March 27, 2011

Adama & Archangel Gabriel Talk About Money

If you like these ideas, I have created an opportunity for putting these energies and principles into practice.  Please see the event, Co-Create New Earth Energy of Abundance on to sign up.  Participation is free.

Gabriel: Money and childhood experiences go hand-in-hand.  One is balanced by the other.  If you have bad childhood experiences in your cells, your relationship with money will go sour in your adult years.  You could be picking pennies up off the sidewalk, or come into hundreds of thousands, and still, your relationship with self and your money is imbalanced.

This is an issue perfect for discussion right now because the world’s economy is crumbling.  This is a good thing.  The higher selves of those in the world are giving a global wake-up call.  Time is a vital element here – if time were short, you would think more about where you put your money, wouldn’t you?  So consider your economic timetable to be brief – the industrial revolution was the start of this particular financial cycle on the globe and we’re reaching an endpoint, around 2012 or 13.  The next ’round’ is going to be much easier for you, but you have to release your tight-fisted grip on your current monetary system to have a graceful transition to a newer, more enlightened manner of exchange.  I can’t tell you how this is going to happen, because the spiritual hierarchy is carefully controlling the outcome, but I can give you fair notice of the coming changes and help you to mentally prepare yourselves.

I AM Gabriel, the Archangel.  You must begin to feed yourselves differently – under your current economic hardship allowances for higher level education and similar circumstances, greed is still the oil makes the cogs turn.  There are allowances for people with different socio-economic backgrounds, marital status, kids or lack of them, and other things.  This is divvying up what’s available and sorting through the crowds of people to distribute money equally as seems possible, in order to free individuals from their poverty or circumstances. I’m not saying this is bad, but I am saying that the motivator is wrong.  Because it feeds cycles of poverty consciousness and the grand illusion that somehow or some way, a higher level institution or government program is going to save you, rescue you, turn you around so you can make something better of yourself.  In our view in the angelic realms, this is a system that aids people in feeling sorry for their circumstances, feeling down on themselves, because they can’t do better.  They don’t deserve to be treated like this, because they are empowered individuals and the government does not need to help them.  Government-sponsored subsistence living or educational opportunities is not the answer to your financial troubles on a large scale.  The checks and balances remain the same, unequalized.  People are still not working together for the common good of all.  They are divvying and proportioning and making allowances for people they feel need their help.

We want to suggest another sort of system.  This is a system based on the type of love that God and the Angels have for humankind, it is a fair, balanced and equal way of doing things.  I said earlier that it all starts in childhood.  This is the moment of opportunity, a time when everything coalesces into a sense of self-worth and regarding one’s output in the world – how one views themselves as useful, as Masters in the light.  There is a kind of vibration that resonates with this identity of self-worth and divine guidance that starts early on (or doesn’t).  The tone resonates with the number 5 and on the tonal scale is an F.

Note: I encourage you to ask Archangel Gabriel will be with you.  Ask him to thoroughly cleanse and clear your system of the old ways of doing things and all of the energies and thought patterns associated with it, and to let in the new energy.  This may take several minutes.
Now Gabriel encourages me to breathe in the energy of Telos and Adama from Telos.  The Telosians did promise me a few weeks ago that they would bring some new information regarding worldly finances and wealth distribution.

Adama: I AM Adama from Telos.  We are so glad to offer you this opportunity for increased planetary prosperity, and to give you some directions if you want to alter your relationship to the world’s circumstances right now – the wars and problems you face.

We bring peace to the women on the planet, to the peacemakers, to those who embrace divine love and don’t think about their money first.  The primary concern on this planet is how to distribute the wealth you have accumulated, energetically-speaking.  You are wise to consider donations to worthy causes and things, and to uplift those below you, who are in a financial bind, so that they can help themselves.  But as Archangel Gabriel said, we cannot distribute wealth equally when the energies behind it are out of balance on the planet.  This is what Archangel Gabriel was talking about: the distribution of wealth in harmony with the distribution of energy.  For energetically speaking you are all out of tune, out of harmony with each other.

You know there is plenty of goods and money on the planet to give everyone what they need for a happy lifestyle and goods aplenty.  Don’t worry so much about how it’s going to happen, but focus on harmonizing the energy that will awaken this new light out of poverty-and-wealth consciousness into a harmonious state of general wellbeing.    There is no reason anybody should be without.

 I Am Adama of Telos, and we share this energy of harmonization with you.  If you are an energy healer, bring this energy forward as much as possible, send it out onto the planes of the earth, just give it all that you can.   If you like using sounds and tones, you can send the waves of harmonizing energy out on the tone of F, or A as well.  D minor, with an emphasis on the tone of F will feel good in this energy.  The Angels are singing in this key to bring light to the area of poverty consciousness in the world.  You can join them!  Whether you are musically inclined or not, you can ask to join them and just let yourself be free.

You can harmonize yourself to this energy also by being out in nature, in the forest especially.  The trees will vibrate in harmony to this frequency that releases one from pain.  There are more voices on this planet than many realize.  The sun, the stars…the animals, the streets…everything has a vibration, has harmony, has a voice.  You need to call on all that exists in order to reach an equalibrium, and happiness and balance for all humans.  This is a core essential for enlightenment on a planetary level.

You can also simply ask, of course, for Archangel Gabriel to fill you up with this harmonious frequency of planetary happiness and equality in wealth.  These things are your innate birthright, something you have had with you since you were born, but maybe failed to activate along the way – but it is still there.  We in Telos are supporting you as you return to live from the light of your true selves.

There is more to be said but we will save it until later.  Namaste, my people of the sun.

One last note: I wanted to find the tones and scales Adama and Gabriel were talking about and discovered if you do an internet search for a ‘virtual keyboard’ you can find the tones that way.  Namaste!  <3
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18 Apr 2011 - 8:30am - 18 Jul 2011 - 11:30pm
 Release the Old Financial System
Embrace the New Energy
with Adama of Telos and Archangel Gabriel

Adama, High Priest of Telos

Before signing up for this event, I invite you to read my blog post, a message recieved by Adama and Archangel Gabriel, here:
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Channeling on Divine Currency

This event is going to be a casual way for people to share and put into practice the principles of New Earth finance and abundance that have been coming through from the higher realms.

The project begins April 18th and ends July 18th.  Each month, the group will be given a focus topic.   For the next 4 weeks, deliberately put the principle into practice and write down your experiences and insights. As you are ready, send them to me, the moderator, and I will send them out to everyone (your privacy will be protected).
The goal is to have everyone in the group inviting the New Earth Energy into their life, and to do the work of healing self and the planet - and watching as things transform for them. 
I'd like for the group to build on itself and for energies and ideas to abound.  The focus for one month may be the inspiration for the focus of the next.  After this group is finished we may begin a new event and do another level/angle of energetic attunement.
1. Please register below on Lightworkers
2. Contact Erin Mackley, moderator, at with your name, email address you'd like to use, and how you would like to be identified to the group.  Also, please include a little bit about your interests, and how you feel on the topic of money, spirituality and planetary healing.  This will be sent out to everyone on the first day. Your email address will NOT be shared with other members of the group.
3. Every few days, as insights are sent to me by participants, I will send them out to the group.

