January 24, 2013

No illness is contagious

Today we would like to focus your attention on the health of your human body and the purpose which illnesses serve. There are very many on your world that are experiencing some form of “virus” which is causing discomfort within their physical vessel. There are very many widespread beliefs about how these “viruses” are spread as well as what purpose they serve. It is our intention today to share with you our perspective on how this can be of service to you.

A very common belief amongst the human collective is that you can “catch” a virus from someone else; that it is easily spread from one person to the next. The media is broadcasting many warnings about the various strains of this “flu virus” and the measures you can take to protect your selves. However from our perspective, this does not protect the public from experiencing this virus, but rather it helps to continue to spread its reaches much further. The reason being, it is continually being brought to the attention of the collective consciousness and therefore many are now focused on just how contagious the virus is. Remember that what you expect is what you will manifest in your physical reality.

We will tell you what the true purpose which a “virus” serves and that is simply to purge that which is no longer needed. It is the bodies way of removing toxic waste, and releasing that which no longer serves you. The most common symptoms of the “common cold”, the flu, or a respiratory infection all eliminate waste, however each “virus” eliminates the waste through different orifices. No matter, it all is used to serve the same purpose.
Contrary to many beliefs, there is no virus that is actually contagious. You cannot “catch” an illness from anyone else. So you may wonder, how then do so many get sick at one time? We will say it is for two very simple reasons; one is the belief which says that if you are around another sick person, that you too are likely to get sick because of the spreading of another’s “germs”. And the second reason is the need for your body to eliminate cells, which no longer have use in your body. Although, we wish to inform you that feeling ill is not necessary for your body to excrete waste and remove that which is no longer of any use. Illness is simply a form of resistance which has been created by you, due to your being resistant to releasing and letting go of what you no longer need. Therefore the body has no other choice than to expel these toxins through more extreme measures, which leaves the body feeling ill, drained, and exhausted.

In a world where so many are focused on what needs to get done; on a world which views rest as laziness, your body is forced to make you listen to its needs through more extreme measures. When you feel ill, drained and exhausted you are then forced to finally listen to your body and rest. The rest is what your body so desperately craves, and it will find any means necessary to ensure that it gets what it needs. As we have previously expressed, we do not view rest as being unproductive, not by any means. It is while you are still and at rest that you are able to achieve the most. There are those of you who know this to be true, and therefore welcome the quiet time to allow for synchronicity to flow into their lives.

You see, your body is always processing waste and removing that which is no longer needed. So you can say, so why then is there ever a need to experience being sick? There isn’t. It is the only the resistance that you have created which does not allow for the proper elimination of this waste, and your body has no other choice but to “fight” the waste which has been allowed to build up. You may then wonder why would you resist removing what you do not need? Remember that what happens on a physical level, first is manifested on an emotional and spiritual level. The resistance is not originating from the physical, but from the emotional and spiritual body. There are many fears, beliefs, and thoughts which are limiting to your being, and yet many are afraid to let them go because of the fear of change.

There are certain times, when the collective as a whole is ready to purge that which is no longer needed. These instances are referred to by your media and medical profession as epidemics; meaning that the majority of the population in particular areas are experiencing similar symptoms of an illness. However we view this situation differently. It is because there are so very many of you who are ready to remove yet another layer which has been allowed to lay dormant with in your physical vessels. The collective as a whole is ready to release more limiting beliefs. This new year has brought with it powerful energies of purging and many of you are experiencing this on a physical level as well as an emotional one. Much has now surfaced that now needs to be released.

Many of you are experiencing a great purging of emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and fear which no longer resonate with your higher vibration which you have recently elevated to. You have just come through a tremendous vortex of energy which helped to strip away a great deal of density which has previously been allowed to hold you back from regaining your true power. What happens on an emotional and spiritual level will always manifest on a physical level as well. And this is the reason why so many of you are affected by these so called “viruses”. It is a collective physical manifestation of purging. Not all will be affected by it effects, some will be able to successfully remove and clear these emotions with no adverse physical side effects. There are others who simply have not chosen to participate in the mass clearing at this time.

There is always at least one or two people in any given area that are “sick” at any given time. So why then does the “virus” not spread at that time? You will only experience what you resonate with. As a collective, many are resonating with the energy of purging, of eliminating and removing that which is no longer needed. These viruses are in the air at all times, so why then are you only affected by them every once in a while? Again, it is because you will only experience what you resonate with. First you manifest on a spiritual level, then on an emotional level, then you see it reflected on a physical level.

So some would ask is it then a good thing to experience an illness? You are the only one who can determine if something is seen as a “good” experience or a “bad” experience. Certainly, we do wish to emphasize that although experiencing the purging of an illness can serve a great purpose, you do not ever have to experience the discomfort of being ill. Your body has the ability to purge even a great amount of waste at any given time with no adverse side effects to you. It is only when you have resisted the release of this waste does it usually manifest as an illness. The more you continue to resist the flow and release of that which does not serve you, the longer your “illness” will seem to last. There are some who have experienced a “24 hour” virus while others are left feeling very sick for several weeks. Again the experience is yours to create.

So although we do see a great benefit and purpose which these perceived “viruses” fulfill, you do not ever have to experience illness in order for your body to remove the density which you are ready to shed. We want to make that point very clear. As always you are the maker and creator of your reality. We simply wanted to share with you our perspective to help you to better understand this widespread physical manifestation and to help diminish the fear being held in regards to “catching” these viruses.
We hope that we have in some way served you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.

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January 17, 2013

Raw Living Food Lifestyle - Stargate into the Fifth Dimension

Glimpsing Into What Is To Come

16 January 2013

One of the many gifts of the year 2013 is the ability to glimpse into the possibility of what is to come.  The true pure essence of want and desire is as powerful as a star being birthed.  The energetic degree that you want (or desire) something is aligned mathematically and exponentially with your power to manifest it. Scientists say that children believe in magic because their brains cannot grasp the concept of limited natural law.

Each thought you have has its own consciousness. Within each thought lives an electromagnetic field of possibilities. It is consciousness within consciousness. These possibilities are magnetically drawn to other energies of like vibration. When enough energies form a connection they birth the object of your  intention into matter.  Every thought has a vibrational pulse that magnetizes other like thoughts. As they respond to the energetic clarion call they begin to pulse and then connect with the image of inherent within each of them and create what they have agreed upon.

In other words all thoughts no matter what they are have the potential to manifest. Belief creates a vibrational wormhole seducing the thought into form.  It has been proven that DNA has its own language very similar to the language of humans. Human language is believed to be based upon our inner DNA language. Every cell in your body listens to every word you speak and think and then creates from that dialogue. Nothing is dismissed by your DNA as a casual thought or a just kidding statement. Everything is taken to heart and then on its way into form.
Your DNA believes you are commander-n-chief, it sees you as a god in training and per the universal fathers instructions obeys your every word and whim. ‘I am only kidding clauses’ do not live within the intelligence of the DNA structure for it responds to all thoughts and words.  As we learn to communicate with our inner universe on the way to creating our promised personal heaven on earth, it is important to take time to slow down and park in your heart. The meditative state of alpha is achieved simply by closing your eyes and looking within to that single point of pure Light.

As we enter the internal temple our dialogue with our DNA is heard loud and clear with no outside buzz.  As we move deeper into communication with our cellular consciousness we find infinite pathways of creation available to us. We stand within our inner temple looking at columns of light and possibility. We ponder the possibilities and their outcomes. To our DNA and cellular cousins everything and anything is possible. The self censors our deepest desires creating a puddle to splash in instead of an ocean to swim in. Who are we to stand in our own way and sabotage what the universe has deemed us to do?

When we are in a refined state of DNA communication using the light waves to surf on, we can travel to the past… the future…. and everything in-between. We have the ability to transcend time and space. In this place of truth that is connected to all time and space we can see what is to come, heal the past, and connect with our deepest truths.
When we go within anything is possible. It is up to us to hold that precious pearl of possibility and not drop it in our every day world. As you visit the vista of all time and internal space hold tight to the treasures of insight you bring back. These are cellular truths you bring back. You are caretakers of what could be…. What was…? And what will be. Honor them as your most precious treasures. They are worlds that are waiting to be birthed.


