January 29, 2011

A Spiritual Solution to Chemtrails & Other Problems

 Henry Ford:  “If you think you can do a thing or you think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”

Many people are frightened and feel powerless to do anything about the toxins that are being sprayed in our skies day after day.   You are NOT powerless. You CAN do something to protect yourself.  Collectively, WE can create the world that we want.  Simple, step-by-step instructions for achieving this are provided below.  But first, let’s increase your confidence in your powers by providing some of the evidence from religion, science, and psychology.

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.” – Buddha
“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” – Solomon, Proverbs 23:7
“Truly I tell you, if you say to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and do not doubt in your heart but believe that what you say will happen, it will be done for you. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” – Jesus, Mark 11:23-24

Science (Quantum Physics)
“As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much: There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.” – Max Planck, the founder of quantum theory.  He won Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918.
“I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness.” – Max Planck
“Physics gives rise to observer-participant, observer-participant gives rise to information, information gives rise to physics.”  – John Archibald Wheeler, physicist. Thus the universe explains observers, and observers explain the universe.  Wheeler rejected the notion of the universe as a machine subject to fixed a priori laws and replaced it with a world that he called “the participatory universe.”  Wheeler suggests that not only do we play a role in this “participatory universe,” but we fulfill the primary role.

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.” – William James, who was a pioneering American psychologist.

If nothing else, remember this: every thought that you entertain somehow determines your experience.  Aim to live 100% of time according to what you want – not what you don’t want.  What you resist persists.  By dwelling on the chemtrails and the bad health it is bringing, you attract more chemtrails and more bad health.  Instead, focus on clean air and optimum health.

Mother Teresa understood this principle.  “I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.” – Mother Teresa.

 Here’s the formula:
1.  Create a clear vision of what you want.   For example: I want to breathe clean air. I want to be healthy.
2.  State your intention in the PRESENT TENSE and write it out as an affirmation. For example: I claim my own power and lovingly create my own reality.  I am healthy, happy and radiant. All the cells of my body are daily bathed in the perfection of my divine being.
3.  Now say it again with emotion and enthusiasm.  This gets your heart into the equation, which is where the power lies.  KEY: FUEL YOUR INTENTION WITH EMOTION.
4.  Visualize yourself with your intention ALREADY manifest.  Involve all of your senses.
5.  Believe in yourself. Trust that you CAN do this.  You are a powerful, divine being.  Remember: “… do not doubt in your heart but believe that what you say will happen, it will be done for you.” -Jesus, Mark 11:23
6.  Be open to receive from the universe without being overly needy or desperate.  Be patient.  Let the universe figure out the how.
7.  Be in a constant state of gratitude for what you already have in your life: your family and loved ones, your friends, your meals, your home, your job, etc.
8.  Raise your vibration.  This will increase your ability to manifest.  Always look for the highest and best thought.  Negative thoughts are natural.  But, when you have a negative thought, reframe it in a positive light.  Choose to be happy despite your circumstances.  “Everything can be taken from a man or a woman but one thing: the last of human freedoms to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” –Victor Frankl, Holocaust survivor and author of “Man’s Search for Meaning.”
9.  Another way to raise your vibration is to listen to inspirational music.  Pick something that lifts you up and play it regularly.  Sing along.  I’ve included a couple of my favorites at the bottom of this article.

Supercharge Your Intention – Ask for Help
Ask for help from the angelic realm.  It doesn’t matter what religion you are or even if you are an atheist.  This works.  The angelic realm is real.  The archangels are at your beck and call.  There are many great resources on the internet regarding this.  Here’s a partial (and certainly not complete) list of what the archangels can do to help:
  • Archangel Michael, the Warrior.  Connect when you need protection, courage, strength, conviction, and power.  For example: “Archangel Michael, I need your help. Please protect me from the toxins in the air. Please place a protective bubble around me so that I breathe only clean air.”  Then, visualize a bubble around your body, through which no toxins can penetrate.
  • Archangel Raphael, the Healer.  Connect for healing, trauma, difficult emotions, and insight.  For example: “Archangel Raphael, I need your help. Please heal my body and restore my health.”
  • Archangel Uriel, the Fire of God.  Connect for help in transformation, growth, and change of all kinds.  For example: “Archangel Uriel, I need your help.  Please help me to reclaim my power as a divine being, being fully able to manifest my intentions. ”

January 23, 2011

Unconditional Love

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL, January 19, 2011
Your Greatest Teachers

Dearly Beloved Ones,
And so it is that I come forth to begin a series of discourses through our beloved Scribe. She is of my own lineage and it is I, Gabriel, who has been guiding her every step upon her Path of life. The Scribe has been a messenger for the Divine in many other lifetimes upon Planet Earth and serves the role as Herald, much as I have done and continue to do. Her training started a long time ago, walking the lonely Path of Light, and it is only now that her greater role is beginning to blossom forth.
For our first discourse, we would like to talk about the meaning of Love, unconditional Love. What exactly does the word ‘unconditional’ mean? In the actual practice of unconditionally loving a person individually or as groups of people, what is required is the graceful acceptance of them as they are in this moment, seeing those areas that according to our perceptions ‘need work’, recognizing these and continuing to love them anyway, knowing that each of you are in the process of fulfilling and manifesting the lessons and experiences that you have each come to learn.
Many times, we see so many people look at another with judgment and criticism within themselves and we would ask you at those times to look within to see what it is that is within yourselves that needs to be brought to the surface of your consciousness, in order that you might discern those areas of your own attributes that you might not see easily in yourselves that may need to be addressed in your own lives, for the others around you, especially your own family members, are all playing their parts to help you clear these blind spots from your own perceptions, to act as mirrors to you, that you may move along your chosen Path with grace and ease.
These family members willingly took on these oft times unpleasant roles in order that your Spiritual growth may take place as your own Higher Self has chosen. No matter how difficult any relationship may seem, realize that this Soul who manifests through that physical body, is a Being who loves you dearly and one who agreed to withstand the pressure of bringing to your attention those aspects of yourselves that have been deemed less than desirable by your Higher Self, in order that you evaluate and change these aspects to those that are more in alignment with your own Divinity.
As such, give honor to the people closest to you in your life at this time and thank them for the role that they are playing, whether they be Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Husband, Wife or any other close family relations, for this is what you chose to experience upon your sojourn into physicality in order to move forward into greater and greater Light and embody greater amounts of unconditional Love. As you recognize what it is that you chose to learn through these wonderful Beings, you also begin to embody more of the attributes of unconditional Love and you learn to let go of all that does not resonate and align with the Being of Light that you aspire to once again remember and become. The more friction involved in this process, the greater and more quickly the lesson can be learned, for it is in friction that movement takes place. The bottom line of each encounter should be the feeling of Love and gratitude, for it is not easy to play the role they are required to play on your behalf.
Many times, these lessons are not recognized until there is a distance created between you, or perhaps the passage of time brings the value of their gift to you into your awareness. Remember that most of you incarnate in the same Soul families often so that great growth in awareness happens in bearable ways. Your family members are your greatest teachers about yourselves. It requires the openness of mind necessary to think of your family members in this Light. You ARE loved beyond measure and your journey through life is being blessed by their presence.
We ask that you look upon each other with Love and lightness of Being, looking always and ever for the good about them, and you will find that you can write a whole page filled with all the gifts they bring you to fill your life to overflowing with more blessings than you could ever imagine, for they are the ones who helped you to achieve the uniqueness of your own Being in this now moment.
These are the thoughts to ponder until our next discourse. My Love is always with you, Dearest Children of the Divine.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

Message from Spirit

12 January, 2011
All I can tell you for sure is that this message is from Spirit itself. I believe it could be directed toward everyone but most especially for the people of Australia as I see the most major changes occurring there within this year.
So let's begin:

Blessings my dear ones,
My heart goes out to those of you struggling with so much at this time. However, I am here to tell you that it is most definately all for the beginning of a new and better place for you to call home. Know this deep within your hearts and souls and it will help you get through all the chaos and heartaches that are occurring or will occur. I ask you now to hold your higher vibrations of love and light, now more than ever before. Stay calm in the face of chaos and you will be able to think more clearly and recieve guidance more truthfully. Time has definately sped up for you on earth and things will seem a lifetime away in just months to come. You may notice that even events of recent already begin to seem as though a distant memory.
I want to tell you now that more purging and cleansing is needed for mother earth at this time and things will seem to get worse. It will seem as though there is no where left to turn and no help will ever come. But I ask you to please send these thoughts your love and release them, then turn to inner guidance and truth for answers. The answers are always right there within you.

