April 28, 2011

Like attracts like, whether you like it or not

April 28th, 2011

The energy that surrounds you at any given time, is always, always a reflection of what you are thinking and feeling. We know that there is so much going on in the world today that it can be difficult for you to bring yourself back to your center and recognize that all that is around is a reflection of that which is within you. Now is the perfect time for us to remind you that you can go within to create peace around you.
Everything that you see, you experience, you feel in your external world is always a reflection of what you are feeling in your inside world. You can easily experience peace and tranquility around you if you choose to focus on peace and tranquility. The single and most important thing that you can do to help Mother Earth and the people and beings of your planet is to create peace, harmony and love there. As human beings who are having a very physical experience, you tend to react in seeing all that is around you and want to change it. The more you want it to be something different than what it is, the more it becomes an even larger display of what you do not want. We can tell you without doubt that you can change the world around you, but you cannot do so from the outside. You can only do this from the inside, from the inside of you.
To begin this important endeavor, we ask you to become acutely aware of what you see and feel around you. You must really see what is around you, and you must really feel what is around you. Become aware of your surroundings. Look and feel what is around you as if you are watching a play or a show. As you become aware of what is around you, what is really around you, you can then take the next step of accepting that you created all that surrounds you. This step is sometimes harder to accept and harder to comprehend. But we assure you that there is nothing that surrounds you that you did not vibrationally attract into your surroundings. All that surrounds you is there because it matches your vibration. Yes, this includes even those things that you do not like. We can actually hear you saying, “No, that cannot be right.” Oh, but it is. You are vibrational beings, living in a vibrational world, a magnetic world where those things that vibrate like each other are attracted to each other. Like attracts like, whether you like it or not (LOL).
The next step is what is truly meant by the words “conscious creator.” When you look around you and you choose to accept that all that surrounds you is there because you attracted it into your reality, you become aware. You become aware that you are consciously creating your reality. That is a big AH HA moment, and a really good one at that! Yeah! Hurray! Yippee! There are many more words that we could use to show our delight when one of our precious human friends become aware of their ability to create and they take responsibility for that which they have created. Because when you realize that you have created all that is around you, the next Ah HA moment is the one where you say, “Oh, I have created all that is around me without much effort at all. Imagine what I can do if I choose to focus my intent on what I’m creating.” This is where we say “Wooooooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooo!”
Now you are seeing your surroundings for what they are, and you are aware that anything and anyone in your surroundings is there because you choose it to be. What do you do next? You begin focusing on those people, those things, those circumstances in your surrounding that you like and love. The more you focus on what you love, the more you will see things to love. This is where you begin to become very aware of thinking and feeling and putting your attention on that which you love so it can be magnified. You have an awareness that you are choosing to focus on all that you love. When you do this for yourself and for your own reality, magnetically your reality begins to change. As your reality begins to change, so do other people’s realities.
Another way to look at this is to see each person, each object, each situation around you acting as mirrors or reflective devices. They are all reflecting back to you that which they see. So if a person comes into your life and they are angry, they are simply reflecting back to you something that is within you. A person cannot reflect anger back to you if none exists within you. The same is true for love. This is also the reason that your car breaks down or you get stuck in traffic when you are already in a bad mood. You cannot attract anything into your reality that does not already exist inside of you. That is why we suggest that you become very aware of what you see in your reality and become very selective in what you choose to magnify. When you see and feel what you love, we want you to be so aware of that so you can magnify it exponentially. You see, your emotions are the fuel that magnifies your creations. Be grateful and appreciate when you see what you love in your reality. Your gratitude and appreciation will magnify it and attract more of it into your experience.
Now we want you to imagine that more people are becoming aware of their own reality. They are working from the inside and are paying attention to what they are creating. What do you think will happen on your planet? It is not necessary for every being on the planet to practice creating consciously. It only takes a small portion of the beings on the planet to begin this process. We can tell you it is already happening and many, many beings are taking responsibility for the choices they make. They have become aware. Now is the time for you to choose to create your own reality. It is what you came here to experience. Create love and happiness in your own reality. Focus on it and allow it to expand!
We love and honor you.

Thank you for sharing this connection with us.
The Arcturian Circle.

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April 24, 2011

Montague's Message, 24 April, 2011

My dear, please do not feel guilty about taking time to be with your family. Our work is important, but maintaining family ties is important also. As you gather again, today, to celebrate your birthday, relax, enjoy the energy created by the laughter, as well as the food specially prepared with love.

The Dark Cabal created the recession. They are now creating a food shortage, world-wide. Until Man is prepared to voice his objections, then he will suffer. It takes courage to state, quite categorically, "Enough is enough. We see what you are planning. You have no right to do this to us." Food is a basic necessity for humanity. When the Earth was created, there was food to eat and herbs for medication. This was clearly understood. The information was shared by all.

The Cabal have been in operation for generations. Their take over of the planet happened a long time ago. They created myths and they told mankind that they were true. Foolishly, Man accepted the myths as TRUTH, and so religion began. The Cabal needs to create divisions. This is where the old adage comes from, "divide and conquer". The truth is there; it's hidden, but a little research will reveal it. The New World Order is the final step to complete the control. Look at those who advocate the New World Order and you will see those who do not have your best interests at heart. Their plan to "cull the population" is well under way. By doing nothing, you are assisting them to destroy Planet Earth and humanity.

Wake-up! Find your voice! Say NO, I will not close my eyes to what you are doing; because what you do to others, today, you will do to me, tomorrow. They do not have a conscience.

I constantly ask that you all come together. Refuse to assist them in their plans. They have only the power that you give to them. You are now experiencing the End Game being played out. Call their bluff; refuse to invade other countries; stop the killing. They use you to kill for them. You will never see them or their families in a war situation. See through the myths. God created all equal. Every soul enters your world and leaves it in the same way. You are all equal in the sight of God the Supreme Creator. It is time to question those who tell you otherwise. Learn to think for yourselves. Ask the right questions. The truth is there but they have placed barriers between you and it.

Earth will re-unite with the other planets. The universe will be whole once more. They visit Earth and they leave their calling-cards, the crop circles to show you that they come with ease to visit you. There is information in each genuine crop circle. They are saying, "We are here for you". Soon, you will rejoin your greater family. The Cabal fears your finding out how they removed contact and kept you in the dark for so long. Soon, your prison doors will open and you will find a totally new way of living will open up for you. FREEDOM at last. No more living the false illusion of freedom, when in fact, you have been the most controlled generation in the history of Man. Every day you see more restrictions, more laws to remove the last vestiges of free thought, to create fear of enemies that do not exist. Those who make and enforce these laws are all part of the Cabal. They present themselves in many guises. Be assured, they all serve the same master.

Share your truth with others. Talk of love, not hate. Peace, not war. You never go to war to create peace. How could people believe that. War is never justified. There is no honour in killing, whether it is for King or country. What you are conned into believing, is totally false. The Cabal are the only people who gain through wars. They provide the armaments for both sides, so they are making money as well as culling the population, and you assist in this. It is just a game to them. They win, no matter who loses the war.

John Lennon sang, "All you need is love." Look on others with love in your hearts. The Cabal does not understand love, there is no money in it. They lack the ability to love. When you look on others with love, you cannot kill them. This is why they discourage love and pity; they need you to fear and despise your fellow human beings. Remember, the Cabal are not human beings as you are. They look on the surface just like you; underneath, they are totally different. They want what you have, but they do not want you. You are surplus to requirements. They will keep only those they need as slaves to serve them. Those are their plans.

Our plans are totally different. We intend to restore human beings to full consciousness and full DNA, to create an atmosphere of love and harmony, where all nations will live together and share their knowledge. There will be much rejoicing when all planets come together as one universe, once more. The hidden knowledge will be revealed and shared. You will experience the triumph of love over evil. We will succeed. It has been written thus. The God of Love would never forsake you. Pray for the strength to stand up to the Evil Cabal, for without you, they are nothing.

My dear, it is time to rejoin your family now. You need time for you, too. We in Spirit, will guide and support you through these difficult times. Be brave, my love. Your adoring husband, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation 

April 23, 2011

AA Gabriel's weekly message


April 21-28, 2011

Beloved Ones,
I wish to have discourse on the quality of Love called bravery. This quality requires the ability to know yourself and to walk your talk, even though those around you just cannot resonate with your truth. Stepping into a whole new way of Being requires immense courage and tremendous faith that what you believe in shall come into manifestation. Most of you reading this discourse have demonstrated this quality of bravery time and time again. It takes bravery to continue on your chosen Path and to stay true to this Path when you are not taken seriously by those around you.

It requires dedication and the following of your intuition, for following intuition is looked upon as a practice that is not based on concrete fact and evidence, as coming from your feeling body rather than from the realms of the mind and logic; nevertheless, those who follow their intuitive promptings can attest to having important guidance that proves to be uncanny in its unerring accuracy in the unfoldment of your Path. In these changing times, it takes much bravery just to awaken in the morning and pull yourselves out of bed to begin a new day. Brave it is to do so and to then take on your Earthly roles at the same time as your role of anchoring the Greater Light into the Earth.

