September 4, 2011

The manuscript of survival - p 11, 12, 13

Part 11

Today we would like to go further into details concerning certain upcoming events. There has been much talk about these already, and many are more than ready to read certain death looming in the skies from what they have already seen out there. Let us explain. There is a certain planetary alignment that has some of you raising their shackles at the moment. It has been linked to the so-called ”end of time” as prophesied by the Mayas.  As we have already stated, this so-called doomsday calendar is anything but, and first of all remember that it is not a calendar with witch you can pinpoint a certain date. We must say we find it somewhat amusing to see how many of your fellow human beings are jumping onto this bandwagon of death and destruction. Mind you, as we have made clear already, this upcoming process will certainly not be one all nice and rosy, but it is imperative to remember that this is not willful destruction, only a rearrangement of energies that will restart your species. By that, we mean that although many, many of the current population on this planet will go into dark fear once this so-called show gets on the road, make no mistake about that, but you must all remember that this is a well-planned exercise put into action in order for the darker elements currently controlling your world to be extinguished once and for all. So yes, at least to them and those that follow in their footsteps, this will herald the total annihilation of their world as they know it. For others, namely those who have chosen to embrace the light, this will only herald the beginning of their true paradise. We stress this repeatedly, as you will all very soon see events unfold that may scare the light out of so many of you. Remember, this is not about a total destruction of your planet and everything that lives upon her, it is about the destruction of all of these old and ingrained corrupted patterns that needs to be removed once and for all. And as these aforementioned dark forces have no plans of giving up their control just yet, let us just say that a forceful intervention has been deemed necessary.

As always, it can be difficult to keep one´s head clear when all around you literally starts to crumble. We refer of course to both earth shattering events such as so–called earth tremors and other ”natural disaster”, but also to the fact that so much of the bedrock of beliefs that you have all build your lives on will disappear in an instant. Have you given any thought to what will happen the day all of this planets citizens for the first time see someone not of their own race showing themselves in all of their glory? You have spent so much time and so much money trying to find ”intelligent life out in the cosmos” as you normally call it. What will you do when that ”intelligent life” suddenly appears right in front of you and starts to communicate with you? And what do you do when you realize that they are in fact far, far more advanced than you as a species currently can claim? Will you do as they do in all of the films you have seen – namely run screaming to the hills, expecting to be annihilated by some sort of deadly weapon hitherto unseen on your planet? You must take some time to ponder these questions, for that day is looming in the very near future. And although we are well prepared for this, we know that so many will react ”just like in the movies”. The reason for this is easy to see, as we have already stated you have been programmed to react in just that manner by those controlling forces already in situ. That is actually quite ironic, as they are the ones you should have been running away from for such a long time, but they have been very, very clever in hiding themselves in full view as it were. But now the time has come for you to finally see the truth for yourselves, and it is best to be prepared.

As we have been saying, many will lose the grip on their sanity when they realize that they have been living on a lie for all of their lives. Yes, we do intend to use the plural here. Remember, this is a story that goes a long way back, and it was not yesterday when these dark ones arrived on your shores. They have been part of your setup for so long, you have been literally blinded to their presence, but now they are indeed running out of hiding places. Just remember that yours is not the task to decloak them, that is one of our priorities. In addition, we will make sure that the rest of you get the best opportunity to come through this turmoil still in one piece. Your mental state is of course what we are referring to here, but we cannot hide the fact that this is also something that will cause many a soul to leave their physical bodies. In some ways, it will be a sort of mass exodus as we have commented on earlier. Remember, this is also a natural part of this cleansing proses, namely that of many leaving behind their old physical setups in order to return in one more easily adaptable to the new energy levels that will envelop your planet. More on that later on. For now, let us just concentrate on what you might expect in this upcoming period. And no, we will not give any specific dates. There is a certain specified time frame for this already set up, but it can be changed at a moment´s notice. We do not say this in order to sound like the usual prophets who go out on a limb crying wolf on a specific date, for later on to exonerate themselves and find a lame excuse for ”missing out on the date”. Rather, we think it will only make too many set expectations in your minds, and that is not a good thing. Let us just say that you will encounter many of these occurrences within a very short time-span, and as we have said so much has happened already. We are certain that so many of you have already seen several of your earlier pre-warnings coming trough, so you will know what to expect this time also.