This event is TOTALLY FREE.  I will only use your email address for the purpose of this group.
This will be a delicious way to begin working with the New Energy of abundance that we are co-creating on the planet!
Your participation and feedback are needed  =-D


Hilarion, March 27-April 9, 2011

Hilarion's Weekly Message 2011

March 27-April 9, 2011

Beloved Ones,
The energies of renewal are now coming forth in the flow of life and the cycles upon your Planet and bringing with them the energies of a new beginning. How this new beginning translates in your personal life is dependant on your attitude and perceptions and your ability to become the Master of your thoughts and emotions and your intentions to create a better way. There are cycles within cycles within cycles and upon your Planet and in the Cosmos, many of these cycles are now converging into alignment with a far greater Plan than has been understood by Humanity to the present time.
Much depends on the thoughts and emotions of each of you during the times ahead. Most of you have learned to love with a certain sense of detachment that allows you to lovingly accept that others have their own choices to make and Paths to follow and you allow them to do this without any attempts to control. This is what is known as unconditional love and it releases you from feeling responsible for the actions and choices of others and sets you free to experience your own direction with greater clarity and focus and most importantly, enjoyment. Life in a physical body is an opportunity to experience the gamut of an entire range and depth of feeling, emotion and creativity that allows for a richness to blossom from within.
As you become multi-dimensional in a more conscious manner, you will realize that you have, in fact, been accomplishing much more than your previously limited perceptions have allowed you to comprehend. Work on the higher dimensions involves the use of creativity, visualization and thought and each of you does this so easily that you tend to not recognize that you are doing this. Try to become more cognizant of your creative thought processes and as you do, you will become more clear about the Universal Laws that you have been working with and how your thought processes bring to you the manifestation of your predominant and many times, subconscious thoughts.
The time is now to begin to discipline your minds to focus on what you want to manifest in your lives rather than what you do not want, for the Universe is impartial and will give you what you constantly focus on in your thought processes, and the Universe is alive with power and energy and will create for you what you desire, or what It perceives that you desire by your repetitive thoughts, visualizations and creativeness. Care must be taken to ensure that what goes forth from you will in turn be what you truly desire to have come to you. This is why daily decreeing is a method to bring to you that which is for your highest and greatest good and in these times of great change, the discipline of decreeing helps one to focus and stay grounded.
For those of you who need to have such a focus rather than using meditation each day, much can be accomplished through the power of the word spoken verbally to bring out the higher aspects of your own Self and increase your vibrational frequency, for sound has vibration and creates powerful energy and most of you who use this discipline understand how powerful this process is in your personal and Planetary transformation. Even one decree each day for your personal protection and growth and one decree such as the Great Invocation repeated each day can bring about a higher frequency in your energy field as you repeat them in repetitions of three, seven, nine, eleven, etc. It is the intonations of each word and the repetition of these words that creates a more powerful and centered You and helps you to become a more conscious Being creating and manifesting in this octave of life.
Conscious creation can bring to you more joy, freedom, grace and ease once self discipline is employed to your thought processes. Make your mind the builder, Beloved Ones, the mighty tool of your own Mastery over every situation you encounter as you walk upon the Earth. We remind you that there are many unemployed Angels just waiting to be called upon and recognized as such, Legions and Legions of Angels…just waiting….
Until our next message in two weeks time (April 9th), for the Scribe will be travelling to California next week and will not have a computer to update the Rainbow Scribe website…..
I AM Hilarion
©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff

March 22, 2011

Kryon ~ Take your inner work seriously

14 February 2011 at San Pedro, Costa Rica

Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of magnetic service.
It’s wonderful to be with you all this very night. Some of you have been together now for quite a while and you are beginning to understand these teachings; you are beginning to understand how they work and you are beginning to see how powerful they are.

There is a new world coming and this new world will be very, very different from what life is today. There are going to be very many changes in this life and there will be a reduction in the population; things will not be easy as we move towards 2012 and the end of 2012. The people who will find life the easiest are those who are Christ-conscious, and what that means is that your entire family constellation is in harmony. You will be expected to live with your intuition more and more as time gets closer and closer to 2012.
There is going to be at the minimum a massive magnetic shift; this planet will not be the same after 2012. Be in your bodies and keep breathing… and know that everything is going to be exactly the way it is meant to be… observe your breath… you all have access to these teachings that will make life so much easier in this transition from the old world to the new world. Things won’t be easy but you are human beings and you are used to a challenge… it is for you to allow yourselves to become more and more conscious and understand exactly what is going on on this plane.

We have spoken previously about there being two kinds of God on this planet, there is a good God that you create out of the purity of your own soul and there is a bad God that you create out of the woundedness of your wounded child. This is the duality that you find yourself in as you work towards Christ consciousness.

You will find yourself becoming less dualistic and more holistic, and this is what we want for you; to become complete as human beings. When the magnetic shift happens on this earth, and one of the size you will be receiving around September 2012, it will begin to release all negativity in your body and this can be quite dangerous for very negative people, for people who haven’t done work on themselves. You all know what it is like to release energy when you’ve been processing yourself; sometimes you can feel quite ill, and if all the negativity releases all at once it will cause all kinds of problems… so it is for you to heal as much as possible, and we ask that you spend as much time as possible healing yourselves and not worrying about the physical world.

These channellings go out to people who are on a spiritual path, normally to healers, who have been working on themselves for many, many years… its very, very important that you work with the father. We say this every time we channel now but it is important that you get connected to your father and your father to his father, and your grandfather to your great grandfather. Do as much of this kind of inner work around these relatives of yours because this will create a holding energy for you so that you can withstand this magnetic shift.

There are people who are operating on behalf of the dark side of infinity… it is time to stop this kind of work, it is time to be honest and to let the people of the world know what is coming in 2012. Those who work and operate on the dark side are carrying the most negativity. It’s as simple as ABC, but it’s not so simple if you think you’re doing the right thing.

The entire world needs to know what is going to be happening in 2012, so that this shift flows through easily and smoothly. After 2012 there will be a love based consciousness left on planet earth, this is what has always being spoken of that love is the only answer, love is a little bit like oil to an engineer, without oil the machinery doesn’t last very long. In these channelling we’ve always spoken that the negative emotions will no longer be valid, you will be creating your reality out of love and that is what Christ consciousness is; Christ consciousness is love and a heartfelt life. This world is about love; there have been many games played on this planet, things that should never have happened, atom bombs that have been dropped, killing women and children that has created great shame for man and whenever any society has stepped into consciousness, such as the Cathars, they have had genocide committed against them. This is unacceptable and this has created great pain for the world.

There was only ever one reason that man should come to this earth and that is to arrive unconscious, to be taught by their peers to become Christ-conscious, to bring their gifts, to manifest their gifts, and to manifest love. This happened with the indigenous people of the world, but there has been a great spiralling down of consciousness, moving through Egypt, into Israel, into Greece and into Rome, especially since the Romans came to power, the consciousness of this planet has spiralled down and there is an evil energy which is emanating from the days of the Roman Empire and still flows through consciousness today, this has caused great woundedness and great hurt among the peoples of the world and this has to stop.

There is a little time left to take action and to bring consciousness to this world; to truly understand who you are and to know what you are. In these channelling we have always said that you are magical beings of this universe… the complete human is a truly magical being that can do many magical things on this planet… you can constantly create your reality, and it is time to move into the new world, letting go of the old you.

The energies are here to support all... bringing every human being into completeness… and there has to be a free flow of information, a free flow of truth, you have to trust the good God, you have to know that everything is in your best interest and you have to know that you are part of that God consciousness that has taken decisions in spirit world and is bringing that information to earth.