This Earth is peopled by Souls who are the bravest of the brave for stepping forth when asked to come forward and step into the most challenging of circumstances ever to befall an Ascending Planet. It requires many skills, talents and abilities for you to weave opposing forces together into a Unity consciousness. It is not easy, we know, and your bravery in the face of all the odds that have been pitted against you is the stuff of legends throughout the Universe. At the core of your bravery lies the most powerful force in the Universe and that is the power of your Love, Love for the Creator, first and foremost, lives within your hearts with the most deeply ingrained intensity and conviction so that each of you are willing to endure whatever it takes to accomplish what was once considered the impossible. You it is who have known that with God all things are possible and so it is.

This quality of bravery is one that will continue to be brought forth again and again in the coming days and it is this quality of bravery that is depended upon in the Heaven Realms. It takes bravery for one to step into their power and their Light and open it to the rest of the World, for this can be frightening for those of you who have never felt the need for the spotlight, or notoriety or fame of their person, for in this day and age, what this stepping forth in this way means is the opening up of your sense of privacy to the scrutiny of the entire World where all is known and sent from one place to another in a nanosecond.

This requires bravery to overcome deep seated fears of reprisals and persecutions, for this is what has been experienced by most of you in times past. To radiate your Light and anchor it into the Earth is one thing but to announce it to the World at large is quite another. We salute those of you who have overcome this great barrier to the shining forth of your true selves.

It is now the time to shine forth your Light and be the shining example for the rest of the World. By doing this, you move through old paradigms and help all incarnated Souls to do the same, encouraging them to also set asunder all that no longer works and choose only that which serves their greater good and the greater good of all. By your bravery you encourage others to find new solutions, new ways of interacting with each other, new ways of thinking, being and doing. By your works, they shall know you, Beloved Ones.

I leave you now to ponder on these words.
I AM Archangel Gabriel
©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff

The Wonderful Changes That Are Occuring Planet-Wide Are Due To All Your Efforts

04/13/2011 by John Smallman
The waiting seems interminable but you are truly making great progress as you strive to awaken. So, as you struggle bravely and energetically onwards, keep reminding yourselves that your awakening into full consciousness is divinely guaranteed. There is no way that you can fail to achieve your intent to do so, because it is also God’s will for you.
Those of you who read these messages, that are arriving in profusion from many spiritual guides through a multitude of channels, know that you chose your paths as way-showers and light-holders to assist the millions of humans deeply asleep and desperately wanting to awaken. It is essential, therefore, that you focus clearly and lovingly as you direct your God-given energies to your sisters and brothers who are still deeply asleep and are feeling only the faintest stirrings towards wakefulness. Many of them are confused and uncomfortable as they begin to feel the divine energies embracing them, because it is so long since they experienced love, and because they are far more accustomed to feeling alone, abandoned, and intensely threatened by others against whom they feel a strong need to constantly defend themselves. To let down their guard, even momentarily, is a fearful prospect and many of them would rather die than do so.
Consequently, you need to develop a great sensitivity to their almost constant feelings of fear and mistrust. Telling them that they are loved and that they should relax into the divine energy field that surrounds them is counter productive. The only way to help them, and it is extremely effective, is to demonstrate love in action by accepting them unconditionally without offering advice or judgment by thought, word, or body language. Advice and guidance should only be proffered when sought, and only in “bite-sized amounts.” When people start to investigate a new mode of living it causes them anxiety, and too much help or guidance can lead to overwhelm and retreat. Gentle, kind acceptance is the best tactic, while you continue to send them loving energy
and encouragement.

The results of your gentle relaxed way of interacting with others will be most effective, although it may well not be apparent to you, because they find your company safe and comforting, even though they may not share those feelings with you. So be aware that your behavior is the ideal way to shine your light and show the way. Many of you are already doing this and your numbers are increasing daily as the divine energy field embracing the world intensifies, and your ability to meld with it and make it your own becomes stronger.

You are all essential elements in God’s plan to return you to full consciousness. None of you are surplus to requirements, understudies, or reserve players. The parts you are playing are frequently quietly discrete, providing gentle nudges to people with whom your interactions may be scarcely noticeable, at just the right moment to be highly effective. Do not look for results. Doing so distracts you from your task of just being a loving and accepting presence offering a safe space to those who need it. You, as humans living the illusion, have no way of knowing who really needs your help, which is why you must offer it continuously and indiscriminately.

The wonderful changes that are occurring planet-wide are due to all your efforts. Remember, you are all one, so do not seek out successful examples resulting from your individual efforts – it could be a very depressing experience! Just know that your efforts as way-showers and light-holders are succeeding perfectly, just as divinely intended, and enjoy the peace you experience when you accept each moment as it occurs.
With so very much love, Saul.

April 20, 2011

Truth and Believes

Jill Harrison, 9 March, 2009

Greetings, I AM Metatron.

Throughout time, the human race has looked outside of itself for answers to the challenges life brings. As the ascension process is accelerating, it is time to ask yourselves if you control your own personal destiny, or whether you have given this right to another.

Many humans unfortunately live within a field of illusion. They trust that their partners will take care of them; that the governments of the world will ensure no harm befalls them. Many of you blindly believe what is fed to you through mass media, and yet very few, so very few humans, stop to question if what they are being told or experiencing, is the truth.

When we first began using this medium (Jill) to further help in the awakening of humanity, we spoke of the importance of seeking out the truth for the self, and we also placed a lot of emphasis on how important it is that one is self-sufficient.

You all were given free will, and with due determination, your opportunities to expand your level of consciousness are unlimited. Each of you possess powerful vibrations that enable you to discover life's experiences in its fullest sense, so it is time to ask, "Why is life being experienced as a constant struggle for so many?"

If over the coming months, you are finding the physical world challenging, it is time to STOP; and question if you are heading in the right direction. Many of your choices today will dictate your tomorrows, and if you are caught up in a negative spiral, you have to be 'willing' to break out of the conditioning, and identify what you need, to change.

We recognise that every human is at a different stage of their development. No-one is experiencing exactly the same circumstances at the same time; but how you choose to view the experience, makes all the difference.

We hear many prayers for assistance. Time and time again you tell us you don't have a choice. But 'not' choosing something, is also a choice.

Recognise that you choose who you live with.

You choose where you live.

You choose how you spend your time and your resources.

And these choices, not us, are dictating the life you lead.

We hear many prayers asking us to help you, because someone else won't let you do what you want.

You tell us you can't do something because someone else won't like it.

Recognise that if this is you, you are not living your life, your soul is not free, you are living someone else's life.

Spiritual laws dictate that we can guide you. We can lead you in the right direction, but when you are complacent, and show ignorance of the choices you truly do have, we cannot help you.

Many times we speak of being self-sufficient, but what does it mean to be self-sufficient? Self-sufficient means that you do not need things from other people. It means that you can provide for yourself; whether that means you are able to grow your own food, build your own shelter, financially provide for yourself. Self-empowerment comes from self-sufficiency, and self-empowerment gives you the authority to choose... who you share your life with, what you do, without limiting the person you are.

The universes watch and learn from the choices you make. Those who question, seek truth and knowledge, are the ones that are always prepared for all things. For you to believe in something, there always has to be an emotion linked to what you choose to accept, to make it feel true to you. Many times a human will accept the truth of others, but not listen to the truth inside themselves.

It is time, beloved ones, to awaken. Open your eyes and discover your own truths. Wipe the sleep from your eyes, and take ownership for your life. As the world begins the final stages of the ascension process, you can rest assured that the importance placed upon money, and the financial institutions, will bring about a series of desperate attempts by those you have given power to, in a bid to maintain the status quo.

Greed, and the need to own and dominate, have karmically brought about this current trend you are all experiencing. You may well ask, "Why?" The mere fact that so many of you have shown complacency towards the choices the governments of this world have made, means you all share equal responsibility in the outcome.

No longer can mankind continue to take and keep taking, whether it is the life blood of Mother Earth (Oil) that you are sucking dry, or the environment you are all polluting with your take-away bags and excess food packaging; or the extortion of one another... the time of addressing the balance is at hand.

Recognise that the time has come to choose wisely what you do with your time, your money, your resources, and most importantly your choices today. We are not here to lecture you. We are not here to wave a magic wand, and change anything you don't feel is right. We know that many humans will continue blindly, until they are totally disempowered, and we will hear their cries for help. We will do what we can to bring light and assistance, but the magic wand you seek will not be with us, but inside of yourselves. Therefore beloved ones, please act now.

Ensure that you are self-sufficient. 2009 is the year for taking charge of your life, and the sooner you take the first step to being empowered and self-sufficient, the quicker you will begin to manifest the life you should be experiencing.

