May 14, 2013

How to get rid of negative energy you've accumulated throughout the day

How to get rid of negative energy you've accumulated throughout the day. 
Whenever I channel for someone, there is always a repetitive theme, where the angels will say to the asker. “Call upon us whenever you need us. Call upon us and we will come and cleanse you from all the negative energies, etc. Let us heal you, etc.,,” The question always is how?

Today I’d like to share one VERY SIMPLE technique on removing negative thought patterns, energies, vibrations etc., that you pick up throughout the day that works for me, and for many others who've tried it. 

All you do is:

  • -Stand upright with your arms bent at the elbows so that your palms are facing up, 
  • -Your legs are in a straight line and feet together
  • -Once you are in this position, close your eyes, take a deep breath and hold imagining that the air that you are breathing in is first delivered to the upper half of your body. Exhale 
  • -Now breathe in one more time and imagine that the air travels all the way down into your feet, hold and exhale. 
  • -Do this breathing at least 3 times up and 3 times down. You might feel a little bit light headed, if so put your palms together as if into a praying position and stand there for a few seconds until your energy balances out. 
  • -Now imagine that there is a shaft of blue colored light that is entering form the crown of your head and traveling all the way down to your feet and beyond. Imagine that while this light is traveling through your body that it is cleansing out every single cell within your body and releasing all the tension that you might feel, all the negative emotions and all the negative vibrations that you might have picked up throughout the day. 
  • -At the same time call upon your deity of choice and ask them to “Dear ________ I ask you now to please release all the negative thoughts, emotions, vibrations I might have consciously or subconsciously picked up throughout the day and send it into the light for HEALING & TRANSMUTATION. And instead fill my body and my heart and my soul with Love, Light, Patience, Understanding and whatever else you wish to be infused with”
  • -As you do this visualize all the negativity leave your body, as if debris that is flying off of your and being sucked into the light and sent up to the source for cleansing. And instead see yourself basked in a pure loving, healing blue light. 

Do this until you begin to feel better, and lighter. I hope it helps you Love & Light ~ Anna Merkaba

How to get rid off remnants left by chemtrails

AA Metatrone: The Number one thing to remember is that there is absolutely nothing for you to be worried about.. with all the upgrades that are being delivered presently to earth, your body will eventually gradually mature into a different state of being to which such devices simply would not be able to stick to.. for it will not be possible. Also REMEMBER… that if your body is in BALANCE.. both physically and spiritually nothing can get through to you. And hence, this is the most important aspect for you to focus on dear children. But since you are inquiring of other ways to remove these objects I will provide you with the answers you seek.

It is indeed true that Chemtrails exist. It is delivered into the atmosphere by advanced technology which is toxic to the atmosphere and your bodies. There are many reasons for such activity and I will not go into these at the present

It is true that your Galactic Brothers & Sisters ARE working hard on removing these technologies from existence, sadly much of the contamination still reaches you, as you walk in the open air especially in the cities dear child. There are other environmental factors that are effecting humanity which is far worse than the magnetic chips that are being sent your way from the skies via the Chem Trails.. and yes it is true that they are mostly utilizing such new technology in big cities, however understand that it is spread all over the world..

Now how these devices work, is very simple.. these are microchips.. made from aluminum.. that enter you bodily system.. and/or remain atop of your skin.. metallic and shiny in nature.. you may notice that in some locations (Cities, etc) your skin appears to glow.. as if it is covered with tiny metallic speckles.. and if you do notice it.. know that you have been sprayed.

HOW TO GET RID OF THESE REMNANTS: At first when I heard about what he is about to say, I was surprised.. but then went searching and lo and behold it’s true! I will include links to these articles as well:

BAKING SODA: What you are after is not dissolving these objects.. you need to neutralize them.. and get them out of your body.. you need to render them useless so that they cannot transmit their data to the those that created them.. once the transmission stops.. these devices are then easily washed off your skin using your basic soaps.. scrubs .etc. It is important to remember that your skin has pores and through these pores a variety of substances do get through to your inner body.

SILVER WATER: Place pure silver into your water bottle jar and let it sit there for a while. By doing so you are actually creating HOLY water, which will not only work on rendering these devices useless but will also help remove and detoxify your body from other ailments. This is healing water, medicine water and must be used with caution.

