June 28, 2011

An Open Letter to All Mankind

Thommo, http://www.conspoetry.com/

Please Help Me

I am thommo and I am a human being. I write this open request for help to all other human beings on this beautiful planet we share. The world that I am currently living in appears to be broken. It’s not irreparable, but it is not far off. That’s why I need every one to help me.
In my world, all the resources are used for the financial gain of big corporations and a greedy few that control them. They hold power over the governments in my world and none of them are interested in the needs of their people, in fact, many of them are actively trying to get rid of us. Also in my world, the people are very sick. Unfortunately all our scientists are trained by and have their research paid for by the big corporations. They no longer strive to make life better for us all, merely to make more money. They create cures and then invent the illness. They no longer look to prevent disease, they look to ‘treat’ it, prolonging the suffering and maximising the revenue stream. They tamper with the genetics of our crops ‘for the good of mankind’ as if mankind and nature didn’t have it pretty well sorted already! Soon all our food will be genetically modified and so will we.
Our scientists keep quiet when harmful chemicals and drugs are added to our food and water because if they spoke out they would lose their funding. Our power needs are based on dangerous nuclear power and resource wasting fossil fuels. We have the technology in my world to produce all our power through renewable resources such as solar and geothermal. There is little money in free energy so the corporations block the scientists from finding ways to utilise it for the good of us all. I need your help to set the scientists in my world free so that they can do what they are supposed to.

Many of the people in my world are controlled by belief systems that they have been brainwashed into believing. Deep down in their hearts they know they are controlled, but they are unable to escape. They are bombarded day in and day out by rules and regulations that they must follow. Their religions indoctrinate them with one set of rules they must follow, the corporations indoctrinate them with another which often causes conflict. Television programmes are exactly that, programmes subconsciously altering our state of mind and entering new beliefs without our knowledge. Our music now indoctrinates our children with perverse messages designed to corrupt and entrap them in a sub human existence. The people have been divided and view each other by the colour of their skin, their wealth and social standing and the part of the planet they were born on. They are divided by the politics that is forced on them by the corrupt governments and corporations. They no longer see each as equal human beings, and I need your help to wake them up.
Fear is the emotion most people in my world feel every day. Fear of what they will ‘lose’ if they don’t keep up their mortgage payments or pay the loans and credit cards bills. Fear that they won’t earn enough money to pay for their children’s state controlled education. Fear that they will ‘lose’ their jobs if they don’t perform better and put the company before their own families. They are the lucky ones! People in my world also experience hunger, not knowing if they will eat from day to day. They fear that their children will die of preventable diseases, caught from contaminated dirty water. They fear that in times of drought there will be no help that reaches them from their brother human beings no matter how much we give to charity. Fear that they will be killed in a war against an imaginary enemy, that could ‘appear’ anywhere in the world. Fear that soldiers from another land that don’t speak the same language will see them as an enemy because they have been programmed to believe that they are. Fear that their whole families will be instantly destroyed by an unseen attacker as they sleep in their beds, whilst a teenage soldier thinks he is playing a video game as he pulls the trigger that creates the fear. There is also the fear of dying. The way the governments and corporations treat the human beings in my world, for many that will be the end of their working life. Fear is a very negative emotion when it used as a control mechanism and it stops the people in my world from making positive change. Can you help the people in my world dispel the fear?

In my world the people have been lead to believe that money is the most important thing in their lives. That without it we could not function. This is an illusion that has been created by the wealthy corporations and the governments they control. If the people in my world knew that it was all a massive deception to keep them operating as slaves for the benefit of their masters, they would break free and restore the world back to its natural balance of peace and harmony. They would very quickly learn that we can all work together for the benefit of all mankind without the need for money and the slavery it creates. They would soon learn that money is the barrier to progress, not the result of it and would so learn to cooperate to maintain society the way it should be. The money control mechanism is rooted so deeply into the subconscious that people in my world say they would not bother working if there was no money in it. But there is still hope! I need your help to make the people of my world understand that they are better than that. To understand that they can achieve amazing outcomes just by the power of thought.
As I mentioned previously, my world is currently ravaged by wars. In the last 60 years in my world roughly 20 million people have died as a result of war, however, no politicians or ‘rulers’ have died in these wars. Only the poor that join up as a last resort die, not to mention the poor people that are invaded. Please help me to end the wars in my world. Violence is not the route to peace and love, it is the route to anger, hate and mistrust.