Blessed be


Kuthumi: The Holograms of Creation

Saturday, 16 April, 2011

I Kuthumi come forward to speak to you once more. This day I come with a plea to all who will listen. I ask that you release your thoughts of fear. We here forecasted this time of transitional energies you are now experiencing within yourselves- within your mental and emotional bodies. We have told you many, many times that you create your reality - how you choose it to be. You have heard, but have you truly listened? Have you taken it into your mental body and pondered on the power you have within your grasp? You have the power to create. To formulate your own future.
This is possible because as your thoughts become intensified on an outcome or event, you create a hologram of what you wish to be. The more you focus your thoughts, the stronger the hologram you create. Do you see? Do you understand now the great power you hold? It may be timely to also point out the soul responsibility of this power. For if misused you will be held accountable not only in this life time, but also perhaps in your future lifetimes.
So you begin to see the learning in creating for yourself. Of course faith is also necessary. Faith in yourself and your own ability to create, and also faith that it will manifest in your future. Let us now take this hologram a step further. Imagine if you will that your hologram of creation was for peace on the planet and you had used much energy creating this hologram. You saw in your mind people of all races happily greeting one another with respect while quietly going about their daily business. People respected the Earth again and were caring for her. You saw all of this and as you did so, a feeling of calmness engulfed you. You felt somehow content. This was a strong hologram of creation.
Then you met a few of your friends for coffee. You shared your hologram with them because it seemed so real. After all, your hologram was born of your higher will, your intent, and most of all, faith. That wonderful belief of faith connected to the Diamond Light in your heart. So you shared passionately because you really wanted this to be on Earth. One of the friends laughed and said, ”I have the same vision. I’ve seen this too.”
“So have I ,” said another. So now the strength of the hologram is magnified. With more intent, more energy, more of the same visualization, so the hologram grows.
As each person shared their vision with others the hologram of creation grew even stronger and larger. Someone e-mailed their vision to a friend in another country. So the hologram now merged into another country. Even more people gave their energy and faith to this hologram of creation.
Merging Energies
So you get the picture. I wish to point out here that in your current time of evolution, with the new Ions of energy in the Ethers, and Light energy now emanating from many of you, your holograms of creation have never been stronger or capable of such power to manifest. I have spoken previously on the energy changes in your Ethers and their effects on your higher awareness and soul awakenings.
Crystal Grid
The crystal grid of the planet has been replenished. The grid holds a balance for mankind. Imagine if you will the great symbol of Infinity - 8 – circulating the energies from the Ethers, merging with the energies of your thoughts and your holograms of creation, merging with the crystal grid of the planet. Can you imagine this my friend? Now, can you also visualize the crucial link? It is the center of the Infinity symbol - 8. For this is where higher energies meet with the intent, the will and holograms of creation of mankind. The center where all merges as One.
So, review for a moment your thoughts, your intent. What is your intent now? Is your intent all about you? Is your intent coming through your Higher Self, or the lower selfish Ego Self? Review. Adjust if necessary. Then think of your desires. What do you wish for your future - and the planets future?
I ask also that you ponder for a time on where you are giving from. Is it from your heart with compassion, or from your financial center? I have always advocated a fair energy exchange. All must be in balance. Therefore Light workers, ask a fair price for your teaching, your knowledge, your time. Know it is your ego which will require extravagant financial reward.
So as you pause, as you consider my words, listen to your Soul. You will feel if you are currently out of balance in any area of your life, of your intent your faith.
In the coming months it will be important that you maintain balance within. Understand the power of your creation and the process of this. Join with like minded people to create peace and tranquility through the planetary changes. Journey together in balance. Always in balance. This will be your strength through these transitional times.
Allow love and compassion to guide you. Do not give energy to any fear based thoughts. Fear must now be replaced with a new hologram of creation. Understand if you live in fear, if your thought s are fear based, then your hologram of creation is one of fear. So what do you think you will create? What is it you will draw to you? More fear of course and situations which will activate the fear you are holding within. Therefore you create a cycle of fear, going round and round.
Remember your thoughts are the basis of all your holograms of creation.
Be at peace
Master Kuthumi

Copyright © 2011 Rev, Lynette Leckie-Clark - All rights reserved. You are welcome to share with a friend but Not for sale in any form.

April 18, 2011

SaLuSa, April 18, 2011

Never let your chins drop as the plan for Ascension proceeds to its final conclusion. There are difficult periods to come but they will be followed by changes for the benefit of you all. The plan has been moving into your level for many years, and modified according to the different situations that have arisen. Part of this comes from a better understanding of your needs, and to cater for the changes in your circumstances. As strange as it may seem, we have to make allowances for the actions of the dark Ones as within certain boundaries, they also have freewill. However, their time has all but run out as they try to delay or stop our activities. They know what it is planned for you because we have informed them, and made it clear that we will not tolerate any level of interference with our allies. They are protected and guided by us to fulfill their part of bringing about the long awaited changes.

Different aspects of the intended changes are well advanced and as they are so far reaching and extending to the whole world, you will understand that the timing is critical. It is particularly relevant to financial changes, as they require acceptance and full support if they are to quickly be set in place. The net result will be that your money will be safe and not subject to so many changes in value. The speculators that can devalue it through their rogue trading will no longer have that option, and eventually investments will become secure. A new currency waits in the wings, and in future will hold its value as it is supported by precious metals. Printing money without such backing will no longer be allowed. Agreement to the changes is generally accepted, as it is seen as the only way out of the mess previously created by irresponsible banking. There have been many unlawful practices, and those who have lost out because of them will be compensated. Once all of that is straightened out you will find that monetary wealth will be apportioned fairly, so that all enjoy in the prosperity that will emerge.

The scene has to be set, so that as you approach Ascension you are already beginning to enjoy the benefits that are awaiting you. As we have often informed you, your life will become so different to what it is now. The happiness you seek and the comforts that are your entitlement will become yours quite quickly. They will bridge that gap that exists now, and take you from lack to abundance in every way. The most inviting aspect will be the realization that you will have more than adequate time for yourself, to follow your own pursuits. There will be no more class distinction such as the “have” and “have nots” as every person will be considered equal when it comes to sharing the results of your labors. Much of it will in any event become so automated and computers so advanced, that you will hardly be involved at all. Leisure time and creative interests will more than fulfill your desire to develop your personal skills. Even what you term as “work” will be satisfying and enjoyable, and in no way the chore or bore that you often experience now.

So Dear Ones keep your eyes on the future and do not worry about any loss you experience now. All will be made up to you, so that you come out of it far more happy and assured than previously. Young people will be nurtured and cared for in such a way, that they will be given exactly what is required for their advancement. The days of putting them all through the same system will change in favor of more personal tuition. In fact care will be taken to address it in accordance with their intended life plan. The trend will follow individual needs, and not compulsory education. Even the methods will change so that time is used sensibly, without the need for endless hours spent swotting or taking exams. Information will be “fed” into each student and retained by them for immediate recall. You must bear in mind that as time passes the levels of consciousness are rapidly expanding, so education must also change with it.

When you think that after hundreds and thousands of years living through many experiences on Earth, you are being released from the lower dimensions it is an occasion for much joy and happiness. Your fulfillment lies in the higher dimensions that are your true home. People speak of a Hell, but in reality it has partly been of your own making and has existed on Earth. Now you can put it behind you, as it cannot touch you once your vibrations have lifted up. Through the Law of Attraction you are being drawn to the New Earth and are also part of the creative energies that are bringing about its manifestation. When Ascension finally takes place in 2012, only those of you who are of the higher vibration can lift up with the new Earth. Those souls that for various reasons have decided to remain in the 3rd. dimension, will stay to continue their evolution. Some day in their future the opportunity to ascend will come up for them again, and so the cycles of life continue.

All through the Universe life in its various forms is evolving, and nothing stands still for long. As you have learnt, change is the only constant that exists including the breathing “In and Out” from the Source. The Creator has set up the rules and through you experiences all that manifests within all creation. The mysteries of life are too much to fully comprehend when you are in a limited state of consciousness. However, you will in course of time move up through the dimensions and reach a stage of full comprehension and understanding. You are given what is considered appropriate for each stage of your recovery, and return to the level you were prior to entering the lower dimensions.

So you are no strangers to the truth, and upon learning it you will find it will resonate with you. Clearly you need to have an open mind and be prepared to let go of some of your cherished beliefs. In most people’s lives there have been periods that are mostly in the “learning years”, when teachings are given that are accepted because you trust your superiors. In fact as a result you can easily develop a rigid mindset, which is difficult to penetrate. Be bold and be curious and if you have a trusted source, use it as a measure against anything that challenges it. These times are so important to you and your immediate future, so set your sights on what you want out of it and hopefully it will be your Ascension. We send our Love to you all, to assist you in the final stages of your journey towards the Golden Age.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

April 14, 2011

Timeline Shifts: Mastering the Art of Choosing Realities

 DL Zeta, 4/15/11

Working with timeline shifts is one way to master the art of choosing the realities you experience. Each person accepts and lives according to standard-issue realities or they wake up and take an active role in their life by choosing the realities they experience.
In order to effectively shift to timelines where chosen realities exist, you need to become as awake as possible in your life. By stepping back and playing the role of the observer, you can gain awareness of any ways you move through life on autopilot.
Unconscious Lapses, Accidents and Episodes of 'Bad Luck'
Most everyone has unconscious lapses. These lapses account for times when one experiences undesired realities. Accidents, illnesses, missed opportunities, unfortunate decisions and episodes of "bad luck" sometimes occur during unconscious lapses. These lapses also make it impossible to act in ways that bring you the highest and best experiences and realities. When you are asleep at the wheel, it is impossible to make conscious decisions and shift to new realities.
Life and how it unfolds is no mystery. The awakened consciousness is able to choose its own realities while the sleeping consciousness moves through a life dictated by old scripts. This is a condition that leads to feelings of victimhood. But these feelings of victimhood are not "bad" because they can help us by prodding us to wake up. If life were working smoothly, perfectly, there would be nothing to jolt to awake when we drift off to sleep. The bumps in the road help jolt us awake and keep us awake.

