May 29, 2012

When The Last Domino Falls

~ Sweet Army of Light, it is I, Indriel with a message pertaining to your role in the Ascension process and in the formation of the incoming New Earth. I speak to you today of your vocation. No, not the vocation you perform at this time in your role as a 3rd dimensional human being, but of the true calling of your heart. It is essential for each and every warrior of peace to give serious contemplation to what beckons you, as the onset of dramatic change and cultural upheavel lay just over the horizon. I am, however, elated to say that for a pleasantly increasing number of you, the dream of doing your life’s work is being manifested into reality. How wonderful this is for us to see!
~ The winds of change are upon you, Dear Hearts, and these changes shall come swiftly and sweep away all that is not of the light. You think we jest, as you have been anticipating the time when something, anything at all of a physically tangible nature should make itself known to the masses. I tell you now that this day approaches, and it brings with it a blessed sense of relief and a freedom from tyranny for which you all have so longed. Do not ask for dates, do not try to jam the Divine Plan roughly into the outgoing concept of linear time. For it shall fit there no better than a round puzzle piece should fit into a square hole. Simply trust this to be so, and know that many of the jobs you hold right now cannot exist, nor should the they exist, within the constructs of a 5th dimensional society that is based solely in Unity Consciousness.

~ Do not think we are unaware of your feelings of confusion regarding this particular facet of your journey. We know that this has been the cause of many a sleepless night. “What is my life-purpose”? “What is my true calling”? “How shall I pursue my dreams and at the same time provide food for my family?” These are some of the most frequently heard questions that you pose to us. I am here to help you discover these answers for yourselves, so that you may more effectively create a wonderful tableau for your New Earth experience. Let us begin by examining what you are doing now, within the course of your typical day. Does the work you do fulfill you? Do you feel exhilarated upon completion of a task or energetically depleted and drained? Do you feel a connection to your work? Do you feel that what you do is of service to others, to the community and to yourself? Do you approach the new day with a sense of anticipation or with a feeling of dread? Are you proud of what you you do? And most importantly-why did you initially make the choice to do it? The answers to these questions are self-explanatory and require no further illustration from me.

~ Go far within and focus on what it is you deeply desire, what you have always been called to do but have never had the financial means to accomplish, or possibly the timing was not right. Ask yourself why you are drawn to do this thing, how it makes you feel as you envision yourself in this particular role. Is this calling originating from the heart or from the mind? Does it require a sacrifice of your personal ideals and morals, or does it flow as naturally as a river to the sea? Do you face continual resistance in the accomplishment of this goal, and does it require the manipulation of the people and the natural energies around you? If you must suffer, be untrue and choke the very life out of the situation you are in so that it continues to function, then I can assure you that it is high time for a deep re-evaluation of your current path. Living in a state that unnaturally lowers your vibration is unhealthy. If you are a Lightworker, this is doubly detrimental, as you are hardwired to share your own elevated vibration and uplifting energy with collective whole. Of course, your true calling shall not be without effort or even some small struggle, but overall it should feel joyful and rewarding almost every step of the way.

~ So, how do you discover this true path of the heart? I say, find something to love in each and every day. Be it great or small, seek the joy and you shall find it staring you straight in the eye. Choose a thing you enjoy, a tiny undertaking is fine. A walk in the forest, a delicious food to eat, a trip to the cinema or tea with a friend. Please stop delaying, as all is in the Now. Think about your talents and special interests. What are you repeatedly being guided to do, but have set aside for ‘practical’ reasons? We of your Home frequencies may provide you with a wealth of ideas, should you simply take the time to ask! Many of you are crewmembers form the multitude of starships encircling the planet, and have thriving careers aboard these vessels. At times, the information you are receiving is a loving reminder of your ‘true-life’ talents, and a gentle encouragement for you to pursue them whilst on Earth. Your dream needn’t be a costly undertaking, either. Do not uproot the lives of yourself and your family in your pursuits, but begin slowly to take the first and smallest steps. Set your intentions and visualize yourself in your chosen role, each day, in a short meditation. And do not prematurely assume that others will not support you. Have faith! Have the confidence in yourself that we have in you.

~ Dear Lightholders, we know full well the situation that exists on Earth at this time. We are not blind to the stranglehold the Old Regime has upon you still. But as the last domino falls, so will the very institutions which hold you captive; the noose is loosening and your freedom is a promise from us to you. Before you know it, a history long forgotten will be revealed for all to see. I speak of clear historical revelations, great references to your Star Brethren which is set to be unearthed and presented to all who are inclined to know and hear. History, not lies, shall be taught to the willing public. Remember this; you cannot build a castle upon a pile of rubble. It takes time to clear the last of it away and when the debris is finally gone, you shall be limitless in every sense of the word. Yes, it feels like an eternity until it happens. But the wait is nearly done, and I call to you to ready yourselves for the next chapter in the story of your lives. Hold love in your heart for the lost, as it is they that you shall be called to serve in the days to come. You are loved and you are blessed.
I am Indriel, Servant to those who serve The Light. I am here for you, always.

Archangel Indriel. ~ By AuroRa Le. May 29, 2012.

Copyright©Bella Capozzi

May 25, 2012

House of cards

Michael channeled by Ron Head,  May 25,2012

This morning we will speak of the progress being made, which you so eagerly await. Many envision a huge, almost cataclysmic occurrence. But the most powerful energy of manifestation on your planet right now has become that of you lightworkers as you unite your intentions.

On the fifth and twentieth of this month, huge numbers of you united in envisioning a smooth and peaceful transition into your new world. We were more than overjoyed and joined you in this effort. Not only was the effort a success, dear friends, but the transition has begun. Each successive wave of the incoming energies is lifting your frequencies so much now that your effect upon the whole is increasing and unstoppable. It is overflowing and finding its own to unite with.

If one of you is still isolated, we assure you it will not remain so. In fact, if you are reading this, consider yourself within the reach of our voice. You are needed where you are now to keep the new energy grid intact. Soon you will be able to move freely. We ask your patience a little longer.
The ‘house of cards’ is weakening so much now that there is a deal of crumbling from within. The foundation is washing out, and soon the whole will collapse very quickly. Maintain your focus when that happens. Its replacement will emerge immediately.

We ask that you keep your focus on that happy occurrence. We walk with you now. The intricate planning for this time is well in hand. If you can maintain your calm focus, the changes will seem to occur in the blink of an eye. Your complete freedom is about to be restored to you, something which has not been experienced here for many thousands of years.

Be at peace, beloveds, and in patient, grateful anticipation. Keep yourselves centered and grounded and we will speak with you tomorrow.

May 24, 2012

Keep Sheilding, Keep Clearing

The Council Of The Venus Ray. “Keep Sheilding, Keep Clearing…” Our Jump To 5D is Not The End Of The Road. By AuroRa Le. May 24, 2012.

Hello, Dear Friends. We, The Council, come in unity on this day with a gentle reminder which we feel shall be of benefit to all. Your family members of Star and Spirit have been observing your progress with a loving mixture of hope, excitement and awe. You have achieved what so few may lay claim to, in the vast and illustrious annals of our Universe’s history. You are transforming yourselves while grounded within dense physicality, raising up your spirit and your Self to heights beyond any preconceived expectation. There is no barrier whatsoever, which would prevent you from taking this process as high as you wish to go. There is nobody saying that you must stop at the 5th or the 7th, 8th, 9th. Why not see how far you might stretch, when setting your goals and in your visualizations of your new life, post-ascension? What of the 12th or 13th? All is ready and waiting for you to lay claim to, as is your right, as the sovereign children of the Mother/Father Creator.

We shall begin this talk with the issue of shielding. Even though you have succeeded in the raising of your vibration, this does not make the Earthly vessel invulnerable. If anything, you are now shining more brightly than ever and are thus attracting those in need with your radiant compassion and light. You radiate goodness, Godliness, a hope for salvation; hence, the people of Earth shall come to you for guidance and direction. They shall cast their sorrows at your feet. And while it is your place to assist them, it is by no means required of you that you take their lower thoughtforms and pain unto your own self. Do you understand this, Beloveds? Before working with another, before doing any type of healing-or for that matter, before going to bed or even leaving the house-you must set up around yourselves and your families a shield of Divine protection. There is no one proper way to do this, no right or wrong method. Find a method which resonates with you, and employ it religiously once or twice per day. A very simple and effective thing to do is to encase yourself in a large orb of crystalline light, in the color of your own choosing. Encase not only yourself and your families, but your pets, your home, your community, your mode of transportation. Invoke your loving guides and ask that they surround your orbs throughout the day. Brother Michael also stands ready to assist, with his sword and shield of protection. There are bands of specialized Angels available to help you also. Quite effective are the jolly and playful Travel Angels, who serve as companionable escorts and protectors, and are able to form a type of barrier around your vehicle. Another point to keep in mind is that you are now glowing so brilliantly that to the gentle travelers departing the planet, you can quite easily be mistaken for a portal of light or exit point that the soul looks for immediately after release from the body. They are dear and pure, these travelers, they are your sisters and brothers. Nontheless, you do not want them attached to you, nor do you want to be detaining them from returning home. A simple encasement of protective opaque light will hide your glimmer and make you less visible to the various entities in your vicinity.

