December 31, 2010

Planetary Ascension

  • 21 August 2001
by archangel Michael

Greetings, my dear friends on earth! I have come to you on this day to bring you a message which concerns you all here on this planet. While you are incarnated, while you are inside a physical form, you cannot easily see what is happening on an energy level around you and even less so what is happening globally, although some of the effects can be seen, and are even noticed by many. I am referring to climate changes, to increased volcanic and tectonic activity, to changes in wildlife and other changes that are obvious enough that I do not need to go into detail about these. However, dear friends, these changes are, as your saying goes, “just the tip of the iceberg”, they merely reflect mildly what is happening with mother earth, as she progresses with her transition, her awakening and, in a way, creation on a higher level – on a level only very few humans are yet capable of seeing. As earth’s main vibrational level shifts, a three dimensional earth will remain, but the further these changes progress, the more noticeable these changes will be for anyone remaining on the three dimensional level – but these changes are more than likely not exactly what one would expect, as it is not what we refer to when we talk about the new earth, but I do not wish to contemplate about the remainder of the three dimensional earth, let me just indicate that one day the three dimensional aspects will look a lot like the planet Mars and eventually like planet Mercury. Let me assure you, these planets are not as vacant as they appear – they may not bear any three dimensional life, but Mars indeed has life on a higher dimension, but this life and this planet is proceeding as well and shifting to a yet higher level of vibration, indeed this process is almost complete, as it is for many planets in this galaxy. Yes, my dear friends, the ascension process is not just limited to your planet, it is happening all over the galaxy, in every galaxy, but each galaxy has its own cycle, and this cycle is the reason for the current transition on this planet – indeed, mankind has taken longer than most other species, which is why it is time now, and when some say there has been an extension or that mankind should get one, dear friends, the flow of the universe cannot provide that much more than what it already has, as there is a frameset for all that is happening. Indeed, as things develop, it may seem like there has been an extension – but this is merely the result of your actions, as more and more humans become aware and begin to help earth and mankind through lightwork, prayer and faith, thus the events took a different turn than some had predicted, a simple result of the law of cause and effect. What still needs to be pointed out in this subject is that what you perceive and see of the earth changes also are a reflection of your own changes, and now is the time to begin to shape your life and realize what you can do to contribute to a smooth transition, and to your own ascension into the next higher level. Follow the Path Of Light and you shall be able to receive the blessings from your spirit friends, teachers and helpers. Greetings to you, Amen, Amen, Amen.

Understanding the tripple Light protection

by archangel Zadkiel

Greetings to you all, my dear friends on the earth plane! I have come to you on this day to explain to you why it is so important to complete the triple light protection as described by Emmanuel (Path Of Light, Chapter 4.1) as it appears to me that the function and purpose of that exercise is not fully understood.
First of all, you live in a spirit world, you are connected with the astral world, and when you open yourself up – purposely or negligently – you also open yourself up to influences from lower astral planes. On those lower planes are beings that I do not wish to describe any further, as that may cause fear, but they pose a very challenging influence, that can be at times through temptation and false promises of power, or at other times through threat and fear, while there are also beings that simply have fun scaring others. This influence can be not only real, but it can be very, very strong, but at times so subtle that it is hard to detect and realize, especially since there are some that will try to fake being a higher being. The only true way to limit and prevent such influence is not by building up walls, but by reducing the chance that they can have any influence – only when you are filled with love and light energies, these forces cannot affect you. Archangel Michael spoke to you about “where there is light, there cannot be darkness” in a recent address. This is why the triple light protection is so important – when you are filled with the white light, dark forces cannot enter, nor influence you. They may try at first, but regular use of the triple light protections in a way sends out a message to all lower astral planes, saying “you can come and try, but all you will get is love and light” – which is something those beings like to avoid for it would raise their energies, cause changes in their state of being, and, essentially, cause them to be no longer evil. This they will try to avoid, and therefore the triple light protection avoids that such beings get near you, unless they are ready to change and then you have nothing to fear, for you will be assisted by angels to help such souls into the light.
To explain the functions in little more detail – the radiation of white light from the heart focuses your heart energy and helps it expand, so that you are radiating more and more light the more often you use this exercise. Little at a time, your spark of light expands and become a bigger and bigger flame which stays bigger even after the exercise is over, as long as you refresh it every so often – which is why regular use of this exercise is essential. Eventually, you may be able to have a flame as big as your aura, at which point there would be a very good chance that this alone may cause you to ascend – however, this requires regular use (at least twice daily) over a longer period of time.
The light from the central sun of the galaxy is divine light which comes from the strongest God energy center anywhere around. The central sun could be described as one of the main “chakras” of God, as it is a major energy concentration and energy distribution center. Due to the nature of this energy, it is not visible to the human eye, as it would blind you instantly because of its strength. The quality and effect of this light is of such a nature, that it assists in cleansing your bodies, the entire aura, replenishing lost energies, and releasing trapped alien energies (energies that you picked up somewhere else, e.g. someone else’s anger).
Requesting the assistance of your spirit guide and your guardian angel as part of a daily routine exercise is very important in building up your relationship with these important helpers on your side. Also, unless these helpers know what you request, they may at times not be able to assist due to their code. This does not mean they will do what you ask, because there may be other factors, like the wishes of your higher self, promises, or karma, involved.
I hope I have explained more to you today why we keep recommending this particular exercise. Feel free to choose to use this exercise, or pass it by. But you need to know the facts before you can make a more or less objective decision, which is why I have given you some more information about this exercise here.
Greetings to you, my dearest friends! Peace and Love to you! Amen. Amen. Amen.

Exercise to awaken past life memories

by archangel Zadkiel

Greetings to you, my dear friends! This time, let us get closer to getting in touch with your own inner memories, which are not only memories of all that happened in this lifetime, but also memories of who you are, what your tasks are in this lifetime, and which memories of former lifetimes are of interest to the current one. This, my dear friends, is not something to be afraid of, for what you have experienced is part of you just as much as who you are and what you had planned for this lifetime.
You need to begin by focusing on the fact that you are spirit, that you are part of the spirit world, that you are part of this wonderful creation, that this being-a-part connects you to everything that exists. The more you learn to be aware of this, the closer you get to your goal – not just your hidden memories. I need to advise you, that at times it may become frustrating to you, when you try to remember things of the past, but this is part of the process and could be seen as a test of your willpower as well as your endurance. There are many little and big tests in the journey of a soul, having enough patience to go through with this exercise without giving up half way through – or before even starting – is one of these challenges. As you become slowly aware that you are spirit, you will more and more regain consciousness of the abilities that lie within you. There are many more abilities that are within you than simply remembering who you are and what happened in former lives, but this is one good starting point. You need to take this focusing on that you are spirit, part of a spirit world, seriously, otherwise the following exercise will have no effect on you. Also, a prerequisite is that you practice love and light exercises as described by our friend and brother Emanuel at a different place in this area of information, a good way would be to follow his advice on the triple light protection. You need to do these light exercises at least on a daily basis for several weeks, possibly months, before the following exercise may give you anything useful.
This exercise that I can recommend for reawakening your memories should begin with the before mentioned triple light protection. You then form a tunnel of light in front of you, walk through it, and find yourself at a lake. You walk into the lake – don’t worry about drowning, souls don’t breathe – and at the bottom of the lake you can see a big library that was hidden there, invisible and apparently inaccessible before you dared to step into the water. You go into the beautiful library, ask the librarian to hand you the book which you wrote that is most important to you at this time. He will hand it to you, and you open it up and begin to read – images may come to you, allow this to happen, immerse yourself for a while into that what happens, what you can observe, but concentrate on observing – this is a key in learning more about yourself and understanding your past. Do not be surprised if you look different – that is normal. When you feel you have seen enough – do not take on too much at once, your mind needs time to adapt and process – return the book to the librarian, return to shore, walk back through the tunnel of light into your earthly reality of this lifetime. I recommend you do this exercise about once a week, more often does not do any harm, but do not overdo this because it is a process to allow yourself and your mind to adapt to the new situation of being able to access memories this way. If for some reason you do not see anything in the book, receive no images, sounds, or thoughts, be patient and keep trying about once a week. Please remember that the purpose of this exercise is not to put any pressure on you, so do not put any on yourself. Let go of wanting to know about your past – this can cause a blockage that hinders you from accessing the memories. Be free, be open, let go of fear and wanting, simply allow things to happen. You will be guided towards your deepest goals.
This is an exercise to remember past events, from former lives, possibly from this life, and I am going to give you another exercise soon to remember who you are and what your tasks are. Those are harder to access, which is why I gave you this one first. Do not take past live memories too serious – they are not as important as some think, but some memories are great help in understanding your current situation. There may be other exercises, but this is an easy and safe way. Allow yourself to be guided by your spirit guide, and you will find what you need. Until next time, Greetings to you, my dear friends! Amen, Amen, Amen.