Each one of you that hears this channelling is here to bring your gifts and manifest them here on earth. You will all be healers that hear this message and it is for you to manifest yourself in all your glory and to release your ego completely and you will feel yourself safe, secure and held. All healers have had difficult lives, it is meant to be that way so that you can understand yourselves, so that you have to work through many, many issues and so that you can understand everybody else. What you’ve healed within yourself you will be able to heal quite easily in others, the more and more that you do it, the more and more clear and complete you will become.

The more complete you are, the better a human you will be… there will be many who need to come out of the darkness and move into the light. These can be difficult times ahead… and just know that this earth belongs to you; it is your earth and it belongs to you, and it belongs to all equally that live on it… it does not belong to a minority. It is pointless for them to continue the way they are continuing for whatever they build will crumble.

We in spirit world are doing everything possible that we can to support you to move you into a Soul/Christ consciousness. You will notice that your chakras go either clockwise or counter clockwise depending on your circumstances and your social conditioning. What Christ or Soul consciousness is, is when your seven chakras are constantly moving in a clockwise motion. You will notice the more conscious you become that in general when you look at your politicians their chakras are operating in a negative anti-clockwise fashion; they are telling you what they think you want to hear, they are not telling you the truth, and they are leading you away from who you truly are.

We wish to say once again that many, many things are going to change on this earth and for all of you healers out there it is for you to spend as much time as possible on your inner work. This is your time now, next year you will have a lot of work with many, many people. Your leaders have not led you well on this planet, and there is a great deal of work to be done.

So we ask you dear ones to close your eyes and go inside, and observe what you are feeling in this moment and feel your bodies and feel what is inside your bodies… there can be a lot of fear around moving towards 2012. This kind of things happens on planets around the solar systems of the galaxies and your energy system is used to this kind of work. It can be very exciting and it can also bring up a lot of fear; but you have all had experience doing this kind of work, not only on planet earth but on many other planets and in galaxies far, far beyond this one. We are bringing to you as much support as we possibly can. Your spirit guides are at your sides and you will become more and more connected to them as you become more and more complete.

You are dearly loved dear ones, and you are stepping into this new world… and we repeat ourselves, there is much, much work to be done, it is time now to take your inner work very seriously and to really understand what is going on here and how the universe works.

It will take time and as you meditate the answers will come; one man can tell you how the universe works but you have to understand it within your own psyche. You can be led to understanding but it is you that must understand. We have always said in these channelling for many, many years now, that love is the only way… those of you that listen to these channellings have a job to do, and you have to be capable to be in the centre of the storm and holding your space, and knowing that you get from one side of the vale to the other without problems.

The new world is coming dear ones, the old governments will go. The old way of living on this planet will go and once you achieve the goal of Christ consciousness, safe passage is assured. So, observe you bodies and observe your feelings and feel what is true for you… let your feelings come and let the feelings go… and where there is any pain or any fear in your body… hand this fear and this pain over to spirit world… let any emotion that is in your body rise through your body… allow the emotion to flow… let the feelings come and let the feelings go…

Let’s get a picture of you, your father, your father’s father and your father’s grandfather, your paternal grandfather; for it is very important that these men can relate on the inside of you. That these men become as complete as possible… the more complete they are the more easily they will relate. Allow loving healing energies, Kryon’s magical healing energies, to flow through you into your father and into this picture of you… and let it flow through into this picture of you, your father, your father’s father and his father. Allow these full aspects of yourself to heal. Don’t force anything, just allow the energies to do their work… and let the feelings come and let the feelings go…

It is the males in your family that we are healing; the males are there to hold the energy, to hold the dream of your life, everything else to these three men in your family is feminine. And it is for the masculine to hold the feminine. Whatever you attempt to heal that is feminine to these three men, that these three men cannot hold, will be a complete waste of time and energy, that is why it is more important to give your energies to your father his father and your father’s grandfather.

The time will come to work with what is feminine to these men but you need to give a great bias in the way you do your inner work to these three men. The men of the world have been hurt by the way the planet has been run and it is the men that need to heal the most, their masculinity needs to be returned to them. And we wish to be clear that this is all on the inside of you; what is on the inside of you, you create on the outside. If you have not got the masculinity on the inside of you to hold what you wish to create, it will never happen. You can dream and dream forever and even if you do manage to manifest, even if you do manifest your dream, if it can’t be held it won’t last for long.

As you work with these three men you will begin to instantly feel stronger and stronger; much more comfortable and confident within yourself. Whether you are a man or a woman, the father is there to hold you and to hold your mother and what this work will do, it will make you more and more connected to Father-Sky and more and more connected to Mother-Earth, and less connected to the darkness. Your ego will begin to dissolve and you will begin to be able to become the true you and that is what we want, we want the true you.

Just like a butterfly hatches from a cocoon, that is who you will become, and you will be able to fly above the negativity that goes on on this planet, you will see the truth for what it is, for you will become that magical being that walks the magical path between heaven and earth…

Go well and god bless… take care… for this is Kryon signing out. Thank you all.

Copyright © David Brown.
All rights reserved.

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March 21, 2011

Arcturian Group, 19 March, 2011

MARCH 19, 2011
Greetings dear ones, we come again to talk with you about the many things you are experiencing and are about to experience.  We are see you moving quickly into the higher energies and because of this, you are going to be seeing many more changes upon your dear planet earth.  You are now witnessing  energies of change within your financial systems; a system  which is riddled with inequalities and false promises made by those who would keep you struggling in the dark.  We see you beginning to understand that there is more to life than what you have been led to believe.  We see you beginning to realize that you are all One-one Life manifesting as individual life; an awareness that is bringing the changes needed upon your earth to shift you and her into the new energy.  We see you awakening to ideas of truth; ideas that  allow you  to honor yourselves as well as others in a way that has not been present on earth before.  What you are witnessing as much chaos is the releasing of old and negative energies.  Please try not to go into and energy of fear, all that are a part of this have chosen to do so.

Be prepared to welcome your brothers and sisters from inner earth and other planets for they are awaiting your welcome and cannot be of much assistance until you accept them as real, and ask.  You must understand that because you are free will beings, no one, not even those highly evolved beings trying to assist earth, can simply step in and change your world (this is your job) even though they can easily see what is needed.  Those of you who cry out for help, must first begin to take a stand within yourselves.  This is a movement that is awakening you to your own power dear ones, an awakening into the  realization that since you are also of the Divine, you also can  access  guidance from within your own consciousness. It is a time to take a stand for that which you now know to be the truth, and to speak up for yourselves as needed.

We see much change coming within this year, and yet understand that all change is the effect of the energy in place at the time.  Therefore predictions may often seem to be erroneous simply because the energy has changed since the prediction was made.  You see, you are creating your world moment by moment.  You are making the changes happen and it is you the people of earth, who are moving Gaia closer to her and your ascension.  All is proceeding according to plan, in fact even more quickly than previously believed, for many have now awakened and many are now filling the world with the light of awareness.

Events of the past month, will continue to unfold, for it is only through the dissolving of old energy structures, that the new can be built.  We see more experiences of earth chaos for awhile  because these events bring forth much needed change in individuals, groups, cultures, rigid belief structures, and Gaia.  Gaia is trying to align herself with in a way that enables her to  manifest the energy of the new dimension. She is trying make these adjustments in the easiest way possible, but at times there simply is no other way to do it.  That which seems to be chaos is change.