Your channels of communication are also an area of great concern to us at this time. As you raise your frequency, the blockages shall fall away, leaving you wide open to communication from your guides and families. However, you must take care to insure that the message is indeed coming from the one who professes to speak to you. Think of yourself as an electronic instrument. When the circuits are clear and all is in functioning order, the signal is crisp and non-static, with no interference from the outside. Envision your chakric system as a series of wide open receptors. They must be kept pristine. If not, this will affect the integrity of the transmissions you receive. Just remember-keep shielding, keep clearing!

Please do not forget to thoroughly cleanse yourselves after performing any type of healing or intuitive work. This may be done with salt baths, an invocation, vortex spinning or a short meditation. You are now stepping into more visible roles, as the ones who shall awaken the human race and lead them through the gates of the new Paradise. While you have always been protected, it is now time to proceed with even greater care for your Self. We are counting on you to be at your best! Also take care to receive at least 15 minutes of sunlight per day, as the sun is the primary catalyst for the continued activation of your DNA. These are magnificent times we live in, Dear Friends, and you have only just scratched the surface of the wonders that they shall bring! Keep love in your heart for us, your families of the stars who dearly love you. May yours be a journey of miracles and peace.
We are The Council of the Venus Ray.

May 23, 2012

Emotions sweep through you

Emotions sweep through you, over which it seems you have no control at all

 As the moment for humanity’s awakening moves ever closer, you are all finding yourselves dealing with “stuff” or “issues” that have been buried in your subconscious for a long time. It can be quite a shock when something arises that you thought you had dealt with years ago. Do not be alarmed; the ego is a master of disguise and deception, and to protect itself it hides from you fears and doubts that if adequately addressed by you would loosen its hold on you. It wants to remain in control and have you react emotionally when your buttons are pushed, and so it attempts to convince you that you have dealt with something which if you did deal with it would weaken its hold on you, and so it buries it deep in the unawareness of your subconscious mind where it will fester until it demands your attention, encouraging you to find and release it.

Part of your reason for being human is to deal with and learn the lessons that the illusion provides. No one on Earth is without “stuff” that prevents him from being totally loving, however saintly he may appear to be, and for awakening to occur this has to be dealt with and released. Previously, this could be done at leisure, when you felt moved by situations or events in your lives to address and release issues that were troubling you. Now, however, the push is on to release any remaining stuff, hidden and seemingly inaccessible, that is in any way unloving, judgmental, blaming, projecting, or non-accepting, and that continues to anchor you in the illusion.

For awakening to occur you must release this stuff. Sometimes it seems to you that it has nothing at all to do with you, as it rises up into your awareness with a sudden and intense impact. “What is this?” you ask yourselves in amazement, as emotions sweep through you in disordered confusion — emotions over which it seems you have no control at all. Relax. Release your need to understand what is happening, and watch as these issues play themselves out as they pass through your minds and bodies. You do not need to do anything; in fact, if you do do something they will just take longer to pass through you on their way to their dissolution into nothingness.

The mass collective consciousness that you all share has vast numbers of issues that have to be released before your awakening, and each one of you has chosen to work with some of them to ensure that they are all are released in good time to enable the awakening to happen. Consequently, many of the issues and situations that you are experiencing are from an indeterminate source, which is why they seem so strange and unrelated to you. They are just part of the great release that humanity is involved in and allowing, so that the present Earth cycle may come to completion.

The New Age will be completely new, and so all the issues, doubts, conflicts, and self-serving agendas that have plagued the illusory environment in which you have been experiencing your existence need to be dissolved back into the nothingness from which you brought them forth. This release and dissolution is proceeding apace because you have all agreed to play your essential parts, and the fact that in your severely limited present state of consciousness it seems to make no sense to you is of no consequence.

You are all following paths to awakening, and if it is your intent to awaken – and that is the case with the vast majority of humanity – then nothing will prevent you from doing so. Your rate of progress along these paths is continuing to accelerate as you become increasingly aware of the need to release all attitudes and behaviors that exclude unconditional love for all beings, knowing, as you most definitely do, that all are divine children of God, infinitely loved by Him, and that they are therefore one with each of you. There is no separation, and finally this is dawning on you consciously, enabling you to offer love to all indiscriminately. And this is the key to your awakening.
With so very much love, Saul

05/23/2012 by John Smallman

May 22, 2012

Postcard to our Family of Stars

Petra has done this wonderful postcard to our Family of the Stars, The picture as well as the words are absolutely amazing.

Can you please translate this short and deep message in your native Languages? Many thanks in advance. Maria Luisa

Thank You to All

With this rainbow we declare to all of YOU, who are working relentless and dedicated for the welfare of our people and Mother Earth, our deepest gratitude, our love and the certainty, that we are supporting you with combined strength. This rainbow should be the symbol of protection and invincibility of all the Beings that want to live together in Love and Peace. Please share this message and send your Love.
18th May 2012

Our Pets: Loving Companions Throughout The Ages.

 By, AuroRa Le. May 22, 2012.

Many Greetings, I am Bast. I am Mother and protector of the Elemental Realms, the Realms of Fire and Earth. I bid you welcome, once more. It is of the greatest import on this day that you be made aware of a loving dynamic which enfolds you, and has surrounded you throughout what you term as time. These are connections deep and true. These bonds run strong within your core essence and your history, and it is these which may never be broken. They have left an indelible imprint upon your heart and energetic self. It is by God’s design that this be so. You know these ones. It is the Animal Kingdom of which I speak, and when I label them thus, I do so only to present this information in a manner to which you may relate. Dog, cat, fish, bird, tortoise, mouse…they go by many names, but as in all the Universe, they are One. So, let us start at the beginning…

Aeons ago, you emerged form Source. Sheltered, wide-eyed and unsullied by the many battles you would soon fight in the name of peace, unity and truth. You came forward in unimaginable numbers, as healers, teachers, warriors and the like. Carriers of the love and light of your Father and Mother. In your lifetimes you have comforted the lost, healed the sick, taught the unawakened, fed the hungry, brought peace to war-torn lands. You have been heralded as the brave wise ones. So, it was by the Creators’ decree that you would have protectors. Pet, totem, spirit-animal, companion… they would go by many names. Regardless of the form they choose to assume, know well that you have never been without the love of these fine friends. From far and wide they came, heeding the call, knowing they were needed. They knew you and they found you. They are creations of light, shapeshifting energetic entities who would merge their own energy with yours and create a bond of an unbreakable nature; becoming one of the finest parts of you, your love, your heart-self. There is no place you have ever gone that they have not been with you, and there is no place you shall ever go that they shall not follow. This is fact. Some of you have more than one of these companions, maybe two, three, four… And you may have chosen to share them with another member of your soul family. Not to worry. All is free choice, all is decided upon by the ones involved.

You have all had a variety of “pets” I’m sure, throughout the course of your human incarnations. The love you share has been powerful and unconditional, and no doubt you grieved mightily at the time of their passing. It was almost as if a portion of yourself had departed the Earth plane with them. And in this you are not entirely wrong, because in a way, it did. You then went on to find another, to fill the natural void you felt for the presence of your protector and friend. You took your new one home, and developed an instant bond of kinship. You recognized this one, over all the others. You simply knew. Do not ever doubt for a moment that your beloved companion will return to you again and again. By use of the vehicle you term “reincarnation”, these essences are indeed one and the same, returning to stand by your side as they have always done throughout the ages. They are needed. They are an island of peace amidst a paradigm of chaos. They possess no agenda, no artifice, no guile. They are very much a part of you, and when a person remarks that one has come to look like their pet, it is to this they are referring. Aspire to be as they are, for they are unity and love in it’s purest form. Theirs is the innate power to assist you in your ascension. They can sense discordance and heal you, body and soul. They are naturally telepathic and know your thoughts. Refrain from any judgement of them, do not do this, please. For to harshly judge this one is to judge a sacred element of yourself. For even the fiercest lion keeps a gentle heart. Do not “slay the dragon”, for the dragon is your friend. Do not cast them off as just another sorely worn possession, for to do so is to cast off a precious gift of The Divine.

They have been loyally steadfast forever, and you must cherish these beloved companions as they love you and assist you in the raising up of Gaia. Take heart, for it is nearly done. Whilst the smaller battles still rage on, have faith that you have won the war.
I am Bast.

