September 28, 2011

The Manuscript of Survival p. 20 -26

part 20

Back to the solar activity. As we have been discussing earlier, the sun´s activity is taking on a much more active role in the upgrading not only of your physical bodies, but the rest of the world as well. In some instances, this might be perceived as ”downgrading”, as much of your so-called sophisticated equipment will start to cease functioning under these barrages of solar energy. Although this may seem to be very unsettling, keep in mind that it is indeed a vital step towards a much more sustainable future. Much of the so-called man-made destruction of your planet is in fact caused by the development of many machines that run on fossilized fuel, and these machines need to be removed from the surface of the earth in order for your planet to reinstate herself back to the pristine beauty she once was. This may sound like it will bring you back to the stone age, but that is far from the case. Remember, you are the only civilization who are almost exclusively powering their ways of being by such an old fashioned and detrimental power source, and even if you think so, you are not the most intelligent species that has evolved. In other words, you need to learn to do things in a very, very different way, and now the time to change the curriculum has come. You have been left to your own devices too long, and as you have succeeded to go such a long way in the wrong direction, the learning curve will be a steep one indeed. Speaking from knowledge, you do not take easily to change, and certainly not voluntarily, therefore you must be forced to do so. That entails removing so much of your destructive devices, and through that literally stop you in your tracks. Not in order to stop you for good, but to stop you progressing in the wrong direction. Then we will show you the right direction, and we will see just how much prodding you will need in order for you to start going in that way. It might take just a little, or it might take quite a lot, that all depends on what number of willing souls there are out there.

Remember, you will not be left to your own devices any more, so you do not in fact have any choice in the matter. This will sound unnecessarily harsh to many, and many will ask how this can coincide with the concept of free will. Let us just repeat what we have stated earlier, that the concept of free will does not entail the right to damage yourselves any further than you already have, especially since your actions are also detrimental to the rest of creation. So, to sum it up, the only free will you will have in this matter, is to decide how long you will stretch the limits before you step into line with those on the way to recovery. Just remember, you will not be allowed to step too far in the wrong direction, as the direct consequences will be that you will be terminated. This is not idle talk, as only those that accept the new rules will be allowed to continue. If you think this sounds like a new regime of oppressors coming in to take over power, think again. We are speaking of a civilization that will be based on living a life according to the principle of betterment for all, where ego based thinking has no place, and were each and every living being will live it´s life in prosperity and bliss. The way towards attaining that goal will be perceived as a harsh one for many, but it will not be meeted out as a punishment to the human race as many will cry out. It simply means that you have become so strongly disconnected from the source by those that control you, therefore the medicine to correct this needs to be strong as well. And as always, the most foul tasting medicine might turn out to be the most effective one. In other words, we will not put you through this grueling phase because we think you deserve it, but because we know that this is the only way to get you back on your feet again and ready to start living the best life there is. You certainly deserve no less after the years and years of slavery and oppression you have been living through.

Let us return to the sun. She will be a mighty ally in this battle – yes, we will call it that, because a battle it will be. Remember the dark ones will not give up their playthings willfully, so they need to be beaten back once and for all. As we said, the sun will be a force to be reckoned with, and she has gotten quite a few direct hits in already. The effects might not be too easy to discern for an untrained eye just yet, but soon they will be hard to overlook for even the most nearsighted of you. As you might recall, we have already given you some information on how these solar storms affect the movements in the earth´s crust, and we would like to expound a little on this. Up until now, the cause and effect of these seemingly natural movements in the uppermost layer of the earth have been poorly understood. Your scientists have found much data when they have surveyed your globes ”seams” as it were, the parts of the different plates that make up this outer layer of your planet. They see places were these plates collide, and have found out much about how they interact. However, there are other forces at play here that they cannot detect with their instruments, as much of what we are talking about goes on far, far below the surface. As we informed you yesterday, the solar eruptions hurl out masses of charged particles in the direction of planet earth, and these particles slam straight into your little planet like a billiard player rams his cue into the ball on the table. May of these particles are as yet undiscovered by your scientists, so they have no way of knowing what they do. As you may know, some of them like the neutrinos, pass straight through the core of your planet without seemingly leaving any trace behind. Let us just say that they do not leave you unmarked by their passing, far from it. All of these particles have a very special mission, and to sum it all up, the one word that will describe it is ”change”. So, even if you cannot see them or even detect them they all have a very specific effect on you and the planet you live on.