All I ask from you is that you imagine my world the way it should be. Imagine that it is peaceful, no wars at all. Imagine that it is balanced and only what is really needed is taken from nature as we learn to live in harmony with the world. Please imagine my world with no hunger. Imagine that no human being goes without the love that they need. Imagine that money does not exist and that the wealthy have no mechanism to divide and rule my world. Imagine that all human beings in my world work together to create paradise for all to enjoy. Please spend a few minutes a day imagining what I ask and my world will surely change for the better. You may even notice that there are things in your world that are not right and need changing. If you change what is wrong in your world, my world will also be changed for the better. There are nearly 7 billion people in my world and we are all equal. I believe that my world will change for the better, and I thank those of you that chose to help me change my world. All it takes is a little bit of empathy and compassion. Maybe that will be the reason that you pass my letter on to all the human beings that you know, so that they may decide whether or not to help me change my world and yours in the process.
Thank you,

Peace Love & Respect.

June 25, 2011

High Council of Orion, June 16, 2011

Karen Doonan

 Welcome beloveds, by now you should be feeling the changes and shifts of the moon within
your very BEing. Some of you will be experiencing intense emotions and emotional reactions
to those around you, this may be in the guise of lots of tears for no reason that you can
comprehend or for many others it may in the guise of stomach or limb pain. Know that the
energies that sweep across the planet and those that are intensified by the moon are cleansing
and sweeping away that which you no longer need on all levels.
Human BEings are the not the complicated BEings that your medical profession would have
you think, you are relatively straight forward in that your emotional state will alter your physical.
Once this is absorbed by you then it is a matter of reading the physical manifestation of your
emotion body and then clearing it. More and more humans across the planet are beginning to
fully understand and absorb this information and as more do then health in general will start to
increase across your planet.
Many humans have been pulled into illusion with regard to their health and have followed the
advice of others with regard to what only THEY can fix. In reality dear ones you are fully
aware of the emotion state of your BEing, this is reflected in the physical, who would know
better than you what was going on with you? The reason that so many disregard their inner
knowledge when it comes to their health is the solid training that you have received from a
young age. Instead of going with instinct and doing what you thought best, the seeds of fear
were triggered that perhaps more was going on that you could comprehend so many ignored
their own feelings on the matter and deferred to someone with “qualifications”.
We guide most strongly beloved ones that physical symptoms are a manifestation of
EMOTION within you. How you FEEL is reflected in your physical body. Please absorb these
words and take on board what this means. For many of you over the past few weeks and
months this has been a trying time. A time where you have felt and re-experienced emotions
that for some were very painful. It is this very pain that sits in your energy system and wreaks
havoc if it is not listened to. Again the illusion is training many of you to ignore your emotions,
the incidence of ill health across the planet earth is on a steep rise, do you see how this works
beloved ones? How the more you ignore your “gut” feelings, the more you ignore how you
TRULY feel the more illness and dis-ease that there is?
There is no mystery to dis-ease, the illusion would tell you differently and it is to this we give
you guidance. Many humans across the planet have managed to step out of the fear that is
immediately triggered when a diagnosis of an illness is given. If we can step back to our
guidance previously about the power of words and the energies behind them. Now take your
attention to a “trained” medical professional delivery news about health to one of you. The
words chosen will be full of emotion and fear, it is this that is absorbed. The fact that the
human concerned is already in denial of emotions that are stored within and coming from a
place of fear is further concentrated by the diagnosis and the delivery of words. Do you see
our analogy dear ones, do you see how this is a double blow?
The diagnosis of illness pushes many of you back down into fear, the very fear that took you to
the physical dis-ease in the first instance. Many of the “treatments” we see that are undergone
by ill humans furthers the distance between emotion and physical body. Many shut down their
hearts as they struggle to take in what is happening to them. Always on the verge of panic as
they believe that what is happening to them is outside of their “control”. We guide you most
strongly dear ones that illness is fully within your control. It is part of you, as is full health and
vitality. The difference between the two states of BEing are your thought processes.
Many of you struggle with our words of guidance and we fully acknowledge how difficult our
words may be to many of you. Some of you will have reacted straight away on reading our
words and be pouring scorn and other negative emotions through your BEing as you read
further our words. We highlight the dis-ease pattern within humans to alert you to the power
that you have over your own health. Many of you have not been able to fully digest our words
of communication because they have used the word fear in the guidance. Beloveds you have
to be aware of what is going on across your planet and you cannot live in love and compassion
until you have found the seeds of fear and uprooted them.
For us to continually send messages that contain ONLY love and compassion would serve no
one. It is vital that you are aware of the illusion and how it works so that you may disconnect
from illusion. So strong is it across the planet that many do not feel it, nor see it. It is to this
end that we guide you around fear.
If the word fear triggers more fear then perhaps that is an issue that needs more exploration
for many of you. It is after all just a word but the emotion behind it is huge. We guide that any
of you feeling uncomfortable with our guidance around the fear go within and check what is
going on with your BEing.
The ascension process is not only about love and compassion, focussing ONLY on these two
emotions will not allow your vibration to rise UNLESS you have rooted out seeds of fear. Many
