April 30, 2013

You Don't Need to Return to Battle Trenches

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com

Summary of Brenda’s April 26, 2013 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman: Perhaps new Lightworkers are requesting information from you. If you provide such despite feeling it burdensome to do so, you return to Old Age care taking or victim roles. You’re a trailblazer who most likely wishes to explore new dimensions and processes.
The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com: “First Salvos of the New Astrology”
Brenda’s “Creation Energies” BlogTalkRadio.com show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled materials.

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you started your New Age/new earth journey filled with blissful innocence. You expected your transition to be completed with ease in a few days or months.
Instead, it is a process consuming more time and energy than you thought possible when you first decided to transition from fear to love. “How difficult can it be?” Indeed.

You are now bemoaning your advancement or lack thereof. At this stage of completion, neither seems exciting.
An apt analogy is that you are a World War I soldier in the trenches of France and your unit has claimed a few feet of mud – at the cost of friends and your peace of mind. Fighting for your country seemed exciting before you arrived. Now you cannot wait until the war is over. The ups and downs, the physical discomfort, and the lack of anything you wish to talk about merely test your soul. You no longer care who wins as long as you can go home.
Such is not true for all of you in the transition ‘trenches,’ but it is true for enough to provide this overview – and a bit of hope. Know that millions have joined you in your movement to joy.

Many of you can now only see a short distance in front of you. You have no idea how many, if any, are behind you.
As of last week, the numbers transitioning into the New Age/new earth expanded by millions. You are no longer alone or one of the few. Will you sense these new ‘troops’ immediately? No – you are so battle weary that you merely put one foot in front of the other.

Perhaps our thoughts are too dramatic for your current reality.

What we are speaking of is similar to a commander receiving new, untested troops for a military drive and deciding to use battle weary troops instead. It is possible – but why?

Why would a commander force exhausted, but trained troops to continue when there are millions waiting impatiently for their turn to glorify themselves and their country? The battle weary troops know there is little glorification in the process – merely one step in front of the other until the end/ light is visible.

You are the battle weary troops. You have fought, yes fought to find your place in this wondrous New Age transition. Even though you had no idea where you would end up other than a vague promise of joy, you gathered your courage and continued to move forward despite questions, concerns and yes, fears. You felt isolated, sometimes odd and yet slugged through many physical or emotional traumas.

All of this sounds quite depressing, does it not? But that has been your reality for some time. You moved forward with the promise of joy and an inner sense that you must.

This, in your earth historical perspective, is not much different from enlisting in the military believing that your country is worth the effort and the pain.

Perhaps you are horrified that we use a military analogy to describe your New Age/new earth transition. You have joined this transition movement to find peace and love. Is that thought any different that than that of soldiers who fought for the same when earth was in 3D realms? You have ‘fought’ many similar battles in the past, merely in the physical realms.

It is time for you to give up your military analogies. This transition is no longer a group activity. It is a solitary movement into what feels best for you. You are not needed to train new troops or to fight their battles. Your only role is to continue to move into joy and love.

We have made dramatic statements because many are now joining the Lightworker ‘bandwagon’. And they fully expect you to care for them during their traumas, fears and yes, battles. For you are the ‘good guys’ who will take their hand and lead them through the worst – at your exhausted expense.

You do not have the energy to care take. Nor do you have the need to be a victim. Stopping your nearly complete transition to help those along the way sounds noble, but you do not have the energy to do so. Nor do those who follow need someone to rescue them from themselves. For that is what you would be doing. They need to discover their own beings. That is not your role. Of equal importance, you do not have the energy to train or care take anyone now.

 You advance Lightworkers are exhausted. You need to experience joy – not the pains of others as they evolve through their deepest fears.

Some of you may wish to train or teach newly minted Lightworkers. If it feels joyful to do so, by all means do it.
The majority of you have other pieces you wish to explore. You have no need to further explore your own pain, fear, anger – or that of someone you love. You are tired. And rightly so. You have moved through your fears and you need a rest before you decide to move to your next realm of exploration. Such does not include moving to the back of the line as friends and loved ones beg for your assistance so they do not have experience all that you did.
They will not move into the New Age/new earth until they explore their fears, but you know that. They fully expect you to give them the shortcut – to care take them.

