August 31, 2013

The Akashic Records

Today we would like to focus your attention on the topic of the Akashic Records.  There are many questions surrounding the Akashic records and it is our intention to share our perspective in hopes that it may help to answer some of these perplexing mysteries in this regard.  We will be touching upon not only what the Akashic Records are as well as how one may access these records consciously.
Many more of you at this time are becoming aware of your infinite power to create all that you desire to experience.  As you are evolving you are also regaining the knowledge that has remained “hidden” in plain view.  The Akasha or Akashic records are essentially the record of All That Is, all that ever “was” and all there will ever “be”.  This is what many find so perplexing.  How can there be a record of what will be if it has not happened yet?  How can there still be free will?  Ahhhh what an intriguing question and this is where our discussion will begin.
We will first request that you keep in mind that “time” as you know it is an illusion, it is not actually “real” it is only perceived in the reality which you currently exist.  However as we have expressed many times before, from our perspective time is simply a marker.  It can be used much like you use the page numbers in a book.  You are free to scroll back and forth in whatever manner you desire, the page numbers simply allow you to find the experience you are choosing to focus your attention on.  This in a sense is how we prefer to utilize time.  With that analogy in mind, it may be easier to contemplate how all of existence is happening simultaneously, rather than in a linear line formed by a past, present and a future therefore, from our perspective, the past, present and future are simply different perspectives of the same now moment; as now is the only “time” that actually exists.
Although the Akashic Records are a record of all that ever was, is, and will be, it is also continually changing, shifting, and evolving.  We realize that this may be difficult to comprehend because of the agreed upon belief in linear time.  We are attempting to simplify what seems to be a very complex topic into something that can still be understood with the agreed upon temporary limitations which you have taken on.
The understanding that the Akashic Records are changing, shifting and evolving with all of you is key to understanding how history, past events, future events and life paths can and are continually altered.  We are using past and future tense in order to help you to better understand our explanation.  When you change an ingrained belief, learn a life lesson, master a challenge or grow and evolve in consciousness you are essentially changing all other versions of “you” as well.  The reason being is that this knowledge is then recorded in the Akashic Records for all others to then subconsciously access so they may also benefit from releasing the limiting belief.  This is why each time that you release another limiting belief, or master a lesson that you wanted to focus on you are in fact changing not just this version of yourself, but allowing all others to also access that knowledge if they so choose.
These records are constantly changing and evolving with every choice that each being makes.  The reality that would most likely have manifested can and often does change with the shift in beliefs, choices, and decisions that are consistently being made.  The “future” realities that are being created on a mass scale by the human collective as a whole will certainly take a considerably stronger shift in order to change the most probable future from manifesting, than it would on a smaller individual scale. This is why we say that the Akashic records are continually shifting and changing.
When we are asked by you to perceive the most probable reality that is most likely to manifest it is the Akashic records which we access in order to determine which reality to share with you.  There are however an infinite number of varying realities that all have the possibility to playing out.  This is often why we say that we do not predict the future, rather we can only share with you what we see as being the most likely future to manifest in your reality.
From our perspective the “past” is just as probable as the “future”.  This may seem perplexing to you due to your perception of time however the choices that you make today do in fact affect the past, present and future.  It is just that your minds are not currently focused on perceiving any other “past” than the one you remember experiencing.
Upon the transition from the physical to the non-physical world, every soul is offered the opportunity to access the Akashic Records consciously to review the life which they “just” lived.  In some sense it is similar to watching a holographic movie of your entire life; although this movie “recorded” every thought, person, belief, experience and decision that was ever made in your life to help you to better learn and grow from what you experienced.  Now imagine that these records are not recording just one of your lives, but all of them.  Now imagine that these records record not only all of your lives, but every soul in every one of their lives on every world.  This is how immense these records are.  It is the totality of all that is.
In a sense the Akashic Records can be compared to a giant universal internet library, where all souls can gain access to the universal knowledge of every soul to further learn and grow from.  As we stated earlier these records are continually being “updated” and evolving with the experiences that continually upload into the records.  When one being learns or creates something, the “recipe” is then available for all others to access and further build upon that knowledge.  This is how All That Is continues to grow, learn and evolve.  The Akashic record essentially allows every being the ability to consistently innovate upon what has already been discovered.
Many are now wondering where are these records stored?  They are everywhere and yet they are nowhere.  Let us explain.  Space is yet another illusion which you have temporally agreed to perceive, however like time, space also does not actually exist from our perspective.  We say that they are everywhere because these records are encoded in each one of your cells, each strand of DNA of every being, and yet it is not physical.  It is not a place, but rather a state of mind for lack of a better term.  All beings have access to these records, there are no exceptions.  All that stands between you and gaining access to these records consciously is your beliefs, resonance, and rate of frequency.
Every being has in fact accessed these records, although many of you were consciously unaware of how the information had been gained.  All knowledge that has ever been discovered in all of existence is readily available to any being within the existence of All That Is; because you are All That Is manifesting as "you" at this moment in order to gain yet another perspective of the infinite multiverse which you are a part.
You may gain access to these records consciously by setting your intention to do so and being ready and open to receive it.  This can be referred to as channeling the information from the higher realms. Certainly every being within existence has this ability, however many have allowed this muscle to atrophy and as a result many find it difficult to connect with the higher realms.  We will tell you this, channeling in and of itself is not the difficult part, rather trusting what you receive seems to be the difficult part for most humans.  You see many of you channel throughout your day however it is often discounted as coincidence or insights from your own mind.  However you can be assured that the moments when you suddenly receive guidance, gut instincts, and insights this is undoubtedly a form of channeling the information that is readily accessible to you at all times.
A quiet mind and a focused state of receiving are essential to opening yourself up to channeling information from the higher realms.  Through intention and practice all beings can regain this ability, and we can assure you that there will certainly come a time upon your world when all beings do in fact regain this conscious ability. This evolution has already begun.  Those of you drawn to this message are in fact leading the way for all to awaken in consciousness.  Those that choose to remain asleep are not any less or any more worthy; it is simply the role and experience they wanted to participate in.  You are not changing others through your words, but rather by the example you set for all to follow who seek the same peace, balance and harmony within their own reality that you will undoubtedly regain.
Though you may at times feel as though you are all alone on this journey to elevate your consciousness please know that this feeling is only an illusion as you are always surrounded by legions of beings from the higher realms who are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to consciously connect with you.  Those who feel the loneliest are often the ones leading the way through an unpaved path for all to follow.  We encourage you to call upon us and we will gladly connect with you if it is your desire to do so.
We always remain just a thought away.
We hope that we have in some way served you.
In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

August 10, 2013

Shifting Timelines Activates Potentials within your 'Life Hologram'

When we are born we're connected energetically to an etheric hologram that contains all potentials and scenarios for our present lifetime. These potentials are very much alive, existing side by side inside the hologram. When we choose to activate a potential, we shift our energy and focus to a new timeline that already exists within the hologram.