ENERGIZED WATER THAT YOU CAN MAKE YOURSELF: Hold the glass in your hands.. and repeat the following world without prejudice and judgment but with love and understanding and so it is. It is so..
I ___________________ by the powers that be, am invoking the powers of the divine energies and frequencies that are delivered through my crown chakra and flowing through my body into my hands and into this cup of water that I am presently holding before me. I invoke the power of AA Metatron.. I invoke the power of THE SOURCE of the DIVINE of ALL THAT IS.. of ME.. and instruct the water to enter my body and enter each cell within the body and remove any and all foreign objects that are binding to my cell walls and help the body expel these foreign objects and bring them out of my body in the physical realm..

Whilst I drink from this cup.. I am also energizing the ethereal body, that I hold with the vessel of time.. and release all the negative emotional feelings, catastrophes, ingrained in the cellular memories of the past, present an future, into the light for healing and transmutation. I invoke and I allow AA Metatron and the angelic realm. To take any and all unduly delivered particles into my body that are causes havoc within and bring them out into the light for healing and transmutation.

I allow this to be performed, so that I may be free, and rid my entire system of such devices that are being implanted into me, without my consent on a physical plane of existence. I AM freeing myself from the constrains of physical existence.

I am now freeing myself from the contents of the controlling devices that are perpetually installed within my body which are NOT FOR MY HEIGHEST GOOD.

Dear children of the light THIS YOU SHOULD KNOW If you keep your physical and emotional body in balance at all times.. no matter how difficult this may seem to you to achieve.. you will not allow these devices to enter this system.. the body will automatically reject any and all such devices.. However.. the heavy metals that are produced by the pollution in your world.. still will enter the body.. and it is therefore important to remove these.. this can be done by moving to a country side (nature).. and naturally and gradually these substances should leave the body.. once the body gets to that level of detoxification on its own. However to speed up the process many other healing therapies have been introduces on earth. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.
I decided to ask AA Metatron about this after I saw this video: as well as saw some pics on Micah's page. I asked AA Metaton for help and clarification as to what can we do to prevent this from preventing its' effect on us. I hope this helps all of you.

Copyright - 2013 - Anna Merkaba -

May 8, 2013

How one can remove a belief

Today we would like to focus on the topic of removing limiting beliefs. This question comes up quite often and it is our intention to share our perspective on how one may go about releasing a limiting belief that they no longer wish to hold. We touched upon this topic in our previous message “All conscious and subconscious beliefs of the parents are transferred to their children upon incarnation”. However today we would like to delve a bit deeper into this process. We are going to begin with a basic explanation in this message and we will elaborate in subsequent messages. Now with that said, let us begin.

As we touched upon in our previous message, as a newborn all of your beliefs are held within your subconscious mind, there are no conscious beliefs yet. The beliefs held by any newly incarnated soul in your reality are carefully chosen prior to the incarnation. Now we discussed a bit about how all of the subconscious and conscious beliefs of the parents are transferred to the child upon incarnation, however that does not mean that the parent’s beliefs are the only beliefs that the child has. It just means that all of the parent’s beliefs are transferred to the child. Subconscious beliefs of any soul come from various “past” lives, as well as ancestral beliefs held within the genetic line of the child. Once a child begins to grow a little older they are then able to start forming their own conscious beliefs. Remember that your thoughts and beliefs will always determine how you perceive your reality. What you believe you will perceive.

It is our intention to explain the basic principles of how one can remove a belief; we will go into more detail at a later time once those of you who are drawn to this message have had a chance to assimilate this information if they so choose.

In order to remove any belief you must first become aware or conscious of the belief. As we often say, you cannot change what you do not know. Once you are conscious of a belief you can examine the belief and determine if it is something you would like to continue to believe or if you would like to release or remove the belief. You may want to evaluate the belief by determining what experiences this belief will create. Is it something that you would like to continue to experience? Or does the belief create fear, sadness, anger, separation, or anxiety? Making a list of your beliefs of any particular topic can be quite helpful in this process. We suggest that you write down your current beliefs about a particular topic which you are interested in reviewing your current beliefs such as abundance, health, love, relationships just to name a few.

Now the conscious beliefs are not difficult to detect because they are of course conscious. In other words you are well aware of the beliefs you hold that are conscious. At any time you can review your conscious beliefs and determine if they are in fact what you would like to continue believing and in turn experiencing. However the subconscious beliefs are a bit more difficult to review, being that they are not in your conscious awareness. They do however still actively create your reality, so although you may not be aware of all of your beliefs, you will continue to see them in physical form as they will always create the reality you experience. As many of you are accessing new levels of consciousness you are being met with many new concepts that are shattering your previous belief systems about the reality you exist within.

