new things. Now can you imagine how ridiculous it would be if you saw someone else at the buffet and you didn’t like what they had on their plate so you started yelling loudly at them, “Oh, for the love of God, not tomatoes!”
Do you see how ridiculous that would be? You would never do such a thing. People would look at you like you were mad. So if people can respect someone’s choices at a buffet, why will you not respect their choices when it comes to something as incredibly personal as their spirituality, Dear Ones? Maybe that person desperately needs tomatoes because they are lacking certain vitamins and nutrients. Maybe they need to have the experience of trying tomatoes. Perhaps you are allergic to tomatoes so that would be a bad choice for you. It is quite fine to allow people to put whatever they want on their own plates, you see.

If you try to tell someone to put certain things on their plate and it’s not what they want or need at that time they are not going to listen to you, are they? But if someone does ask you what you might recommend from the buffet because you’ve experienced it before, feel free to share what you know, but then don’t have attachment to what they do. So, if you recommend the three bean salad to someone and they choose not to put it on their plate, please do not lose sleep at the end of the day, gnashing your teeth over why, oh why, didn’t they choose the three bean salad! It is not your responsibility, you see? Down the road, when they are sick of what they’ve been piling on their plate, they may feel adventurous and remember you recommended it. They may say, “Someone said it was good, let’s try that today.” Or perhaps they will go thru their entire incarnation and never experience three bean salad, which would be divinely perfect for them. Your spirituality is the same. Listen to what you know. Listen to your bodies. Allow other people to be where they are. Give yourself permission to treat something as sacred as your spirituality with the same respect as you would give a salad buffet.
If you do this, you will do just fine. Now, we are not here to sugar coat things, Dear Ones. There will be times throughout the year that will be quite uncomfortable for many of you because everything is being pushed and squeezed. You are being reborn. You are being pushed thru the birth canal and that can be uncomfortable. The way to navigate such wildly shifting energies is to really embrace the flow. It is the resistance that causes you the most discomfort. It is so simple, do not make it more complicated than it needs to be. Stand in your truth, stay in your integrity, do what you know is right for you and surrender to the flow. If you do that, you will find yourself being more supported energetically than you ever have been before. It is the people who are most in resistance that will be finding the year very difficult indeed.
You are not here to save anyone. Just as your guides have assisted you through the door to enjoy this channel or navigated you to the website that you are reading it on, just as your guides have led the way to your level of enlightenment that you are enjoying at this very moment, each and every person on the planet has the same access to the same systems. They have their own guides and their soul is leading them seamlessly to have the experiences that they need to have in order to truly move forward in earnest into the new energies. So, for some people that may mean experiencing crisis. If you get in and try to save people from their experiences you may very well be interfering. You may be blocking them from having experiences that they very much need to have. We understand that you do it from a loving heart but you must love people enough to allow the process to work for them.
It is about practicing acceptance and allowing. It is about offering support and love and encouragement, if asked. It is about teaching through your example, how to navigate these energies in ways that are working beautifully for you. And by being that example, people will come and ask when they are ready to hear. Of course, you can have compassion and empathy because you know what it is like to have suffered. You know what it is like to have struggled but you can also understand that it is through those struggles that you have landed where you are today. They are what have honed you. Those experiences that your soul set up for you to have were for your highest good.
So trust that the system works equally well for each and every person on the planet. Love people for where they are and resist the need to rescue. It is not your job to rescue, Dear Ones, it is your job to hold the highest energy possible by applying what you know. If you follow that plan you will come out the other side of this year shining brightly in the highest expressions of yourselves that you have ever experienced on the planet and that truly is something to be celebrated. This is what we wanted to share with you today.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young

GFoL 1/29/2012

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 1/29/12

Siam Pali’. I am Pelo of the Galactic Federation of Light. I would like to speak to you today about ascension and what you can do to help your brothers and sisters along the way. There are many things you can do to help ease this transition for your fellow planetary beings, and it all starts with love and compassion. These ideals are very powerful tools for you to possess at this time, and I would like to show you how you can utilize them most efficiently at this time. When someone comes to you either in person or through your Internet and they share with you that they are frightened in any way about the changes occurring either inside of them or outside of them in their world, the first thing you can do is try to find out just what is the cause of this fear. Are they afraid of a specific area of these events, such as the extraterrestrial presence, or are they fearful that they may become separated from their loved ones? In many cases, the only way to find out is to ask, and then to listen.
Many of you have trained extensively to be of service at this time, and it is now time for you all to take a leading role in these proceedings. Many people will come to you with questions, and it is up to you to take the time to field these questions and converse with these people until a suitable state of emotion is reached. Each case is, of course, unique in its complexity, but should only take a few minutes of your time. The service you are doing for your race and your planet is incalculable, and you will be fulfilling your obligations of your individual assignments very well.
Many of you have incarnated into a human physical vessel to be able to apply your talents in this planet’s time of ascension into the higher realms. It is considered an honor to be selected to assist in this way, and each of you has demonstrated a unique talent and skill deemed necessary for the task at hand. Use whatever skills you have wisely. It is time to come out of your shell and into the sun. There are those now awaiting your services, and you are being called to duty at this time. Events are moments away from breaking through the surface of the media blackout, and soon all eyes will be glued to news reports about our presence here and what this means for humanity. It is at this time that your brethren en masse will seek answers and guidance. It is at this time that so many will succumb to fear and confusion, and it is at this time that your talents and skills you have acquired throughout much training will be critically needed. Will you heed the call?
You were chosen out of many to be here today because it was decided by those in charge of the selection process that you were a worthy candidate. It is time to show them that they made a wise choice. It is you that mustn't allow fear on any level to stop you from making yourselves known for others to find, befriend, and gain insights from. You all have the tools at your disposal that you have been given especially for this assignment. With these tools you have the power to reach an unlimited amount of your brothers and sisters. With these tools so much can be accomplished in such a short period of time. Seek out those who could benefit from your assistance by making it known that you possess adequate understanding of the events unfolding around you. Make it known that you do not fear these events. Make it clear that you are coming from a state of balance, and that you are looking forward to these events. This is the sign you are asked to hang outside your place of business. This is your calling card you will carry with you in your wallet or purse. Make it known to all that you are open for business. It is the time for your grand opening. 
All eyes are upon you at this time. You have many on this side of the veil that believe in you, and you have much more assistance from us than you may realize at this time. Together we can do it. Together we can achieve great things in this, humanity's shining moment. It is the time for this. It is now time for you to release all your attachment to objects of 3D illusion and distraction. These pastimes have nothing to do with your assignments here at this time. Now is the time for work and not play. Now is the time to put all your training to good use. Now is the time to come to the aid of your fellow man. Now is the time to get serious about your reason for being here.
We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Greg Giles

January 22, 2012

Information is Power

January 19th, 2012


[Hello Allendale.] Hello, Tots my friend. I would like to begin with an update for all your fine readers. In the coming months you will see in the social media many posts about strange occurrences. While most of this won’t make it to the mainstream media, we are encouraged by the traffic that finds these alternative outlets. Did you know that concepts like Face Book, Twitter and You-Tube were established with the higher purpose of assisting Earth and her inhabitants through this shift? [Well, Allendale I didn’t but now that you mention that, these social media outlets seem to be a perfect fit for the average Joe to over-ride the controlled media.] Aye Lassie. Little did the cabal realize that these very tools that they use to spread lies would eventually be their downfall. The power of the human collective is immense.

We would also like to mention the quiet response to all the people that have only recently become aware that the governments are a sham. [Can you clarify that?] In David’s last article was proof given that the governments have essentially been controlled  by powerful entities. This was given no main stream media play. Both David and Ben are blacklisted by the outlets that are controlled by these entities. This is why posting on the various social networks is vital to allowing those in the dark, so to speak, to know that they are losing the battle to control.  Information is power.

Now, a reader mentioned on the blog that she would like to have greater clarity on what I meant in a previous post about ‘getting your house in order’. I would like to expand on that. Getting your house in order is a way of saying be prepared. Be ready for global announcements of disclosure, be prepared for your services to be interrupted, let your neighbors know if they need greater understanding once these monumental events occur that you are willing to assist. Be centered as much as you can. If the lovely light workers are freaking out, they won’t be effective facilitators. Once all this change is out in the open, it won’t take long for things to settle down. [Allendale, much is being said about the supposed three days of darkness.] Aye, I cannot comment on that, Tots. That is only one of many possibilities. That is why I say, “get your house in order”. There are many possibilities, so just be centered and be prepared. Allendale out.

Blog: www.anonoymouschannelings.wordpress.com

January 20, 2012

Message from the GF 1/20/12

The forward to today’s message is a personal message to Greg from the Galactic Federation.
'It is clear you see that unwanted and uninvited ETs did enter your sphere again, to hamper our communications with you. We are winning the battle. The other team knows this, and are making desperate attempts to slow our progress, even trying to slow the rate of channeled information reaching the public. We have now cleared these negative ETs from your sphere as you have commanded. They may try to return in the future, but we shall be here for you to protect you and your family, and to eradicate their influence in your affairs. Please be advised all is now well and we are once again free to communicate. We will resume our shared communications at once.'

Today is a great day. Today we, the Galactic Federation of Light, have made great advancements against the dark and we see now their end clearly in sight. No longer do they possess powerful weaponry to be used against humanity in any way. They are now out of options, and clearly understand all is hopeless for them. It is time for them to surrender, and even the most stubborn and blinkered of them now see and admit to themselves and to others that their end is at hand. They now seek a way out of the punishments that surely will be administered in the days ahead. They now seek straw men to offer up as scapegoats to take the blame and the retribution that they earned.

We wish to further clear these beings from Earth’s sphere, and purify your world from their darkness for good. We are now set to commence our final stage of this purification, and this move will pave the way for the further action of disclosure announcements. These announcements are the next major step in our many faceted campaign to assist humanity raise up from the depths of a limited 3rd dimensional world to a virtually unlimited 5th dimensional world. Our assistance is needed in many vital areas and only when we are free to make open contact with you can we begin these projects. Again, see to your affairs at home. Prepare for a few days or even weeks of outages such as utilities and the temporary closures of food stores. Our announcements will surely disrupt the flow somewhat of your communities, but these disruptions shall be short-lived and all will return to normal, only that you will all finally know for certain that you are not alone and that we are here.
We are so very excited about these inevitable events that are about to unfold. We have waited even longer than you have as we have begun preparations many of your lifetimes ago. As we have said, we have enjoyed the benefits of an uninterrupted stream of consciousness while you followed the rules of physical incarnation by being birthed into new lives free of all conscious memory of your past and of your one true multidimensional identity. All your memories are soon to return to you, and many of you will be quite surprised and delighted to learn of your true names and your universal heritage. You all have a great history. You all are so much more than you see today. You are all immortal beings of light who have journeyed here for an exercise in duality, to experience the limitations and the challenges of a world divided in separation on so many fronts, and to report back to your people as well as many other races and civilizations throughout this universe what you have learned here from all of this.
You are all very important explorers who will soon be teachers sharing their exploits and adventures at lectures and in classrooms throughout this universe. This is why we suggest now you take this time not to count the days until our open contact with you. This will happen, you will see this day, but it is important not to allow this to consume all of your energy. Instead, try to find quiet time and look back in careful reflection of your lives here. What have you seen? What have you felt? What did you experience around you as well as inside of you? What could you have done differently? Try to categorize your many emotions that you felt and try to draw a roadmap of where these emotions have led you. What effect did fear have on you? What about love? All your emotions are important and you will be asked to share all of your experiences here. Take this time to review some of them, always being very careful to examine these through distant eyes, safely in the state of emotional detachment.