Our 'life hologram' is based on current life lessons, gifts, talents, intentions, soul contracts, energetic tendencies and all that makes up the essence of our soul.

Our Imagination is our Doorway to Alternate Potentials

It may seem at times we are creating our realities from scratch but in fact we're moving from one life track potential to another.
We become aware of alternate timeline potentials through the doorway of our imagination. The imagination is our imaging tool that allows us to perceive and choose alternate realities. Thought viruses may convince us that the imagination is an inferior tool for indulging in make-believe. Erroneous beliefs lead us to disregard the imagination and relegate it to the province of fools and idle dreamers. These beliefs are the mechanism through which souls have been enslaved and separated from their true power for millennia.

Tuning into Alternate Potentials

Whatever images your imagination brings you are real and true and existing as timeline potentials within your life hologram.
When an image excites you, bring the focus of your conscious awareness to it. This allows you to tune into the energy of the alternate potential that exists within your hologram. As you tune into this timeline, you begin harmonizing with it.

Stepping Free of the Illusion of Linear Time

If you find yourself resisting the idea that you can shift from one timeline to another, it is likely because you were indoctrinated early on into belief systems centered in linear thinking. Linear time is an illusion. All time (and timelines) exist within our life hologram simultaneously. The experience of time is simply the movement of our consciousness through timelines and their accompanying experiences and scenarios. If you have the sense of being "stuck", it is because you are continuing to move in a seemingly linear fashion along the same timeline.

When we break out of the limitations of linear thinking, we become aware of alternate realities and begin to activate them.

The Illusion Breaks Down inside Timelines of Clarity and Light

Linear thinking is one symptom of a consciousness hypnotized by the illusion. The new time is embedded with frequencies that propagate timelines where clarity and light are too bright for the illusion to thrive. Collectively, we are witnessing the collapse of the illusion as many physical trappings begin to crumble. These include social, economic and political conventions, and religious systems. Weather patterns are changing as well, further unraveling the fabric of reality as we have known it. As the illusion breaks apart, the light of a new dawn settles upon us.

Your Present Moment is Holographic to 'All Things in All Time'

Sometimes a person may feel themselves trapped in a given timeline due to past actions. There are those who wish to "reach back" to their past self and advise them to take a different course. There's nothing wrong with reaching out to a past self, but it is not necessary to try and get a past self to change your future when your present-moment self holds the power to do this. All that you need is always right here within the present moment. It may be said that your present moment is holographic to "all things in all time." You are only limited as you seek to limit your self.

Merging Timelines to Create a Shift

When you perceive and choose to shift to an alternate timeline, you adopt the past, present and future of your new timeline. This is why it is not necessary to go back in time to change the past. You are able within your present moment to merge your current timeline with an alternate timeline.

An example might be that you develop a condition in your body that is a result of past choices. You may feel this condition is irreversible and others may tell you this as well. At this point, you may feel hopeless and wish you could travel back in time to convince your past self not to make the decisions that activated timelines where you are experiencing serious illness.

You would do just as well to begin perceiving the timeline where you are healed and whole and begin merging with it. When you begin tuning into the healed and whole timeline, you naturally adopt the thoughts, feelings and vibrational frequency of that timeline. This allows you to tune into and merge with the healed and whole (or any other) timeline that already exists within the hologram of your present lifetime.

 July 26, 2013

For more on timeline and identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta   For more on fifth-dimensional realities, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta

'Crossroads Moments' Offer Glimpses into your Parallel Universes of Self

We have many parallel universes of self - that is, alternate selves existing along timelines that run parallel to our present life track. These alternate selves exist in realities spun out of the energetic template of the hologram for our present lifetime.

‘Crossroads Moments’ Offer Glimpses of Alternate Timelines

An examination of ‘crossroads moments’ from the past will help you learn to recognize alternate timelines you encounter in your present moment. To gain insight into alternate reality threads from your past, bring your mind to the "roads not taken" throughout your life. Any point where you chose one potential over another, you can pinpoint an alternate timeline.

Crossroads moments are those times when we find ourselves gazing in two different directions and choosing one course over another. The "road not taken" does not cease to exist but rather, continues along its own timeline. It remains a future potential life track. All you need to do in order to activate it is bring your focus and attention to it and begin "tuning it in" as you would a radio or to broadcast. Over time, harmonizing with an alternate timeline allows it to merge with our present timeline. Sounds good in theory but how does this look up close and personal?
Let's say a person is on a life track of super health and fitness. Their diet consists of raw and super foods and they’re exercising and doing yoga. They feel good and exist in a space of health and clarity. Then, the same person goes through a time of emotional upheaval and lapses into habits of eating a poor diet and exercising infrequently. They begin to lose clarity and feel their health slipping; their once-clear mind is now in a bit of a fog. They want to "get back" to a place of good health but find it very difficult to travel back in time and pick up with their former healthy timeline.

We can’t Change or Travel Back to Past Timelines

We can merge our present moment with a timeline of super health and fitness similar to one from our past but there will be differences to our past timeline.