Exercise for Spirit Contact


by archangel Zadkiel

Greetings to you, my dear friends! I have been asked to include a lesson on how to channel. Channeling is an ability that is within everyone, because you are spirit, just like everybody else on earth, and spirits are able to communicate on an energy level, not just through voice, by speaking, and listening, which is a physical form of communication, but by the energy connection that binds all beings in the universe together. Therefore, once you learn to communicate the spirit way, physical distance becomes irrelevant. You will be able to communicate with your friends all around the planet earth, even with soul friends on other planets. However, it takes a lot of practice and patience to get this far.
This lesson was included upon request, if you do not think it is the time for you to make any contact with the spirit world, then this lesson can only show you how this contact works, there is no need for anyone to follow these instructions and do the exercise described below. This exercise is one of several ways to make a connection, there are others that may be just as suitable. From my point of view, this is the easiest way to make a safe contact.
For now, let us concentrate on one special area of spirit communication, the kind that has been named “channeling”, which is the communication with non-physical spirit beings. If you want to learn to channel, or speak out for, a spirit being, you first need to learn to reach a state of a quiet mind. This need not be total though silence, but using observation, you need to learn to distinguish between thought and non-thought. Most humans can experience at least short moments of non-thought during meditation, as well as in moments of high concentration of the mind – which is actually quite the opposite meaning of the literal meaning, because at such times the mind is not intense, but open – i.e. if you can concentrate on listening you are not in a state of intensified mind, but in an open mind, allowing the thoughts of the speaker to flow in, uncommented by your own thought. As soon as you comment in your mind, you are no longer concentrating on the speaker. In this context, the word concentration is used to describe a state of paying attention to what you can observe, and in this state of observation the activity of your mind is reduced. This is the kind of state of mind that is needed for channeling. Let me go through some steps that I recommend if you want to attempt to channel a spirit being.
Above all, it is very important that you are filled with light. Some humans have reached a level of development where this is easily reached, often unaware of this, but I recommend for all to begin any spiritual exercise with the triple light protection (see Emmanuel 4.1). Especially when you seek contact with the spirit world, it is important to do this seriously – there are some low level astral beings that are just waiting to have their chance to speak through someone, and have very negative intentions of intrigue and causing trouble. They can even pretend to be high or ascended beings, and to the human who is not properly prepared, this poses a serious risk. I am not saying this to cause fear, but to give a warning to those that are not using the utmost care and precaution. If you use the triple light protection, there is nothing to fear, for where there is light, there cannot be anything dark.
Another important premise is the intention that the person wanting to channel has. If you want to do this out of curiosity or even with some hidden agenda, you will not get any useful information, or be influenced by less high beings. If your intent is driven by search for contact with spirit guides for spiritual growth and teachings or guidance, then you have found the right place, and can proceed. Otherwise, you need to reconsider your motives. Also, if you want to seek out a specific being, let go of that desire – let the spirit world decide, they know better what your path is and whose time it is to come forward to you. There are many more reasons involved, including energy compatibility, but I do not want to discuss these any further for they could fill books. Especially beware of trying to make contact with “the dead” – many of those that have recently passed away are very earthbound astral beings, not high teachers you could learn from. Any communication with recently deceased would be no better than a talk with the living – they don’t know much about you and your path. Also, you could easily open up to lower astral planes, which could create a great risk to yourself.
If your intent is proper, and you are regularly using the triple light protection, then prepare for channeling with the light protection. When you are ready, picture golden light coming to your throat chakra. After a few moments, picture a tunnel of light in front of you. Pass through it, be aware that this cleanses and harmonizes you. On the other side, you are at the foot of a hill, mountain or pyramid. Climb up, step by step – this helps to raise your energies. At the top, you will find a spirit being. Ask, if this being is from the light – if not, send it away and wait for a being of light, and you may have to try again another day. Something may need to be resolved in your life first, be patient. If the being claims to be from the light, feel if this is true. If you feel calm, relaxed and comfortable with this presence, talk to this being to find out more about who it is. You can begin this way to communicate, by repeating what is said and recording this on tape, or by writing this down. If you continue to feel comfortable and have a good feeling – do not let your wishes get in the way of your judgment, it is better to wait a day if the connection is not pure – then you can allow that being to get closer and slowly merge with some your aura. A full merger is not the best thing to do when starting up – allow this to evolve over weeks of practice, until the merging is almost complete. Let the spirit being guide you in this – you are not the doer, you are the one allowing this to happen, and of course it will only happen if you are free of fear.
Doubting is one of the biggest problems for those that begin to channel. A good way to slowly overcome this problem is to observe what happens during the channeling exercise. If you pay close attention, you can tell the difference between your personal thoughts interfering with and coloring the message, and pure spirit thought transmissions. As with all things that can be learned, practice is the key to becoming better at this. Some humans may seem to “have a talent” for channeling – as with all “talents”, this is simply the result of a prior life experience with the subject, so if you seem to have trouble, be patient, and you could contact someone who has more experience with it, or even better, ask your spirit guide, if you can.
Many books have been written about “channeling” – some valuable, some less. If you are ready for making contact yourself, the exercise listed above should be sufficient to get you started, the rest is practice and you can get more help from your spirit guide. Feel free to read some additional information elsewhere, but knowledge is not the key, and be aware that not all that is written is useful and true. Inner guidance is the key, and no book, nor my message, can provide that – it is within you, in your heart. Feel deep within, feel what your heart is telling you, and you will find your way. Be blessed, and be greeted. Amen. Amen. Amen

Kuthumi: 2011 - A Year of Unity

Thursday, 9 December, 2010  (posted 31 December, 2010)
I Kuthumi greet you in peace, in the glory of God and all that is.

I am asked by this one to share insights for your coming year, 2011. This marks the year of great spiritual advancement for mankind. Many more souls will awaken to their higher purpose and remember the knowledge of their soul. For as the vibration is raised, so is the veil of spirit. The higher you vibrate in Light, in awareness, the thinner the veil until a pivotal point is reached where you begin to flow in Soul Light and as one with all. With the vibration of the Universe, the Earth and fellow souls. You flow with the vibration of God the Source – all that is. So it is and shall be.

World Monetary System
Your year of 2010 bought many catalysts forward in preparation for further awakening through outer transformations. The entire monetary systems as you know them will change. This is a change bought about by greed and power. However we are aware and so turn this situation to a higher purpose where you will seek your peace beyond the material level as your soul memories are awakened once more.

Realize all you need is within you. It is not outside of you. It never has been. As I have said many times in preparation of this time – simplify your life in all ways. As the fight against corruption in big business intensifies more will cry out for fairness and peace. Many countries and races will unite. People in towns will unite. This is your strength. The strength of extended families. This will lead you forward in victory my friend. Victory over the corruption and the changes of the Earth. It is time to come together, to share your crops and gardens and your knowledge. Help one another as never before. The time of separation is over. All foundations which are not strong will crumble.

Reap What You Have Sown
What have you sown in your life thus far? Have you helped others freely as you are able with an open heart? Or have you begrudged offering assistance to others even on the smallest level? What does your heart tell you? What will your life be like now?

For it is by your actions alone that decide your future. This will be strongly evident this year. Remember there are two levels, the inner and the outer. The inner, your heart, your relationship with God/Source. Are you at peace within? Do you see the wonder and beauty of creation? Do you respect yourself and therefore others? These are important questions to ask yourself. I urge you to take time, begin now and ask.

What is contained in the inner is reflected on the outer. How can you respect another if you cannot respect yourself? How can you share with others when you live in fear of lack? For some of you this fear is so great you are chained to negative imaginings. Yes, imaginings. For you fear what has not happened. You fear the future. A future created in your imagination. Why do you give these mind imaginings so much energy? It is wasted energy.

Everything I have taught through my transmissions with this one has been to prepare you for this time. Prepare you for the awakening and the higher steps each must now take to succeed in your process of evolution.

2011 is your year of awakening fully in your mind and your heart. A year of dispelling your fear and your imaginings of what may or may not be. This year is a time of birth. The birth of a new consciousness. A new way of thinking.

It is a time to focus on a happy future. A time to simplify your life. To release debt, clutter and outdated emotions. Yes, much of your food has a ‘use by’ date does it not? I say to you old emotions of pain and resentment also have a ‘use by’ date. That final date was December 2010!

Use By Date
So it is time now to throw away the old hurtful memories. For this is what they are now – memories. It is time to throw them out. Time to clean out the closets of your emotional body. Time to let go. To be free. They’re past their ‘use by’ date.

My friend, when you complete these things you will feel reborn. When you sit and ask the question, are you at peace within? Can you see the beauty of all creation? Is your heart an ‘open’ heart? When you look at yourself honestly and clean out your emotional closet fully you are reborn. Reborn in Light, in freedom. I urge you to meditate with the meditation I have given to this one. It will help you complete this process.

Pivotal Point
This is waiting for you. Each of you. In freedom and a new peaceful confidence you can unite together, no matter what your outer circumstances. You see all of this I speak of is within you. It is what no one can take from you. No one. This is truth. From this pivotal point you begin to create the new. You birth new Light awareness into your being. The Light remains with you, in your soul. When you pass over, your physical body will remain on the Earth plane. Your soul will travel to the higher dimensions of the Soul Plane.

The Light you have built within will assist you on that crossing and will remain contained in your Soul essence. All that was in the material will fall away. The material with which you have measured your success will fall away. None of this can you take with you when you cross. It will remain a soul memory of experience. But the Light, the higher awareness, the love of all, that will travel with you to the Soul Plane. And there, you will partake in a great celebration. A celebration of a successful incarnation where you succeeded in birthing the new Unity of Mankind.