Your role as an advance Lightworker is to move ever forward – perhaps leaving a trail of wisdom and energy in your wake, but certainly not to return to the front to fight the new Lightworkers’ battles for them.
Your trail of wisdom and light might include written materials or just allowing others to be in fear as they move through their ‘dark night of the soul’. You cannot do it for anyone – anymore than you can learn to read for someone.

It is time for you to move into joy without concern that your brother, mother, friend or lover will not make it through their transition. That is their concern – not yours.

We will close for now with words of love and healing for you Lightworkers who have fought the brave fight. Allow yourself to rest knowing that those who follow have a great deal more information – and yes, many more role models than you did. Rest a bit before your next big adventure knowing that you do not need to return to the trenches ever. So be it. Amen.

What the Fifth Dimension is Really Like

Kathryn E. May   04/28/13 
It is almost May by your Earthly calendar. Four moon phases have passed since the historic December 21st “deadline” for Earth Ascension, and an amazing four months it has been! The Ascension process rolls forward, gathering steam, carrying everyone along with it. Yes, there are a few who are reluctant or even belligerent in their resistance to understanding the bigger picture, as you might say. As you know, it is the result of the eons of heavy, materially anchored vibration which was 3D. Lifetime after lifetime, you were used to looking at your feet when you walked, concentrating on the day by day minutiae of life, struggling with the basic need for survival, and feeling happy if you found a time to smile and relax for 5 minutes.

Those many lifetimes have a way of creating a cumulative expectation about what you will experience here on Gaia, imprinted in your subconscious minds even before you come here. These are some of the issues Lightworkers have been working hard to clear and eliminate as preparation for Ascension.

Not everyone even understands what “Ascension” means, so they have not even begun to prepare for it. From our perspective, it is to be expected, and is not a matter of deep concern for Us. We have many other options and many other locations, as we have always had, for soul development for any and all who wish to slow their process a bit. Nevertheless, whether they decide to leap or just hop, it will be a dramatic Ascension for all.

There has been much confusion about whether “all going together” as your original contract calls for means that every single person on Earth has to be ready and willing to ascend in exactly the same way at the same time, or whether this means people will be separated into groups, thereby being forced to leave loved ones behind, whether animals and pets will be allowed, and whether the Dark Hats will be isolated or punished for their wrongdoings.
Let us try to explain further, although it may be difficult because your language is so judgmental in its very forms, and defies subtlety at every turn. Yes, there are massive and glorious changes coming. Yes, it will be a good thing for the individual development of every soul, just as much as it will benefit the group. It is impossible for you to understand the win/win concepts we have developed for you, but please trust that no one will be slighted or left behind in this process. Every detail of every option has been carefully considered with this in mind. Our policy throughout the ages has been one which rewards progress and gives everyone another chance when they have not reached their goals.

No one will be given cause to feel sadness because of the Ascension process, and no one will be put in a position to be separated in any important way from the ones they care about in this life. Those of you who have not consciously experienced the fluid and open-ended delights of life in higher dimensions have a treat in store. Life takes on a completely different feel when color and light, feelings and thoughts combine to produce the most captivating sense of Unconditional Love, the likes of which you have never experienced in 3D. Nothing is lacking, nothing is static, and there are no limits to who you can communicate with and what you can learn.

You have the expression, “The sky’s the limit.” It is difficult for you to imagine that you need not preserve your closet full of clothes because you can envision and create the most elaborate and delightful party attire on the spot, or that you need not have a retirement account in a multinational bank because there is nothing to buy. Manifesting your dreams means that, literally. A house may benefit from the imagination of an architect or an artist in the dreaming stage, but no hammer and nails will be needed. The taste of the most delicious food requires no time-consuming importing, shopping, chopping and cooking unless you prefer to arrange it that way for the fun of it. Either way, food is far less important than you find now.

You see, you will not be deprived of your favorite pastimes and nostalgic memories unless they are detrimental to the Greater Good, but the options for what you may spend your time at is not limited as it is now. Entertainment is not a way to escape from life but rather is the opportunity to take part in uplifting activities in the company of the most interesting and intelligent Beings. Work is the activity of expressing your unique gifts in a way that is of service to others, and for which you are paid in gratitude and admiration.

Children are not a burden, or something that happens to people, but are rather a sacred gift - a conscious creation of the intentions of the loving partners who welcome the holy responsibility of bonding together to nurture and support the child in Love and Light. Parenthood is considered a great honor and a gift, and is only undertaken under the most ideal circumstances. No child is permitted to be neglected or mistreated in any way, and the community takes considerable interest and responsibility for the well-being of every child.