We can never really travel back along a past timeline. Since time does not exist, our movement through time is based on experience. Experience transforms us in ways we can’t undo. Perhaps it's more accurate to say change makes it impossible for us to experience a past timeline in the same way. (Though we can still observe the past timeline and interact with it). There’s no reason for anyone to seek to return to a past timeline. We can choose to re-energize our positive choices from the past and begin moving along a new timeline that is strongly aligned with – and perhaps influenced and informed by – timelines from our past.

Bleedthroughs and Points of Resonance between Past and Present Timelines

In the case of the past health and fitness timeline, for example, the person’s experiences along other timelines have brought them to a different place in consciousness. They are no longer fully in resonance with their old timeline. However, as they energize a new health and fitness timeline, they may find many similarities between their past and present health and fitness timelines. At times these may seem to merge through timeline bleedthroughs and other points of resonance.

Distilling the Highest and Best of your Timeline Experiences

You can probably call to mind past timelines it seems you can’t re-energize. For example, in all likelihood you can’t re-energize your relationship with your childhood sweetheart who is now married with five children. However, you can re-energize the positive aspects of your “self” of that timeframe. You can also re-energize the loving feeling you had for your long-ago love and share those feelings with a new person. When you long to relive the experiences of a past timeline, it’s helpful to consider exactly what it is from your past that you wish to re-experience. If you keep distilling the highest and best of your timeline experiences, you will find moments of joy and love. This is what your soul seeks to create past, present and future. Let go of specifics and bring your focus to the essence of what once gave you love and joy and you will soon find yourself experiencing these along a new timeline.
Every Moment is a Crossroads to Alternate Realities

Every moment brings us to a crossroads where we choose one idea over another. Sometimes these crossroads moments are very subtle - almost imperceptible - while at other times they are more obvious and dramatic. Every moment within every day represents a crossroads where the tide of our alternate selves washes up on the shore of our conscious awareness, allowing us to choose the timelines we energize. We don’t always consciously choose timelines. Sometimes we’re too absorbed in physical reality to notice alternate life tracks when they appear before us. In this case, we choose a new timeline by default and it may or may not be one of our choosing.

When we pay close attention to our present, we gain awareness of the crossroads we encounter within every moment. Our alternate selves dance around the corners of our imagination in both nightly and waking dreams. We are free to choose from among these alternate life tracks, creating subtle shifts moment by moment that over time transport us to very different timelines within our life hologram. Each shift we make brings us into proximity with a different set of adjacent timelines and alternate selves. This is how we weave the tapestry of our destiny.
In our next segment we will discuss how nightly and waking dreams offer insights into alternate life tracks.

For more information, see

August 9, 2013

Your Greatest Tool Is Your Life Experience


Archangel Indriel by Bella Capozzi, August 8, 2013


⁂ Precious Beloveds, once upon a day, so very long ago by way of linear thinking and time, sprung forth from Source the most luminous sparkles of Light.  A breathtaking sight to behold it was, these intricately faceted and complex creations, countless as the number of infinity, grew and multiplied until all of the Heavens were ashimmer.  Designed by Father.  Birthed by Mother.  They wept, they sang, they danced in jubilation, did our Dear Creators.  You, the children of their One Heart, would now embark upon countless journeys and adventures, experiencing everything  in the novel manner by which your Parents had yet to ever experience before.  All that has ever been required of you is a willing heart and an insatiable thirst for knowledge.  And so you went.  The learning, it has been glorious!  The raw physicality of being presented deep, unprecedented intensities of emotion.  Pain and healing, love and dismay, laughter and tears, confusion and clarity, triumph and tragedy…there simply cannot be a price placed upon any of these Sacred things, as each one has been experienced through the life a thoroughly unique aspect of Themself, thereby rendering no two sparks particularly alike.  And so it went…

⁂ Here and now, your greatest tool is your life experience.  You are to think of life this way, henceforth, and draw upon the multitude of lessons you have learned.  It is scarcely important at all that you should consciously remember the details of your past incarnations and why you have this knowing.  It is irrelevant, because you carry this knowing within you as you go along.  It is interwoven in your DNA.  It is alive in every cell, every atom, every nuance of your beingness.  You needn’t exhaust yourself to find it, as it is there regardless of any expenditure of effort to “resurrect” it and put it to good use.  For it is as natural as breathing!  You shall simply and quite easily know.  Trust that as you skip jubilantly through the open doors of the Lion’s Gate, much more of this stored knowledge shall become openly recognizable to you – this by way of your inner sight and clear knowing.  Trust yourselves implicitly, as the days are now upon us where we of the Upper Realms are reliant upon you to take action.  You are the incarnates.  You have chosen to be thus, and to be the forces on the ground.  You walk Gaia’s surface in physicality, and you are in a position to affect change in a way that we of higher  density cannot.

⁂ Praise be.  We are quite awed by your tenacity.  You shall never give up, and it is for this reason you were chosen.  I have remained ever so close to you, and I am first to concur that a lackadaisical journey it is not!   Some of you have designed more challenging programs than others.  There are also those who have deigned to come here as the placeholders, the keepers of the peace, gently and quietly creating harmony wherever the go.  Teachers, warriors, storytellers, healers, the list is as endless and as varied as the vibrant colors of the Universe.  No one is more essential to the cause than the other.  Each snaps neatly into place to form a dazzling tableau!

⁂ The ultimate goal has always been the Now.  Every one of your experiences has led you here.  You chose the lessons, decided who the players would be and what would ultimately be the purpose.  You have studied, have been tested sorely and then passed your exams with flying colors.  But school is over now.  It’s time to take on, fully, your mission of truth.  Shy not away from this.  You are more than qualified.  You have been working towards this for aeons.  The Karmic Wheel is slowing down now and drawing to a standstill.  The audacity of these past several month, oh my, how they have caused you to rail at the Heavens!  One thing after the next, Sweet Dears!  Yet it has had to be this way.  Class is over and graduation day has thus commenced.  Step forward in all your glory.  Stand proud upon the stage and look out at the crowd of smiling faces before you – the faces of your peers, your Guides, your Angels and of Creation itself.  Then walk with confidence as you embark upon this fresh and exciting phase of your existence.