There is no reason to emotionally experience these events again, as this would not be good for you. An unemotional review of your life is what you are being asked to do, that is all. Remember, all has been designed as a lesson for you. Experiences catered to bring about trauma and turmoil, and you were required to find a solution to these problems and situations. Knowing this, do not allow these scripted episodes to effect you mentally and emotionally like they have done in the past. You are beyond these experiences now, and are only being asked to review them for educational purposes, just as you would review your history books in school for a final exam. This exam will be soon. It is time to ‘burn the midnight oil’ in careful and unattached review.

And remember, in removing negative entities from your sphere, simply state out loud your command. Your command can be your own tailored statement, and you can base it on these words. ‘I command at this time that all negative entities, extraterrestrials and terrestrial's leave my sphere at once and forever, immediately vacating my home and my surrounding area.’ We will immediately see to it that these negative beings are quickly and efficiently rounded up and removed from your sphere just as you have commanded. This is how this service is performed, and we invite any and all of our family members of light to state this or a similar command and we shall act immediately to assist you in this manner.
We, the Galactic Federation, have performed this task on many occasions for many of you, especially for those of you who have put yourselves in the spotlight for the Cabal and their minions to see. There is no reason to fear, as we are your protectors at this time as you continue your service as Lightworkers, restoring love and light to this darkened world that gets so much brighter each and every day. This is our mission, and together nothing will stop us or slow our progress in this regard.

Take the time to state this command regularly, and your surroundings will be patrolled by us and cleared of any and all negative beings. Many of us are experts in this precise field, and we relish the opportunity to assist you in this way. All we require is for you to state this command and we will immediately spring into action. Remember, all here in the 3D world of the physical is choice, and we require your permission to respond to your aid. We will then do everything we can to come to your assistance. This is our promise to you, our family members of light. Today we have come to the aid of our channel Greg, and we have also come to the aid of many others as well. Simply state your command that you demand your personal sphere cleared of any negative entities, and we will do all we can to assist you in this way.

We will continue to make great strides in clearing the way for our reunion. Hold fast to your convictions and continue to spread the news of our imminent introductions. You will not be left ‘holding the bag’, as it were. We will not let you down. Your words and efforts will not be in vain. We will honor our convictions and our promises. We will be with you soon.

We are your Family of Light from the Stars.

As channeled through Greg Giles

2012 is Your Year of Physical Transformation

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for www.LifeTapestryCreations.com
Summary of Brenda’s January 2, 2012:

Dear Ones,

There is much we wish to relay today. Even though the words may not seem unusual, the energy within these words will help spark your movement into the 5th, 6th or 7th dimension. Let us begin.
2011 was a year of tremendous spiritual growth for all Lightworkers. 2012 will continue that theme with the added twist of shifting your physical being. If you envision your earth being as a number of parts – physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual, this is your year of physical change. Please know that even though the segments we just noted are not necessarily accurate or complete, those labels will suffice for now.

In 2011, most of you focused on your internal or spiritual realms. For example, you learned how to shift pain or perceive it differently and how to merge your splinter pieces. In so many ways, you increased your spiritual knowingness.

2012 will enhance your spiritual shifts. But more importantly for this information piece, you will expand your physical being. Not in terms of gaining weight or height – your current common measurements of body expansion – but by claiming and utilizing your New Age physical skills.

Many of you feel somewhat comfortable in your 5th dimension spirituality. You now connect to your spiritual world in ways that you did not think possible one year ago. Perhaps you added more splinters of your being. Maybe you now channel, heal or discern other spiritual pieces. At whatever level, you are more comfortable in your spiritual realms than was true twelve months ago.

Your physical realms will shift similarly in the next twelve months. Some of you have hoped for or detected expansion of your DNA. That will increase in the next few months. Others of you have found that you perceive your physical world a bit differently. That will  also be greatly enhanced.  For indeed, your spiritual enhancements will help expand your physical being.

In our radio show channel earlier this week, we noted that many of you now wearing eyeglasses or require hearing aids will find such implements unnecessary in the coming months for you will no longer need to mask the pain and fear that has been rampant on earth for eons.

You are now questioning our thoughts for do you not anticipate that you will need such implements as you age?  We laugh for many of you now fully expect to manifest what you wish when you wish because of your enhanced spiritual capabilities, yet do not believe growth or expansion is possible physically. Aging with automatic needs for implements to enhance your aging body is a belief system that no longer applies.

We emphasized your spiritual enhancements first because your spiritual realms are nebulous, so you were more easily able to transfer your belief patterns than will be true for your physical being. The Old Age belief is that aging automatically requires physical aids from canes to hearing aids to false teeth to whatever declares to yourself and others that you are degrading prior to your inevitable death.
Please note the increasing number of media stories about those you consider elderly returning to school, getting married or living a joyful life. In the 1970′s, you Baby Boomers expected those in their 60s to soon be physically incapacitated. And you seldom knew of anyone living to 100 years of age. Today, 100 years old is considered somewhat of a miracle, but is not that uncommon.

You have long tried to remove yourself from the pain of earth. Such became more important as you enhanced your spiritual skills, as you moved internally from pain to joy and as you shifted perceptions of past events. You are seeing more beauty on earth. As you observe the joy of others, you no longer wish to have that image projected through eyeglasses that fog your screen. As you sense the laughter of others, you no longer wish to have that sound muffled. You wish to explore the New Age with all of your physical capabilities and more. And so you shall.

In an earlier blog, we stated that communications would be key in 2012. That thought remains correct. Yet another physical manifestation of the new you. As you no longer need the physical implements that muffle your world, you will hear, see and sense the true thoughts and feelings of others. Just as will be true for them. And we might add, that your spiritual work of last year makes it almost impossible for you to be around people with vibrations not harmonious with yours or for you to tell an untruth.
You are becoming more child-like.

Just as is true for an infant, you are becoming amazed at the color of flowers, you are astounded by the actions of a dog and you are exhilarated by the thought of a new adventure.
Do you now understand where this transition, this shift into the 5th and beyond dimensions is leading you? You are returning to the joys of discovery – whether you are 35, 99 or 110. You are not becoming the child-like person of those you now consider senile, but instead, like an infant – with so much to learn and so much excitement about doing so.

Will everyone around you wish to humor you as you rediscover your surroundings? No. Some wish to remain in the foggy 3rd dimension. Does that mean they are less than you? Not at all. They are just exploring different parts of their totality. Everyone now on earth will eventually move into the 5th and beyond dimensions. They will merely do so when it is right for them.
As for you, what an exhilarating ride 2012 will be. You will explore the joys of discovery so delightful to watch in children – including honest and open communications. You opened yourself spiritually in 2011 and will continue on that path.

2012 is the year to open yourself physically – and what an exciting, amazing adventure that will be. You are loved. You are cherished. And we watch and wait as you open yet another exciting phase of your earth/spirit being. You are indeed brave and glorious entities of the Universe. So be it. Amen.

Your Lightworker Job is to Lead

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for www.LifeTapestryCreations.com, 9.1.12

Dear Ones,
We wish to discuss an issue that bothers many of you. You still feel the need to be someone you are not to please others who are also not living their dream.
We have told you on several occasions that it is time for you to look within and follow the path brilliantly lite for you – a bit like the “yellow brick road.” You continue to question the wisdom of those words. Not because it feel right to do so, but because those you hold in high esteem tell you in so many ways that if you follow your heart there will be unpleasant consequences.
There is no longer time for you to waver or to wonder what the correct action for you is. That time is past. NOW – this very instant – you need to start listening to your inner-being. We do not wish to frighten you, but instead to point out that the crossroads, the decision point has passed.
If you no longer wish to be a Lightworker/wayshower/scout master, please ignore the rest of this message. Under those circumstance, it is quite correct to follow society until you have a need to transition.
Those of you who wish to continue on the Lightworker path, can no longer follow the rules of society. What happens if you continue to do so? Nothing other than you will immediately move off your Lightworker path. You can return in the future, but you will not be part of the first wave of Lightworkers. For the time has come (We use the term time very lightly!) to start your mission.
You have prepared for your Lightworker mission for months, if not years. You have meditated, taken classes and discussed issues ad nauseam to prepare yourself for this moment. The time is NOW.
You do not need another class, book or teacher. You are a self-contained unit who knows what needs to be done and how to do it.  It is implementation time.

Many of you are thinking that you are not ready, that you could not possibly be expected to complete such an important assignment without assistance or more learning. A thought familiar to those of you who remember your feelings about your first job - whether as a babysitter or marketing executive. The thrill of obtaining the job often turned into, “I’m not ready. I really don’t know how to do this job, I just sound great in an interview.”

any of you not started on the first day of a new job because you thought you could not do the job? Or did you think – with a great deal of fear – that maybe it would take a few weeks before they discovered you were not qualified? The same is happening to you now. You are fully prepared. You may make some mistakes – but then, this is the first time any entity in the Universes has been part of a transition this large.
As long as you follow your inner-being/heart, you will achieve all that is expected of you.
We must reiterate, your new Lightworker job starts NOW. Not tomorrow or at the end of 2012, but now. Such is the case for a reason. Many entities will be joining the Lightworker parade in the next few months. You are a leader of that parade.

Think in terms of being a pioneer in the United States of the 1800′s and wishing to live in an area not yet explored. If you had family and ties to a paticular community, would you not want some assurances that you would not fall off the edge of the earth before you ventured out? And so it is with those who will opt to follow you into the new earth/New Age. They are willing to follow, but they are not programmed to lead. To lead is your mission – if you are willing to accept it.
Much needs to happen in the next few months.You have interviewed and accepted the position offered. You start your new Lightworker job TODAY.

Some of you are wondering about your Lightworker duties. Listen to your heart and you will know.
Some of you will merely need to be yourself – a neighbor may be curious why you are so cheerful and their curiosity  will lead them to the light. Perhaps you are to write, paint, sing, coordinate, develop, explore or create. Your inner being/ heart will tell you how and when.

But know, just as you knew when you accepted a job in the Old Age, you are expected to fulfill the requirements of your job. And just as perhaps the first few days or weeks of an Old Age job might have been more about waiting for an assignment, than actually implementing tasks. So it may be for you now.
Open your heart. Allow your inner-being to know that you fully accept your Lightworker role – and your inner-being will direct you as needed. You do not need to create work or assignments for yourself. You merely need to listen to your inner-being and you will perform your assigned Lightworker responsibilities to perfection.

Your new Lightworker job has started and you are fully capable of performing your role.
Of course, you can continue studying and learning. Is that not something you have done in any job you loved? But you have the core capabilities – allow that thought to enter your being. You are starting your Lightworker tasks today. Not tomorrow, next week or at the end of December. Today.
We, of the spirit/non-physical world, are your mentors and will continue in that role as long as you wish. But we opted not to live on earth at this time. You are the phenomenal beings who did. Allow yourself to know that you have more knowledge about this transition than those of us of the spirit/non-physical world.

