September 9, 2011

The manuscript of survival 14, 15, 16

Chapter 14
We would like to go into further details concerning the physical changes that will occur on planet earth in this next period. As always, we give no exact timeframe, suffice to say it will happen much in a very short amount of time, and much of this have happened already. In addition to the forementioned earth tremors, mother earth is currently very busy cleaning herself using large amounts of water. During these last few months, there have been unusual amounts of rain pouring down on almost all corners of the globe. You may only be aware of the rains that have hit close to home, but we advise you to take a global look as it were, and see for yourself just how much have been washed away already. As always, there have been man-made structures and also humans standing in the way of these floods. Remember, the humans are all volunteers, and rest of the damage is only surface deep. In other words, only man´s flimsy creations have been harmed, the earthmother herself has only been rejuvenated by this seemingly onslaught of water. As we are always and often repeating: mother earth knows what to do. It is only the folly of man that tries to stand in her way that will be harmed by this. We refer of course to your species instinct to settle as closely as possible to the waterways on this planet. If you do, you will have to suffer the consequences when these waterways fills to the max and beyond, and this will repeat itself over and over again in these upcoming weeks. You will call it ”natural disasters” , we will call it ”natural occurences”, and there is a clear distinction between the two. The reason for this, is that humans only tend to see their personal outcome from this, namely property damage and the loss of lives. We see the big picture, namely that of cleansing away the old fortification of unsound energypatterns. This will continue, as there is still so much grime that needs to be disposed of. Have you not seen how green and fertile the landscape becomes after a sudden downpour? This too will happen on a global scale, once this thorough cleansing is finished. But that is still some time off.
In addition to this, much have been said about the rising water levels in your oceans. Many scientists have told you that this is a cause for alarm, and that the so-called global warming caused by man´s addiction to fossil fuels have accellerated the meltdown of the earth´s cover of ice. Another ”natural disaster” you think, because this will affect man in so many ways, and none of them are perceived as positive. Think again. Do you not know what water is? Water is a memorybank, and this memorybank of yours have been kept hidden away, or at least large portions of it, in numerous chunks of ice, strategically placed all around your globe. We say global warming is a good thing, and it does not occur at this exact period of time by accident. As we have told you repeatedly, you will soon have access to so much more information, information that have been held back from you for a very good reason, namely that of keeping it away from the wrong, let us just say ”dark” hands. Now this information is released, literally as floods of water, draining away drop by drop, litre by litre, from the vaults of ice they have been stored in for centuries. So we say to you: think again before you call something a natural disaster. It is no such thing, but a well planned event that will help you to clean up your act in more ways than one. And now the biggest clean-up act ever is taking place here on earth. Remember, if you insist to stand in the broom´s way, you too will be swept off your feet, but we think that you have all by now gotten wise to this concept and have removed yourselves from harm´s way. We do not mean this in the literal sense, as there are too many of your fellow human beings getting ready to decamp to higher grounds, or into caves filled to the ceiling with provisions. These are people driven by fear, and they cannot hide from the things they fear the most, namely change. The wise among you have already seen to it that you are already in the place were you are supposed to be, and the answer to this is as always in your heart. You will know it, for when your heart tells you that all is well, you cannot go wrong. Whatever your role is in this upcoming period, you will be perfectly positioned to fulfill it, and if your heart tells you that something is amiss, we advice you to start listening more closely.
There is, as we said, another reason for all of this influx of water, namely that of ensuring the optimum distribution of knowledge. As we stated previously, much information have been stored in the icecaps covering large parts of the globe, and this information needs to be redistributed, As you are well aware, once waters starts to move, it does not stay in only one place. We refer of dourse to that cycle of evaporation, clouds and rain that ensures a global distribution of this knowledge. The knowledge we refer to here, namely that contained in the water, will ensure that you all get the same access to it, regardless of what the aforementioned dark forces try to do. You will, as previously stated, be reconnected to the all-powerfull grid when the time is right, but this distribution of water will become an important part of your journey towards that day. This information is something the dark forces are unaware of, and by now they have no way of stopping it. It has literally spread across the globe like wildfire, and they have no way of interfering with this distribution no matter hard they try. So, in addition to the influx of particles that comes to you all courtesy of the sun, you are all literally inundated by new information every time you come into contact with water. Yes, we do mean literally every time, whether you drink it, bathe in it or just happen to be outside during a rainstorm. You cannot even begin to imagine just how beneficial all of this information is to your system, and we advice you to get your just share of this. And never forget; just as with whatever else you consume, be sure to thank the element of water whenever you come into contact with it. It will only serve to heighten your benefits from it, as you are thereby more receptive to the intelligence inherent in it. We think some of you are aware of this already, as there are many out there who have already studied the results from research on the so-called intelligence of water particles by a japanese scientist (From Aisha: I think they refer to Dr. Masaru Emoto). His images are beautiful to behold, and we would like for you to try to see some of them as they will alter your perception of this seemingly all-pervading liquid forever. And do not forget that water is in fact by far the most common component in any living organism. In other words, you are changing bit by bit, drop by drop whether you are aware of it or not, and the beautiful thing is that the darkness cannot ever find a way of stopping this. Think of it as the drop that hollows out the stone, but in your case, this process will speed up exponentially once the water and the infusions from the sun starts to interact even more strongly. In other words, make sure that you get enough of both of these elements. These particles we refer to can as we have mentioned already penetrate straight through the core of the earth, so there is no need for approaching this as you would a tanning proceedure. Some of these particles prefer direct exposure as it were to benefit you, but others connect with your physical body whether you are outside or inside, whether it is night or day, so you benefit either way. Use the opportunity to connect with mother nature whilst you are soaking it all up as it were, as this will make this process both blissful and extra beneficial to your hearts, minds and bodies. Remember, you are bathing in beneficial energies, but they might feel a bit less so when they have their effects on your body, and some days will be more stressful than others. There will be times when you feel the need to avoid the sun altogether. Take the signals you get from your body seriously. As we have stated earlier, it is indeed your responsibility to be more receptive to your body´s needs, and it will indeed need some extra pampering in this upcoming period. As we like to say, this is not for the faint hearted, and some of these energy downloads, whether they come by water, sun or by other means, might be perceived as overly forceful at times. Do not go into fear, just stay calm and connected, and remember to give your body all that extra rest it will need at times. That is all for now. We will return later on with more.