Copyright © Bella Capozzi.  All rights reserved.  You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

Q&A with the Angelic Realm

I decided that it would be fun to change things up this week.  Instead of having the Angels discuss one topic, I thought it would be interesting to ask the Angels 10 questions about numerous different topics and ask them to give a short answer to each question.  So that’s just what I did.
Hope you enjoy it!
Much Love,
 “What fun!  We would love to share our perspective on these numerous topics you have chosen.  Let us begin shall we?

1. What is at the edge of the universe?  The edge you ask?  This would imply that there truly is “space and time”; remember that those are just illusions that help you to better play the game in this physical reality.  From our perspective there is no edge, no dividing line that ends at the “edge” of the universe.  Your universe is one of infinite other universes, which make up “all that is”.  There is nothing outside of “all that is” because the multiverse as some prefer to call it contains all that ever exists.  You see, there cannot be anything else, otherwise it would be part of all that is.
2. How many dimensions are there?  A wonderful question and in keeping with your request to keep each answer “short” we will give you the most basic and simple answer.  Our answer is 1 or infinite, depending upon your perspective.  This of course seems confusing to you, but let us briefly explain.  From our perspective there is no separation.  There is only one, however from your perspective there seems to be a separation between each dimension as if they are stacked one on top of each other. This is often times how humans visualize dimensions, but we do not perceive them in a vertical ascension or descending line.  All that truly “separates” the experiences that can be had in each dimension is the vibration at which each being is choosing to resonate with.  This of course directly impacts their perception of the creations which they manifest.  This is why we say, from our perspective there is really only 1 dimension which contains all of existence.
3. Can animals incarnate as humans?  Yes of course.  It is simply the soul’s choice to determine what kind of experience they would like to participate in.  With each “new” incarnation, the soul is afforded a new perspective that is gained as a result of the life they lived.  Many souls have chosen to incarnate as both animals and humans.  It allows for a different experience that would not have been perceived if the soul had not chosen to experience both.
4. Why does the sky look blue but outer space looks black? Shouldn’t it be brighter because you are closer to the sun?  From our perspective the “light” that you perceive is part of the illusion.  However we will give you a more “scientific” answer to help you to better understand this phenomenon.  The Earth is encased in what you refer to as an Ozone layer.  The ozone layer is made up of various gasses which reflects light differently than if you did not have one at all.  The light that is emitted from the Sun is then trapped within this ozone layer and as a result your sky appears to be blue.  When you see pictures of “outer space” it looks as if the sky is black because there is no Ozone layer for the light to reflect off of.  When there is no ozone layer the light is more scattered, or no longer condensed into a relatively small area of “space” to reflect off of.  Your night sky appears to be dark blue or black because the photons of light are greatly reduced due to the setting of the sun.  This reduces the light which reflects off of the ozone layer and so the sky “appears” to be darker.
5. Are there really vampires that exist within our reality?  Yes in a sense there are vampires that walk amongst you.  Although they are portrayed in a very different “light” then what they truly are.  These beings do not live off of the blood of others, rather they live off of the energy that others allow to be taken from them.  This is why often times vampires are portrayed as being “allergic to the light” or will disintegrate if they come into contact with spirituality.  This is simply a metaphor.  Essentially, those who could be considered vampires, have forgotten how to ignite their own inner power so instead, they rely on the energy and light of others who allow them to do so.  Please know that you do not have to concern yourself with these beings “stealing” your energy.  No being can “steal” what you do not willingly allow them to take.  This is why it is often said that vampires cannot with-stand the sunlight.  From our perspective it is simply a metaphor for those who rely on the energy and light of others, cannot withstand the higher vibrations of a being who intends to share their light rather than allow themselves to be consumed with fear.  Remember that fear and faith cannot coexist.
6. Are there really mermaids that exist in our reality?  Yes, there are many mermaids in your oceans and seas upon your world.  They often go undetected as they are fearful of humans at this time.  There are in fact many “species” that exist upon your world which your scientists have still not acknowledged or discovered.  You will continue to learn of many new beings that coexist upon your world as you continue to elevate in consciousness.
Mermaids are quite social, and live in communities deep within your oceans.  They do look a bit similar to your “mythical” depictions of them in that they resemble the torso and upper body of a human, and the bottom of a fish.  The tale is similar to the tale of a dolphin in that it contains cartilage as well as muscle which is covered in a smooth thick layer of skin.  They do not have the exact faces of a human, rather you would perceive their faces as strange as they do not have a nose as you do.  It is significantly smaller than a human nose.  They have gills instead of lungs and as a result they do not require a nose for breathing air.  Their have been humans who have encountered populations of mermaids, however this is often discounted as being a myth.  They will be discovered on a mass scale when the human collective consciousness is ready to peacefully coexist with these docile creatures.
7. What is the meaning of life?  Ahhh, what a wonderful question, and a very common one at that.  Humans tend to over complicate this however from our perspective the answer is quite simple; the meaning of life is what you make of it.  You are all simply here to have an experience.  To have an experience that will allow your soul to gain another perspective of all that exists.
8. Is Greek mythology a myth?  To this we would reply, is anything really a “myth”?  Greek mythology is based upon stories that were passed down through many generations of the earlier populations of Atlantis.  Certainly Atlantis “did” exist.  Upon the downfall of this once great civilization, many citizens of this land were forced to flee as it was crumbling into the sea.  These citizens of the former Atlantian population scattered throughout the Mediterranean, parts of Egypt, and South America.  They often recalled tales of their once great civilization that had been swallowed by the sea.  Eventually as time passed and those who lived upon this land left the physical world, it became known as legends and myths rather than “history”.  Imagine if you tried to explain what your internet works to someone in the 1500’s, most of your explanation would be misunderstood and often taken out of context because they would have no other technology to compare it too.
Many of the Gods, goddesses, and mythical creatures certainly existed although it was misunderstood by the subsequent generations that could no longer comprehend or obtain the abilities, technology and advancements that once were so very common upon Atlantis.  This is of course because this time period was involved in the descending of consciousness.  Just as all of you are now finding and regaining new abilities with each generation, those at this time were losing these abilities just as quickly.
So to answer your question directly, these Gods, and beings did exist, yet many of the stories have been embellished as they have been passed down from generation to generation.  These “Gods”, were many of you, you were able to come and go in your physical bodies.  You were not “stuck” in one form at that time.  You were able to shape shift in the early period of the Atlantian civilization.  The higher the vibration that you maintain the less dense your physical form will appear.
Take note, do you not find it a bit “coincidental” that there is now a resort named Atlantis which sits upon the remnants of a once advanced civilization called that very same name?  It is held within the human collective’s memory.  You are regaining your memory one step at a time.
9. How do you become an Angel?  From our perspective, we have always been Angels. We did not become Angels.  Humans often think in a linear fashion where there is a beginning and an ending because that is the illusion you are currently within, however from our perspective there is no beginning and there is no ending.  All is eternal.  However, from your perspective you could say that Angels are essentially you in a higher vibration.  We are all one.  We are you, and you are us.
10. If Earth is hollow, then why can't we just walk into it?  Earth along with many other planets could be considered Hollow.  However from the 3rd or 4th dimensional perspective it would appear to be filled with mass.  Only upon ascending to the higher vibrations of the 5th dimension does the Mass no longer seem to exist.  This is because the faster the vibration the less dense the structure appears to be.  If you were to increase your vibration enough to maintain the resonance of the 5th dimension you would certainly be able to walk into the center of your Earth.  There are beings dwelling within your physical Earth, you just don’t perceive them yet.  It would be similar to a being who is choosing to have a very negative outlook; this would of course prevent them from seeing the wonderful opportunities that are manifesting before them.  They do not perceive them because their vibration is too low to perceive the opportunities.