across the planet play with the manifestation process. We are aware of thousands upon
thousands of humans who play with the laws of universe. Many try to manifest what they truly
want, whilst this is admirable many choose not to uproot any fears they have prior to doing
this, the result will be disappointing as fear cancels out any intention to manifest. This results
in frustration which then grows more fear and so the cycle continues. Do you understand our
words and anologies dear ones?
You need to have a full picture and that picture contains ALL emotions that have to be worked
through and worked upon. It would be remise of us to only concentrate on one aspect of your
BEing whilst you were being seduced by the illusion. It can be very persuasive and there are
many tricks that it plays upon you. To be fully informed as to how illusion works is your best
way of understanding it. Once you fully understand how illusion works then the choice of
whether to disconnect is one made from your heart.
Many of you will be fully aware of the vaccination programmes that are rampant across the
planet and for all intents and purposes are being used more and more. This is fear based dear
ones, your human energy system is more than capable of providing health and vitality for you if
kept pure and clear. To introduce substances that are synthetic to the natural human BEing
will result in more dis-ease. Be aware of what is contained within these vaccinations and seek
to make your own choice through how they make you FEEL. Many vaccination programmes
will seek to feed on the fear of death. Even the word death has emotion that is negative
around it, we simply use it in this context for you to be aware of another tool of the illusion.
Please do some research dear ones and view the health of your race over hundreds of years.
Why the sudden need to eradicate dis-eases that pose no real threat to human health? What
is the purpose of injecting millions of healthy humans with substances that can react very badly
in the human body. Is the fear that deeply entrenched that you would give up the now for
something that will not happen to you in the future? To nourish the human body, to give it the
nutrients it needs to flourish is to maintain health. TO inject a lot of chemicals, over processed
foods and drugs that are not natural is to weaken the human energy system. A weakened
energy system is more prone to any negativity. It is a downward spiral. It can be relatively
easy to maintain a healthy energetic system.
We guide you on what to put into your bodies but many of you are still within the illusion and
believe the advertising that says you are wrong and that the latest product that has BEEN
ENHANCED is better for you. Why would mother earth have her children consuming that
which has been manufactured? Did she not provide for her children in the fruits and plants that
furnish the planet?
Human ego has reached the stage now through illusion that mother natures larder is
considered not good enough, the illusion has someone managed to plant seeds of fear into
the nature that surrounds you. Many of you eat a diet that is literally dead food, it contains
nothing of the energies of the planet that you live on. It contains no live energy, it is a mass of
chemicals and fillers. This is not the way to nutrition dear ones. This is illusion under the guise
of convenience. This convenience of course is “needed” as you all lead such “busy” lives.
Many of you rush through your waking hours doing many, many tasks at once and view eating
as just something to be done. We guide you most strongly to reconsider this point of view.
Eating for humans is pleasurable or should be. It is a refuelling and reconnecting to nature. It
is not just another task.
If you are of the view that eating is “just something that needs done” then we would guide you
strongly to sit with this and find where this was planted. Nutrition of the human body is vital for
health. Illusion has many of you ignoring your health under the guise of working hard. Is your
health less valuable than the money you have in the bank? Wouldn’t it be a self fulfilling
prophecy if you ignored your health only to find yourself ill and not able to go to the work that
demands so much of your time? Do you see how this scenario truly works dear ones?
Human life is relatively simple dear ones, illusion has you seen complications where in
essence there are none. Many of you are on a treadmill that you cannot remember climbing
on and worse cannot see how to get off. Your health is in your hands, your happiness is in
your hands and your joy is in your hands. We can guide you in this process but whether our
words penetrate the illusion is once more in your hands.
We guide you at these times to jump kick you out of the illusion so that you can begin to think
and FEEL for yourselves. If our words trigger you then please dear ones sit with this trigger
and try to work out why. Why would we guide you if it was not to highlight what is being done
to you as a race? We cannot come from a place of love and compassion and not highlight ALL
that is being done to the human race.
The pursuit of love and compassion with no reference to fear is a flawed one dear ones. If you
ignore the seeds of fear they will grow, it is that simple, ignoring the fear that is flooding the
human race does not make that fear go away. Working through your emotions and being able
to hold love where there was once fear will turn the tide. We guide you strongly not to ignore
the fear that you find within yourselves, your loved ones, neighbours etc. When you find fear
ROOT IT OUT. Then pour love and compassion through it. Many of you will find this very hard
to do but we guide you to continue with this as you hold more light it will become easier for
At this point in time dear ones there is not one human alive on the planet earth who has
successfully conquered ALL the fear that is inside of them. That has not been reached as a
consciousness at this point. This consciousness will be in the reach of many of you as you
continue with your weeding and pouring of love. The fear has been in the human race for so
long that it will take time to weed it out but it CAN be done dear ones. Do not let illusion tell
you otherwise.
We step back now to allow you to absorb our guidance and our words. We will guide more in
due course. Our guidance is for you to realise the power that lives within each one of you and
know that you have immense power and love inside of you. The keys to unlocking this love
are within each and every one of you. Reach out to your fellow humans and touch their hearts
dear ones, for the road to joy is through your hearts.
We love you, we have always love you and we are ONE. We are your star brothers and
sisters , we are the high council of orion. We hold each one of you in our hearts.