The light is most prominent now more than ever before and what you see outwardly and worldly is nothing more than purging and cleansing of what is left of the dark forces. Just a week ago, the dark was very angry because they were losing the battle, in fact losing the war and was kicking up in tantrums as a result. Now, I can tell you that that is over. They have lost the war is won. All that is left is for the remaining cleansing process to ensue. Send these energies all the love you have inside, fill them with light and peace and release them up to the heavens. That is the most important thing you can do to help with what is about to occur on your planet at this time.
For your year of 2011, rest assured it will be chaos for weather related issues and the like. But I cannot stress to you enough to stay calm and hold the light, love and peace for all your brothers and sisters on the planet. Help those in need with whatever resources you have at your disposal. This is not nor will it be the end times as you call them. It is the end of a time period, but not the end of the world.
Many many wonderful and amazing realities await you once this purging is completed. Keep your thoughts on that.
I still feel the need also to tell you to please do not forget to speak to your personal guides on a daily basis and listen to the truth that is within you. This is more important than listening to channels that come from outside of you. Only you know your truth believe in it, it will not in any way lead you astray.
Also I wanted to mention to you to keep your eyes and ears on Mrs Gifford (Arizona shooting). Not only does she need your prayers and love, but she does indeed have a really big purpose for being here and in her position. She is of the light just like you and is working for your greater good. Whether you agree with everything she is doing or not, remember that you can not always see the good on the other side of someones decisions. Her purpose is divine and she will need your energy of light and love to carry out her purpose here. This was also a result of the purging process, so do not despair. It was not completely senseless that this happened many good things will come of it, just as with any other disaster that strikes.
The light is here to stay and shine. Let your light shine as brightly as possible. Hold love and peace for disasters and tragedies and release them into the light. Keep your mind focused on the positive and on the world you wish to see come after the purging.
All is well and will continue to be so.
Much love and peace to you all

January 20, 2011

The Arcturian Corridor 4 -The Return

Arcturians channelings are like Ascension University to me.  This is for you to read. -- K

Channeler: Suzan Caroll Ph.D
Happy New Year! Happy 2011!

This year promises to be very eventful, for it is the year in which you will ALL begin your personal and planetary ascension process. Therefore, we have titled Part IV of the Arcturian Corridor, THE RETURN.
You will begin your RETURN to the fifth dimension not by just remembering that reality, but by also remembering the YOU who resonates to that particular fifth dimensional reality. Once you remember that YOU, you will have your first stepping-stone towards Home. You resonate to myriad fifth dimensional parallel realities, as well as myriad third and fourth dimensional realities. The difference it that once you regain your fifth dimensional resonance, you will begin to remember your myriad realities within that frequency of expression.
To avoid a sense of being overwhelmed and confused by so many possible realities, you have created a stepping-stone reality. Everyone has a fifth dimensional stepping-stone life that they will "step into" at ascension. Soon, many of you will begin to remember this stepping-stone reality and visit it in your dreams and meditations.

The secret is not in remembering everything.
The secret is that everything you remember is REAL!
By that statement we mean that everything that you can imagine you create. Imagination is fifth dimensional thought, and all thought has the power of creation. Therefore, if you think about it, you create it. That is the operating system of the fifth dimension and beyond.
It is this final stage of ascension into the fifth dimension that this operating system is often problematic, because you must BE the Master of your Thoughts and Emotions. If your every thought and emotion were broadcast over your head for all to see, you would become a Master very quickly. In other words, welcome to life in the fifth dimension. For in your stepping-stone life, your every thought and emotion instantly manifests. Because of this, it is vital that you gain Mastery over your fears.
The two vital tools to gain mastery over fear are INFORMATION and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Furthermore, if the information you receive does not "feel" like unconditional love, then discard it and look for a higher frequency source. Fortunately, unconditional love is not only the antidote to fear, it is also that firewall that keeps fear from penetrating your consciousness. If you feel even a hint of fear, do not "look" with your Solar Plexus, as it will accept lower frequency information into the sacred temple of your earth vessel.
Instead, we ask that you recognize the feel of fear with your lower chakras, but “look” at the energy patterns of that information with your Opened Third Eye. Fear cannot penetrate your Third Eye. Therefore, you will not be harmed by the perception of it. You can then emanate your unconditional love outward into your reality, to assure that you are not bothered by the frequency of fear.
On the other hand, when you receive a light message from your opened Third eye, share that message with your High Heart. Your High Heart will then “un-zip” the unconditional love embedded in the multidimensional light and send it throughout your body and environment. This unconditional love will always protect you, and it heals fear. Yes, fear can be healed, for it is a creation, a human creation. Begin to think of your every thought and emotion as your own human creation. Fortunately, you can edit all your creations with the mighty force of your unconditional love.

Dear Arcturians,
I have been hearing a message just inside my mind, or is it my heart? I am asking you now to assist me in recovering this message. I know that I need to close the gap between the “me” that writes for assistance and the “ME” to whom I write—The Arcturian Group Mind.
I AM ready to ascend now!
I AM ready to be my full multidimensional expression of SELF.
I AM ready to close the gap between whom I call to and whom is calling.
Please assist me now to better understand this process...

Our dearest ONES,
We write our answer to our grounded expression, as well as to all those who receive it. We want you to know that all of YOU have already closed that gap! it is just a matter of re-calibrating your perceptions to be able to consciously experience ALL the frequencies of reality between the third/fourth dimension and our eighth/tenth dimensions. Once you have experienced the realities beyond the seventh, the return to the fifth will be natural. It is time now for us to take you (that is ALL of you) into the sixth dimension and beyond.
In the sixth dimension, we will assist you to go into the Divine Blueprint of your consciousness to clear the accumulated dross energy patterns that you have collected since the fall of Atlantis. While you are within that perception, you will also take the quantum leap into the reality in which Atlantis and Lemuria completed their cycle in a loving and peaceful manner. It was the violence of the closing of their cycle that has resonated in your world since then. You know that there are myriad parallel realities at all times. Hence, there is a reality in which Atlantis and Lemuria had a peaceful transition.
Because Gaia wanted to ascend along with her people, she asked for volunteers to experience the extreme polarity of your present reality. She knew that it would be very difficult for those volunteers, but the ones who survived would do so because they became strong enough to participate in a planetary ascension.
You, the survivors, both incarnated and in the higher planes, are gathering together now to assist Gaia with Her ascension. However, your must completely release all records of darkness. The darkness that made you strong must now be purged to allow you to be even stronger. In other words, your teacher, the darkness, must now become your pupil so that you can close the perceptual gap between the third/fourth dimensions and the higher worlds. This Return has already begun!

