September 21, 2011

Council of Twelve via Ann, 9/21

Channeler:  Ann A.
We are the Council of Twelve. we are observing the meetings and speeches at the United Nations. We are most particularly interested in the conversations that are behind the scenes. Much negotiation and deal-making is in progress, much that will not be reported in your media. For the most part, the conversations are productive and progressive in nature. There are still big pockets of resistance to change. This is to be expected. However, the tide has turned in the direction of expansion, openness and disclosure.
These changes will be instituted and will filter into your daily lives over a period of months. As we mentioned before, the upcoming changes will happen incrementally, and many will not notice them. We are talking about greater ability to speak, publish, dissent, vote, live, breathe and work. A gradual expansion of daily life freedoms will be available in many areas that are currently constricted.
Breathe these changes into being. Help the light into the light with your positive intention. Areas of the Middle East especially need your assistance. You can help to manifest a more rapid expansion and higher degree of human interaction by sending your prayers and thoughts to areas of the world that exist in the shadows.
You may have noticed that the hikers who were arrested in Iran are being released. This event has symbolic value. Ponder on it. Would you like to walk where you wish? Would you like the planet to be a place where free exchanges of people are cultures are the norm? It is in progress. The changes are underway. We thank you for your service. Carry on.

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