May 21, 2012

GFoL 19.5.12


This word means so many different things to so many individuals. We are here to properly clarify the true meaning of the word ascension.
Ascension is not a process to be feared, it is a natural occurrence, that the planet Gaia has been undertaking for the past 5 of your years, without many of you even knowing about it. The attention of many of you is now being brought to the ascension process, as the timing now has become crucial.
The planet Earth is on her ascension course, with or without its inhabitants.

So many of you are still yet to realize the importance of your role here on planet Earth. Yes, the planet is ascending, with or without your assistance, but the reason so many of you have been chosen to assist with the ascension process is not what you can do for Gaia, but what you can do for your fellow man.
There are still so many unawakened, unaware souls out there - it is your role to assist these individuals in their awakening process, Earth will not, in fact, cannot stop her ascension process to wait for everyone to awaken, so it is up to you to enlighten your fellow man.

You know that you were sent here for a reason, and there are still so many of you that have not yet awakened to that reason. We are here to tell you that this reason is to alert mankind to the fact that the ascension process is happening and to at least trigger some sort of recognition and awareness within them.

That is all that is required of you at this time - it is not your role to force the issue of ascension onto your fellow man, merely to make as many of them as possible aware of the fact that the Earth is on an unstoppable ascension course and that all they need to do is look within - their spirit guides and mentors are there waiting, all you need to do is release the trigger of awareness within them.
So many new souls are awakening on a daily basis now that the veils of forgetfulness have been lifted, and it is a wonderous sight for us all to behold.

For those of you who have not yet experienced the direct contact or disclosure with us - know that the time is almost upon you. The cabal have been removed from your societies, and already you will have seen on your news programs that the wealth has already begun to be redistributed. However, this is not your concern, this issue has already been dealt with. The only foreseeable concern we have is the notification of the planets ascension to as many of your fellow man as possible - this is of the utmost priority at the moment, as many of the jobs that we have in store for you will be worthless, unless the ascension process is a success.

Many of you will have noticed an increase in sightings. This is our intent, as the time is drawing ever near, and the sightings will become so commonplace that when we deem the time is right for complete disclosure, very few of the Earths inhabitants will be surprised by our landings. This is the role that we have bestowed on many of you at this time, purely to make our landings a success, not a fear based failure.

If you have not yet tuned into your higher self, your spirit, the Angels or your Galactic family from the Stars, now is the time to do so. There can be no more excuses and no more delays. You all know that you volunteered to be here for this mission. The time for denial has long gone. The time to embrace and acknowledge who you all are and where you are from is now.
As always, we offer you our unwavering support. We know that the questions will continue until the ascension is so far gone that there will be a time that the questions will cease - and your inner knowing will take over. It is contained within you all, you just need to dig deep, and give your permission for the relevant information to be revealed to you, as we cannot volunteer information to you without your prior consent.
Why hold back any longer? Your fellow mankind need you now.
We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through StarGazer~Cheryl.

May 19, 2012

Jump For Joy

☀ Archangel Raphael. “Jump For Joy And Be Wildly Happy!” By, AuroRa Le. May 19, 2012.

Rejoice, Dear Ones, and be happy, bright and full of joy. As you arise each morning, greet the day with arms wide open and be ready to embrace the next adventure. A new day is a fresh beginning, an opportunity for review, improvement and regeneration. It is another chance to share the best of everything you are, and all the things you know you are becoming. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, taste the rain upon your tongue, walk headlong into the whispering wind and let your hair blow free. Feel the cool sensation of the dewy grass against your feet. The warm embrace of a loved one, the softness of a puppy’s coat, the crispy tang of a fresh picked apple…

Divine experiences, each and every one, to be cherished and revered. These are the priceless moments that characterize the uniqueness of the Human incarnation. It is what serves to set it apart from any other experience available across the galaxies and throughout the dimensions. The Earthly experience is the jewel in the crown of the most adventurous traveler; sought after by many, enjoyed by comparatively few.

You were chosen to be here for your savvy and expertise, your goodness, kindness and purity of heart. You are the brave pioneers who will lift Gaia up to her greatest heights, and usher in the sparkling new Platinum Age. Look around you and behold all that you have accomplished. Then say yes, I Am brilliant. I Am courageous. I Am successful. I Am love embodied in Human form. I Am a flawless reflection of the Mother and Father’s perfection and grace. Speak these words and feel the elation rise from deep within your core. Jump for joy! Dance and sing and giggle like a child. Laugh at that which offends you. Dry your neighbors tears and show them mercy, enfold them in the loving arms of peace. Then bless, bless, bless… Bless every person, every tree, every gentle beast and tiny insect. Infuse them with energy and see them all aglow in God’s Holy Light! Fill with forgiveness the empty spaces that exist within the broken hearts of humankind. Watch as they awaken to the basic truth of All That Is, and share in the joy as they reconnect with their own Divinity. They are so beautiful, as they see themselves for who they are, with eyes wide open and all the innocence of a newborn babe. You have helped them reach this milestone, so be pleased. For this is true healing, and there is no finer feeling than to know that you have helped another.

You, Dear Ones, are the healers. You were selected to be here, to exercise your mastership in the healing and the ascension of Gaia and Humanity alike. And it is this that makes me happy beyond measure! So give yourselves a pat on the back. Thank yourselves and begin the party, for relaxation and reward are just around the corner. Be as a child and tumble, frolic and play. Jump for joy and be wildly happy! Laugh, for isn’t laughter the best medicine? Run and skip and dance, dance, dance your cares away. Every being alive on Earth has the inborn right to live this way – free of pain, antagonism, hatred and fear. You have the right to live every day as if it is the grandest of celebrations. I Am Raphael, your beloved friend and confidante. Namaste.

The true import of this time is not external to yourselves

The true import of this time is not external to yourselves. – Michael channeled by Ron Head
May 19,2012

We speak today on the subject of the lifting of the veil. It is time now, by your wish, established long ago, for the veil between your consciousness and ours to be removed. This process has been in progress for some time now, but the time has arrived for those who have chosen to ascend to begin to see much more clearly.

It is time for you to step into the full consciousness of yourselves. This marvelous process sounds to you like a simple step. However, please be prepared for some discomfort as you remember and acknowledge much that you have intentionally hidden from yourselves. Those who have some small rememberings from their pasts will be better prepared for this.

To far outweigh this will come also the remembering, and the unbridled joy of remembering, the true masters that you are. As you make this step, a great many of your fellows will also step up into the beginning of their awakenings. It will cause confusion for some and fear in others. It will cause conflict between what some experience and their long held and cherished beliefs. Please be prepared to gently guide them as they reach out for answers. Resist the urge to give a full education in the answering of each question. Allow them to awaken by asking questions as they go, just as you have done. There is an island saying that fits very well, “Softly, softly catchee monkey.” Do not let your enthusiasm close their minds once they have begun to question. Remember how difficult it was for some of you at first.
You will also experience some events during this period that will be remarked by many and viewed with awe and apprehension. They will be merely necessary changes and will not even approach the severity that has been forecast by many. Observe and wonder if you please, but know that the true import of this time is not external to yourselves.

Think upon the term you have used to describe the process that you and your beautiful planet are going through, ascension. Consider what that means, please. Do you imagine it to be a fearful event? Do the words amazing, wonderful, and beautiful not fit better? Imagine then the amazing, wonderful, beautiful, and peaceful process of these times bringing you closer and closer to your brilliant future. Hold that vision throughout this next month and particularly now as the alignment of Earth, Moon, Sun, and
Central Sun bring you light not experienced here for many thousands of years.
Breathe this light into every cell and into your entire beings, dear ones. Intend that it bring you all of the personal changes that you have dreamed of. Intend also that it peacefully bring all of the changes to your world that you have dreamed of. We know you expect much, and much will be given. The power of your dreams and intentions will be revealed to you.

Remember to center and ground yourselves frequently now. We are with you in each moment. Good day.

May 18, 2012

Lightworkers entering the New Era


Pamela Kribbe channels Jeshua on The Awakening Zone radio show

May 16, 2012

 Dear friends, it’s such a delight for me to be here with you. I enjoy being with you so much. I know you all. We have shared moments like this before on earth, just being together enjoying each other’s presence.

Feel this with me, whether you are present in this room or listening to this channel from a distance. We are connected from the heart. Time and space do not matter so much on this level. Let us celebrate our oneness together.
I see in all of you such a longing and such an inspiration to bring about a new reality on earth. You are carrying the torch of Christ consciousness in this age and I celebrate you for it. You feel that a lot is changing at this time and indeed there is turmoil and chaos across the world right now, and deep in your heart you carry a vision.