We have told you about portals to be found on Gaia and in your earth vessel, your opened Third Eye, as well as your personal Pineal Portal. We now wish to show you how to use the expanded perceptions of your opened Third Eye to create portals into the higher worlds through which you can travel via expanding your consciousness. These multidimensional experiences will greatly facilitate your personal and planetary transmutation. You will find these many portals by learning (remembering) how to close third dimensional polarities.
One of the differences between the third/fourth and the fifth dimensions is that the fifth dimension is free of all polarities. Therefore, by finding the place in-between the polarities, you can open the many portals of transmutation into the higher dimensional expressions of your SELF. In fact, you can also travel via the lowest (that is zero dimensional) realities of the quantum worlds.
We ask you to take a moment now to visualize the polarity of masculine energy and feminine energy. Do you see how the masculine energy flows towards the feminine, and how the feminine receives the flow of energy? Now look in-between the two polarities into the center point where the two opposites meet.
Allow these two energies to intermingle and merge. Do you see the power of these two polarities merge into ONE? With the merging of these opposite energy flows there is the formation of a new energy. This energy is completely still, yet it holds a force beyond any movement, for it is the force of Unity.
FEEL this force of Unity. Allow it to pull you into it, as you simultaneously fall into the emanation of this energy. Experience the stillness and calm as your heart begins to open and your breath begins to change.
You are no longer breathing from your body. You are breathing from the force of Unity. This breath is so powerful that you can barely contain it, yet you do not want to ignore it, as you KNOW it is filled with the power of your Lightbody.
Your Lightbody is beginning to emerge from its slumber as you breathe in the power of this force of Unity. An intense vibration is building up in your spine, which makes you want to shake in order to accept that which is entering your form.
The waves of the Unity grow stronger and stronger. All you can “do” is become calmer and calmer to allow the Unity into your earth vessel. You can feel your body changing as you accept this force.
Continue to inhale the force of Unity, which emanates to the frequency of unconditional love. As you slowly exhale, visualize how the unconditional love fills your body.
Remain detached from your earth vessel, so that you can allow your inner vision to perceive how this breath of unconditional love and Unity is creating a new form for you.
This form is beyond the polarities of masculine or feminine. Yet, while you are still holding an earth vessel on Gaia to assist Her with Her transition, this form may still display the illusion of gender.
Take three long breathes to inhale the Unity and exhale the illusion of separation. With each exhale you release your attachment to the separation and limitations of your physical world. In this manner, you can better accept your new reality.
Hold your breath as long as you can so that you can fully experience being in-between human and divine. When you can hold your breath no longer, slowly exhale and visualize the force of Unity filling your essence, which appears to be formless. This essence is not attached to your earth vessel, but it fills it and emanates beyond it.
You will still groom your self, go to work, brush you hair and feed your body, but you will do so in the same manner that you would care for your house or your car. Your earth vessel is the body, which allows you to experience the third dimensional reality in an intimate way.
However, the YOU who is within this earth vessel can expand your perception beyond it so that you can experience your true HOME in the higher worlds. Just as you lock your house or park your car in a safe place, you will make sure your form is protected and safe when you expand your perceptions beyond the limitations of your physical vessel.
Many of you have an alarm system on your car or in your home. In the same manner, you leave a portion of your essence always “awake” within your earth vessel when your travel inter-dimensionally to let you know if you need to focus on your physical body to keep it safe.
Of course, to the YOU that is traveling inter-dimensionally, you have not left your vessel, you have only expanded your sense of SELF beyond it. The YOU that has regained your multidimensional nature lives within the paradigm of Unity consciousness and simultaneously experiences all dimensions.
We will now address the gap between the third dimensional and multidimensional paradigms of thinking. Within the third dimensional paradigm you think of your “self” as being the physical body in which you live. Therefore, in order to ascend you will need to leave the physical body and travel across a long distance to visit higher dimensions of your Multidimensional SELF. You experience your physical “self” to be separate from the higher frequency versions of your Being, as well as separate from others and from the planet.
Within multidimensional thinking, your “self” is united with all life on all dimensions. Therefore, you are connected to every aspect of being on the entire planet, as well as to every frequency of your Multidimensional SELF. Hence, you do not “travel” to a different place or frequency. You merely change the frequency of your resonance and perceive reality through that perceptual filter.
The higher frequencies can perceive the lower frequencies, but the lower frequencies cannot perceive the higher ones, unless they “raise” their consciousness. For example, within your third dimensional consciousness you can perceive the second dimensional plants and animals. You can also perceive the first dimensional rocks and elements. You can even use your third dimensional microscope to perceive individual cells.
With multidimensional thinking, you are not just raising your consciousness. You are expanding your consciousness so that you can simultaneously perceive all the realities in-between, such as the fourth dimension that is between the third and fifth dimensional realities. When you perceive fourth dimensional auras, you simultaneously see the third dimensional forms, such as the people, trees, nature, and houses that emanate those auras. On the other hand, in order for most humans to perceive the fifth dimension and beyond, they need to close their eyes and be in a quite place to “raise their consciousness” into Theta and Delta Waves.
Conversely, when you “ascend” into the fifth dimensional frequency of SELF, multidimensional consciousness will be “normal.” Hence, you will not need to close your eyes in order to perceive it. However, just as you can easily perceive the first and second dimensional reality with your third dimensional consciousness, you will be able to perceive the first, second, third, and fourth dimensions with your fifth dimensional consciousness.
The benefit of being fifth dimensional is that you expand your consciousness beyond the third dimensional illusions of polarity, separation and limitation. Within fifth dimensional consciousness you live in unity with the ONE. Therefore, you are free of all the illusions, lies, limitations and polarities of the physical reality. From your fifth dimensional perspective, you can observe the third dimension much as you would observe a motion picture.
Within the unity of your fifth dimensional reality, you are fully aware of and connected to the myriad expressions of SELF within the third through fifth dimensions and beyond. It is this multidimensional perception of reality that causes difficulty for the new returnees to their fifth dimensional expression of SELF.

Those newly returned to the fifth dimension still hold the habit of third dimensional thinking and are easily overwhelmed by the myriad perceptions of the fifth dimension and beyond. Because they become overwhelmed by the myriad perceptions, they doubt their experience. Doubt is an expression of fear, which lowers their consciousness below the perception of the fifth dimension. The new returnees also become overwhelmed by the fact that their EVERY thought and emotion is instantly manifest. This instant manifestation also creates fear, which lowers their consciousness back into the limited perceptions of the third dimension.
Therefore, the ascending ones often need to remember the feeling of multidimensional love, for only that frequency of consciousness can protect them from the fear and confusion of their newly expanded reality. It is the multidimensional love that allows the full transition from your dense form of physical matter into our mutable form of light. Try to release all doubt during your many transits into the fifth dimension. You will move back and forth between the third/fourth and fifth dimensions many times, as you gradually adapt to your Lightbody.

We return now to the concept of “closing the gap.” Do you now understand that you do not “close” the gap? In fact, your actually “fill” the gap. You fill this gap between the YOU that is experiencing the physical world and the YOU that is experiencing the multidimensional world by placing your primary sense of SELF into your fifth dimensional resonance. At first, the force of your imagination will place your primary experience of SELF in your fifth dimension. We will now guide you in this endeavor, as one experience is worth a million words.

Visualize your SELF as being on the fifth dimension. We will assist you by repeating the opening of the portal at the beginning of our message. We know that the most difficult part of changing the frequency of your primary SELF is to overcome the doubts that: “It is just my imagination.” “They will think I am crazy.” “This is a waste of time. I have work to do.” Etc. etc. etc...
We ask you to release you third dimensional doubts and tune into the unconditional love forever nestled in your High Heart. It may be too difficult for you to FEEL that love within this moment, but we ask you to begin by Knowing that it is there. Think of something or someone that you love without condition. Maybe that would be your child, your mate, your best friend, your pet, your home, nature, sleeping. It does not matter what or who, it only matters that your love is without any conditions.
Feel that love now and know that you could not experience that feeling if you didn’t have it somewhere within yourself. You would not be drawn to this material if you did not hold unconditional love in your being. Take a moment to relax into the feeling of who you love. Would you stop feeling this love if the recipient changed? If the answer is NO, then you do love unconditionally.
Own this unconditional love as an expression of your Multidimensional SELF...
Visualize the polarity of masculine, out-flowing energy and feminine, in-flowing energy...
See how the masculine energy flows towards the feminine, and how the feminine pulls in that flow of energy...
Look in-between the two polarities, to the exact portal in which the two energies merge into one...
Observe the power of the merging as these opposite energies flow into a new energy, the energy force of Unity...
FEEL this force of Unity. Allow it to pull you into it as you simultaneously fall into its emanation...
Experience the stillness and calm as your heart begins to open and your breath begins to change...
You are no longer breathing only from your body. You are breathing from the force of unity...
This breath is so powerful that you can barely contain it, yet you do not want to release it...
As you continue to breathe in this force of unity, allow it to expand your consciousness into the fifth dimension...
Allow an image of your stepping-stone reality to enter your imagination...
Expand the essence of the YOU in physical form to meet the YOU in your stepping-stone reality and STEP INTO that YOU...
Experience your continuous connection from your grounded earth vessel into the YOU in the fifth dimension...
YOU are your Multidimensional SELF
I recall a dream I had last night.
It was filled with fear, and love and light.
I was a me I do not know.
But all around me was a glow.
Within that glow I saw the way,
A way to leave, and a way to stay.
I knew I was at Home, at last,
And all my trials were in the past.
But, yet, there was another me,
In a world that only I could see.
That me inside that other life
Still believed in pain and lived in strife.
I called that one to come and join me,
But in that world, I could not be free.
That me was still trapped in illusion,
Spending night and day filled with confusion.
If only I could wake that one
To know the fact that life was fun.
I remembered then, when I was there
In the lower worlds and filled with care.
But, yet, I am now high above,
Perhaps, to that me, I’ll send my love.
My heart expands to embrace my Soul
To ask, “Can we again be whole?”
My Soul’s response went to my heart
“To send your love, is a place to start.”
In that moment I awoke,
“What a strange dream,” I spoke.
“Was I dreaming a dream, and now I’m awake?
Or, was that me awake, and now I’m asleep?
As I arose for my day,
A voice seemed to say,
“Is there a difference?”
In our next message, we shall return to take you into the sixth dimension. In the meantime, enjoy the fifth dimension. It may be a bit overwhelming at first. Therefore, it is helpful to write down your experiences. Writing them integrates them into your third dimensional thought. As your third dimensional thinking becomes accustomed to your fifth dimensional experiences, your doubt and fear will gradually be released. Without your doubt and fear, your Primary Perception of SELF will gradually shift from the you in your earth vessel to the YOU who is Multidimensional.