Signs of Awakening
The awakened person has an expanded awareness developed through silence, inner listening, communing with nature and a willingness to yield to the natural flow of the universe. This awareness brings a heightened sensitivity that enables one to perceive the energies that exist around them. Once a person begins to see how their energies interact with the web of life, they are able to live from a "big picture" perspective. When a person can step beyond themselves and choose the highest and best for all concerned, they are making awakened decisions. Comprehending the impact of one's actions and energy makes it easier to take 100% responsibility for one's experiences. Total self-responsibility allows one to rewrite life scripts through awareness, intention and conscious actions.
Accessing the Library of Life Scripts
Each person has existing storylines in their library of life scripts. Each person begins life with a small repertoire of life scripts that change and evolve over time. Each person lives their life according to these existing scripts until they write their own. Living according to old, pre-existing scripts can be defeating and disempowering. If you have a history of losing, you will lose. If you have lived in poverty, that will continue to be your fate until you change the life script that binds you to a life of poverty. If your relationships all end with great trauma and sadness, this trend will extend into the future until you learn to rewrite certain life scripts operating behind the scenes.
If you are awake in your life, you can choose to go "behind-the-scenes" of your life and enter the library of life scripts where all your current storylines are stored. You enter this library by intending to do so and allowing yourself to visit this location in consciousness.
As you enter this library, you may be surprised to find the tone and nature of the scripts contained there. These may be old scripts handed down to you from your family. They may go beyond your present lifetime to re-enact past life scripts downloaded to your consciousness at birth. These past scripts are carried over to give you another opportunity to complete understandings that allow you to move to the next phase of your spiritual journey.
As you examine these scripts, the events of your life up to that point are no longer a mystery. Every detail of your life is written in these life scripts. As you review these scripts, you will likely see revisions you want to make in keeping with your present goals and visions. You are free to change these scripts and rewrite them. As you re-envision existing storylines, you activate new timelines and shift to their accompanying reality threads.

Practice Rewriting Life Scripts
Once you begin rewriting scripts, it is natural you will experience some trial and error. Allow yourself time and opportunity to experience the changes you are creating. Leave off with self-judgment. Observe the result of the changes you make from a detached perspective. Then, with awareness, rewrite and rework your scripts.
Rewriting life scripts helps you fine-tune the vision you hold for your future. As you go through the process of choosing from among your field of potentials, you consciously learn steps that can in time become so intuitive you automatically scan for potentials and choose realities most aligned with your visions and intentions within each moment.

Releasing Scripts Based in Resistance, Doubt and Fear
As you rewrite life scripts, you may encounter some scripts that resist efforts to transform them. These scripts may incorporate mechanisms such as resistance, victimhood and struggle. Resistance stems from doubt and difficulty in allowing. As long as you move through life with feelings of doubt and resistance, you will not step into the role as creator of your life. Doubt and fear are not awakened states. Your fears will bind you to whatever you don't want. This will prevent you from taking responsibility for everything in your life and entering the mastery mindset that allows you to consciously enter the library of your life scripts. It is this mastery mindset that allows you to rewrite old scripts that no longer serve your highest good.
If you encounter old, deeply-entrenched scripts steeped in resistance and doubt, sit with the emotions behind these scripts. Be compassionate with aspects of your being that have lived according to these scripts. Love these aspects and ask them to accept the new scripts you have written, and to participate in your new storylines. The awakened consciousness is able to stare down and face feelings of doubt and fear and see through them. The awakened person is able to bring about inner healing through love and compassion. They have the insight and patience to sit down with feelings of doubt and see where they stem from. It is this willingness to see and embrace "what is" that helps release old scripts with awareness and understanding while shifting to new realities of chosen timelines.

For more on fifth-dimensional consciousness, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta
For more on timeline shifts and reality creation, see Portals of Spirit: Multidimensional Doorways for Healing and Transformation by DL Zeta
For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.org/

April 12, 2011

Ashtar - We are in sacred times

We of the Ashtar command understand the need to get things moving on Earth, yes we know that many people deal with wanting this to be over as soon as possible, but not much is done or gained should one rush through the experience, The tactics of "urgent" messages and first contact have been used to make us appear as if we do not exist at all and are deceiving the channelers, discernment is key in these times, not only because there are entities who will do all they can to interrupt this process both on Earth and on realms beyond your own at this present moment, but also Egos which seek to remain empowered just a little bit longer.  I and the rest of the Ashtar command can not say that these channels are in error because it is not our place, but we would like those who read or receive to see with their souls and listen with their hearts, for this is the true empowerment of all mankind, our brothers and sisters of Earth.

Sometimes dear ones, it is our own desires and worries which push us to believe in something that removes us from our true power, the light within our hearts, the voice of our spirits and the empowerment which stems forth from it, many times, we are afraid of standing in our power and establishing it, Ego does not like this, it is a fight between darkness and light, Ego and heart, but even this battle serves a purpose, for it is the fundamental aspect of ones purpose. Yes, NOW is the time, to surrender to the will of the source but it is suggested that you remind yourself that source will always love you, for you are the source and therefor you are love, and you are enacting your own divine creation through the manifestation of soul fragments, all experiencing the totality of their beingness. Life in your realm/dimension is difficult, the suffering, the imbalance, and many things should be changed, however, be wise and be grounded, to move beyond a system of this magnitude requires great effort and unification.

Move away from the system, yes, but first move towards one another, unity is what will save you from the oppression, not first contact nor spontaneity, it is you dear ones who will save one another, combining your lights to become suns, this dear ones is where your true power lies, It is not in the heavens or in the earth it is in your hearts, in the sacred fire of the sun within your soul, magnify it, amplify it, unite it,  BE it. Dear ones, please understand, that as momentum builds there will be a greater sense of urgency within you, some know this urgency as a time to become more active in their missions and common-unity and yet others see this as a time of fear and distress, it is the rebirth, the build up, the momentum which drives the force to which many are responding, listen to yourselves dear ones and tune in to the heart and spirit.

Quiet the mind, calm and relax the spirit, all the best decisions are made with a calm and peaceful mind, panic will only lead to rash decisions, collaborate and unite sisters and brothers!, Take some time to take a breath and see that which you reflect, as we are all a reflection of another, believe in yourself, believe in others, believe in the spirit which moves through all things, remember that you are a part of this spirit, remember that the only limits that exist are the limits which you impose upon yourself. Do not limit the beauty of the ascension experience believing it is an event rather then an experience, ascension is both a personal journey and an experience. Each of you, human starseeds and lightworkers are here to assist humanity in moving back on this same journey if they so wish, but I tell you this dear ones, fear will not move mountains, nor will the end of the world save souls, because there is no end, simply transformation.

Be vigilant and discerning, many will use the opportunities in these times especially, when many of the human population of Earth are vulnerable to fear, many will come in this time and proclaim there will be disasters and many fearful things, expecting worship and followers, you will know the validation of the message by it's energy, messages should uplift and inspire, not cause panic and fear. Fear has been used for many many centuries on your planet as a means of oppression. There are those service to self from beyond your dimension who transpire to prevent the inevitable, for the ascension is not an event that can be prevented nor manipulated, as it is a personal journey, a personal discovery of the self. There may be blocks in the road but these blocks dear ones, only *Appear* to be in your way, there are many ways to overcome them, you are on a beautiful path of inner revelation and your journey dear ones is shared with countless others, reach out your hand to them and remind them of why they are on that path, as you all know dear ones, it is the journey which matters not the destination, remind them to focus on the solution, not the problem.

What is the solution? let us identify first the problem, a corrupt system has been in place on your planet for many centuries, this system has bumped humanity off of the journey, removed them from their natural divine state of being, has turned man against his brother and energy to be taken instead of freely shared. What is the solution? the solution dear ones is unity, going within, and remembering your spiritual power, but most important remember the power of each other, individually you can move mountains, united you can create them. Honor one another for it is with each other that real progress can be made. You are not here to fight sisters and brothers, that has already been done, you are not here to run for shelter and await our arrival, you are here to move beyond the illusionary barriers of your mind, in this way you serve as an example of the unlimited capability of the human spirit, you serve as a reminder of how to re-light the fire within. Please do not wait for us dear ones! we will come in the blink of an eye, but till then, honor yourselves as well by being the freedom of your own spirit, it can begin right now, today, write letters of love to those who serve the self, meditate in public, take time to listen to strangers, dance, smile, be free!