Chapter 15
We would like to take this opportunity to adress something that is weighing heavily on many people´s minds at the moment, namely the timing of events that are about to occur. As always, there are many theories and speculations out there, and even someone who claims to know the exact date and time for these so-called world-altering things to happen. As we have stated on many previous occasions, you hold too much on to the concept of time, and your minds have all been programmed to follow a linear sense of this time. In other words, your perception of the sequence of events is a very narrow one, and one that needs to be disturbed to call it that once and for all. You live your lives in a world seemingly constricted to one dimension, that is on a plane where you can see everything clearly, and nothing can go on without anyone noticing it. You have very, very set notions of just what this world is, who lives here and what they do. You search for some kind of intelligent life out there in the vast darkness of space, but in fact all you are looking for is right here in front of your very noses. As many of you know, you have only a very limited access to all of this, and the things you perceive as ”the reality” is only a small fraction of it. Therefore, you set your own scale when you try to put your heads around what will happen next in order for all of these heralded big changes to come through. From your perspective, they will look almost impossible to accomplish, and you look on with ever heightened anxiety as your world is seeminlgy on a slow but sure road to destruction.
We have come to tell you again and again that you must pry your fingers lose from your grasp on this ”reality” and start to see it for what it really is. You are abut a tiny, tiny part of creation, albeit a very important one, and you must let go all of your preconceived ideas of you as the pinnacle of evolution. You have in other words managed to paint yourselves into a corner, and you need to open your eyes to the fact that you cannot get yourselves out of it entirely on your own accord. Therefore, your concept of time must be let go once and for all, then you will start to see this whole process in a very, very different light indeed. For a start, think of time as something very malleable indeed. For you, everything have been put into little compartments marked by a defining name, such as ”day” or ”week” or ”second” or even ”nanosecond”. These particles of time, to call them that, have a definite meaning, and you set much store in keeping up the accuracy of your defined time-sequences. What if we were to say that this is as much an illusion as everything else you see around you? We cannot say how much it amuses us when your scientists scoff at the idea of human beings travelling far into space. ”It would take too much time” they say, ”the nearest star is many, many lightyears away, so it is impossible to accomplish”. That is not surprising, considering the emphasis you put on your concept of time. You would move as sloths across the firmaments, and you would never reach your intended target ”in time” before you literally ran out of time. In other words, you do not have a physical body designed to last long enough to be alive once that spaceship of yours finally arrived at that elusive star far, far away in the darkness of space. Why do you think time has to be defined thus, as a finite compartment that is always the same? And why do you think that this applies to everything and anything, that all that is must harken to the same ticking of the clock? Let us just say it would be wise to let go of that notion once and for all.
Now the time has come – literally - to let go of time altogether. In other words, start to get used to the idea of fluidity. You must try to wrest your mind away from the certainty that everything happens at a defined moment in time, and in order for one event to go down, it needs to happen in the right sequence to the ones preceding and following it. This may sound very, very complicated , so we will try to break it down to bits that will be easier to grasp. Think of time as a large ocean, where you can dip your fingers in at any given moment and connect with everything that it contains at one and the same time. In other words, everything exists, outside the frame of a given timespot. So, instead of liking time to a train that keeps on going forever in the same direction, think rather of it as a sea you can go swimming in. This ”sea” is comprised of all known possibilites, and whenever someone connects with this sea, they ”turn on” a chain of events connected to just that impactpoint. In other words, yours is not a journey along a well defined timeline, with already assigned stations carfully placed at regular intervals. No, you are swimming along in a sea of possible outcomes, and the past and present and future intermingle freely in this ”opportunitysoup” to call it that. For many, this will be a struggle to try to grasp hold of as a concept, but we are all well accustomed to this, therefore it is second nature to us to seemingly manipulate the time at our own will. Sometimes it is necessary to have a well-defined timeline, but at other times we choose to simply dislocate us from time altogether. In other words ”stopping time” for an infinitely long period and as such stepping outside the realms others are presently occupying.
This has far reaching consequences, and enables us not only to do ”space travel” much faster than you could ever think of. It also enables us to be several places simultaneously, and to interact with many other dimensions at the same time. As you can see, this gives us endless opportunities to evovle, and also endless opportunities to have an impact far and wide without being in any way hampered by any restrictions of time.