Let us give you some details. Your planet is comprised of different layers, some solid and some in liquid form. The upper crust is floating on a layer of liquids, and the core inside seems to be a solid object. All of these layers have a specific electromagnetic charge, and they are all connected to each other. In other words, what you do to one specific part of it will have an impact on the whole. Yes, the old micro/macro view, i.e. nothing stands alone, everything is connected in some ways. You will all be familiar with the concept the ring of fire, namely that circle of tectonic plates that comprise the most active parts of your planet´s surface. This is the home of some of your most active volcanoes, and also where many of the larger earth tremors occur. Up until now, there have been many seemingly unrelated occurrences happening around this zone, but your scientists have started to see a pattern where one tremblor on one side of this zone directly correlates to another occurrence on the far side of this ”line of fire” as it were. Not only that, they are already starting to see that one such quake in one corner of this intricately linked system will actually heighten the risk for another, even stronger episode far away from the first impact. This is once again only the tip of the iceberg, as there are so many other forces at work here than can be explained by mere plate tectonics. As we were saying, the charges from the sun´s eruptions goes straight into your planet and induces strong changes in the electromagnetic fields that govern the whole superstructure of your planet. In other words, the whole machinery that lies beneath these floating pieces of crust that comprise the surface of your planet. You might have heard about the concept of ”pole shift” before, and this is in fact what this whole process is about. Many think that this will entail the destruction of the whole planet, where everything will be ripped apart literally at the seams, and that the planet will be destroyed like a piece of chalk under a sledgehammer. This is not what we are talking about. Remember, this is not about the destruction of a beautiful planet, but about the salvation of the same planet. In other words, it will not be as dramatic, as this is the last result we would like to see. No, this is about re-structuring the whole so the survival both of this planet and of the human species can be assured, but in order to achieve just that, the upheaval will have to be great.

We have already gone into some length describing the new energy grid that has already been put into place around your planet, and also how the dark forces will be unable to connect to this grid. Therefore, they will be effectively neutralized and removed from this system once and for all. As a part of this reconnecting/disconnecting plan, the whole planet´s energy field will be turned upside/down literally, in other words a ”pole shift”. This pole shift will enable us to disconnect this old, detrimental grid and connect you to the new one. It might sound as we think it is as easy as flicking on a switch, but trust us when we say that we know all too well just how complicated and precarious this process is. That is why the preparations to this have been far-reaching and long lasting. This is not something that has come about in the last few years. Remember, the so-called Mayan calendar have been speaking about this shift for centuries, and as such this is not news to anyone. The process has been slow coming, necessarily so, but now the climax is literally right on your doorstep. You have all been preparing for this for countless of lives, and now the final countdown has begun. Yes, this is it, this is the time you have all been waiting for. In other words, the dress rehearsal is finally over, it is time to face the music and give it your best. We have all done our best to help you prepare for this final moment, but now so much is up to you. We know you have been tugging at the reins for so long, and we are fast approaching the moment when we will let you loose to start your triumphant race towards attaining that elusive goal, namely that of a life unhindered by the heavy burden of fear and despair. You can hear the expectant roar from the onlookers, and we are all betting on a successful outcome of this race. Just remember, it ain´t over till the last one has crossed the finishing line, and as such the time for your victory celebration is still some time off. But you should all pat yourselves on the back for all of the preparatory work you have done so far. It will carry you a long way towards victory, and in your hearts you will find all of the extra fuel you need to get you there well and truly in the end. In addition, there will be more helpful hints from us along the way, so make sure that you stay tuned to this channel. You might find it useful as the time goes by and the changes starts to roll in. As always, forewarned is forearmed, and we will see to it that you are well armed for the rest of the journey ahead.


part 21

Chapter 17
Today we would like to discuss a subject that is certain to raise more than a few eyebrows, namely that of the fierceness of the process you have coming up ahead. As we have already stated on numerous occasions, this will in many ways be a very bloody battle. Yes, we use this word deliberately, as the process of ridding you of your dark overlords will not be an easy one. Make no mistake, although the end result will be a place where you all can live in peaceful coexistence, the road towards attaining that goal is one paved with much drama and destruction. We have compared it to the birth of a child earlier, and for those of you who have gone through this process you are well aware that might be in some ways the most frightening experience you could ever live through. So to will this be, and we would be hiding the truth from you if we did not make this clear from the start. The upheavals ahead will be many, and they will be of a magnitude no one has ever been through before, so we want you to have this one thought very clear in your heads: remember that in order for the darkness to be swept away once and for all, we need to do whatever it takes to make sure that this will be a successful operation. We are of the light, but in order for the light to finally be victorious here on this planet as well, we need to take out the big guns as it were. You cannot win this battle on love alone, and you must stay clear in your hearts about this. Love is a strong power indeed, but when it comes down to the dirty work perpetrated by these villains, we need to make it absolutely clear that the armament used against them must be of a very forceful nature indeed.