We see your world shining with the light of transformation, a light reflecting energy change, and a light reflecting truth.  This has upset those who keep the status quo-that is you staying in the dark so to speak, because they are now losing their hold on you.  Once you have awakened to your own power, you no longer need organized religions, churches,  governments, and  so called experts to tell you what to do.  This suggestion  often offends those who wave their flags and shout, "rah rah, my country right or wrong", however the world cannot play this game much longer for it is now the time for taking back your power.  Government yes, but a government for the people and by the people, not one of "for us through your hard work".  Churches yes, but churches that teach you to go within yourselves and do not preach that only their leaders  have  answers so therefor you must go to them, and preferably bringing along a large donation.

Many secret meetings are taking place at this time reflecting an element of your world that struggles to hold the old "houses of cards" in place either through their ignorance or selfish intentions.  However, what  they do not realize is that the energy that holds all  "houses of cards" in place, is rapidly leaving- shifting and changing to a new and higher energy which in turn will manifest in new and higher ways, and which support the Divine individuality of all creation.

Hold on to your hats, dear ones, for the ride is only beginning but always know that all is proceeding according to a Divine plan of enlightenment.  Do not fear the leaving behind of all your old concepts and beliefs, for that which is real can never be lost, it is only  that which  is old and untrue that is finished.  Your founders in the USA wrote the constitution from a deep level of  consciousness. These were awakened beings and were guided by the Light.  This Divinely inspired constitution has often been perverted to serve the desires of those who although intelligent, were not as enlightened as the founders, resulting in their choosing to manipulate words and meanings to serve their own interests.  However, not all your leaders  are of this energy; there are some statesmen among the politicians, and these are the ones to support and listen to.  They too are struggling to find answers within all that is happening at this time.

Your president is an evolved being, but he is not being allowed to bring through many of his enlightened ideas at this time, but he will.  Send him Light dear ones, for he  is now  facing  so many obstacles to his way of seeing and doing.

It is actually a time for rejoicing, for you are beginning to see change unfolding.  Hold tightly to truth in spite of world events and the reports of your news media. Be open to new realizations, and tell your Higher Self that you are ready to ascend, and then hold on dear ones, for all you have held dear that is in and of the old energy is going to change.  Without resistance, allow the release of all that  is finished in your world, letting go of any and all concepts based in duality and separation in order to  ride on a beam of Light and awareness, filled with joy and abundance of every sort.

You are whole, complete, unconditioned  love, now and forever- always have been and always will be regardless of what present circumstances or appearances may be.

We are the Arcturian Group

March 17, 2011

Medicines of Light

Medicines of Light:
Protection and Healing from Radiation Poisoning, Neurotoxins, Bacteria and Viruses.
With the earthquake in New Zealand, followed by the earthquake in Japan, it is clear that you have entered a more complex phase of the Chaotic Node.
We wish to impart a method for protection and healing from radiation poisoning as well as other physical conditions. We call this Medicines of Light.
This is obviously related to current events unfolding in Japan, however, as future earth changes unfold, you may face similar challenges in your near future from other locations around the world.
This method will assist you to both protect and heal yourself from exposure, not only to radioactivity, but also to neurotoxins and to mutating forms of bacteria and viruses. From our perspective you can expect to see an increase of these in your near timeline.
The method involves connecting to your Celestial Soul, the BA. This action is to connect to the realms of light that are a part of your being.
Everything that exists in your cosmos can be viewed as a qualification or energetic expression of light—even your densest forms of matter are essentially a form of light.
In this method you connect to your Celestial Soul, holding the intent and expectation that it will impart to you an energetic that protects and/or heals you. You send this intent to your Celestial Soul with the emotional vibration of appreciation or gratitude. This is simply the vibrational resonance that activates this higher aspect of your being.
Once you send this intent conjoined with appreciation or gratitude to your BA, you shift your awareness into your heart chakra, receiving the energetic of healing or protection into the heart chakra. You might experience this energetic as a form of light, or as geometric patterns, or you may feel the sensation of a descent of energy. You may also experience this energetic simply as a thought/feeling.
Once the energetic is received in the heart chakra, it is ready to send.
For this phase you will need some pure water, since water holds this type of information extremely well. Holding a container of water in your hands, through intent, you send this energy that is in the heart chakra down the arms into the hands and through the chakras that are in the center of each palm. The energetic enters the water through this pathway.
We suggest you amplify this energetic by repeating the procedure three times, for a total of three times—two more times in addition to the first.  You then drink the water. The water permeates the water element of your body, and the healing and protective qualities eventually enter every cell.
Through this action you are qualifying light, causing it to descend through the central pathway of your body into your heart and sending it into the water element. The consciousness of the water receives this energetic, and when you drink it, the body receives it.
If you find yourself in a situation where you have been exposed to radioactivity you would engage this procedure as we have described it, qualifying the energy that descends from the BA to protect and heal you from any possibility of radiation poisoning. If you have other means to protect yourself, you should obviously engage these as well, but even if you are left with nothing but the tools of your own consciousness, you can protect and heal yourself.
If you have been exposed to neurotoxins you would do the same. If you are in the midst of an epidemic that involves bacterial or viral infections, we advise you to do the same.
As you collectively enter more deeply into this more complex and intense phase of the Chaotic Node, bacteria and viruses will mutate faster. This method will allow you to protect and heal yourself from these mutating life forms.
It is important to understand that you are creating the protection and healing through the powers of your own consciousness. You have direct access to your own light realms. You have the sovereign right to engage the light realms on your own behalf and on the behalf of your loved ones.
If you find yourself in one of these difficult situations we have described, we suggest you take the Medicine of Light—which is the water that you have charged—several times a day, as your intuition guides you.
The physical ramifications of the earthquake activity in Japan and the resulting tsunami are very difficult to deal with. But we wish to shift our attention from the physical to the mental, emotional, and spiritual effects created by such a disaster,
Due to the fact that you are in a Chaotic Node and energies from deep space conjoined with solar flare activity are affecting your energy bodies, you, as a collective, are more affected. What we mean by this is that witnessing the suffering of your fellow humans shatters the heart. There is a recognition that their predicament could easily be yours. This recognition can create an opening in your heart, and it is through the heart—your heart—that higher states of consciousness are realized, and so the earthquake in Japan is, in many ways, an earthquake of the collective heart.
The times before you are not easy. From our perspective, increased earth changes are upon you. But one result of such events is that you are shaken to your roots and the mass hypnosis pauses for a moment.  And in such utter and surrealistic devastation, many of you see very clearly that your civilization rests on tenuous grounds. We mean this both literally and figuratively.
And so our advice for this phase of the Chaotic Node is to learn and master the ability to create Medicines of Light for yourself, so that when the time arises, you know how to engage this power of protection and healing that you possess in your very nature. And we suggest you navigate through these times not only with your minds, but with your hearts—and let your hearts be touched, for it is through your hearts that you will ascend the spiral pathway to your own greatness.
The Hathors
March 16, 2011