We are your mentors, not your co-workers. Your co-workers are the Lightworkers you are now or soon will be connecting with. All with the inner-knowledge that each has a role – just as is true in any Old Age company. A role is wonderfully filled by you. So be it. Amen.

January 19, 2012

SanJAsKa via Wes Annac 18.1.12

 All is being Lead toward a Wondrous Conclusion
The unraveling of the old paradigm is occurring all around you. If one could view events from an outward and slightly detached perspective, one would see that there have in fact been many major events and breakthroughs that have served to further secure the inevitable victory for the Light that is at hand. Even many revelations that have come to the fore, that have made their way to the public’s ears have opened the bottle for the genie to escape; for all to know the truth.

As you are informed more about the developments taking place and as you are informed of the manners in which the cabals have operated on your world for so very long, your access to and knowing of this information will cause ripples in the collective consciousness. These ripples start out small with your intent to discover the ways in which your world has been slowly tricked into near slavery. As you begin to learn about matters such as these, that ripple will begin to affect other souls in your collective consciousness, and they in turn will also begin to learn and be exposed to these facts about the way your world has operated.

It causes a revolution of knowledge, of true knowing and understanding. At present you see that your world is in a state of near chaos; many problems are running rampant that your leaders seem to find no solution to. Many of you who are awakened have the benefit of knowing that despite what is currently happening on your world, matters are being lead to a peaceful conclusion, a conclusion of ascension. What you are now seeing is again, the unraveling of the old as the energies of the new sweep through your world, turning coal into diamonds, so to speak.

Many long-sought events have been put in place, and again you are seeing the proof of this everywhere. You will have noticed that the number of souls who are genuinely channeling us or otherwise performing work for the Light is growing exponentially. We have made personal and telepathic contact with nearly every member of our Ground Crew, and the various other organizations for the Light who are working in the best interests of Earth have begun contact with their Ground Crew members. An open dialogue is beginning to be exchanged between us up here on the Motherships and many of you down there who have incarnated in these end times to serve the exact purpose you are serving now.

Our Ground Crew on Earth consists of many of the most pure-hearted and resilient of souls, as only souls who can truly handle the densities of Earth are granted the experience of existing upon Her surface. Many of you are Masters currently incarnate on Earth, who even as of yet have yet to discover your true powers, your true potential for Creating and existing in Harmony. You are all at present fully immersed in your, at times quite difficult ascension processes while fulfilling your various roles for the Light in which you incarnated on this world to perform.

As we have established a clear, steady and concise method of communication with the many of you who are a part of our Ground Crew (and there are many more on our Ground Crew incarnate than just the souls who are channeling our energies) we have established a clear line of connection for our energies to come to Earth. Of course, we are hanging in your sky, at times cloaked and at times disguised as something you would be used to seeing in your skies, and while [we are] around we do much cleaning work in Gaia’s atmosphere.

Many of you have begun to notice the rapid disintegration of chemtrails as soon as they are being sprayed, as we have been performing this work in many areas for quite some time now. Indeed, there are a few areas that we have not yet been able to intervene and stop the spraying and expanding of chemtrails in, and this is because we are only able to work with the collective energy manifested in the area we wish to provide aide to. As many incarnate awakening souls on Gaia are discovering the Violet flame and their ability to bring through themselves vast amounts of pure, wonderful-feeling energy, in the areas that such souls are performing such work, we are able to use that energy manifested and brought through, to noticeably spray [the manifested energy] in your skies as a foggy, cloud-like white ray of energy in which many of you are visibly seeing and watching the break-up and disintegration of the usually criss-crossed chemtrails.

In due time, we will be able to perform this work in every area of Gaia’s sky and atmosphere, though for the time being we must work with the collective energy and with the boundaries that you on Earth manifest. We do not wish to be seen as intervening in your affairs, which is why we have left so much of this job up to you on Earth. It is after all, your ascension! We are simply aiding and giving of our Hearts to you dear souls who so dearly deserve to once again feel what it is like here in the heavenly realms; no conflict, no wars, no environmental or otherwise destruction, just pure Love, Harmony and Joy, bliss and many other Heavenly feelings that truly cannot be described in all of their bounty and glory with Earthly words.

As you have expressed the desire to move up on the dimensional scale and expand your consciousness as well as break away from the grip of the elite on your world who have been running things, higher forces of the Logos energy that is you, which is us and the infinite other angelic souls who are helping Earth at this time; we all respond as a Loving and energetic connection. You are naturally drawn at some eventual point to higher realms and levels of consciousness, the same way your bodies are naturally growing, aging and experiencing. You are experiencing Life!

Many more on your world are awakening at a rapid pace. The number of awakening souls on Gaia’s surface was already increasing exponentially by the turn of your [latest] century, and since then there is not nearly a soul who is not aware on some level or another of the matters occurring on Earth and their importance. In fact, so very many of you have awakened to much, much more than the existence of the various secret families on your world who have kept control and influence.

For many of you, those revelations as well as interactions with Earthly things which helped to expand your perspective but at a certain point cease to help you experience the higher realms that you are already beginning to experience; these things have expanded your knowledge further, to the existence of realms and lands much more pure and heavenly than the realm you currently exist with. For many of you, the revelation that there is in fact consciousness after death has brought you to all of the other truths and feelings about Life and spirituality.

Many of you also have again, been lead to this knowledge through exposure to information of an Illuminati- type nature. There are infinite amounts of ways in which so very many of you have awakened, and your awakening and accelerating ascension processes on Gaia’s surface is serving to pump up Her grid of Light as well as provide the pure Logos energy needed to help solve many of the pollution-based issues your world is currently dealing with.

Until our next communication we say to you all, the time is very soon upon you where you will need to begin educating those around you about these types of matters. Some of you still may operate under the guise of ‘this whole thing may not be real’ but when faced with the true situation unfolding on Earth, you quickly begin to understand that this is all very real, and your participation and clear effort in these matters is much needed while you are on Earth.

In quite a short amount of time our presence among your society for decades and longer will be disclosed, and this may be a bit of a hectic time for your world as many truths and revelations come out from under the neatly-tucked and hidden away carpet. There will be much misinformation floating around during this immediate period ahead, and as such you who are awakening to these truths may choose to uphold the Lighted responsibility of letting those around you know all that you know, of course only if they are truly open to hear it.

The most important aspect of what is told, is to remind those around you that despite the chaos and hectic nature of the period ahead, all is being lead toward a final wondrous conclusion that shall lead to your freedom as a planet and your access to many technologies that at present seem like near science-fiction. If you can help to keep the energy stable and balanced around your area, it will have monumental benefits for the Light in this challenging yet exciting time ahead.

Thank you to SanJAsKa,  channeled through Wes Annac, 18.1.12

Allendale: Energies to Assimilate

Good evening to you, lassie.
Laura: How are you Al? Many people are expecting great things to take place this year. Can you tell us a little about what is ahead of us please?
Sure, my lass. The dark ones’ power will continue to diminish, their power is fading away, and along with that goes their territory of control and manipulation. Many people will feel destabilized and out of quilter. Many changes ahead lass, no time to sleep on your laurels.
This year will literally fly by, like a month would go by. Yet, it will be so action packed that you will not have time to catch your breath from one event to the other. Some folks will lose the plot more or less, they will become completely out of centre and out of place. They will feel more and more frightened as the year goes by.
Other folks have given up fighting and will accept and bow to all orders from above them, they are resigned to die and cannot see any way out of it. Those folks will be hit very hard, they will be like an auto pilot on self destruct mode. So make sure these folks don’t take you down with them.
In terms of Man kind meeting their progenitors and creators, a date has not yet been set as such. All is still possible, however, for obvious reasons we also wish to make contact with you as soon as possible.
This however depends entirely on the speed of your assimilation of the higher energies associated with solar massive flares and other planetary alignment. This is the time of awakening.
Not all of you will be able to take it all in at once, at this phenomenal speed rate, my lads. Some of you will be literally burnt out by the incoming energies. As you may have felt already you are all reacting differently to these energies.
Well, my lads, that is all for now. Stay tuned and centred. Try to breath in awareness of your whole being and remember who you are. These energies are aimed at waking you up, big time. So enjoy the ride, standing tall and proud.
Allendale out.
Laura Tyco, 18.1.12

January 17, 2012

GF through Greg 17.1.12

  If your self sacrifices lead you onto new avenues of adventure and wisdom, then they will have all been worth it in the long run. Try to look at things from a higher perspective, and try to see that letting go of the old always makes way for the new. Releasing old habits and tendencies is a very important choice for you to make today, and no one is forcing you to do anything. It is all up to you. We see those voicing their displeasure to learn of the policy in place of the Galactic Federation that stipulates a drug-free work environment, and we understand your confusion at such a rule. We wish to make it clear your ascension is a different matter entirely than working with the Galactic Federation, and these two subjects do not have anything to do with each other in this regard.

Many newly recruited team members will be assigned to stations monitoring and operating highly sophisticated and advanced equipment. Some of this advanced technology involves the direct link between your thought processes and this computerized technology. What we mean by this is that the computerized equipment is directly controlled from your thought processes within your mind, without the necessity of your hands touching any equipment or your eyes seeing any monitors or controls. Considering this, we hope you understand better our policy of recruiting only those who have chosen to make a commitment to keep their minds clear at all times and free of any mind altering substances. The optimum functioning of your brain is of paramount importance when operating and monitoring such sophisticated equipment, as your fellow crew members and crew members of other Federation ships count on the proper operation of these systems.

Try to understand that we, the Galactic Federation, assist worlds who need our help in many important and vital areas including governmental restructuring, environmental purification, geophysical stability, and the removal of all oppressive military forces that often entails doing battle with highly advanced weapons systems. Do you not see how these tasks require minds uninhibited by mind altering substances? Do you not understand how even mild use of recreational drugs can and does affect the motor processes and the chemical and hormonal thought processes of the human brain? If you do not yet understand this, please familiarize yourself with this information that is readily available to you and perhaps you will see things from our perspective. The bottom line is the choice is yours. You can choose to continue your drug use, either for recreational or medicinal purposes, or you can be considered for positions within the Galactic Federation. You cannot have both. Please honor our firm commitment to recruit only those who are dedicated to providing the best possible service to others and the worlds they inhabit.
Looking back at you 3rd dimensional lives once ascended into the higher realms, we are confident many of you will no longer feel a need for such mind altering experiences for any reason, either recreational or medicinal, and once you begin your new lives you will not miss some of the lower dimensional activities you feel attracted to today.

Moving on to matters concerning our mission in your world, we see no way possible for the dark cabal to be able to mount any kind of resurgence against us. They have lost a great number of their military personnel, and their once vast caches of advanced weaponry have now been permanently dismantled. It will not be long until every weapon, either technological or physical, will be shielded from the human race and your planet.
We are prepared to move ahead with our disclosure announcements that will begin to make our presence known to those of your world who have yet to learn of our existence. In time, all will know this reality. As we have advised, many will react very uniquely to this news, and we ask again that all Lightworkers do their part to see to it that those who find it difficult to adjust to the new reality receive the guidance and support you can offer them. We know you can get the job done, and we see so many of you already working very hard in this regard. We wish to thank you once again for your service for the Light and your brothers and sisters of your world.