January 16, 2013

The Angel’s perspective on suicide


We have been asked to give our perspective on the topic of suicide.  There is much negativity that surrounds the topic of suicide.   There are also many ingrained beliefs associated with committing suicide.  Many on your world believe that those who commit suicide will not be allowed to “enter the gates of Heaven”.   This belief of course leaves friends and family members with a tremendous amount of grief from the perceived unexpected loss as well as the agony of their loved one being “condemned to an eternity in hell for their sin”.   We do not view suicide in the same light, and this is what we would like to share in this message.

Using the human definition; suicide is the act which a person takes to end ones physical life upon the earth plane.  This is most regularly associated with the conscious decision to end one’s life; however there are also suicides which the person has indeed ended their physical life; however it was not by a conscious decision.  Examples of this are an overdose of medication or other harmful substances.  We wish to shed some light upon this topic at hand in hopes that it reaches those who are in need of these words the most.

From our perspective, all deaths are a form of suicide.   Some may find this to be shocking but let us explain our selves.   From our perspective no one is ever able to take another person’s life.  There are certainly scenarios which exist on your world which one could view as murders, accidents, and the taking of another’s life, however no one has the power to take another’s life without the permission of the other soul.  This of course is almost always on a soul level.   All souls choose to map out their lives before they incarnate on Earth.  We spoke about this topic in more detail in our message about reincarnation.  When soul’s choose the life they would like to incarnate into they also choose how they will exit the Earth plane.   Much thought is put into how a soul will exit, because it is used to help those who are “left behind”.   Those who still remain in the physical have also agreed to the experience and wanted to gain valuable lessons from the passing of their friend or family member.  You may wonder why some would choose such traumatic ways to exit, however it was used to benefit all who were involved.  Everything is used as a learning lesson.  Now we will say that although you do choose how you would like to exit your physical incarnation, there still is a large amount of flexibility, in not only the time when you exit but also in how you exit.  You always have free will, and you are free to amend your wishes at any time.

Now we will say that suicide is never the intention of a soul who incarnates in the physical world.   Each incarnation is highly regarded for the tremendous life lessons that will be gained.  However you always have free will and you are therefore free to exit this world anytime you choose.  From our perspective a suicide is simply the soul utilizing its own free will, we would not say that it is a mistake.  It simply allows the soul to gain another perspective and learn lessons which they may not have initially intended when they first incarnated.  Regardless of a soul’s choices, there will always be lessons to be learned and experiences to be gained.  From our perspective you cannot make a mistake, you simply are choosing one experience over another.  From the human perspective, you may not like the consequences of your actions and therefore regret the decision which has been made, yet we do not see the expression of free will to ever result in mistakes.

When a soul choses to end their life prematurely they often times are not aware that they are deceased. It takes a little time for them to re-acclimate to the non-physical world.  Many guides are there to escort them as they are usually still immersed in the “emotional pain” they felt in the physical world which caused them to end their incarnation.  Much attention and care is given to ensure that they are able to heal, and eventually review their lives to learn as much as they can from their past experience.

Remember, Heaven is simply a state of mind.  Therefore no one can ever be excluded or banned from Heaven.  Those who commit suicide certainly experience a form of “hell” but not because of the actions they took to end their own life, but rather because of the thoughts that held them captive while they were in the physical.  You see, “Hell” is no more of a place than Heaven is.  Both can only be entered through your state of mind; and only you can prevent your entrance to either one.

Many who end their lives through suicide have allowed such negative beliefs to saturate their being that when they pass over, the pain does not automatically end just because they are no longer in their physical body.  Just as it is in your world, we too create our reality with our thoughts.  This is why so many guides and angels are awaiting those who have committed suicide; in order to help them to regain a sense of peace; to help them to release themselves from their own manmade prison.

Those who have “committed suicide” do have several options once they have regained their composure and peace has been restored.  A soul can choose to reincarnate back into another parallel reality in which they did not choose to take their own life; the memory of the suicide will be completely removed and the soul with have a “second chance” to make a different decision.  Another option is to simply choose to reincarnate into another life with similar circumstances which will evoke the same reactions from the soul, and they are then able to learn from their past experience which will be held in their subconscious memory.  And thirdly the other option is to simply not reincarnate on earth again.  All three options will allow the soul to gain valuable lessons.

We do not perceive death in the same way that humans do.  For humans, the pain of losing a loved one can be unbearable.  The perceived loss of another is agonizingly painful; however from our perspective death is simply a transition from one state to another.  No one can be disconnected by “death”, not even if they wanted to.  Everyone is connected, we are all one.  You have the ability to reach out to your loved ones at any time; however it is the belief that a soul must be physical in order to “be here” in order to exist.  This belief allows for a very limited perspective of what existence can be.  You cannot see the air that you breathe and yet your belief in existence is unwavering.  To this we smile because it is only the mind which says something is real or not real.  Know that those who have transitioned from the physical to the non-physical are just as real, and are available for you to connect with anytime you wish.

We wish to express to those who are concerned about their loved ones, that there is no “punishment” for committing suicide.  However those soul’s who have had time to regain peace and see their actions from a higher perspective, often would like to have a “second chance” to try it again.  Although it may not always feel like it, a physical incarnation at this time upon your world is considered a great privilege.  Know that there were many more souls who wanted to be here at this great time of change yet were denied this great honor.  There are a limited amount of physical vessels available for souls to incarnate into.  This is one of the reasons why there are billions of souls upon your world at this time.  Every “spot” is filled.  We do want to convey to you just how coveted your time here on Earth is.  You were chosen to incarnate here because you were seen as the most capable of assisting Earth at this great time of transition.  So you see, although there is no punishment for the act of suicide, it is often a choice that souls regret making once they regain their higher perspective.   Although you knew how difficult this life would be, you desired so very much to have this chance to make a difference.  So with that being said, we ask that you continue to shine your light as brightly as you can because your light just may be the reason why someone choses to stay.

We hope that this message has in some way brought those who needed to hear it peace and that it has in some way served you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.


January 9, 2013

Athabantian: Whole New Ballgame

Good Morning, Mark, this is Bren-Ton, speaking on behalf of all aboard Athabantian.

Good Morning, Bren-Ton, my very best to everyone.

What now follows on these pages of your web site, Mark, is a series of conversations between those of us stationed aboard Athabantian and you. No more will we supply information and insights from a seemingly higher perspective. From now on we will be conversing with one who opened the door to the higher dimensions for all to enter. On behalf of all in physical form, we salute all Earth humans of light who stepped forward to undertake this courageous, beautiful act on December 21, 2012.

We are totally in awe of the extraordinary changes that have occurred. I am almost at a loss for words to communicate with you. You and other planetary lightworkers have created a miracle. We congratulate you all.
For most people on Earth, the much-publicized date of December 21, 2012 came and went. There were no dramatic earth changes, no special appearances of extra-planetary craft, and no unusual religious events. Nothing of note was different, particularly to those caught in 3rd Dimension energies. What most people on your planet failed to recognize were the extraordinary events of that date and their tremendous importance not only to Earth but to all in the cosmos. Of almost equal importance was the unprecedented event of December 12, 2012. I will now address 12-12-12 from our perspective; another will come to communicate with you about 12-21-12.
For many millennia, we of Andromeda watched as Earth and other 3rd Dimension planets struggled under the yoke of fear, rigid structures, and conflict. Over the past two thousand years we have seen changes wrought step by step as Earth humans climbed into what its termed the modern world, and as a small number became lightworkers rising above the confines of the 3rd Dimension.

As of 12-12-12, the matrix that supported the 3rd Dimension is no more. We watched as a small number of these lightworkers of Earth, along with the celestial creators of the 3rd Dimension, removed its underpinnings.
When you volunteered to incarnate on Earth, we were hopeful that this signaled the moment of the long anticipated Great Transformation. What has occurred is beyond our wildest expectations. What has occurred affects all in Andromeda, and all in creation.
I see that you wish to ask a question.