Year of Unity
I urge you throughout this year of 2011 to stand fast in the Light. Let it be your armour to all that is negative. Stand strong in awareness, in Light. In this way you can confidently unite with others of similar awareness in strength, in comfort.

Earth will also undergo many changes and complete many cycles. There will be Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. It will be a year of water, much water. In various places the sea floor will rise considerably. The Earth fluids will be displaced. So I say 2011 is the year of unity for mankind. It is a pivotal year for your entire future.

Master Kuthumi

Copyright © 2010 Rev, Lynette Leckie-Clark - All rights reserved.

December 30, 2010

Commandor Sohin 12.29.10

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!
Truly formidable are the measures that the Galactic Federation have adopted to erode the internal structure of the negative forces and to return the control to the Light forces, who in the past governed the humanity for thousands of years.
Possibly, this information I am giving you now will sound to you a little like “Star Wars” –but I can assure you that it is something that is happening these days, and it is as real as the economic crisis you are currently suffering.
In all likelihood, the world economic crisis will seem more real to you because you are suffering from it “in your own skin”, while the advances we are informing you about Ascension are, at the moment, based only on faith you may have in us, on our existence, our common battle (ours and yours, forming a common front) against the dark souls who have been subjugating you.
Well then, we urge you anew to listen to your heart, and draw conclusions in accordance with the feelings flowing outside from within, from your spiritual heart to your lower mind. Allow yourselves to be led by your intuition, and I assure you that it will serve you well.
You must know that the moment for First Contact so wished for by us and by you advances more and more and will materialize soon, very soon because, as I already told you in the beginning, we have made great global strides, all the civilizations that are visiting you in unison.
The Sirian and Swan civilizations, who habitually work in unison in a common effort to re-establish the light, the peace and the harmony in all the Galaxy, have been the protagonists of a deed that will deal a hard blow to the secret government governed by a few powerful ones and that will destabilize them and cause them to feel disoriented, for they did not imagine that we would act with such swiftness and skill.
Kris-Won, my channel, is asking me telepathically to be more explicit relating the nature of the event; but unfortunately, it is not convenient that I give more details in this respect. Suffice what I told you for your hearts to be happy and for your hope to shine with more intensity in your tired minds, anxious to free yourselves from the dark’s oppressive yoke.
It is a delight for us to bring you good tidings, and we continue to urge you to work, you tireless human beings, towards the prompt establishment of the internal government of the Light of Planet Earth. Work, work, work so that the vibrational change takes place within a short period of your lineal three-dimensional time.
The Light Workers of your humanity and our vast cosmic, celestial, angelic, intraterrestrial and astral hosts, united in a common front, will, just like a battering ram, bring down the wall of those who have taken refuge in their own selfishness and who try to oppose the change!
There will be no more space for those with a frozen heart and a greedy mind! The change promised by us will bring about a much more spiritual and altruistic humanity, one who will not be self-centered and focused only on their own well-being, but who will be interested in the betterment of society in general and who will champion for the raising of all humanity to heights unknown to men on this planet.
When our encounter becomes a reality, we will be able to help you to improve and evolve in a few short years, which otherwise would have taken you centuries and even millenniums to achieve if you had not had our help.
None of us know in depth the Plan God has conceived in His Cosmic Mind; but we do know that it will be successful in materializing on the physical plane where you live, and that our struggle against the darkness, which characterizes the dark beings in high spheres of power, will sooner or later be crowned with success.
You can be sure of that because God, being the Creator of all situations, cannot fail, can never fail!
We would like to ‘inoculate’ you with our optimism, which is born from our trust in the happy development of God’s Plans; that is why we would like to pass onto you that optimism so that you go forward with a solid faith and trust. Leave behind all fears and advance, advance more and more each day with a firm step, with your heads held on high, and proud to know that you are going to be co-protagonists of the flourishing of the New Era on this planet.
I give you my blessing, given to you by the Supreme Being through me.
Peace and Love

Source: Commander Sohin
Channel: Kris-Won
Translators: Gloria, Steve

December 28, 2010

Health and changes to our bodies

AA Raphael - talking about health and changes to our bodies


This is Archangel Raphael speaking.
I am here to talk about the increase of certain conditions, which we could call "The Ascension Syndrome", and which are about to go full speed. These [syndromes] are comparable to the pain called "growth-pain", experienced by some teenagers at the time when their bones are about to reach their full size.

With ascension shifting into a higher gear, you also will experience the necessary changes of your physical structures in a higher speed than you were used to. Not many of you were aware over the years, about your body's preparation for ascension in general, and the lift-off for evacuation in particular. Some have described expanding fontanelles and the like, accompanied by dizziness, irritation and pain of their head bones, and heart-irregularities, mostly perceived as a faster rate of your heart-beat.

Those in the knowing, embrace those conditions for what they are - growing pain. Those in the unknown, usually tend to be afraid, if they consult a physician to confirm those conditions, and who will most likely receive an explanation, based on the old paradigm knowledge about health. Now, this picture does not offer the greatest outlook for those concerned, as, for example, a more rapid heart-beat is an indicator for either an increased risk of a heart-attack, or for an increased risk of other fatal sicknesses.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Most of you need certain corrections in your etheric constellations as well as your physical bodies, to be able to be lifted, if that case becomes necessary.

Changes in your physical DNA are not a necessity for the successful use of the elevator-beams, but as we work on you and your bodies at nights or during meditation and rest times, and as we handle everything in a holistic way, we use our presence at the time, for fixing minor scratches on your physical surface as well.

We usually do not treat physical conditions, as we need only to balance your etheric bodies, which will ultimately manifest on the physical planes. But since time speed up and became of the essence, we combine the necessary tasks to offer the ones asking, their fair chance to reach the physical benchmarks desired for this time at hand.

Start to tell your brothers and sisters about me and my staff, as one has to ask to be prompted an answer. This is important: You have to ask. Do not shy away. Do not put yourselves lower, and throw away, with that, your ability to be of help. You have to be fixed first, so you can be in your highest possible condition, to face the dire destinies of those not prepared. This is how we prepare them, we prepare you so you can stay in your powers to help them.

Here is a list of recommendations:

First: restrain from eating meat and products involving meat. There is a deeper reason than the obvious animal cruelty to that, which has to do with the Chi.

When there is a violent death, the Chi sustaining the living body, transforms immediately into fatal toxins, separating your life-force from the physical image of your soul [if ingested]. This has an immediate impact, visible as shadows overtaking your aura.

Second: Alcohol. We recommend to avoid alcohol altogether, and that includes products with added sugar, which can produce alcohol as it might be stored in your bodies and start to ferment. Alcohol, as they call it a "spirit", has the ability due to it's etheric atoms and molecules to enter the blood-brain-barrier without being detected by your body's own preventing mechanisms. Following this, will replace real spirit with the essence of alcohol, to the effect of gradual losing one's sanity.

Third: Further notice has to be given to people using prescription drugs. We are reaching a time, were all of you, using prescription drugs should consider getting off those on a day to day base. We cannot go into all the remedies and side effects of your modern time medicine, but we need to advise you, that they have a great potential to counteract divine energy-work, in their pursuit to shut down the very channels and close the pores necessary to be in-circuited. After they placed themselves on key positions inside your physical body, they are sending out chemical messengers to your astral bodies, damaging the accessibility of the divine.

Our fourth recommendation touches the aspect of your own created mental disabilities. As the three earlier topics lead your attention to outside products having a not desired influence for you and your body, I will now speak of self inflicted inner damages you can do to harm yourselves.

Visualize yourself as being one with the Father. This is by now the only way there is to define this precious future, as not many of you have been gifted to see. And even if you saw, remember, you are a human, you are making mistakes. So visualize yourselves as being one with the Father, as for then, His mercy, love and responsibility will embed you and help you to help yourself, to be able to help the Father helping His children.

My friends, this, your inner poisoning by your own thoughts and emotions, is hurting us the most, as we have no means to interfere positively on this level. This is likely also the hardest of the habits to change, since it is so subtle, non-physical and morally justified over centuries. Make this an equal step, which needs to be followed up.

Now, when you get up in the morning, rinse your mouth with warm water as your first act. Do not swallow it, just gurgle and spit it out, rinse your mouth and you are good to go. Over night, most of you get worked on heavy detoxing on all levels. All those loosened toxins travel from the outer bodies into your physical body over the course of those sleeping hours, and collect themselves in your saliva.

Most people drink something when they get up, and with that, they are taking those concentrated toxins right back in. This is heavy and dark concentrated Chi, which is not supposed to be in your body anymore, and if you rinse your mouth as described above, you will easily get rid of a good amount each night.

Eat as much raw fruits and raw vegetables as you can to replenish your astral bodies, as those carry the most lively Chi. Best would be if you can eat them right of the tree or the field, as the chain would be the most uninterrupted. Chi has to be seen as a food itself, it goes bad, it expires, if the umbilical cord to it's natural appearance is cut off. The longer it is cut off, the more the good Chi evaporates, as it needs to find an alive host to fulfill it's very purpose of being.