Let us begin by talking about your celestial neighbour, namely the sun. She has been heating up considerably these last few months, and you need only to take a peek at what the scientists are discovering in her heliosphere to see that there is indeed a flurry of activities going on up there. So also down here, as you are in the firing line whenever she decides to fire off one of her shots. This may sound like banal talk, but as we have been describing in some details earlier, the particles emitted from your sun have a vast array of implications on your planet. It is literally barrages of information being hurtled your way every day, and now the intensity has multiplied. Do not think for a moment that this is a coincidence, it is in fact the first sign of the changes that will occur. Much of this information goes straight into your bodies and creates so much change in your physical setup. Remember the scientists have told you that the rays of the sun can be harmful because they can alter the coding in your cells in such a way that your skin can become cancerous? Do not think for a moment that this is what we are talking about here. Yes, what these rays do is actively rewriting the DNA, not just in your skincells, but also all of the other cells in your body. You are not about to go through just a skin-deep transformation, this is something that includes your whole body. This will sound scary to many, just remember that this is not about creating a disease, rather it is about removing one, namely that faulty and corrupt encoding currently residing in your genetic setup. If you do not think that this is possible, just cast a look at something called ”neutrinos”. Your scientists are more than baffled by these particles that can penetrate your entire globe without even slowing them down. Do you not think there are forces out there capable of penetrating your body to the core as well? And remember, these particles are here on a mission to repair, not destroy, even if there will be many messages in your media telling you otherwise. As you already know, many of these particles – and there are a whole host of different ones – do contain energy that will affect much of your society in a seemingly harmful way. We refer of course to the so-called electromagnetic storms that can and will interfere with electronic devices, satellites and your power grid. Have you ever thought of how vulnerable your so-called modern society is? You are totally dependent of your power grid and of all of these appliances, not to mention how lost you all will be if all of the collective memory stored in your computers were to be deleted by just such an event. What would you do then? Do you think it would be a disaster, or would you think it a good opportunity to start with a clean slate? We ask you this because this is something you need to be prepared for. And again: what is your economy if not just numbers on a computer screen? We will leave you to ponder this for a while, but rest assured that we will return shortly with more.

Part 12, Chapter 13

We have by now made some allusions to what will come to you in the near future. Let us continue in this vein. As we discussed earlier, there are certain kinds of particles that will have a very heavy impact, not only on your physical bodies, but also on the world around you. Many of you have noticed these changes already, as this barrage of information and energy has been increasing steadily for this last decade. Many of you have been laid low for periods of time because of this, and many of you have asked yourselves ”why me, why not everyone else”? The answer to this is very simple indeed. Think of it as a radio that needs to be tuned to the right station in order to receive the signals from this station loud and clear. So it is also with you, as you are amongst those fine-tuned to receive these transmissions, and therefore you have already undergone a large amount of these internal shifts. Others, who have made the choice not to receive, have gone unhampered and seemingly unscathed throughout all of these massive injections of energy. This does not mean that they will go through the next phase of this in a similar fashion, quite the contrary. As we have already stated, much of these energy particles passes through anyone and anything, so it has already had some impact. Also on the unsuspecting. Let us be clear about this. You, as wayshowers, have chosen to take upon you the role of pioneers, namely to go where no man has gone before, and pass trough an intense re-adjustment of your physical bodies in order to be able to assimilate large amounts of high-frequency energy. This energy has already changed your mental and physical abilities in so many ways, even if not all of it is visible on the outside. This upgrading has one purpose, namely that of making you capable of standing upright through this oncoming storm of energy, and to make you capable of doing so without losing your grip mentally and physically. You have been ”upgraded” if you will, in order to make sure that the rest of humanity can look to you for for guidance. When they are hit hard, and hard it will be, over these next few months, they need you to assure them that all is well, and that this is not the oft-mentioned Armageddon, far from it. This will not be an easy task, therefore you need a lot of extra ballast so to speak, in order to be able to fulfill this task. Just remember, we talk about that all-important job of standing tall and shining your light so that others may follow in your footsteps. We do not imply that you are chosen as the saviours for rest of the human race, or to put it more succinctly, you are not the ones that will have to make sure everyone else is saved. If they choose not to follow you to the light, that is their decision. If too many decide to stick to the darkness, the outcome for them will be grim indeed, but rest assured that those of you willing to let go of fear will reach your destination safely. More on this later on.