Many are not prepared to hear this, because they have already cleansed themselves of so much fear already, and therefore they are not prepared to see that same sentiment played out in all of it´s strength around them. But this will be a period of much fear, and this in a way will make many, many of your fellow travelers lose hope once and for all. We will repeat this message again and again, as it is imperative that you keep this uppermost in your minds. We are here to make sure that darkness will have to leave your shores for the very last time, but in order to do just that, we will need to be ruthless in so many ways. As we have stated again and again, this will not be some kind of harsh judgment meeted out in punishment to the population at large, but a very forceful process with one object in mind, namely that of neutralizing the grip these dark overlords of yours have had for far too long. They will not let go willingly, therefore we will need to resort to force. Remember, we are all warriors of some kind or the other, and a large portion of us are the warriors in the very literal sense, namely the one not afraid of meeting a very powerful opponent face to face. This will sound like the storyline from a very fanciful movie, but we would like you to know that the time for that final battle is approaching fast. Remember, we are fighting for your right to win back this planet of yours, and as such we will be mighty allies indeed. But you are the ones who will bear much of the burden in this battle, as you are the ones who will see your lives turned upside down in so many ways. Remember, there will not be much left of anything you take for granted today, as so much of your society is build upon the rotten foundation laid down by the dark forces. It has been constructed for one purpose, namely that of serving their will, and as such not much will be left when this battle is over. And yes, we do repeat that it will be a battle indeed, but remember that you are on the winning side of this one. We know that this will seem to be somewhat hard to believe when you are in the middle of it, as there will be casualties on all sides. So much will come crashing down, it will be hard to see that it will be all for the best in the end. But again, this will be a process happening on many planes at the same time, and as such your normal, linear concept of time must be forgotten once and for all. This battle is already fiercely waged, and the results are already in on many of the skirmishes. As we said earlier, you yourselves are an important player in this game, and for many, there have been many battles already. We do not refer to the ones you may have experienced in your daily lives, even if they might have been many these last few years and months. Many have had a hard time going through all of the changes and challenges they have been forced to face lately, but that is only a small part of these battles we are referring to. No, we allude to the ones you are fighting whenever you got to sleep and leave this physical world of yours. You have by now started to have so many dreams that not only linger in your minds once you wake up, but who also have a very physical impact on your body. You will remember dramatic scenes, many of them very intense and scary, and at times your body feels very, very sore whenever you come out of your dream-state. This is because there are so many of you who are regularly being flung into the thick of it, and your presence is these battles is a very concrete one indeed. You are all warriors in some sense, and some of you are among the brave ones meeting up against the darkness each and every night. Do not think that this is something going on just in your dreams, nay they are in fact actual battles being fought in other realms, but they are indeed all connected to what is going on here on your planet on a daily, or rather nightly basis.

Many will have a hard time understanding just how involved they are in this already, as it seems so very remote from the world they are living in at the moment. But remember, these dark forces are not without knowledge that they are to be terminated as overlords on you planet, and they will not let go of their supremacy willingly. In other words, they have been fighting long and hard already in order to ensure that their dark kingdom will survive. But even if they have seen that they are in fact fighting a losing battle, they are not about to raise the white flag, and as such they will fight to the end. There have been many a skirmish already, and we think you all have been battle scarred in some ways by all of this nightly goings on. Not all of you are involved in this, but a very, very large proportion of the lightbearers out there are very skillful warriors, and they have all volunteered to use their skills in a very different form during those hours when their physical bodies seem to be fast asleep. You are a mighty bunch for sure, and as we said it is indeed imperative that you use your skills in this way. You are a part of the winning team as we said, but again, this ain´t over until the last one of you crosses that elusive finishing line and the new world can start to shine in all of it´s glory. Many, many will lose their faith along the line, and they will let go of any hope of attaining that final goal. Therefore, we will remind you again and again that you must be prepared to face some very real challenges in the time ahead, and even if victory is assured, the number of members on the victorious team is by no means decided just yet. It all depends on how well you all fare in the weeks and months ahead, and even if we will do our utmost to assist you in any way we can, this is also your own private battle, so the stakes are very high indeed. We say this not to scare you, but to remind you that although this is a fight for the light, darkness will in many cases envelop you and you will find it hard to see your way throughout the turmoil that will descend. Remember again that old saying that if you stay in your heart, all will be well, for as long as you never ever lose sight of that glimmer of hope always residing there, you will be able to find your way even when the darkness seems to be most profound. And it will be, as it always is just before the dawn finally arises. We hope you all will be here to see that beautiful new morning, and we will certainly support you in any way we can. But remember, you are not called the bravest of the brave for anything. You are indeed true warriors, and we all salute you as such.

part 22
And so we continue.
The topic today should be of interest to many, as we would like to take some time explaining recent events. In these last few weeks, the magnitude of the earth directed blasts of energy from not only your friendly neighbour the sun but also from more distant places in your universe have heightened considerably. This is not a topic that will be unknown to the masses as there have been many messages covering this same subject already, but we would like to expound on this theme. As we have stated on previous occasions, these particles have one object in mind, namely that of changing the energy level on your planet in such a way that there will be no going back to your old state of existing. As we have said, you need to be disconnected from the current energy grid you are being held hostage by, and now the time for this disconnection is coming ever closer. Many of you have already felt the heightened anticipation from this, and you have sensed that something major indeed is literally waiting on your doorstep. The reason for all of this, is the forementioned influx of energies that have been pouring into your atmosphere in a steady stream. Some of them originate from the sun, and we have already delved into what changes these portent both in your physical bodies but also in your physical surroundings. Neither will be left unchanged by this shower of highly charged particles, and as such you can say that this shower will certainly wash away all the vestiges of the old programming.

In addition to these so-called solar storms, you are also at the receiving end of quite another type of energetic particles streaming in from the outer recesses of your universe. You have mayhaps already heard about the so-called photon belt, a part of your galaxy containing a high number of high frequency particles. As you may well know, this part of your galaxy is in fact where you are currently residing, or to be more precise, you have just started to enter this belt. In other words, you are being bombarded with a new stream of information that you have not been into contact with for a very, very long period of time. Your little planet is orbiting in such a way that on a regular basis you are being sent through this highly charged part of your universe, almost like a car through a car wash. The effects will be much the same, as when you have successfully passed through this jet stream, you will have no traces of any of the old grime that is holding you back in so many ways. This is in other words not the first time your planet receives this extra thorough cleansing, and so you can see contrary to what many out there think, this is not a portent of disaster. Far from it, but again, there are those who will be befallen by disaster during this washing cycle as well, namely those creatures of the dark who do not take lightly to this exposure to the fresh air.