Some of you might grow in hight as well, as gravity is slowly lifted to accommodate your change in dimension. These symptoms might also be accompanied by growth pain and other freaky appearances of unknown source. Be in the knowing now, my friends. Be in the knowing, that I, Raphael, and my staff as well as many Midwayers are constantly surrounding you to help you to reshape. This is a basic assumption for ascension and possible evacuation, so it has to be done in preparation. And since time is running short, it has to be done now.

This is not meant to be a warning, quite the opposite, this is meant to be an explanation for some of your physical experiences, which, if not explained properly, tend to become a source of fear in the human psyche, and fear is never desired by us.

Try to heed these words as much as you are able to. Try to be an example for those in the unknown, so you may help us in our task, and do not lose your positive outlook, as it is positive indeed.

Discipline your mind and your emotions to be a rock in the surge. This is not the storm yet, but the dark clouds have clearly formed a front on the horizon soon to be faced, so use these last calm days for the sake of your health - and if you do not want to do it for your health, do it for the Father, as He loves you to ascend.

This is Archangel Raphael, sky-doc + team. Always at your service in the Light and Love of God.
Thank you for your attention.

Metatron 12/26/10

Greetings! This is Lord Metatron.

Those on Earth are preparing for a great upheaval of Truth as they know it.
Every layer and level of knowledge will be brought into question, tested and corrected.
World Religion as we know it will cease to exist, in time, due to the revealing of Truth. The Ancient Texts of All Religions will be made available and accessible to absolutely everyone. No longer will there be questions about Who We Are or Why We Are Here. The Ancient Mysteries of our Angel Origins will be known to us. Obtaining our metaphysical gifts will be remembered. Our ability to create our world through thought, word and action, and the alchemy to achieve it, will be understood.
If we think of God as the Godhead, All That Is, All Creation, All In Existence, we may revisit Genesis: The Collective Consciousness (of which you are a part as All That Is, a/k/a “God” created All of Outer Space in the Matter Universe (other Planets and Star Systems) and Earth. The Creator-Gods came through the Scorpi Black Hole, Mother Sekhmet, Ra and Alcyone with the Goodly Company. As they came into the Matter Universe, they brought the Elohi, the Creators from the Anti-matter Universe and it was good. The Creators introduced duality to Earth as the Grand Experiment with Free Will given to all.
As time wound on in Creation on Earth the Angels descended deeper into the dense Universe and created StarGates in Earth which are the waters dividing the waters because the Dimensions became more dense and the separations require StarGates to travel through between the Dimensions. This expanse Collective Consciousness called Heaven. In the density land and water were formed into One Continent, Pangea.
With each new Creation more was added to the Dimensions of Earth into the denser and denser places. During subsequent Creations, the Fallen Angels, the Elohim, joined in the darkness to experience duality. Now it is time to rid Earth of the Elohim, the Fallen Angels, who wanted to control Earth instead of working together in harmony with respect for all life forms.
Creation begins in the dark void. This is where there is no motion, no form and no time. Creation begins with ecstatic orgasmic joy from the Creator. Consciousness brought into form brings the organization of the Coded Fire Letters with the Vibrations of Sound interconnectivity working together born out of the High Vibration of ecstatic love.
In time, Hermetic Teachings traveled across the globe effecting Peoples in different times, different cultures, carried as the basis of religions and all go back to the same original text. The Emerald Tablets, the Gnosis, the Corpus Hermeticum, the Christian Apocrypha, Sephora Yetzirah, Zohar, the Pagans, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and Jews all studied Hermetic Teachings in Greece, Rome, Egypt, Asia and the Americas. These teachings explore alchemy, the original elements, matter, anti-matter and creation itself. All of these texts are held in the archives of the Vatican under the Holy Roman Church. The Ancient Texts will be returned for everyone to read, study and awaken to the Great Mysteries which have all but been forgotten. This rise in consciousness will be swift and you will cast aside all veils which keep you from remembering your Galactic Origin.
As modern day history is revealed we come to terms with the governments, politics, financial, educational and military control of our minds, bodies and spirits. The Vatican Cannon was spread across Earth in the last 2000 years to control Earth through its natural resources, through labor and through unjust laws. As the Truths become Evidence now, we are able to dissolve the old dysfunctional model and return a healthy respect for all life, the rule of law and the harmony to observe both together in a Matriarchal Society which takes care of all her creation. When we see the similarities we will no longer war against the differences. This is Metatron. Through Beth Trutwin,,,
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Am I correct in thinking there are dark souls representing an individual's karmic debt/s, and that they reside within the soul, heart, mind and body of most of humanity? If so, is this an experience limited to the dimensions of duality? The Akasha is the Etheric record of the Soul, the Divine Spark of Life of your Individuality. This is carried with you from your Monad into your parallel lives and through your lineage in all Dimensions. These are not considered dark souls, they are all parts of your Divine Spark, ‘good’ and ‘bad’ expressed into all dimensions, all times, captured into the One who is you in this Now moment.
I recently received the honour of a Divine Jin Dan. From your great wisdom, what is the significance of this Divine treasure, in terms of universal service, ascension and immortality? You have experienced knowing your own true essence. You are now, and have always been immortal, as is everybody, they simply forget. The Jin Dan helps in your Ascension by tying that Immortal indivisible Self which is You to your personality self who you are now. This helps in your spiritual service, as you recall the True Form of your Higher Self, you call on it in greater capacity to work through the personality to carry out larger tasks and help humanity.
3. Is there an important one, or ones, that I should presently connect to in my Paschat family, and which method would it be best to connect to them with?
The Paschats are also Angels. You call on Paschats as you do Angels. Call a name three times, call Archangel Michael to keep all communications within the Office of the Christ. Call Mother Sekhmet, Father Alcyone, and they will Guide you to meet other Paschats who you will learn the names of, through knowing them. There are as many Pascahts as there are Angels, all kinds from many different places.
You kindly told me that I was Paschat, and you expressed this in the present tense. Does this mean the Paschat avatar is one of my multi-dimensional selves, or that I am on Earth as a Paschat in human form? It means both, those two are indivisible.
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1. I work in the media (in the UK) and I strived for years, overcoming challenges and troubles in my family life (part of my life plan, I have no doubt, and it's all made me stronger, so that's fine) to get into the media industry. In the main, I'm happy with my job, but I'm wondering if I could be being of greater service to humanity. Lots of people come to me with their problems, I've done Reiki 1 in the past - I'm wondering if I should become a counsellor and healer....or is my ability to heal actually to be done through working in the media?
You have, over the years, had dealings with those who have great influence on the collective consciousness on Earth, through media. Very few have had the privilege to be in the places you have. You heal through the media. You may want to explore new ways of using media. There are holographic media coming to Earth now. Explore what is new in interactive media and holographic media. This will be your next great love. This will heal on levels never known before.
2) I've been told I have ET connections - Sirius, Aldeberan, and I dreamt of flying in the air w/a Paschat once (I didn't even know about them until you replied to my dream when I posted it in the forum) - any info on my heritage and role on Earth in this lifetime would be appreciated. You have worked in the Creation Temples on Aldeberan and this is a significant lifetime you work with now. You remember the great possibilities available to humanity and have been saddened by the ‘state of affairs‘ on Earth. It is this realization which will help you bridge the two worlds as Earth unfolds in her healing now.
3) Been single for a year after a 8 1/2 yr relationship. Is my TF on Earth, or should I just wait for him to show up post-NESARA? ; ) Your TF works with you from the Ships and you two will meet when it is the right timing for both, the right timing for your Soul growth and Mission work. As you clear the parts of you changed by the long relationship, you prepare yourself for the reunion.
Finally, love to you and Metatron : )
Can you give me any information on my mission. I know that something is about to happen here, as this is the place where the vibration was established for freedom on the planet. I have been preparing for a long time and have many clues. Also, I think my
Twin Flame will be here to assist me. Can you confirm. I have been doing all of this alone (except for my wonderful unseen guides) but I really would feel happy to know that I will be getting support soon!
Yes. You will add new technology to the the healing arts you practice now. This will come natural for you and will be free for you to access immediately. You will combine your art with healing to help open the heart of Souls unsure in the changes. You will do this over monitor phone calls. You will not charge. You will not need the money, you will do it in service. A portion of your day will be doing this and another portion will be pursuing new art forms which you will remember from other places. This heart-healing will be in the early phases of the transition to New Earth and later new things will challenge and thrill you. Your TF is on the Ships, working with you everyday. You are already in contact with him, telepathically. Continue this and look more for ways to work together throughout the day. You will reunite at just the right timing, you are both ready.
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How can I implement the highest good for all in every moment?(the highest good is always changing, isn't it?) How can I implement the highest good for all for this moment. What should I focus on in my activities? Is there any message I should be aware of?
The Highest Good is always achieved when you receive joy as your reward for what you are doing. When you are in joy in your work and relationships, it is proof you are doing the highest good. You have worked as a navigator on the Ships and you work for the Galactic Federation. Ask your subconscious mind to bring back the memories of your night work. Life is becoming more interesting now as things change and we remember who we are.
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What Star Family am I from and does that relate to my attraction to growing and tending to plants? Will I stay with this or branch off to a different mission of service?
You have spent time on Neptune and Niburu. You have a great love for the Magical Kingdoms. You will do more with your Mission and it will be a different path then tending plants. Your Mission will become more apparent after landings. The new technologies will give many opportunities which are hard to comprehend until after the changes. Many people will not be doing what they are doing now in this limited reflection.
St German) say something , that I cannot realise and this is my question .
Lord Metatron , how is possible still to have wars on Earth after 2012 like St German said in these live channeling ? Maybe keeper did not comprehend something right or I don't now , still cannot comprehend that ..
St Germain is now working with every world leader to ensure an end to all wars globally. When we arrive at zero point, there will be a force field around the Planet, created by Lord Ashtar and the Galactic Federation, which will block all aggression. This is accomplished with the ZPMS, the Ziggurats and Pyramids link together in energy that is a very high vibration, working with the crystalline structures of Earth and the Earth Grid. Inside this force field there will not be war again. Duality will be behind us. If there was a channel that said something different, it is a misinterpretation of some kind.