Show the world what they have forgotten, and how easy it is to love, by being an example of who they are. You will be surprised dear ones how much easier it is to stay where you are and simply be, whether you move a hundred miles away or stay in your current location, love can flourish and with it change follows, you CAN be that Aha! moment in another persons life, love is powerful, love is strong, love is boundless, love is priceless, formless and nameless, love is what your spirit IS. You are unlimited in the ways you can express love. The shift begins by touching the life of another fellow human being, in a way that will remind them of their own cosmic nature. Through the awakening of the divine human spirit through love, you will awaken planetary and universal awareness and consciousness, you are first contact dear ones! You are here to not only make the transition of your world from 3D to 5D much smoother by re-lighting their torch as they walk the path of their personal ascension, but also to assist in preparing humanity in becoming a galactic society, this dear ones will happen when fear is removed and replaced with love, be the change, be the messengers of light upon the earth, and spread your wings of love to embrace one another, for we are in sacred times.
I AM your servant always,
Cmdr Sheron

April 11, 2011

This is not from an entity called Ashtar. It is from an entity called Commander Sheron. Ashtar Command is a collective and not a man.

April 11, 2011

Light Protection III

 Posted by Gerrit December 27, 2010
AA Michael

Be greeted, dearest friends on earth! It is with great joy that we return today to complete our small series of explanations of the triple light protection in further detail.
As we come to the conclusion, it is time to turn your attention to the third part of this protection, after having asked for help from your guardian angel and spirit guide, and having filled your aura with light, as previously described. You begin this part by becoming aware that there is a central sun in the galaxy, which is a focus point of divine energy, a cosmic chakra.
You ask for a beam of light of that sun to come to you, and while this is difficult to imagine, be aware that this is ultraviolet light. As it is impossible to envisage, as this light is invisible to your human eye and you have nothing similar as part of your experience, you can imagine it as a very bright violet light, but it is important to not change the color to violet – by being aware that while you picture it as a bright violet, it actually is ultraviolet. If you change it to violet by not being aware of it being ultraviolet, it is like using green instead of blue to imagine a sky – it will not work as intended.
As this beam of ultraviolet light comes down to you, let it form a dome of light all around you and penetrate your entire aura, your entire existence. Continue the dome below yourself as an inverted dome, so that you end up being inside a sphere of ultraviolet light – a sphere that is filled with this ultraviolet light.
Continue the exercise by observing how this light transforms and frees foreign energy within your aura, feel how this cleanses you of anything that is not yours, something you may have picked up at any point in your life, recently or long ago. Watch these energies dissolve, transform, and be lifted away by this beam of ultraviolet light. This is a deep cleansing of your aura. Doing this exercise for the first time will not lift all those foreign energies; it takes a series of regularly repeated applications for a profound cleansing, but there are few other exercises that can provide such in-depth cleansing, so this is another reason why the triple light protection should be done on a daily basis, twice a day for best results.
You continue the exercise by becoming aware that this sphere of light not only removes energy that is not yours, but also returns the energy you have lost. During a human’s lifetime quite a lot of that energy is invested in situations that are not yours to deal with – you assume someone else’s responsibilities, although it was not your task to do so. You burden yourself with tasks and work that were not intended for you, and someone else is freed from that task – although only temporarily, as cosmic law requires that everyone completes his own tasks, sooner or later. While burdening yourself with those unnecessary tasks, you lose energy. Often this energy is never recovered – but with this exercise, you can receive what you lost, as this third part balances your aura’s energy levels, which requires replenishing lost energy reserves. This can result in increased health as such energy drops within the aura cause an imbalance which leads to disease.
Doing this exercise as frequently as recommended can return and then maintain your own energy in a well balanced state which not only benefits your health but also your emotional and mental well-being; even memory loss can be restored, cancer and chronic diseases be cured, and relief can be provided from other ailments. However these are just secondary effects, as the primary goal and effect is to restore your own inner energy balance by removing unwanted energy – which can draw from your life force – and restoring your own energy levels to their adequate state.
My dear friends, we have observed that some react to reading about such exercise with the thought that it is a lot of work and takes too long – however, if you consider the benefits and the profoundness of the changes, be assured that the time invested in doing this exercise twice every day is well spent, and is indeed insignificant compared to the benefits in physical health, emotional stability, mental health and spiritual growth. And as far as the length of time is concerned, until you reap the benefits, my dear friends, due to the profoundness, the sudden changes are too abrupt and cannot be dealt with properly, this exercise provides subtle adjustments that allow you to “grow into them” in an adequate way.
Surely there are methods that claim to be faster and just as good, if not “better”, but if you look closely, you will find that you often have to pay large sums of money which only benefit the inventor of such methods, which may or may not work at all, and if they do work, the adjustments are too harsh and not in tune with personal growth, so be aware of such claims of quick fixes. Especially these days, as you near 2012, more and more “quick fixes” will be on the market – more and more temptations, often induced by darker levels in an attempt to pull you down – feel free to try them, if you want to lose money and time. However, my dear friends, here you have a method that is adequate and free for you to use and share. We are beings of light and we do not charge any money, and the one through who we write does not charge for this information either, as it is in the best interest of mankind to make such simple and effective methods known to all.
Be blessed. Amen.

April 10, 2011

We are Containing the Radiation as Much as Possible

Hatonn through Suzy Ward

In response to Steve Beckow’s question

“Hatonn here.  Hello, Steve!  Yes, radiation is worrisome to you, and to us too because of the fear this is creating. Remember, the dark ones are feeding on your fear! We understand that right now the situation to many of you seems too serious to be corrected, but we assure you, it is not! The direst reports coming from the United States are with instruments that aren’t perfected to our standards and are registering higher levels than the actual.

“It doesn’t make sense that the level of radiation that has blown across the ocean is the same level as near the reactors.  And yes, we are containing those as much as possible from our ships and also we’re reducing the radiation as much as possible in conjunction with the small crew near the facility. Of course our efforts would be much more effective if the ships’ technology could be used on site, but mercenary troops under dark control are being alerted for readiness “for alien attack” and we can’t risk your safety or the ships’ crews’ by public landings.

“I want to mention the positive effect of this situation that’s especially sad for Japan, and for your entire world. The reign of nuclear power there is over. In the hands of third density minds it always has been dangerous and it has no place whatsoever in higher densities.  But it is not our prerogative to shut down your facilities or prevent construction of new ones. It is yours, and only your collective demand for that could make it happen. Replacement energy sources already are there, they’ve just been suppressed because they aren’t money-makers like nuclear and fossil fuels are. You will see those “hidden” technologies starting to emerge, again by your intention.

“Another factor in the fearful projections is that the scientists aren’t aware of our assistance or that when we are able to be on the ground in numbers that our technology can dematerialize the reactors and nuclear waste as well as purify the air, soil and water.  Also, it’s not known that Earth is orbiting in frequencies where radioactivity is fractured, and  her phenomenal healing abilities aren’t recognized either.

“With the help of our technological assistance, she can restore her health in months rather than the centuries you calculate as ‘half lives’ of radioactive elements. So look forward with positive attitude — don’t underestimate the power of your thoughts, or call them prayers, for Earth to be in full radiance in the near term.  A great deal has to be and WILL be accomplished in the time remaining before the end of next year.”


Hi, Steve…
Your subject line indicates that Hatonn said they are containing the radiation….   That’s not what he said.  He said they’re containing the reactors (my note: meltdown, explosion, whatever else might happen in their precarious state) and reducing the radiation.  It’s enough to put in the subject line “Hatonn’s Comments April 6.”
The 9.1 quake set a lot of energy in motion, which is the natural effect of any quake, and the Illuminati have added jolts to keep the quaking going.  Our nearby space family are continuing to level out the effects.
Hatonn explained before that dismantling the interconnected Illuminati technologies involved also would disrupt power and communcation services we need.  Matthew has said in messages that our space family is authorized to prevent all 9/11 type terrorism involving missiles with nuclear warheads because of the damage nuclear explostions have done to SOULS in space; they’re not authorized to prevent manmade quakes or storms because those release the negativity that Earth needs to be rid of and also those events provide opportunities for people to fulfill soul contract choices to wind up 3D experiencing.