So now let us now touch upon the topic of how one can become conscious of a subconscious belief. Remember that all beliefs regardless of whether they are conscious beliefs or subconscious beliefs create your reality. You can look at your experiences in this now moment; all of your creations that surround you at this moment are a direct reflection of all of your beliefs. This is how your subconscious beliefs are revealed to you. Your thoughts and beliefs can never be kept a secret. They will manifest in physical form for all to see. How you perceive your reality, how you feel in certain situations, how you choose to react to an experience is directly related to your beliefs. Two opposing belief systems will perceive a situation very differently even though they are experiencing a similar situation. The veil between your subconscious mind and conscious thoughts is thinning. There will come a time when you will no longer experience a “division” between your subconscious mind and your conscious mind.
As you find yourself in a given situation, it is an opportunity to take a look at what you have attracted and created for yourself. Is this something you would like to continue to experience or would you like to change your experience to meet your desired outcome? You will continue to manifest similar and often times more dramatic experiences until you become aware of what belief is responsible for creating that experience. Once you uncover yet another subconscious belief you are then free to evaluate the belief to determine if it is a belief you would like to keep or release.

Once you have pin pointed a belief that you would like to remove, you must first determine what belief you would like to replace the old belief with. There cannot be “no” belief at all. If you have used our suggestion of writing out your conscious beliefs pertaining to a particular topic, you can now write out the new belief you would like to replace the old belief with. In order to release a belief not only must you be ready and willing to do so, but you must truly believe the belief you are replacing it with. This is so very important. It is not going to do you any good to say to yourself that you simply do not believe “this” anymore.

You may wonder how you will be able to remove a deep-seated belief with one that is in resonance with your desires. Our suggestion is to intend to see evidence in your daily life that will validate your new intended belief. What you focus on will expand. Humans often need proof; they need something tangible in order to change their beliefs. However, all of you have changed your beliefs about something in your lifetime before.

Expecting to find situations that will validate your new belief which you would like to replace your limiting belief with will be most helpful. It is our suggestion that you work with replacing just one belief at a time. Your intentions and expectations direct your reality. Intend to remove a particular limiting belief and expect to see the change that you desire. You must change what you expect to experience if you want to experience something different.
As we said before humans often need “proof” in order to change an ingrained belief. Proof however is relative. What one considers to be proof may not be substantial enough for another. All that matters is what you find to be validating of the new belief you would like to incorporate. We would like to use a very simple example so that we can demonstrate our explanation. Let’s say that you have the belief that all dogs are vicious. You may have this belief from a traumatic experience as a child or it may be one that you have been taught. The origin of the belief does not matter. The belief that all dogs are vicious will undoubtedly draw to you encounters with vicious dogs because that is what you expect. Even if a dog is not being aggressive your perception of their behavior will be directed by your belief.

Your beliefs are always validated by the reality which you attract. The reason being, it is your “truth” which is supported by your belief system. Now let’s say that you consciously are aware of this belief about dogs; yet you would very much like to release this belief and replace it with the belief that dogs are inherently friendly. This is a very different belief than your previous belief system supported. So how do you go about replacing it? With your intention to change your belief. What you focus on will always be drawn to you. As you shift your focus from “all dogs being vicious” to “all dogs are inherently friendly” you will focus your attention on looking for dogs that are friendly. Your demeanor and energy will shift when you are around dogs. This shift will of course draw to you experiences of friendly dogs. Once you are met with many dogs that are indeed friendly towards you, you will have the validation and proof that you require to allow you to change your “belief”. Now there may very well be a middle ground that is more believable to you that says “not all dogs are vicious” before you are able to fully remove the fear that has been ingrained in you. As you shifted your expectations of what dogs were like, you were met with very different experiences. This serves to further solidify your new belief system. As your focus shifts, so to will your expectations. What you expect is what you will manifest.

Please take note that we are explaining this process in very simple terms, however the beliefs that many of you carry are not as cut and dry as the example that we have just given. There are many “sub-beliefs” that are intricately connected to the main belief that would also need to be removed. As you have time to integrate this process, we can then expand upon the process in subsequent messages.