Tom’s Thoughts and Observations
I have been channeling the Hathors for about twenty years now and started posting their Planetary Messages in February of 2003. And in all that time I have never sensed in them such an urgency to post one of their communications. Usually, I am given several days to dwell on and contemplate their messages before writing my comments. But that luxury does not exist in this moment. They have asked Judi and me to post this particular message as soon as possible, and so I will make my comments brief and to the point.
The central message here is that all human beings have the ability to create what the Hathors call Medicines of Light.  And this type of medicine has an inherent capability and potential to protect and heal us not only from radioactive poisoning, but also from the effects of neurotoxins, as well as bacterial and viral infections.
The method is simple and to the point. Since some of you reading this may be new to the whole idea of a Celestial Soul (or BA), let me clarify its location and how to engage it. The BA, or Celestial Soul, is an aspect of your own consciousness that is outside the constraints of time and space. Some of you might refer to the Celestial Soul as the Higher Self. But whatever you call it, your Celestial Soul exists in what the Hathors call the light realms, and this aspect of you is engaged whenever you send it appreciation or gratitude.
Your BA does not have a location in time and space since it is transcendent to both.
But it does have an entry point to your energy field, which is about arm’s distance above your head. If you were to raise your hands over your head and touch your fingertips together, your fingers would be in the vicinity of this entry point. And this is where you place your attention in the first phase of their method for creating a Medicine of Light. (Do note that placing of your hands above your head is only for orientation purposes. You do not actually put your hands over your head when creating the Medicines of Light).
Once you place your awareness in the area of your BA point, you hold in your mind the qualification of light you wish to receive. Let’s say, for example, that you have been, or will be, exposed to dangerous forms of radioactivity and are in danger of radiation poisoning. After focusing your attention on your BA point above your head, hold the intent that the energy that descends from your BA will be an energetic of healing and/or protection from radiation poisoning.
You then send the feeling of appreciation or gratitude upward from your heart chakra to the BA point above your head—as you hold the intent or qualification that the energetic imparted to you from your BA will protect and/or heal you from radiation poisoning.
Next you shift your attention from your BA point to your heart chakra (in the center of your chest beneath the sternum) and then wait to receive the energetic of protection and healing from your BA.
Those of you new to this may need to send the intent or qualification along with the feeling of appreciation or gratitude to your BA several times before you notice a response. But just keep sending this intention joined with the feeling of appreciation or gratitude upward to your BA until you feel a descent of energy. When you feel the descent of energy from your Celestial Soul, shift your awareness to your heart chakra. Allow your heart center to receive this energetic of protection and healing.
You then place your hands around or over a container of pure water and send this energetic received from your Celestial Soul into the water. The energetic of healing and/or protection that has entered your heart center will move down your arms and into the water through the two chakras that are in the center of the palm of each hand.
Repeat this process for a total of three times. Then drink the water.
If you are in a precarious situation, the Hathors advise that you create a Medicine of Light several times a day and drink it according to your intuition.
As the Hathors point out, Medicines of Light have many more applications than just protection and healing from radiation poisoning. You can use these to protect and/or heal yourself from neurotoxins, as well as bacterial and viral infections. Although they did not mention it, I asked the Hathors after they gave this message if the method would work for other physical challenges such as cancer. And they said that Medicines of Light could most definitely be created in the same way to deal with this type of situation—as well as others.
Obviously, if you are dealing with a serious situation such as radiation poisoning, exposure to neurotoxins, and/or epidemics of bacterial and viral infections, you will want to avail yourself of all medical remedies. In other words, this method is not meant to replace medical or public health solutions, but is meant to be an adjunct, something you can do yourself—for yourself.
After giving their message, I asked the Hathors about making Medicines of Light for those who are unable to do it for themselves, like children and pets. They said that you would use the same method, except for the fact that you would qualify the intent for the child or animal you are going to give the Medicine to. For example, if you were creating a Medicine of Light to protect or heal yourself from radiation poisoning, you would send the thought that the energetic you are going to receive from your Celestial Soul is for your own personal protection or healing. If you were going to do this for a child or a pet, you would send the thought that the energetic you are going to receive from your Celestial Soul is for the protection or healing of the being you are going to give the Medicine to, i.e. your child or your pet.
It is here that I would like to interject something. It is far better to teach someone how to create a Medicine of Light than to create a dependency. The ability to create Medicines of Light is an inherent ability in all human beings. It is part of our multidimensional legacy. And to empower someone to do this for him or her self is a service to his or her mastery.
I would personally hate to see this method being used by “healers” to create Medicines of Light for others under the guise that they have some special powers that others do not. This method for creating Medicines of Light is a human birthright, and my feeling is that it should be shared with all persons.
There is much that I would like to share about this simple method for creating Medicines of Light, but philosophical and metaphysical observations will have to wait for another time.
The Hathors are insistent that we post this information and circulate it as quickly as is possible.
©2011 Tom Kenyon All Rights Reserved
You may make copies of this message and distribute it in any media you desire so long as you do not charge for it, do not alter it in any way, credit the author, and include this copyright notice.

Arcturian meditation to activate your light body


This is Sera, Seraphine, I am an Arcturian light body worker, I have been assigned to this channel as a guide and a light.
This will be a meditation to activate your light body.
There will be a lot of light energy transmitted with the meditation, which will aid in increasing the capacity of your light or etheric body to bring in and hold light.
The benefit of this will be to increase the vibrational level of your light body which will result in progress towards ascension as, an opening of your gifts and abilities as well as once you increase your capacity to hold light you also increase your capacity to send it, and bring it into the world.
I will ask you all to close your eyes and take three slow deep breaths while envisioning your light or etheric body where it is normally found in your current dimension slightly above and in front of your physical body.
Once you become aware of your light body by deep breathing and envisioning it, you should feel the vibration of it, the love and light that it is.
This part of your being is your connection to all that is, the part of you that is a part of me, joined with each other, and the part of you that is God.
Draw divine love in through the crown chakra of your physical body feel it fill you, feel the glory of it coursing through your body.
Gather this love energy into your chest, into your heart and pass it through your heart chakra into your light body, I am also doing this with my own divine love along with you.
As this love filters through your physical body it cleanses any negativity, any stress or ailments, it very simply neutralizes them.
As your love unites with mine in your light body, you will notice it begin to grow brighter, to lift higher.
As it becomes fuller and fuller, you will see it glowing and floating before you, attached by the cord that joins you with your energetic self in this life.
Keep adding and adding, the energies are limitless and always available to you.
Continue along for five deep breaths.
Now envision the lightness of the light body before you, take awe in it for it is you and it is ALL.
Slowly begin to draw that light body closer to your physical body, imagine drawing it along the cord that attaches you.
Once contact is made between your physical and light body the feeling is instantly electric.
Take all the time you need to pull your light body into your physical self, breathing deeply and fully the whole time.
Once you have fully merged the two, you will understand the concept of ascension you will feel it on a minor level, the joy and beauty of raising your vibration and merging with your higher self.
This is exciting and this is empowering to experience these levels and feel this love and light within your physical form, give thanks and praise for all that you are and all that you are becoming.
Keep breathing deeply and slowly, and hold your light body within for as long as you can, for not only is this aiding you in reaching new levels, it is also healing and transforming your physical self.
In love and light I give thanks and praise for all that you are.

March 9, 2011

Residents of the New Earth: Arise!

