September 13, 2011

The manuscript of survival 17,18, 19

 part 17

And so we continue. The subject today will reflect much the same as on the previous days, namely that of freeing yourselves from the trap of so-called linear time. In order to do this, we need to reintroduce you to the concept of parallel worlds. As we were saying, the idea that your life is played out like the unreeling of a single roll of film is so far from the truth. You have all been taught well in this lie, so it will be a momentous leap for all of you to rip this idea asunder once and for all. You have been told that your life will play out as if on a single line that starts at the moment of your birth and ends on the day when you take that final breath. The only unknown parameter in this, is where your life journey will take you, and how long it will last. Now we have come to tell you otherwise. You have heard about the concept of ”free will”, but up until now that concept have in many ways only been a figment of imagination. Now that concept will come true, although in a very different shape of form than the one you have mayhaps envisaged. ”Free will” does not entail a free for all, where you can treat yourself or everything around you according to your wishes, and where YOUR wishes supersedes the common goal of All there is. In other words, you will never again be allowed to forget that you are but a tiny particle of the whole creation, and as such you cannot put yourselves in the role as masters of the universe any more. We say this, because in some ego-oriented minds this is still the case. They think that everything around them must bow to them and their egotistical whims, but that will no longer be the case. In stead, ”free will” will entail the ability to purposely switch between different planes, in other words to be able to enter the totality of the universes. You are about to embark on a journey that will take you far, far beyond the limits of this single ”reality” that you currently inhabit, and bring you out here amongst the rest of us. That is what we define ”free will” to be, an entity that can at will change his or hers (or it´s) defining frame of life seemingly in an instant, and be free to explore wherever they want. This exploration has one purpose, and that is to evolve oneself as much as possible. Not to become more ”important”, but to be able to contribute to the whole of creation.
As we have been saying repeatedly, remember that your actions have far reaching consequences, they go out beyond the borders of your own life and the world you are currently living in. Therefore, the action of man on planet earth have not only had detrimental effect to your planet, but to the rest of creation as well. Therefore, you have been deemed as unable to continue in this same, egotistical and harmful way. We will take you out of this reality , and place you into this new context, namely that of ”superimposed lives”, in other words bring you out in the light where you can start moving more freely about. But we can only do that with those of you that agrees to let go of that old, singular, skewed world of yours. You have to literally open more than your hearts to achieve this, therefore we will give you some lessons that will help you on your way.
As we have said earlier, this straitjacket of time that is now so brutally holding you back needs to be released before you can venture any further into tomorrow, and this work have started already. Many of you have sensed that time is not what it used to be, a constant stream of well defined periods, one coming after the other. Time seems to be altering speed, slowing down one day, speeding up the next. Many of you have lost the ability to have a clear grasp of days and weeks, you lose your way when you try to go back to something that has happened previously. A year may seem like a whole life, or only a second, and you feel out of synch with your fellow humans. This is a natural part of this letting go-process. In addition, many of you have had strange encounters as it were with previous memories. It is if old parts of your live suddenly are resurrected again, and that you feel in some ways trapped by older parts of your lives, parts that have been long gone. This is not about releasing old karma, rather it is a kind of training to let you wade around in different layers of your old timeline, so that you can start to get used to being in several places and times at the same time. This sounds confusing, and it will be so at first. Mostly because you will be emotionally connected to all of these old memories, and you will feel these strong emotions raising again. It is as if you cannot shake off all of these memories, and you may think that they are holding you back. In fact, it is the other way around. In order for you to start getting your bearing in this new way of multiple timelines, you need to start praticing with something you yourselves know is from different periodes of your lives. If you were presented with something entirely unknown to you, you would not get the same reaction, and you would not connect these experiences to the underlying theme, namley that of time. We stress this, for this will cause much confusion and misunderstanding. We repeat, this is NOT about facing old challenges and releasing those emotions, this is only about observing the fact that you are all perpetually dancing in and out of different timelines, and that they are all taking place simultaneously. We know this will take some time (no pun intended) to get used to, but you will be kept very busy doing just this in the next period. Remember, this is not about getting emotionally involved, even if the memories that surface will probably be very emotional to you. This is because they are the ones that your brain have been able to latch onto, as it has a hard time processing all of these ”snapshots of now” as we call them. You must in other words work very hard in order to let go of any emotional connotation, and only concentrate on this tapestry of timelines that will surface in your minds. It will seem like a complete chaos at times, but stay with it and we are certain that you will start to unravel the mysteries of multiple timelines very soon. That is all for now, we will return later with more on this important subject.