We hope that you have enjoyed our answers to your questions and that we have in some way served you.
In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides
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Kryon: 2013 - A Difficult Year

Sunday, 14 July, 2013  at Laguna Hills, California  (posted 8 August, 2013)

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. In this moment, in this room, it would appear that there is a switch or a change in energy. Those who would sit and listen may not be aware of the profundity of what has happened to my partner, corporally, in order to channel. In this moment, all of the cells in his body recognize the state he is in and they have suspended all unnecessary corporeal processes.
They have suspended the aging, digestion, and even pain. They have suspended all of these things so that they can be listening and be ready for the energy of the pineal. It is opening with as few filters as possible, and this will allow the voice that they know is in them to come through. The voice is the one from home. That's what happening.
So there is a cooperative energy here and it's new, for in an older energy if you talked to some who would go into a trance back then, they would come out of it and tell you it was an exhausting experience. They might say, "This has sapped me of energy! I'm tired." However, when my partner is finished with the channelling, he might dance! (if he knew how). Indeed, the energy is great and grand and he is not tired at the end.
This is because in the few moments that he is in this altered multi-dimensional state, he is infused not just with information, but with life force. He's in a state that most Human Beings do not allow themselves to be in. It's a state that is completely and totally open to the energy of the "God part" of the Human Being. In this state, there's healing and an allowance of change. So I'm giving you information that is far more personal than just messages from the other side of the veil. It talks to the God part of you! It's interactive.

This is a difficult year (2013) and we are going to explain more about that in just a moment. But right now, I want to tell you yet again that I am not here as an isolated consciousness. What you're hearing now is a succinct, linear transmission in your language, which you are able to understand. For 23 years, my partner has been practicing this. It took him four years just to open his mouth and try it. It took him another three before it was actually flowing in sentences, for what we started within him is the bridge that he had to understand and cross.
He started with thought groups, which had no linearity. It was all conceptual. Soon he got those thoughts delivered in more linearity, but he couldn't remember what they were, because they came in too fast. Back then, there was no interaction with his consciousness self, and the messages were simply delivered to him to then beremembered and spoken back to an audience. It was almost like he was storing thought and then giving it back in language.
Those were the early days of learning to channel. I can remember the time when he said, "I give up. This is too hard! Why can't you on the other side be more linear? Slow down and give it to me the way I can deliver it." When he started this dialogue, he opened the door for answers. We said,"Why can't you as a Human be more multi-dimensional?" So between the two concepts, my partner developed the ability to open his linear box and eliminate the structure. He destructured himself and it allowed us then to fit into the place he had created for us in his process. He needed theinnate of his body to be the interloper and help structure the multi-dimensional messages into a language to be delivered and experienced in your real time. I just gave you the history of his channelling.
So now what you hear us say through him is in your real time, interpreted the best he can do within in a three-dimensional corporeal body. What he feels from my side of the veil is also available, so he knows the Akash of each of you for these moments. He knows of the difficulty that brought you here to listen. He knows what I know for these moments. He knows of the circumstances and the synchronicities that allow you to be where you are in consciousness and living where you are.
He sees what you don't see and what we see. He sees the set-up in your life, no matter what your age, to allow for the next stage of your life to develop. He sees the things that would bring you to this room, or to listen to this, or to have the "aha" experience or the allowance to understand a little more of yourself. The directive of the day is to, "Find the magnificence inside." Now, there is the puzzle! So I want to talk about it briefly.

Why is the year so difficult?

As much as I speak of it, and as much as my partner speaks of it, there's still part of the old soul's brain that says, "Is this really necessary?" And the answer is yes. It really is. The page turn of humanity is complete between the old energy and the potentials of the new. The difference truly is within the balance of darkness and light and what happens when you expose dark things to light that have never seen it. I can use all the metaphors, but instead I wish to give you some attributes that perhaps you didn't expect. I'm going to start with the hardest one first.