Message from Naeshira Telepathic transmission 22-25 February 2011

The time has come for your vessels to shine forth in love, emitting a vibration of peace and calm to support the transition in your world from the old to the new.  You are essential and vital and fully resourced, and the time has come to arise.
The Old Earth is dissolving.  More and more you will discover this as you dip in and out of the different spectrums of frequency and with this, feel the different energies of the two overlapping worlds—one emerging, one dissipating.
Fulfilling your mission here is possible because of the shift to the New Earth Timeline, the multitudes focused on love and unity and learning to live from these ideals as energy, and from the continual infusions of light that you give one another as well as those being transmitted from beyond the Earth-scape.
As you become more attuned to when you are in the New Earth energies and when you are not, you will orient yourself to the qualities of this newness and the remaining patterns and understandings that were informed by the qualities of the 3rd dimensional Earth, will be revealed.
Awakening to your new residency will liberate you from the laws of the 3rd dimension…as we have said before: choose what rules apply to you.  You do this by the frequency spectrum you have access to.  In embodying particular ideals or qualities, your vibration or frequency reflects these.  With different qualities comes different experiences, capacity and perspective and at particular boundaries and shifts in frequency one experiences different “rules” or laws of the way energy performs and is.
Although we gave many suggestions last fall in our message, “Lightworker to the New Human,” it appears that there is still some confusion and many doubts about what energy is old energy and what energy is new energy.  We wish at this time to provide further details and examples in the hopes that this gives assistance to those desiring to participate in full residency in the New Earth.  By highlighting what might not be yet seen as an older energy pattern, we can help you to choose and thereby create the alignments energetically which will make your more sustained residency in the New Earth energies, possible.
This is important to consider as the chaos within the 3rd dimension is only going to increase.
The energy of BEING, is of the new earth.  You are, remember, an energy system; a transducer for source energy.  Bringing the spectrum of light that is in harmony with you into creative forms and versions reflecting your blueprint and inspired and in harmony with the residence of your focus and your informed inner knowing.  This is your identity as an eternal creative being.
Now, consider if you will, what you are collectively creating...
I remind you of the amazing icon in your culture of the butterfly which is created from the caterpillar.  The caterpillar that crawls into his own energy-nest and moves into a gelatinous unformed state only to emerge eventually as a beautiful, and entirely different FORM.
The Earth and many of you are already experiencing some of this process—you are being called to release so many patterns and habits, senses of identity which are no longer how you wish to explore your aliveness.  They now feel too small and therefore feel limiting and even, you see insulate you from receiving your expanded capacity.  For remember, the limitations are reflections in frequency, which defines spectrum of experience.  And you wish to enlarge this, in order to shift into New Earth, 5th Dimensional Residency.
Coming forth into newness for you is not the same process as the caterpillar, but we remind you of this well known metamorphosis to highlight one very salient fact: the form which is dissolving will not return.  So it’s important to not place your allegiance with any of the things which are indeed dissolving.
It is time to consider what you do “hang your hat on” and to ask your heart to reveal to you anything you are attached to which is not in essence, also timeless, eternal and in vibrational alignment with the New Earth.
The New Earth (or the butterfly in this "story") is being energetically created simultaneously as the Old Earth (or caterpillar) un-forms/dissolves.  What you may not realize is that you are all, already inside of the “pod” of your own making and are collectively undergoing this metamorphosis.
You are all energetically part of one unified field of the Earth and all who call Earth home, and together you have already begun this process.  Within the “pod” of what is dissolving, some of you are accelerating and supporting this process by readily letting go, trusting and going with the flow of the entropy which is apparent in the 3rd dimension and also the natural expansion and shifts which elevate you into the new dimension.   This is natural and in divine timing; all is orchestrated to fulfill the transformation of the entire organism--the biosphere of Earth and all her inhabitants will dissolve into energy and also be transformed into newness.  So you will if you choose, ascend and participate.  If you choose not to, you will leave the earth--your current form dissolving and the energy will also be transformed into something new.
It’s hard to explain to you exactly what is taking place, in a way in which you can visualize it, but consider that the New Earth and the Old Earth occupy the same space…just at different frequencies.  You flip between these depending on your focus and although you may not yet have the visual capacity to “see” when you’re flipping back and forth there are different qualities to the energy in each of these domains and you may certainly begin to attune yourself to these.
The predominant energy in the New Earth is light, peace, calm, ease, curiosity, joy, love, aliveness.  You flow with complete relaxation and acceptance of all things which is accompanied by a cycle of energy which undulates between creativity and periods of simply being.  Energy flows in cycles and waves and here you are entirely one with these, there is no distraction of doubt or worry for your oneness belies this.  You are one with all existence and in this dimension as individualized focus the awareness of this is pervasive.
The predominant energies in the old earth, reflect the dominant experience of a limited, local identity: the interests of securing yourself, planning and arranging things, comparing and competing, frustration and impatience, worry and blame, sorrow and grief, and in the worse situations fear, unworthiness, insecurity, violence, anger and a sense of powerlessness and despair.  Doubt is an anchor to the old earth and there are well established pathways which take you from many points of observation or awareness into well-worn neural net loops of fear and worry, all of which further destroys the quality of your experience and also what experience will come forth as a result of being degraded energetically; the vibration is weighed down.
The way to cultivate a new home—a 5th dimensional home—is an inner game that is accomplished by becoming entirely vertical; by taking smale steps continually to open to your inner connection and to grow the trust in this.  There is no sending energy to others, there is BEING energy.  There is no worrying or trying to control, manipulate or coerce others to get what you want in experience for you’re not trying to get things through others, you’re bringing the energy into your being from your connection with all-that-is, and anchoring it into physicality through your human physical focus point.  In the New Earth, You and others enjoy a sustained feeling of connection and openness, you collaborate, share, enjoy and BE together, and this is profoundly wonderful.
Even healing is an old energy; the new energy is wholeness—continually bringing things into wholeness.  Healing has within it the framework, the attention to something not right—rather then something continually evolving and yet perfect and yet evolving and yet perfect and yet evolving!  In wholeness you will teach one another to be whole by modeling the vibrational changes possible through attention and focus and conduct your energy in one another’s presence (virtual or in person) in such a way as to offer each other new pathways of flowing your energy and therefore, bringing more wholeness into being.  You become creators of pathways and thus pave the way for others to experience what you create with easy access, and through entrainment and emulation and choice, energy fields experience the momentum of a thriving, radiantly expansive quality of aliveness.
As any of you reside in the Old Earth--you will increasingly find much is falling apart and if you are holding onto this it is entirely natural that you would be afraid.  Remember this and be very very gentle with anyone not yet ready to let go and any aspect of yourself which is still invested in aspiration that were entirely suitable in the 3rd dimensional Earth, yet which are no longer even possible.  Many who are experiencing thwarted desires for enormous financial success and external validation, are not yet realizing that abundance and love are fluid entirely present and available on the New Earth.
As you exist in the frequency of the New Earth you will make a beautiful discovery: YOU HAVE ENOUGH.  We caution you here to not hear the word “enough” the way you may have seen this in the Old Earth experience.  Enough does not mean deprivation.  It does not mean settling.  It does not mean just survival.  Enough means that you have what you love, what you enjoy and what you need.   You are living in the luxury of being and the glorious beauty of the Earth and yet you may own very little and a lot of things and experiences flow through you.  While you can use things and enjoy them, they remain in your experience.  You will discover the weight of excess—things you do not regularly enjoy or need—will be unacceptable to you, and in this you will create new collective ways of living and being which allow your to have what you need when you need and want it and to experience a far simpler life in terms of your relationship to money.
Residents of the New Earth have aligned with their own worthiness and love themselves without restraint—this is a fundamental energy of the New Earth and while any of you are experiencing self-loathing, self-criticism or disconnection from yourself through looking outside of yourself for answers—you will find these feelings and focus take pop you right back in the Old Earth energies.
Money while still an aspect of your current systems of exchange in both worlds, will also begin to flow more freely as there is less of a desire to create stagnancy of this energy form by collecting more than you need.  In the New Earth and with a joyous appreciation of your own divinity, it would not occur to you to accumulate large sums of money, nor to use such money to establish your value or credibility with others.  It simply will not have the cache it seemed to have in the old world.  As a result, your experience with money will become remarkable clean and simple.  Money is just a tool, it’s like a hammer—and having five hammers doesn’t make someone more interesting or give you more self-confidence then having one great working hammer.  It’s simply not necessary and will increasingly appear to you for what it truly is: reflecting insecurity and obsessing.  While you may still use money to transact and exchange in your culture, it will feel quite different and as the readjustments and realignments continue to unfold as the Earth moves toward ultimate residency in the 5th dimension, you will marvel at the enormity of these changes!
Ideally the letting go is graceful and newness enters by opening the door yourself.  Demonstrate the possibility of this with your own lives and realize that influence is also an inner game.  Anything which is horizontal—energy wise—is an old energy.  Be who you choose to be and live authentically with exactly where you are now.  You are entirely beautiful and your exact qualities of being right here right now are pure and perfect and divinely aligned and inspired.  With this inner knowing and deep appreciation of self you will soar!
You will learn to experience merging, being, being with, converging, amplifying, reflecting, absorbing, radiating, broadcasting, transmitting, and even RECEIVING—but energetically in an entirely new way.  The Old Earth energy of giving, appears transformed in the New Earth aspect of Being an authentic, consciously choosing, creating, channel of love and light.  As you experience yourself tapped into Source and flowing freely as an open channel of aliveness, then your giving takes the form of FOCUSING the energy which flows through you—you are like a lens for LIGHT!  Your focus is apparent in the quality of your presence, the energy and tone of your creations—speech, gesture, attention, work, inventions, etc.  You exist fully free, as you choose, and are inspired to movement when the divine timing aligns in you—and yet all is ultimately harmonized across time and space.  Mysterious and simply something to know through experience rather then to convey via the limitations of language.
Stillness, being, dissolving consciously into oneness will become more and more familiar to you as you encounter yourself in this new home of time/space.  And as you begin to orient to these new aspects of your new home base dimension, you will be inspired and truly begin to co-create, envision and expand the civilization, the potential of humanity and to see and bring forth greater wholeness on Earth.  There is GREAT anticipation of this in the heavens!
The full flip, or emergence, into this New Earth is a ways off.  There are lots of adjustments to be made and these are ideally made as gradually and gracefully as possible because this allows for the quickest and greatest inclusion of all.
Take the lids off of your inner knowing and shine forth dear ones.
The time has come for the residents of the New Earth to arise!
After all; those who are still not sure what’s happening will need to find their way, and they will not have the years or decades to do so that some of you did.  The events that are happening as a result of the old earth dissolving are happening in closer and closer points of time and the feeling of things intensifying and speeding up as a result of these rapid changes is challenging for all still holding on and residing in the dissolving (or sinking) 3rd dimensional earth-scape.
Be peace.  Be love  Be YOU.  With great love.
We speak from the Records of Creation through the love-filled heart of Naeshira.
© 2009-2010, Meredith Murphy, Expect Wonderful | Modern Paradise Publications