Part 18

And so we continue. The subject today will be ”more of the same”, in other words we will continue our discussion on timelines and parallel universes and dimension. This is a very important subject indeed, therefore we have decided to dwell on it and expand your knowledge on this topic further. The reason for this is obvious, for as long as you are trapped in your unawareness of these subjects, or rather your ignorance of them, you cannot escape this so-called reality that you are currently residing in. Much will have been said about this already, but you need an expounded view to get more clarity. Although we are aware that to some, all of these concepts will be difficult to grasp indeed. Therefore, we will try to give you some help on your way by giving you some helpful hints on how to learn to navigate into these expanded realms.
As we have already mentioned, many of you are already experiencing many instants where your concept of time already seems to be crumbling. This will only increase as the pace is further stepped up. This is done in order to prepare you for what is to come, namely a total transformation of the reality that surrounds you. Without these forewarnings and exercises, you would be hard pressed to be able to function when everything you have taken for granted suddenly is exposed for what it really is, namely a well-kept illusion that has held you in it´s grip for such a long time. It will be too overwhelming for many of those around you, and they will not manage to function in this new ”multiverse” to call it that, and they will be left by the wayside by evolution as it were. We have gone into some details on this before, but it bears to be repeated often in this upcoming period. As you are all aware of, time is indeed speeding up, and the changes have come in at a fast pace. Now the pace will be heightened again, as the sun gets ready to fire her ”friendly missiles” at you yet again. To some, these missiles will be perceived as not so friendly, and they harbour the possibilities to damage so much of your electronical infrastructure, or maybe we shall call it your collective, digitized memorybase. This in itself will create much havoc, but in addition it can severly deplete your energygrids by overcharging them with high-powered electromagnetic charges that will knock out many of the relaystations in an instant. You will find out just how vulnerable your modern society is, and for many this will be enough to make them lose all hope in a safe future. We say this in order to prepare you for anything that might come about, not to frighten you in any way. That will be left to your mass media. They are in the hands of your manipulators, and as such they will be eager to make the worst of the situation. In other words, they will try their damnedest to spread as much fear as possible, and to maintain that only a strong leader can guarantee the survival of your communities. As you have probably guessed by now, the leaders they will be extolling are just the leaders who have ensured your captivity for such a long time now. They cannot help you get out of the mess, they are in fact the ones that put you there in the first place. So remember, when everything seems to go into the dark, this is when the light finally will show itself in all of it´s might, but you must not lose sight of this when darkness falls upon your planet. And make no mistake, it will descend swiftly and resolutely, and with it, many will think that the last days have come. That is far from the truth, and this is the message you must and shall keep in your hearts. If not, you will let darkness get the best of you to, and as such you will have a hard time daring to step into the light when it arrives.
Back to the recurring theme of time, and your experience of it. As you know well, you have only been used to being exposed to a singular entity of time, in other words you have been well trained to keep your mind in ”single file” as it were and to take everything at face value. The sequence of events that you live through seems to be perfectly linked together, as the proverbial train we have referred ro earlier. This train chugs along at a well-defined pace, and it follows a single line that seems to go straight ahead forever. But now you will suddenly find yourself observing this train from another train, on a different track and at a very different pace. And not only that, you will also find yourself able to switch between these two trains at your own leisure, and you can do it whenever you want, there is no need for the trains to be stationary in order for you to make that switch. This may sound confusing, but there is more. Not only will you be able to switch trains, you will also be able to board the train at a previous station, or at a station it has yet to reach. In other words, you will be able to go between the past, present and future at your own whim, and you can also choose to enter a different timeline altogether. Talk about multiple choices. To a human who is not accustomed to even having one small choice in the matter, this will seem to be a formidable task to master. And at first it will be so indeed. But we think you will have a very short training period before you master this skill to perfection, and then you are free to travel at your own leisure. Mind you, there are some restrictions as we have already mentioned. These switches cannot be made in order for you to gain something at the cost of others. These switches can only be made in order for you to evolve beyond what the limitations of your current timeline gives you, and the reason to evolve will be to further the interest of the common good. In other words, those still governed by their ego will be left sitting on that one train, and we all know that the next station for that train is not a place you would like to embark.
Let us give you another example. For years, your scientists have used a common denominator for determining the age of an object, namely that of the decaying of a substance called carbon-14, present in all biological matter. They have maintained that because this substance alters it´s atomic makeup in well-defined sequence, it is a reliable source of information when you want to establish how long such an object have existed. But much to their surprise, they have recently found that this is no longer the case. The breakdown of carbon-14 have been found to vary at different intervals, and these intervals coincides with the influx of solar eruptions. In other words, the one defining constant they have used to measure the age of something, now seems to be at a fault. What does this entail for the way that they have already defined so many ancient artefacts and cathegorized them according to this, now seemingly not so foolproof scale after all? Do you think that there are other so-called scientific scales that needs to be revised also? Let us just say that there are many knowledgeable people out there who needs to start reevaluating so many ”truths”, and this will of course have far reaching implications on many fields. But for now, let us discuss what this shifting of timelimes might imply for you personally.