The Departure of Some of the Teachers

How do we explain this to you, dear ones, so it makes sense? We will try. Before 2013, you were working a different puzzle. There was no absolute, 100% chance or complete assurance that you were going to make this shift. Free-will is like that, and Spirit can only give you information based upon potentials. We give you the information that we see in front of us that represents the now of the moment. We cannot predict what you're going to do, but instead we give you potentials of what might take place based upon what you are thinking and doing at the moment.
We can always give you a bigger picture then you can see for yourself because we stand observing all. We have an overview you cannot have and this overview has always indicated that you are moving in a direction that is more positive than you could see. Although you cannot see the overview of potentials as clearly as we can, the reality around you shouts that it is happening! But it goes so slow. All of this could turn around instantly, however, because of free will. So it's never absolute.
It's like watching the clock. You can't really see the clock hand move, can you? But when you glance back at it after awhile, it indeed has moved. You watch a plant grow, and it's the same thing. You know growth is happening, but it's too difficult to watch it in real time. So the Human Being takessnapshots and makes assumptions based upon what they see, instead of measuring fully in their mind where the energy might be going. There is much happening that Humans are seeing and it's confusing. It seems out of place to what they might expect at this time.
All this is to say that some of you are losing friends in death, and it seems out of sync in this new promised energy. I know who's here, who is listening and reading, and it would seem inappropriate that you would lose a friend or loved one at this point in time. Now, there are some in the room who have recently lost those they've loved, and it has seemed especially hurtful since these dear ones didn't seem "ready to go" just yet. In my partner's case, he lost a team member in the Kryon work, and I can remember in the moments when he found out, he was mad at me.
He said to me,"It's unfair, not correct, and inappropriate! This man was a Lightworker doing good things. We needed him! He was a healer. Others needed him. He seemed to have so many years left, and now he's gone." Two weeks ago, my partner lost still another friend. He is not alone, for many around him including those in the room are experiencing the same thing.
For some, it's the year of loss. So I want to give you some explanations. I wish to tell you clearly what we see now that we couldn't tell you before. There is a great unspoken future that is starting to build itself right now. It's a future we couldn't tell you about because you hadn't arrived at the place where the shift potential was this strong. Now you are there, in 2013. You've passed the midpoint marker of the precession of the equinoxes, and it truly was a demarcation point that the indigenous saw as well. It's a time fractal, but they didn't call it that. However, it was so clear to them that in their spiritual way, they built their calendars and prophecies around it. Now we can tell you about it, and there begins some planning on the other side involving all of you.
There are old souls who had to leave, seemingly before their time, so that they could arrive on my side of the veil right now. They needed to refresh themselves and come back quickly, literally within the year as newborns on the planet. This is so they would be elders when it was your time to go to the next life. They would then be the ones already there who would begin to teach you what you will need to know. They are the advanced team for peace on Earth.
So, now you see where this is going. They had to leave and come back quickly. They had to align themselves in the right places, expecting where you will be next, dear one. Dear old soul, they needed to be the catalyst for you to awaken next time and do the work that you've chosen to do. So when you incarnate into your next expression, they'll be there and they will find themselves synchronistically as your teachers and the ones who will impress you the most and who you will listen to. Some of them may actually be related to you in the same way they are to you this time, or close to it, and you'll recognize them.
None of this may feel right to you, and we know that. Some of you are hurting. So we wanted to share with you a system that respects that which you are creating. Planting the seeds of the future has required some of the souls to be there sooner to start the growth. You'll come in later. Some of you will arrive there much later, but they'll be there. In some way, let this take the "edge off" your frustration and sorrow and make you understand better. There is spiritual purpose for all of this, and it has been manifested properly in love. That was the first one.

The Year of Resolutions

The second item is that this is the year we're going to call the beginning of resolution, and this does not feel good either. Resolution is supposed to be a very positive, fair word in your language that means agreement, balance and an attribute where everybody wins. But that's not the way we see it. Resolution to us is a resolving imbalance. Imagine something that is balancing on a board with a fulcrum at the center. It has always been teetering one way or the other and it has never gone fully one direction or the other. It vacillates and simply stays in limbo for years and years. Perhaps it moves around a bit, but it doesn't fully go one direction or the other. This year it may.
So if you have an imbalance of thought, this may be the time it might resolve one way or the other. Humanity is starting to feel this and you're starting to see mental imbalance resolve itself. If someone is unbalanced, they may finally move to full unbalance. Many of them are going to snapthis year and you've already seen this in your own culture.
A man walks into a classroom and guns down children. You know this isn't right. It violates intuitive moral Human value and consciousness, yet you are seeing way too much of it for one year. You're going to see more and it's unfortunate, but this is resolution. This resolution is a settling of the kind of imbalance that cannot exist in the form it is now or to the degree and quantity it is now. It can't exist in the energy you are creating. It must resolve, and you're also going to see the same thing in certain kinds of systems.
Anything that is in a mid-point, which has teetered for years in unresolved conflict or inappropriateness, will start a path to resolution. Now, some of these are going to solve themselves positively and many will not. That is why the energy of the year feels so strange to you. That is why there are so many crazies [as you call them] coming to the forefront at the moment. That is why you are so careful right now, like walking on eggs. This year of full moons is very appropriately named!
Now, let me give you another attribute of all this that may be different for some of you, for some of you are listening to all of this and saying, "Well, that isn't me Kryon. This is a good year and things are coming together pretty well. I'm finally having some solutions to things that in the past were difficult. Now they are solving themselves." Exactly! Welcome to resolution. For some, this is the year where things come together. This is due to many things, but one of them is that the energy of those around them is so different, that the old negative attributes have dissolved that used to block the way. That's resolution.
As we have said before, there are futures that have been shown to many of you that you felt were yours, but then you tried them in the past and they didn't work. Now, however, they are in an energy that is perfect for resolution and success. Some of you are having these things manifest themselves and resolve in a way where finally all is coming together. So for you, this year is a good one, and you've been waiting a long time for some things to manifest. But for most of you, this is not the case. Every single path of every single Human Being, especially the old souls, is totally unique. There can't be one manual for all, or one set of rules that works for everyone. So some will be at that point of positive resolution, but for most of you this is not a good year.
The instructions to get through all this are the same as we have given before: Endure; Be circumspect; Rest. This is not a good year to start things cold, since much around you is resolving and is not balanced yet. You might say it's like the attributes of a mercury retrograde all year long, and it feels like that to some of you. [Laughter] So do not fear these things, but rather see them as the adjustment that they are. Look at them as part of the profound puzzle you created, which you are now passing through.
Imagine the battle of the ages is over. Imagine it, a three-dimensional battlefield, where the smoke clears and the bodies are all piled up on each other. In order for you to go home, you've got to walk through the battlefield and see them all, every one. You've got to feel the pain and see their distorted faces and understand that every one of them was someone's child. This is going to take all year to get through the battlefield, and it's not going to feel good. You're going to wake up at night and think about it. It's the best metaphor we have.
It's uncomfortable to shift energy this greatly. The life coaches and readers who work in this very building are working this puzzle every single day, and they will tell you that they have people coming to them who have never ever come to a reader before. This is because they are at their wit's end. "What is happening?" they will ask, "Why me? Why now?" Many will have a tendency to victimize and blame themselves and to think that everything is turning around in an ugly way because of something they did.