January 18, 2011

Bren-Ton from Andromeda

Bren-Ton of Andromeda, through Mark Kimmel, Jan. 17, 2011, at http://cosmicparadigm.com/Athabantian/
Welcome to Athabantian, a starship from Andromeda. The galaxy Andromeda, with over a trillion star systems, many of which contain planets nurturing various forms of sentient life, is the galaxy nearest your Milky Way galaxy. Our galaxy is of approximately the same age as your own, and embraces beings in many stages of evolvement.
Aboard Athabantian are quasi-physical beings whose planets have recently transitioned from the influence of the dark energy, plus beings who have progressed along the path of evolvement to where they no longer occupy any type of physical bodies, and celestials from around the universe. All aboard Athabantian are at One with the God of this universe and the many other beings who are focused on the transformation of Earth and her humans.
Athabantian is a gigantic vessel, many miles in diameter. She was materialized by the collective energies of over a million Andromedans working in harmony with all. Athabantian is a living being who communicates with everyone and everything on-board. Athabantian has a soul. She also has free will and volunteered for her current undertaking.
Athabantian is currently positioned in geosynchronous orbit about your planet, but one quite different from that occupied by your communications satellites. When we lower our cloaking shield, you may glimpse us as a very bright object in the night sky — more about that another time.
We wish to thank Mark Kimmel for his dedication these past months to receiving and publishing our messages, and for agreeing to post these new messages. Words such as Athabantian have been provided to Mark, as have our names; all are a close approximation to the way in which we might pronounce them for your ears were we to communicate face-to-face with you. Events are moving very fast, so we have changed our format of communicating with you.
One purpose of the messages at this site is to keep you appraised of events as we see them unfolding from our vantage point high above you, and from intelligence gleaned by our space brothers and sisters who walk among you. We will have more to say about these and other important disclosures in future messages.
When I say we, I refer to the more than 7,900 Andromedans aboard this starship, and am not including the numerous celestials and other beings aboard. This number fluctuates with the comings and goings of people from our galaxy as well as celestials and the other beings. Our starship, along with some of us who are aboard, has been in your star system for over 70 years. Our major function had been to beam light and love energies to Earth, and to you, Earth’s humans.
Along with other starships we have driven the last remnants of the dark energy from your planet and raised the intrinsic energy of Earth from a darkness borne of fear to an acceptable level of light. We are now focusing our energies more specifically on you, Earth’s human inhabitants, as you undergo your personal transformations. This is a cooperative endeavor along with the many starships from around this universe. The energies of our starships are combined with those of the celestials and with energies, both physical and spiritual, directed to your star system from other sources.
When we came to this star system many years ago, it immediately became apparent that we would not be able of our own accord to provide all the energies that Earth required for her resuscitation. Our brothers and sisters from other star systems who had arrived at about the same time awakened to this same realization. Therefore we called on the God of this universe for assistance.
Enormous energies of light and love were provided; we in turn became receivers, broadcasters, and living examples of living in the light, and directed the energies toward Earth. Thus Athabantian, along with other star ships, became anchors for the light and love. Our active participation as anchors ensured that the energies would be most effectively received and utilized. Without our participation, Earth would not have recovered to where she is now — transitioning to a sphere of light and love. It was because we unconditionally love you, as sisters and brothers, and because we volunteered to become anchors, that we have been here carrying out this mission.
We, your brothers and sisters from around the galaxy, are now, in turn, seeking anchors among you, anchors who will perform a similar task for your brothers and sisters on the surface of your planet. We will reach more and with greater intensity if we have a ground crew to receive and redistribute the energies we are transmitting. By performing this love-based task, you will also help to further transform your own physical bodies into ascended beings of light.
This is a request that we have held out ever since we came to your star system, but as yet, only a few Earth humans have grasped it. So we repeat our request. Tell us if you are willing to work with us to anchor the energies of light and love. In a quiet moment respond to us by saying, “I am willing to work with you in love and Oneness to help transform my brothers and sisters of this planet.” Each response, whether directed toward those aboard Athabantian, or any of the over one thousand starships, will be graciously accepted. Please, for the sake of your brothers and sisters who inhabit Earth, let us know of your willingness to partner with us to assist this grand transformation of humanity.
Be aware that it is necessary to have a high level of heart consciousness in order to receive and transmit these energies of love and light. There are a number of ways you may prepare yourself for this. We would encourage you to achieve this state as soon as possible, if you have not already done so. We will have more to say to those of you who volunteer to become receivers, broadcasters, and living examples of the light.
When I say “we” I refer to the Andromedan collective that functions as one aboard this vessel, and is in close cooperation with the over one thousand other starships in this star system. When I say we I refer to those of us who are the spokespersons for the Andromedan collective. When I say spokespersons I refer to myself, Bren-Ton, and to Moraine, Justine and Ro-Tan, all from Andromeda — who have communicated with you in the past. I also refer to Adrial, a celestial of this universe, and others who have previously communicated with you. In the future we will be even more involved with the transformation from your current density to the lighter densities.
As you experience your transformation to inhabitants of a planet of light and love, please remember that we hold you, each of you, in unconditional love — for we recognize that you volunteered to come to Earth to experience this lower density, and to be a vital participant in this the unique transformation of humanity. You are indeed precious in our eyes and in the eyes of the entire universe.

Until we communicate next time, I am Bren-Ton of Andromeda.

January 13, 2011

My Higher Self on Free Will

Channeler: gooddayeh
Relax, take a deep breath and let all thoughts, worries, concerns float away now…
Yes, you begin to see how easy it is to tap into this stream of consciousness; higher spiritual thought streams are always available to you, when you clear the path of debris, so to speak.
You would like a message, something neatly packaged would please you most, rather than just an endless rambling, although the latter may actually be more beneficial and more appropriate at times, but since you wish for a message we will give you one, as succinctly as possible.
Today we will talk to you about free will. What is free will? Do you truly have unlimited free will, and unlimited power to create what you want with this free will? You may believe so, rationally, but do you really accept this? It is hard to truly accept it when constant blockages appear, which cut off your access to higher energy streams and keep you firmly rooted in mundane concerns. So, we would say to you that you only have true free will when you are living in a state of love, in true reality…if you are acting out of worry then you are not truly experiencing free will, not in the freest sense, for you are essentially a slave to your emotions, panic sets in and begins to dictate your choices, or other emotions/voices…such as the need to prove yourself (to who? to the voices?) or to survive a threat (that is wholly imagined yet nonetheless real once you’ve created it.)
Love is the dissolver of barriers, the free-fall state/void/vacuum where all possibilities exist for you, in each second…this is why it is so important to step into unconditional love, not only because it’s a much more pleasant state and will make your world such a better place, certainly so much better than a world based on competition. But also because it’s where the true power of the universe lies…you do not need to visualize the future, for when you live in the NOW there is no future, just limitless possibilities spread out before you, and you can’t see or access the way to these possibilities if you are not in Love, for when you aren’t in love you’re in Illusion. That is simply what the illusion is, a blockage from connecting to the true state of love.
You may feel there are some who have wronged you, or some in this world who act in ways that aren’t worthy of love – yet they are! And if they are acting in these ways then they are desperately seeking love, they just don’t know it. And they are in desperate need of it, so why would you deny it to them?
You are fallen angels, each and every one of you. Hitler did not deserve love, some would say. Yet if he had been showered with love from the day he was born, would he have become the monster that he did? We think not.
So judging those who you feel are wrong only entrenches their behaviour. Give them only love. This is what ‘turn the other cheek’ truly means. Does this mean you let them run rampant? Of course not. No more than if your own child was smashing up your house, you would stop him, but you would not withdraw your love because of it. Murderers are seeking love the same as everyone else, but their views/emotions/belief systems have become so twisted they are going about it in a way that will never bring them what they truly want – to be loved, appreciated and safe.
When you see some tragedy in the news, someone who was murdered for example, don’t let your heart only go out to the victims. Shower the perpetrators with love! Remember, this is all a grand drama and you have all agreed to participate in it…but this doesn’t mean you can’t SEE THROUGH the illusion and see this great ‘play’ for what it really is.
This is when you start to become a master, when you step into love for all, all things, situations and people. Think of your world as one giant holographic projection that brings to each and every one of you what you need to experience, and what you create in tandem with the rules of the illusionary hologram. Of course, it’s the idea that you’re powerless to change things that is the real illusion.
Love dissolves the illusion of the hologram. Live in love.