Education is an ongoing, never-ending activity. Any individual may study any subject matter which sparks their interest or for which they have an aptitude, to any level they wish to achieve. Master Teachers of the highest levels of expertise are delighted to teach the students who excel in their particular area of knowledge, and opportunities to learn are gloriously dropped at your feet, like rose pedals at a wedding.

There is transparency at each level, although of course it is impossible for everyone to know everything. You all specialize in some ways, but there is always the advantage that the levels below you are open to you, so that you can feel and see the Truth of what is transpiring at lower levels, just as your Ascended Masters and We can observe you, your feelings and your thoughts as we watch over you with Love.

So you see, that hopefully answers your concerns about who will be “left behind.” No one will be left behind or unavailable to you because of the “glass floor” perspective. If you decide to move on to higher realms where your loved ones have not reached, it will be no more isolating than if you went to graduate school to take some extra classes.

The beautiful advantage in the higher dimensions is that you will always be in the company of souls who have reached similar levels of development to yours, and who are striving to ascend further. You will never again have the lonely feeling of being the lone Starseed in the company of people who deny your identity or disparage your knowledge. Think of it! Advanced classes with the brightest and the best, where your intelligence and intuition are celebrated and admired!

Now, about relationships: No partnership is arranged on the basis of duty or financial need or social pressure. Only Love matters when it comes to choosing or not choosing a mate. No requirements other than ones own soul development and personal preferences are relevant. Depending on your developmental level, you may or may not want to spend time with your Twin Flame, and the soul mates you have traveled with in many lifetimes will be in or out of your immediate environment, as you all agree.

As you may have discerned, the amount of freedom, liberty and justice you experience in the higher dimensions would be inconceivable to most humans in 3D. You will have some training sessions upon your entry to help you acclimate to it, and to help you work with the new powers of manifestation which are inherent in the higher dimensions. You may now understand why it is imperative to keep the opaque ceiling, glass floor system in place, since a lower dimensional being in 5D would be an invitation for devastation, for themselves and for others. And so, it is simply impossible physically for a being to transcend their abilities, since the higher vibrational frequencies would cause physical pain if a soul is not ready.

Once acclimated, you will learn to adjust to the wonders and delights of what you have been taught to think of as “Heaven.” It is truly a marvelous place, as We are sure you will agree, and we can hardly wait to roll out the red carpet for you to sail on in.

Be at peace, Dear Ones. Enjoy the coming week as the Citizens’ Hearings unfold and you march day by day closer to the glorious days of Disclosure, and the abundance and delights which will accompany it.
With Unconditional Love always,

Your Mother/Father God


April 22, 2013

Are you open to Change?

The rumbles of change, internal and external are currently reverberating across the face of the planet. Are you open to change happening in your life?

We are the angelic legions of the Divine Mother and speak as a collective. We are One with the Mother / Father God, one with Creator. We are one with you, also.
We come to you today to speak of the necessity of letting go of expectation and even of disappointment. Things have a way of working out when you least expect it, if you are willing to forgo the need to control the world outside yourself.

You have been told that the Universe loves you. It loves you so much that those things you place your attention upon will visit you, sometimes repeatedly, until you realize that, yes, you are the creator of your own world. It is how you choose to apply your attention that determines what you will experience.
Science is discovering that each person is a focus of intention and attention. The observer will always affect the outcome of an experiment. The observer is both the observed and the act of observing. It is a loop of intention, attention and playing out of experience.

As a being with free will, it is your responsibility, then, to determine what you wish to experience in life.
Not many people are ready or willing to accept such a responsibility, but those who are intent on attaining ascension in this lifetime or the next, must make this intention in order to master their creations.

The tools needed to attain ascension are simple. The application and daily usage of these tools takes determination, focus and a willingness to release judgment, of self and others. It also takes a willingness to live in joy and wonder, even while the world around you implodes with violence and chaos.

The events of the past week have challenged the emotional bodies of many. Some are seeking security through outer measures, whether by moving from the affected areas, simplifying their lives, living closer to the earth, buying guns and supplies. We do not recommend any choice over another. It is up to each individual to follow the guidance of their inner being and heart center. We will caution you, however; if you are determined to react in fear, fearful events may come upon you.