Peace is soon to be restored to every corner of your globe. Not a single shot from a weapon will be permitted once we secure all areas of concern. No Armed Forces will be permitted to occupy any other countries or territories. We will see to the removal of all these forces that today occupy the lands of another country. In your future, there will be no need for borders of any kind, and one area of your world will not have any more or less of anything anyone else possesses. This is your new economy, your new financial system. There will be an equal sharing of all the resources of your world, and no one shall be excluded from their right to share your new abundance. So many of you have seen such hardships throughout your many incarnations, but we tell you all your struggles are now over forever if you so choose. Choose now if you wish to ascend into the higher realms and continue your lessons and your journey beyond these 3rd dimensional limitations. Choose now to begin new adventures based on more than a daily struggle to survive. Choose this and it shall be yours, and we are here to make certain whatever you choose becomes your new reality.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Greg Giles

January 12, 2012

The GF through Wanderer of the Skies, January 12, 2012

Greetings from the Federation:

What must come to pass is presently being discussed at the highest levels of your world governments, behind closed doors and through emissaries to the various other governments around the world. As time draws closer to the inevitable, your leaders are aware that they cannot stop the tide of Disclosure sweeping over your planet. They know that they will either be swept away by this tide or they must decide to take the reins and make Disclosure their own. Their ability to waffle on this topic amazes even us as we see them fight among themselves for a common ground. Once reached, someone inevitably backs off and the process starts all over again. We wait in the background for what must be done, if not done so by your own people.

News will reach you shortly about a “new” scientific development in the field of what you have termed zero point energy systems. It will be touted as theoretical, but in reality it is a functioning model of a real energy device created a long time ago and only now being released. There will be interesting developments in your legal field over patent protections. The “news" of this breakthrough will be carefully monitored by those in power to determine what type of impact such a disclosure makes upon the people as a whole.

The Queen of England has ceded control over a faction of the Illuminati to a group over which our allies have “consulting” privileges. This means, in the longer term, that this faction will be more amenable to the changes necessary to effect Disclosure and the release of the cabal’s hold over the people. This was a negotiated “peace” that came about after many, many months of positioning on all sides. We are confident that this is another roadblock successfully removed towards the inevitable.

You will have noticed a slight decrease in the sightings of late although those sighting that have made it to your news have been of a more spectacular nature. This is about to change. We are now in another stage of the Disclosure process wherein the revealing of our craft to you will become more pronounced.

A major meeting of all factions of the Federation has recently been held. This was a very big event, not only in numbers but also in importance. It was the final preparation meeting of all involved to go over every detail of the coming events, including the political, social, religious, emotional, mental, and physical ramifications of Disclosure. This meeting was held aboard one of our great spacers, a living machine so large as to dwarf your understanding of construction. Although the physical space was not really necessary to this process as we have telepathically discussed much of these issues, from time to time, we convene physically to resolve issues better dealt with in that fashion. Among those represented were earth humans, who voiced their opinions about coming events and whose opinions were held in the highest regard.

Although you have been beset with many setbacks over the years, we are excited by the prospects of the coming months and what this has in store for all of us. Bring yourselves to feel once again your excitement for the times in which you have chosen to live and the manner in which you have awoken to the truth. Your thoughts will create waves which will act as beacons for the truth and this truth will return to you powerfully.

Be at peace.

January 11, 2012

SaLuSa to Me – 11 Jan 2012


We are Standing Ready to Open our Arms to our Earth Relatives

Laura. We are so sorry for all the interference the cabal is causing in your life with your studies and with your work with us. This is part of their last attempts to cause fear, chaos and desperation. You must remain strong and confident in this matter and not allow them to get to you psychologically and emotionally. They would continue this kind of attacks until you learn not to react in fear and panic to these kinds of attacks. Being a lightworker has many facets, and seeing your own life under attack, as well as the lives of your loved ones threatened is part of it.
Their failure to ignite the kerosene and to cause an explosion of your house has set them back. Your new house will turn out to be working for the best for you, as it is safer, newer and more central. You have some time now to finish moving and will be pleased with the end result. We will keep watching over you and keep you safe as we have last week. We love you very much.
The 2012 energies will clear much of the unnecessary energies, and those of low vibrations will be affected in shocking ways. Many souls have also terminated their life contract now, and are leaving Mother Earth. Some have arranged to end their life contract prematurely also. The grand clearing is ongoing and taking place as we speak. Very little of what has no longer place on Mother Earth will survive the incoming energies, the light vibrations are very strong now, and they will keep on raising throughout the year, reaching a peak on 21st Dec 2012. So be prepared for a roller coaster for many of you. At the end of the year, you will all be in a far better place inwardly and outwardly.
We are looking forward to receiving many of you with open arms onboard our ships. Soon there will be so much love and consciousness present on Mother Earth, that extraterrestrial life will become self evident to many who have never given it any thought previously. It will also be evident that there is absolutely no need to fear us or our technology, dear ones. We are after all your long lost brothers and sisters, who have been protecting you for many eons from behind the scenes. We have kept away from the spot lights, following your desire for experiencing duality without any direct involvement on our part. You have desired that our connection remains silent and invisible till you would awake again from your long slumber. This time is upon us now, dear ones.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and we are here, standing ready to open our arms to our Earth relatives and friends.
Thank you

Divorce proceedings are soon to begin


Message from the Galactic Federation 1/11/12 trhrough Greg Giles

Divorce proceedings are soon to begin. Many of you will be separating from the illusion that you have been married to for many long years. In any separation there may be those partners who wish for the split, understanding that their lives will prosper now that the partner who was holding them back will fade into their past, and also those within the marriage who want for the relationship to continue just as it is. Your split from the 3D illusion is no different, and it is the illusion who understands they will be losing out, and it is the illusion that today seeks desperately to lull you back into this dysfunctional relationship. It is the wise soul who understands and recognizes when a relationship no longer bears fruit, and it is the strong that are able to make the split and move on.

There will be those who will remain with their abusive partner who drains them of their youth, their joy, and their exuberance for life. These souls are caught in the clutches of a codependent relationship and will have to continue with the experience until they too have learned all they can from it and move on. You are the ones today who seek a separation, and it is this that you shall receive. A new life and a new relationship awaits you, and again, your partner will match perfectly your energetic frequency. This is how your universe has been designed, and these are the parameters you have agreed upon. You will always find the perfect match for yourself.

Expanding upon some of the new attributes of your fresh start, we see for you many upgrades to your day-to-day existence. The way you produce and prepare foods is one change you will immediately encounter that you may feel is quite remarkable. In time, your mother planet will no longer have to be used, and harmed, to supply you with nutrients to survive. You may compare this to when a newborn no longer needs to survive on his or her mother's nutrients.

It is understood how humans have grown so dependent on their automobiles, and it is also understood how many of you will miss these soon-to-be relics of your past. New, more efficient ways to travel your cities, your world, and even universes will be immediately shared with you as gifts from the Creator to help you more easily and comfortably explore his wonderful creation.
The way you take care of your bodies will also change radically, and no longer will you rely on medicines and others to heal you when you suffer illness or disease. No one can understand your body better than yourself, and in time you will all learn how to monitor and maintain your bodies to sustain optimal health, performance, and beauty. What a delight this will be for you, and this will be one of the first courses you will undertake in the days ahead. With all these upgrades to your experience also comes greater responsibility. We see how far so many of you have come, and we are very confident you will see to your new responsibilities diligently.

Turning now to matters concerning today, the cabal continues to run short of time, money, and soldiers willing to do their dirty work. You may see quite many advertisements on television and in your print media paid for by your Armed Forces, and these are very last minute and desperate attempts to lure new recruits into the dark’s web and fill newly vacated positions within their ranks. As we have made clear on many occasions, we make every effort possible to safely remove these soldiers and their weapons of destruction from your reality and relocate them to safe surroundings where they can begin to reflect on their choices made, and begin to more clearly understand who they were sacrificing themselves for. Many of them are quite shocked, and for a time, in great disbelief at the true identities, and the motives behind, these military campaigns. It is safe to say that many of these men and women will not fall for such a con ever again.

We will continue to keep you updated as to the demise of the cabal and their minions, and we will have very good news for you in the not too distant future. The necessary procedures are falling like perfectly aligned dominoes, and soon our efforts as well as yours will pay off in grand display for everyone on your planet to see for themselves. You are now in your last days of your current position. Humanity will be free from their captors very shortly. Until then, keep up the tremendous job so many of you are doing for the light. Continue to spread the news of our existence, our honorable mission, and our imminent introduction to you, our brothers and sisters of Earth. Be well. We shall be with you again soon.
We are your Family of Light from the stars.

Five Practical Ways to Raise Your Consciousness in 2012 (and Beyond)

There are many, many ways to raise our consciousness, ways that you are already practicing, or maybe new ways that you read about here in some of the channeled writings or articles written by Steve and others.
In his article, Mark Adams, a health editor at Natural News, highlights  five practical, down-to-earth (literally), concrete ways to raise our consciousness.

Mike Adams, Natural News, 01-10-2012

(NaturalNews) Last week, I declared 2012 the “Year of Consciousness” for NaturalNews (http://www.naturalnews.com/034554_c…) and pointed out that the ultimate solution to ending tyranny, wars, corporate deception and environmental destruction is to upgrade our consciousness rather than “killing our enemies.” This announcement was greatly appreciated by NaturalNews readers, who for the most part have a very positive outlook on 2012 and beyond.
But there was something missing from the announcement: How do we achieve higher consciousness?
And I don’t mean burning a roomful of candles, chanting mantras for seven years and mastering the art of transcendental meditation (which takes a lifetime or more). That’s not practical for most people in the real world today. What we need is a practical way to upgrade our consciousness right now, here in 2012, in our own living rooms.

That’s what this article is about: Five practical ways to raise your level of consciousness starting right now. (I’m also publishing a follow-up article listing things to avoid that crush your consciousness.) For this article, by the way, “raising your consciousness” means expanding your awareness of reality, expanding your connection with other human beings and living systems, and deepening your sense of free will, liberty and being the master of your own destiny through applied decisions and actions. It is not just a “sense of self” but also a heightened sense of how your actions impact the world around you.
Here are the five steps:

#1 – Spend more time in direct contact with nature

Want to boost your conscious awareness? Turn off the TV, ditch the X-Box, and go hiking in a state park somewhere. Go trail running. Plant a garden. Or just take your dog for a walk!
Spending time in nature heightens your senses, opens your heart and expands your sense of connection with who you are and the miracle of creation. So make an effort to spend more time in nature, and if you can manage it, move to a farm or ranch where you can actually live in nature.

#2 – Eat more high-vibration living foods and superfoods

Raising your consciousness means raising your nutritional standards, too. You’re never going to attain a high level of self awareness if your brain is running on junk food, chemical preservatives and artificial colors. Those are things, in fact, that destroy awareness and cognitive function.
The highest-vibration foods you can get for awareness expansion are wild-crafted foods you go out and find yourself (in a forest, a field, etc.). The second highest foods are those you grow yourself, usually in a home garden or a sprouting machine.
After years of studying and teaching nutrition, the pattern is obvious: People who live on low-vibration foods (junk foods, fast foods and processed foods) have diminished consciousness and impaired cognitive function. They tend to have narrow, selfish minds and are incapable of assessing information from a wide perspective. They live on microwaveable dinners, they drink diet soda, and they vote for whatever political candidate the media tells them to. They are, in essence, “zombies” who operate more as brainwashed consumers than conscious human beings.
The junk food poisoning of our modern world is one of the most astonishing un-reported stories of our generation. I plan to cover it more here on NaturalNews, by the way, to reveal the links between the junk food supply and the downfall of complex civilization. For now, focus your effort on increasing your consumption of high-vibration foods, meaning living foods, sprouted foods, wild-crafted foods and home-grown foods.