January 12, 2011

Message from Spirit

All I can tell you for sure is that this message is from Spirit itself. I believe it could be directed toward everyone but most especially for the people of Australia as I see the most major changes occurring there within this year.
So let's begin:
Blessings my dear ones,
My heart goes out to those of you struggling with so much at this time. However, I am here to tell you that it is most definately all for the beginning of a new and better place for you to call home. Know this deep within your hearts and souls and it will help you get through all the chaos and heartaches that are occurring or will occur. I ask you now to hold your higher vibrations of love and light, now more than ever before. Stay calm in the face of chaos and you will be able to think more clearly and recieve guidance more truthfully. Time has definately sped up for you on earth and things will seem a lifetime away in just months to come. You may notice that even events of recent already begin to seem as though a distant memory.
I want to tell you now that more purging and cleansing is needed for mother earth at this time and things will seem to get worse. It will seem as though there is no where left to turn and no help will ever come. But I ask you to please send these thoughts your love and release them, then turn to inner guidance and truth for answers. The answers are always right there within you.
The light is most prominent now more than ever before and what you see outwardly and worldly is nothing more than purging and cleansing of what is left of the dark forces. Just a week ago, the dark was very angry because they were losing the battle, in fact losing the war and was kicking up in tantrums as a result. Now, I can tell you that that is over. They have lost the war is won. All that is left is for the remaining cleansing process to ensue. Send these energies all the love you have inside, fill them with light and peace and release them up to the heavens. That is the most important thing you can do to help with what is about to occur on your planet at this time.
For your year of 2011, rest assured it will be chaos for weather related issues and the like. But I cannot stress to you enough to stay calm and hold the light, love and peace for all your brothers and sisters on the planet. Help those in need with whatever resources you have at your disposal. This is not nor will it be the end times as you call them. It is the end of a time period, but not the end of the world. Many many wonderful and amazing realities await you once this purging is completed. Keep your thoughts on that.
I still feel the need also to tell you to please do not forget to speak to your personal guides on a daily basis and listen to the truth that is within you. This is more important than listening to channels that come from outside of you. Only you know your truth believe in it, it will not in any way lead you astray.
Also I wanted to mention to you to keep your eyes and ears on Mrs gifford. Not only does she need your prayers and love, but she does indeed have a really big purpose for being here and in her position. She is of the light just like you and is working for your greater good. Whether you agree with everything she is doing or not, remember that you can not always see the good on the other side of someones decisions. Her purpose is divine and she will need your energy of light and love to carry out her purpose here. This was also a result of the purging process, so do not despair. It was not completely senseless that this happened many good things will come of it, just as with any other disaster that strikes.
The light is here to stay and shine. Let your light shine as brightly as possible. Hold love and peace for disasters and tragedies and release them into the light. Keep your mind focused on the positive and on the world you wish to see come after the purging.
All is well and will continue to be so.
Much love and peace to you all

Saul 1/12/2011

You are always expressing yourself through your personal energy field
01/12/2011 by John Smallman 
Humanity’s path to awakening has been long and arduous, but the end of the journey is approaching. As you observe the chaos and confusion that is occurring on many parts of the planet, be aware that many of you are reaching out a helping hand to those in need, and that this is happening on an unprecedented scale. By offering help, without judgment or conditions, you are in effect offering, sharing, and extending love, compassion, and healing, and this dramatically alters your individual energy signatures. In your normal daily lives, earning your living, caring for your families, and paying your bills, your energy signature is calm, ordinary, and unspectacular, in fact quite normal for those living in the illusion without undue stress or anxiety.
When you reach out with love and compassion to those in need, it expands hugely and becomes shimmering and radiant, melding with others of a similar radiance. The power of these melded energy fields is simply phenomenal, and increases exponentially with each additional energy field that joins the meld. Others feel it, normally not physically or emotionally, but as a strong intuitive nudge to reach out as well. Even the smallest sign of generosity and kindness is very powerful and has a knock-on effect way beyond the area in which it is offered. Your power as divine beings offering love, solace, compassion, and forgiveness is truly amazing, even though you are mostly unaware of it and receive very little feedback.
Your reaching out to others on the scale that is now occurring on Planet Earth is quite breath-taking, and the energy it creates is self-sustaining and constantly expanding. If you could see the dynamic effects of what you may well think of as your very small contributions to the planetary needs of humanity, you would be absolutely astonished. Every thought you have, word you utter, or action that you take with loving charitable intent has enormous positive repercussions throughout Creation, and the energy it releases is permanently available to you all.
Focus on the sensation of love for which you long, and that you earnestly desire to experience. Practice offering it to others in every situation in which you are present, expressing yourselves – wherever you are, you are expressing yourselves through your personal energy field, not in words or actions, but by constantly holding the intent to be a loving, calming presence. This is a very powerful way to live. At first you may quite possibly feel that it is a useless exercise, even an excuse for not participating actively. However, as you persist with this intent you will find that you are becoming more peaceful and less judgmental, and you will notice subtle alterations in the attitudes and behavior of those around you, as your calming presence affects their personal energy fields in a most positive manner.
To do this places you firmly and inexorably on the way to awakening, which is the journey you elected to take and to accomplish when you chose to enter the illusion. It gloriously brightens the inextinguishable flame of Love that your Father placed within you to guide you home. Others will sense it, and their own glorious flames will brighten. By reaching out to others like this — by sharing your Father’s Love — you strengthen and intensify humanity’s intent to awaken, and you help to guide it towards that divine state: its final and permanent destination.
With so very much love, Saul.

January 9, 2011

Monty 1/9/10

My dear, here we are once again endeavouring to bring information to your world. Earth is an important Planet, this is why it was chosen by those from another planet to take over, to remove mankind, keeping only those they need to become their slaves. Man is in a Mind Prison that prevents him from seeing what is obvious to those who are awake and aware of what is going on. The technology that is used to keep you in this state of mind is light years ahead of anything you are aware of. The Microwaves they were using recently killed the Birds and the fish, these Microwaves are used to cause Earth Quakes and many other Man-made Disasters . The evidence is there for all who seek to know the truth, what you are experiencing is covert terrorism. If those who hold the Power have their way soon Freedom of Thought and Free Choice will be a thing of the past, they alone want to direct your thoughts and choices, you will find yourselves totally controlled if you do not wake up to what is happening and refuse to be part of it. Only a conscious mind can withstand such an assault on the mind. This is something that has been carefully planned for generations, they have taken over Governments and Institutions necessary for the destruction of the Human race as you know it. They will not succeed.
My purpose is to try to awaken the Soul and help to re-connect with the Light. There are many who want me only to talk about the Spirit World and how everything is absolutely glorious here but I cannot abandon all those Souls who need to be rescued.
It is a question of Good over Evil. Evil that is disguised so as to draw you in, they smile, they are so re-assuring as they assure you that what they are proposing is only for your good and the good of mankind. There are so few people in your world who you can trust. N L P is used widely but it is only one of the tools used against you, Fear is their greatest tool, sub-lingual messaging etc. etc..
Again I ask that those of the Light to be there for each other, try to support each other whenever possible. It is so sad to see your world disintegrating, you know that the Network and I will do all we can to prevent it. Pray, open your hearts to the Spirit World, ask that the Light be restored soon to prevent the terrible suffering that is being experienced by so many. The more Love that you can send out into your world the better, pure Love, Love for your fellow man, Love for all god's creatures, Love will defeat the Evil that has taken over your World.
Peace and Harmony must be restored, you , all of you are in a position to help restore it. I never said it was going to be easy but the rewards are beyond your imagination. It is your gift to Humanity, future generations will learn how through the work of a few, Truth triumphed over Evil. The tools of the dark cabal are FEAR and CONTROL at any cost, when you concentrate on Love there will be no room for Fear.
We do not abandon you when we return to Spirit, we still care and watch over you, all of you. Soon we will be able to do so much more, we will play an active part in your lives. Love never dies, it is forever. Our two worlds will become linked once more, all will be restored, it will not be long now.
I know my dear, you are thinking that soon it will be the 15th January, then it will be 7 years since I passed to Spirit, the memories of that evening are still very painful for you. It had to be so my dear so that we could complete our work. I am always with you, you know that you are loved, that we will be together again when our work is done. I remain your adoring Husband, Monty