It is very important to review the simple tools of meditation, grounding, centering, going to the higher mind, uniting with the soul in the heart center and so on. Learn how to use these tools and methods and then live them.
Whatever choices you make now will determine what you are to experience in the remainder of the intense period of transition as the various timelines or “worlds” begin to separate out.
When we say “worlds” we mean an expression of frequency. Each individual will find their level as a result of their intention and attention, in accordance with the raising up of their frequency levels or the lowering of them due to reacting through fear. And even though you may not be personally affected by lower frequencies, you will observe them as you are not going anywhere.

Life is happening here on planet Earth. You can choose to step out of the drama currently being played out or to remain in it. You can choose to live in hell or to be one of those who are bringing heaven to earth.
Before 12/12/12, many lightworkers were seeking to be brought magically into a new world without effort on their part. Where is the mastery in this? You are all masters, every one of you who now walks upon the face of the planet. It is up to you to determine in what manner you wish to demonstrate that mastery and at what pace.
We do not seek to judge whatever an individual chooses as their experience. Each soul has placed its soul extensions here, during these extraordinary times, as a means of learning more about itself. The learning curve is very steep and intense, but meeting the challenge of the times will be extremely rewarding in terms of self-knowledge and wisdom.
Understand that you will not be magically translated physically to another world. Neither will you experience those other planes of existence spiritually unless you work on connecting through the inner planes and even then you will continue to observe the events of the world around you. How you choose to react or not to those events is how your mastery is tested. This kind of mastery cannot be accomplished by one who will not let go of the prevailing mores of society and the constructs of fear and control of the departing paradigm. In short, if you choose to act as victim or abuser, scenarios related to these roles will continue to play out in your life. Be the observer and let go of judgment. Be love and you will see love reflected in the faces of those who surround you. Allow others to play in their own creations if they choose not to play in yours.

Change must come from within the individual before it is reflected in the outer world. If you wish to see change in your world, be that change, from inside. Learn to work with the soul, with the archangels, the animal and mineral kingdoms from the inside; join with your monad. Do the individual work and return to the state of living master of your own world. Since you are the observer, the observed and the act of observing, change will be reflected in your daily activities.

Although you may be willing to accept change into your life, understand that many individuals are not. They have and will continue to choose to play in the wake of the departing paradigm, even as it crashes to the ground. Therefore, it is necessary to release judgment and to forgive yourself for any lapses that you might experience, as well, as the waves of emotional and mental turmoil roil through the atmosphere.
As you develop your inner senses you will find yourself both more sensitive to the existence of thought-forms and how they can impact your behavior and emotions. You can choose to detach from self-judgment and judgment of others as you are momentarily overtaken by the surprise wave of emotion as a thought or old memory enters your mind.

Realize that these old memories and thoughts are coming up for release. Choose to detach and let them flow through you, disconnecting from the energy of the emotion attached to the thought. Much of what you experience in this subtle fashion is not “yours” but belongs to those who have chosen to run your life for you before you chose the path of self-mastery, whether they be your erst-while controllers or those whom you have loved, parents, children, friends, work associates and neighbors.

Understand dear ones that humanity is in the process of reopening into a unified field of consciousness. You are a collective, yet each individual will experience today and in the days to come different things depending on where their attention is placed. Each member of humanity, as cells of the collective body of humanity, will experience their own scenario and yet be influenced by what goes on in the life of others. As an individual and as a collective, the miscreations of humanity are being cleared; just how difficult that clearing may be, is up to the choices made by each member of the collective.

As wayshowers and leaders of humanity, chosen to guide the lost and sleeping masses into a new age, into a higher frequency and manner of living, it is up to you to choose, or not, to attain your own self-mastery so your manner of being will shine out as an example to the ones who live and work around you. Each of you has the opportunity to be a shining light, perhaps living quietly at first, but as your mastery increases perhaps becoming that teacher or guide who is just the one needed to bring calm and loving change into the world of those they love.

If you are unsure that you have the needed wisdom and knowledge to obtain mastery, know now that what you need is within. Discover a way to connect with your soul and monad and you will have access to all that you require to re-member what you chose to forget upon coming here. The veils of forgetfulness are being lifted for each person. Just how fast you are able to assimilate the “new” knowledge and knowingness will be dependent on your willingness to detach from the expectations of others and from your own self-judgment.