There are many speculations as to what this photon belt really is, and we would like to give you some details. As we have stated earlier, you and everything else in the multiverse is covered by a vast grid comprised of energy and information, and as such you are never far from this unlimited source of everything that you will ever need. However, as your planet was disconnected from this grid a very long time ago, you have been depleted of so much of this vital energy in the interim. We use the word ”vital” here very consciously, as this grid is a very vital and living entity that not only sends out but also receives back energy and information from everything that is connected to it. This is in other words a two way system, designed to make everything connected to it communicate in a very efficient manner. As you have been disconnected from this grid for such a long time, there is so much information you need to be updated on. You can in many ways liken it to people who have been lost in the jungle for a very prolonged period of time, and when they come out again they are unable to function in the very modern and advanced society that have developed in the interim. You and your planet is in just this position, and in a way you will need a crash course, or an extra large influx of information and energy, in order for you to be able to catch up with the rest of us. This is were this so-called photon belt comes in. You can liken it to an extremely advanced library, were all of the intervening years of development have been stored during the long period since you last passed through this part of your ecliptic journey. Now you have entered the doors of this library again, and you will be updated on all of the recent events as it were, so you will be able to interact with other and more advanced civilizations in a much better way than you are equipped to at the moment.

Much of this information will be downloaded into your systems without you even being aware of it, except for the fact that it might have a rather heavy impact on your physical bodies during the insertion. In other words, you might feel very, very worn-out and tired, and you will probably finding yourselves taking a lot of extra rest during the most intense cycles of these upgradings. We hasten to add that these dosages are in no way detrimental to your body, but just as your computers needs to be rebooted at intervals, so will you. Remember, it will be as if you upgrade all of your software simultaneously, so do not go into fear if it feels like your body wants to ”shut down” for a short period of time. Again, it is imperative that you listen to your body, as it will tell you very clearly just what it needs in order to assimilate all of this information in the best way. Treat it well, as it is working very, very hard at the moment in order to ensure that you have all the available information you need in order to proceed to the next step of this transition phase. Remember, you have quite a way to go before you can cross that finishing line we have been alluding to so many times already, and it is indeed imperative that you stay alert to all the signals you get. Some of them will come from your own body, some will come by way of your intuition, and some will come from an external source, either one in a human body, or one with a very different origin altogether. We stress this because you are entering a time of intense activity, both of the celestial kind, but also a time packed full of dramatic events in the world you are living in.
The time for change have come, and now everything will start to pick up speed exponentially, as the energies comes pouring into your world from literally all the corners of your surroundings. At times, it will seem to be more than overpowering, but if you manage to stay centered, you will fare well in these upcoming weeks. Yes, we know that this will sound as a rather old and tired advice by now, but is in fact the best advice we can give you. As we have said on so many occasions, if you stop listening to the voices shouting out in fear both on the outside and inside your head, and just listen to that small, but strong voice that emanates from your heart, you will always make the right decision even when surrounded by seemingly total chaos and confusion. And in order for you to be better able to do this, we advice you to keep your eyes and ears open. This is always a good choice, but on this part of your journey it will be more important than ever. As we said, you will get many messages, both from internal but also from external sources, and it is indeed imperative that you learn to discern information from disinformation. Not only will there be large amount of the former, but also the latter, as the forces of darkness will do their utmost to stop you from reaching your final destination. In other words, you will be inundated by fear from the fear-mongers that will try to do anything in their power in order to make you lose all hope in that bright tomorrow. They are very adept at this, and they have played on the strings of fear for such a long time that they do not need to make out many chords before so many fall under the spell of their ominous melodies. On the other hand, for those of you who have cleansed away so much of their grime already, your ears have been so finely tuned they hear these melodies for just what they are, namely a false tune that will make your very soul cringe. Your heart knows very well when something is out of tune, and as we said, if you listen to the voice of reason coming from your heart, you will not be led astray by these false prophets of doom. You will march to another tune completely, namely the freedom song. The march towards freedom will not be one without it´s ups and downs, but it will be one of joy. And remember, you are never marching alone. In addition to all of your brethren marching alongside you, you have a whole host of benevolent beings from other sources helping you along your way. We are many, and we are more than eager to be of assistance. Just remember to keep your eyes and your ears open, and you will surely see this for yourself. Again, it is imperative that you do not lose sight of the fact that although this march seems very, very solitary at times, you have so many comrades around you on all sides. Remember to reach out to each other as you continue your march towards freedom. That way, this ordeal will be over in a much shorter amount of time than if you try to go forwards all alone.


part 23

Chapter 18

On the side-effects of the incoming energies.
As many of you have already ascertained, you are not left untouched by all of these seemingly endless sequences of energy upgradings. Many of you have already fallen under the spell of these, and in fact also gotten into your head that there must be something seriously wrong inside your own body. That is nothing unusual, as these energy bombs to call them that, certainly do not come unannounced. Many have had severe symptoms, even debilitating ones, so we would like to go into some details concerning these symptoms in the hope of setting your minds at rest. First of all, even if these injections of energy are at times very, very forceful indeed, they cannot harm your body in any way. Still, your physical body balks at all of these strange vibrations coming into the system from the outside, so it is not difficult to understand why it has to scream out in shock and pain at times.