Let us talk more about just what these changes entail, not just for you but for everything and everyone around you. As we have said earlier, every human being, in fact every living entity on your planet, ”hums” to a very specific tune. Now, trough these new particles, you are all being re-tuned to a higher frequency. This may sound strange, but it is in fact imperative that you all go through these changes in order to be able to function in this new energy environment that is being put into place around your planet. You may liken it to being hooked up to a new energy grid, one that has a very different frequency from the old one. Remember, the old grid has been set inn place by that old nemesis of yours, namely those of that dark and self-serving race, and now you are being disconnected from this and re-connected to that new one. This applies to all those that chooses the light, and there is no way that the ones clinging to the dark will be able to connect with this new and highly charged grid. They will continue staying in that lower vibration were they can function, they are simply unable to vibrate high enough to follow you onto this new grid. When all who choose so have been thus connected to this new grid, the old one will be cut off, and the entities still clinging to this will suffer the consequences. As we said previously, we will take care of those that have been instrumental in sending you all deeper into the abyss, and this cutting off of their life supply will be the final nail in their coffin. They will literally be disconnected from the rest of you, and as such unable to hold you back any longer.

This may sound too good to be true, but let us assure you that this is a very, very effective way of weeding out all of these parasites once and for all. We choose the word parasite with intent, as that is what they have been for too long a time. They have literally sucked you dry, and in order to do this, have managed to disconnect you from the pure source you once belonged to. Now you will be reconnected to this source once again, and they themselves are the ones that will be disconnected. It may sound like an old fairy tale, but this is what will come in a not too distant future. Many will scoff at this, but do not think for a moment that you humans are the only source of the troubles currently enveloping you on all sides. As we have said, you have been led astray by others, and now we will help you out of the grasp of these ill-wishers.
As we have stated earlier, this new grid, or maybe we should call it the old grid, is the one that will ensure you access not only to all the energy you will ever need to function, but also access to that all-pervasive knowledge covering the whole of creation. As we started out explaining, you as a species have been connected to this before, but through these ill-behaved oppressors of yours, you were no longer able to access this information or energy. Instead, they created and superimposed a new grid, just for you. This is a grid specifically designed to inhibit you in so many ways, therefore this connection or rather re-connection to the high-frequency grid will open so many new doors for you. We are all standing ready to welcome you back as it were, and it will be a day for rejoicing, but first there are lots of work to do.