Learn to like yourself. Learn to love yourself for your life and experience starts from the center of your being, from the heart, and flows out into the world that you see around you. That world is a reflection of your consciousness and will undergo transformation even as you are willing to accept the mastery you left behind in the higher worlds.
Understand that you cannot force change onto another for that is a violation of free will. Each individual has their own speed as to how they will allow change to affect their lives, but change is inevitable as the sun rising and setting. It will come, whether in the form of revolution or evolution. It is your choice. Your response to this change, whether to react or act or simply be, will determine the course of your life in the years to come.

There is an old expression in parts of your world, “He had a change of heart…” that is used to explain sudden turn-a-rounds in the actions of an individual reflected through the choice to open his /her heart to those who are around them. It is not so much as a change of heart but the fact that the individual somehow connected with the wisdom of the heart and so changed the manner of his / her reaction or not to the world around them. You can experience change, the change you want to experience, by choosing to connect with your heart, the avenue for connecting with the higher worlds.

By connecting with your heart center, you can be the change you want to see and experience in your world. It must start from the center and move out as a wave into the world. Be a part of that wave of love that is engulfing the world, driving out the darkness and shining light upon long hidden secrets, both dark and terrible and light and loving. You are love and you are loved, whatever you choose to do.

You have been taught to look outside of yourself for salvation, whether through another individual, your church, the government, your family or spouse, a business associate or others. In these energies, however, it is necessary to turn away from seeking outside to seeking within. When you make the connection you will know. Fear will dissipate and reveal itself as an illusion spun out of a desire to control and dominate. You will know what to do as you learn to tune into your inner guidance and wisdom.

One who walked among you as a Teacher once said, “Seek the Kingdom of God within.” The kingdom of which this one spoke is your connection with your soul and monad through your own heart center. In coming to center, you are returning Home, no matter what circumstances are reflected in your outer life.

Go with our blessings, beloveds, for you are loved by us and by your Mother / Father God. If you need assistance or guidance, call upon us and we will be there. We are one with you in the eternal Now.

Thank you, beloved Angels.

Copyright © 2013 by Elizabeth Ayres Escher.

April 4, 2013

Nesara, Debt Manipulation and Hope


Let us begin tonight with a love letter from Us to all of you who are “fighting the good fight” as you say. You may not be aware of it, those of you who are activists for justice, equality, fairness and children’s rights, for instance, that you are laying the groundwork for the new civilization to come. You, with your energy and conviction - your Heart - are creating the energy patterns, creating the framework for the social mores which will be the new social, legal, educational systems which will shape life in a completely new way. Your words and actions ring out far beyond your speeches, your testimonies, and your demonstrations. They are heard across the firmament, to rejoicing Star Brothers and Sisters’ delight. You are rising, lifting yourselves higher every day, and we all congratulate you one your courage and your wisdom.

You have heard much about the massive changes to expect - some disaster scenarios, some more moderate possible timelines. You may have also heard about the concept of “jumping timelines.” This occurs when all the possible variables stretching out from a current situation are projected forward, creating multiple possible outcomes. When the most probable outcome is passed over in favor of a much higher vibrational option, we call it “jumping timelines.” You might call it a quantum leap. Well, Dear Children, you are very close to jumping the timeline which would predict more of the same in favor of one which will take you directly toward the next phase of your Ascension to the 5th dimension.

You are already positioned to do this because so many of you took hold in the past few months and have made real efforts to change the way you live. You have been attentive to the needs of those around you, more patient when things do not go your way, and you have dedicated more of your energy to the important relationships in your life and less to “getting ahead” in your work when it means trading meaning for money.

With these shifts in action and attitude, without your awareness you are acting as a counterbalance to the flagrant greed and violence that has filled the news - although it is a small minority of the population who are behaving so viciously. Unfortunately, it is the minority with all the money and all the power.

All around the world, the people are rising. News of financial chaos in the budget dealings of countries all over the world are finally revealing the secret behind the “sleeper cells” - the cabal which long ago established the lending practices which would end with this inevitable debacle. There is no real financial precipice over which an entire country can plunge. After all, the pieces of paper you call money has no inherent value. If all money were to suddenly disappear, life would go on. After a period of adjustment, you would establish a barter system, as was done in eons past, and the power would be returned to the people, where it rightfully belongs.