What do you think it means to those of us on Earth that the 3rd Dimension is coming to an end
As I said before, we watched the underpinnings of the 3rd Dimension collapse. Never before have we witnessed such an occurrence. The very substance that enabled 3rd Dimension to exist on your planet and elsewhere is no more. Those who created 3rd Dimension as a floor for physical form withdrew its underlying matrix.
This is incredible. Those who rely on 3rd Dimension will no longer have a foundation from which they may operate. Their structures are now on sand rather than rock. Those who wish to flee from the 3rd Dimension will find it so much easier to accomplish this because 3rd Dimension tentacles are no more. All that remains of these are the leftovers from eons of people existing in lower vibrations. Now those who are sitting on the fence will find a decision to move out of the 3rd Dimension much easier to make.

From our perspective, we see the end of strife coming from beings who adhere to the ways of the 3rd Dimension. This means no more violence and wars. This means truth will reign, not deceit and misinformation. This means the end of hatred and judgment. This means no more poverty while the wealthy amass fortunes. This means the end of self-serving governments. This means the end of corporations preying on consumers. This means the end of religions twisting people’s beliefs.

What a glorious adventure in which you find yourself. We are most happy for you. Your courage and risk-taking have been rewarded, and in ways not foreseen when you volunteered to incarnate on Earth. Congratulations to all who are making this possible, to all who are holding the light, and to all who have worked to raise their personal vibrations.

Much of what we communicated to you previously, much of what conscious people believe, and much of what lightworkers talk about today has been totally outdated by the events of 12-12-12. The demise of the 3rd Dimension requires a completely new way of seeing everything, a new way of living for everyone in physical form.
May I ask another question?


What affect does the demise of the 3rd Dimension have upon Andromeda and Andromedans?

As you are well aware, Andromeda never participated in the fall of consciousness. We have retained our higher vibrations throughout the millennia as 3rd Dimension ruled many star systems. Thus the demise of the 3rd Dimension does not affect us directly. However, we will no longer have to defend ourselves from the onslaught of those in the 3rd Dimension. We will no longer have to sit by as those in 3rd climb out of it. (For you see, we were loth to engage in the 3rd Dimension lest we become trapped in its low vibrations.) We did supply starships such as Athabantian that continuously beamed light energies to those in 3rd Dimension.
How did the 3rd Dimension come about?

The 3rd Dimension was created to place a floor under the fall of consciousness. It was a vast matrix affecting many star systems. It was very rigid and of low vibration. It succeeded, but had unintended consequences. From its rigid structure came fear, judgment, hierarchies, violence and deceit. Divine love, while always present in the hearts of all, was largely absent or twisted as a control mechanism.

It has taken many millennia for the small groups of lightworkers to ascend through this to a point that those who created 3rd Dimension could work with them to dismiss it. Earth was the focal point of this effort because it was the darkest of the 3rd Dimension planets.
Any more questions?

Not for now. Thank you for this communication.

You are most welcome, Mark. I has been my pleasure, a real pleasure considering what has now been accomplished. Blessings and Good-bye.
Blessings to all aboard Athabantian and all in Andromeda.


Good morning, Mark, this is Adrial.

Good Morning.

I come to you this day in oneness for your vibration is high. I come as one who is most happy for you and for what has occurred on Earth these past days. You are one of a few out of the six billion people on your planet who actively assisted the opening of a new era for your world. As you know, what has occurred as a result of this unique cooperation between humans of Earth and the highest celestial beings resulted in an entirely new way of being for all in the cosmos. A celestial such as I already feels the affects of what has taken placed.

Earth has been, and still is, the focal point of a remake of the order of the universe. The New Earth is the focal point for the transmutation of all in physical form into the light of the Creator, and into oneness with the All There Is. What is occurring is indeed the most important event since the original creation of form, not just physical form, all form.

I wish to acknowledge the participation of all who have made this possible. For without their participation as physical beings in physical form, along with the most senior celestials, none of this could have happened. It required those of you in physical form to make the transmutation that those of in non-physical form could never have done by ourselves as much as we might have wished it.

With the closing of the 3rd Dimension matrix, as Bren-Ton addressed, those in physical form now can turn to the lighter vibrations that will ultimately lead to everyone in physical form achieving a crystalline-based existence. With this crystalline-based existence comes the way to the higher vibrations of twelve Dimensions. With this crystalline-based existence comes the oneness with the All There Is, with the Godhead. With this crystalline-based existence all that you have known as 3rd Dimension individuals will be transmuted.

May I ask a question?

What is life in a crystalline body like?

Crystalline form allows you to communicate telepathically. Crystalline form allows you to live as long as you wish and never experience 3rd Dimension death. Crystalline form allows you to be a full 12th Dimension being. As you might imagine, your friendships and relations with others will be quite different. Mark, life in a crystalline body will be quite different from what you have experienced thus far, even in Andromeda.

Will Earth have a crystalline form?

Yes, Earth will return to her the crystalline form that she possessed prior to the fall of consciousness. Then she will again shine with a light of her own, shine like a star.

What of my brothers and sisters of Andromeda? Were they not already of a higher Dimension?
You are quite right, all of Andromeda exists at the lighter Dimensions.  What the opening of the 12-21-12 door means for them is that they will now be able to achieve full 12th Dimension empowerment.

What of those who do not wish to ascend?

First, until all in creation are in oneness with All There Is, none will be in total Oneness. Second, it will require time, not time as you know it, but the coincidence of events for this to take place. We who are of the angelic realm measure time in millions of years, and so shall you of the crystalline bodies. It will require eons to coalesce everyone into Oneness.

Didn’t you previously tell me that something like this was about to happen?

Indeed I did, about one year ago. Mark, I do not believe that you are able to fully comprehend what happened on 12-21-12, and that is okay. All of creation has been affected by the opening of the 12-21-12 door so that the humans of Earth can pass into the lighter dimensions. By opening this door, it will make it much easier for all in physical form to do so. Some may still refuse to accept this invitation, and that is okay for in the end all will return to Creator.

Realize things are happening to you even as we converse. Realize that things will change quite quickly for linear time is collapsing. Be open to allow all to transmute. Many will attempt to impose old ways of behaving and doing. Do not actively resist them. Focus on the transmutation of all to the fullness of a crystalline existence. Abiquor will assist in this process, showing the way to live in crystalline form.

Looking about you today, you can see those who are achieving a lighter way of being, each in his or her own way. While these are admirable, they are not the fullness of all that is to be. They are constrained by living in the 3rd Dimension soup of your planets current existence. Move beyond this soup, dismiss all remnants of the lower ways of beings. Flower into fullness of the higher ways. This is your mission, Mark, help all to keep their eye on the ultimate objective, not settle for half-way measures. Help them to internalize what they can perceive of the new.
Just because they cannot see to specifics created by an extrapolation of what is currently in place does not excuse them from looking beyond the current paradigm into the fullness of the higher dimensions. Assist them to see beyond the confines of their rational minds. All will change in time. The more quickly all on your planet allow it to happen, the more quickly all in the universe can move upward. Earth and its humans are the pacing factor; help them to transform without carrying the baggage of the 3rd Dimension density with them.

I am beginning to see my path. Thank you for this conversation.

It is my pleasure to work with you, Mark.
And I with you, Adrial. May we continue soon?
Oh, yes. We have much to do. Your journey has only begun. I will remain as your companion.
Thank you. I am most grateful for your assistance.
I will say good-bye for now. We will speak again soon. Blessings
Blessings to you and to all.


January 8, 2013

Selacia ~ New Year Message 2013

January 8 2013 
~ It’s a new year with new energies, even if you don’t yet feel them. Chances are, you may even be having moments wondering if anything has changed since last year – so many things in your outer world looking the same. Indeed, though, 2013 does hold a new energy and vast potential for positive movement in your life.