Although we would say that it is possible to release a limiting belief instantaneously, you must have the belief that will support this instantaneous transformation. Most do not have this belief at this time, and therefore it is more likely that you will experience time before your belief is changed. However we will say that the releasing of a belief will be as fast or as slow as you allow. Certainly you can ask for our assistance and we will gladly help in any way that we can, however know that no one can remove a limiting belief for you; this can only be done by you.
As one learns how to remove the belief, you leave the exact “recipe” for all others to access the directions from the Akashic records. Those of you learning first how to remove limiting beliefs are paving the way for all others. It is most difficult for those of you who have willingly offered to light the way for all the rest. The majority of humans can only access the Akashic Records subconsciously as of now; however this information is beneficial to you none the less. As you continue to grow and evolve you will unquestionably learn to access this information consciously.
Now that you are once again aware that you create your reality with your beliefs and expectations you become much more capable of consciously directing the experiences of your reality. It is a learning process. You are each learning at your own pace. You are flexing “muscles” that have not been used in this lifetime. This is why so very many souls were so anxious to incarnate at this very time, a time of dramatic and explosive changes! Because you are at a very delicate time in your awakening in that you are now conscious of your role as a creator being, however very many still remain unaware of the inner knowing’s of the subconscious. How very interesting we find your evolution to be. It astounds us as we watch you regain your memory, gifts and abilities that many have taken for granted in the higher dimensions.

We remain faithfully by your side in gratitude for your service in this very unique opportunity to teach the universe how one can submerge themselves in very dense vibrations and rise up into the higher dimensions from which you came.

We hope that this message has in some way served you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

Copyright © 2012-2013 by Taryn Crimi.

This Week's Energy Theme - Physical Healing

Dear Ones,

A number of you used the past few respite days to hide within yourself – or in plain view. Perhaps your respite frightened you into thinking that others might pass you in terms of Lightworker knowledge. Such a fear is merely a brief relapse into Old Age ‘one-upmanship’. You are progressing more rapidly than either you or we thought possible before you entered earth.

Even though the theme this week is physical adjustment, the energies will impact you all a bit differently. Perhaps you remember that the most common transition is to explore your spiritual being, then your emotional and finally your physical segments.

You completed the cleansing of your emotional and spiritual beings – though there may be a few pieces in either area you wish to sparkle instead of just shine. The same is not true for your physical being. You created beliefs of what the perfect body looks like and functions. And by not directing your spiritual or emotional attentions to frightening issues, you allowed your physical body to display that fear.
Today we address an issue difficult for some to fully understand even though you have frequently heard the message – you create your reality.

Who would create cancer? Who would choose to transition or die? Who would have limbs or other body parts removed? Who indeed?

Those who have negated their truths in the emotional and spiritual realms.
On earth or other environments, you first receive your messages of fear via your inner voice. If you ignore your inner voice, that fear or pain will be displayed emotionally. If you continue to ignore the obvious, you create a physical ill which then redirects you to your inner voice.
Perhaps you believe you are the innocent party of ailments because others created them without your consent. Such is not possible.

Nothing in or on your being has been done to you – merely that what you brought to you for a reason.
Nothing that happens to your physical being is an accident even though many of you want to believe that much is caused by someone other than you.

Maybe you accept our concept, but can not discern the fear or anger you hide from yourself.
So it is that the energies flowing to you this week encourage you to complete the cleansing of your being by exploring how your physical being adapts to your fears.

Perhaps you are unhappy at work and will realize that your sleeplessness is a result. Perhaps you will discover that you wish to transition – or display more familial love – and cancer is a result. Or perhaps you will learn you lost a limb because of some incident eons ago that you brought to fruition. Just as there are billions of earth entities, there are billions of reasons for your ailments.

We are not berating you – merely pointing out that you no longer have to wait until your inner voice is so ignored that your being creates a physical ailment.

A physical ailment is not to be taken lightly, but then neither is it a punishment in terms of , “You are not a true Lightworker if you are ill.”

Your ailment has little to do with your Lightworker status. Let us give you an example for we do not wish to create a barrier between those with or without physical ailments. You do not berate an infant who falls as they are learning to walk. So it is with a physical ailment.

Until now, there has been little Universal assistance in discerning why you have a physical ailment. You might have remembered in the recesses of your being that such ailments have more to do with your inner voice than your physical being, but such thoughts had little impact once you discovered anything that shifted you into panic or fear.
There have always been earth healers to help you hear your inner voice, but you likely responded to their message with anger instead of joy.

Let us tell you the joyful message – even though it may make you angry – you create your reality. All of it. Every piece – fear, anger and joy. You are the star of your drama. Major ailments create wonderful drama kings or queens. You garner sympathy and attention. What a wonderful ailing star you are.
Such sympathy will go the way of the horse and buggy. Others will soon ask, “What parts of your being are you ignoring?” You will receive little applause for ignoring your inner voice. The accolades will be minimal and the questions numerous – actually painful.