#3 – Clean your clutter to clear your mind

Is your house a jumble of clutter? Do you have so much junk stacked up everywhere that you only have a narrow pathway through it all from your bedroom to your kitchen? The more clutter you have in your home or office, the more cluttered your mind tends to be. Eliminating that clutter is key to finding some peace in your own home.
I’ve struggled with this, by the way. The situation becomes even more complex when you practice preparedness food storage like I do. As the boxes, cans and other gear stacks up, it’s not easy to get it all put away in an organized manner. The thing I’ve found that works best is a heavy-duty steel shelving unit (purchased at a local hardware store) combined with high-quality storage bins like these made by Akro-Mills: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0…
I use Post-It tape (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0…) and a permanent marker to write labels on these bins. The tape is sticky enough to stay put, but easy to pull off if you ever want to change the label. My bins are labeled with titles like: Flashlights, Batteries, Compass & Navigation, First Aid and so on.

#4 – Observe your decisions as if you were your own life coach

Instead of just making decisions and taking actions from your own first-person point of view — I want a cookie, I feel happy, I feel angry, I need a job — zoom out and take the greater perspective of being your own life coach.
In other words, view your actions and decisions as if you were your own consultant. If you have a particular outcome you would like to achieve in life, ask your inner consultant how that might be reasonably achieved.
For example, if you want to lose 50 pounds of body weight, improve your skin and experience a better sex life, your consultant might give you a reasonable course of action involving dietary strategies, daily exercise, and a reduction of stress. But when you view your life from your own (first-person) eyes, it’s tempting to say, “I want to eat a pizza,” or “I don’t feel like exercising.” That’s why letting your consultant have a say in your life is a wise strategy.
In terms of consciousness, the mere act of invoking your inner consultant is, all by itself, a meta-level advancement in your perspective (and therefore, consciousness). To be able to observe your own actions from the perspective of an outside consultant is a necessary step to grokking the world through the eyes and hearts of other living creatures. It is the gateway to empathy, in other words, and empathy is the gateway to lasting peace.
War can only be waged from the perspective of “I” that lacks the greater awareness of connectedness among all living things. “I shoot you” is the mantra of modern warfare, and yet all by itself, the statement is illogical from a higher perspective because “you” and “I” are bound together in non-material ways that transcend our material bodies. Read more in my article on consciousness:

#5 – Increase your commitment to spiritual practice

No matter what your particular spiritual practices, deepening your commitment to spiritual awakening will automatically raise your level of consciousness. Whether you go to an organized church or simply practice your own personal form of spirituality, enhancing your commitment to that practice will reap rewards beyond the material.
Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you have to go to church to be considered spiritual, by the way. If God is everywhere, then he’s also in your living room. A church may be beneficial in many ways, but it does not have a monopoly on connecting with the spiritual realm.
For some people, a “spiritual practice” may consist solely of meditation or even taking a vow of silence. The point of such exercises is to turn your attention inward, to better know your inner self as a step toward connecting with your “higher self” (or spirit or soul or even God), which is both divine and non-material. Regardless of the particular terminology or spiritual practices you prefer, deepening them will have a profound impact on your level of consciousness awareness in day-to-day living.
Remember, we are more than material beings. And there is much more out there than the crude matter into which we typically find ourselves entwined. If you are not spending some time each week exploring the bigger questions of consciousness, philosophy, life and the after-life, then you are missing out on the most important part of having a conscious mind in the first place.

In summary

Got all that? Here are the five practical steps again:
#1) Spend more time in nature.
#2) Consume more high-vibration foods.
#3) Clean your clutter.
#4) View your life as if you were your own life coach.
#5) Deepen your commitment to spiritual practice (even if it’s just a few minutes a week).
These five steps are simple but powerful, and they will dramatically alter (and improve) your experience of life. Coming up next here on NaturalNews.com, I’m working on an article about five things that destroy consciousness — things to avoid, in other words, as you work to enhance your conscious awareness. Watch for that article in a few days.

January 10, 2012

M of S 71 - Ego

The prospect of a brand new tomorrow is for some of you very daunting, and we do understand why, as the changes they pertain can be such a challenge to overcome. Not in the physical sense, more in the mental sense, and as such there will be a mighty fight with your ego for those of you still insufficiently detached from that. This will sound simple for many, but let us just repeat that for the ego, change on the plane we are referring to enatils certain death. You see, the ego has been set up to maintain status quo at all costs, and when it senses something so fundamental as the changes you are just starting to enter, it goes into crisis mode and will fight back in any way it can. Hence, the many voices of doubt, insecurity and fear that so many are starting to hear ever clearer these days. This is not meant as any sort of criticism of those still under the spell of this little voice inside, far from it, only a reminder that if you count yourself amongst those we have just described, consider yourself to be a part of a large number of human beings struggling mightily at the moment to let go of these inhibitions. For many, the battle has lasted seemingly forever, and it is indeed important that you do not give up the fight now, as you are about to enter the last part of it. You see, the time for liberation has come, not only from this internal inhibition, but also from all outside influences, and because the ego senses this, it is literally doing everything it can to quell the first taste of freedom you have already tasted.

We give you these words to help you see that even if you feel unable to cast off these vestiges of control, you are not fighting a lost cause. You are immensely powerful , but all of these voices of discontent have made it very difficult for you to sense this power. We hope you will stay the course, and realize that you have all the prerequisites you need to rid yourself of this little voice trying it´s best to hold you back. As we have already said on so many occasions, the only one that can stop you from attaining the final goal of ascension is you, and as long as you don´t give in to that insistent voice of ”un-reason” that is harping on and on about your unworthiness, you will be set free from your self-imposed obstacles if you understand just how small this hindrance is. Remember, it does not hold any power over you unless you let it, and the sooner you realize this and give yourself the credit you so thoroughly deserve, the sooner your load will lighten ever so much, and you will continue on this journey with a spring in your step and the most beautiful song in your heart.

 Manuscript of Survival 71

channeler: Aisha North

Message from GF 1/10/12

The operation is not yet a success. We still have a few more tasks at hand before matters can be considered accomplished. There is the matter of a few more space fighters that must be rounded up, and rounded up they will be very quickly and efficiently in the coming days. The cabal is now down to the bottom of their once filled bag of tricks, and they finally see there is no other choice but surrender. Already, last-minute deals are being bargained for the sale price of leniency and access to a few of their ill-gotten gains. We have them where we want them, and very soon we will be able to go ahead with the long anticipated public announcements of our existence and our purpose here in your world.

The time to celebrate is almost at hand, though this celebration shall be but brief, as there is much work to do and we all must get started on the many varied projects immediately. Returning your governments to constitutional governments of the people, by the people, and for the people is a top priority, and this will also be done quickly and smoothly as we have souls dedicated to the light waiting just off in the wings. It will not take long for one former politician to pack up his or her desk and go home, and many of these corrupt members of your governments are already away from their designated posts, as they have been preparing themselves for their inevitable demise.
Reports are beginning to filter out that the light is on the verge of victory, and although there are still a few eggs to crack, the overall messages are based on truth. The light is but moments away from clear victory. What a day this will be for humanity. You have waited a very long time for this day, and your triumphant moment is soon in hand. Continue to shine your light of our existence and our peaceful intent. The success of your efforts may not be visible to you from your vantage point, but from ours we see great changes in the collective consciousness of your world.

Remain positive. Prepare for our announcements. Again, our monitoring services foresee certain disruptions to your utilities and food and transportation services, but we also see dedicated men and women who we are confident will work tirelessly to get these systems back on track as quickly and smoothly as possible. Be there for your brothers and sisters. This is your shining moment, one of the last great challenges you will ever face. We are confident you will succeed as you have done so many times before. Looking back through the years, humanity has faced great challenges of war, poverty, hunger, racial discordance, violent storms, and you have always shined through as the fighters and survivors you are. You will succeed again, as many of this universe look on.

Unwanted and no longer necessary beings who remain stubborn, refusing to embrace the new paradigm of light will be safely and humanely removed from your reality. There are multitudes of learning environments throughout this universe, and there these souls will seek the growth and structuring required of them to one day enter societies of the higher realms. All is a learning process, and all souls are free to take as long as they need to mature throughout their existence. There are no right or wrong timetables as all is choice of personal preference. Be patient with these souls. Show compassion and demonstrate for all others the love and wisdom you have acquired. Act to set the bar higher for those following just steps behind you in the learning process. Lead by example. When others see your understandings of the greater picture, they may also wish to seek higher avenues of wisdom. This is the way it has always been, and this is the way others have acted as wayshowers for you in your past. As it has been so often said, we are one, and the paths we have chosen to take are lined with many footprints of those who have journeyed on before us. Leave your imprints on the higher path you choose to journey today, and a weary traveler will take great solace in discovering your steps that will lead him or her on in their journey.
We are your Family of Light from the stars.

As channeled through Greg Giles

January 9, 2012

The 2012 Express - A Train Is Coming"