2013 – Great Promise for a More Loving Humanity

This year holds great promise for a more conscious and loving humanity. This new reality is possible because of a very long cycle of awakening across the planet. You are a vital part of that process. Throughout countless lifetimes, you have been developing qualities such as kindness and patience, waking up to your true potential. In this current lifetime, you have experienced many struggles and opportunities for growth. As you met them with courage, you developed an inner reservoir of strength and determination to complete what you were born to do this life.
As a divine changemaker you are awakening to your true power to create a life of passion, joy, and purpose. Regardless of how far you feel you came in 2012, you indeed progressed by leaps and bounds. Trust this.
During these initial days of 2013, it’s helpful to be more present-time focused so that you can optimally observe and respond to subtle shifts in energies. Looking back at expectations you had in 2012 can prevent you from seeing current things as they really are. Likewise, being future focused, you can miss seeing signposts and opportunities only grasped in the moment.

2012 and 2013 in Perspective


The year 2012 was associated with an accelerated waking up and an intense desire for a brand-new type of world. People had a whole range of notions about what would really happen by year end, and what now would look like. While it’s true that the cycle ending in 2012 was a marker point for humanity and the shift to a more loving world, it’s short sighted to view what occurred in a linear way. Black-and-white thinking will lead to disappointment and dilution of your enthusiasm.
You must endeavor to keep your enthusiasm and your passion alive – to have the inner strength for the path ahead. Your emotional responses to what’s occurring in the now will have a direct impact on your thinking, and potentially your actions. If you feel sad, honor that sadness but then work with it skillfully to let it go. If you feel angry, recognize the anger but do not allow that anger to impact what you say or do next.
This type of skillful energy management is crucial for thriving and living in joy during 2013. It’s an inside job – meaning no one can do it for you. Of course, you can receive help from outside sources, reaching out for assistance from healing tools and energy clearings from skilled practitioners. In the end, though, it is your responsibility to fully use the assistance you receive and to remember in the moment what you have learned about energy management.

Resolutions for 2013


If you have made resolutions for 2013, refer back to them from time to time to keep yourself on track. Avoid, however, looking at your progress with a linear yardstick. Allow for flexibility and adjustments over time. If you are hard on yourself, you won’t get to your goals faster. Go gently.
The most powerful new year’s resolutions involve intentions to remember and connect with your true nature – which is love. As you and others do this, sharing love with others, a more loving world is catalyzed into being.
As the new year begins, intend to observe and experience life in a deeper, more spiritual way. Invite your higher self to show you new approaches to your life and to connect you with new members of your spiritual family.


Your Spiritual Progression


Acknowledge that much has shifted within you this past year, allowing 2013 to hold new promise. To continue your spiritual progression, regularly invite spirit to show you what else needs to go. You are a work in progress, after all, discovering your gifts and abilities while becoming aware of what remains in your way of success. Awareness of these things, indeed, unfolds more easily when you let go of resisting the natural process of evolving into your authentic self. Trust that this is where you are headed, and be okay with what is in the meantime.
How you begin something sets the tone for the rest of that thing. Your beginning energy matters, whether it’s the start of a new day, new month, or new year. With the first days of 2013 now unfolding, consider how you are starting out energetically. Remember that you can change direction at any moment by shifting your focus and intent.
As you continue the journey of discovering your divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

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January 5, 2013

The 2013 overview

We enter 2013 massively transformed beyond any previous boundaries. Many people experienced an infusion of LOVE on a scale never before experienced. Some experienced a profound paradigm shift from the duality-based illusion that "someone" or "something" would come to "save us" to the wide-eyed awakening that WE ARE THE ONES! This journey from "external expectations" to "internal knowing" took but a nano second, but flipped everything over.

Now, we are outwardly living the same lives as before, but everything has dramatically changed. We have been thrust into a vastly expanded New Landscape. Our vision has become so expanded, much of what used to be able to grab our attention in the past, is seen as minuscule now. 2013 is a year of profound change as we come into our own as True Ones, and lead the supra normal lives anchored in the Ultra Greater Reality that have always been intended for us.

2013 is the Chinese Year of the Snake, but it can be more accurately described as the Year of the Snake Shedding its Skin. This is because anything which is not honest and authentic will be removed from us on every possible level. Often this will happen with surprising ease; it will simply dissolve away. We are unearthing an incredible amount of long-buried stuff that needs our attention. If we try to stuff it back into our hidden corners and pretend it's not there, health issues may arise. Any attachments that we have to duality will be constantly magnified until they are surrendered. If we are still caught in our old stories and continue to repeat old duality-based patterns, this year could be a bumpy ride until we learn to set them aside.

Everything has so profoundly changed since the events of the final months of 2012 that we need to rediscover who we are now and what we really want. Once we are clear on what we want, not limiting ourselves to old dreams, everything will fall into place. Be clear about your heart's desires, for they are like shining jewel lights dropped like bread crumbs to remember the way. Listen to your Heart's Knowingness. Again and again, we need to ask ourselves, "What do I really want?", "Who am I becoming?", "What am I creating in my life?" and "What gives me the greatest joy?".

We need to prepare for the Unexpected. Expect the Unexpected all year long. Anything can happen all across the full spectrum of experience. It could be brilliant, terrible, exquisitely beautiful, deeply sad, profoundly touching or beyond our Wildest Dreams. It's important that we don’t limit the unfolding potentials with any of our beliefs or understandings; they’re way beyond anything we can imagine. Be open without being attached to any interim steps, results and expectations, as nobody yet sees the whole picture. 2013 will contain many unexpected twists and turns making it absolutely necessary to be completely flexible at all times. Freshness is essential. We need to be ready to correct our course at any moment, as new information emerges. If we Expect the Unexpected, surfing the changes will be fun. This is true for even the most challenging tsunamis, for they enable us to demonstrate our new mastery.
We begin this year in a stripped down state, feeling that most of our artifice of our superficial personality is gone. We discover that we don't miss it and don't need it anymore. We are still integrating the profound changes that occurred in November and December of last year. Everything needs to be thoroughly recalibrated. Everything needs to be greatly expanded so it can move into the vast realm of the Diamond of the Unseen.

If we have completed our old stories, we will enter 2013 with a blank canvas before us. We have been presented with blank canvases before, but this time we can dare to bring out our boldest brush strokes, wildest colors and the deepest yearnings of our Wildest Dreams. We are no longer limited by our old perceptions of "what is possible" or of "what we thought we wanted".

We'll feel the deep quiet and stillness of the Sacred Pause until the end of January, and maybe even longer. During this time, we will be clearing out more layers of untrueness. Many new openings, insights and opportunities will come to us and we will be making preparations for the months to come. Even so, it's important that we don't try to rush things, but let them unfold in their right timing.

Around the beginning of February, the big waves of Quantum Surf will start coming in again. As long as we're true and clear and open – they won't knock us off balance. If we're still holding onto our old story – they're going to shake off all the ballast.

The funny thing is that our old stories are not only the stories that we've been writing for lifetimes. It's our yesterday too. What was true yesterday may no longer be true; if so, it will fall away, making space for even greater Trueness. It's important not to get attached to the tools we used and the steps we took to become Jewels that worked perfectly before and served us well, the things that brought us to where we are now. They might not belong to our New Story.
March is the month where the tsunamis start coming in. The Full Zoom manifests and many elements start moving into their right positions. April is the 'A Mu'a month in which everything accelerates even more. After that, it's Beyond our Wildest Dreams territory for the rest of the year for those who have completed their old stories.
In the new, expanded realm of the Diamond of the Unseen, a lot of things might still keep their usual form, but we'll see how their true essence will reveal itself and become visible so we might use them in completely new ways. That’s what gives our lives more colors, more sparkles and a whole new dimension of possibilities. This has to do with the hidden treasures and Seeing the Unseen. Everything revealing its true essence is like a hidden treasure opening itself to us. We'll see and interact directly with the core essence of everything, which will give us new perceptions and the possibility of creating new, deeper, true ways of living.

Many beloved people left the planet last year and even more will leave this year. What's surprising is that some Second Wave people are now being pulled out. This is a huge wake-up call for us to walk a TRUE PATH at all times. We need to treat every day as if it were our first and our last. Honor the preciousness of your relationships. Tell the ones who are special to you that you love them. Express your gratitude. Remember that everything is sacred and every moment is the chance of a lifetime.