In addition to these influxes of energy, there will be many other happenings going on on your planet that has it´s source much closer to home. We have previously discussed mother earth´s role in all of this, and she will play a major one for sure. There will take place many disturbances in her crust, and they will all have consequences for you all. Some of them will be of a magnitude that will make it´s mark in a major way, but remember that these are not always the ones that have the most effect. In fact, many minor tremors and other so-called ”natural events” that may not even be noticed by you, releases so much trapped energy and old patterns in certain areas it would astonish you if you could see it clearly. Watch for these smaller events occurring in many unexpected places, and we think you will see some sort of pattern in this after a very short time indeed. There are so many places on this globe of yours that are struggling under a veritable morass of old and stagnant energies, places that have been mistreated more by you humans than others. Now mother earth will start to cleanse these places one by one, and she will heave a mighty sigh of relief once that job is done. But be aware that some of these processes will be of a major kind, and will affect the lives of many, many of your fellow human beings. Just remember that all those touched by this in some way have agreed to be so before they arrived on these shores. They have elected to be a part of the cleaning brigade, if we may call it that, and these brave souls will do a very, very important work on behalf of you all. Never forget, these releases touches the hearts of each and every one of you, and in so doing ensures that you can no longer turn a blind eye to the plights of your neighbours. You are but one species, but you have long ago decided to separate yourselves in smaller groups and thereby taken on an ”us versus them” mentality. In order for a larger number of you to awaken, it is in fact necessary to remind you of your common origin, and one of the ways to do just that is by experiencing these large events. If not for nothing else, they will ensure that so many of your fellow men finally opens their hearts once and for all and realize that they are but a small part of an ocean of beautiful beings, and now the time has come to join them all in making a more beautiful tomorrow come through.

part 13

The topic today will be of interest to many, namely more on those changes that are likely to occur in a not too distant future. We have already gone into some details concerning the physical changes that you are at the moment gong through. In addition, there will be many changes in your physical world as well. Some of them will be deemed to be of the disastrous kind. Let us just say that as always, there is no such thing as a coincidence, just rest assured that no matter what transpires in the days and months ahead, these things do happen for a very specific cause. We stress this, because there will be events of such a magnitude many, many people will be affected by this, and the natural reaction to this will be one of fear, disbelief and misunderstanding. We use the word misunderstanding in order to make it clear that no, this will not be some sort of punishment that mother earth has decided to meet out because of your former mistreatment of her resources. We are well aware that so many out there will say just that, and they will even evoke the name of your God and say that he is a vengeful one, and now humanity is about to pay that final price for all of her misdemeanors. Let them scream and shout all they want. You will know better. This will not be any such thing, it will only be a very, very vital part in the reestablishment of balance here on earth. ”But what is the difference” many will ask. ”there are so many lives lost, and for what cause”? You will hear this cry from so many of your fellow human beings, and all we can say is remember again that all of those that might and will perish in these events up ahead, have voluntarily chosen to be in that exact spot in order to help you and the planet to rid herself of old, stagnant and debilitating energies. Energies that must be removed in order for humanity as a whole to be able to breathe freely again. This is a message we will repeat at regular intervals, as it is vital that you keep this foremost in your mind when a seemingly disaster strikes. And make no mistake, strike it will, more than once. No one on this planet will be left untouched by this, either directly or indirectly, as the energies unleashed during these cycles will touch the hearts and minds of each and every one of you. And when they do, it is imperative that you manage to stay centered and focused and not lose your grip on reality as it were. Many, many will call this callous and brutal, but if you compare it to what you and your planet have been forced to endure for these last centuries, it is indeed a small sacrifice that some – and we repeat this – voluntarily will go through in order to free the rest of you.

This message is not given in order to frighten you, but to forewarn you. In other words, we want you to be absolutely prepared for anything in the days and weeks ahead, and it is imperative that you manage to keep yourself seeing the big picture as it were, no matter what transpires around you. Many will have a hard time doing so, and that comes as no surprise. Humankind has been well versed in these things all throughout their lifetimes, and unusual and seemingly bad happenings were usually portrayed as omens of things to come, and as a signal that someone had done something that needed to be avenged. Many will think that this is what will be going on this time as well, but we do implore you to remember that this is indeed a very, very different case. This will not go down because you are bad people and need to be punished. This will come to be because there are some bad seeds out there who needs to be removed from this planet, and in order to do just that, this small minority must be seen for what they really are by the rest of you. Mother earth´s cleansing will also remove the grime from your eyes, and in the process helping you all see clearly for the first time. You belong to a beautiful species, albeit one that has been led astray by a small group of wrongdoers. Some of them, a small fraction, are the same species as you. The large majority of them belong to a different world altogether. You have been willing hosts to these for such a long time, but now you must all realize that they have far outstayed their welcome. In order for you to realize just that, much of what you take for granted must be removed. Not as a punishment, but as a clear wake-up call to you all. This time, it will be impossible to stay asleep and not heed the call. Those that chooses to do so anyway, will be in for a mighty surprise indeed. Again, a rude awakening is not the best way of beginning a new day, but we have tried other and softer means, to no avail. Luckily for you, some of you have already started to stretch and yawn and awaken slowly on your own accord. This will make you fare far better than all those insomniacs around you. You have given yourselves an all-important head start, and we applaud you for that. Now it is time to awaken the rest, and the process will be swift and somewhat rude, but very, very effective.