~Answers from Archangel Metatron through Beth Trutwin,,,

December 25, 2010

Metatron 12/24/10

(...)  You are seeing the Sirian Commander with his persistence, and a little help from others, such as Mother Sekhmet and St Germain, and Others, bringing forward the resolution of returning the rights to the People. The Tax Deal was struck for the relief programs so the poor could continue having relief as we await the full announcement of NESARA. Indeed relief will be needed for a few weeks more. Consider that every injustice that has been perpetrated on the people for thousands of years MUST be undone, every stitch in the tapestry must be released and given back for new creation. How will this be accomplished? The Light Workers MUST continue to hold the high vibration of change. They MUST remain grounded in their knowing, even if it looks like it is not changing, because it IS changing! I guarantee you that.
As you cheer each other on, ending discrimination, ending war, ending hunger, you make the New Reality. There are more changes in government happening after the New Year which will be necessary to complete the Announcements. You will have to continue to hold on and overcome the aggravations of everyday mundane survival KNOWING the BIG changes are coming.
Do not lose heart at hearing we are still a few weeks away. It is imperative that you enter your impeccable spiritual state now. You will experience more false flags, more gestures flaunting nuclear capabilities. REMEMBER! The Galactic Federation has rendered ALL Nuclear Warheads on Earth inoperable now. You will hear the criminal element in Governments in the US, UK, Switzerland, Iran, Russia, China, the Koreas, India, and others, threatening more chaos. NONE of it is true. In the weeks of the early New Year the criminal element of the united States corporation will return with a vengeance against the President. You will hear things having you wondering again, if it will EVER end. I am sharing this with you now so you will know to stand fast and be true to your Mission. I am sharing this now so you will remember those calling for the assassination of PFC Manning and Julian Assange, are themselves, afraid of their own impending death. Vice President Joe Biden, then head of the Committee on Foreign Relations, was in the chain of Command ordering 911 be carried out and the massive psychological war which was waged and all the deaths which occurred. Now he has said Julian Assange is a terrorist. The next great accomplishment will be the full unraveling, in the news, of what exaclty occurred on the morning of 911 and how the dark Ones in Government in US, EU, Africa and Asia are all involved. It will be the final tearing down of the Illusion. The Vice President is afraid, so love him more. Do not be surprised when you hear of others who seem to be of the light, as they are revealed as dark Forces. These Fallen Angels have remained as immortals and continued to come to Earth to reign over Her resources and control everything upon it.
The change is enforce. There is no stopping the completed arrests, full Announcement of NESARA Law, and the Landings of your beloved Galactic family. I am asking you to remain calm in the early weeks of the New Year where it looks darkest before the dawn.
Share the good news with your loved Ones, share the news that we are all Galactics. Continue to support the Sirian Commander and do not lose Faith. Continue to support the Ones out in the Front Lines making this change possible. Know that everything is in place to make the eminent changes possible. It IS necessary to carry back, from inside the matrix, from the Mother Element, all Creation, back to Source. Everything is happening in a sequential flow. In the past we have never been able to separate Earth from duality and it is possible now. Only through diligent effort of walking back the Elements themselves, of air, water, earth and fire, through government, in a peaceful manner, do we turn the key in the lock unfolding New Creation. There is no other way. This is the baptism of fire, forging the Gold, the transmuted Gold, which makes the coded patterns of New Creation from the Antimatter Universe possible to gain mass and anchor in to the physical Earth now. THAT is what is missing. Your reunions you desire are being anchored in to the physical and it will bring the changes to Earth and all on Her will know endless abundant creation with worldwide Peace and Freedom for All.
Join with your loved Ones in this Holiday Season. Feel Light. Share your Love. Be Compassion. Do all you can to stretch and Be A Better You Each Day. I am surrounded by the Angels and Archangels singing your praises for your gallant, never wavering, holding of the Light in the darkness. You are There Now. Allow it to unfold right before your eyes. Nothing, nothing can stop you now form having Truth, Peace, Love, Freedom, Justice and Beauty, though Great Mother. And So Mote It Be.

This is Lord Metatron.~through Beth Trutwin 12/24/10

December 22, 2010

Photos of Masters' Energy

This video shows spirit photos that the sensitive, Kan, has taken. Keep in mind that the masters will be returning at some point, to support the overall effort. Kan exhibits photos taken with his cellphone camera of embodied masters like Babaji Mahavatar and spirits like Kwan Yin, Ezekiel, etc. Some are rather fuzzy. Kan’s efforts should be seen as early efforts to register spirit and galactic entities on film. I’m sure the technology will improve and the capability will increase over time and this will be seen as a primitive beginning in a few months or years. Undoubtedly, as far as I’m concerned, the masters Kan depicts will be part of the expected return.

December 20, 2010

Metatron: 12/18/2010

Metatron: 12/18/2010 through Beth Trutwin
Greetings. This is Lord Metatron. Come into your own Higher Understanding now that we enter the Winter Soltice. The vibrations are building 72 hours before and will climax at the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on December 21, 2010. Time has speeded up since the “prediction” of December 21, 2012. THIS December 21 is monumental, because of our alignment with the Center of the Galaxy. Since the Opening of the Lion’s Gate on 8/8/10 and the alignment of the Sun with the Milkway Galaxy on 8/18/10 the energies have been building. It is how we move on to a new Timeline and enter the Separation of Worlds. This allows the high vibrations needed to bring in your higher gifts. Many of you have mastered telepathy and if not, you should be practicing throughout each day.
Telepathy is the basis of all other gifts.

The path they travel may be re-programmed consciously by you using sound. Sound effects the path of connection to undo wrong thinking. This is why monks chant repetitively. As you listen to chanting it opens the portals to higher vibrations of light. This allows in the higher frequencies, the higher octaves where your thoughts are transmuted to right thoughts and by default, right actions. This is where the gifts and discernment re-enter your life. The best practice is to allow spiritual practices in to your life schedule on a daily basis.
This crystalline body your vibration stands in, is a harmonic. It is effected by its environment, inside and out. When light frequencies are flying through the air at a high rate of frequency, they create sound, as in a thunderstrike, whack. As you expose yourself to high frequency practices, light and sound combine to raise your harmonic. Clear your mind, what does it mean? See life from a different perspective, from a higher harmonic. Instead of thinking of yourself as a Earth slave who keeps a schedule to please the boss, think of yourself as a magician. Make majic by seeing the light molecules sparkling around you, the cosmic rays, the gold dust. Allow the particles to move in your brain and out of your brain as you think them into moving. This is the basis of levitation, invisibility, and teleportation. Call your wand to you, and fly! Trick the dragons and fly off over the mountains into the New Reality. This Solstice, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse gives you your gifts in the highest form possible since ever this Earth began.

Now, I will answer the questions:

I was going to ask what will happen after NESARA..?
Seems no one will want to work in the service (or other) jobs anymore.
Immediately after NESARA is announced most will stop going to work. Those who have jobs in service to others, such as police, doctors, nurses, will elect to continue going to work, as needed. They will be introduced to new technologies and trainings which will change their work forever. Those staying in these fields will receive all available technology which will change the way they conduct their work forever. There will be greater feelings of enjoying these jobs which are typically very difficult. The new computers alone will revolutionize these fields.
The Service Industries will not so much be needed as the new technology will add ease in life on such a grand scale, the old ways of doing things will change almost over night. The Service Industry was created to make life easier. The New Technologies more or less replace the Service Industry and free those Ones up to join their True Mission.

When Lady Gaia starts to cleanse, will there be countries/continents disappearing?
Lemuria and Atlantis is rising. Parts of the Land will fall while others rise. No continents will disappear. No countries will disappear. There will be no devastation on Gaia.

Is it possible to make direct contact to Metatron and others of that realm now? What should we do to make this?
Call on a light Being. Call their name three times. DO this out loud or in your head. You will feel an energetic change in your body. Ask Lord Michael to place a golden dome of protection around you. Ask Michael to confirm you are speaking with whom you speak with. The Angels, including me, Lord Ashtar, Mother Sekhmet, Soltec, and many others, invite you to call on us and communicate with us now. You make make direct contact with us, hearing us and seeing us, as you develop these gifts through meditation.