The Requisite Shift to Crysto-Electric Field
Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings Masters! Indeed! We greet you in joy and encircle each of you in a field of Unconditional Love.
2012 is not an end, rather it is the true Beginning. Accordingly 2012 is the expansion of dimensional access on the New Earth.
People Get Ready
The Ascension has movement, it is a train of change, and it is coming. You do not need a ticket, only faith & preparation. Energies of the Earth are shifting more quickly now. The velocity of light has increased. In response, the flash & sequencing of linear- time is moving faster now, in the quickening of the 2012 Ascension. The magnetic grid is being reduced as the Crystalline Grid becomes dominant. Gravity fields have transitioned and will continue this metastasis. The arc swing of duality is lessened, and the movement into greater dimension, crystalline frequency, is now tangible. It effects you, influences your Beingness in a powerful manner in the shift.
New Earth Demands
In kind then, does the need for humanity to shift become requisite to maintain equilibrium and balance. Equivocation will not serve. The astrological undulations become more intense as does the heightened energy of the planet itself.
The energy of the New Earth demands more effort on your part. You must proactively raise your frequency to adjust, to keep pace. You must manage expectation and rise to the occasion.
The new energy is of a different medium. Just as you move differently in water than on land, so must you adjust your energy field in the new expanded environ. A new focus is necessary in the optimal maintenance of your Auric Body, for the human EMF ( Electro-Magnetic Field) is being shifted into CEF (Crysto-Electric Field) at the level of the 5th dimension. It is an important change, and is a mandate for each of you on the path.
Ascension Symptoms
The Ascension has symptoms. How you choose to deal with them has consequences. They become either growing pains that lead to great new horizons, or the impetus of a stagnation that can lead to a downward spiral. You can't sit on the fence and ignore it, one of the two, the former or latter, will occur. The Ascension energies are global, and are encountered through Auric Induction.The Aura must be understood, and maintained in order to shift into the Crystalline. The higher frequencial energies of the New Earth require a larger CEF (Crysto-Electric Field) , and the operation manual is a bit more complex.
If you do not make a concerted effort, the greater resonance will create fissure cracks in the field and your will have energy bleed. Energy bleed creates short circuitry, and leads to greater malfunction. Including then, potential symptoms of depression, anxiety, chronic sleep disorder and apathy. These can be avoided, but the mechanics must be recognized and monitored. It is more important than ever to understand and indeed rigorously maintain the Auric Field in the ongoing shift, for it is the optimal CEF that is the gateway to the Crystalline Light Body.
2012 Requires Beacons
Yes, it takes work to adjust. But it is the better path. It will be at times seem overwhelming . But you can navigate this with discipline and heart. And we are here to assist.
The greatest path is to accept the challenge of Self Ascension by being a living 'Light House-Beacon'. Project then the example of your own light rather than protesting the darkness that still exists within the world in 3d, and choosing to dimly insulate yourself from it. Not all humans will chose the walk of Ascension at this time. In many ways it is a moot point, for the changes of the Ascension will occur whether humanity in micro or macro shift in synergetic rhythm in sync with the New Earth of 2012. Beloved, we offer in this moment the integral energy of our Light Beingness, of that crystalline essence of which we are.
We offer you in pure love the guidance of our wisdom for your discernment. Masters, we ask of you simply to be fully present in your hearts and minds. Discern what we say, for you are a God in process. Take what resonates of that we offer for it is presented to you in deepest respect and love.
Our purpose is ever to reinforce your own strength, for ultimately the vast divinity of your Being is not only well equipped to help you find fulfillment, but totally desirous of doing so. And Dear Human, in this process you will discover your higher nature of wisdom, understanding, exuberance, and peace. No one, not even an Angel, can do this for you. In impeccable Mer-Ka-Na you will achieve every self designed task before you.
2012 Optimal Auric Circuitry
And so we speak on the optimal circuitry of the human auric field, with specific focus on the 13-20-33 circuitry. Masters, the Human Aura is not auto-regulated. It requires methodical maintenance. And this is tantamount, because achieving and retaining the 13-20-33 Circuitry of the integral Auric Field is an absolute prerequisite of ascending into Crystalline Light-Body Vehicle. You see with the great expansion of the resonant energy via the completion of the Crystalline Grid, it is logical to understand that a crystalline light body is generated & birthed in order to carry the higher crystal energy matrix of the Ascending Earth. It is the Mer-Ka-Na, and its circuitry is an Alchemical process that must be understood in order to operate in optimal quantum clarity.
Auric Development
Now, we address briefly the time-linear aspect of development of the Human Aura. Dear Ones, as each of you have grown in consciousness through you multitudinous sojourns in duality you activated more layers of your auric field. With each new activation, more responsibility is required, greater apperception is naturally requisite for optimal Auric maintenance. The ultimate and optimal resonance is the Circuitry of 13-20-33. This is the key ratio and flow of the graduated, fully blossomed Auric Field. It is this resonance that allows for flow into Crystalline Light Body. Unless the 13-20-33 is obtained, cultivated and sustained Light Body acquisition is untenable.
Before we delve into this important assay, let us add the caveat, that Auric expansion is a journey and not a destination. In other words, what is gained MUST be kept. Many of you have achieved high levels of Auric layer activation only to lose the clear luminosity & circuitry due to lack of comprehension of the fundamental stipulations required for optimal Auric Field sustenance.
Most of you that are termed 'Old-Souls' in your vernacular originally entered the Earth-Plane in Crystalline Light Body, in the Mer-Ka-Ra of the true Ascended Master. With the Fall of the Firmament, you willingly entered into the 'University of Duality' and in time lost the connection to the great and greater aspect of your true essence. Your auras then took a downward spiral alongside your awareness as you fell into the diffused density of polarity physical bodies. This we have shared with you in earlier assays.
Now, we wish to clarify at this juncture that the advent of duality onto the Earth-Plane was not an accident. It was what we may term as a deliberate occurrence to allow for the experience and growth within duality. The Earth became a University, in its role as the Planet of Choice. Most of your religious scripts refer to this as the 'downfall' of mankind. But in actuality it was an intentional 'maya', an illusion with purpose. Duality placed filters on consciousness, and work was/is required to 'grow' back into full crystalline consciousness. But ALL of YOU chose this growth, and it carries succinct credentials.
The duality experiment carried with it certain vulnerabilities and allowed for what may be termed purposeful setbacks. This then is the journey of duality, the contractual pathway for re-emergence thru growth and overcoming obstacles.
And so in this process of re-growth, the dense became denser, the physical became more solidified, and the hemispheres of the human brain became locked in the polarity of the dodecahedronal grid.
The duality cycled human then incarnated into lifetimes that were dominated by frontal mind and the experience of lower chakra. This level of unconsciousness then allowed for only the 7 layer chakric field, with the goal of activating from the lower 3 chakras to the upper 4, in unifying the seven in full flow.
Duality was defined by polar electromagnetics, and the grid system that determined the level of density was the magnetic or gravity grid. This was indeed adjusted to differing levels throughout the progression of humanity. For a great deal of the linear time since the Golden Age of Atlantis, the gravity grid only allowed for an 8-8-16 circuitry in the Human Aura, and the gendered Mer-Ka-Bah was the Light Body that enabled growth from this level of frequency. Certain Avatars came back into duality from 5,000 to 2,000 years as you measure 'back' in linear time from this succinct reality hologram in order to begin to re-establish the pattern resonance of 13-20-33.
Yet only from the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, did the grid adjustment truly rebirth the 13-20-33 potential for the masses. This became initially enabled with the 144-Crystal Grid in 2001. It is the Crystalline Age thru the Crystalline Grid that fully empowers the return to 13-20-33 upshift into the re-emerging Crystalline, non-polarity Mer-Ka-Na Tri-System.
Circuitry : The 13-20-33
The 13-20-33 is an energetic emulsion interface combing the connectivity between anti-matter/matter/etheric- matter in a crysto-electric amalgam that creates the energy hum of OM. As such the circuitry of 13-20-33 is the not only the optimal frequencial flow required for complete omnitary auric function and upshift, it is the only frequency that can do so. It is the key, and a complex one that serves as the 'plug-in' for full power. Indeed it is then and only then capable of carrying immense energy. It untangles and combines variegated heterogeneous and homogenous energy forms in a compatible unified matrix that is capable of flowing into zero point, Crystalline Field of Mer-Ka-Na.
This circuitry implements and administers the mandatory linkage between the 33 components of the integral field. It is in fact the junctured manifold that regulates the appropriate networking resonance and lattice-weave within and without. It is defined as follows: the 13 represents the 12 layers of the Auric Field within etheric matter harmonized and synchronized into Oneness. Thus the 12 become the One forming the 12+1=13 frequency. It only occurs after sufficient sojourns in duality allow the consciousness of the entity to activate all 12 layers and tie and activate the 12 primary chakras to each layer of the aura and indeed to the 12 strand DNA.
The 20 represents activation of human auric interface layers into multidimensionality within the realms of AntiMatter. These layers were not easily accessible until the adjustment of the magnetic grid occurred.
The Fibiocci synchronization of the 13 + the 20 enables the 33 circuitry. This enables the circuitry that allows for humanity to expand fully into the Crystalline, non polarity levels of consciousness. This is truly the vehicle that takes you full circle, full circuit... back home.
The Mechanics of Maintenance
Now the correct flow of the 13-20-33 circuitry is dependent on certain maintenance responsibilities as we have described. We will discuss now, the obstacles that are most common in obtaining and sustaining optimal circuitry.
Issues Effecting Auric Integrity:
** Opposing Energy Fields
** Emotional Stress
** Conflict
** Planetary Energy Expansion
** Negative Thought-Form Attachment
** Air Travel - Physical Over-Stress
** Medications, Alcohol Excess, Toxins
** Inappropriate Attitude/Control issues/Ego Imbalance
Some of these are herewith addressed in detail.
(1)Interfering EM Fields & Microwaves Result in Bio-Polar Reversal
In your current times, the electromagnetics of the ascending earth are being amplified in potent surges, pressurized surges that can stretch & micro-fracture the flow & symmetry of your auric fields. This is a fundamental & defining necessity of the Ascension as you morph into expanded 13-20-33 Circuitry Auras in order to achieve Mer-Ka-Na within the Mer-Ka-Nic Tri System.
In your age and usage of cell phones, computers, televisions & electronic devices your offices and homes are a constant barrage ofopposing electro-magnetic energy fields. The result can be a temporary 'short circuit' effect that if unresolved can lead to auric imbalance by means of energy loss through fissure cracks. In essence this may be termed 'auric bleeding'. Some of the effects are short termed, but others can become chronic.
The detrimental effects of electromagnetic fields & microwaves, from your MW ovens, computers, mobile phones and televisions have been recognized by some of your mainstream medical professionals. These tend to be minimized & ignored by the masses, in part because the very suppliers & manufacturers of these generators of microwaves and magnetic fields sponsor and underwrite studies from staff or consulted scientists and 'experts' with the pre-contracted aim of disproving or vastly minimizing the contra effects. In the fact the detrimental effects are very real and most all of you are constantly within these contra-fields. As a case in point, most of you will read this message in front of a computer screen.
Dear Ones, there are effective methods of dealing with these contra fields, and these will be offered to you.
But do not ignore the fact that these fields will absolutely have varying levels of mal-effect on your auric field. Most of the in-situ waves and fields do not penetrate very deeply into the layers of your auric sheath, others do, yet all can fissure your energy fields. There may be some who consider this to be an issue of belief system, or this very message to be one of fear. It is neither. It is true that an Ascended Master can transmute such effects, but Dear Ones, we tell you in love that unless you are manifesting at that level, and can walk on water, take heed. The detrimental consequences of microwaves and electromagnetic waves created from alternating currents are a succinct certitude for the masses of humanity in duality, whether you believe it or not.
While these effects are not life threatening, they do indeed affect your energy circuitry, and can create what is termed 'reverse bio-polarity' and auric short circuitry. Both of which can lead to auric fissuring and result in auric bleeding.
Air Travel