In addition to all of these larger movements by mother earth, we want you to be more aware of the smaller things happening around you. Remember there is always a hidden meaning behind many of the so-called natural occurrences that take place each and every day. It will benefit you to become more attuned to mother earth in so many ways, and if you learn to listen more closely to her signals, it will help you much in this upcoming period. Many have reported unusual sightings in the environment, whether this might be animals that behave out of the ordinary, unusual weather patterns or other such things. These events always signals something, and we want you to be more alert to them than you mayhaps have been up until now. This will also help you getting more in tune with mother nature herself, and this will indeed serve you well in this upcoming period. We think you will find yourself checking in on a more regular basis on the tone of nature as it were, and this will also help you see the big picture as we have already mentioned. In other words, if you learn to read the small signs better, then those large events may not come as a surprise to you when they finally happen.

This is of the utmost importance, not just for your mental state of mind, but also for your physical body. As you are well aware, mankind have been separated from mother earth in so many ways, and it is indeed imperative that you try to reconnect to her as much as possible in this upcoming period. This will help her help you in so many ways. Let us give you an example. Many of you are aware that the food you eat has been tampered with in so many ways. We refer of course not only to those chemicals that are so liberally added to almost everything you consume, but also to the way it has been handled before it ends up on the table. There is so much negative energy being injected into this food by all that handle it, from the farmers who grow it, to the large plants where it is processed and finally to those that market it. This will not be news to any of you, but we think you should be made aware that it is not only the chemicals inside that should put you off, but also these energy patterns that have been implanted into this food. There are not many out there that understands that when they handle these gifts from mother nature in such a disrespectful way, it literally poisons this food for the ones who are about to ingest it. We implore you all to try to make a much more positive approach to what you are about to eat, and to be very, very aware of what you are consuming. We would recommend that you try to purchase as much ”natural” food, if we may use that label, as you can get your hands on. By that, we mean food that have been produced by people who care about the natural cycle, and that care about the living beings and produce that they have in their care. Sometimes, it can be difficult to obtain the right kind of food, in other words, this is not an ideal world and therefore you are many times forced to eat what is served you. When that is the case, take some time to bless whatever is before you, and know that you can in fact alter the energetic imprint this food have obtained on the way to your table. Mindfulness is the word here, as it would do you the world of good – literally - if you take some time to thank mother earth for the gifts she bestows humanity every day. In addition, it would be a good idea to communicate more closely with mother nature each day. She is listening intently and is waiting to hear from you. The more you all connect with her, the more she will support you. And in the times ahead, you will need all the support you can get. This may sound as a very simple, almost too simple advice, but it will have far reaching repercussions. Remember again that mother earth will survive anything, but you as a species will perish long before you can do her too much harm, so you better team up with her more closely than you already have. She is watching and waiting to see just how many of you she will have on her team when the games start in earnest. Remember, she is the most formidable ally you will have in this contest of wills to call it that. With her on your side, you will sail trough these choppy waters. We do not say that the sailing will be without it´s hazards, but if you learn to connect as closely as you can with mother earth, she will hold you safely in her arms throughout the most perilous passages. The rest will be up to you.

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