August 30, 2011

The manuscript of survival - 8

Chapter ten

Today´s topic might be a bit hard to swallow for some, but it is indeed of the highest importance. We refer of course to the fact that you as a species have never been the only sentient beings present on this planet. You have all – or most of you – a preconceived notion that you are in fact the beings who have evolved furthest on this planet, and that you therefore have the right to command the rest of the living beings as you wish. Not so. Never forget, you are only a minute part of creation, and you are by far not the most intelligent one. Yes, you have evolved much from your simple beginnings, but even if your so-called scientific communities and all other creative beings have ensured that you have developed into a reasonably intelligent life form, you have still to reach your pinnacle. There is so much more to learn, dear ones. And we have come to help you further along the way. We are also just a small part of creation, and we are more than a little humble when it comes to placing ourselves in the hierarchy of higher learning. We are not the ones standing on top looking down on others below us, but at least we can claim – and rightly so – that we have something to teach you. Remember, there are species out there who have far surpassed anything you could ever hope of attaining, even if you were left to your own devices for thousands of years. That is, if you managed to keep yourselves alive for such a long time. We all know by now that that would not be the most probable outfall if we had left you to your own devices. Rather, you seem hell bent on setting a direct course straight over the cliff´s edge, and mismanaging yourselves to death and extinction as it were. This cannot be allowed to happen, therefore the powers that be have been instructed by All there is to ensure that you are to be shown the way ahead. This we will do, no matter what you think about the matter. You cannot go on destroying yourselves, and polluting the eternal as you do so. Remember your planet is intrinsically linked to the rest that exist, and your actions have a direct impact on everything else. Therefore, it is time to clean up your act, in more ways than one. And as you have made so abundantly clear, you are stubbornly refusing to do so without any outside intervention.
Many, many will protest this, and say that you are a sovereign species, and therefore should be left to govern themselves. That is no longer an option, and you have to comply with the new rules. Once again we repeat that we are not here to destroy you, but we are here to make sure that you do not destroy yourselves. You have proved incapable of sorting out your own mess, and as such it is time to deploy the helpers. We are just a small part of this – shall we say clean-up crew – and we will collaborate extensively with others already present here on this planet. Some of them you might be aware of, some not, but we would like to give you some details.

Before, we have mentioned your nemesis, the so-called reptilians, or the plague, as we like to call them. Make no mistake, they have been present here for a very long time indeed, and they have no inkling to leave on their own volition. However, they have far outstayed their welcome, and their transport out of here is already booked. In addition, they have some local help, namely some of your own kind. These so-called greys have been in hiding right in the public´s eye, and we think it will cause many a jaw to drop when these are exposed in front of your very eyes. Many of these have been named in your media already, but we hasten to add that are all considered innocent until proven guilty. Let us just say that the trial is about to begin, and no one sailing under this false flag will be allowed to slip away. That is a stated fact, and you can all sit back and watch them trying to crawl back into a dark corner trying to escape the light. They cannot, and the ruling will be just in all of their cases.
It might come as a surprise to some just how populated this planet of yours really is. You have been colonized by many, many civilizations over the ages, but they have done so under the strict orders to leave you to your own devices. Except for the reptilians, this order have been followed. Some of you may have been lucky enough to encounter some of these peaceful cohabitants of yours, but that has been a very rare occurrence indeed. Now, as the veils will be lifting, you will all for the first time meet your new – or shall we say old – neighbours face to face. They are all a benevolent lot, and they have decided to prolong their stay here in order to be of help in this process. Make no mistake, they might have a visual setup that differs very much from your own, and for those that have watched too many scary movies, be prepared to see something seemingly very scary. We say this in order to prepare you to interact with beings that have a very different physical vehicle than yours, even if some of them do resemble you in many ways. You have been well and truly misinformed by that parasite race in order to make sure that anything alien-looking is dangerous. They themselves have been portrayed quite accurately as monsters by some of your entertainment media, but they want to make sure that you run away from anything that might resemble a so-called alien. This mistrust has been bred deep into your bones, and many will have a hard time swallowing this fear. Let us just say that there will be many ways to help you all to overcome this fear, and we will make sure that you come trough these first encounters in a harmonic way.
Much have been said about the arrival of so-called false saviours, and much more will come. Stay assured that all impostors will be demasked, and if the black ones try to pose as the bearers of light, they will indeed suffer the consequences and be dealt with swiftly. Misinformation and propaganda have been rampant, and many have already been preprogrammed to go into fear at the first sight of a new, intelligent life form. We are well aware of this, and have therefore prepared some effective antidotes to this. As always, you will feel when something is amiss, and we advice you all strongly to follow your heart. Many will try to manipulate you further, and you must be prepared to meet darkness head on at occasion. If you do, just call for help and we will be there in an instant. It is advisable to stay closely connected to the source at all times, but we will of course make this our top priority once we arrive. In addition, those friendly allies of yours already in place will make sure that you are also invited into this new world of perception in a palatable way.

Aisha North

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