If the magnetics of the Earth are decreasing, and it is those magnetics that are causing duality and our "negative" emotions, why is it that the Lightworkers are being rushed to clear their emotional issues now? Isn't the fact that magnetics are dropping to zero point going to take care of humanity's negativity automatically?
It is not magnetics which cause negative emotions or duality.
Electromagnetic energy is everywhere, it is what holds the stuff of your physical body together. Coming to zero point is when Ashtar has turned his control on the Ship so the ZPMs on Earth are at 100%. This can be turned up or down by Ashtar as needed. We must fulfill, as an obligation to turning them up, peace on Earth, in every corner of the Earth. This will fulfill the requirements for enacting full NESARA Law. This is an an impenetrable electro-magnetic light shield and also a horizontal force field in which combat will be impossible due to non-functioning weapons or allowance of aggressive actions. This only happens after all the War Criminals are indicted and arrested. You see evidence of this building greatly with the Andromedan Julian Assange releasing TRUTH, raising consciousness, and providing Intel to bring us to Zero Point. We must have PEACE in our minds, in our hearts, in our souls. Finding YOUR OWN PEACE every minute of every day is the GREATEST THING YOU CAN OD NOW to help bring in NESARA Law. This CHANGES the electromagnetics in your body and in every sentient and non sentient physical item around you. It effects literally every cell and atom on Earth. Be Happy, Don’t Worry, have PROFOUND MEANING! It comes from the Book of Rules.

Is there a particular business branch/field, that you could recommend, in which someone who speaks a few european languages and resides in Europe should develop in?

Those speaking multiple languages will go into the teaching field and will work with the telecommunications teams. This may mean teaching the teachers, or in any industry; transport, medicine, finance, housing, engineering, science, music, humanities. The potentials and possibilities are endless. As we have monitor communications with telephone now, the new technology will make this look like a can and a string. Those speaking multiple languages will be needed in the new communications fields.

I would like to ask Lord Metatron about Romania. What do you think about Dan Diaconescu, the man that wants to make a new government. His ideas are similar with NESARA law. Does he really have good intentions ? It seems that he has a really good plan and many people seems to like his new plan. What can you tell me about what in happening behind the scenes in Romania?
Romania is a magical land. Romania has been the place where many Tribes have come and gone. Many wanted to control Romania throughout the ages. That is how it received its modern name, from the time when it was controlled by the Romans. The vast forest lands in Romania are home to great magical kingdoms once thought abandoned. Magical faieres, leprechauns, knomes, and unicorns now roam. Dan is one who believes in Majic. He is a White Knight and has past lives in this area. His heart is grounded in releasing the ongoing wars and devastation there and inviting back the magical kingdoms in greater numbers. He is working with the Galactics to accomplish this.

How can God think that Free Will is more important than ANYTHING else? Young children and babies are often the target of evil. Evil is so rampant on this world and the level of suffering so great that I cannot understand why we souls ever agreed to come here. There is absolutely no free will for anyone but the evil ones who have complete control. Why on earth would God expect the good souls to EVER have to share a world with the evil ones when the evil ones have such an incredibly unfair, unshakable, advantage over us that seems to just go on and on and on......?? Why do we have to suffer just because the evil ones refuse to turn to the light? If that is what I agreed to do before I incarnated here, then surely, I will have to read the fine print on my next incarnational life contract a lot more closely...…
Irregardless of how things appear from a certain perspective, Things Are Not As They Seem. God is really the GODHEAD which is a Collective Consciousness. This is literally All That Is. There is NOTHING OUTSIDE All That Is. You, Me and Everything else in existence agreed Earth would play a Grand Experiment called Duality. The children victims agreed to play this role. These Ones agreed to suffer in the Last Days of the Timeline in order to show the obscenity of the failed experiment. Only by witnessing these things could we become incensed enough to PROMISE TO CHANGE IT! Often, the Ones who are victims now, were given this choice as a way to clear their karma for atrocities they performed in the past on Earth. They came, pleased to be of Service at this time. Many knew they would “die” young and move on to better situations, with clear karma. Likewise, we Agreed to be witness to these atrocities in order to clear it from the matrix. This is the only way for Earth to be healed. You see, by taking it into your heart and transmuting it back to love, it is healed. At times, the witnessing becomes overwhelming. It is important to balance these reflections. You must engage in spiritual practices to clear your heart. You must be service to others. Take a walk in nature, meditate, sun gaze, do yoga, enjoy music and dance. These things clear the heavier parts of light. Be sure you spend some part of your time serving others expecting nothing in return and follow your joy every day. No one has any advantage over you, far to the contrary. Like Harry Potter, you have LOVE, the dark do not. YOU ARE AT A GREAT ADVANTAGE, use it wisely.

Some of us use vision corrective lenses and techniques to change our eyesight to a preferred sharpness. without any corrective adjustments, is our natural vision (good or bad) an indication (or a physical metaphor) for how we are seeing the world via our perception? and if we wanted perfect eyesight again, would we need to adjust a certain perception that is causing our vision to be what it is?

There are Tibetan Eye Exercises which are simple and with daily use can change eyesight back to normal. ALL eye vision challenges on the physical are an imbalance in ‘seeing’. It is simply a weak organ in the body. Others suffer weakness in other areas, and still have problem ‘seeing’, though it is exhibited through the liver or kidney, for example. Often the problem ‘seeing’ is a form of denial of love in some area of life. Be completely honest with yourself, anyone wanting to cure sight imbalances, and ask: Where in my life am I denying LOVE? Balancing this, with the Tibetan Eye exercise can increase vision greatly.

In the process of ascension, will there be changes to our physical word? anything dramatic like...gaining superpowers?
You have your superpowers. It is up to you to wake up to how to use them. Everybody has them. These prevailing energies make it easier and easier to remember HOW.

Seems to me that what the body, spirit, mind transforms into upon not unlike what I have heard, been told, etc of death beyond and back experiences etc.
Can you elaborate on what differences , if any, of the ascension experience, living in the 5th dimension and 3rd dimension death itself....and please touch on "ghosts" and "dreaming" as well.
Ghosts are disconent Spirits who need to move on to the anti-matter universe, move into the ‘Light Realm’. For some reason, they have decided to stay awhile, or they are lost. Archangel Michael can always help in these cases, call on him if you experience a ghost. What many call dreaming is actually the Night Work. When you lay your body down at night, you go live your life on another dimension, on another realm, like Jake Sully in the AVATAR movie. 3D death is lying down the physical body and taking your light stream, vibration, to embody another form, or to live in a place of formless form. 5D living is living in the Etheric. It means being able to come and go from a body at will. The Ones on the Ships live in the Etheric Realm and their Ships are Etheric. These Light Ships are projecting their light from the Etheric into the physical. The metal Ships are those that have taken on their denser physical form. They can do this with their bodies and their Ships, at will. So too will we on 5D, many already do this, at will. We are in the 5th Dimension now. It is a matter of believing, and Knowing by Knowing.
Commander Wigfall
I demand an outpouring of light and energy unto Earth that is conducive to the vibration of the all for the playing of our hearts according divine plan. So it is :).
Very good, it is good to have the confidence to Demand, when it is the Highest Good for all involved.
Are the light shows bursting heart with love? Yes.

I would also like to know if we are going to have NESARA by the end of the year? Because this past October Ashtar said we would have NESARA and announcements by the end of our year 2-0-1-0. Will this actually happen this time or did he once again speak too soon?
These things are said for different reasons. Also, as something is a potential one moment, it shifts as the Highest Good for all involved is constantly changing. That is why Lord Ashtar and Lord Sananda say No Dates, No Nukes, No Flukes. When NESARA is announced, it will effect every aspect of life. The timing has been changed more than once before. The timing is something that is only decided by Ashtar and Sananda. Soltec and others, Mother Sekhmet, and St Germain, consult collective consciousness and light stream potentials to make their decisions. The ultimate reason the dates change is We Are Doing This Together, and We are Doing It With Love. Every Soul incarnated on Earth is being considered in the decision.

Are all Soul mates on the Star Ships or some of them are living here right with us and that we'll all ascend to discover one another?
The Twin Flames are in some cases on Earth, and the majority are on the Ships assisting us with our difficult Earth Missions. As we raise our vibration to be prepared for this relationship, then we meet. It is possible to connect with your TF on the Ships telepathically and the best time to accomplish this is just before sleep. Practice. You will feel it and know. A Soul Mate is One in your life who is part of your Soul family and helps you grow your consciousness. Many are with a Soul Mate and confuse it for their Twin Flame. A Twin Flame is created at the same moment as you, the same in all ways, only one is male, one female.

My question concerns the dispensation of the law of Free Will. I understand the Law of dispensation guarantees the dispensation of all laws - even free will - even to those who have attempted to usurp our free will by secrecy and lies. Is the Law of Free Will being altered at this time? Is it being altered energetically/biochemical?
No. Free Will is a Universal Law which can never be altered. Misuse of Will, used by dark Ones, is a crime which receives correction, such as testifying before a Tribunal. There is no dispensation which takes away Free Will, never. Agreements are entered into, even if we do not remember them.