We are aware that there are some who have already seeked advice from professionals, i.e the medical society, but many of you have gotten very unclear answers as to just what is wrong with you. Endless tests have been performed, and at best the doctors say that they cannot find any fault, but it is not easy to put your mind at rest after such an answer when everything inside of you rebels in so many ways, and nothing of what you experience can be described as ”normal”. We use the marks here to imply that this is in fact as normal as it can get, at least for someone going through that life changing exposure to radiation as you are. As you are well aware, this radiation emanates not only from your sun, but also from sources much deeper in the galaxy, and as such your body has a hard time coping with it all. We hasten to add that you must drop all of the negative connotation you usually get from the word radiation, as this is something else completely. No, this radiation is anything but dangerous, but as your physical body conceives of it as something very unusual indeed, it will sound off all of the alarm clocks it has to make sure that you are well aware of these incoming energies. A lot of these alarm clocks are already well known to you, so when you feel them ringing you get a little worried. Now this chorus is getting louder and louder, and these signals are indeed impossible to ignore. It is as if your whole system is getting ready to disintegrate completely, so it is easy to understand the panic some of you feel.

Remember what these influxes of energy do, is to literally rewrite your whole programming, in other words totally change the way your physical body works. And as long as the main object of your body is to try to stay in equilibrium, it is not strange that the alarm clocks go off. They do so in order to protect you, as it is not aware that the outcome of this process will be a very positive one for you. It is in other words just doing it´s job, but you must learn to discern these signals from the real ones as it were. It cannot be easy to feel your way around in this confusion of physical symptoms, but as we have discussed already it is indeed imperative that you start to listen very, very closely to just what your body is telling you. It is in fact a very intelligent construction, and if you listen well, you will hear which alarm is worth taking notice of and which ones are the false ones. The latter will be in the majority, as there is so much confusion going on inside you at the moment. You are all literally being rewired from head to toe, so it is like one car alarm after the other going off along the whole street. Nothing will be left untouched, and as such there will be many symptoms to battle with. We will only mention a few.

Your sense of balance will be deeply affected, at times it will be literally impossible to stand upright without holding on to something. Many have likened it to be aboard a small boat on choppy water. This will be very annoying, but not dangerous in any way. However, combined with other symptoms such as blurred vision and headaches, it can seem like something very serious indeed is amiss in your brain. Again, remember to listen closely to what your body is telling you. We think you will find that this is something that comes and goes at regular intervals, usually timed to the solar activity. In addition, it can be helpful to know that there are others out there experiencing the same things you do within the same time frame, so reaching out to others can be of value. Just remember to connect with like-minded people, otherwise you will be even more convinced that everything you feel is something to be worried about. Again, it is imperative that you do not go into fear, so sharing your journey with others out there will help you navigate safely through all of these changes. Remember, you are traveling down a road no one in a physical body have ever traveled before, and as such you cannot know beforehand just what this will feel like. We cannot tell you either, as this is something we ourselves have not experienced. However, we can tell you that even if this process feels very, very uncomfortable at times, it is by no means dangerous to you or to your physical body. As we have said on numerous occasions, you are all closely monitored by us, and as such nothing harmful will befall you.

Back to the sense of unbalance and blurred vision. As you might be aware of, much of the rewiring we referred to goes on inside of your brain. That is why there are so many symptoms closely linked to all of your senses. Just think of how your body reacts when you go out on a boat in high seas. It will certainly start to tell you that there is something amiss, as everything that have been stable suddenly starts to move very unpredictably. You will feel nauseous and have a hard time keeping yourself steady, much like the way you feel when these energy waves starts to roll in. And so your body starts to do everything it can to readjust to these new sets of rules, and when you finally get your sea legs as it were, you go back on dry land again.Then your body starts to rebel yet again, because it has just accustomed itself to function in a very unstable environment. In other words, you will feel these periods of unbalance and motion sickness to call it that both during these downloads but also after them, as your body always does everything it can to compensate for the new parameters. It can in other words feel very unsettled for prolonged periods of time, but you will find a way to stay upright throughout these storms as long as you take them for what they are, namely a minor inconvenience for achieving something very strong and stable indeed. This will not go on for ever of course, and you will find that your body gets better and better at adapting to these energy shifts as the time goes by, but as these energy waves literally change pattern from one wave to the next, there will always be some sort of reaction whenever a new one comes in. Just remember that you are literally surfing these waves in order to get to a very new shore, so we think you will in some way be more able to enjoy the ride if you keep this in mind whenever you feel you are starting to slip under the surface of another incoming crest.

