September 4, 2011

Support the Energies of The Shift, Don't Heal Them!

Channeler:  Lisa Gawlas
I don't think I will ever really understand why we, as lightworkers, or consciously aware Beings feel the need to send healing energy to an event designed to enhance the energy on earth.
I remember being in Rupert Idaho in 2004 and a major healing event was being planned near where I was. I forget the name but it was a massive circle of people coming together starting at the Grand Titans and spreading out in a 600 mile circle to all join in prayer and heal the earth.
I was all set to be a part of that healing circle, just to be an active part of something on this path (especially then) filled me to no end. Before I left to make my 2 hour car journey to the nearest circle of people, I went into meditation to ask mother earth what she needed (how often do we really do that). She was quite clear to tell me she was not sick, she was pregnant. She also explained that the energies we send for healing actually slows down her progress.

I instantly remembered the birth of my son. I had serious back labor and the caring people at the hospital offered me a shot in the back to help with the pain (I had already been in full labor about 10 hours). I asked them first, will that shot slow or stop my labor at all. They assured me it wouldn't. I took the shot and went to sleep for 2 hours and woke up having to start labor all over again. 18 additgional hours later and absolute refusal of any more drugs, I had my son.

I didn't go to the group healing. I never sent mother earth healing energy again. She is not sick, she is currently in full labor. We should be her mid-wifes, helping to guide the process, not protect her from it.
I have seen several pleas to join in calming the energy of Hurricane Irene, and unfortunately it worked (yeah, we are THAT powerful that we can dampen the energy of progress because we are afraid of what that progress may look like to us humans.)

For Irene to have served her full energetic purpose, she should have come ashore as a category 3 hurricane. When I had seen the dry air impregnating her energy source yesterday I asked Archangel Michael why? He simply replied, it's the energy of the prayers. She is arriving as a category 1.
I don't understand how we can get so excited about being part of the Shift of Ages and at the same time, so afraid of the full energy of the Shift of the Ages. Duality at it's best.
If we can change our prayers of healing into prayers of support, a lot will get done energetically, in whatever way it needs to be done in fullness.
I celebrate this moment in time and am breathing in the energy of Irene as she cleanses the landscape for greater things to come.

Lisa Gawlas, 9/3/11

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  1. Well said, I agree. Those of us who have birthed have the benefit of experience to understand what is really happening.