June 23, 2011

Addictive Emotions

Message 51
Addictive Emotions

We want to remind you of the importance of maintaining the emotions of joy, gratitude and appreciation.
These are challenging times upon your planet. As an agent of change, a being of Light, you and all others will be most effective in bringing about transformation and change by holding a clear pure vibration of joy, gratitude and appreciation.
It is important for your well-being, your health, and your ability to connect with your Divine Essence. It is important to recognize when you are vibrating at a low, dense, heavy emotion of fear, anger, sadness, frustration and worry, in order to shift that reality as quickly as possible. It is important for you to make this shift in each moment.
Remember, when you are operating at the frequency of these low, dense emotions, you are automatically plugged into the mass consciousness grid that matches these feelings.
When you allow your emotions to match the mass consciousness grid you can easily be discouraged and swept away with a sense of being overwhelmed when vibrating at these low frequencies. These dense emotions are the most familiar to you and the easiest to fall into. They are the most prevalent vibrations on earth.
There is an addictive nature to these emotions. The body/brain recognizes the chemical reaction within and this triggers old mental programs, old past experiences, and hurts. Every aspect of your system becomes engaged, with all defensives activated. You are on automatic, easily manipulated by current events. You are linked to the mass grid/matrix of fear, anger, guilt, worry, frustration, and a feeling of powerlessness. These emotions are holding the evolution of your planet in a lock down. There are those invested in keeping mass consciousness in these easily manipulated states of emotions.
In this game of evolution, this game of transformation, the most valuable skill is the mastery of evoking, sustaining and maintaining high emotional vibrations of joy, gratitude, and appreciation, as well as love. They are your power. Find and focus on the smallest things in your life that you can appreciate and express your gratitude for.
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High Council of Orion, June 23, 2011

Welcome beloveds, we come to share our guidance and support with you. Many of you will be wondering when all these changes are going to settle down, many of you will by this point perhaps wonder if life will ever return to “normality”. We are here to guide you with this and to help to settle your fears about the changes and what it means for you as humans on planet earth.