Perhaps you believe there is little you can do about past life issues. We beg to differ. Your past life slate is wiped clean. You no longer need to harm others or yourself to clear past life issues.

Or maybe you believe you completed an act that cannot be cancelled. We beg to differ. Even though you have completed the illness cycle in whatever fashion, you have a choice of how you will react to that piece of your life.
Do you wish to garner sympathy or move into your strength? Do you wish to be a drama king or queen or a Lightworker comfortable physically, emotionally and spiritually? That is your decision. There is no wrong or right answer. Merely how you wish to live this life.

If you wish to understand why you created whatever ails you, this week will offer the energies to do so. If you wish to continue in the Old Age belief that someone did it to you – including your body – that is your choice. But such a choice will be more difficult as you attempt to move beyond the 4th dimension.
Earth death transitions you to the 4th dimension or beyond.

Beyond the 4th dimension, you cannot ignore your physical being including your creation of the body you inhabit. Perhaps you think you weigh too much. Why did you create that body? What beliefs are necessary to maintain or shift it?

The next few days will present you with the beliefs, fears and emotions you ignored to create whatever is an uncomfortable part of your physical being. It is your right to ignore those messages. But you will eventually address them if you wish to move beyond the 4th dimension.

You create your reality in all aspects of your being. You can change that reality if you wish. You merely need to listen to the words, songs and other messages floating through your being in the next few days – or when you are open to them.

You can shift whatever you created into joy. The joy of completing a piece you fretted about for eons or created in this lifetime.

Your physical ailments are designed by you to open your being to new worlds and thoughts.

Soon, you will not wait until such messages are relayed by your physical being for you will act upon them when they are relayed by your inner voice.

It is time to heal your physical being. Not in terms of berating you, but in the knowing that you no longer need to push those messages aside to blend with your society – only to have them explode in your physical being. You are healed and healing. Allow that to be.

And allow yourself to move at a pace correct for you. Some of you will initiate your physical healing and cleansing this week, others at a future date. You now have Universal support to move beyond your physical being in terms of pain and anger. So be it. Amen.

 Channeled by Brenda Hoffman

Prime Creator - A New Perspective

by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 05/07/13

Dear Ones:

From the beginning of time, I have lovingly overseen the development of our dear Creations, from stars to insects, galaxies to black holes. No particle is too small, no Universe too complex to fall outside the concern and Love of my attending Eye. Can you conceive of that? Can you accept my Love? It is a necessary part of your own development if you are to reach the Perfection you strive for without driving yourselves crazy with self-criticism and condemnation.

You have heard the old saying about not being able to love others until you love yourself first. It is true, but it is a tall order if you have lived a life in which love was scarce, especially during childhood. It is difficult to give to others what you have not experienced yourself. In fact, it would be impossible if it were a matter of just this one lifetime and just the Love offered you by the humans incarnated around you.

There is far too much cruelty and injustice around you in your human world for you to overcome the undertow of negativity and darkness without assistance from those in higher dimensions. It is offered to you willingly, with compassion and empathy, because many of the most skilled and attentive Angels and Masters have themselves experienced life on Gaia in human bodies. They know all about the challenges and hopes, the traumas and the pain that you experience; they do not forget.

They also understand the urgency you feel with the passing of time as you experience it. It is not true that because We live in timelessness that we do not understand your sense of time. We understand both time and timelessness, which is an advantage for us, but it does not make us insensitive to your feelings.

It is one of the great challenges of life on Gaia, especially as you experienced it in 3D, that you must learn to live balanced in two different worlds - the spiritual and the material. Many of you are just beginning to open your hearts to higher dimensional experience. It is a struggle for you to learn patience, the quality of competence which develops when you are able to grasp glimmers of the feelings of timelessness as well as the comfort of Our abiding
Unconditional Love in combination.

You are born with this, Beloved Ones - the sense of swimming in an endless sea of Unconditional Love. You absorb it through your immature crown chakra, which remains open to receiving our higher vibrational energy as long as your environment allows you the peaceful moments of contemplation you need to maintain openness. Unfortunately, most of you experience fear, loneliness and deprivation early in your lives and so are drawn away from the idyllic state of joyful surrender to the overwhelming feelings of Love we pour down on you with every breath.