Some friends and family are also leaving our lives, not through death, but simply because there is no solid foundation of honesty and transparency in the relationship. We can no longer stay in dishonest relationships, for they now feel too uncomfortable. There needs to be honesty, openness and mutual support. When these relationships suddenly collapse, it can be surprisingly liberating to let them go.

Throughout this momentous year, there will be a dramatic turn toward Oneness. Duality is making its final call and creating much drama to get people's attention. But the True Ones know better. Mother Earth is cleansing, preparing, and so are we. The True Ones are needed, more than ever, to guide and assist those who are still awakening.
All year long, many missing pieces of the Cosmic Jigsaw Puzzle will click into position. Soon the Big Picture will become much clearer to everybody, not just to those who are already experts in connecting the dots. When enough of humanity can see the Big Picture, people will activate en masse and know what to do, because they will spontaneously know who they truly are.

We are being given all the experiences necessary for us to fully emerge as shining Jewels so we can live a True Life in a New Reality. 2013 will bring us lots of Quantum Leaps, breakthroughs and new discoveries. The Green Lights will finally turn on for those creative projects that have been waiting for us to become Jewels in the Crown. There is the sense that we can be and do everything, without knowing how, but knowing that we will.

Much of this year will be spent exploring our expanded New Landscape. To do this, we will have to greatly expand our beings. We will be like babies, discovering our toes and fingers, learning to walk and finding our voice in this unfamiliar, but wondrous new place. We are discovering new ways to interact with our self, new ways to interact with each other and new ways to interact with the Earth. Many of us will feel that we have an extra energy inside ourselves, ready for the New Year. There will be lots of natural phenomena appearing this year, such as Sunbows (Sundogs) and Moonbows in the skies, to confirm that we are in a totally New Landscape.

There will be a bounty of creative opportunities and activities throughout the year. These will help ease our way into this transformational return to non-duality living. Instant manifestation is a routine occurrence now and into the future. Our energy is overflowing and powerful beyond belief. We can transform anything. There will be more shattering of old world phenomena, because it no longer fits. Power will be expressed in gentler, deeper, truer ways -- steeped in True Heart Love and Oneness. Much will be washed away / blown off / burned out / shaken away, and through these strong shifts, we will hold the resonance of Trueness in the core of our beings for the benefit of All.
We are increasingly realizing that our new True Purpose is a collective purpose, not an individual one. In order to connect with our True Purpose, we must first come together with our True People and True Places. This will happen throughout the year. That's when we leap into ONE BEING IN ACTION and all things are possible.

2013 brings us an absolute NEW BEGINNING. We are ready -- more real, honest, empowered, transparent and loving than ever before. We are given all the support we need, on level after level, to move our lives onto the truest trajectory possible. The new MUA has fully landed. Our New True Lives have begun.

May we align with our True People, True Homes and True Purpose.
Living True Lives as True Ones.


January 3, 2013

Living your highest point of perception

THE ARCTURIANS - By Suzanne Lie -December 31, 2012


You may think that your world is the same, but if you look deep into your consciousness you will find that it has greatly changed. Whereas before you looked within and sensed the warning to be careful and even secretive, you now find the message that something has changed. You may not, yet, know what that something is. However, there is a feeling of safety where once there was a sense of alert.

Your body, which has been running on adrenalin for much of this life, in fact most of your Earthly incarnations, is now going through adrenalin withdrawal. It is because of this withdrawal that you feel so exhausted and may even have episodes of anger for no apparent reason.

You awoke on 12-22-12 to a world that was apparently the same, but you did not know what a victory that “nothing” was. Great battles, both mental and physical, have been waged, and many lives were lost in the invisible battle to save Earth from the unseen Service to Self dark Ones.

Hence, to awaken to find a world that appears to be the same is a sign that your consciousness has expanded into the resonance of reality in which the Light has won! Remember, Ascension does not mean leaving a certain place and going to another. Ascension means attaching your Point of Perception to a higher frequency of reality.
The underbelly of your world is still tainted with darkness and driven by unseen forces. However, you have ascended beyond the tentacles of that reality. You know this is true because whereas once your inner SELF felt a constant state of alarm, you now feel an inner safety. The years of 1996 to 2003 were the darkest times since the fall of Atlantis.

These times were even darker than your World Wars because these were times when your entire planet was on the edge of complete domination and/or destruction. That reality still exists, but at a much lower frequency. However, the lower versions of “life on planet Earth” are beginning to close. The area of Cosmic Space in which Earth is now traveling is too intense for those frequencies of reality. Hence, they are beginning to cease to exist.
Dear Ascending Ones, it is because of your silent, and apparently individual, process of expanding your consciousness that this victory of freedom from darkness is yours. The mere fact that so many groups could openly and publicly gather to meditate and send love to Gaia is proof that you have expanded your Planetary Consciousness into a higher octave.

On the other hand, some of you had no idea of the true state of your world because you looked to your mainstream media instead of the Internet or your inner SELF. However, each day more and more of you are experiencing unexplained changes in your daily reality. These changes are not because Earth has changed, but because you have changed your Point of Perception into a higher frequency of Earth’s myriad versions of reality.

Releasing your third-dimensional habit of believing that your life is outside-of- you is the KEY to holding your Point of Perception at a higher frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF. Your third-dimensional self is accustomed to looking outside of you to find out how your life is doing. “Are my bills paid? Do I have a nice house? Do I have a good job?” These are all questions based on the illusion that life is outside-of-you. Fortunately, you are beginning to realize/remember that the truest assessment of your life is found within.

Those of you who have been awake to the Truth for the last decades of extreme darkness, sought solace in your outer world because when you went inside to view life you found fear and darkness. Hence, you often focused on your outer life of finding good jobs, nice houses and lot of toys to distract you from the fear you found within.
This inner fear was NOT a sign of your personal depression or mental illness. This fear was a true perception of how your world was in a great battle with the forces of Service to Self. However, if you consciously realized that your inner feelings stemmed from such a frightening truth, your resulting depression and anxiety could diminish whatever determination you had to carry on.
We now want you to know that NOW you can remove your cloak of denial. Your deep, inner fear was not based on whether or not you could pay your bills or would lose your job. The deep inner fear was a true reaction to the secret world that you were fortunate enough to not live. You, our wondrous Ascending Ones, did your parts marvelously. You pretended and/or believed that life was what it appeared to be while you sought to expand your consciousness into the higher expressions of your SELF.

Congratulations – you have been victorious. Not only have you remained attached to the fringe reality of the third dimension, rather than the underbelly of the battle for planet Earth, but you also expanded your inner awareness into the true, higher-dimensional expressions of your Multidimensional SELF. In doing so you assisted Gaia more than you can imagine.

Unknown wars were being fought inside of Gaia’s body. Auspiciously, the Lemurians resonate to their fifth dimensional expressions and could balance the darkness with the great Light of their inner cities. Fortunately, now most of the dark Ones have been defeated. Also, Earth is still intact, which is largely due to the surface dwellers who held the Light of higher consciousness for Gaia through Her darkest nights.
Your choice to not consciously know what was happening was a good tactic, as it greatly diminished your fear. However, you paid the price of depression and anxiety, which appeared to be unfounded. We wish to remind you again that your fears were, indeed, true. As Gaia moves into higher frequencies of reality more of these facts will come into the light of day.

There are still many people who resonate just below your current Point of Perception that would rather doubt themselves than confront the illusions that seemed to offer them enough security to carry on with their lives. It is for this reason that many of the higher frequency facts such as our Galactic assistance, NESARA, withheld technologies and other advantages have not been released to the mainstream public.

Those of you, the Ascending Ones, who so needed to know the Truth that you sought out the terrible facts of the battle for planet Earth, are now being rewarded with the knowledge that you are not alone. You will, also, become increasingly aware that your world is on the cusp of an incredible transition. Because you could allow yourself to know the fearful truths, you can now know the glorious achievement that YOU have fulfilled.