Air travel is an ingrained aspect of most of your lives. At some point almost all of you will travel by airplane to another destination. And such travel depletes the aura far more than is currently understood. Indeed expansive regular air travel can shorten one's very longevity and cut short life span, especially for those in mid to later years. Pan continental and trans ocean flights by the very measure of their copious distance and requisite time in flight time are exponentially more degenerative to the human auric field. Virtually every one onboard a 9-10 hour international air flight exit the plane at their destination with varying degrees of irregular or ruptured auric function. Long distance flights traveling latitudinal in eastbound vectors are the most detrimental. Yet all such take an undeniable toll on the energy field...you call it jetlag. Such a benign term is a gross understatement, for the condition is far more than simple fatigue from time zone change.
Now, one of the key the underlying factors that is the root of the issue is that most commercial planes fly at altitudes of 35,000 feet, in the stratosphere, and effectively outside the regulatory pulse of the Schumann Resonance. The Schumann Resonance is the planets 'heartbeat' it is an anionic charge released by the earth, that combines with the cationic charges released from the stratosphere to form an electro-magno capacitor around the planet from ground level to about 30,000 feet. This capacitor forms a background resonance that plays a key role in regulating vital organ& glandular rhythms in the human body. Airplanes flying at 35,000 to 37,500 feet, as most do, are outside this regulatory range and the metallic fuselage of the aircraft further deflects most remaining integration. The result is a distortion of the physical rhythms. Your NASA agencies and space station agencies are aware of this issue, as it has created chronic physical issues with the astronauts. They have experimented with placing magnetic generators in the stations and shuttles.
Your medical personnel that have studied jet fatigue are aware that flights can and do force the heart to work harder, and that longer range flights enlarge the heart temporarily. The pilots and flight attendants who fly daily absolutely stress their bodies and auric fields to the extent that chronic diseases result and 'aging' is acutely accelerated. There have been internal studies of the abbreviated life expectancy of airline flight workers, but these are for the most part kept from the public. They are indeed aware that hypobaric hypoxia caused by pressurization of the aircraft alters rhythmicity after long flights, independently of the number of time zones crossed, significantly reduces human hormone levels.
This issue is somewhat exacerbated by the rather cramped conditions of setting in close quarter seating for extended periods in which rest is difficult, circulation is impaired and the body ingests less oxygen, resulting in a fatigue of its own. The extremely dry air in the pressurized cabin as well as the pressurization itself is detrimental. Cycles are interrupted, and indeed most of you recognize that it is difficult to rest the body after long flights, insomnia occurs as but one side effect of the auric circuitry interruption.
Now let us be clear, flights of under 3-4 hours are not as detrimental as the 8-12 hour variety, and recovery is much faster. So other important factors are the time in the flight, the frequency of flights taken and the age and physical health of the individual human.
Yet all flights, as we have emphasized are detrimental to varying levels.
Equatorial Crossing
Long flights of latitudinal crossings invoke greater fatigue to the body physical due to time-zone change. This in addition to all of the other factors mentioned. Yet longitudinal flights that cross from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere (and vice-versa) invoke another frequencial adjustment to the auric energy. The resonate energy below the equator will in unforced & unmagnetized scenarios, naturally rotate clockwise below the equator, and anticlockwise above it. Thus when one flies from above the equator to destinations above it, and vice -versa, the individuals Auric circuitry will be mal-effected for a period of time.
Question to Metatron: Many people have jobs that require flights. What can be done to minimize the detrimental effects?
AAMetatron: The effects, again, are exacerbated according to the frequency of flights and length of flights. Other factors are the general health and age of the person flying. So in all cases, try to minimize regularity and frequency when possible. Maintain the health in all activity. When you know you will fly you can stabilize the field somewhat by wearing copper or gold on both wrists, and by employing certain gemstones as rings and pendant to help hold the field intact. After the flight, take salt mineral baths and avoid sleep aids. Hydrate the body as much as possible during and after the flights.
The Crucible of Ascension Magnetics
Another less obvious, but vitally important sources of auric diffusion are the very mechanisms of the Ascension. This may seem paradoxical at first glance, but indeed it is occurring, and you must be aware of this. The primary mechanisms we refer to are the solar winds, the increase in the spin of the planetary core and the resulting amplification of planetary frequencies. The planetary pulse is speeding up, and dear ones it is affecting you in myriad ways. In a very valid sense, what is occurring through the ascension energies is stretching your frequencial capacities. As such you are required to grow a new expanded auric field, much like a snake that annually outgrows its skin, and goes through a phase of fitting into a new one that can better encompass the larger body. Do you understand? Before the new one can become resilient, the old one is stretched and cracked, and during that transition there is a phase of metamorphosis that encompasses within it certain vulnerabilities until the new one is completed.
As your earth draws closer to the Ascension of 2012, many major changes are occurring around you that have a profound effect on your physical, emotional and mental well being. Many of you find that you become somewhat 'vulnerable', feeling overwhelmed at times, as if you can't seem to get things done, as if there are not enough hours in the day. Some of you are going though periods of depression, you feel as though you are sinking into a funk, and it seems like you are moving through molasses. Emotions go from ecstatic highs to deep lows shadowed in dark despair. Dear Ones, you are not alone, literally millions of you are experiencing this stretching and building of the 'new auric skin', and we say to you, that by understanding the process and maintaining the integrity of your auric field, the process becomes much easier.
Case in Point
The channel has often spoken of an energetic equalization that can occur when seekers initially visit powerpoints or sacred sites. When a non resident seeker goes to a mega- powerpoint such as Mount Shasta, Lake Titicaca, Sedona, Arkansas or Glastonbury, for example, many find themselves enveloped in a much stronger resonant electromagnetic field than what they are accustomed to, an energy much stronger than the resonate vibration rate of their auric field. For some, but not all, within 3-7days, depending on the auric strength & resilience of the individual seeker's field, the auric ovid will stabilize the pressure differential in a form of osmotic equalization. The auric field will do this through the formation of tiny fissure cracks and a rupture of the auric sheathing will naturally occur.
Unless the individual deals with it, an auric short circuitry eventuates, resulting in energy loss. As such emotional extremes can occur up until the time that the auric field is re-stabilized & re-grounded.
For people that move their residence from lower energies into the locale of a mega power site, this process can take from 6 months to a year. Those of you who have moved to the Mount Shasta and Sedona areas will understand this. For visitors, it will correct itself within a week or two of going back to their place of residence. The key is be aware of your auric frequencial quotient, and do not overstay your time, until your field is capable of holding the higher frequency.
Now, we are not saying that it is not beneficial to visit power nodes, quite the contrary. Such expansion in the overview is inevitable and quite beneficial & quite necessary in order to grow the 'new skin' required to expand into greater frequency and multidimensionality.
Power nodes accelerate this process, and as such should be visited. These infinity points are virtual accelerators that aid your metamorphosis and prepare you for the heightened energies of the ascension, you see?
Rather we are saying that there are processes occurring within power nodes that are a microcosm of the macrocosm, and that they need to be understood. You see, your entire planet is beginning to quicken, to increase in frequency, and you must ready yourselves to contain that frequency. Many of you are dealing with this, somewhat in the dark. You are now or will soon experience this, and an understanding of the process will serve to make it much easier.
Auric Metamorphosis: Changing the Etheric Skin:
The reverse process is also occurring within many of the more enlightened souls. There are many of you who are already tapping into your expansive multidimensionality as the 144-Crystalline grid enables greater dimensional access. The result is that your inner EMF is pulling in great surges of energy, energy levels that are somewhat greater than the parameters of your auric capacitors. In these cases, the result is that a stretching, an overload occurs resulting in temporary fissure cracks, and energy loss. You are changing your skin.
Part of this metamorphic stretching, requires a cleansing process. The very multidimensionality of power nodes and of the Ascension itself are 'crucibles' and will force ones issues to the surface, and thus allow the entity an important opportunity to confront & release any imbedded obstacles. Better sooner than later. This is why these are popping up for so many of you. Attempts to rebury them, ignore them will simply cause the issue to grow and fester.
These issues themselves, unresolved, will generate stress, and lead to the reactive fields of polar reversal, circuitry failure and auric bleeding.
Dear Ones, truly there is a meta-science around auric integrity. This is not a new science, rather a forgotten transitioning one, but one that must be understood, relearned, by all who seek to grow, all who seek balance, wisdom & knowledge.
An intact auric field allows one to re-build the Cosmic Lattice, and achieve 13-20-33 circuitry and as such multidimensional expansion through the levels of the crystalline Mer-Ki-Va system. A fractured field loses energy and the energy loss stresses the physical circuitry. If the loss is not recognized and reconciled, it can lead to chronic polarity reversal, emotional lows, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, migraines, weight gain, anxiety and panic disorders to list but a few. These can be reconciled.
Now, we encourage all of you to actively study this subject.
What you must understand however is that there are many diverse sources of detrimental EMF impacts that can slow the 'metamorphis' create varying degrees of temporary circuitry damage to the field, and these must be dealt with. Imagine these as slow leaks to the tires on your vehicle. If ignored the tire will go flat, and the vehicle cannot move forward. So it is with your auric field.
Question to AA Metatron: How does one recognize auric bleeding?
AAMetatron: First by understanding certain conditions that can create energetic imbalances and auric energetic diffusion. Those we have listed in the above discourse... The human EMF has certain built in defenses. Just as your skin has 3 levels of sheathing, so to speak, your auric fields have twelve layers on the earth dimensions. The outer 3 levels are where most of the energetic diffusion takes place from electromagnetic waves, microwaves can affect you on much deeper levels.
Micro waved food reverses the molecular polarity of the food substance being heated. This is a recognized fact within some of your mainstream academia. When this is taken in the body, circuitry within the digestive system and bowels are effected, both on the physical and energetic bodies.
Now the precondition recognition is essential, first by knowing within what situations auric interference from opposing energy fields can occur. Sensory indications can be quite subtle. The first sensory indicators are emotional lows, a sense of being tired and out of sorts. Humans rarely connect this to EMF loss, because it occurs quite commonly due to the fact that most homes contain interfering fields, and the stress of life within families, jobs and daily life have their stressful aspects. Aspects that are indeed in part due to energy loss from the taut hectic pace, worsened by lack of exercise and healthy diet.
Question to AA Metatron: What can be done to strengthen & solidify the Human EMF?
AAMetatron: There are many things that can strengthen the field. But first, try to eliminate the root source of auric short circuitry and diffusion. Stop using microwaves for food. If it is a case of being obliged to spend hours in front of a computer, as many of you do. There are steps that can be taken to neutralize the bombardment.
Now exercises to strengthen the auric field are numerous. Some of these are conventional methods, others are not.
Exercise at least 30 minutes per day. (Tai Chi, Yoga or Walking)
Increase water consumption, and magnetize water
Detoxify, through saunas, colonic irrigation, massage therapy
Use salt baths & mineral baths, and thermal natural springs
Utilize the Tesla Violet Ray Therapy
Use of magnetics on the soles of the feet & wrist ( <3500 Gsse)
Wear specific combinations of gems stones
Wear noble metal around the neck and on both wrists
Healthy diet
Avoid excesses of alcohol
Elimination / minimize toxins , tobacco and certain prescription drugs
Take cleansers weekly such as raw garlic, ginger and cider vinegar
Work with Phi cut Vogel crystals, in auric sealing
Smudge, sage the field
Utilizing pure sonic frequency thru crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls & tuning forks
Now, in addition to this, be aware of your emotional state. If you are suffering from lethargy, chronic fatigue, insomnia, depression and anxiety, it will certainly serve you to take the steps listed above, but other actions will likely be required. Many of you have chosen certain life lessons that involve removal of obstacles by overcoming 'contractual set-ups'. These set-up life lessons are in essence opportunities, gifts if you will, to allow you to move forward. If they were easy, you would not necessarily learn. Simply changing your outlook to 'positive thinking' when you are dealing with a life lesson that leaves you in a state of lethargic depression is not enough. A 'Pollyanna' outlook will not resolve the core issue, none the less, an intact auric field will assist in overcoming these issues, and in certain cases the auric field will not be whole until these chronic issues are resolved. One provokes the other and vice versa.