I don't quite understand how the separation of worlds will work. Will there be a Golden Age for the people that don't ascend this time around with peace, prosperity, etc.? Will we be able to "visit" them in the lower dimension? Will I be able to "visit" the many very dear loved ones that have passed in the last few years? Lastly, I am a nurse, was wondering if I will continue to be in the healing profession or if there will be a need for that kind of work!
Yes, there will be a need for healers for a time to come. Doctors and Nurses and other Healers will be invited to learn the non invasive healing techniques and new technologies with any training they desire. They will also be invited to take their healing skills into dozens of other professions, as they desire. The separation of Worlds has to do with Souls projecting their physicality in the place that is the best for their Soul Growth.
What about the Gulf Stream? Is it down & what will happen with our climate.
No, it is not ‘down’. The climate will change to being around 70 degrees F all over Earth at all times. Strong variations on the seasons will be experienced in the Holodecks of the Ships. This will take some months until the changes are complete.

1.After NESARA is announced will the borders be dropped right away or are we still going to need passports to travel?
The boarders will be dropped in time after the governments change over. We will end the corp united States and become the American Republic. Travel will be free, though people will continue to hold their own identities for each culture where they live.

When twin flames arrive are they going to live with us and our families? How do you think this kinda situation will work?
It is extremely individual. If you are single and not living with children or parents, if your vibration is high, living with your Twin Flame may be immediate. If you are married and desire a TF relationship, no short cuts are allowed. If a divorce is needed, it must be had. No TF will come to anyone until they are ‘clear, clean and criminal free’. If you KNOW you are not with your TF, and desire a change, Full Disclosure with your partner, and completion of that relationship, in a loving way, will be required.

Why the Divine plan has to wait for the governments to take the next step? Isn't this governments and systems who has kept us as slaves why we have to wait for them?

In order for Earth to Ascend, everyone on her must UNDERSTAND how they agreed to be controlled, come to terms with the TRUTH and forgive. It cannot happen by throwing awaythe governments. We must EACH be considered in the Ascension. Even the dark Ones in government. We are all Mother’s Children, Divine Sparks, and we heal it by Being Love to Each One. This is a Universal Truth.

After ascension takes place are we going to be able to see with our eyes people that do not ascend? Where are exactly non-ascendents going? All people on earth have made their choice as to ascend or not prior to incarnating? Ascension will take place no later than 2013?
No dates….You will see them with your eyes. It is a kind of shift in consciousness to see them. It is like when you think hard to remember something in the long ago past, with a little shift in consciousness, you will see them. They project their physicality where it is now. You as the Ascendant is the One who “goes”. You will be free to travel between the Dimensions to visit loved Ones anytime. They will perceive you as being with them, not as “visiting”.

I have been told that I am a healer, I have taken first level of Universal White Time Healing, I have been told this energy is very different than Reiki, can Metatron explain the difference and how can I become, more stronger with this method and put myself out there as a practitioner.

Everything is energy. Reiki moves energy. Universal White Time Healing accesses and moves energy a different way than Reiki. The energy is the same, it is indivisible. The movement of energy is different. Volunteer your time to clients for healing and practice practice practice. As you make a difference in other’s lives, you will have the confidence to charge and move out there as a practitioner. The quickest way to do this is to volunteer your services at first. With clear results, your confidence will quickly increase and you will know what to do.

I would like to know how long after NEASARA is announced, can we expect cars that use free energy? Do the car manufacturers know that they need to change their strategy? Did Lord Metratron / St Germain /KOS already talked with them about this or they will after they complete the arrests?
The car companies have had antigravity free energy cars a long time. Only the Sheeple who finance $30,000 gas gusling cars keep them off the market. The free energy transport will be available immediately to very shortly after, as they can be provided. This is a case where the People could have them and have NOT DEMANDED them.

~Archangel Metatron, Through Beth Trutwin, 12/18/10,,, www.GalacticRoundTable.

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Channeler: Susan Leland

"Now you can still do a lot of wondrous work in 3D, and that, Beloved Ones, will be your mission as soon as the great changes are announced. And that’s coming real soon, so get ready! Be in preparation now, do whatever you need to do to finish up your own house-cleaning, and start a new phase if you wish. We are calling it brain-training, and there will be more about that.

"Now we have some particulars for you about the Leaky Guy. We are so delighted that so much is being told and there is so much appreciation worldwide for what he is doing. He is Hero No. 1. It is a most interesting history/herstory that he has and perhaps you will not be surprised to learn that he has connections in other dimensions. He is in his own way an Ambassador from other realms. Most particularly he has had some distinguishment as an educator let us say, of the great university on Arcturus. Now I just put that out there in a real casual way, and you can go in with your own, shall we say introspective meditations, and get more if you want to. We are saying this only so that you can understand that just like you, he exists in other dimensions. And he is a special envoy, you might say, of the educational variety, who is fully awake to his mission and purpose here. And that of course is what you, what he has called the Wiki-Leaks. So give him a round of applause, because what he is doing is making possible all that you are waiting for to happen in the way of announcements. He’s leading the process of connecting the dots or the links or whatever you want to call it, so that everybody is going to have crystal-clear understanding of exactly what has been going on behind the scenes.
"Now some people are diving in with both feet and with all of their being and absorbing, absorbing, absorbing. Some people are more on the periphery so to speak, they don’t need to read them all, they just are getting a general sense of it. Now isn’t that wondrous indeed that Michael Moore has connected with his energy, and knows what he’s here to do. Michael Moore, by the way is a very connected being, and he is quite enlightened. And yes, you may think he’s outspoken at times, or whatever, but he is here on the same mission and purpose as the Leaky guy, President Obama, and others we have named from time to time. It’s like family, family in mission. And they are not shrinking back. You know in some respects you might think it’s really unpleasant to be in a jail cell. But here’s a little bit of info for you that we hope will warm your hearts in this Holy Day season. Send the WikiLeaks guy, the Leaky Guy, loving energies because he is connecting in the higher realms while he is sitting in that cell. He is taking a little time out. And he is coming on board the ships too by the way. No secrets, no surprises. He knows there are documents and documents about the 'UFO’s' in these WikiLeaks, and he knows the rest of the story. And he knows that we are all One anyway, and he sees himself very much as Brother to all of us below, on and above the Planet and beyond. So imagine, and if you would have a conversation with him, come on up to the ships, meet him there. Have a delightful conversation if you choose to.
"What is significant about the WikiLeaks is that they are riding on the winds of change. That’s what we have coming in right now, you know, winds of change.
It’s going uphill a bit right now, we understand that. But it’s going to get a lot easier as you get even higher. And so you hear of all of these leaders, are they necessarily out at the front? No, you are a circular group; they could be anywhere. But they’ve got some very bright torches - very bright candles you all have - but this Leaky Guy is one of these leaders, and so is Obama.
 What he is doing is more like opening a door and inviting the dark hats who remain, even if it’s just their programs, he’s inviting them to come through that door. And they are. And this is wondrous indeed. Now what’s on the other side of the door? Well, you can liken it to one of those super-duper machines that they have at the airport. Nobody is wearing any clothes on the other side of the door and everybody is very, very transparent and that’s what’s happening. And all of this posturing in the courts is simply designed to stall and delay. They are not going to be able to. The Leaky Guy is protected and his work is carrying on even now. There is nothing to stop full revelations. Nothing. Because we’re watching over things.
"Do you recall that we have occasionally discussed Sexgate upon our programs? Well this is Sexgate in reverse. They are trying to pin something of a Sexgate nature upon the WikiLeaks Guy. Well alright, so he’s enjoyed some sex. Be not in judgment of that. And so the country which has now only one accuser may have a law that’s a bit strange to the rest of the world. But it matters not because he didn’t do anything wrong. And this is all a set-up, and he has been set up. And that’s it. And it is transparent even now to the world. So this Sexgate in reverse is really working even more to reveal what is going on behind the scenes. And thus it will be much more believable when the manipulators and the handlers - oh and there are some ones whose names will be somewhat of a shock, but you’ll get over it real fast because you’ve got that tune-in to Truth, and you know what resonates and what does not - and these handlers are being revealed one by one, and the ways in which they used various methods, all of them under the heading of Sexgate, to corrupt and ensnare people in high positions. We don’t need to say anything more about that because it’s all coming out.

"And our mission is to reach out and extend to the entire planet, utilizing whatever tools we have. We’ve got some pretty big ones going on right now, for instance the Chemtrail neutralizations, the dismantling, or shall we say the absolute dis-functioning of HAARP and other weapons of the interfering nature with the weather. We are bringing back into balance that which needs to come into balance, and as you know, when the separation occurs with the New Earth, the ascended Earth will have balmy weather everywhere. So those of you who are waist-deep or higher in the snow and the cold and the ice, stay indoors, raise your vibrations, get real warmed up, because this too shall pass.
"In the meantime, just help each other. Send each other loving vibrations and energies for these changes. And if the changes seem to be somewhat overwhelming at times, take a rest. Do something that lifts you up. Be with people of like-mindedness and like heart. Go to the soup kitchens and help serve meals to those who have no other place to go during these Holy Days. Give to the armies who genuinely help people and don’t just have CEO’s and top-level management, such that the intended recipients really receive very little of what you donate. Go out into your communities and clean up a house or a yard for an elderly person who no longer can take care of their property. Take in an animal who is roaming your neighborhood hungry, without a home. Send Love to someone who has perhaps pushed your buttons at the place where you work, or the school you attend. Be in the flow of these Holy Days. Give Love, give Thanks, give of your Compassion - and share it! Today is like no other that you have ever experienced, nor will it come again.
 If there is someone who has really offended you or caused you upset or unhappiness, it is only your perception of that person that causes you to feel such low vibrations. So turn it around. Thank them for showing you where you are and lift yourself up and out. Ho’oponopono is a great way to do it, and while you are at it, bless them. Send them some ho-oponoponos as well. Ho’oponopono is a great greeting of the season. Love, in any language, is the caring energy. And accept these energies of change, and be prepared with Gratitude and Compassion and yes, even a bit of humility, such as was displayed by the great Master Teachers. A bit of humility so you don’t say ‘Well there you go - I told you so. Why didn’t you listen to me.