We are sorry that the truth must still remain at a frequency that can only be known by those who expand their consciousness into that resonance. We understand that you tire of waiting. However, we remind you that you were NOT passively waiting for a new world to spontaneously rise up on its own. Now, you can realize that you have been brave warriors who had to block the hidden enemy of inner truth because it could destroy your resolve to continue and/or endanger your safety.

Therefore, you paced your reception of truth and only knew as much about the underbelly of reality with its myriad lies and deceits as you could balance with your daily life. Now your daily consciousness has reconnected with your Higher SELF, and you have achieved the safety of Unity Consciousness with other Ascending Ones as well as with Gaia. Hence, now we can reveal that you were not suffering a psychosomatic illness.

Instead, YOU, our brave multidimensional warriors, were trying to ignore that which you could not change. Instead, you focused on what you could change, which was the resonance of your Earth vessel and the Earth vessel of Gaia. Congratulations, our beloved Ones, for you have been victorious.

However, we feel how much you want to instantly awaken to find New Earth outside your bedroom window. PLEASE maintain this constant desire. However, do not feed it disappointment. Instead, feed this desire Unity Consciousness, hope, anticipation, joy and unconditional love. You are learning to accept what you were waiting for during your myriad lifetimes.

Impatience is understandable and even normal, but not effective in your manifestation process. You have just emerged from a dark cave in which shadows have been perceived as reality. Hence, as you step out of this cave, your perceptions are not yet calibrated to the frequency of light that is still blinding to your physical eyes.
Therefore, you perceive the reality to which you are accustomed. Just as you have tenaciously held on to an inner hope of salvation through the last years of the Kali Yuga, we ask that you maintain that hope while your perceptions re-calibrate to match the frequency of your expanding states of consciousness.

We understand that many of you do not know that your consciousness has expanded into the fifth dimension. However, if you find this message and can accept it, you HAVE indeed invisibly crossed that threshold. You see, our beloveds, YOU are New Earth. YOU are New Earth because you have expanded your glorious Unity Consciousness to encompass the entire planet.

Do you know how much Gaia is cherished in Galactic Circles? You are NOW within the reality for which you have fought and waited for myriad incarnations. However, your Point of Perception has been habitually locked onto the outside-of-you in the physical world.

Therefore, open the windows of your Earth Vessel and allow the higher light to activate your inner perceptions. In this manner, you can look inside-of-you to find your highest Point of Perception. Then, attach your High Heart to this state of consciousness and open your Third Eye to see the New Earth that is YOU.

You have now come into the next phase of your reality. What has changed is the inner causation that creates the effect in your reality. Gaia is moving into the Causal Plane of the fourth dimension. Hence, the 3D lag time between cause and effect will increasingly diminish until your state of consciousness is instantly manifested to become the reality that you wish to perceive.

Most importantly, there is a dimming of the darkness and an expansion of the Light. This expansion is felt within your Earth vessel and within your daily life. Your bodies are changing more each day, and as they do so, more expanded perceptions will come online. Because the lag time between cause and effect is ever closing, your thoughts will appear as light, and oppositions will become fluid and timeless.

Your expanding perceptions are a shift that is 100% under your control. Hence, there is no event out-side-of-you that can deter this process. Furthermore, the in-side-of-you is undergoing a slow but steady alteration. Your Lightbody grows stronger each day, which is why interacting with the third dimensional paradigm is becoming increasingly burdensome.

You are realizing how your consciousness is manifesting into creation. Verbal words are becoming restrictive and you yearn to live in unconditional love and peace. There are many components of your apparently third-dimensional life that have already shifted into the fifth dimensional resonance. You recognize these areas of your life because they are filled with, and/or create the sensation of unconditional love.

This unconditional love may not feel the same as the love that we, the Galactics and Celestials, can emanate from our Group Mind, but it is love that has no conditions. If you can remember to allow this unconditional love to guide you to surrender to all issues of life, you will be creating an aura of protection around you composed of that frequency of unconditional love. Whenever you surrender your life to your higher expressions of SELF without any conditions or limitations, you are creating an aura of unconditional love around you.

This aura of protection allows you to become very brave. Thus, you will gain more confidence in your SELF. It is not easy to put down your 3D reactive and protective shield to surrender into a situation. You have lived in a defensive mode for myriad lives. Thus, it is difficult to completely own your great multidimensional power so that you can release all fear in EVERY situation. In fact, one of your greatest challenges will be to KNOW that you are a Multidimensional Being who naturally resonates beyond the grasp of any 3D issue.

You may experience your Multidimensional SELF as a higher frequency, a sound, a color, a vibration, an energy and/or a higher intelligence. As you come to KNOW your innate protection, you will be able to easily surrender into every situation. This protective frequency of “YOU surrounding you” realizes that EVERY situation that comes into your life is your creation. If you are having a problem in your life, you created that problem so that you could learn and/or remember.

We know that these statements might sound cold to those who have not yet awakened to their true SELF. They still live in a reality where something can be “out of their control.” However, surrender is not a problem for your Ascended Master SELF, as the third dimension is below your base-line resonance. For example, if you are in the water and a shark comes, you can raise your resonance and become invisible to the shark. Furthermore, the shark’s teeth cannot harm you because they will just go through your aura.

Many of you are beginning to have experiences in which you resonate just a half octave above your environment. You are “in that place” and “with those people,” but you are also just above it, as if you were looking into a dream. In other words, your resonance is going “out of sync” with the physical world. At first, people will not notice this because they just saw you there and believe that you are still there. In fact, the same will hold true for you.
At first, you may still believe that you are resonating to the 3D, but feel strangely detached and “spacey”. Do not judge yourself when this happens or try to “pay attention”. Instead, make sure that your body is safe and grounded then allow your bodily sensations and attention to gradually shift. It is preferable to shift gradually rather than swiftly, as fear can come into your consciousness if you change so quickly that you feel out of control.
Try to consciously recognize this experience. Stay calm and breathe slowly with longer exhales. If your body is unsafe, i.e. driving a car or walking on a road, pull your attention back to your physical body and 3D life. When you learned to drive, you first understood about braking and steering before you pushed the accelerator. The same rule applies here. First learn how to stop the experience and how to steer your body and consciousness. In this manner, you will feel in control and will not allow doubt or fear to stop you.

You are learning a new way of living. If you can meditate on a regular basis, you will gain more intimacy with your Higher Expressions of SELF. These Expressions of SELF will assist you to remember what you already know within your higher Point of Perception. Without their guidance, you may believe that you are learning. Learning is a long process, whereas remembering can be instant. Many will have an instant experience, but then doubt it so much that they forget about it until later when they have gained more mastery.

Doubt will be your greatest foe, as it is fear in disguise and lack of confidence in your SELF. When you feel doubt, send yourself unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness and unconditional acceptance. There is no hurry, as time is ending. Yes, your world appears to be the same in many ways, but do you really FEEL the same? You survived and even prospered in the physical world by listening to yourself and by keeping track of your instincts and interactions with your environment.

You will keep this tool and hone it to a sharper edge. As you interact with the higher frequencies of your environment, your instincts will greatly expand. No matter how much you learn from others, you are your own best teacher. You learned and/or remembered how to walk. You often fell, but you still continued. Now that you are learning to run, you may fall more often. However, you are in the company of many others that are taking their baby steps as well.

Most important, you have constant guidance and protection from your Higher Expressions of SELF. Begin your day communing with your SELF, think about your SELF during your day as often as you can. Think of your SELF as you drift off to sleep and as soon as you awaken. It is only within your third dimensional consciousness that you think you should do it alone. As your consciousness expands into the Theta and Delta waves, you will feel the need to actively unite your consciousness with higher expressions of your SELF.

As you grow to appreciate your own higher states of consciousness, you will want to share these experiences with another and/or with a group. You will also find yourself more attached to Nature, plants, animals, waterways and even the sky. You will be getting to know Gaia in a more intimate manner and experience that Her entire planet is alive and happy to communicate with you.