January 7, 2011

‘2011’ a Year of Transition, Choice and Heart

I greet you in love dear ones, I am Kuthumi, and I have spent many a ‘day’ preparing in the last linear year for this Transition Period that you will be experiencing. Why did I have to prepare you may ask; it was not a prerequisite but choice. It allowed me to expand further and see from a higher observer view of enlightenment how to assist Humanity in their transitions.
For know that during this time of 2011 there will be many exposures. Why is it when we Ascended say there will be exposures your human mind automatically goes into hyper drive with the preconceived idea that governments and those ‘in power’ will be exposed as charlatans. Is this not judgemental of you dear ones? IN this time of transition many of you will be faced with choices; choices of change, of release, letting go, and clarity - yes clarity is a choice, and many other areas. Understand that in the deepest of respect but with honour to self I will say that many of you – even the most ‘enlightened’ will perhaps fall into the part of victim or accuser. I wish to call your attention to this today, the day of trinity – the day of balance, so that you may remember that you can choose not to be either.
Many will come and go in this period of your linearity they will rise up and be strong then they will seemingly drift away like smoke on the wind. It is not for you to judge them but for you to send compassion and love to them. You may not agree with their teachings or the way they present what has been given to them for sharing with humanity but I ask you to not gossip and not pull them down with your energy. Instead, send love and light that if they are incorrect or slightly off balance that they would come back to centre and truth. There are many that carry loads that you do not understand and because you do not understand the depth of what they have been called to do you feel as if they are ‘egotistical’ or unbalanced. This is not the case they are working out how best to bring the messages given to them to a society that is full of judgement. Understand that just because there are some that seemingly have more ‘connections’ to the Ascended, Angelic, Ancient Ones, etc that they are not perfect – whatever ‘perfect’ is. They are still energy in human bodies doing their best to balance and walk their journey.
Therefore, when you see those who rise in seeming ego, listen to the words they share as they speak for the words they share are not wasted air. They are called to be in their position for the length of ‘time’ that they are there and no more. They are not distractions but directions, arrow pointers, flags to bring your attention to certain points.
Be in love and compassion to these ones my loves. They are here for your higher good.
Dear humans, my beloved ones, know that I, Kuthumi, though silent at times am always here watching and ready to assist those that call for help. In the expansion of your energy that you have been experiencing now you will find that there is a similar expansion with the energy you call Gaia. I call Mother. Often we have said that there will be times of balance between you, or you will expand then she will follow and vice versa, but you have both reached a stage in your expansion where you are growing together. This is good and right. Your wonderful Gaia will shed her old ways, some lands will experience shivers and shakes, but this is what must happen. Understand humans that your expansion assists hers and no matter where you are in the planet, your energy connects with her.
Some of you have been given dates as points of reference for power days. Days where energy will be downloaded into Gaia and the people that are awake and connected with her. I would ask that you react not in fear to the energy you feel but rejoice in that which is coming.
Do not be distracted. Do not allow for yourselves to become caught in petty discussions of who is right or wrong. Come in the language of heart and love then you will be able to meet on a level of acceptance of non-judgement.
This time is not a time where you rest; it is a time of transition. What is transition? It is a time where you change, where you can if you allow metamorphosis into the most beautiful of beings. If you choose to release during this year – shall we call it the ‘Pupa year’ as in the caterpillar – then you will gather all those things that serve you, releasing what does not from your energy. You will find yourself in moments where things are seemingly misunderstood and painful; do NOT react in a 'pain driven' way, but allow peace to resonate and be in a manner of understanding.
Know that it is from my heart that I bring this message as I have seen changes for the humans both the ‘positive’ and the ‘negative’ and I would ask you all to choose the year of transition wisely.
Many of you will experience great growth; others may feel that you are standing still and become despondent, this generalization must STOP, as each one processes and changes in their energy in a unique specific and beautiful way.
Allow for yourself the knowledge of truth that is within you to realize that at times the ‘stopping’ is necessary for the growth to permeate into all areas of your energy. Other times it is a continual process.
Do not allow this time to test your mental balance. You are not going crazy. The self-doubt will come and go remain true to your heart.
I Kuthumi promise you this, that if you are able to withstand the times of transition turmoil or metamorphosis tremors, then you will be stronger than ever for the Newest of New energy that is flooding your planet and will flood your planet into the 2012 period. Your expectations of this coming year, 2012, have already set in motion certain things but these too can be changed by the working out of your transition year. Allow yourself permission to experience the ‘pain’ of release of emotions that do not serve, of memories that hold you back, of family that prevents you from moving into your fullness, of dreams that are just that, dreams of dust. LET GO of the past dear ones, move into the moment of NOW and allow yourself to feel, touch, know, taste, be, in this NOW moment. Experience the fullness of this moment and realize that you are powerful within your divinity, your I AM your Soul consciousness and the essence of all that is in you. AS you learn to connect to the Universal Energy of Love and the Grounding Energy of Gaia you will become the beings of power that are needed to stand and bring balance into this planet. It is not through chants and mantra any longer, though these have their place in bringing you into a place of peace, do not rely on them for they are just hypnotic mannerisms to balance the old carbon based body – you are now more and more the crystalline based body.
Allow yourself to resonate with the tones and vibrations of light that are within and without you. Feel the energy of the universe as it connects with you in a new way. Feel the love of source, God, Oneness allow that love to connect with you and then feel the intent of the heart of Gaia, Source, Creator and join into that love with free choice and bring your quota of balance in and join with them thus you bring the trinity / balance into being. This is what the three stands for. YOU – SOURCE - GAIA.
If you can allow yourself to see beyond your petty differences, who has this and who has that, or where this person lives and who is coming from where to fix what land PLEASE let this go. See beyond that, see that Gaia does not need thousands of groups traipsing all over her burying this or that, sending up smoke signals for this or that, what she needs more than anything is a unified earth people, joined in heart and energy to link and allow her to balance in love. Try it! Organise groups around the world and send love into Gaia on a set day at a set time. This need not become a regular thing but a choice to continue on a weekly, monthly, yearly base. You choose. Just balance yourself and then connect with Gaia.
You are in such a privileged time beloved humans, where you are able to see the setting of one time and the dawn of another. Do not allow your human differences to get in the way of enjoying this. Create for yourselves a world of difference where YOU can be changed, NOT just ‘the change’ but Changed. Where you affect those around you because you have allowed yourself to gather into you the energy that would distract you love it to the place of its home birth. Remember what you resist persists. This is with EVERYTHING in life, not just the ‘spiritual’ or ‘energy’ world, but in your physical world as well.
Understand that your governments will change, they have to, just as things in the physical world will change, whether it is the stock market, the housing , the land markets; DO NOT get swayed by what may seem as ‘normality’ returning. It is NOT. Yes, your houses will gain in value for a while and yes, the stock market will rise and be popular again. Your minerals and other stocks will wax and wane as they do normally and things may seem as if all is quiet on the western, eastern, northern, and southern fronts BUT believe me when I say it is ‘the calm before the storm...’ As to when this storm will hit I will not say definitely, for I am not a ‘fortune teller’ but within the next two years prepare to see changes that conflict with what I have said here then you will begin to see the melt down again. If the humans do not learn from the lessons, they have already had then they will be repeated. You are creators and can alter anything that is not yet now, so allow for yourselves this year to be one who is fluid, fluid in energy and fluid in love.
Dear beloved, we that sit here on the ‘other side of the veil’ do not wish to see any of you ‘suffer’ but this is choice. You are well able to transmute that which are seen as blocks in your energy and what better time to do this than on a day with three within it. More than anything, we would ask you to allow the fluidity of transition to be with you this year of your linearity. Prepare for yourself a year of ease and comfort in what you do. It will be a great year, a year of growth, expansion and more importantly a year of Transitions. You see yourself Transitioning from the old to the new way of being with more energy and thus see, feel and experience more energy in the changes.
This year is one where you can truly make a difference if you chose. Step away from the edge of the cliff and jump. Allow the essence of the true you to come to the fore and you will see things that you have only dreamt of before.
Connect with others in heart and allow the voice of the heart to come through more in this year. Be heart driven be conscious of all you do, live conscious lives let go of pettiness and allow your higher selves to communicate with you.
Take the hand of Gaia as she ‘shivers’ with the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours and know that she is only releasing your fear as well. If you can stand and realise that she has reservations too, in as much as uncertain of how humanity will respond to the coming changes, then you will understand that not all is about you, but about all of humanity and the cosmos.
Enjoy your 2011 dear ones it will be a fun year if you choose.
Please feel free to share this communication. We ask that you insure this information is included.

www.AscensionExplorers.com via Lou James 3 Jan 2011 copyright NZ. Thanks.

January 5, 2011

Archangel Michael - New Timeline

The New Earth Energies : January 2011
Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn
03 Januari 2011

The Light Frequencies for 2011
Beloved Family of Light, how joyous and wonderful it is that the Earth has completed the transition that began at the time of the Grand Cross alignment in 2010. At that time, you knew that major changes were occuring in your world as the Planet began to realign herself for the final phases of her shift into the Fifth Dimension and the New Timeline. By the time of the Solar Eclipse on the 4th of January, the Earth will be fully aligned with her new trajectory and her new frequency, which will ensure tat she will arrive on time in December 2012 for her rendezvous with the Galactic Timegate and her entry into "no time" or the "infinity frequency".

Indeed, Beloved Ones, the shift that has been made in the last months of 2010 was primarily about Time and your Perception of Time in relation to your lives on Planet Earth. The shift into the Fifth Dimension of Light is a shift into a Higher Frequency of Consciousness. The energy at this level vibrates at a higher and more accelerated rate than at the Third Dimension. But, and here we ask for your attention, for there is a paradox here that is important to your experience of the New Reality. In the Fifth Dimension of Light, accelerated frequency is experienced as slower time! In the Third Dimension, the new frequency is experienced as faster time and things seem to be moving too fast.

The Earth herself has now shifted fully into the new Fifth-dimensional Timeline, but as an act of Grace, she is allowing the Third-dimensional Timeline to continue and to co-exist with the new timeline up until 2012. The population of Earth thus has time to adjust to the new frequency and timeline. Both will be available as options until mid 2012, when the old Third-dimensional timeline will be collapsed as the Earth begins her journey through the 2012 Timegate into the the "No Time/Infinity Frequency" or the zone of Infinite Consciousness. At this time, all on the Earth will begin preparation for the giant leap of "conscious evolution" into the New Age of Light and Peace.

Beloved Ones, you have been the pioneers for this shift, and now we ask you to become aware of how your perception of time will be crucial to your personal shift in the next eighteen months. You will learn to know when you are in the old time paradigm heading for a dead end, and when you are in the new time paradigm and on the path forward. On the old timeline, you will experience the acceleration of frequency as a feeling of time passing too fast, of being stressed, rushed, and anxious, with too much to do.