We give you this somewhat lengthy and mayhaps rather confusing explanation in order to prepare you to accept the idea that the process you are about to embark upon will be perceived as so very different, almost incomprehensible to the human mind. As you can only see things from your linear perspective, it will be almost impossible to grasp the full impact all of these chained events will have on your society. But rest assured that we do have the full overview, and from our standpoint it is totally clear and well-defined. You are in for the time of your lives dear ones - in more ways than you could ever imagine!
It has come to our knowledge that there are those out there who will be able to take all of this in their stride so to speak, and these poeple will have a very important impact on the way you plan your future. Make no mistake, they are not someone coming totally out of the blue so to speak, they have in fact been trained for this for a very long time, and have already started to access this ”ocean of possibilities” as it were. We think some of you have heard about a concept called ”remote viewing”, and it has been used extensively by your armed forces in order to debilitate their enemies. They have not been too successful at this of course, as their abilities have been severly limited by us. Remember, you are watched very, very closely by all of us, and we are adamant that these extra sensory abilities as it were are not to be used for anything else than for the betterment of your world. In other words, the dark side will be inhibited from using the full spectrum of these talents. But now there are emerging other people, who may have been trained one time by the military, but who now put these talents to good use, i.e. for helping you as a species pull through these upcoming upheavals. They have used the mode of remote viewing for determining just what we talked about previously, namely that of there being an infinite variety of possible futures, and that indeed everything coexists at the same time. In other words, the past, present and future are all living very well together, but you are only able to perceive the so-called ”now” moment. Remember that this is a programming that has been put into place in order to limit your possibilites of changing the world you are living in, beyond the specter that the dark ones have decreed. They have defined very narrow borders for you, and it is not in their interest that you surpass them in any way. Therefore, they have been very careful in limiting your sense of time, so that you are forever bound by the present time, and you have to obey its dictatorship obediently. But now this dictatorship is starting to lose it´s grip on some of you, and this again lets you start to explore the boundaries of time in a way you have not been able to do before.

You are in for some mind-blowing experiences up ahead, and we do think it is imperative that you start to open yourselves to these new ways of thinking. After all, it is you who have to start to open up those gates that have been hindering you for such a long time. Or rather it is up to you to walk through those gates, as they have already started to open before you. If you choose to stay behind on your old pastures, your future will limit itself severely, but if you see that freedom is just outside of that old fence, know that nothing can pull you back inside once you have taken that first tentative step outside your own borders. We urge you to do this, as this is the only way forward, not just for you, but for humanity. And on these words we will end this part of the transmission. We will continue later on in the same vein.
And so we continue (16)