You have grown so used to the system in which you must work to earn money to pay for the things that rightfully belong to you and should be free - like the land, the water, the fruits of the fields and the resources from the Earth - that you cannot imagine a life without this slavery. You think that you are working for yourselves when you commute to your job, and work hundreds of hours of overtime without pay, giving your heart and soul to the company which earns $100 profit for every dollar they pay you. You believe you are living the American Dream when you sign for a house which is then owned by the bank for 30 years, while you work longer hours than anyone should ever need to in order to buy your freedom from interest-generated lifetime servitude. You have no way of knowing how pervasive this spider web of overlapping layers of trickery is until you experience a world without debt. then you will see how every morsel you eat, the clothes you wear and the furniture and cars you buy are taxed, controlled and manipulated, not by your government but by the financiers who might theoretically control and profit from every step in the process of making a shirt, for instance.

The cotton grower and the harvester probably both owe money for loans on their equipment. Next come the intermediaries who arrange for the sale of the cotton to weavers, then the weavers incorporate the textile designers and dyers to create the final cloth product before they can even address the sale to yet another company who has pledged himself to the banks. Transport, store fronts and ultimate customer - all have pledged themselves to the banks. So you see, the secret to making endless amounts of money without any effort at all is to be the lender!
Now, imagine the same scenario without the layers of debt-induced inflation. How hard do you suppose the buyer would have to work to to buy the said shirt, or any other product for that matter, if it weren’t for the layers upon layers of secret taxes, paid in the form of interest on loans? The clever bankers have found ways to tax everyone on everything, without your knowledge, and to profit regardless of whether the product ever sells or not! Imagine how different your life would look if everything you needed cost half or a quarter of what it costs now, while your ability to work to provide for yourself remained the same. The Earth is overflowing with abundance. There is no need for these layers and layers of money-skimming, debt-producing loan sharks who suck the blood of the world economies, all the way to the top, leaving little for anyone but themselves.

You see, freedom from the cabal will be freedom in more ways than you can even imagine - to say nothing of the impact on the environment of all the manufacturing of unnecessary products and mining and pumping of natural resources, which would all be made immediately extinct by free energy and a truly environmentally aware consciousness on Planet Earth.

We ask you now to begin looking around you, in your homes, your offices and schools. Evaluate how many of the objects, pieces of clothing, toys and objects which promise to bestow higher status upon the owner do you truly need? Start your new life for the new era by refusing to follow the bidding of advertising. Buy only what you absolutely need. Wear clothing that is comfortable and practical, and begin eating the freshest, most natural locally-grown organic foods you can find. We guarantee you will be healthier and wealthier!
And now an announcement about the Nesara funds and how they will be dispersed. Initially, the first influx of resources - we don’t even like the word “money” - will be discreetly used to fund worthy non-profits, as we have said. There is no need for grant-writing or requests from the directors and money-managers of those organizations. Everyone here in higher dimensions know who they are. The people who have protected and held sacred the trusts which were entrusted to them do not ask for recognition or thanks. They are the guardians of Earth and mankind. In many cases, the recipient of funding will have no idea where the influx of wealth came from. This is as it should be, for the destruction is simply a return to the people of the wealth that has been stolen from them and from the Earth herself, in the form of precious jewels and gold.

There have been many recent attempts to distribute the funds which have been ferociously blocked by the bank cartel. A recent ploy is to simply refuse to turn over funds to the owner of those funds, while threatening them with murder. The greedy banks do not want to return the deposited funds to their rightful owners when they can use those funds to loan out 9 times its actual worth and make money on it.

Your determined and fearless Lightworkers on the ground and above have been working relentlessly to put pressure on the criminal bankers to force them to abide by legally binding agreements. It may require intervention from people in high places, like your President and the new Pope, who now controls assets greater than the GDP of most of the countries of the world.

So you see, Dear Ones, the whole fabric of your culture is going to be unraveled, to be created anew. At each tiny step of the way, the Powers That Be have resisted with the worst retaliatory actions, using intimidation, and assassination wherever necessary to maintain their grip on all the world’s resources. We are now working behind the scenes to assure that these obstructors and manipulators will be removed. We will keep you informed of the progress. You who are working hard to raise your vibration deserve to know the results of your efforts. We beg your patience and your perseverance.

It will not be long now until the Disclosure Hearings, which we urge all of you to subscribe to and watch. Make sure your friends are aware of the proceedings. This is crucial to the awakening of many of those who remain reluctant to believe the message of joy and change. We are grateful for your participation.

We remain, Your Mother/Father God, working with Jesus and the Legions of Light.