Your digestive tract is also having a hard time coping with all of this activity. It will work overtime to ensure that all the waste from this rewiring process can be successfully eliminated, and this is not a very pleasant experience at times. We will remind you that this is in fact a very natural part of your body's way of handling stress, as stress is what it considers this to be. In other words, when your system senses that something is amiss, and that something new and unknown has entered, it does everything it can to get rid of it. Think of it as a very thorough cleansing process, for this is in effect just what it is. The new energy coming in takes over from the old one, and together with the waste produced from this process, it will be eliminated as your body no longer has any need for it. This will be a rather unsavory subject for many, but we mention it because you will all feel the impact from this in some way, and because whenever your body reacts in any way that seems to confirm that something is indeed amiss, it is important to remember that although it might feel rather unpleasant, it will do you all sorts of good in this upcoming period. The lighter the load, the easier the travel to put it in not too blunt words.

Over to the other function of your digestive track, namely the important part of nutrition. You have all had your ears filled up with advice on just what kind of diet is considered the best, or most balanced one. You have probably realized for yourselves just how impossible it is to keep up to this regime under the current circumstances. Your body will be sending you very strong signals, not only when to eat, but also what to eat, and at times this will certainly fly in the face of conventional wisdom. Remember you are all under considerable stress, in other words this process is taking it´s toll on your body, and even if it cannot be described as harmful, you need to be extra vigilant in order to help your body through this in any way you can. One of the ways is to ensure that it is fed the things it needs in order for it to assimilate all of these changes in the best possible way. And remember, you will get some very confusing messages indeed, messages that will tell you very clearly to eat things that might not even be on your list of required foodstuffs, and that might be even considered as detrimental. You will in other words at times literally crave things that contain a high amount of calories or proteins, even things considered to be ”bad” for your body. That is because this intense process requires high–octane fuel to call it that, and so we advice you to pay heed whenever your body tells you that it wants something. On the other hand, there will also be periods when you lose the urge to eat anything at all, as your body will need rest from digesting anything altogether. To many, this will be self evident, but we mention it because your society has put so much emphasis on the food that you may or may not eat. Remember you are traveling in unchartered terrain, and as such all the old rules of navigation must be discarded once and for all. Trust your body, it will tell you what to do, but remember to listen very carefully so you do not take any false alarm at face value.

 part 24 - Equinox message

And so we continue. Today is a very special day, so we would like to give you all a very special message. Today is the day when the world hangs in the balance as it were, in other words, this is the day of the equinox. This marks the beginning of a very special time for your little planet, and we think it will be one you will look back on with awe. Indeed, much will be changing for you all now, and when you approach the next equinox, we think you will find that you are in fact so changed by recent events you will have a hard time remembering just what your lives were before today. We do not imply that today is THE day, rather that today marks the completion of a significant initialization for you all, and also the entering of the next and critical phase in your ascension process. We are aware that there are many, many out there getting tired of receiving these messages time after time, and that they are in fact giving up hope that anything will indeed change for the better anytime soon. That is very understandable, as there is seemingly an endless stream of bad news paraded in front of your eyes every time you take a look at what the mass media is dishing up for you on a daily basis. Just remember– this is pure manipulation, information given out in order to make you all fall back and resign yourselves to a fate as continued slaves, in other words, giving up your powers again to those that have held you back for countless of generations. We do not say that this world is not full of negative events, but that it has been made almost impossible for you all to see behind the veils as it were and get a glimpse of the REAL news. There is so much going on behind this veil, things that would make your hearts sing out in joy if you were aware of them. Some of you are among the lucky few who have gotten a sneak preview of this already, and we are so glad to see how your whole demeanor changes when you realize that the light has already penetrated even into the furthest recesses of the dark abodes. We are indeed smoking them all out of their hidey- holes, but they do put on a mighty spectacle in order to ensure that you are all still blinded by their dark presence. So what we want to implore you all, is to go back into the corner of your hearts were your own light is shining at it´s brightest. It will always continue to do so, even on the darkest of days, and as you are now approaching those really, really dark days, we find it prudent to remind you that although the sun will be sliding away from you all in the northern hemisphere, remember that the light is indeed increasing by the minute.

So much will happen in the space of a very short time, and much of it will go down in the darkest hours of your winter. This will indeed be a harsh season for you all, no matter where on the planet you reside, but remember it is as with mother nature. You all need to go through this cycle of breakdown in order to be reborn a new in the spring. Just remember to hold on to the light and not let yourself be swallowed up by the approaching darkness, it is but a veil cloaking the brightness of tomorrow. And you must also hold on to the truth that even if the surface is churned up into a frenzy, remember that it is indeed down underneath where calmness resides, and where the big changes are made. You have been well groomed to only let your eyes rest on the turmoil on the surface, and in this upcoming period there will be much turmoil indeed, but rest assured that underneath the surface the light has taken over the command. In other words, do not let yourselves drown in the fear. If you let go of the fear dragging you down, the light will buoy you up and you will bob along on the surface. There will be much flotsam bumping you about, but you will indeed find firm ground beneath your feet sooner than you think. Again, do not take everything at it´s face value because the ones grading the value are the ones who have corrupted the whole set of scales. You will feel in your hearts what the real value of these upcoming events will be, and you will know so well that this darkest period will herald the advent of the light. And this time the light will come to stay for good.

 part 25

Chapter 19
Today´s missive will not be as long as usual, as we would like to give some details on some of the upcoming attractions as it were. In order to do this, we would like to focus on one of the details at a time. This is in order to give you some sense of the magnitude of what is about to happen. This will not be easy to digest, but we will make sure that we give it to you in increments that will be more easily translated into words. In other words, the energies contained in these missives will be massive indeed, but in form they will seem to be very short, almost naive. Here we go.