Do you remember when you were a child and found great fascination in a spider on a web or a bird in a tree? You will begin to return to these interests because you will be returning to the innocence and purity of your Divine Child. It is the purity and innocence of your Divine Child that will heal your many wounds from your long sojourn through the third dimension. Therefore, perceive your expanding reality through the eyes of a child in order to find the wonder and adventure within EVERY moment of the NOW.
Congratulations Beloved Family
Welcome Home to your true SELF.

The Arcturians

Happy New Year
Happy New Life
Happy New Earth

New Time is Vertical not Linear

We're standing now inside the new time. Our arrival here can be traced across past decades when we increased our capacity to assimilate light. High-vibrational frequencies flooding the earth over the past 25 years slowly raised the frequencies our physical bodies could assimilate.

Frequency Upgrades Trigger our Movement into the New Time

Frequency upgrades to the physical system trigger clearings at emotional, mental and spiritual levels. With each frequency upgrade, the past comes before us so we can see it through the light of our newly-expanded consciousness. With each upgrade in frequency, we shed veils, enter new levels of seeing, and activate new potentials. We held these potentials from the beginning of our journey, and only activated them as our prevailing consciousness was ready to enter a new phase of our spiritual mission.

Spiritual Growth is Based in Vibrational Frequency, not Linear Time

Though this movement has taken place over a period of years, the progression to the new time has been vertical, not linear. Time is a human construct that helps us break experience into increments for easy processing and assimilation. Linear time is sometimes erroneously applied to predict the arrival of spiritual visions into our physical reality. The movement into new levels of our spiritual purpose is based in vibrational frequency, not time. This new passage we have entered is about raising our vibrational frequency to enter timelines where spiritually-aligned realities exist. As we raise our vibration, we become the one who is capable of existing along these new timelines. As our vibrational frequency ascends, so do we.

Linear Versus Vertical Time

Linear time is the continuous movement along the same timeline for a period of time. We cannot change an existing timeline, so it can be expected that navigating experience in a linear, rather than vertical, manner will hold us in a vibrational continuum along the same timeline. Change is a matter of shifting to a new timeline. When we raise our frequency, the new timelines we access reflect our spiritual destiny.

Vertical “time” is packed with experiences that hold the power to transform us by allowing us to grow spiritually. A week of vertical time may seem like five years of linear time. A single moment the duration of the blink of an eye can bring quantum change to our lives. Generally speaking, these moments are often preceded by a series of other moments containing intentions and efforts that lead us to exist in a state of vertical time.

Vertical time is a moment or succession of moments where we undergo experiences that allow our spirit to grow in understanding and insight. These new understandings change our vibrational frequency and lift us into new timelines. As we grow in this way, we expand our conscious awareness, enter new levels of our spiritual mission, activate new levels of love and compassion, and become better able to create new realities that uplift and inspire ourselves and others.

Linear and Vertical Timelines

Whatever timelines we are currently experiencing will remain in place as we continue along the same energetic plane. Even though we are in the new time where fifth-dimensional potentials are more readily accessible, we can continue to experience third-dimensional realities if we choose to do so. It will become increasingly uncomfortable to remain in a third-dimensional timeline for any period of time as the “rewards” for this form of existence are being phased out.

Shifting to Fifth-Dimensional Timelines

For many, shifting to high-vibrational timelines is a matter of examining the means by which they create reality and gaining awareness of old templates that are still in place. If you have been creating life experiences from past templates - consulting the past for what is possible for the future – it’s time to abandon these now. If you are frustrated because spiritual visions have failed to manifest or have manifested differently than expected, do not let this throw you off or discourage you. Your visions have always been close at hand, standing beside you, guiding you. What may have previously been misunderstood is how we would move into these visions and begin to live them.

Light Infusions Awaken us to Aspects that Hold the Answers

We are able to consciously raise our vibration by healing our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies. We heal as we allow greater infusions of light to illuminate and expand our consciousness, therefore transforming our existence. Infusions of light awaken us to the location in consciousness where answers to our present-moment issues reside. We already have within us the answers to any questions or issues that might arise. When we view a situation, question or issue from an expanded perspective, we are directed to the aspect of our being that holds the highest and best answer. This is how we navigate and explore reality in the new time.


[For more on accessing the fifth-dimension, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta
For more on timelines, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta http://www.celestialvision.org/timeline-and-identity-shifts-e/
Steps to Raising Your Vibration, a free ebook, can be downloaded at http://www.celestialvision.org/steps-to-raising-your-vibratio/
For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.com/]

There is an incredibly bright future ahead of you

01/02/2013 by John Smallman

The moment for feeling disappointed is over.  You have moved into the New Age and its benefits will become increasingly apparent as the year progresses.  You have all done an amazing job in bringing it in, and you are greatly honored for that.  The divine energy field enveloping the planet and all the life forms she supports is now much more intense and effective than ever before in your human history because your New Age allows it to be so.  The more aware and awake you become the greater the energy you can carry and use for the greater good of all.
Humanity is most definitely moving forwards spiritually after eons of stagnation and hopelessness that the constant conflicts and disagreements among you encouraged.  When you are in conflict you are coming from ego, from a sense of isolation, abandonment, and fear, and your ego wants to put that to rights by fighting the enemy, whoever or whatever it may be, and destroying it.  Millions of egos fighting for supremacy do not provide an environment in which love, compassion, acceptance, respect, or healing of one another can grow and flourish.

With humanity’s rapidly increasing desire for all on the planet to live in harmony, even if only to avoid further destructive wars, the way to enormous spiritual growth has opened up because a desire to live harmoniously with others allows love’s influence to expand and become a major aspect of all human relationships. This growth in the influence and power of love in every individual who desires it has become self-sustaining, and consequently you will see enormous changes occurring all across the world as the New Age becomes ever more firmly established in the hearts of those who would choose peace instead of conflict.

The New Age is an aspect of yourselves, of each individual, that shows itself as love, respect, and compassion for all with whom you interact, and it leads unerringly to peaceful and harmonious exchanges of ideas that will bring an end to the suffering and deprivation that has been endemic on Earth for eons.  And as a result trust among you will grow, be honored, and become the norm, just as it should.

You are still seeing many conflicts across the planet, but the new energies with which you are all engaging will assist those involved in them to start negotiations that will successfully bring them to an end.  Then there will indeed be great need for many of you to take part in the rebuilding of what so many wars have destroyed by repairing the infrastructures on which modern civilizations depend – healthcare, education, clean environments, and abundant supplies of clean water – and respect for all of humanity’s treasure trove of different cultures which make you what you are: ONE.

You cannot live divided, judging others as worse than or better than.  You tried it for eons and it most definitely did not work.  Now, with the New Age firmly established, along with all the amazing energies it has brought, you can develop societies that creatively work together for the good of all on your beautiful planet.  A one-size-fits-all approach is not the way forwards.  Your new abilities to communicate very rapidly with anyone anywhere in the world have demonstrated to you very powerfully that cooperation works and can bring diverse groups together to solve issues that could not be solved alone – open-source computer applications is a wonderful example of this kind of cooperation in action – and that sort of enthusiastic and friendly cooperation is set to increase.  There is an incredibly bright future ahead of you, just waiting for you to grasp it and run with it for the satisfaction and delight of all of humanity.

Now is the time to release any sense of anger, disappointment, or resentment that you may have experienced since the New Age arrived, and to engage with it completely by opening yourselves fully in love to all your brothers and sisters, especially those whom you believe have offended you or taken advantage of you.  True forgiveness occurs when it is offered instead of blame or judgment, whatever the situation.  No one can honestly say that they have never caused offense to another (justification for doing so has no place here!), but holding on to the resentment it causes and dwelling on it is like filling yourselves with corrosive liquids that will destroy you.  Forgive, thrive, and truly enjoy the gift of life so lovingly bestowed on you by your Father as you move fully and joyously into this New Age for which you have been yearning.

With so very much love, Saul.