It is the vision, the image, of the promised land. You have carried this vision for many lifetimes. If a soul had genes you would carry it in your genes as a soul. Time and again this vision, this inspiration, has inspired you to return to earth, but what is the promised land about?
There was talk of the promised land in the Bible, and some people thought at the time that it was about a specific physical country but it wasn’t. At this time you call it the New Earth. You envisage a different reality lying ahead of you, but I tell you the New Earth you are dreaming of is born inside your heart.
You have cherished this vision of the New Earth for such a long time and now it is time to express it outwardly in the world, and it’s time to join with others who are of likeminded spirit.
Now, throughout history you have all been wounded. You tried to bring in new consciousness time and again but you also met with resistance and aggression on earth. This has wounded you deeply and there is still a lot of fear in many of you. How to deal with it? How to heal yourself? My message today is that in healing yourself you are bringing in the reality of the New Earth, the promised land.
In the past, many of you were focused on external changes. Even I was in my lifetime on earth. I saw a lot of injustice around me and I could feel anger about that. To remain balanced I had to withdraw from my environment and to find a quiet place to reflect. I had to balance my own emotions and restore my connection to my soul, and the same goes for you.

You want to change things outside of you, but your true mission is to go within and see what is in need of light there, to feel the connection to your soul; and you have entered this lifetime to heal yourself from old wounds and as you do so, your consciousness will change. As you look within and see your own deepest fears and pain can you reach out to yourself?

Can you have compassion with the darker parts of you? This is the real challenge for you today: to become truly one with yourself, accepting what is. Sometimes when you think or feel about the New Earth you get very excited and want to move forward as quickly as possible, and the vision you love is indeed true, but there are still parts of you that need attention, that need your full attention to heal.
Now I want to do a little exercise to connect to this part of you most in need of healing. Imagine yourself standing in front of a gate. Behind this gate is the New Earth, the promised land. Feel the energy of this gate and see how it is now slowly opening. Light is shining through it and you take some steps forward. But you are not alone. Next to you is a child. It is yours.
Now move forward towards the gate. Experience the light coming from this new reality and see how you respond. What is your first reaction? And now kneel down next to the child and ask her or him what they want. Is there fear in the child? Does it need your support in any way? It may very well be that part of you wants to move through that gate as fast as it can while other parts hold back and hesitate.

Don’t judge those parts of you. Allow them to present themselves to you as a child in need of tenderness and patience. It is your mission in this lifetime to take care of the parts of you who cannot yet receive that much light. There are still negative beliefs in you about your own worth, about your own value and your own gifts. So I ask you instead of moving forward as fast as you can, kneel down to this precious child inside you, for it holds the Christ energy just as much as you.
This child makes you a human angel. It contains your humanness, your doubts, your fears, and it is only when we fully embrace this part of ourselves that we can reach out to others with true compassion and understanding. And that is truly what brings in a new age on earth – not the desire to change things outwardly but the ability to go inside of you and reach out to the darkest and most desperate parts inside. This is how you bring the New Earth closer to the now moment, and this is what you can do for others as well. Whenever you see their struggles or their pain, have no judgement. See their beauty and their courage. That is what will lighten their burden.

So you see my message is very simple indeed. It is about loving all there is in your life. The vision of a New Earth is real and valuable, but you sometimes receive it mostly in your mind. You start to think and worry about how you are going to make it happen. You want to have guidelines for specific actions you can take. Your mind gets very busy as well as your willpower, but the coming of the New Earth will not happen in that way.
Receiving the energy of the New Earth is something that you do with the heart, without expectations, without agenda. Actually, the creation of this new reality comes about much more through the female aspect of yourselves than the male aspect that you have become so used to. Both aspects are equally important, but you tend to stress and value the male aspect more.
The feminine aspect of creation invites you to dream of another reality, receive visions and fantasies about it, and trust the flow of life to bring it to you. So, feeling, being receptive, allowing yourself to trust, are the qualities that are essential here. I ask you all to remain true to the vision in your heart and to have trust in life.
I would like to invite you all to feel my energy. I am Jeshua. I am your brother and friend. I know what it is like to be human. I do not stand before you as a teacher or a master. Consider me a friend. I like just being with you.
Of course you would like me to give you as much information as possible, but truly information is not the main point. You have all the information you need within your own being. Your souls are speaking to you all the time. My presence here is meant to encourage you to trust your souls. Thank you for being here with me today, and I would love to answer questions you have.


Q.In the evening I had a vision of a light blue butterfly and this morning I saw a butterfly on a door. There were no walls only a door, and I could feel that behind that door there was a different reality. I would like to know what the door represents and also when I’m at the door and I’m looking back I feel a lot of joy and happiness, and I start smiling about the way we were or the way we did it.
This is a beautiful image that you saw and as I just said, your soul is speaking to you all the time. And the fact that you felt moved by it and by the reality behind the door shows that it is truly meaningful. Your heart is calling you to trust this vision, this energy, and you feel moved because part of you longs so much to go inside that door.
Now perhaps you can also notice that some parts of you are not so enthusiastic. This is the paradox that I’m speaking of today. Some parts of you still hold fear and have trouble receiving the light behind the door, and this asks of you to truly remain loyal to those parts of you still in need of care and tenderness.

Q. Jeshua, can you tell something about the ascension of people in the coming year?
A lot of people are going through an intense process of unifying with their soul in this time. You could say that every lifetime represents one ray from a big sun. Your essence or your soul is this sun, and what happens when ascension takes place, as you call it, is that you move up that ray and come closer to the source of light. And it may be the case that in this process you connect with other rays, remember other lifetimes you had.
Your consciousness grows wider, and you realise that you are much more than this human body made of flesh and blood. What happens if people get connected to their soul is that they start to create from the inside out, not just responding to what society asks of you or expects from you, but really trusting your soul’s voice. This is happening on earth right now but there are several groups of people. Some are just in the beginning process of this and others are quite ahead, and that is as it is – I have no judgement about that – and it is very hard to predict what will happen on earth because of this transformation on the inner level.
Every human being faces the choice between the old and the new, between fear and love, every day, and when a lot of people choose love or their soul’s inspiration then things can happen quite fast but this is not predetermined. This is your own power to choose.
You tend to underestimate this power of yours. You sometimes pay too much attention to predictions, for instance about the year 2012, as if there’s reality outside you which determines what is going to happen in your life, but it is you who are the creator of your life and it is important to remain focused on you and your life. Then you will attract others who are vibrating at a similar level, who are akin to you.

Q. I am a singer and I touch people with my singing. I am trying to do this in a professional way and at the same time I feel a lot of fear and a lot of doubt about how to go about that.
You are very courageous to listen to the voice of your heart. Honour yourself for the choices you have made, and of course the fear is there. You have to realise that fear has become a kind of energy field around your earth. It’s like a collective fog around you, and as soon as you want to come out of it, it kind of haunts you and tries to draw you back in. It’s telling you a lot of false things, like: it isn’t possible what you want. And so the key is to recognise the nature of this voice of fear.
If you tune into the energy, the frequency, of that fear you can know instantly that it’s not the voice of truth. I recommend to let the fear show itself to you in the form of a child. It is not an enemy to struggle with. It is a part of you that is most vulnerable to external judgements. Protect him. Let him know that you are there for him. Tell him how beautiful and courageous he is, and as you move forward you will see that it gets easier and easier to move out of the fog. There are people waiting for you and wanting to truly receive the gift that you bring with your voice.

Q. What do I need to do with all my feelings from past lives? It sometimes feels like they steal energy from me and how should I stop it?
First recognise that your past lives are a part of you but they are not you. There are aspects to your past life that are still in need of healing, and again you can see these parts of you as children coming to you for guidance. They will not go away until they have been recognised. What you are experiencing now and then is that you feel ruled by your past lives, by the traumatised energy in it, but this means that you do not recognise your own power in the present.
Do not send these old lifetimes away. Invite them to come to you, but see them as children in need of guidance. Often the lifetimes which have been very difficult also contain a gift for you. The past life personality suffered pain but also had specific talents and gifts which you can use right now. The key in dealing with painful past lives is to see it in the right perspective. You are not the victim of your past lives. You are their healer.

Q.In the past I have been very very ill but I have recovered and I’ve got a great job. As I developed myself spiritually in the way we are discussing today I got sick again and now I cannot work any more. Even though I know I shouldn’t, I am wondering what did I do wrong? Can you please tell me something about this?
Have no judgements about the illness or pain you are experiencing. Something new wants to come your way. It is now still behind the gate, so to speak, and your faith is being tested right now. You didn’t do anything wrong.
The tendency to judge yourself for things that happen in your life comes from fear. Trust that there is a bigger flow in your life that is guiding you even if it doesn’t seem to, and you can try now to feel if the illness is bringing you something that actually has value for you. I’d like to stress to you that you are not moving backward; you are moving forward.