While some of you may be somewhat 'karma free', most of you still have learning to walk through & issues to clear. The current time is a gestalt to allow you achieve these lessons and to confront and remove remaining energy-viral obstructions. Auric maintenance underpins all.
Question to Metatron: Can you advise if the 'neutralizing chips' that are available to eliminate detrimental effects from monitors and computers are functionally valid?
AAMetatron: Except for the individual's degree of 'belief', they are currently of very little assistance beyond the 'placebo effect'. At the present the 'bio-chip' technology is not of a sufficient advancement to be truly effective in its own merit. The most beneficial means to deflect these fields is 5-fold, the first point being applicable in all conditions of field strengthen to negate interference:
1) The wearing of gemstones is far more helpful than the current neutralizing chips. A single refractive gem of 2 carats or more worn on one hand and a double refractive gem on the other helps deflect the fields. Examples of single refractive gems are diamond, garnet and spinel. Double refractive are aquamarine, sapphire, ruby, emerald, tourmaline, topaz or any of the quartz varieties such as amethyst, peridot & citrine. In reference to the double refractive, a carat size of 4 or greater is better. Combine this with noble metals on each wrist, gold, palladium or platinum is best. Silver, copper, brass, titanium and carbon steel will assist if the more noble metals are not affordable. Wear a chain around the neck with a stabilizing pendant, such as lapis lazuli, malachite or azurite. Through this process you have a greater ability to increase your field and deflect opposing ones you see. Clear gems are great producers of higher dimensional light waves, and amplify ones field and help hold it intact.
Do not wear beryl (emerald, morganite, alexandrite, aquamarine) and corundum (ruby & sapphire) at the same time.
2) Try to maintain a distance from the screens. For computer monitors this is difficult, for televisions, 4 to 5 meters is recommended.
3) Placement of ionic generators, such as halite salt blocks & air filters are beneficial in restoring the anion to cation ratio in rooms that contain computers, microwaves and televisions.
4) Utilize the Tesla coil violet ray, light beam applications with noble gases to balance the field, correct reverse polarity conditions and assist in sealing the field from auric bleeding
5) An effective neutralizer of the effects of a computer is the placement of an iron nickel meteorite on one periphery of the screen, with a block of malachite on the other. Each of these shud be at least one pound in weight.
Question to AAMetatron: Some metaphysicians and shamanic teachings speak of 'psychic attacks' occurring when the auric field is 'open'. Can and does this occur.
AAMetatron: It can and does indeed. However, your term of psychic attack is in truth an aspect of electromagnetics and harmonic oscillation. From a higher perspective these are part of the set up and overlay of growth in duality, as you learn to be responsible with your innate creative forces. As we have told you, your thoughts & emotions have a vibratory frequency within duality that is quite real, and quite alive. When you focus on an event or react in strong emotion to another person or situation, you create energies termed thought forms. These amass harmonically in various manners. If you project great charges of emotionally charged energy, such as anger, jealousy, or love, passion and joy, toward another, you will agree that both parties are affected, yes? If you consciously dwell on these charged vibratory thoughts, then the energy mass, normally short lived, can gain sufficient energy to become an aware thought-form. When spiritual love and compassion are projected and created, a synergy occurs that befits both parties. When fury and hateful negativity are projected a toxic reaction can occur from both sides. If the auric field of the 'targeted' person is open, the effect is worsened somewhat, and a temporary energy bleed can result.
Now, it is important to differentiate between malicious or controlling energies and honest reactions. If someone disrespects you the appropriate, honest reaction can be one of pure anger and hurt. When these are openly and honestly expressed a cleansing gestalt occurs that can lead to better understandings and a renewed, improved communication. It is a learning process, and is appropriate. But nonetheless, a form of energetic opposition takes place.
However, when one person feels a vendetta, or a prolonged desire to control the other, the gestalt can dissolve into charged conflict, and as such a malicious energy battle of will may occur. Very often both parties feel 'right' and the frequency of hate harmonically attracts more and more like energy until the amassed energy form is so potent that it has the ability to effect a destructive 'attack' role to both. Unless one or both of them sees the wisdom of releasing the hate, it will pull them into a downward spiral, creating dis-ease and deeper negativity.
When one is in a state of malicious anger, or self-loathing, depression, that vibratory resonance on its own will deplete and open the auric field. It becomes a self dug pit that gets deeper and deeper. Lifetimes can be wasted. Yet on a higher perspective, much learning occurs. There are times when great souls choose life lessons of overcoming such energies. Some evolved souls such as Gandhi and Nelson Mandela chose set-ups to be wrongly accused and convicted of crimes, and spend years in the negative energy of your prisons to learn to find peace and strength of will under the harshest conditions of oppression.
Now, when you are in conflict, insure your auric field is maintained, and do not allow yourself to fall into malicious reaction. It is not wrong to react in honesty, but the narrow path of mastery, is to not fall into hate and malicious revenge. You see, getting caught in these traps is much easier than getting out of them. Hate attracts more hate. When groups oppose one another, the collective of like thought forms amass, blend and oppose one another in enormous conflict. Very often entire warring nations form collective energy fields and reincarnate in these groups and continue these conflicts until it is finally resolved. Your current Gulf Wars are such an example, a rollover of the Crusades. Your World War II was a continuation of the Atlantean conflicts between those of Poseida (Law of One), and Aryan, (Sons of Belial).
Double-Edge of Thought Forms
Very often the most difficult 'attacks' are due to one's own negative thought forms coming home to roost.
Perhaps the most difficult of these is around learning self-love. When one falls into depression, self rejection, or self-loathing, the attack is self-generating. The thought forms these dear souls create can become so potent, that the auric field splits into personality fragments. A figure eight pattern of negative energy is emitted, amassed and flows back through the opening of the solar plexus. The thought form of self hatred achieves a certain level of independent awareness, and will become a very real obstacle, self- imposed dungeon, until the person learns to face the root of the problem through great effort of will and wisdom.
Energy exchanges occur quite often in daily life. Some are mutually beneficial, others are not. It is important to note that energy cannot be taken from ones whose aura is intact.
Healers constantly give energy within an intact aura, and are essentially unaffected by the transfer. As such love energy is passed from higher sources and the healer's auric field is capable of willingly being the conduit without losing any of their auric field energy. But take note, if the healer is not in 13-20-33 circuitry healing cannot be truly provided. In fact the opposite can occur, a scenario in which both the healer and the one to be healed both lose energy.
Control & Energy Projections
Now, anytime you feel anger at someone, those thoughts are projected. Anytime someone tries to control you or vice -versa, an energy projection is launched. There are of course situations in which it is appropriate to follow another's direction. You do this in every aspect of your life, it occurs in offices, militaries, schools and between children and parents.
This is based upon agreement, and is properly germane when not abused. However, it is not befitting in these and other circumstances for one to allow another to abusively dominate their spirit, or maliciously attempt to break their will. Abuse of power often occurs in relationships, marriages, in work, family and social scenarios. In certain scenarios, as described, it is wrong to allow another to abusively impose their will, and is equally wrong for one to seek such control outside the appropriate structures of agreement. This can evolve into a form of, in your terms, 'psychic attack'. The controller attaches to the solar plexus center of the controlled party and literally takes their energy and interjects a destructive domination. This 'vampiring effect', in your vernacular, especially occurs among egocentric people, controllers, and manipulators, it often is attempted unconsciously from people in imbalance and depression, who need a 'lift' from being around others due to their own energy shortage. It also takes place on a larger scale in patriarchal dogmatic religions, male dominated societies, and in marriages. It is more difficult to counter in such trappings. When one is aware of being the target of malicious energy projections, auric integrity is of vital importance.
The visualization of enveloping 'white-light' is the generally accepted protective mechanism. However if the auric field is open, the light visualization it is not enough. The procedures listed to strengthen and seal the field, listed above, should be utilized. Be aware that anytime you have strong emotions of a negative nature, or dwell in depression, your fields will temporarily fissure. These attacks can only be energetically depletive if the field is open. The projected negative energy is easily repelled when the auric field is wholly intact. In such 'wholeness' the energy is reflected back to its source for the sender to deal with. There is lesson here, and Dear Ones, do not be the sender of malicious energy, inevitably it will come back and cause you great remorse. Such is the nature of the law harmonic oscillation.
Religions are often the source of great inappropriate control, control through fear. Even within, the 'New Age' in your terms, have sprung up gurus and spiritual teachers whose, fame and power leads to the downward spiral of ego, self-aggrandizement and control. The path of leadership and power inevitably forks and one may be blindly tempted to take the path of greed & power over love. It is part of lesson, and many have fallen in such traps of ego. When this occurs they become 'energy takers'. That is why you should never blindly follow any leader or channel. Rather use discernment, and attune to your own Divinity. When you become a part of any 'group consciousness', and then decide to break free, there is a natural pull from the collective to bring you back in, and as such form of 'energy attack', in your vernacular, occurs, especially in possessive collectives who work at recruitment of followers.
Question to AAMetatron: You mentioned combinations of specific gems for strengthen the auric field. Can you elaborate on this?
AAMetatron: This topic is a vast one, and a book on its own. Briefly, gemstones, relative to auric maintenance and strengthening, are in essence benevolent conscious generators of force fields, that reinforce and fortify one's own EMF. Being crystalline in matrix, they also are tuning forks that assist in 13-20-33 Auric Circuitry and indeed in Mer-Ka-Na formation and expansion.
A basic combination would be to wear a single refractive stone, such as diamond, garnet or spinel on one hand, and a double refractive on the other. The best single refractive is the diamond, but it needs optimally to be a solitary of at least 2 carats, and we realize these are price restrictive. The best substitutes are garnets, preferably the Ural Mountain green demantoid, or a red-orange spessartite. Both project the octahedron in crystalline form. The diamond projects the dodecahedron and octahedron. If one can afford it, a combination of colors among single refractive is best. These can be intuitively alternated, according to astrological forces, and ones cycles. Garnets come in virtually all colors except blue. The spinel comes in pink, red, blue and violet.
In terms of double refractive gems for rings, the most potent are emerald, ruby, sapphire, morganite and aquamarine. Project the largest fields, assuming a 3-5 carat size. Alternate colors as cycles shift. Tourmaline, topaz and quartz varieties such as opal, amethyst and citrine are all piezoelectric and also quite potent force generators.
Gem use is not folklore, indeed they are crystalline force field generators of crystalline coherent light. They can increase ones vitality and even prolong life span, particularly when used in tandem. Well to study this topic. Remember the body is bi-symmetrical, hemispheric. Combine gems with metals about both wrists and the neck. Noble metals such as gold and platinum are most potent. Silver is tertiary, but quite benevolent in its aspect. Alternate these. A pendant about the neck is also recommended. Study this topic, and live it.
The process of achieving and maintaining crystalline clarity in the energy of higher dimension is a sacred process the ancients understood in the Divine Art of Alchemy. Many of you are now making quantum leaps, but in order to maintain the integrity of the gains, it is essential to comprehend the basics and walk in impeccability.
Even the reconnection, Masters, to your own (past-life) sojourns of higher development requires focal dedication & work in this one. There are many pitfalls, and imbalance can create delusion if the process is short circuited. There are no short cuts to impeccability. It is why the true seeker on the path of Master never asks, "How much more work is required". That is because Mastery is a journey, not a destination.
You see the best teachers are students of the eternally expanding process, and the self calibration of personal review is ever a tool in their medicine kit. The basics are never laid aside, never forgotten, never outgrown.
Dear Ones, the pace of change is quickening on the path of the Ascension. Change, as you are learning, is the Nature of All Realities. In find you must now realize that the transition of the Auric Field is a requisite for holding great and greater energy and to evolve into Crystalline Light Body Mer-Ka-Na thru the Metatronic Keys. The Circuitry of 13-20-33 is a profound step on your way to greater reality and Divinity Consciousness.
I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved.
And so it is.
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