We would ask that you pay particular attention to that day of the 12/21 upon your calendars. That’s a triple biggie you know. It is what you call the Winter Solstice, and it is welcoming the sun to shine more in that part of Planet Earth where most of you are, or upon where most of you are on Planet Earth. It is also a lunar eclipse, which is not necessarily going to be seen in every part of the world, but will be felt. Ah yes, and it is a day of the Full Moon. Magic, magic, magic everywhere, so do something special on that day. This is a little bit of addition to your mission or it can be all day, whatever you choose for it to be. But open to your heart and open to your wisdom and see what it is you want to do. There are many, many meditations even going on right now that you can join in with.

"Business is changing, banking is changing. That’s the beat of business you know, banking. That’s what makes it all possible. We shall be having more from St. Germain on that particular matter, but now is the time to be in celebration and in Joy and we are so enjoying this Family Gathering and this togetherness.
Transcription by Deborah Urquhart
Given through Susan Leland, December 14, 2010.

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December 16, 2010

Earth’s Ascension Update

Sandy Stevenson, “Earth’s Ascension Update,” October 2010
As we know, the Earth is proceeding with her Ascension as part of her own evolution process in this universe and the Starseeds and Lightworkers on Earth are assisting that to occur. During the process of Ascension, all those of humanity who can align their vibration to that of the Earth’s ever increasing light frequency will ascend with the Earth. The other Kingdoms; animals, elementals, minerals, plants; will automatically ascend with the Earth.
Up until now, the only option available when anyone wished to ascend from a planet was to raise the frequency of light of their subtle bodies, i.e. their mental, emotional and lower spiritual body. Their physical body would die.
When the Starseeds came to help the Earth, included in their many blueprints they were to create, was one for a new blueprint to allow people who were ascending to also raise the frequency of their physical body to the level of light required to enter the 5th dimension. The benefits of this blueprint would mean no physical death need occur when one ascended. It also meant that after raising one’s physical body to a higher frequency of light (and therefore still actually having it, in some form) if that person ever wished to visit a 3rd dimensional planet in the future, they could simply lower the density of the physical body and use that as their body.
Originally, it was thought that this blueprint may not be created in time for the current situation of Earth’s ascension, but would be in place for other planet’s ascensions in the future. However, after the Starseeds arrived on Earth, the Earth Mother requested extra assistance from other universe’s in order to hurry the blueprint along so that it could apply to humanity for her own ascension. This occurred. Since their arrival here, the Starseeds and many Lightworkers have continued to create this blueprint daily. It will be completed in time for Earth’s ascension.
Therefore, what is occurring now is that each person who chooses to align themselves to a higher frequency of light by moving further into love (i.e. being heart based) and not following fears, ego, mind or other third dimensional patterns, is absorbing this blueprint. As they, and the Earth, continue on the ascension path, they are literally adopting the blueprint as it is being created.
This means that all the people who are now choosing to ascend can ascend without ‘dying’. Of course, just choosing to ascend is not enough. One’s vibration also has to be increased for that to occur. So, discipline is required by an individual to ensure they are following the optimum path.
So what we have on Earth now are two sections of humanity:-
1. People who are choosing not to move out of fear based third dimension patterns of ego and mind. Those people will consequently be unable to clear the dense energies in their subtle bodies (as described earlier). This will prevent their light increasing sufficiently enough to ascend. These people will eventually attract situations that will cause the death of their physical body, permitting them to reincarnate on another 3rd dimensional planet. As to when such an individual would ‘die,’ it would occur at a point when the light frequency of Earth reached a level that was no longer comfortable for that individual to live with. Many people have already gone, more will go. This will occur both individually and en masse.
2. The second group are people who are choosing to live from their heart; meaning they are living in a loving and helpful way, without judgement or criticism. This behaviour cleanses the dense energies in their subtle bodies and allows ascension to take place. These people are automatically adopting the new blueprint that will allow their physical body to be raised in light frequency, as well as their subtle bodies. Once the blueprint is in place within an individual, providing that person continue to increase their own light by staying in the divine flow/heart base, the remaining sections of the blueprint will be absorbed by that individual as they are created. So, by the time the Earth ascends, that individual will have the entire blueprint in place needed to make a smooth transition along with the Earth to her new state of being in the 5th dimension. Living in the 5th dimension is different. Everything looks lighter and finer because it is of a much lighter frequency.
The biggest change will be the visible harmony that exists there and the instant manifestation that arises from thought. There is no linear time in the 5th dimension. It operates in the now, often called the eternal moment. Therefore there is no time between the time you think a thought and its creation. This takes a bit of getting used to! The people, who have stepped into the loving flow of divine order and are choosing ascension, will be getting life lessons now to show them the fast manifestation of their thoughts. This helps teach responsible action of our thoughts, in order to have this area under control by the time we ascend.
This is wonderful news for everyone. The people choosing ascension now have the opportunity to ascend without dying. The people who are choosing to stay with 3rd dimensional learning (which will occur for them on another planet), will be able to ascend without dying, when they are ready.
As we know, there were 144,000 Starseeds and millions of Lightworkers who came to Earth to help her ascend. It is understood that upon the Earth’s ascension completion, Starseeds are generally returning home (most via the banquet!!). In fact, most Starseeds will depart before or just prior to Earth completing her ascension.
Many Lightworkers will also be going home (also via the banquet!). However, there are a considerable number of Lightworkers who intend to stay on the Earth in the 5th dimension to assist people to adapt to their new circumstances. Working on a completely harmonious planet in the flow of divine order, without pain or suffering, is quite different than experiencing life on the 3D Earth.
The option for people to ascend with the physical body in this planet’s ascension is an addition to the original plan for Earth. It occurred because the Earth longed for humanity to be given the opportunity to take their physical body with them, rather than having to experience body death. She succeeded in her wishes.
Earth’s current position
The Earth is proceeding swiftly with her goal of becoming a 5th dimensional planet. The codes required and the balancing needed is almost completed. She is already partially in the 5th dimension now and some people are already there with her, preparing for the transition of humanity. It is unknown when the final transition will occur, as the timing of this will be the choice of the Earth Mother in accordance with divine order.
Codes were released recently on Earth that were incorporated into the Earth’s Ascension blueprint that brought about the final stabilization of the Earth’s axis. This means that although there will be some minor cleansing undertaken by the planet to cleanse specific areas of pressure and dense energies, which will result in some flooding, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, wherever possible this will proceed with a minimal or non existent loss of life. The 2010 volcano eruption in Iceland , flash flooding in Srinagar and the earthquakes in New Zealand had no loss of life. Disasters where loss of life does occur can attract and be of assistance to individuals who are choosing to leave Earth at this time.
The original request by the Earth when she first called for help was for beings to come here and act as light beacons. The intention was for them to incarnate and permeate the Earth with light, thus allowing Earth’s dense energies to be cleansed through the use of light. In this way, there would be no need for major disasters and chaos bringing pain and suffering, not only to humanity but to her other life forms as well. Golden etheric rods have been placed over the entire Earth’s surface, bedded deep into the structure. At this moment in time, only a few are still to be placed. This completely stabilises the Earth, preventing the possibility of any type of axis tilt to occur.
Just a reminder that anytime we choose to agree with disaster theories that speak of massive chaos or an axis tilt occurring, we are adding the energy and power of our thoughts to that scenario. We may also have our own fixed beliefs about this. If this is the case, then any channelling you receive will confirm those beliefs, even from highest realms of light. They have no choice, as this is a requirement of universal law. It applies to all beliefs. Beliefs can colour all channelling received.
Unless you are able to completely detach from your own beliefs and you are able to ask or receive precise truth from the higher realms without still hanging on to the idea of wanting to be right – then channelling will definitely be coloured by, and appear to confirm, your own beliefs. Releasing our beliefs permits a new higher truth to enter the space. Many disaster type communications we hear are channelled from lower dimensions (regardless of where they say they are from) and are unable to see the current higher picture. They are holding on to older created scenarios that have been dramatically changed with the advent of the immense work done by the Light Force on Earth.
We are creators, so think wisely. Remember that in the 5th dimension our thought are instantly manifested. Perhaps it is a good idea for us to start treating our thoughts with that same respect right now.
All will proceed now for the highest good.
Sandy Stevenson
October 2010 ©