You Can See It In Your News

The final item is this: All around you, dear ones, is proof of what I'm telling you. You have two countries currently in turmoil at the moment, and a third one about to go. All three have beenstable for a very long time. Who would have thought that Egypt would be part of this? Egypt seemed to be in balance for decades - or was it? Syria ruled itself with an iron hand and created a stability of power that was absolute. What would then cause these to erupt the way they did and at this time? If you take a look at why, and why now, you'll see the timing is all around 2013 and 2012. And it's around Human consciousness that is starting to be more transparent and saying, "We don't want what we now understand and see is continuing unbalance in our country. We see it never getting better, and now we want finality and we want resolution." That is what you're looking at.
It's ugly to look at this, for there is death, suffering, sorrow and turmoil. There is frustration, and the resolution of it all may take longer than you want it to. But someday you will look back and see the results clearly. Mass Human consciousness is starting to change and demand what it expects in the way of integrity. Governments often want the old ways of power, but their people want schools, hospitals, safe streets and parks, and peace with their neighbors.
So expect more of this, especially this year. The more turmoil you see, the more the puzzle is being worked with. So we close this message the way we started it. I know who you are, magnificent one. I sit at your feet in awe. Do not miss this point! Old souls have been here through all of the transitions of humanity. Do you understand that? Four times you came close to this shift you are today experiencing and four times you missed it. Four times you died in the process of trying. This time you didn't.
Do not miss this: There is something within your Akash, a "remembrance button", that is being pushed and plays an emotion that says, "We've felt this before and it didn't turn out well." Don't let this energy define you. It's the button of duality and fear that says things are always the way they are and they will repeat themselves because that's just the way life works. No it isn't! You are magnificent and you have the ability at this point to finally begin to see it, and to cast all the fears and the voices in the back seat of life and tell them you are in charge now and you are the one driving the car of your reality. That's the message of the day.
I am Kryon, in love with humanity for what it has done, against all odds.
And so it is.
The information is free and available for you to print out, copy and distribute as you wish. Its Copyright, however, prohibits its sale in any form except by the publisher.
Lee Carroll

August 3, 2013

Practicing Joy during Illness

Blossom June 6, 2012

August 03, 2013

The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild

Blossom: Good morning. I think I was a little too ‘sickly’ when I tried the other day. My flu has now flown. Is all well now?

We very much appreciate your keenness and yes we would say we are in full throttle and ready to chat with you.

Blossom: That’s great. I have a question that I would like to ask on behalf of many who have written in and that is … ‘How can one be in JOY as we have been asked to do ... if they are suffering great pain … be it physically or emotionally?’ I am blessed in that I suffer neither these days, yet many do and when one is in continual pain or depressed … it is not AT ALL easy to BE IN JOY. Can you offer some wisdom to those who FEEL this way?

Let us first of all state that one’s life path is an individual one. That which is ‘bestowed’ upon a physicality is through choice for the benefit of self.

Blossom: Let’s dive straight on in here … ‘Bestowed’? I would imagine that will offend many who are suffering … It is hardly a blessing!

And yet we would disagree. For all that is ‘given’ to the soul is an opportunity no matter what form it takes. One will find it difficult to understand that they have ‘asked’ for a particular disease or that they have ‘asked’ to suffer for many many years with an ongoing ailment. Yet we say to you this is so. There are many reasons for this … which of course will be according to the soul’s journey and its needs.

Here also we would like to talk about karma. One tends to think that if they have a debilitating illness maybe it is due to something they have done in a past life and that they are paying their debts.

This is not the way we would put it. There are no debts to pay.

Blossom: What … even with murderers etc? … People who have committed great crimes?

This is correct. It is not ‘another’ that judges ones behaviour at any given moment and decides what ‘punishment’ one should have. It is not like that at all. It is the individual soul who decides its pathway and what will serve its soul in any given life time.

If perhaps one was to maim another in a previous position … then they do not get ‘punished’ by being maimed by another in a future life time. That soul may well CHOOSE to be maimed by another … in order to experience that which they put on another ... and in that way they are repenting for what they may have done … yet they are not paying a debt. It does not work like that.

Blossom: So what would be the benefits of deciding to be really ill for most of a given life time? … What gain is to be had when it is so hard in that situation to be of JOY?

It would depend on each individual circumstance as we have stated. There are many many reasons why this would take place. If it is from a learning curve point of view then the soul … although not understanding ‘why’ in the present situation … would perhaps have chosen that for the soul’s growth. It was a hard yet necessary situation to undertake and Truly only fully understood when out of the experience. If the soul knew WHY it had such an ailment it would not gain all that was possible through it.

Blossom: I know quite a few ‘Enlightened Beings’ that have had such a hard time with the physical body … really painful times … when they cannot get out of bed most days … year after year. HOW can they be of JOY as you ask?

We DO understand what you are trying to put across. Yet we are concerned a little that it may not be understood what we are trying to put across to you. For we are coming from an entirely different perspective. We ask those who are suffering to KNOW that what we say comes ONLY THROUGH LOVE for you … even though you may not accept it.

JOY does not come from any physicality. It is not physical. JOY comes from within the heart place.

Blossom: And?

The Federation of Light: And if it is that one has ‘chosen’ to experience pain in its different forms … who is to say that it is not the challenge asked for … to find the JOY of life ... even amongst all the hardship?