The increase in energies has caused massive changes but these changes are only now beginning to filter through to those who are awake. Many of you are beginning to see what is about to change, what is about to fall and are beginning to hold the space for those around you whilst all this happens. Money dear ones is the foundation that has to go. Whilst you build your societies around money you will have power struggles as money is the key weapon for illusion. Many of societies ills are perpetuated by those seeking money. It is seen as some sort of saviour across the planet earth and we guide you not to fall into illusion.

Money was created to divide the human race. The divisions are now so wide that all can see those who have and those have not. Money in itself is nothing, it is but pieces of paper or numbers on a page but the emotion behind money is huge. Many humans place a lot of emotion into the object named money. Many live their lives conditioned to have as much of this commodity as they possibly can, this has led to people acting in ways that are outwith the human condition. Humans are not programmed for greed or deception despite what the illusion will tell you. Humans who have money as their god have shut their hearts down. Whilst this happens the mind goes into overdrive with the illusion pulling them further and further away from their heart. All is justified in their lives as their minds seek to justify their actions based on fear of survival and safety.
Many humans across the planet have forgotten the true meaning of life. They see only consumables, money and greed. This is not a natural state of being for humankind and from this springs more of illusions fantasies. Many on the planet believe that the more money they can amass the happier they will be. Unfortunately to amass considerable amounts of money a human must to some extent close down their hearts to get to the “top of the pile”. We are not guiding for one moment that every human who is well off lives by these rules but the majority of them do. Your banking system is out of balance in a huge way. Paying those who run it a vast profit whilst those who try to save what little they have are left with nothing.

We guide you strongly that these systems cannot last in the “new” world. Systems build on fear and disempowerment will fall. The banking system across the world does not support humans it enslaves them and will fall in due course. We cannot guide how this will happen to the exact detail but be prepared for ALL to change dear ones. We guide this not to plunge you into fear, the exact opposite is our wish. To allow you to understand that all is changing, many of the changes will be months in the revealing but change they will. It took the human race eons to reach this point in their evolution, the changes will not happen instantly overnight but these changes are on their way.
The chaos and confusion that is being spread in your media is to further pull you into the illusion of trying to keep things as they are, we guide you strongly to detach from the words and the pictures. Process all the changes through your hearts dear ones. Many of you can FEEL the changes on the way and will recognise how differently they FEEL to the way life has been lived. All must fall before it can be rebuilt once more. We do not guide that the changes will be repeated for what was once there, for how can a society rebuild again what didn’t work, it would make not sense at all.
Food production will be shown for what it is with many humans now being completely unaware of just how their food is produced. As it is revealed what goes into a lot of the processed “unnatural” foods then the way that humans fuel themselves will change. Again we guide that we do not have a timescale for when this will happen but know this will change.
Many humans across the planet are already beginning to adapt to the new energies and we applaud the strength and courage that many of you have in standing in your truth. This will become easier and easier as more humans begin living their truth.

We guide you around illusion and those that fall to help you understand how the illusion works to guide you back in. Many “leaders” will fall, the veils of illusion pulled back to enable the human race to see what is actually going on. Many will react with disgust and feel extreme negativity for being “deceived”, we guide you strongly against pouring energy into these reactions. Illusion NEEDS the negativity to continue spinning its fantasy. Be aware that illusion may fuel some of the falling to enable it to refuel on your negative emotions. Those that fall need your support, they are human as you are, they have been surrounded by and engulfed by the very illusion that you seek to escape from. WE ARE ONE, therefore those that fall are in effect a part of you. Be gentle with them dear ones, hold them in love and compassion and see them for the fearful humans that they truly are.
Many who “lead” are consumed with fears, that is the reason for the fall dear one, it is not part of the next level of human consciousness to hold such fears in your very BEing. Many choose not to look at shadow and continue oblivious to the consequences. This is a major cleansing of the human race, no one is exempt from looking at shadow and from releasing fears, no one. We guide you to be wary of those who seek to persuade you otherwise.