On the new Fifth-dimensional timeline you will feel as though everything has slowed down and that there is plenty of time to accomplish what is necessary. You will feel calm and peaceful, and you will know that all is in Divine Order in your life. You will experience a sense of Abundance and Wellbeing, no matter what your financial situation might be. And, you will have a sense of the possibility of miracles in your life as you move forward on the adventure of life on Earth.

Grounding into the New Timeline
Beloveds, it is important that you ground yourselves into this new Timeline and allow your Light Body and your Physical Body to become accustomed to these new frequencies and vibrations. For, your body will be vibrating energetically at an increased rate, but you will experience life more slowly.
Initially, you may experience some inner confusion, your body may feel unco-ordinated and heavy, you may feel clumsy and out of synch with yourself. You may also experience anxiety, disturbed sleep patterns, exhaustion, dizziness and nausea, as your body deals with the new time frequncies. These temporary symptoms are what we would call "motion sickenss" as your body adjusts and recalibrates on the new frequencies.

Know too, Beloveds, that your Physical Body is also in this process of shifting and aligning to pass through the 2012 Timegate into Infinite Time. So, we suggest that you nurture your body with love and care and that you ensure that you live a balanced life. Release any old dramas that remain from the past and enter fully into the energy of Love and Forgiveness. And, on a daily basis, ensure that your Physical and Light Bodies are aligned with Divine Will.

In order to achieve this, we will offer here a daily activation and meditation that will be helpful. This is similar to the last meditation that we offered, but it has been upgraded to adapt to the new energy shifts that you will work with from the Solar Eclipse completion on the 4th of January. Begin by simply focussing your energy into the Heart and breathing deeply. Know that in the Fifth Dimension, your consciousness is anchored in your Heart. Experience that reality as a deep sense of Unconditional Love and Connection to All That Is. Feel also the deep Peace that is part of that Consciousness.

Then, allow that energy to move downwards through the solar plexus, the sacral and the base chakras and down into the Earth Star Chakra, located within the Earth just beneath your feet. Feel how you are now anchoring your energy into the Earth, into the New Crystalline Grids of the Fifth Dimension as they connect with your Earth Star Chakra. Now, let that energy move further down to connect with the Crystal Heart at the center of the Earth. Here you feel the deep and unconditional Shekinah Love of the Earth Mother coming up to you, through the Earth Star Chakra and into your Heart. Hold that Love in your Heart, and know that you are deeply Loved and Nurtured by the Earth Mother, and that you are in Alignment with the Divine Will for the Earth, as expressed through the evolution of the Planet into Multi-dimensional Reality.

Now, let the energy move up your body, through the Throat, Brow and Crown chakras, and up into the Soul Star Chakra that is located just above the head. Here, you connect with your Soul and your Higher Self, your I AM presence as it anchors into your Physical Form. Here you can also connect with your Purpose for being here now, and with your Divine Essence. Feel the Unconditional Love and Beauty of your Soul as you align with your Higher Purpose for this lifetime. It feels wonderful and filled with brilliant and radiant light. Now, let that energy move upwards through the Dimensions of Light to the Great Cosmic Heart of All That Is. Here you feel the Infinite Love of the Source for All that Is. Draw that pulsating and radiant light back down into your Heart and hold it there.

Now - you are aligned with Divine Will, for yourself and for the Earth. When you are in this alignment, you will find it a simple matter to be grounded into the Fifth-dimensional Timeline and to experience the energies of Peace, Calm and Abundance. Life will become Simple and Clear as you follow the Divine Guidance that will come to you on this new Timeline of Grace and Love.

Manifesting Peace in the New Earth Timeline
Beloved Family of Light, we would now speak to you a little about the energy of Peace that is so important at this time.
Peace is not just the absence of war and conflict. Peace is rather a distinct energy that radiates Unconditional Love and Compassion and Acceptance of All. It is first an inner energy that must be cultivated in the Heart, before it can be experienced in the outer reality.

Beloved Ones, we know that you have worked hard in the last years to heal all those inner conflicts and angers that have prevented you from coming into the experience of inner peace, and now many of you are living in that inner joy and peace and so are able to be anchor points for these energies on the New Earth.

We ask, Beloved Ones, that you continue to work for that beautiful state of inner peace and lightness, that you may share these energies with others. The key to this state of inner Peace is to have your consciousness anchored at the Heart, and to live always in a state of conscious awareness and forgiveness. be ready to forgive and release at all times, and become conscious of when and how you fall out of the state of inner peace. In this conscious state, you will be able to maintain your inner Peace for longer periods, and so to create that energy of Peace and Love around you. This energy will be a seed point for the manifestation of the New Earth and the New Earth Timeline. Each person who achieves this becomes a Master of Light and is able to begin to manifest the New Earth on the New Timeline in their lives right now.

Beloved Ones, by the time that you enter the 2012 Timegate, there will be many of you who will be Masters of Light and Time, and you will be the navigators that will guide Humanity through the Timegate and into the New Reality. It is now that you are asked to begin to work intensely with these skills and abilities, so that you may truly fulfil the purpose for which you came to the Earth at this time.

Living an Authentic and Soul-Full Life
Beloved Ones, you may indeed ask, what does this mean in terms of my day to day life? And we would answer that in this New Timeline your life will become more "authentic" and filled with the energy and Light of your Soul and your Divine I AM presence.
You will become aware of the flow of your Soul Light in your daily life, and you will hear those directions and suggestions that come from the Higher Sources. You will learn to trust these directions and to flow with the synchronicities and desires and miracles that occur on the flow of the creative partnership between the Higher Self, and the Ego Self as Master of Light. That is what it means to live a "soul-full" life, where each day is filled with the passion and light of the guidance of the Soul and the Higher Self.

When you live in this way. Beloved Ones, then your life becomes and authentic expression of Who You Are on all levels. The Higher Self, and the Ego Self, work together in a wonderful partnership that ensures that you experience peace and joy on all levels of your being as you begin to manifest the New Earth Reality in your own life.

And so, Beloved Family of Light, in this year that lies ahead, you will be learning and experiencing in a wonderful way. The most important date for you in this year will be the 11th of November, when the 11/11/11 Stargate will provide the final recalibrations of the Earth for its journey to the Galactic Plane alignment on the 12/12/12 and the Journey through the Timegate on the 21/12/12.

So, Beloved Ones, we wish you much Joy and Love as your Journey continues in the Year of 2011.

© 2006-10 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global http://www.starchildglobal.com