March 7, 2011

Pleiadian Council: Divine Dispensations on Gaia NOW!

6 mrt 2011
Pleiadian Council is with you to cheer you up, for we can feel the vibration of fear, doom & gloom which pervades so much of your Earth reality now. It comes to you through your news programs; through a form of indoctrination which we have spoken of often - for those who have been in power would like you to believe that this time of transition is difficult; that it is impossible for the Earth to heal Herself at this time; that there are not sufficient resources on your planet for you to survive. But this is not so!
We speak of the concept of Divine dispensation. Many Divine dispensations have been given to your planet and your people at this time. This means that we - the Star beings & the Ascended Masters and the Councils of Light and the Galactic Federation of Light - have previously not been allowed to interfere in your reality, for your reality is designed as one of free will in which you must create your own reality and you must heal yourselves. But because there has been such interference on your planet by those who would control and use you - by those who have used the resources of the Earth unwisely and who have encouraged you to believe that you are human gods who hold sway over all plant and animal and Earth kingdoms - because the interference has been to such an extent that you are in crisis now – and because at some point it was seen into your future that you would not be able to raise your consciousness as was designed within the Divine plan for Gaia at this particular time in your space-time continuum, it was agreed throughout the multiverses that assistance was needed. And this assistance came in certain forms.
First, it was decreed that the Christ Consciousness or Unity Grid be placed, be manufactured as such, around your planet. This is a consciousness grid, which essentially allows you to raise your vibration NOW into that of the One Heart; of the Universal Unity Consciousness, so that you experience yourselves as one with all others including the Star beings. This grid has been placed around your Earth in order to dissolve the negative and restrictive nets which have not allowed you to understand that you are Light beings, entirely able to move through dimensions and create your reality at will.
There are also Divine dispensations in place regarding your karma – for it is no longer deemed appropriate that you work through the karma that you have accumulated through the many many Earth lifetimes which you have experienced - lifetimes in which you held the Light and lifetimes in which the dark pervaded your soul (and there is no judgement regarding this). There is no time for you to play out these dramas now. The time you are in now is one of awakening – and awakening is the only thing that saves you now.
Awakening means that you need to let go of all of the thought transmissions that have been seeded into your individual society and global consciousness - the thought forms which cause you to be in separation, fear, anxiety, defensiveness and competition. The very thought forms and belief systems which have caused you to be at war with one another. This time of awakening is therefore one in which there have been Divine dispensations regarding your karma. It is still true within the present time that that which you create and put out will be returned to you – this is the fundamental Law of Attraction – and this is still in place and will always be throughout the Universes. But on this other level of the karma residue from other lifetimes, it is possible for you to simply let go of these karmic contracts. It is possible for you to simply choose that the only karma, the only aspect in which karma works within your individual life has to do with what you put out now – has to do with who you choose to be now.
It is a time of breaking down, and it is a time within your personal lives in which if you do not choose to wake up; if you do not choose to take control of your own life and reality; if you do not choose to connect once again with the animal, plant and human beings on your planet, your life will be difficult. The more you are stuck in fear and in density; the more robotically you switch yourselves off from your true light selves by sitting in front of your indoctrination devices, your televisions – the more you choose this reality, the more difficult your life wil be.
For it is a time of awakening! And through awakening, through choosing to realise once again your true being-ness of Light and your connection with all other things in your world, and your ability to have and create that which you choose from your heart – it is this which saves the day, it is this which allows you to move forward with grace and ease and joy! And this is not a difficult task, is it now? To choose joy over fear; to choose freedom over bondage; to choose to move within the eternal flow of love which is the energy of the Source; Mother-Father God. This is not a chore, is it now dear humans?
And in anticipation of your Universal awakening, that we may be in communication fully with you once more, we bid you Namaste.
love love love
Solara an-Ra Warrior of the Light

March 4, 2011

Arcturian Group 4 March, 2011

Greetings dear ones, we come again to wish you a very happy time on your journey into enlightenment.  We wish to tell you that all is proceeding according to plan, and  earth is well on her way each moment toward moving into more light.  Every day that passes  brings more light to the earth through your awakening, although it does not look that way if the news is your window.  Many souls have awakened and grow weary and impatient with never ending wars and the profitable  businesses of war which continue to fill the coffers of those who promote it.  You are quickly arriving at a place within yourselves that no longer  accepts an energy that separates and divides but instead, are choosing that which allows you to see the Divinity of all- not just those who look, think, act, or believe the same as you do.  All are one with Source, all are here to learn and evolve, and all are a part of the profound experience going on at this time.