Q.I’d like to ask a question about working together, cooperating with other lightworkers. I noticed that as I’m changing on the inner level, I become less nice and more direct in my contacts with other people, and I feel it’s better for my energy and for the work I have to do. Yet the change is so big that I’m not sure if I’m on the right track. . . maybe I’m just scared of changing so intensely.
What you are experiencing is that your personality is merging with your soul, and sometimes in the past your personality wanted to be nice and not offensive or confrontational; but now you feel that your soul’s voice is stronger and that you sometimes need to create firm boundaries around you.
This is part of the process and it’s important when you work with others, and you feel that all of you are coming from the heart, to also have respect and take into account each other’s wounded parts, because no one has yet fully merged with their soul. We all are still very human. In the past, spiritual groups have tended to focus on external goals a lot, things that had to be changed in the world, but if you want to truly work together in this era just start by being together, just sitting with each other.
Get to know each other on a human level. Don’t see it as a project that you have to accomplish from the mind, but just share the love and the friendship, and that will bring about miracles that you could never have accomplished just with your mind.

Q. Is it really enough for me or us to merely bless our food and water before consuming it and imagine them to be full of all the goodness that our bodies require, and it is so?
Please know that earth is a living being. Everything living on earth has their own consciousness and there is indeed a cooperation between all the realms of life on earth, human and non-human. Earth wants to serve you as a human. She wants to support the flowering of human consciousness.
Therefore you do not have to feel guilty about the food you eat or the water you use. If you bless it, don’t do it from a sense of guilt but from a sense of joy and abundance. It is true that everything that you take into your body is receptive to the way you treat it, to what you think about it, so if you treat it with respect and gratitude this is being noticed; but don’t do it from a sense of guilt. Keep it light.

Q. I have been working with groups for many years. I have given a lot. Eventually I got sick and now I’m not working any more, so my question is: what can I do to make sure that I don’t lose so much energy when I’m working with groups?
You need to ask yourself why are you losing energy to other people? How is it that they can take it from you? You tend to connect to others very easily and in a giving way, and perhaps you can notice there’s some fear behind this.
There’s also a genuine gift in this ability, but there’s also a kind of fear: what if I let go of all the needs and expecations of others? Am I allowed to do that? Will they reject me forever? Can you sense this fear? Find out about this fear inside you. It is like a child afraid to be cut loose from everything around it, and tell this child that it’s okay to stand up for itself and to have fun on its own. It’s important for you to be able to remain focused on yourself while being with others. Once you know how to do this you can work with people more easily again. Release the guilt.

Q. How can we work together on a spiritual level if there are still emotional wounds inside us which affect our relationships?
Don’t see the people that you’re working with as a means to a goal. It is the quality of the connection between you that will determine what will happen, how things will go. So if you notice pain in others or in yourself when interacting, don’t judge it and don’t try to move past it too quickly.
You have all travelled so far throughout so many lifetimes. You now have the gift of compassion and true undertsanding for each other, so let that energy flow out to others and yourself, without wanting to change anything. Take your time, and again, what you wish to accomplish together you cannot know with your mind.

Q. I have a question for Jeshua. I have been working in care for many years and I see myself as a lightworker. I’ve never done much about asking for protection. I’ve always felt protected. The work that I do is very difficult. I work with addicted people, but lately I have noticed that I do perhaps need some protection from energies that are sticking to me, so my question is: do I really need protection?
Yes, you need protection because you have a sensitive energy from which you easily pick up on emotions of others, but you have to realise only you can protect yourself. If you need outside things, you in a sense tell yourself that you cannot do it on your own.
You have to realise your own true strength, and also as in the question before ask yourself why are these energies sticking to me? Why are they bothering me? Why do you allow them in, because they’re not there only by their own power; it is you who are allowing them in. There is a sense of obligation or guilt if you don’t do that. For you, and sensitive people in general, I would also recommend to stay in touch with emotions of anger if you feel them.
Don’t dismiss these emotions as bad or unworthy, because they often want to tell you something important. Anger may show you that your boundaries have been violated, and your soul is trying to tell you this through this emotion; it does not always make itself know through the more elevated feelings.

Q.Do babies or toddlers or infants choose to be abused by parents, caretakers or priests, and do the caretakers – have they chosen this as well?
Before the soul takes on a new incarnation on earth it chooses certain events as part of the next lifetime. However, nothing is completely fixed and predetermined. Events have a certain probability around them, and it always depends on the souls participating in the event whether it will really happen, but it is true that the soul of a child who is abused had some pre-knowledge about the possibility of this event.
But that doesn’t take away the fact that the abuser had a choice, and anyone who is deciding to abuse someone else knows deep within that there’s a moment of choice, so the person doing this remains fully responsible for what happens.
I know it’s very difficult to imagine that an innocent child may have in some sense chosen certain experiences of abuse, and this line of thought can never be used as a justification for these things happening, but it is true that behind every event there is a whole universe of past lives and very complicated relationships between souls.
I would like to end this session thanking you all for your presence, and to remember the joy of the vision of the promised land. Keep it alive in your heart and at the same time keep both feet on the ground. Have passion and patience! Thank you.

© Pamela Kribbe 2012

May 17, 2012

Mariara the Pleiadian, May 15, 2012

We Act in Accordance with the Expanding of your Chakras

 The energies of myself and so many other ascended beings are coming to humanity at this time, and while we have indeed been visiting your cultures and societies for so very long, we have not been able to visit you in as direct of a way as we would like to be able to and this is why we have utilized channels and dear souls on Earth who have become open to the abilities in themselves to bring us through.

Indeed, to speak to humanity through channels is the right way to go in accordance with the freewill and growth of humanity, for each and every soul who is becoming open to our energies is experiencing the expanding and the ascension in themselves that sees them better able to find us and our energies through their ever expanding mental channels and their ever expanding chakras, many of which are coming online now.

It makes perfect sense for us to be able to contact humanity in the ways that we are before the initial disclosures, announcements and revelations begin to burst forth so wonderfully on your world, for we must act in accordance with the soul growth of humanity and we must act in accordance with the expanding of your chakras and the expanding of your own knowledge and awareness and your own finding of the Logos energy that we all truly are in ways less dense than you have been used to for so very long during your lower dimensional experience.

Indeed, your dimensional experiences have been straining whilst on Earth but they have served to teach you so very much about your Lives. Each and every event that comes to you that seems to be negative, is coming to you for the purposes of getting you to choose the energies of calm and of patience and acceptance over the energies that you would otherwise be bringing forth through the seemingly negative events coming through to you.

You must understand dear souls, that you are being tested in the most wonderful and the most Masterful of ways at this time, and you must allow this testing to come forth and you must realize when this testing is coming forth in your Lives and you must thank the Guides of yours who are bringing this testing forth to you because you truly did lay these Life lessons out for yourselves in each and every moment and day of your experience.

You planned and mapped out these lessons before you were to come and experience the lower dimensions in each and every form that they have to offer.
You have constructed your Life plans so uniquely to fit in with your own ascension processes and with the ascension processes of each and every soul around you now, who make up your soul family who you find yourselves so very close to at this time and many other times during your history and many past Lives that you have experienced.

We can feel that much of humanity is so very ready to ‘get off the ground’ so to speak with the many disclosures and revelations but it must be expressed that you have the power to bring this forth, but these events [manifesting] must manifest in accordance with your own soul growth and in accordance with your own learning of lessons for you are clearing out the lower dimensional residue that has been keeping you away from your true perception of your expanding, exponential Creation powers dear souls.

You have always had these Creation powers, they have always been with you; you have simply been unaware of them throughout your many lower dimensional travels for you have been wearing the lower dimensional veil of forgetfulness throughout almost each and every Life that you have experienced dear souls.

Do you see and understand how the veils that have kept you from your true perception and knowledge and experience of the higher realms are now fading at this time, and are now collapsing before you so that you can find this Love that you have been blocked from receiving and knowing fully?
We understand and accept that for many, these veils are still quite instated and many are having trouble tearing down these veils and finding the resulting energies of the higher realms and the resulting energies of us dear souls who resonate with the higher realms and who experience the higher dimensional experience while working with our various Councils and Organizations to help and assist humanity in finding these experiences.

Indeed, there is so very much that we are now allowed to do on your world but this has not always been so and for the most part, there is still so very much that we are not allowed to do because again we must act in accordance with the freewill and with the growth of humanity.
We can feel that so very many of you want these changes to come forth and we must express the importance of using your own meditative energies and your Creation powers to bring these scenarios forth that have been presented to you, for so very many scenarios are presented before you in an effort to get you to enact the scenarios occurring.