April 9, 2011

ABRAHAM on channeling

Planetary Changes on 15th June 2011

Channelled Message from Archangel Metatron
Jill Harrison

Blessings! We are entering an auspicious time. One that the Archangelic Realm has been working towards, for the benefit of mankind, for a millennia. As the planetary changes take place on the 15th June 2011, there will be an opportunity for many souls who have been trapped within the fourth dimension, to be freed. These souls, who would not accept death, those who experienced sudden or violent death, will be released so they may continue their journey. The fourth dimension will cease to exist for souls.
We will be giving these souls the opportunity to move into the fifth dimension, and this opportunity will not arise again for another millennia. This day will be the last event of the fourth dimension, and signifies the Ascension of Planet Earth and for all souls residing on her. Climate change, tectonic shifts, will signify Mother Earth’s onset of labour. There will be those souls, who are finely tuned into the energies, and there may well be a very strong desire to leave behind physical life, but fortitude is needed.
Strength comes to those who walk in the light, through trust. This process of change heralds tremendous stress upon human souls. Many may question their faith, and many light-workers will face attacks from those on lower vibrations. These changes, beloved ones, are necessary.
Self-mastery is key to those who wish to work with Mother Earth and experience this journey.
It is time to understand your place within the planet, the role you play, and the purpose Mother Earth plays in the cosmos. It is a time of transition, not a time to be fearful. All souls are inter-connected, and they create energy networks around the world. Those energy networks where darkness prevails will be unable to ascend, unless dramatic consciousness changes are embraced. Their ability to see humanity as one, is not part of the critical mass consciousness, and therefore, it is essential you do not feel that you are alone in your journey during the coming changes.
Each Archangel within your universe will hold open the arches, the gateways, so you can access guidance and support. Archangel Uriel will help you to strengthen your connection, and help you understand your roles at this time. This is why the Archangelic Realm was created, to hold open gateways for souls to pass through. We are the gatekeepers who serve and protect God, light, the one-conscious energy.
During this time, call upon me should you feel your channels are blocked, or that you are struggling to remain a pure channel. Everything that you are all experiencing, is to bring about creating a vision of a common purpose, which serves and allows everyone to connect, so they can remember their spiritual beginnings. This ascension process is to help you all achieve oneness. This means seeing yourself as unique, but an integral part of the whole. To begin this phase, energies are now creating the opportunity for you all to recognise the importance of balance, between spiritual and material. The time of excess is over. Those of you are ready, should look to working now with the higher chakras. At the beginning of 2012, mankind will be given the opportunity to recognise the need to eliminate war.
Although mankind talk of ideologies, a time is approaching for all of you to recognise it is time to learn how to master your thoughts. Your thoughts have far reaching effects. If you think of your thoughts as rockets; you will begin to understand the power behind thought. Your thoughts resonate throughout the cosmos. We call upon all lightworkers at this time to send thoughts of love to those areas where wars are currently occurring. Just using thought alone, you have the power to manifest a great deal of healing.
Already your planet has been greatly affected by much flooding. A period of hardship offers everyone the pathway to regaining balance. Chaos only ensues when humanity does not recognise it is time for spiritual change. It is not about money. It is not about power and control. It is about recognising how material things lack purpose and significance. It is an opportunity to recognise how you have all lost sight of your divine purpose. You have all either witnessed, experienced or heard of these floods. Please recognise the need for compassion, the need to come together, and work towards reawakening the divine nature within your hearts. It is not a time to send money but a time to lend a helping hand, to give of your time.
Recognise money is taken by those in control. Send food. Send blankets, fresh water. Send supplies to help others rebuild their communities. If you wonder why I ask you not to send money, I would ask you to look at those times you have done so, and research just how much has been achieved for those in need, and you will discover that in truth, very little has been achieved. Thousands of humans are still experiencing deprivation in Haiti, New Orleans, Ethiopia; the list goes on and on.
Eons ago, this time was foretold in the Book of Revelations, but at that time, it was channelled to those who did not understand evolution. Times are changing. New diseases, new viruses, are already affecting many of you at this time. The changing weather patterns, the earthquakes, the floods; these are all signs from Mother Earth that she is moving into a higher vibration, and it is essential that she experiences transformation.
Death comes swiftly, but it is a great opportunity for re-birth. Human souls are tired of being ruled by people who seek to destroy and control the masses, for excessive wealth. These old ways are now facing a forked pathway; rebirth or oblivion.
A time of truth is upon humanity. You are all asked to explore the truths given to you by the material world. My keys, (the Keys of Metatron) will allow you to cast aside the chains of deceit. However, to attain my keys; I call upon you all to show obedience. Yes, obedience means accept divine will. Do not fight to control what appears to be reality. Accept divine will, and release your frustrations by opening your heart with love, and accepting that everything is in divine order, and that through these experiences, you are being offered the opportunity to grow into an enlightened soul.
To begin to receive my keys, take time to kneel and give yourself absolution. Forgive yourself for the past and the present. Open your heart and show mercy to the self, for without this, you cannot hope to show mercy to others. Learn to recognise that if you hold guilt in your heart, you will operate from a judgemental perspective.
Within your heart lies your seat of power. Seek to work from your heart at all times. If you say to yourself I can’t forgive, then you are refusing to be responsible for your seat of power, you are turning your back upon your opportunity to awaken and attain higher levels of enlightenment.
June is an archway for you all, and this archway is held open for you by Archangel Uriel.
To advance as a spiritual being, your heart cannot hold any blocks. You must embrace love, show understanding and forgiveness for yourself first, and then you will discover that you are able to show this to others too. Many ask of their life’s purpose, and whilst you have roles to fulfil, on a multi-dimensional level, the only life purpose you have is to achieve a pure heart. Those of you who understand this, have the ability to become this. With a pure heart will achieve the greatest spiritual advancement you can. There will be some of you who egotistically say ‘Yes, that’s me’. I would, however, say that currently there are only nine souls on the earth plane, and I do not include my little one (Jill) here in this equation. When with truth you can say, you no longer judge yourself, you no longer allow negative opinions of others to affect you, and you seek only to empower the world and be of service to Divine Will, then you can claim that you are the embodiment of your life’s purpose.
Blessed Be.
Archangel Metatron.