The first part of this journey will seem to be one carried out almost entirely in the dark. In other words, it will be accompanied by an almost total lack of daylight of any kind, and this will indeed cover the entire globe at the same time. Not much can be said about this period, as it will in many ways obliterate all and everything that you can feel, hear or see with all of your so-called normal senses. It will almost be like being blind and deaf, almost like you are in a state of near death, but still able to sense that you are alive. All of your bodily functions will slow down, like a bear going into hibernation, so you will be able to survive for quite a long time without ever needing to take in any form of nutrition. In other words, you will be in a suspended animation where you are all dislocated from the timeline you are currently being held hostage in, before you will be relocated to a totally new timeline. You will in many ways feel like you are floating in space, like an embryo suspended in the womb, waiting for the birth. And this is in fact just what you all are, you are getting ready to be reborn, free of all of the shackles of yesteryear. You will be free from everything that has been holding you hostage, not only the dark forces on the outside, but also the tyranny that has been holding you back on the inside. We refer of course to that ever present fear you are all harboring somewhere in your systems. No matter what shape or form it takes, it has always and forever held you tightly confined within it´s grip, but now we will help you make sure that it will for ever have to let go. You will be floating in this state of metamorphosis for quite a while, but you will not be able to count the time as all time will be suspended. You are in other words being transported to a place beyond time, were no time exist, and when the time is right, you will be brought back. In other words, when you can be successfully reconnected to the living grid of information and energy whence you once came from, you will be taken out of hibernation and gently woken again. Then you will finally open your eyes to see the light of a brand new day, and a brand new world. Take this as you wish, but know that the future will be a bright one indeed. Just do not expect the present world to go on forever. You will have a choice, either to stay in the fear-generated world of sorrow and broken dreams, or choose to separate yourself from this world and let go of any inhibitions. Then, you can enter this womb-like state and let us take you through the darkness and into the new light. Just remember that the period of free falling is rapidly approaching, so you must prepare yourself to take the plunge. That way, you will not be taken aback once the light fades and the dark days starts. Never forget, this darkness does not herald the end, rather the beginning. So it is. We leave, but we will return with more information when the time is indeed right.

part 26

Today´s topic will be of general interest, as there will be some advice concerning what to do in this upcoming period. First of all, remember that although things may seem to be bleak on the outset, this is certainly not the end case. You are already being inundated with bad news, especially concerning the so-called world of finance. As we have repeatedly touched upon already, this nest of lies and deceit is ready to fall any moment. Do not think that this will throw everything into turmoil, though this will be everyone´s immediate reaction to this inevitable collapse. Again, you have been well trained to think that the world of finance is what makes this world go around, when in fact it is actually the other way around. In other words, they do not create anything worth while, they only exist in order to enrich a fortunate few at the expenses of the rest of you. This is a well oiled – literally – machine set up to exploit all of this planet´s assets in the most profound way, and when we speak of assets, this also include you. You are all deemed as expendable goods, much on par with the rest of the natural resources on this planet. Just remember, you are indeed amongst this world´s most valuable assets, but you have sold yourselves for a mere handful of coins, much below the real value you carry. Now the time has come to take stock of the real value not only you, but the rest of this living, breathing creation that surrounds you adds up to, and we think the total sum will come as a nice surprise to you all. As we have stated earlier, take a good look into who really owns you, and the answer will probably not be very palatable at the moment. You have, as we just said, sold yourselves cheap, but now the time has come to wrest yourselves back from the grasp of these snake oil salesmen once and for all. At the moment, they are running around like just so many headless chickens, trying without success to mend their broken dreams. They have put everything they have into this illusion they call the financial world, and now they can see it crumbling to dust in front of their very eyes. They have been very successful at upholding this illusion throughout the last installments of this financial collapse, but their much-patched house of cards is literally being blown to dust as we speak. They will try to resort to any fictitious solution in order to keep the wheels turning as they say, but this time we will put that final spanner in the works that will make everything grind to a halt. And this time, they will have nothing to resort to to make these rotten wheels start to roll again. We will see to that, or rather, they have already prepared their own downfall by the actions they put into place after the last turmoil in the international markets, and now these solutions have come back to haunt them with all their might. This will not be a specter easily chased away, and the rips in the fabric of this world-enclosing straitjacket are already more than visible to all. You have all been held back by this tightly cinched jacket for generations, but now you will feel how you can start to wiggle your fingers and eventually manage to wrestle yourselves free from this stranglehold once and for all.

At first, there will be massive panic, for how can you all function without this seemingly all-encompassing system of money and finances? You have been taught well to fear for the unknown, and for most of this planet´s population, a life without the current concept of money and value, stocks and bonds will seem almost too fearful to contemplate. How can you survive without it, as you would literally be unable to buy anything of what you need to stay alive? Trust us when we say that not only will you all be able to survive, you will also prosper and flourish without the burden of the monetary system pushing you to your knees. This will sound like a fairytale, but trust us when we say that as soon as the smoke clears from the incineration of the old system, you will be able to set your eyes on the fresh, new tomorrow based upon an entirely new set of rules that will ensure good governance to all. In other words, a system that will ensure a simple and happy life for all those who have joined the ranks of inhabitants in the garden of eden you call mother earth. For she is indeed a garden of eden, but it is very difficult to see that now, as she has been covered in the grime accumulated by the works of these moneylenders for far too long.