We would like to tell you that there will be some upheavals upon your earth in the near future, upheavals that are a necessary part of the energy shifts and clearings taking place.  Be advised that all who partake of these events do so having given their permission  before  entering in to this lifetime.  It was their pre-birth choice  to serve in whatever way they could,  to be of service during these evolutionary times so to speak, and nothing is random or without  purpose and intention.  Occasionally these kinds of choices are made to complete some karmic debt, which is then finished for the individual. We can assure you that there are no accidental deaths during these times in any of the events now being witnessed.  You are seeing the  willing sacrifices of those who have freely chosen to  help lift Gaia out of  third dimensional energy and into the fifth and they lovingly give their lives for the cause of enlightenment although most are not consciously aware of pre-birth decisions. We understand that it does not appear this way to you; you see the many lives lost, and feel  pain as you witness the destruction and suffering. Yet you must understand that there is a much grander plan unfolding here, and there is in reality, no death.  Death is the grandest  illusion of all.

Enlightenment is beginning to manifest as the desire for freedom and choice.  Those who have held  positions  of power by force will no longer be enabled to do it because the new energy does not support the domination by the few over fellow beings. These actions are  the activity of the old energy  dear ones, that which perfectly represents  duality and separation and has been used this way for  centuries.  Dictatorships and self serving power struggles of all kinds  are quickly becoming  unsustainable  because the energy  that held them in place has changed and will continue to change.  What is coming in now is an energy of Light, unconditional love, and oneness.

Just as is happening with the banking industry, the energy that has been held old ideas in place is leaving and so all houses of cards must fall, don't you see?  Everything is energy and  everything is a manifestation of consciousness.  As  more and more are awakening, the  energy is  becoming higher and higher and the outer changes are beginning  to reflect that.  Consciousness manifests in the outer as...which is what you are observing across  the world as a desire and struggle for freedom.

Enlightenment of the many is taking place and it grows larger with each day.  This  momentous event is the reason so  many beings from other planets and galaxies are observing your progress from their ships.   They are helping as they can and are encouraging you in more ways than you know, for you, the people of earth are accomplishing  a grand feat,  even though it may not seem  that way.  Be strong dear ones, be strong and push forward into what you are learning to be the truth.  Light is dissolving the shadows even as we speak.  Some shadows do not with to be dissolved, but that is  of no concern, for it is happening and nothing can stop it at this point.

We also wish to talk about the energy of change coming to your businesses and services.  Soon you will see new and positive unfoldment within the businesses of health, banking, education, culture  and all  other facets of living.  As the people of earth become enlightened, their ways of doing things will shift to a higher level.  Everything you see, hear, taste, touch, or smell is actually a Divine idea which is being interpreted and manifested according to the consciousness of individuals.  A world consciousness of duality and separation has up to this point, interpreted health, business, arts etc.  as you have known them-sometimes good, and sometimes not so good.  As mankind moves into a higher and more enlightened state of consciousness, these same ideas will begin to manifest in higher, more enlightened, and better forms.

All facets of life will be refined, manifesting on much higher levels and reflecting  this more enlightened world consciousness.  This gives you an idea of the future, and how it will not be the loss of all you know and love, but will instead be all that you know and love on a higher and better level.   Many live in a fear born of ignorance regarding  these times, believing them to be the end of all things.  It is only the end of the lower resonating interpretations of life, those ways of living that you have accepted for so long.  You will rejoice in the new dear ones, for it will be all you know and love and more,  but now lived and experienced on a higher and more enlightened level.

We are the Arcturian Group                                3/4/11
Marilyn Raffaele

March 2, 2011

Dishonest and discredited leadership will now go into retirement

John Smallman 2/23/11
As you wait expectantly for the illusory reality to dissolve into the nothingness from which you imagined it into existence, know that you are receiving divine support on an unprecedented scale.  Vast societal changes are occurring all across the planet, as you are well aware from the media reports, as humanity begins to understand that the freedom it so desperately desires cannot be kept from it.  People everywhere are peacefully announcing that they will no longer submit to the misguided and insane rules that have been imposed on them for so long.  Those who have wielded authority with such arrogance are finally discovering that they have no authority, and that they have absolutely no right even to attempt to enforce rules and regulations on others in order to control and manipulate them.
Many of those authoritarian figures are claiming that the rules they imposed and enforced were an essential pillar of civilized society to ensure all were treated fairly and respectfully.  But of course the hypocrisy of that argument has long been exposed.  And for a while it appeared that those nations that claimed to be democratic were doing a good job, taking care of their citizens and improving their living conditions.  However, this too has now clearly been shown to be an illusion.  In an illusion only illusions are possible!  Even in the affluent democracies vast numbers are struggling to feed, clothe, and shelter their loved ones, and this need not be.
Many philanthropic and charitable organizations have pointed out that the vast sums spent annually on defense, weaponry, and wars is far, far more than is required to provide abundant food and shelter for all on the planet very easily. Unfortunately, many people bought into the fear scenario that claims “If we don’t protect and defend ourselves we will be annihilated!” and still believe that spending vast resources on myriad organizations of a military nature is essential to their well-being.  Now the foundations of this catastrophic belief are crumbling as you see these organizations being deployed to subdue and even destroy the very citizenry it is alleged that they were created to protect.
What you build you will use!  History has demonstrated this time and time again.  So it is essential that you understand very clearly what it is you are building, why you are building it, and for what other purpose it could be used. None of what I am saying here is new information.  What is new is that now you are taking positive and peaceful action to correct unacceptable situations all across the planet, situations that are in opposition to the common good.  You are using love and compassion, and the strength and determination that they provide, to start the process of change that is a prerequisite for the well-being of humanity and Planet Earth.  The divine energy supporting you in this endeavor will ensure your success.
Those who are still in favor of the old ways (divide and conquer) are rapidly diminishing in number.  Many of them felt that they were living without options in a system that controlled them, but that nevertheless provided a livelihood, and now they are coming to the realization that they do have options, and they are choosing to exercise them by resigning from positions in the authoritarian regimes that have set them in opposition to ordinary citizens – and truly they too are, and see themselves, as ordinary citizens.
The small hard core remaining, who favor the use of violent and forceful means to maintain what they perceive as an appropriately stable and submissive society, are being bypassed as people free themselves from the tyranny that generations of that kind have imposed on many sections of humanity for so long.  Removing their support is all that is necessary, because without it they are powerless and harmless.  There is no honor or advantage in punishing them for their actions (which could not have been carried out unless the general population condoned them), because they will no longer be able to pretend to themselves that they were justified in what they did, and they will have to live with that painful realization for the rest of their lives.  Punishment awarded and delivered severely damages the judges and executors by its very nature, being unloving and unforgiving – in fact merciless – and it is away from that way of being and living that humanity is moving, as a worldwide society of harmony and cooperative enthusiasm comes into being.
The truth about the deceits and betrayals that have been inflicted on people everywhere will continue to be made public to ensure that those who perpetrated them are recognized and consequently do not obtain positions of leadership or influence again.  Integrity, honesty, and openness will be the hallmarks of society instead of the meaningless rhetoric of a dishonest and discredited leadership which will now go into retirement, where it can learn the true purpose of human existence – to evolve spiritually, thereby bringing love and joy to all human activities, and ensuring that everyone, without exception, has all their true needs abundantly provided.
As this sensational and transformative way of behaving spreads throughout all of your worldly nations, races, cultures, and religions, acceptance of one another as priceless jewels – each one of you adding brilliant, creative aspects that only you could supply – will become totally normal, as you realize that even in your individuality you are all truly one, creating a whole society of immense beauty and wisdom in which all are honored for what they are – the perfect offspring of your magnificent, divine Creator.  Wonder beyond your wildest imaginings is to exhilarate you all as Love – the divine power of existence – in all Its beautiful ways of showing Itself wraps you in Its eternal embrace.
With so very much love, Saul.