As we have been talking about already, your lives seems to be well defined for now. You are born, then you live your life from cradle to grave as it were, meaning that you as a person develop according to a well known plan. You grow up and then you age, and if the conditions are favourably, you grow old before you die when your physical body is unable to continue. This is it, and there are no variations on this, except for the length of time your physical body can function. The only say you have in the matter, is in how you treat your body to make sure it can handle the rigours of life, and then everything else is more or less left to chance. Now, when you enter the age of ”timelessness”, you will be able to start living in a very different way indeed. You might backtrack to childhood, or jump ahead to old age, all in order to make sure that you get the optimum exposure to experiences that will enhance your knowledge. You might also put your life on ”hold” as it were, or go out of time, and stop the timeline from advancing for a period of time. This will enable you to go in-dept in a subject that requires you to stay separated from the natural cycle of time, and as such give you more room to indulge in a special subject. It does not mean that you can take ”time off” from everything and spend it idly doing nothing. As we were saying, this jumping back and forth will have a very specific task in mind, namely that of acquiring knowledge and expertise in various fields for which your input is needed. This may sound very hectic indeed, but for most of you the reality will not be too complicated. Some will spend much time switching back and forth between different timelines and dimensions, but many will choose to spend most of their time in a more linear fashion. We do not say that one thing is better than the other, but it is important to stop thinking of time as one well-defined concept, and to start to loosen up your own borders hedging it in. As we have already mentioned, this is one of the parameters that will change considerably in this upcoming period, and in order for you not to get lost in this confusing sea of time, you better get used to the idea of no constant ticking of the clock ever again. It will be hard at first, but as you will be prepared in advance, you will have an easier time keeping your heads above water than others, less suspecting fellow human beings.
As you may have noticed already, there are so many out there already complaining about how they are ”running out of time”, a concept that is nothing if not ridiculous. There is no end to time, but they seem to think that they have a very small pool of time to dip into, and that this pool is diminishing at a rapid rate. Of course, if you have your own mortality in mind, this may seem to be the case, but as we have demonstrated already the idea of mortality is one that has been programmed into your systems. And now, when time certainly seems to be speeding up, so many get very, very anguished and afraid that they are running out of time sooner than they thought possible. This will only heighten their level of stress, and this certainly plays out in many different ways in your society. Angers flare because of this, and your physical bodies are often a seething mass of stress-induced hormones, hormones that certainly creates havoc with your insides. You have not been created to live in such a stressing environment, and this is very harmful indeed. Many of you have suffered the consequences of this already, and it is certainly not creating an ideal environment for you in which to live as long as possible. In effect, all of this together ensures that your lives are getting more and more geared towards running you into the ground in an even shorter time than your ancestors. You are literally running yourselves out of date in this frantic pace of keeping up with the ever increasing strain of cathcing up with the rest of the world. Can you imagine what this new life of ”timelessness”will entail? You will then have all the time in the world at your disposal, and you will not have to run after the clock ever again.
You might think that all of this will create total chaos, if each and every one of you will live your life according to your personal concept of time. Not so, as there are certain rules that govern these processes. Once you have entered a certain timeline, rest assured that all others on that timeline coexists simultaneously with you, in other words you will all keep the same pace. If you switch over to another timeline, the others in that timeline will be certain to keep the same time there as well. It is like entering a new room were the defining limits are the same for each and everyone in that room, but if you leave that room and enter another one, the defining measures will change accordingly. You will in other words not be living inside your own personal bubble of time, but you will be swimming in the same part of this ever-changing ocean together with the rest of the people staying in the same space as you. In another part of the ocean, the residents will be playing out their lives according to ”local time” there as it were. It will not only be different timezones, like the one you have superimposed on your planet according to when the sun rises and sets on the different locations, but rather it will be a separate compartment where time itself varies totally from the other compartments.
Let us revert to the image of the train again: all those that are passengers on the same train follows the same course at the same amount of time. But if you switch to a different train, not only will the ”speed” at which you travel change, so also will the end station. In other words, one you start switching from one train to the next, the whole set-up around you changes according to the defined timeline and direction of that train. It might sound like total chaos for you at the moment, but rest assured that you will be adequately equipped with all the necessary timetables as it were so you will be able to reach your chosen destination at the right time. And yes, we do use the word ”chosen” deliberately. No more going into the fog of tomorrow, unsure of where the next step will take you. You will be able to get a totally different overview of the situation, and according to this choose the timeline that will get you to where you want to go. In other words, choose the kind of life that will make yo develop into the kind of human being you want to be. Sometimes this will entail taking the slow train, while at other times you might as well board the express. One thing is certain, we think you will hear the whistle from an approaching train coming to a station near you in the very near future.