We have talked much about this cleaning process already, so we will not go into that presently, but we would like to say something about how this world will be able to function – and prosper – in this new set up. We have previously mentioned that there are individuals out there who have been working hard on just such a new set of rules, and they have of course been doing so in strict confidence, away from the prying eyes of the all-seeing dark souls intent on upkeeping status quo. But counter to their beliefs, it is not difficult at all to set up a new system devoid of all of the negative energy that have engendered the present one. Remember, you are all inhabiting a planet filled to the brim with assets, both human and in other forms, and once everyone realize just how well set up you are from the outset, you will see that counter to what you all believe at the moment, you do not lack for anything. There is no shortage of energy, no shortage of food, no shortage of water and certainly no shortage of brain power. It is like the old adage on the brain, that you presumably only use a small percentage of your capacity, and in this case, it is 100% correct. In other words, you already possess everything you need in order for you all to live a prosperous life, without the need of any ”outside financing”. Remember, the financial system has been set up with only one thing in mind: to make the numbers grow ever bigger. In other words, the only thing they are producing, is numbers, they have not set up this system to create anything of value outside the numbers in their own bank accounts. That is why the focus on manufacturing things that will increase their value to the max, without any regard as to how harmful these products will be to the rest of you. And they have been very, very successful at depleting you all, but now as this system finally comes crashing to the ground, your own intrinsic value will be brought back to the original level, and a such you will all be invaluable once again.

Back to the new system that is in fact already put into place, out of sight from those grasping hands of the greedy few. You have a hard time imagining something you have not encountered before, therefore you will at the moment have a hard time believing that a system based upon equal value of anyone and anything will have any hope of functioning, but believe us when we say that this is in fact the system that governs all other civilizations out there that call themselves advanced. Your system of ”paper money” to call it that, is unheard of elsewhere, and we frankly have a hard time understanding how you all seem to fall so easily into line following those false prophets who have been extolling the falsified virtues of this system for such a long time. You cannot avoid it you say, because then you will be cast out into poverty and despair. Well, now you will have an option, and that is to cast off this heavy burden of monetary value once and for all. Again, the new system is already set up and ready to go, and it will come into action once the roots of the old one have been pulled out once and for all. But remember, there will be those clinging to these roots with all of their strength, unable to let go of the one thing they hold to be of prime importance, and they will indeed be ripped out together with these roots. If you insist on upholding that the value of money is more important than everything else, you will not be able to enter the new world of tomorrow, as there will be no place there for those still set upon enriching themselves at the expence of others. Remember this, and remember it well, there will be no exception to this rule, therefore it is indeed important that you all start to prepare yourselves for the inevitable downfall of this rotten and outdated system. If you do not, you will be caught up and dragged down in the maelstrom from this sinking ship, and you will have a hard time freeing yourselves from the death grip that will try pull you down with it. We say this is order to make it absolutely clear that there will be no more leniency when it comes to greed once this system have been obliterated, and those still clinging to this belief, will not be saved by any outside intervention. If you cannot save yourself from this unhealthy load, we cannot save you either, so once again the choice is yours.

It will not be an easy process, as you have all been literally soaked in the fear of lack, and it all comes back to this parasitic system of finance. You have been told that you cannot survive without it, and this message is hammered home each and every day. Now, the fear amongst those on the top of this money making pyramid is becoming rampant, and as such they will do everything that they can in order to make you all the more convinced that this is indeed the case. In other words, they will try all they can to make you all believe that they are the only ones standing between you and certain destruction of everything that you hold dearly, and they will try to make you give up the rest of your powers in order to give them a free for all in handling this situation in any way they want. They will insist that they are the only ones capable of acting in the interest of the rest of you, and as such they must be given free rein to stop this system from collapsing. And what they will do if you give them what they ask for, is to take away everything you have left of freedom. Do not think for a moment that they act out of the interest of the common good. No, they will only act out of pure self interest, and they are only after salvaging their own assets. If they need to sacrifice the rest of you in order to do just that, they will do so, and they will resort to anything in order to get the money markets up and going again. Look around you, and you will see where the big money are. It is not in producing products and services that are in your best interest, nay the more negative impact it has on you and your nature the more these evildoers will prosper. And nothing is as financially attractive as a good old war. Remember, we do not talk about the well being of nations here, we talk about the interest of a few hardened individuals that will do anything to ensure that they can be sitting on an ever increasing heap of money. Look around you, and the signs are everywhere for you to see. Do you not think that this world would be a more prosperous – and indeed peaceful place – if the question of money was eliminated once and for all? We say this to remind you all yet again that you will not be left destitute when this system of international finance collapses. You will in stead enter a new world where you will all consider yourselves to be rich beyond measure, and the measure we refer to has no monetary value attached to it. As long as you remember this, the chances that you will be swept away together with the current system is a very, very slim one indeed. Again, it is up to you if you choose to hold on to this lead balloon when the waves of change crashes onto your shores. Let go, and the breath of freedom will be yours forever after.

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