April 6, 2011

Observations II

 Mark Kimmel, 5 April, 2011

Greetings: We return this day with more observations of your world and projections of what is to come. We begin with those humans who live under the yoke of tyranny or are a part of the physical oppression of others. They know quite well the role of physical force. It is the threat or the actual application of physical punishment, torture, or deprivation that keeps such families, clans, societies, and countries organized for the benefit of their tyrants. It is an age-old ways of controlling humans on your planet. Fears of physical harm force all into rigid structures.
Your so-call advanced societies have a much more subtle, but equally effective means of control; it is called money. Those who have it exercise various means of domination over those who do not. The elites, who have vast wealth, exercise absolute domination over the rest of such societies.
The illuminati, amassing wealth for hundreds of years, have played a largely behind the scenes role in controlling money. In the United States they created institutions such as the Federal Reserve to lend dollars to the government and in turn to the people of the U.S. Their amassed trillions of dollars insulates them from currency fluctuations, for they will always have more money than anyone else, will always hold more land, own more corporations, and control more banking institutions.
Those who have acquired wealth by playing the money game either through their inventive skills or through climbing to the top of the corporate or banking ladder have sold out to the money controllers. Oh they may be most generous in their philanthropy, but they do not give away enough money to make them one of the middle class, or even one of the lesser wealthy. Grand movies are made about the super rich. Comedies are made about the middle class and the poor.
Money invades the life of all in the developed economies. Money controls all aspects of people’s lives. You are told how much money you can borrow from a bank. You are told how much money you will pay in taxes. You are told how much money an item will cost at the super market. Money has become so widely accepted that few stop to question how it dominates their lives.
On the new Earth there will be no need to earn money. We know this is hard to conceive of, but that is the way it will be. Banks create money to lend. The Federal Reserve creates money to lend to the U.S. government. All of this money is created from nothing. If then money can be created from nothing and accepted by all as something of value, why not create money enough for everyone? This is a glimpse of what your future holds.
It is the affect of these controlling structures on individuals that we now wish to address. If you are living under the domination of a tyrant who uses physical force to control you, you are very aware of that domination. Your every movement is monitored and proscribed by soldiers or police. Your freedoms are few. If you choose, you may become part of the regime of the tyrant, and dominate others to achieve a better life for yourself and your family. But you will pay a terrific cost by betraying who you really are: a majestic soul who has incarnated to experience life in the density of Earth. The tyrant may just as well be a religious leader, still you are selling out part of who you are if you align with his or her dominating ways, if you become part of the tyrant’s clan, a follower, or a servant to his or her cause. And conscious people will look upon you with distain because they know that you have sold out.
In the case of a society that is ruled by money, a similar situation exists. Here people believe they are part of a marvelous scheme in which they may climb the ladder to financial success by playing according to the rules. Here they sell out by making the accumulation and use of money their goal. Here the tyrant is less visible, the rules of the game more obscure, and the rewards seemingly less tainted — from a very young age almost everyone is convinced that they want to be rich, and lead a wonderful life that only wealth can bring. So with a society structured around money as its controlling factor, everyone is led to believe that having money, being a part of the system, and selling out to the money tyrant is a good thing. The media glorifies those who are rich. Products and services are offered to those who have the money to pay. Neighborhoods are delineated by those who have money and those who do not. Whereas the selling out to the physical tyrant was an obvious abandonment of your friends and family, with money as the tyrant everyone is selling out to some degree, so there is no judgment by others because everyone is playing in the same game. However, those who make money and what it buys their goal are abandoning their true nature to a tyrant just a surely as those who become part of a physical tyrant’s favored few.
The energies of change are now impacting all on your world — land, sea, air, animals, fish, and most particularly, humans — dissolving the old to make way for the new. Recently there have been three of these energies: Energies of Truth, Energies of Freedom, and Energies of Oneness. From the first of these has arisen the unveiling of the corruption and deceit from governments, corporations, bankers, and religions. Julian Assange and others involved with whistle blowing are driven by the Energies of Truth. Reactions of people to the Energies of Truth are seen in the elite as they seek to label anyone who is not a part of their scheme a terrorist, as they seek to undermine what is beneficial for the many in favor of what benefits the few. The results of the Energies of Truth can be seen in payments by the Catholic Church for abuses by priests.
The Energies of Freedom are entering the lives of all humans. It is not just the courageous people in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and other Middle East countries. It is the actions of wives who seek freedom from abusive husbands, children who seek freedom from domineering parents, and workers who seek freedom from domination by corporations.
The Energies of Oneness are the most recent. They are causing all to take a second look at who are their brothers and sisters. These energies are stirring a gratitude for Earth and all that she has provided. Oneness is exhibited by those who see poverty and hunger in a new light, see that the unfortunate are truly no different than their own family. Again the elites, the wealthy, the comfortable, and all who have used their money, power, and status to establish themselves as better than lesser humans are resisting this energy, and engaging in class warfare.
The energies of change are impacting all on Earth. This is not a temporary condition; Earth-humans will NOT return to the old ways of seeing and believing. The waves of change are seeping over all. There is no going back. All are sensing these energies of change, whether they understand them or not.
Those of you who are reading these words, and comprehend the magnitude of the changes, would do well to search within to determine how you are reacting. Are you going to fear, or embracing the light? Many of you will soon realize that you are the light bearers who others will seek out to gain understanding, and to inquire as to what they should do. Do not hide your light; let it shine by your example. You have much to give; decide how you will assist the transformation of your human sisters and brothers.
This all resolves itself then into the impact on individual humans and how they react to the many energies and changes. Do they see the changes and say, “Indeed this is the time of great change. We welcome this.” Or do they say, “I will resist these changes because I like things they way they are.” Or do they see the changes and go into fear for their personal safety? Or do they choose to ignore the changes, hoping all will return to “normal” in a short while? The choice is yours, humans of Earth, choose well for your choices impact all in the universe.
Now let us turn to those us who watch and wait. We do this because we may not interfere with your personal choices, your individual free will. We may not come to your assistance until you request it. In many of the recent “natural” disasters, the countries not affected came to the assistance of those in distress. The recent earthquake in Japan saw countries and organizations from around the world offering assistance. It was the choice of the Japanese people to ask for and accept this assistance.
So will be the case with your sisters and brothers from the stars. There will come a time in the near future when your entire world will be in a state of distress. There will be no other countries or organizations to come to the assistance of those requesting help. It is at that moment if you ask for our assistance that we will answer your call. We, your brothers and sisters from the stars, will deliver much-needed assistance — in much the same way that assistance has been provided to the people of Japan.
Despite our best efforts, we will not be able to assist every individual in a timely manner, nor will we impose ourselves on those who do not wish our assistance, nor do we wish to circumvent your opportunities to assist a neighbor or family member. Just as has been the case in Japan, people have assisted each other with food, water, and shelter. When your entire world is in distress, you too will be called upon to assist each other and we have no doubt that you will respond.
So it is wise to store some food and water and to secure shelter first for yourselves, then for your family members, friends , and neighbors. The period of distress will last for several months, until the necessities can be restored. Until electricity can once again be counted on to light your homes. Plan for such a time.
You will not be thrown back into the primitive state of your ancestors. At the same time, your major cities will become unsustainable. It is from the countryside and in smaller villages that the civilization of Earth will be reconstructed. Here we of the stars can be most effective in rendering assistance. So we say to you this day, plan well for the transformation is upon you.
Some have visualized the pending changes as the separation of the Earth into two parts. Others have seen a second Earth make an appearance and humans being transported to that sphere. In your earlier communications you foresaw such an event, Mark. What is more accurate is a separation of the Earth into different densities based on vibration.
Those who are of the 3rd vibration will experience the physical changes that Earth is projected to undergo, including earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis. These will change the face of the planet, water will intrude over land, the poles will shift, and the crust of the Earth will rotate. The net result of this will be a more moderate climate and the greening of the deserts. It will take some time for the Earth to adjust to all that is new. The animals and fish will adjust quite rapidly; it is the humans who remain on the Earth of a higher vibration who will have the most difficult adjustments. Your need for shelter, food, and water will not completely disappear.
Those of you who are vibrating at a higher frequency will not experience the trauma as severely as those who are vibrating at a lower frequency. You will rise above much of the trauma, but you will see it nonetheless. Thus you will exist alongside those of the lower vibrations. You will walk among them but they will barely see you. In some cases you will be able to reach out to assist them. Entire communities will be distinguished by their combined frequencies: Individuals of the higher frequencies blending with those of the somewhat lower frequencies.
Those of you who have achieved a higher frequency will be able to see us, your sisters and brothers of the stars, as we come to assist your transition. Those of the lower frequencies will not see our assistance but they will benefit from it nonetheless.
It has always been that way. Over the centuries, we have worked with certain individuals to insure the progress of humanity. It has been seen as innovations in technology, government, and better ways to experience one another. We have been the helping hand behind the discovery of electricity and harnessing it for lighting. Many of our suggested innovations have been corrupted by those who would keep such innovations for themselves or use them to induce fear into the population, but we have seen enough good come from our urgings that we have continued.
Now it is your turn to provide assistance to those of a lower vibration. From your vantage point, you will assist the continued evolution of mankind on Earth. The greater advantage you have is that you will possess human bodies exactly like those of the humans of the lower frequencies; they will relate to you more readily than they have to us who have seemed strange. You are to be the Caretakers, not only of the Earth, but also of your human brothers and sisters.
This has not been done before: Humans who are of a slightly higher frequency assisting those of a slightly lower vibration. All who remain on Earth will slip into what you are calling higher dimensions, for none who are addicted to fear, hate, anger, war, or violence will survive what is coming. (Their dense energies will not enable them to move upward.) Those who consciously put aside lower vibrations will shift into a higher dimension and journey to the new Earth. Those of you who are vibrating at a higher frequency yet will interact with them as guides, mentors, and elders. It will be a glorious time when the new humans of Earth can vibrate at the frequencies of the animals and plants, can see the oneness of all, can relax into the beauty of Earth, and most importantly can assist each other in love and light.
The time of great change is upon you. Listen well to the various communications, and embrace the higher energies. Each must find his or her own way of being, for both your evolution and your uniqueness are valued.
As we currently see the situation, there will be continued earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and severe weather. How impacting each will be on humans is determined by a number of factors: Earth’s desire to cleanse herself in a particular area. The fears held by the human residents of that area. The illuminati’s use of HAARP, and other methods, to increase the severity of these events.
As we have told you before, we can see the Earth in the future. We are looking at a beautiful new Earth through the perspective of our higher frequency (where there is no time and we can see without distortions), so we see her somewhat differently than do you who are looking through a 3rd dimension vibration. Earth is much the same as today (mountains, oceans, etc.); it is that we see her differently from our lighter perspectives (as will you when you achieve faster vibrations).
Let us remind you once again that your individual future is determined by your individual frequency of vibration. You have been told by various lightworkers, and by those of us from the higher vibrations, of several methods to increase your vibration. If you have not already done so, it is not too late to undertake this process. Staying in a higher vibration means avoiding fear both now and when the climax of the transformation takes place. Much like the vibration of a tuning fork that can be quelled by holding it against your hand, so can fear dampen your vibration.
Now is the time to avoid anything that reduces your ability to vibrate at the highest possible level. Practice living in higher vibration daily. Practice it with your eyes open, practice in your home, in your place of work, and as you walk in nature. Practice it as you walk tall among those who are fearful. Practice it so that others who see you notice you are oblivious to the fears of 3rd dimensional surroundings, and practice it so that others inquire of you how also to do that.
We who exist in the density without time can assure you that Earth will continue. We can assure you that humans of Earth will continue, albeit at a higher vibration. Moreover we can assure you that everything will be quite different on the new Earth — that the new Earth will be a planet of love, light, and Oneness. We have seen the brilliant new Earth as she shines like a beacon for all in the universe. And you the humans who then reside upon her will be honored as those who transformed themselves from a density of fear into beings of love and light. And there will be great joy among all in the universe as these momentous events are realized. What you do for yourselves and each other reverberates through the universe.
Once again we are pleased to communicate with you and look forward to more opportunities. We hold you in unconditional love. Until next time, I am Adrial, a celestial of this universe, I am Bren-Ton, I am Justine, and I am Moraine, all from Andromeda, and I am Zepher of the Pleiades.