It has been expressed before the many ways that you can do this and it has been expressed how you can best utilize your meditative energies to manifest that which you want in your Lives, but as has been expressed before as well, we must remind you that it is your collective power and your collective energies that are the ultimate deciding factors in which collective events manifest on Earth.
By this we mean that the collective energy you pour into each event that is to manifest truly decides whether it is to affect your world in bigger ways or in smaller ways, and the more of you who get together and visualize a pure future coming about and bringing forth the resulting manifestation that will result from your doing this, the more [likely] these changes are to occur.
The Galactic Federation and each and every Organization that comprises the Galactic Federation that you have heard is based in a hierarchical sense; we are only one combined collective effort and Galaxy-wide Organization out of so very many Organizations who are assisting your world at this time.
Some of these Organizations only have experience in certain Star Systems or certain Galaxies, and some of these Organizations who are assisting you have vast experience throughout multitudes of Universes and multitudes of parallel realities that you have not even begun to understand the experience of yet dear souls.

Indeed, so very much is to be disclosed about our existence and about the existence of the various ascended souls who are truly infinite in nature and who are truly grand and wonderful and marvelous in structure and who are doing everything we can to assist your world and to assist you all [in] finding the higher states of consciousness that you all once happily existed in with us, and once happily Created the lower realities you are now experiencing from for dear souls, you are Creators by nature.
Your natural instinct is to Create, and you do this through your thoughts without even realizing so during your lower dimensional experience, each and every day and in each and every moment. Your desires are always to Create, and your thoughts which you bring forth and the emotions which you give forth are manifestations of how you feel on the inside, and the Creations you wish to bring through.
When you have an unsettling thought or witness an unsettling event before you, there is a part of yourself telling you that you do not want this type of Life, and that you should not feed the emotions that garner you this type of Life and this type of experience and for the most part, so very many of you are now having such events happen to you and you are starting to realize that you truly do not need to continue to feed the energies that will only continue to bring such events forth to you, rather than aide you in breaking free from these energies, for these energies have had a very strong and very tight grip on so many dear souls on your world for so very long.

It is so wonderful to see the Light Grid of dear Gaia pouring and pumping the energy into so many awakening incarnate starseeds and Earth natives who are truly ready, who are truly excited and happy to absorb these energies and to bring them forth in themselves, and to radiate them to so many other dear souls and to so many other areas of Gaia’s Creation that need these energies.
We encourage each and every dear soul who is awakening and who will be led to this communication and so many other communications from many other ascended beings, to begin and to continue beaming your Love in increased purity and beaming your Light in increased measure and decreased distorted nature of such Light to the areas of Gaia’s surface that need it the most, and dear souls you know the areas and the souls alike on dear Gaia’s surface who need these energies the most.
So many dear souls have been encouraging you to pour your Loving energies into the dark souls on your world and this is so; you must do this, dear souls!

Many have wondered about what have been called the Galactic wars, and many wondered if us Lighted civilizations took [to any] type of offensive measure or any type of measure that would gain us negative karma or hurt any souls, and we say that this is not so dear souls.
During what have been called the Galactic wars, each and every measure that we took was a defensive measure; we never took to using any weapons or blowing anything up for dear souls that is truly not our nature.

We honor the sanctity of the temples and the souls, the spirits alike, even of the souls who attack us and wish to destroy parts of our ships, and when we say this we [speak] with what you would recognize best as past terms for these wars truly are over and we truly are garnering peace with so many civilizations and races who would have otherwise experienced and attempted to give us lower dimensions.
Rather, the defensive measures that we took during the ‘Galactic wars’ were of beaming mass Love to these souls and disarming their negative actions and negative, harmful energies which laid and preceded
these actions.

We knew that these souls [the perceived enemies] needed this for their own advancement and for the most part this is what helped the Annunaki to see the Light and to join the ranks of the Light which they have now done.

The Annunaki are indeed, [many of the Annunaki rather] are indeed experiencing lower dimensions and are incarnate in many areas of Gaia’s surface that we have already mentioned need your Lighted energies the most for they are experiencing lower dimensions that have been propagated by the souls who have been put into positions of power by the Annunaki so very long ago.
Indeed, the Annunaki have since joined the Light and broken off contact with the highest ranks of the souls who they once had as their minions and whom they once had enact all of the change that the Annunaki wanted to have enacted on the world that was not in the best interests of humanity and that was rather in the best interest of the Annunaki and of the ‘puppets’ who they employed, who you now know as the dark heads of the cabals on your world.

The main majority of the leaders of the Annunaki who garnered the most low vibrations and who caused the majority of the lower dimensional experiences on Earth are indeed experiencing their own karmic repercussions and upon doing so, have been joining the ranks of the Light and doing everything they can to disarm the dark souls and to break the programming that they have instilled onto the dark souls.
[The Annunaki] truly do feel so much regret and remorse for the pain that they have caused humanity and they will be in the initial announcements after you are informed of everything that they have done to you to make their sorrows and their ‘pleas’.

The Annunaki have personally wished to have their own versions of the trials that the heads of the cabals will be going and undergoing on your world for [the Annunaki] wish humanity to know of everything that they have done so they can express their sorrows, and they can express their Love that is beginning to be garnered for all of humanity.

Until my next communication, through this or possibly through another scribe who may become open to my energies, I say that we of the various Councils comprising the Galactic Federation Love each and every one of you dear souls so much, and we are working for you and for the Light in exponential ways that you have not yet heard about, but that are to change your Lives in such wonderful ways.
Indeed, we are not here to be your saviors; we are simply here to assist in the events that are to precede the marvelous ascension of Gaia and indeed, there are many more souls who are farther ascended than us, who do not belong to a specific Organization or Council and who are rather [discarnate] from such need to do so and these souls are assisting in the more bold and esoteric and spiritual aspects of the ascension of Earth that indeed, are going to surprise you so very much more than the initial revelations and the initial physical happenings which we have been assisting in bringing forth.
Thank you to Mariara.

Put your thoughts on the goal


We will speak more on the subject of self-worth this morning.  There is no way to stress this too much.  You may understand this better if you look upon yourselves as cells in the manifest being of your Creator.  Source loves every part of itself unconditionally.  You, in your every moment are a part of that.

This struggle that you term ascension is exactly the struggle to remember it.  You may choose to think of the concept of separation as an ailment to be healed.  Each and every experience or manifestation that you think of as undesirable has been drawn to you for the express purpose of learning something.  At the very least, it motivates you.  Without the experience of the less desirable you would have no concept of, nor desire to seek, the better.  Do you see?

You have been mired in deep negativity for thousands of your years, a blink of an eye, but seemingly an eternity for you.  You have lost your way back to Creator, or so it seemed.  In actuality, you were never lost, nor could you ever be.  Your return was decreed from the start.  When the memory of those times comes rushing back to you, you will realize your eternal connection to your Source.  Your joy will be as nothing you have ever experienced, and will be so precisely because of those experiences.  Your ability and desire to bring every other being to your state of bliss and unity will likewise be heightened.  You will then have come to understand the value of each of the things you condemned in your past.
As you look around you, try to see the value of the lessons you see others teaching themselves.  See them for who they really are, not what they seem to be.  It is not necessary to agree, condone, or even allow what they are doing.  But learn not to condemn the being, but the act.  Remember, they will answer to themselves in the end.  They are as loved of Creator as anyone.

You, with all your little seeming imperfections are perfect just as you are.  Why?  Because you are who you are, you are changing and learning in every moment, and you are, right this moment, all you have ever been and all you will ever choose to be.  You are perfect.  Love that.  That person next to you is all they have ever been and all they will ever choose to be, as well.  We promise you, they have been a loving farmer and a passionless killer.  They have been a compassionate sharer if all they had and a hoarder of all they touched.  They have loved and they have hated.  And they will return to Source in their time, just as you will, just as you have chosen to do.

Put your thoughts on the goal of your ascension to full consciousness, dear hearts.  Do not waiver.  And speed yourselves along by finding the value and love of who you are.  Do you see something you are not in love with?  If you do, allow it to return to the light and put your attention back on your goal.  Not much longer will it be before you will manifest yourselves exactly as you wish.  Do not spend time on what you do not like in yourself.  You have learned not to do that in your outer world, have you not?  The same applies in your inner world.  Look, recognize, release.  Put your attention back on that which you want more of.  Find your worth.  In the end, it will be far greater than you have an idea of this day.
We love you deeply and await you with open arms.  We will speak again tomorrow, dear ones.

May 11, 2012

You may choose to experience love and light


We will speak today on the subject of negative and positive energy and the effects of your past teachings and beliefs.  Many people are encountering negative thoughts and thought forms.  They do not understand and therefore are forced to interpret this in the ways they have been taught.  The energies of your bodies, your entire world, your solar system, and your entire galaxy are being lifted by incoming frequencies of a much higher order and purity.

Picture a peaceful pond sitting for many years in its beautiful setting.  Everything, in its natural cycle, has completed its life and sunk to the bottom of the pond unseen.  Now we are going to pour a strong source of very pure water right into the middle of the pond.  What does the water look like now?  At first, very muddy, isn’t that so?  But very soon there will be less and less mud and more clarity to the water as the new replaces the old.  That is where you are today.