We recognize this lack, and we now offer you the antidote to this childhood deprivation: a deep connection with Us which will re-condition your nervous system and restore your frazzled nerves to the peace of mind you all long for. It is your birthright, the goal of this life you have worked so hard to understand. It is also the state you return to when you finish this lifetime and return to the bosom of your Creator. This Ascension which you work so hard to understand is not new and foreign to you - you have experienced it many times before, when you have left your bodies to return to higher dimensions. The level you reach between lives depends on the work and the lessons you have achieved during your many incarnations.

So you see, everything you do now in this life counts. The assignments you receive, the level of responsibility you are given when you return Home all depend upon the level of Unconditional Love, compassion, empathy, truthfulness and patience you are able to reach in this lifetime. Do not think that this is just an interlude to get through or a trial to be borne - just the opposite. It is an opportunity for advancement. Every difficult moment, every stressful challenge offers the possibility that you can demonstrate your mettle - not to us, but to yourself.
In that regard, the most difficult lives offer the most exciting possibilities, the option to leap hurdles you were not able to clear in previous livetimes. Some of you have taken that option this time around because you knew of the coming Ascension and wanted to come through it as the brilliant leaders you felt you would be capable of being with a bit more “seasoning.” Others of you, the younger souls, were ambitious in your efforts to achieve what your Enlightened elders have demonstrated to you - endurance, courage and abiding Love.

Thus, the chaos and struggle of the recent state of affairs on Planet Earth has been a perfect proving ground, and one you knew was unlikely to continue for another lifetime. You were aware before you came here that an incarnation in the human form as it is developing on Gaia is renowned throughout the Multiverse as the fire which tempers metal, the kiln which anneals the vessel.

There is hardly a life on Gaia which does not carry with it extreme challenges; even the wealthy and privileged must withstand the temptations of power and the indulgence of the senses which can overwhelm an inexperienced soul. Even the gifts of high intelligence and/or physical beauty can be a curse to one without reserves of inner strength to counter the flattery which can inflate the ego to the point of self-destruction.

You are now passing through a period which has strained the patience of even the most experienced souls. You have been promised relief from financial worries - the most stressful of problems because of the hold money has on the imagination of humankind. There is hardly a person on the planet who has not imagined the life of glamour and luxury which would result if you were to win the lottery, in spite of the minuscule probability of such an event. This fascination with money has of course been the creation of the Dark Entities which controlled Gaia, but their clever deception has been so complete that the general population is completely unaware of the manipulation which has enslaved everyone.

You have also been promised free energy, clean water, clear skies - the end to environmental destruction, and family reunions with your Star Brothers and Sisters which promise an end to loneliness and alienation. You have been told that you will be able to ascend without leaving the body, without the disruption of ending life as you have known it. It truly is a promise of Paradise - a Golden Age in which all will rise to new heights of creativity and well-being.
We have assured you over and over that We love you unconditionally and that we wish the best for you. How is a parent or Creator to accomplish this feat of balance between allowing your growth to continue unchecked, never to be experienced again in exactly the same way, as opposed to the fulfillment of their offsprings’ fondest dreams? How would you balance these moments in a young one’s development if it were your responsibility? Free will is a precious commodity - one not to be tampered with or restrained. So is the fulfillment of the Greater Good, the acknowledgement that there is a time for every season under Heaven.

This is the delicately balanced finale we have orchestrated for you, according to your own wishes, using the measures and requirements for fulfillment you prescribed for humankind in the process of Ascension. Yes, you, Dear Ones, have been the co-creators of this plan, the Masters of you own Fate. It is your Higher Selves who communicate with Us from moment to moment about the state of your consciousness and feelings, using the measures you devised long ago. Your own Soul Guides are the ones in command of this intricate unfoldment, as they observe with Love and hope the progress toward your highest good.

Why do you persist in railing against me, my messengers, my Ascended Masters and my Archangels, as if we were somehow holding you back? Could it be that you are such cruel taskmasters yourselves that you imagine Us to be the same? Would you do what you accuse us of - teasing and tormenting our children with broken promises and shattered dreams? Are you not the playground bullies of past, the competitive and isolated proponents of “manifest destiny” - the fulfillment of individual rights and self-realization to the denial of the rights of others?

Loved Ones, we await only the achievement of the guidelines you laid down for yourselves. We are the guardians of your promise to yourselves, the trustees who have been charged with the responsibility for helping you to accomplish your ambitious plan. We take our responsibilities to heart; we will not fail you. You are the Captains of this glorious Ship, the Commanders-in-Chief of the most illustrious plan for the Enlightenment of humankind ever devised.

We await your command.

Prime Creator