Know that nothing has ever been set in stone, especially not the future of the human race. You have in many ways evolved far beyond your original potential, but you have still so many options to choose from. Lets us explain. This is of course linked to the previous discussion on timelines, and the endless ”sea of opportunities” to call it that. You, as a species, have already changed your timeline numerous times during your dwelling here on this planet, but you ”modern humans” are only aware of the current timeline, namely the one you refer to as the history of modern man. You have been able to trace your history a long way back, and you spend much time digging for the bones of your ancestors, if we could call them that. But in addition, hidden from your view, mankind have lived through so many other timelines you are not even aware of. You have heard the old myths of Atlantis and Lemuria, and they certainly contain the traces of some of these timelines, but there are in fact several more of these timelines who have left no trace of ancient memory in any of your brains. What if we were to tell you that some of these timelines co-exists with yours, but on a different level? We refer of course to the so-called parallel dimensions, a mysterious world for many of you, but one that has started to show itself to your scientists? You humans spend a lot of time looking out into the universe, feeling very, very alone, when you are almost crowded in by the teeming life surrounding you on all sides. We wonder what you will do the day you discover all this for yourselves. How will you behave towards your seemingly brand new neighbours, when you come to the inevitable conclusion that they have in fact been here all along? Make no mistake, they will not appear in order to drive you away, far from it, but they will have a say in the future use of this planet, alongside you and your fellow men. The concept might seem a bit daunting for now, as you and your fellow human beings have a somewhat dubious track record on how to treat your neigbhours, and in no other wars are the atrocities as grotesque as in a so-called ”civil war” when neighbours turn on neighbours. Trust us when we say that this will not be the case here, as these neighbours of your will not appear until you are ready to receive them in a most gracious manner.

As you can tell from this, their appearance might be a bit further into the future than the rest of the events we have been referring to lately. As a species, you have so much to unlearn, or in other words, there is so much trapped in your psyche that needs to be released. We are well aware that there are thousands of you out there who are well on their way to doing just that, and so many have already managed to cleanse themselves of this bad programming. But the sheer number of humans still living under the cloak of darkness is immense, and as they have shown no inclination to shed this cloak themselves, they will have it ripped off them by force. As we have referred to on numerous occasions already, this change will be brutal for so many of your species, as they will have no say in the matter. Their world will be literally turned upside down, and they will have a hard time accepting this fact. This is were you come in. As we have said, your light will be vital to all of those unused to seeing anything but pitch darkness, and in order to make your light shine at optimum strength, you still have some adjustments to do.

A vital part of this adjusment will be the aforementioned release of any old concepts of time, namely the linear aspect of time you humans are addicted to. This rigid concept will only help to keep you tied to the tracks as it were, and now you must do your utmost to release yourselves from these shackles. Easier said than done, you might say, but we will give you a few examples to help you on your way. Try to relax and set your mind free as it were. Think of nothing for the first few minutes, then start to think back on something you have exeperienced lately. It might be good or bad, it doesn´t matter, the only thing you need to do, is to try to get a clear picture of it in your head. Once that image is established, find another memory in your mind and lift that up alongside the other one. ”It is not possible to keep two thoughts in the head at the same time” you might say. Oh yes, there is and you must. This memory must be very separate from the other one, in timing and content. Once you establish contact with this memory too, make sure that you are likewise connected to the first one, they should both be very clear to you but equally strong in your mind. Now, pick a third memory and do the same. This process will take some time to master, but it is indeed a very good way to train your mind. When you feel you start to lose grip on all of the memories you have retrieved from your memorybank, stop the process. It is imperative that you only proceed with the number of simultaneous memories you are comfortable working with at the same time. When you consider all of these different memories, what do you see? A continuous stream of intertwined history, or snippets of information floating randomly around in space? We think you will see the latter, as this is how your memories are stored. As random bits of information that have somehow managed to get lodged in the conscious part of your brain. But are they not only isolated fragments of a long and unending life? Why do you not recall everything, only parts of it? That is because your memory have been trained to take ”snapshots” of reality as it were, namely that ever changing now-moment, and therefore your concept of time has been frozen in these pitcures, like stills from a reel of film. But time doesn´t stop, it is forever moving, changing, warping. What if we tell you that these things you experienced just a few seconds ago, or days, weeks or even years ago still exists out there in that large ocean of time? And what if we tell you that all the things you are about to experience also floats out there in this large ocean of time and possibility? Would it blow your mind? Or would it make it easier for you to cast off those shackles of your timeline more easily, and to start to float around more freely in vast that ocean. Why don´t you try? Go for a swim, you might meet yourselves from yesterday or maybe from the day after tomorrow. That si all we have for you today dear ones. We think you should try a little swimming, or at least start dipping your toes into this vast, vast ocean of possibilites. We think you will like the temperature, so maybe we can tempt you out for a whole dip in a not too distant future?

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