There is very, very much less negativity left, and most of it is floating around you looking for a home, so to speak.  It will attempt to lodge wherever it is allowed.  We urge you to remember now that you are sovereign beings and are at the mercy of absolutely nothing.  There is no being or thought that may hold sway over you without your permission.  You are absolutely capable of sending anything negative away from you and back to Creator’s light.

With the amount and purity of the incoming light during the rest of this period, you are soon to witness and end to a world of polarity in any case.

You no longer need to experience fear of any dark force, as you have been taught.  You may choose to experience love and light.  There simply is no darkness which can overpower light.  There never was.  Please let go of the belief in these things.  Send them back to the light.  Replace them with belief in your own sovereign power over yourselves and in your Creator.
Very, very soon all of these things will cease to be an issue at all.  Until you are able to experience that, please take my sword and shield and call my legions to your protection.  You have our promise that you will not be left alone.

We wish not to cause fear, but to clear things up for those who are experiencing the muddy waters we spoke of.  Be not in fear, dear ones.  We will speak again.

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SaLuSa 11-May-2012

So much is happening, but we are not always at liberty to give you the details. It must be sufficient to say that we are well in control and our allies are close to commencing a series of actions, that will show everyone that we mean business. No longer will we put up with being obstructed, and we will quickly deal with those involved. There are a number of trusted allies that are in the forefront of releasing information, that makes clear what our intentions are. In short time we will also play our part in bringing out the facts directly to the public. You are looking at weeks rather than months, for the mass arrests to take place. However it is a big operation that cannot start until everything is in place. Having come this far we want it to run smoothly, with as little trouble as possible.
Our craft are busy monitoring the activities of many countries that have the potential to use nuclear devices, and along with our warnings we will prevent them from being used. Wars have always been for profit mainly for the Arms Industry, who have no scruples and will supply equipment and arms to any side involved in the conflict. They shall answer for their involvement in the wars, as will any member of the Forces who have engaged in crimes against the people. Many atrocities have taken place that you are unaware of, but the truth cannot be concealed. Once the media commence reporting the arrests that are already underway that include many public figures, there will be calls for retribution. We do however ask that everyone avoids their emotions running away with them, as we assure you justice will be seen to be done. Unlike earlier times, no one will be able to cheat justice or buy their way out of it.
You will have so much to enjoy in the near future, as you realize that you are being freed from the clutches of the dark Ones. With the governmental changes there will again be some surprises in store for you, as you will see those who are of the Light take positions of power and authority. The US Government will still have Barack Obama amongst those retained, because as we have stressed many times, he is a great soul of the Light. He is already taking actions that will aid our allies, in bringing the cabal to answer for their crimes.

There is soon going to be one astonishing revelation after another, and the full intent of the plan for your freedom will be clear. Your sovereignty is to be returned, and we of the Galactic Federation will be party to any changes to ensure they are both legal and just. All over the world you rights have been gradually eroded, and often draconian laws introduced to replace them. All of that will be changed and the people of the Earth will be re-united once again. You have a lot more in common than you realize, and religion and politics will no longer come between you. These are all issues that will be sorted out so that in future they will be based on the truth, and with the ideal of fairness and to represent the desires of the people.
Our message to you is to stay calm, and ignore the attempts of those who will try to put the wrong meaning on events as they unfold. Some of it will be deliberate to create fear, and others without any prior knowledge will be confused. However, through various sources particularly the Internet, we will make sure that information is readily available. You are soon to witness the biggest spectacle that has ever occurred in your time, and then you will realize how thorough our plans have been made. History is about to be made that is unprecedented in its scope and scale, to bring out into the open those who have illegally and criminally controlled your lives.

Since many of you are well advanced in becoming of the Light, we look to you to spread calmness and understanding until we ourselves can address you directly. At the end of the road is as you might say the Golden Egg that holds so much promise, and a new life that truly reflects all that is of Light and Love. By the time it is fully established it will bear little resemblance to what you experience now, and have moved to a new level that gives you everything you have so far been denied. You will discover that you have powers that have for most of you lain dormant, and they will come with your higher levels of consciousness. Out of all that is happening that is the most important change, as it is part of your preparations for Ascension. When you look back a few years, we feel many of you will acknowledge that you have indeed already moved to a new level of consciousness. Hitherto you have never been encouraged to accept that you have the ability to lift yourselves up, and have been kept in ignorance for many years.

Dear Ones, ready yourselves for the changes and know that any inconvenience will only be short lived. It will differ from one area to another, and one country to another, but overall you should get through the difficult times. It is sensible to cover yourselves against a temporary shortage of food and other essentials, but you do not need to panic as we and our allies are planning for all contingences. Together we will get things running normally again as quick as possible. The main point is to keep you well informed, and hope that in short time we will have set up a reliable communications system. To be forewarned is to be prepared, and you have adequate time to give serious thought to how you will cope with matters that will directly affect you.

You have waited a long time to reach this point in your lives, and we know that until you see real proof of what is about to occur, you are sensibly going to be cautious. It will seem unreal and certainly unbelievable when you learn the extent to which the arrests are taking place. We cannot leave any of the dark Ones in place to interfere with our actions, and we will stop them in their tracks, as we know they still plan atrocities to put you in fear. Do not worry as we are fully aware of what they plan, and we will not allow any attacks upon you. Our technology is far too advanced to be fooled by any attempts to get round it.

I am SaLuSa form Sirius and trust that we have set your mind at rest, as we want you to enjoy the changes by setting your sights on the outcome. It will be the breaking of the final strangle hold the dark Ones have over you.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

May 9, 2012

SaLuSa 9-May-2012


SaLuSa 9-May-2012

There are those amongst you that are now awakening to their missions, as you are approaching a most intense period of activity. These Beings have been waiting for this particular time, to be available for the masses who will need guidance to understand what is going on around them. Events are going to move quite quickly, and there will be some confusion and fear as a result. All Lightworkers can assist in such times, and we ask them to be ready to share their knowledge with others. We shall continue to assist our allies and many Starseeds will come into their own, having been carefully prepared for exactly what their experience allows. There is so much being done to ensure you make the transition with Mother Earth, and that as many of you as possible succeed. Even those that are not yet ready require help, as they too need to be made aware as to what lies ahead for them.

According to your perspective of what is happening, you will go into shock or surprise when matters really gather speed. People need to understand that the upheaval is unavoidable, and is necessary to cleanse the Earth of low vibrations that cannot carry forward into the higher vibrations. All will find its rightful place and it cannot be otherwise. The Laws of the Universe are irrevocable and cannot be ignored without invoking karma. We will hope to have sufficient outlets that will provide all of the information that will be needed. Certainly the whole concept of the changes will need to be carefully explained, as some will undoubtedly feel that what will happen is an unwanted intrusion into their lives.
As you will have noticed, unrest is spreading across the world as the call for freedom and peace reaches new levels. People are now realising what power they have to bring about change, and no longer afraid to confront their leaders. It is having an effect and galvanising more of them to support the protests, and it is gradually bringing about results. So it shall continue and we have our own plans to ensure that you are not denied a return to lawful ways of living. With that those Laws that are against the Constitution will be revoked, and re-written. It is all moving ahead and very soon all those who have committed crimes against you, will find themselves removed form society.

The Galactic Federation is engaged in the final efforts to persuade your governments to adopt more far reaching polices, so that they can reflect the changes that will totally alter your way of life. There is no point in continuing to think in the old ways, as a new paradigm has been formed to bring in the changes to your lives. Once it is realised that Ascension will be the greatest event to ever affect the whole Human Race, there will more attention given to your needs. Indeed, it will be you who will decide the rules by which you live, and no more shall such decisions be taken away from you. You are no longer to be governed by those who seek only to further their own ambitions. Those changes will come about when the arrests have cleared the way for reforms.

Look well ahead Dear Ones and know that you will come safely through the next few months, to take your place in the higher dimension. Then shall your lives be refined even further, as you take a higher path to full consciousness. You will soon see that your present reality has been the development of the darkness more than the Light. It has kept the vibrations at a low level from which you have found it most difficult to lift yourselves up. However, as the plan was for you to complete this cycle with Ascension, it allowed us and other Beings of Light to assist you through it. So who better to do it than your families of Light, who act upon divine commands that if necessary give us the authority to intervene in your lives. What we have done is to empower our allies, so that they stopped the dark Ones from completely overwhelming you.

So far our mission has accomplished its goals, and now we stand poised to come more into your lives for the end times. Evidence of our presence has continued to increase, as our ships come closer more frequently than ever before. You hardly need Disclosure to convince you of our contact with you, but it will show you that our presence is officially accepted. It will allow us to meet you on your level and prepare you for what is to come, and it will be a most wonderful time. It will not take long for the most sceptical people amongst you to realise that we are your friends and are in no way a threat to your lives. Indeed, you will soon learn of the various changes we are to help you with, that will uplift your quality of life to one that is comfortable and enjoyable.