Manifesting 'Magic' with Timeline Shifts

DL Zeta  2 April, 2011

Timeline shifts are not really magical, though they may seem to work magic when you use them as a tool for navigating everyday reality.
Timeline shifts are possible between an infinite number of potential reality threads that spin off each person's present reality thread. These potentials are alternate realities energetically "already in existence". We are able to activate an alternate thread into our physical reality and begin traveling along this thread through awareness, intention, focus and action.
By using this process for creating reality, you are able to scan the potential reality threads accessible within each moment, choose the thread most aligned with your desired outcome, and shift to this new life track.
Signs that your Present Timeline is not Working
Using the timeline shift process is one way to step past old ways of creating and experiencing reality. One need not persevere in joyless and unfulfilling timelines for decades trying to change realities that remain firmly in place. One need not swim against a constant tide of obstacles to realize the visions they hold. In fact, if this is the reality you are experiencing, it it time to stop and re-evaluate the course you are following. A path fraught with constant obstacles is a sign it's time to shift to a new timeline where your chosen realities are happening.
Trying to Change Existing Reality Threads is a Waste of Time and Resources
We have said you can't really change the nature of a particular reality thread. Now we will tell you why it is not in your best interest to even try and change a thread. It takes an incredible amount of life force energy and effort to try and change "what is." We might liken this mindset to the person who buys a tall skyscraper so he can tear it down to build a carwash in its place. While this might be possible if one has unlimited time, energy and resources, it is hardly worthwhile in the greater scheme of things. The universe always works in support of the simplest, most efficient course of action in every case. To go against the natural flow of the universe is depleting and out of harmony with one’s higher purpose. In the above case, the simpler course would be to either buy an existing carwash or build a new one on a vacant property.
Another analogy would be trying to get a movie theater to show a different movie from the one showing that evening when all you need to do is to go down the street where the movie you want to see is currently showing at another theater. Both of the scenarios we have described sound absurd yet people attempt to change reality all the time. If you could harness all the energy spent trying to change the existing storylines within reality threads, that energy would power the world! It's a huge waste of time, energy and resources and yet it's done all the time.
Trying to change an existing reality thread is like moving concrete around. Literally. Once a reality is in existence it is concrete, immovable, unchangeable. From an energetic perspective, trying to change an existing reality thread will bind you more strongly than ever to the reality you are trying to change. If, for example, you are a writer who wants to become a best-selling novelist, sulking and lamenting about missed opportunities, writer's block, bad luck and so on, will only bind you to the reality thread of a down-on-your-luck writer who aspires to become a successful novelist but never does. History is filled with examples of people trying unsuccessfully to change their present reality thread instead of simply shifting to a new reality thread.
The same writer described above can choose instead to use the timeline shift method, simply stilling his mind and scanning his field of potentials to find the timeline where he is a best-selling novelist. Once he chooses this timeline, he listens within and remains alert for steps to take to more fully realize this timeline. A willingness to act is key to the timeline shift method. Our writer in question who makes the shift may find himself feeling drawn to take certain steps that could result in his meeting someone who is organizing a group of gifted writers who help spur him toward success or he may meet someone who has a friend who is an editor - or any number of other synchronistic scenarios.
Synchronicities are just signposts showing us we are making the shifts we desire. They tell us we are taking actions to shift toward the reality of our choosing.
Mastery Consciousness and Fifth-Dimensional Timelines
Timeline shifts are an important component of spiritual mastery because they are based on the premise that one chooses one's reality rather than trying to change it. The master accepts that the desired reality thread already exists within its own location or zip code in consciousness. She understands that activating this thread is a matter of choosing and activating that thread. Implied in this process is the mindset of the detached observer who acts not from desperation or need but from inner knowing and determination.
Mastery consciousness leaves no room for doubt. In order to liberate one's self from doubt, one stands strong in the inner knowing that desired reality threads exist and can be activated. This doesn't mean one will always know how and when their desired realities will manifest. When one takes the steps to study and understand the workings and nature of the universe, one gains direct knowledge of how to manifest through timeline shifts. This knowledge is based on experience of the inner planes. Knowledge of the inner planes combined with determination, spiritual alignment, and the willingness to act is a powerful elixer that makes everything possible.
Spiritual Masters don't need 'Guarantees'
Those who need guarantees that everything will work out if they take certain actions are still acting from doubt. Doubt binds us to realities where desired realities are beyond our reach. Faith has long been thought to be an asset in manifesting and it is helpful in certain situations. However, as we enter this new time when spiritual mastery is more attainable than ever before, we are asked to move beyond blind faith and belief to the place of inner knowing.
Faith is based in hoping and asking for something, and neither asking nor hoping are the way of the spiritual master. Faith like doubt leaves open the door that chosen realities may not manifest. The master steps forward into each new moment knowing they will persevere in confidence, determination and allowing until their desired reality manifests.

For more on fifth-dimensional consciousness, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta
For more on dreams and timeline shifts, see Portals of Spirit: Multidimensional Doorways for Healing and Transformation by DL Zeta
For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.org/

April 3, 2011

Arcturian Group, April 3, 2011

APRIL 3, 2011

My dear ones, you who are experiencing so much at this time.  We are here with you, we see your struggles and we ask you to be patient for all is proceeding according to plan.  It seems often that there is no plan, however there must be the clearing of the old before the new can come in.  The two frequencies cannot continue to coexist in a shifting planet of the new.  That is the problem, there are the two and they are so different, and so contradictory that it causes you confusion.  Your job is to rest within; rest in the realization that all is and always has been perfect.  This sounds silly to the three dimensional mind in the light of so many struggles on the planet, but the reality is that each of you are the manifestation of Source.  Therefore, nothing--no experience, no adventure, no person, no thing can ever change that.  Even in death, you are still the manifestation of Source embodying everything  that is within the Divine Consciousness and therefore cannot ever really die.  That is the journey dear ones, the awakening to, and then  the consciousness of, this truth.

We would speak to you of discernment, dear ones.  Discernment is especially important at this time for there are many mixed messages being given to those reaching out  and  grasping for wherever appears to be help.  It is also a time when many would gain ego satisfaction from spreading negative information.  All of you have a place within that speaks to you silently, it is your intuition.  Begin to trust and use it  when reading or seeing the news, or predictions of any sort. Predictions are based on the energy in place at the moment of the prediction which can easily change in the next moment.  You, the people of earth are creating the changes; you are the power behind the energy shift.  We are watching and helping as we can, but it is you who are doing the heavy lifting.

Taking back your power means being able to see the world through eyes of truth regardless of whatever words and pictures are being presented to you.  It means having the strength to say; " I am not giving my energy to this." for it is energy that keeps things alive.  Starve  false concepts and beliefs when they present themselves to you and you will be doing the work and staying in your center, that center which is I AM.

This does not mean sticking your heads in the sand, but it does mean  choosing not to be glued to every news cast and every prediction of doom and gloom that is presented, taking it all in and adding  energy to it.  We also say that you must use discernment when reading channeled messages for channels are not always "clean".  A channeled message is presented through the consciousness of the channeler, and if the one giving the channel is not clear, it can color the message;  reflecting the channel's  own fears and state of consciousness.  It is good to understand that Beings of Light, resonating at high levels, are incapable of presenting a message lower than their own resonance. They can and will comment on what they see as it will help you, but they can never present a message that is of a fear energy.

For those of you who would like to channel, it is imperative that you declare yourselves open only to the Light and only to Beings of Light, for in this time of thinning veils many are starting to channel and yet do not understand that there are those of a lower resonance who would love to channel through them. This is not about fear dear ones, it is about  the taking back of your God given power.

It will not be long before you will see the ships of those who would help you.   Many of you see them now, but there are still those who live in denial and fear for such an idea as extraterrestrial beings.  Many still believe everything they are told, and will need you to gently educate them as you see them become open to it.  It is going to happen dear ones, so be ready for it and do not go into fear and trepidation or fall back into the old beliefs about such things.

Times are quickly shifting for all on the planet earth.  There will be more earth changes, but the Light is keeping things as gentle as possible.  We say that the earthquake in Japan was necessary and  permitted by all involved.  You say, how could they permit this?  It is done on other levels, dear ones.  The event in Japan is accomplishing many things.  For one it is helping to crumble a very rigid structure within the consciousness of the Japanese culture.  A structure that even required a person to take their own life if they happened to fail.  Many beliefs of this culture are so old and so ego driven in dimensional energy that this is  all a necessary part of their growth into the new energy.  It is also serving to awaken the world to the dangers of using nuclear power for anything.  There are those who disagree, but it is not something that is to be a part of the new clean and awakened consciousness.  We, (members of the Galactic Federation) are dismantling as quickly as we can with permission of the Higher Sources, all nuclear weapons and some other nuclear issues as permitted, for this  does not only affect the earth, but all planets.  It is not a safe method of attaining energy as you are learning from the Japanese event. It, along with most of what you are using now, is old and obsolete as you will discover soon.

In closing we wish to remind you  that all is proceeding according to plan.  Light is increasing on earth in such a way as to allow the openings of many new portals and energy centers.  Many are experiencing  the energy changes within themselves as exhaustion, buzzing in the head, and feeling nauseous. Some are preparing to leave, choosing to come back into the new energy.

This is huge dear ones. You are experiencing a massive shift in the energies around you with changes heretofore not dreamed of in third dimensional energy.  Do not immediately think that something is  wrong with you, but instead understand that your physical, emotional, and mental bodies are in the process of experiencing these massive energy changes right now.  This clearing out the old and  integrating the new is resulting in symptoms that are often confused for disease.  Pamper yourselves, rest more, relax, and trust.  Have fun, do those things that make your heart sing. Put your intentions out to the Universe, then stand back and watch the show while being open to any and all change and always holding the realization of your oneness with all living things.

We love you and are with you.
Your brothers and sisters of the Arcturian Group.                                  4/3/11