As you cleanse your fears and hold more light many of you will realise the wonder of the planet you live on. Many will naturally fall away from the illusion of consuming. Many will look at how they used to live and not recognise themselves. Allow the “new you” to take hold, allow time to adjust, this is not about dismissing everything that you used to do, it is about coming into BEing. For many this will be a long process as they begin to recheck how they feel about everything, for others it will be more straightforward. For ALL it is a process. You will naturally go at your own speed for all these changes.
Many will begin to digest the enormity of the change to the human race and the lives lived across the planet very easily, many will take longer. It makes no difference as each will find their own balance. Seek not to compete with your fellow humans dear ones, it does not make you more of an enlightened human to be able to digest the information more quickly than another human. Each goes at the speed that is comfortable for them and this is rightly so.
We guide most strongly to all of you to detach as much as you can from the dramas that are surrounding you just now, all are engineered to breed the seeds of fear, to have you trying to hold on to that which must fall. The “new” world FEELS different. Many of you have begun to FEEL it even though the SEEING of it is only just beginning. This is what it means to live freely dear ones, to be in control of your OWN life and living the way that you wish to live. As you get used to creating and to living you will expand further and further dear ones. Expansion is the next level of human consciousness and you move towards this at all times.

Hold everything that collapses in love and compassion, see it for the fear that it contained, the fear of survival, the fear of being alone, see it for the frightened child that it truly is. Smoke and mirrors dear ones can make a situation look like another, be aware of this. The way forward is to live from your hearts, to join together as one race , united with the rest of the cosmos. The way forward is to live in and surrounded by LOVE. That emotion is only found in your hearts. When the pain arises within you, look inward, look for the reason for that pain and pour love through it, do not be tempted to look outwards and try to numb the pain by consuming and buying into the illusion, for the illusion is not where you will find love and compassion dear ones, that is within each and every one of you.
We are the high council of orion. We are your star brothers and sisters. We look on in wonder at the changes and the unfolding of the “new” world and send much love and blessings to you dear ones. You are safe and loved in the universe, let none tell you any different. Once more we guide you to process all of our guidance through your hearts. For those that have difficulty with our words we guide you to leave them and perhaps come back to them in due course. Each human travels at the speed comfortable to them. This is not a race to the finish dear ones, this is your human life expanding and unfolding before your very eyes. We will guide more in due course.

Once more we guide that each and every one of you is able to connect to us if you wish. Ask for the connection and we will respond. This is not just one channels guidance dear ones, you all have access to guidance from all realms. Trust and faith in your abilities dear ones , for you have travelled far and worked hard. The reward for your trust and faith will begin to appear before your very eyes. We love you, we have always loved you, we are ONE.