The truth about your lives shall be revealed in no uncertain way, so that you fully understand that for eons of time you have never experienced it at the level you should have done. With the revelations you will clearly come to know exactly where you future is heading. You will also learn that the One God has always provided for you, and never for one second has withdrawn the love that has continually embraced you. You are all loved beyond understanding and there are no exceptions. We make the point again, that no soul is condemned or damned forever and all are treated equally. You have been in duality to experience, and allowances are made for those who have become embroiled in the lower energies and lost touch with their Higher Selves.

Nothing is static in the Universe and is always changing, so that there is always something new to learn and explore. The driving force is taking you back to the Source, and all souls are on this path and strive for completion. It is within all souls and gradually you will come together to form larger units of consciousness. You are looked upon as the bravest of souls, to allow yourselves to be sucked into the darkness of the lower vibrations. However, you did have the assurance that when the cycle was near to completion, you would be helped to come back into full consciousness. That is of course the period that you are now experiencing, and why we are with you.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and assure we are very near to declaring our appearance so that we can come amongst you. It will be as exciting for us as at will be for you, and we have so much to talk about.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

FoL - 9.5.12 Blossom

 May 9th, 2012

Blossom: Good morning to you. There is information given out lately that very soon things will really begin to get underway and I am imagining that from then on the show will begin. What wisdom could you offer us regarding our best action?

Federation of Light (FoL): First and foremost we would advise you to stay calm and centred. That which is to undeniably unfold will shock your world to the core. More so than your imagination can imagine. It is NOW dearest ones that all you have prepared to face shall be IN YOUR FACE!  There shall be no escaping from that which is to be uncovered. You cannot go and hide and hope that it will all go away ... for that is the last thing that will happen . Once these very large cans of worms have been opened ... then that which shall be revealed will take your minds and hearts into a place of disbelief.

For Truly we say to you that you have not yet been capable to conceive in your hearts that which has gone on behind your backs. In all TRUTH ... it is too horrific.

 These are very strong words.

FoL: Would you rather we wrap you in cotton wool?

Blossom: Not at all. Best we are prepared.

FoL: Precisely. Yet that being disclosed … we would then turn your thought to your mission. Each one of you. Remember we have said to you of a time when you gathered in all strength long ago ... before you arrived on this planet and you held your Swords of Light high and made an oath to yourselves that you would diligently see this transformation through? You vowed you would rid this world of its darkness and bring it forth into the LIGHT .

Here now is the surge of power that is required for you to see this through.


When you are sitting bewildered and confused ... REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE.

We recognise that we have told you this many times … over and over we say to you of this. Because it is necessary. If you choose to forget ... then where shall your strength derive from?

The greatest asset you possess is THE LOVE THAT YOU ARE.

YOUR JOY … YOUR HAPPINESS …YOUR SELF CONTROL is the ONLY thing you need to make this work!

It may appear fickle to some … yet we would suggest you look upon this as an adventure. Keep your spirits bright NO MATTER WHAT.

When reading a novel one usually assumes that ‘They all lived happily ever after’ come the last chapter. You are in the last chapter dear ones and ready to begin the sequel entitled THE GOLDEN AGE.

Underlying in all that you are saying is something that is unknown to us yet known to you. It FEELS it will be so huge … are you not able to give us a little insight as to what to expect?

FoL: We could say that there will be great upheaval. In change … especially great change … there usually is . You have to TRUST in a way you have never Trusted before. You have to take that TRUST to its limits and then beyond.

It is EXTREMLEY IMPORTANT for you to be discerning in all that you hear .

I always find that a little worrying … (If I was a worrier) … Sometimes … many times actually … my instinct has been wrong … I KNOW you say to listen to your heart in order to recognise how you FEEL about something … but sometimes I just don’t know . So with all that is to come about … how will we really KNOW that which is Truth and that which is not?

FoL: YOU WILL! In a sense it will be more than obvious. Many tears of relief/release shall flow through many. Yet understand also that there are many, many souls who have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER of that which is to come about. It shall be one thing after another and information on a grand scale shall be readily available before one has assimilated the last piece of news.

The upheaval shall come from all sides it will seem. As you KNOW … as you GET IT …. You will discover a force within you that FEELS so powerful … so strong … so alive! Go with that force … Follow it where is leads and you will find yourself astounded at the soul you have turned into. There all along, yet hidden from view until this most precious undertaking of Light warriors that have been working so diligently under such tumultuous conditions ... now forms the Lightest contingent as ONE to aid those who have remained asleep.
Their dreams have kept them from TRULY seeing that which has been laid in front of them. Yet as they are ‘rudely awakened’… they will find it of great displeasure to learn of the world that they have been under the spell of.

You can feel in your heart Blossom as we are here with you now … the thumping … the pounding … This is the calling … This is the pumping of TRUTH running through your veins.


Fear lives in your old world. There is nothing to be afraid of . By allowing fear to be a part of you … you are denying yourselves the right to be free. Fear hinders progress and has no part in the new World you are walking into.

We would suggest also that you remember to breath! Throughout your day … take in three – five deep breathes … whenever you feel the need. This is a tool that can operate on many levels …   some that you are not aware of.

Say to yourselves …





Know that all that is about to start … is simply a means to an end.

Blossom: Simply?

FoL: Indeed. If you wish it to be so . There are ‘Leaders’ involved in this procedure that will ‘Enlighten you’. For most part ... it is for you to BE as we have suggested. Happy and joyful …

Will that be easy in something that sounds like it is going to be ‘Life transforming’?

As we said ... your choice in how you decide to behave. Yet this is what will prove to be your greatest ‘weapon’.

Some won’t like that word.

FoL: Some won’t like a lot of what is to take place. Most will not find it easy to be in joy with all that is to be brought forth.
Make no mistake … this has been a battle. The greatest ‘weapon’ of all is LOVE. LOVE to all.

When you discover atrocities far deeper than you realised a human being capable of … will you find it within you to send LOVE to the very heart of those who caused such despair? Will you? Ask your selves now … Will you?

If your answer is ‘Of course’ … then we suggest you check again … and then again. If your answer is ‘I don’t know’ … then start to send your Love out now and allow it to build up.

For many … they are not quite in a place within themselves where they shall be able to ‘instantaneously forgive’. It takes a soul of great Light to do so. If this is the case for any one of you … send out your LOVE to Mother Earth … Send out LOVE to animals … Send out LOVE to the Oceans. Simply ... send out your LOVE.

It is so very important that you keep the vibration High. This is imperative. This will allow the transition to go smoothly. Keep your level of joy during these times as High as you are able. Make it a poignant part of your every moment … JOY JOY JOY!

Do you see now why each one of you were chosen? … Do you see now how strong you have to be? …


Blossom: Well, all I can say is ‘I am sure we shall all do our very best’. Deep inside we KNOW what we are capable of … and we are ready to shine our LIGHT In the darkest of moments.

FoL: This we are aware of. Recently souls of your planet joined as ONE in GLOBAL union to assist the process of a Peaceful change over. The energy level that this brought about ‘raised the bar’. Yet it is not for one to say ‘Oh good. That worked. That is done’. It is to be of continual thoughts of this nature that will allow the change.

We have, throughout our discourse with you ... spoken of the requirement of meditation for the self and for the whole. NOW NOW NOW is time more than ever that we reiterate the importance of this. When switching yourself off for a time and connecting ON a deeper level WITH a Higher level … again this assists in raising the vibration.


In the very near future with all that is to come about … there will be an incredible imbalance of energy. One’s equilibrium will be as one sailing on stormy seas. Focus your heart on the outcome dear ones. Concentrate on the New World emerging when these last dark days are over.



Blossom: I could almost burst into a hymn!!

FoL: Singing raises the vibration. As does smiling. As does a multitude of attributes that have been bestowed upon each one of you. Use them to their fullest potential.

We ask you not to fall into the ‘But what can I do’ category. There is EVERYTHING that EVERYONE of you can do …. Just by remaining in happiness and LOVE and we say again … NO MATER WHAT!!



And then …. Can I put the kettle on?

FoL: Then dearest Blossom …. Then ….

Blossom: Ha! I was waiting for the rest of your sentence …. Thinking perhaps I had lost the link and you had gone! Then I realised ...That IS the sentence!

FoL: Send out your most heartfelt prayers to those in power. There are many Light Bringers that are about to step up the game and it by no means is an easy road for them to walk. Let those who are to ‘make the break’ FEEL your unconditional LOVE and your strength lifting their wings.

You are all in this together … and together you are ALL.

Blossom: Nice! That’s it for today. I have learned to recognise your ‘closing lines’. We are as ready as we’ll ever be. In LOVE and THANKS.