January 2, 2013

The Council of 12: Predictions for 2013

2 January, 2013

Once in a while, there is a marker time point that people experience as the line between one thing and another. As 2013 begins you will be sitting at that juncture. How will it look and feel, and what will it mean?
To be sure, the year 2012 will be seen in hindsight as a time of unprecedented revolutionary changes, countless unanswerable questions, and multitudes of people waking up from a very long sleep to discover a world in chaos. It will also be noted as a key tipping point - humanity coping with extensive and continuous dismantling of unworkable systems, and people everywhere learning to live on the edge.

From Endpoint to Starting Point

The Earth's ancient wisdom keepers described the December 21, 2012 Solstice as an endpoint in a long evolutionary cycle, when humanity could take a giant leap forward and create a light-filled existence. That endpoint, in fact, is more than one linear date, for it relates to a quantum cycle that is vast and multidimensional. Still, for people conditioned to focus on specific dates to mark progress, the 2012 Solstice became a focal point that helped catalyze an accelerated waking up and an intense desire for a brand-new type of world.
Did you know that at a DNA level, you are encoded to wake up to your divine nature and to endlessly seek to co-create a loving world, until it becomes a reality?
In fact, it is hard-wired within you to awaken during the Earth's pivotal moments, remembering more and more of why you came and seeking to serve in the highest possible way you can. Most likely, you have been on your path for a while, and the past year or so has been a huge testing of your resolve.
During the moments when you felt blocked to serve, you may have experienced a deep unexplained sadness, as though you couldn't really do what you were encoded to do. Even if you didn't have the specifics of what that mission was, you just knew that it was different than what you felt able to accomplish.

Your DNA Encodements in Action

Yes, this DNA encodement within you is so much a part of your core, and such a mega driving force, that once it has been catalyzed, your path changes. With this encodement active, you become increasingly aware of your true nature, which is divine.
You also become aware that you have an inner guidance and a spiritual guidance team, always right there by your side. With this awareness, you naturally seek training in how to work with your spiritual guidance.
As part of that, you learn how to differentiate your inner voice from your ego, and how to discern meanings and applications of the messages you are receiving. This happens in a process over time, in stages that are typically outside ordinary awareness. What's important is not the linear stage you are at but the multidimensional big picture  - your growing increasingly intuitive and more able to detect and dispel fear so you can get to the truth of subtle messages received.

Your True Power to Change

Your true power to change what you experience on Earth comes from accessing and living as your multidimensional and intuitive divine self. This is the key to 2013 and what comes next.
Do not let self-doubt get in the way as 2013 begins and the world isn't yet as you want it to be. Do not let anyone tell you that you are not equipped for the challenges of living now. This is nonsense. How could a divine changemaker like you - encoded from the beginning of time to help facilitate humanity's mega shift - not have what it takes?
Do not discount your extensive preparations for being on the Earth now. Your multidimensional divine self, knowing in advance what set of circumstances and abilities you would need for this life, set in motion an orchestration that would become the divinely timed juxtaposition for these moments. From spirit's perspective, there are no accidents and no mistakes. Any challenge you still face is part of your puzzle piece. Likewise, positive qualities like kindness that you embody now were long in development to help you in this life. You are indeed right where you need to be.

Understanding Energies of 2013

As you move through 2013, you will discover familiar themes continuing from recent years. The planet's grand reconfiguration will continue, and things will sometimes seem worse even as they are getting better. It will take a trained awareness and a regular big-picture focus to have a true picture of happenstance. What seems the same is not.
Creation is a messy and often violent process. As it occurs, from a quantum perspective, there are countless behind-the-scenes pieces coming into play. From spirit's perspective, things are seen on a need-to-see basis and known on a need-to-know basis. That's how the world of spirit operates. The pieces that need addressing most urgently come to light first - like the need for love. That includes self-love and loving interactions between people - neighbors, co-workers, friends, loved ones, and strangers.
The mechanism for mastering love is relationships. Everyone around you is now challenged in some way by relationships as people relearn what it means to love. You don't need to be in a "relationship" to be impacted. Nearly everyone has neighbors, phone calls with others, and interactions with people on the road or in the market.
Do not allow yourself to become discouraged by the seeming lack of progress - remember that you are wired to be a part of solutions needed for a more loving world. Do not look away from what is right there in front of you. Dysfunctions must be brought to awareness before they can be healed. If the world's attention was not focused on the state of unloving co-existence within families and groups of people, the collective effort to change things would not be underway.
The creation of a brand-new Earth based on love is indeed happening, but it is a joint effort that takes time. The collective needs to be brought in sync, and this is no small step. No one person can remedy the dysfunction, but each person is responsible for his or her own energy - every moment of every day. That takes skill and unflinching persistence, continually coming back to the higher view of spirit.

Your Choice, Your Path

Trust that you are intricately and intimately involved in the most adventuresome dance of creation ever seen on Earth. You chose to take part a very long time ago - no, you cannot change your mind now. If you think you can, this is your ego having a futile moment of resistance! Your empowered divine changemaker self is the one truly at the helm. That's the part of you fueled by spirit - willing to be at the forefront of change and to courageously do what's needed each step of the way. This is your path.
Your heartfelt desires for change and a more loving world are a magnetic energy that goes out into the world and connects you with a similar vision held in the collective. Do not underestimate the power of this positive magnetic force. You create more of it each time you are kind. There is a bonus effect, too, during those times when you are extremely challenged to be kind. When you meet these challenges and respond with kindness, the positive magnetic energy is magnified. This field of energy is real - moving out into the collective and uplifting humanity. Being mindful of this energy, even if you cannot physically see or touch it, helps you to progress spiritually.
When your life becomes complex or you simply feel on overwhelm, come back to this simple idea. Remember the importance of being kind. Do it even if no one else is kind. When others are unkind, they are expressing ordinary, reactive consciousness. You are not ordinary, you are divine.

Your Multidimensional Self

As a divine changemaker, a key focus for you in 2013 will be discovering how to skillfully move through changes with a lightness of being. This means refusing to go along with crowd mentality involving anger, judgment, or black-and-white perspectives. Those approaches are old paradigm, and limited. What you want instead is to be at the forefront of the dimensional shift into higher consciousness. It is quantum, multidimensional, and vast.
Higher-frequency energy helps you to join with your multidimensional self.
Everything has a frequency or vibration - including thoughts and emotions, foods, media messages, and personal energy fields. Frequency is not static - it can shift in a flash when your mood changes from happy to angry or when you move from self-appreciating thoughts to self-doubt. Frequency, then, is an energy that fluctuates. The higher frequencies you want to connect with are faster-moving fields of energy. You can influence your own energy with this simple frequency-raising process - creating and maintaining a high frequency.

Frequency-Raising Process

1. Each morning set your energetic tone for the day with a positive thought or feeling of gratitude. If you wake up in a sour mood or catch yourself worrying, change the channel inside your own mind and, with conscious intention, state something positive. Expressing it out loud can amplify the benefit.
2. During the day, be mindful of when your energy drops or your mood changes. Practice paying attention the moment you shift into a lower frequency, noticing what changed. By tracking your own energy this way, you can determine whether your frequency fluctuation was due to thoughts, emotions, nutritional intake, the news, spending time with an angry person, or other factors. 
3. Intend regularly throughout the day that you will be present and conscious, regardless of how crazy things get. If you find your mind wandering into the past or future, or feel you cannot focus on what someone is saying, come back to the now.   
4. Learn about your own DNA and old dysfunctional patterns still residing there. The more you understand about the past limited conditioning recorded in your DNA, the more quickly you can clear it and become free from its effects.
5. Discover how the unusual planetary patterns of the next few years impact your own astrology. You do not have to believe in astrology for planetary energies to affect you. The challenging aspects lining up between 2013 and 2016 have not been experienced before on Earth. Self-understanding can help you navigate the changes and manage your frequency at the same time.   
6. Before sleep each night, intentionally disconnect from humanity's fear matrix - the field of fearful energy humanity has created over time. You sleep then can be more productive and more peaceful.   
7. Consciously and regularly invite spirit into your life, asking for a higher view and for the patience to be kind.  

As you continue the journey of discovering your divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings.
We are The Council of 12.

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