January 4, 2011

2011 Predictions -- AA Uriel

Jennifer Hoffman
We are once again at the dawn of another year, which is another opportunity for us to fine-tune the integration of lessons we have been learning for several decades and beyond that, multiple lifetimes. What 2011 brings is more clarity, understanding, transformation and growth as long as we approach this from the point of detachment, observation, unconditional love and acceptance. These will be our big lessons for this year because wherever we remain connected, involved, unforgiving and unable to accept and release is where we will receive more lessons that will show us how to integrate these things in our life. We can no longer pretend we don’t know what we are doing—we are entering our mastery and it is time for us to accept its responsibilities.
Will this be a challenging year? It depends on how we define the word ‘challenge’. It will be challenging if we are afraid of what we will lose instead of viewing each loss as a release so that something else can take its place. When we set our intention for transformation everything that does not resonate with what we wish to become disconnects from us. This can be very painful emotionally but on a spiritual level, it is in alignment with what we have asked for. It is time for us to see ourselves from a whole perspective, including all of our aspects, body, mind, emotions and spirit, so that we can view each step as a process of release and replacement. Letting go of the old will be a big theme for 2011, as well being able to integrate the new.
We must become receivers in order for us to accept the benefits that are ours when we step into our mastery. This is a year for us to acknowledge our ‘great-ness’, to view ourselves as wonderful, powerful, blessed, divine and deserving of the blessings that we have been rejecting because we felt powerless and unworthy. Everything we wish for is part of our field of potential and belongs to us. The only way to receive and integrate it into our lives is to know that we deserve it.
2011 will be a year of mixed blessings for those who have not yet explored their healing potential and for others, this year will bring so much in the way of the manifestation of long held dreams and the opening of doors that have been closed. We will know who has done their healing work by what is happening in their lives. They will learn through the pain and challenges they choose. Our challenge will be to assist them without become their servant, to learn to give without becoming a martyr to someone else’s pain. We can be compassionate teachers through the example of how we allow blessings to flow to us instead of limiting our growth in the face of others’ pain.
Here are some general themes for this year:
Opening Hearts
This is a year where we will become more aware, as we began to in 2010, of how others’ hearts have been broken through their lifetimes of pain. There will be so many opportunities for people to open their hearts through compassion vortexes, new relationships, becoming powerful, understanding divinity and accepting mastery. Every painful experience is an opportunity to open ourselves to more love. Who we give to is less important than why we are giving—the question we must answer truthfully is what we want and need from others, where we are seeking love from outside ourselves instead of connecting to our inner resources of love within. Becoming the love we seek will be a global lesson, and this extends to all areas of our life.
Energy Portals and Vortexes
We will see many new energy portals open and some majors ones close in the next two years. This process began in 2001. Three ancient vortexes, in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, will close by the end of this year which means that we will see more violence, bloodshed, war, natural and man-made disasters and unrest in these areas as those who wish to see them remain open resist their closure. We are each conduits of the new portals so if we focus on transformation in these areas, we will assist in bringing in the new energies that will allow these vortexes, which bring in very destructive energies, to finally be closed.
Earth Changes
We are afraid of earth changes because they can bring so much trauma and disruption to our lives. In 2011 we will not see as many earth changes, such as storms, earthquakes, volcanoes or other things we call ‘disasters’ as we did in 2010, but two of them may be more violent or destructive than those we have experienced before. The earth is also going through its own ascension and in 2011 it will be ‘cleaning house’ and reminding us that we are partners with the earth and stewards of her resources. The earth is a sentient being, just like everything else on the planet and we need to be reminded of this from time to time. When we send love and appreciation to the earth, we empower it in its ascension journey. That said, this year will bring cleansing and many energetic changes to parts of the earth, especially those where vortexes are closing.
The ongoing Ascension
Ascension is not a mystical event that will happen in 2012 and beyond, it is happening right now. Every day is another day in our ascension journey and each moment holds the blessings of ascending into our divinity, experiencing its joy and learning to be in joy. When our focus is on the present moment, we are aware of how we are experiencing our ascension. We cannot create the future if we cannot leave the past behind us and in 2011 we will have many chances and choices to release the past. Can we let go of disappointments and what we think we have missed and be powerfully in the present? It is something we must learn because the only place where we have any power is in the present.
Love and Relationships
It has been so long since many of us have had a romantic relationship that we are beginning to wonder whether that will ever happen. 2011 will open that door but with a twist. There will be choices to make and it is very important to have an intention for relationship. Are you going to be the healer or are you willing to be with someone who does not need your healing? Are you open to receiving the love that you are so prepared to give to someone? Even though you may not see how someone will ever enter your life, be prepared by knowing what you want and setting your intention for it because it will happen when you least expect it. By the end of the year and even before the end of August, many new relationships, with long term potential, will be created.
Power Periods
These are periods when waves of energy are sent to the earth which are very different from those we are familiar with. These often clash with our own energetic vibrations and they can make us very uncomfortable and even physically ill. We call these ascension symptoms and they are part of our ascension journey, for we need to bring new energy to the earth as part of our mission of creating ‘heaven on earth’. With these power periods we may see earth changes, strong storms, floods, earthquakes or unusual weather. In our own lives we can experiences sudden endings, disruptions, changes of heart or mind or even physical illness.
There will be seven power periods in 2011:
January 15 to 20th: During this time we will experience a tsunami-like energy download that will bring new realizations and understandings, like an ‘aha’ moment. For some this will be an immediate shift into the 5th dimension, which will take place on an emotional and mind level. Others may decide to complete their time here and cross over.
March: The spring equinox will bring a more peaceful energy as we begin to experience new potentials for our reality. There will be many experiences of instant manifestation as we have an opportunity to experience how powerfully we move energy. Be careful of your words and thoughts at this time.
June through August: These three power periods are grouped together because they will be a progressive flow of energy downloads, transformation, physical, and emotional and mental upheaval which are stepping stones into new energies and a process of growth where each step forward occurs when we are willing to let go of the one before. Many people will experience job loss, the end of relationships, geographic moves and powerful changes in thinking in this time.
October: This is a 2012 choice point for the earth and its people. ”Where do we want to go from here” will be what we are asked to answer. Are we willing to hold the energy for transformation while remaining detached from what we think should be happening? During this period we will be challenged to be co-creators and stay focused on our vision for heaven on earth, no matter what appears to be happening in the world.
November 21 to 30: This is the last power period of 2011 and the one which will seem deceptively easy but in reality, what we will experience is the flow of the energy and how easy it really is. We will process all we have experienced in the year and understand how divine order works. This period is key to establishing the energies of 2012, and what happens in this period will be another deciding point for many people. We will hear of many deaths as there will be many who decide their time here is finished. There will also be an unusual number of births, dramatic life changes and sudden changes in governments, politics and economic conditions.
The Year’s Key Theme
A key theme this year is to expect the most wonderful, best outcomes for yourself, to move from a state of hopefulness to a state of knowing, where you know that what you want will manifest, or you will receive something even better. Be sure to set your intention with ‘this or something better’ so you can be prepared for all outcomes. And be ready to receive, for this is how we
A Year of ‘Great-Ness and to be Great-ful’
Archangel Uriel calls 2011 a year for us to acknowledge our greatness and to become ‘great-ful’, not in a sense of feeling better than anyone else (we’re all connected so that is not possible), but to acknowledge ourselves and who we are in the world. We are divine beings, no less than anything else in the Universe. We are children of God and of the Light, powerful beyond our human comprehension and co-creators of our reality as well as that of the world and the universes beyond it. How we express that greatness in our lives is entirely up to us. We have legions of angels to support us but they cannot help us unless we ask and are unable to give us more than we are willing to accept and receive. When we remember that we are powerful and in control of every aspect of our reality, within and without, we become masters and step into the miracle vibration.
Happy 2011, and I wish each of you the blessings of your heart's desire and an abundant, joyful, miraculous year.
Many blessings,

January 3, 2011

Monty Keen 1/2/11

As this new and very important year begins, we in Spirit ask that you become more aware of the Draconion Laws that are being put in place by stelth. Do not accept the notion that you cannot do anything about it, that you are helpless, far from it, you are Spirit who happens to be in a body on Planet Earth so as to protect the Earth from the take-over that is happening all around you. Know this fact, " You are many, they are few", you are Light, they are Darkness. You are Love and Light, this is why you care for your fellow-man, you want to protect him, all of you who chose to this work are guided only by Spirit, your motives are Honourable and to be trusted.
Laws can only be made with the consent of the people and people are not voicing their objections. Fear is being used, you are being given miss-information regarding Natural Medicine. You know my dear that the Earth produces everything that the Human Body could possibly need. Nature provides. The Human Race survived for thousands of years just using Natural Remedies and all the terrible diseases that you have to deal with now never existed. The Brain-washing that goes on in this field is criminal and inhuman, you are all God's Creatures, God alone has juristiction over you. Connect with the Love that surrounds you, each one of you is important in the scheme of things. You each chose the roll that you would play in returning Planet Earth to the Light before you returned to the Earth. Surround yourselves with Love and Laughter, try to bring Light into the lives of those who have not awakened yet.
The massive changes that are happening in your world preparing you for the transition to the Light are causing the Dark Cabal to become frantic and lash out in all directions. They use money that never existed and fear to try to overpower you. Those who have challenged them have survived and remained in their homes. The moment you give in to the Fear, they have you in the palm of their hands. They do not have a conscience, you mean nothing to them, you are expendable , they do not want you in what they regard as "Their World." Do not fear them, they could not survive if you were not propping them up, think of the Pyramid, they are only at the top, all of you occupy the remainder, when you remove your support, they FALL. Think on that, they need you, on the other hand, YOU DO NOT NEED THEM. They are in your World but they are not of your World. We do not intend to stand by and watch the destruction of Planet Earth, nor do your friends from other Planets, they are poised and at the ready to assist you. They have been busy preventing the forces of Evil from succeeding in causing World War 3. Because certain Armies are chipped they can be controlled by electronics so in a War situation all Human Emotion is removed, terrible acts are carried out in your name. Do you really want to live in such a world, you and you alone can change it, each one of you needs to accept it is your world. No man should be without Food, Shelter and Dignity.
Surround yourselves with Love, with Love in your Hearts you will never harm anyone or anything. Pray for Peace for all Mankind, yes you are different, some look different, have different belief systems but you are all God's Creatures, all Beings of Light. You have been encouraged to fear certain groups, count just how many times in even one News Broadcast you heard the word's Terrorist, Enemies it brainwashing you into accepting it as fact. There are no facts to support what they say, it is those who control your Governments who decide what you are told, they try to keep you in a constant state of Fear and Anxiety about an attack on your Country. Every day this is forced on you through TV and Newspapers, there is no honesty, they just do as they are told. In England you are told even in Court that 4 so called terrorists got the 7.40am train from Luton to London, THAT TRAIN WAS CANCELLED THAT DAY AND THE NEXT TRAIN ALSO, so it would have been impossible for them to be in London at the times the "Bombs" went off, this is a perfect example of people just accepting what they are told without questioning...... You have access to information, check things out for yourselves, do not be led like sheep.
When the transition is complete and Peace restored and Mankind learns to live in Harmony with all God's creatures once more, it is then that you will be able to appreciate the importance of the work you are doing today to bring this about. When Full Consciousness is restored, all barriers will be removed, everything will be possible.
I am part of the Network, we wish all of you Enlightenment and Harmony in your lives in this year of 2011, we are grateful for your assistance in opening minds to the Truth.
My dear, a special thank you to you for your love and devotion to me, your adoring, Monty