part 19,  Chapter 16

And so we continue. Today we would like to adress another topic altogether, namely that of the altering energies you are all sensing at the moment. So much have already changed in your set-up as it were, but now this process is also accelerating along with everything else around you. As we have already dipped into, the activities on your neighbour the sun is certainly picking up speed. She has started to enlarge the doses of high–frequent energy she is blasting you with, and although your scientists are already somewhat taken aback by her eagerness to surprise, she certainly have a few other tricks up her sleeve. As we have mentioned already, the form of particles coming your way varies from day to day, and even from second to second. A small fraction of them are known to your scientific community, but so much of her missiles to call it that are of a type and form hitherto unseen on your planet. Therefore, your scientists would have a hard time explaining just what is going on, not only up there but also the results down on planet earth. As we said earlier, these emissions have one thing in common, namely that of re-engineering your physical set-up, and also the set-up of everything that carries energy on your planet. As you might be aware of that includes anything and everything, also seemingly inert objects like rocks and stones. Are you in fact aware that there is a correlation between the activities of the so-called sunspotst and the movements in the earth´s crust? Not in the way that the number of sunspots correlates directly with the number of earth tremors, but in the way that the energetic outbursts from these sunspots directed earthwise engender energyfields that are absorbed by the earth´s crust. It is in a way like charging a battery, and when the charge is high enough, a spark is produced that triggers movements in the underlaying rockformations. You can check out yourselves how the scientists monitor the electromagnetic fields around the world to detect when an eartquake is imminent. When they see distinct movements in these fields they know that something is up, but they can only ”see” them as the earth itself is starting to move. In other words, this cannot be used as a tool to forewarn anyone that there is danger ahead, as then the danger is already afoot.
Enough on this, let us return to the sun. As we were saying, she is currently stoking up her fires in more ways than one, and this will have devastating effect on so much of your planet. Remember that previous sunstorms have had detrimental effect on your powerlines, and this has been during so-called low activity on the solar surface. Now the surface have started to churn more than before, and this has taken your scientists much by surprise. Not by the heightened activity itself, but at the rapid increase and strength of these electromagnetic storms. What if we say that this is only a small breeze compared to what is ahead, are you ready for that? You as a society is so beholden to your eletronic devices, and you have in fact included them in almost every part of your surroundings. We do not think you are aware of just how vulnerable this makes you, but the day the plug is pulled out so to speak you will certainly notice it. Many have prophesized ”three days of darkness”, and that could be a good way to describe it, even if we would not endorse any specific length of time for this period. This will sound terrifying to many out there, and indeed it will seem to many that the end has come, for how do you deal with the fact that nothing dependent on electricity can function? And keep in mind that for many areas we are not talking about a few hours of powercuts, nay we speak of longer time than that. Can you survive this you might ask? For many, the answer will be no, but we are here to assure you that you will in fact not only survive this, this is actually what will make you prosper in the end.
As we have said on numerous occasions, in order for your world to shake off the shackles of tyranny, these shackles need to be forced off, and the force to do so is actually the one we are talking about now, namely the electromagnetic force. You are powerless without this power, and so are the dark ones, but the difference between you and them, is that you will be given an alternative energysource with which to power your lives from. This may sound too good to be true, but as we have said you have no way of perceiving just how these solutions of tomorrow looks like. Your capacity to think outside of the small box you are currently being held hostage within is very, very limited indeed, therefore you will be hard pressed to even start to imagine what this source might be, and how you will be able to switch from that old grid and over to the new one in a seemingly infinitesimal amount of time. As you know well by now the grid we refer to is already put into place around your globe, and when the time is right you will be reconnected to this infinite source of energy and information. You have been cut off from this once before, when the darkness fell all over your planet with the arrival of your oppressors, but as they themselves cannot be connected to this new grid, you will finally start your lives without their shadows obscuring your path ahead.

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