May be one chose it to be a shining example to others. May be one chose it to assist another in their understanding in patience. Maybe the illness was entirely ‘sacrificial’ … in that one ‘offered’ to undergo such pain in order to serve another.

Would one do that you ask? Of course … You would be surprised at the extreme lengths a soul will go to in order to benefit the whole.

Blossom: Yet I am sure many would say ‘You try! You try finding JOY when every day you have to get through this constant pain’.

And with respect … with ALL respect … we would say ‘No … you try! For it is you that has asked for it’.

The issue we believe … for the soul in such a position of that which you speak … would be arguing our words as they read them. Yet we ask you to TRUST that what we offer in wisdom is from our TRUTH.



Yes … there are those that choose to suffer day after day and their pain is great and they moan and moan and moan. There are those that choose to suffer and their pain is greater … yet they offer ONLY LOVE to others and will always find a smile. Which of these is an example of LOVE? Which leaves ‘hope in hearts’?

Blossom: I do see what you are saying … but I must keep going here for clarity. I have had quite a few times in my life’s experience when I have been pretty sick and ‘my life force’ has almost left me. I had not the strength to ‘BE OF JOY’ … and certainly at times when in pain for a long time … there was no JOY in me to be mustered. The pain takes over … where is the JOY in that?

The Federation of Light: There is none.

Blossom: I rest my case.

The Federation of Light: Yet … there is HOPE! Here again we focus on one’s attitude. We would be as bold to say also that:


If one … no matter what … focuses on the best outcome … ALWAYS … then without question the best outcome will derive from that focus.

IT MAY NOT BE THE BEST OUTCOME THAT ONE EXPECTED … Yet it will be the best outcome for the benefit of the soul.

These words may be difficult to absorb for many … yet they are of TRUTH.


One can be in great pain … yet find a joke or two. One can focus on a life without the pain … even when ‘tortured’ by it in each moment ... Or one can focus on the pain and how it is destroying their lives and wondering if there is any practical point in continuing on.

Friends … we ask you to take these words into the depth of your hearts.


Therefore … may we offer another perspective? If you KNEW that the illness and pain you have was chosen by you to allow you to be a better soul … then BE OF JOY about that. Be JOYFUL that you are serving your souls desire in this way.

The soul gains so much insight through having to experience the opposite of JOY. Yet there is a peaceful understanding that can enter the spirit self when there is no judgment of self.

Many may ask ‘Why me. Why should I deserve such misery?’ We would say ‘No-one deserves misery.’ Yet many may adopt the thought pattern that they must have done something terribly wrong in another life time to have to suffer the way they are in this one.



Blossom: There are those also who FEEL that due to their pain/illness etc. they may not be here on the planet to witness ‘THE EVENT’ that you speak of and this saddens them greatly because they FEEL ‘What was the point of their lives if it was wracked with pain and then they had to leave the physical before experiencing the glory of what has been keeping them going … THE EVENT '… if you see what I am saying?

The Federation of Light: We do.

KNOW THIS. Not one soul leaves this planet accidently.

Blossom: White Cloud has spoken of this and although I can accept it … I find it hard to fathom.

The Federation of Light: Each soul KNOWS when they are to be born and when they are to depart from the Earthly experience.

Blossom: What about suicides?

The Federation of Light:That is another matter.

Blossom: Is it too delicate a one to discuss? As it contradicts what you have just said about 'not one soul leaving accidently.'

The Federation of Light: A soul who chooses to take their life is not committing a crime. Let us make that perfectly clear. For there are indoctrinations in your world that would disagree.

One who is so disturbed and saddened by ‘life’ that they FEEL the burning desire to leave … does so out of desperation. Do you think those enlightened ones on the other side of the veil would ‘shoo them away’ … ‘push them aside’ … when more than ever they are needing Love and consolation? Of course not.

Some rules in your world have such far reaching ‘side effects’ that are totally unnecessary.

If one was to question such things and come from a place within … these matters would immediately present a TRUTH that would MAKE SENSE … coming from Love. A lot of rules which one automatically accepts because they are taught not to question … make absolutely no sense at all … and yet so many ‘blindly’ accept them as fact.

There is also the possibility that a soul may have taken their own life by agreement to assist another ... who is left behind ... in their growth.

So much … so much dear friends cannot be understood … because there is so much to understand!! And definitely from ones Earthly perspective ... one can become so lost in the ‘but what if this ’ or ‘how come that’.

Blossom you can feel as we send these words through to you that there are volumes more about each subject we speak … yet it simply is not possible to grasp it all and put it into words. Is this not so?

Blossom: Yes … and this is where I guess … I have this KNOWING that you speak of. I do not KNOW everything that YOU KNOW on a certain matter … yet I KNOW I KNOW it all on another level of myself … if that makes sense. I fully accept these days that being in this Earthly body restricts so much of our knowledge and yet I FULLY EXPECT that as we move on up the scale … more and more of this KNOWING will be brought to the conscious level … instead of where it is now … in the unconscious.

The Federation of Light: These are wise words.

Blossom: Wax on … wax off.

The Federation of Light: So we shall end this communication today with reiterating our intention of today's subject matter.

Those of you who are in the situation of that which we have spoken of … will either become very angry at these words … or you will recognize them within your heart place and accept them and find the JOY within your quest .

For those who are angry … there will come a time when the anger shall subside and JOY shall replace it through ones attitude … if one so chooses.

Blossom: Glad I am just the messenger here! I know it is time to go … but could we just clarify about 'those concerned about leaving before THE EVENT is upon us?'

The Federation of Light: Indeed. Those who agreed to be here for THE EVENT will be here. Those who agreed to conduct their energy of THE EVENT from elsewhere … shall be doing that.


Each one of you whether in the physical body or not … shall be exactly where they are meant to be … and wherever that is … NOT ONE SOUL SHALL MISS IT … OR INDEED MISS OUT.

Blossom: Many thanks guys. We all appreciate your time and wisdom! In Love and thanks as always.

The Federation of Light: Ditto. Until next time … please make sure you make time to FEEL OUR LOVE FOR YOU.

Blossom Goodchild