June 18, 2011

Your Body Is Your Temple

Message From Sananda, June 2011
Through Rev. Michelle Coutant

Beloved Ones,
This month of June is a full and challenging month for you. It is a time of much cleansing and clearing, a time to step forth and take the path of highest light. Many of you are experiencing extreme physical challenges. We ask you to take more care of your physical vessels. If you strain your physical vessel, and push it to much, you will not be able to maintain the integrity of ascension. By this we mean, integrated ascension, ascension with ease and grace, and well being. When you abuse your bodies through the substances you put into it, the liquids you drink, and the foods that you eat, you only make the path more difficult for yourselves.
When you reach a certain plateau, a certain light quotient, you will have absorbed as much light as you are able to contain. Your God Self is limitless, expansive, all encompassing, and eternal divine light, yet it is the game you chose to play in which you encased yourselves in a physical body. To move forth with ease and grace, once you have reached a certain light quotient, you will find that you must begin to come into physical alighment more fully, if you have not already. Your inner guidance will let you know that you are in a sense, being held back in raising your consciousness, until your physical body has come more into alignment.
Beloved ones, we ask you to practice moderation in all things. Moderation in the foods that you eat, the liquids you drink, and all that you put into your body. Your body is a Temple for your God Self, and this is you. Take care of your blessed temple. Love it honor it, nurture it and it will love you and respond to you.
You may meditate and speak to your body elemental, as we have asked you to do, and you may assist your body greatly, in staying in alignment. Be attuned to your inner wisdom, it will never lead you astray. Many of you would benefit through the releasing of habits such as cigarettes and alcohol. Many of you would do well to consider eating more raw vegetables, more raw foods, which
are the living light of God. These foods contain the life force needed to sustain your body through ascension. These foods are filled with the building blocks which sustain, and create new tissue, and build your healthy body. Yes, you are building your light body, but please do not neglect your physical body. It will respond to you with vibrant health, but you must go the distance through these challenging times. You are meant to enjoy the pleasures of earthly life, in a physical body, which is vibrantly healthy, a body of eternal youth. When one has the choice, most choose a body with a physical structure and age of about thirty five years. You are returning to this, dear ones, it is available much sooner than any of you are expecting.
Dear Ones, remember to savor the journey, remember to enjoy this journey living each now moment. It is why you are here, to savor the pleasure of having a physical body, to savor your pleasure in the highest emotions of unconditional love, joy, peace, harmony, and beauty, and to enjoy the eternal abundance which is your divine birthright. The more choices you make which are aligned with God's will within you, the more quickly you will be able to enjoy these bounteous gifts. You will enjoy ease and grace and synchronicity in your lives, and miracles will occur. When you savor the journey, you are also living in the now moment. This is the moment where all your power is, dear ones. This is the moment when you are creating. The past is complete, and you must plan for the future, but live in the Now. The Now is your creative power. The Now is your divine connection with the All That Is. The Now is everlasting, never ending, and it is bliss, if you choose to stay on the straight and narrow path and make it so.
The straight and narrow path is also the path of impeccability, and yes dear ones, it seems so much to do, but the higher you raise your consciousness, how much better do you feel? Do you not find these moments where life is joyous and glorious, and more and more these moments are occurring and they become days, as you learn to live in the love of your sacred heart? We know so many of you have reached this level and we know that once you have, you will never stop reaching for self mastery. The love, the joy, the peace, the harmony, and the abundance is free flowing in your lives and you now have a sample of what your earthly journey will be. Dear Ones, keep your focus on what is good around you, and see the good in all others around you. As you do this, you will encourage them to live their highest truth and there will be a highest outcome for all. Your world expands to an even greater brightness.
Forge ahead, beloved ones, with dedication and determination, as you remain in the love of your sacred heart. I am always with you.
I am Sananda.
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June 17, 2011

Let Your Light Shine

June 17th, 2011 by Mark Kimmel

Greetings from the starship Athabantian, today we bring you a message of timely importance. Those of you who have read and absorbed our messages of the last few years will soon see the fulfillment of your waiting. Over the next eighteen months you will experience the emergence of the new Earth. As a lightworker, as a wayshower, this is the moment for which you have been waiting.
In these coming months you will continue to experience Earth’s cleansing. Depending on where you live, you will be faced with earth changes including earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic activity, and extreme weather. These will be challenging, and some of your Earth brothers and sisters will die according to their soul contracts. These events will present opportunities to go into fear, if you so choose. A more conscious attitude would be to lovingly observe them as the stage upon which the final act of your great drama is being played.
There will also be collapses of the debt-based monetary systems, of capitalism, and of governments, all of which do not serve the needs of the majority. More opportunities to go into fear; again, be a loving observer.
Religions that do not serve the need for truth of the larger picture will collapse amidst an understanding of true spirituality based on the Oneness of all. Likewise will your scientific and educational systems, healthcare systems, and legal systems collapse under the weight of truth. Stay with what your soul knows to be true.

We who are your brothers and sisters from around the universe will come to the surface of your planet in physical form within this period. We come to offer our support to you during these difficult times. Expect widespread announcements of the arrival of our starships, and every attempt to make it known that we come in peace and love, that our arrival is coordinated with the God of this universe. The many of us who walk among you will also become apparent.
At this same time those who would continue to control you for their own selfish ends will attempt to extend their 3rd dimension dominance. They will spread fear of the events of which we have spoken: Fear of disastrous earth changes. Fear of the results of monetary and governmental collapse. Fear of religions collapsing. Fear of your space brothers and sisters. Fear of your brothers and sisters who live within the planet. Fear is one reaction; another is seeing the collapse of the 3rd dimension as the beginning of a wondrous new Earth.

In the midst of all these changes you may be tempted to fall into fear as those about you who do not know of these messages react in fear. Your job, the reason for which you came to this planet at this time and place, is now appearing. Your job is to let your understanding of events shine forth as a beacon of light amidst the chaos. Your task is to demonstrate calmness while events swirl about you. Your job is to stand tall among amidst the crowd, demonstrating that you are a wayshower. Now is your moment; you are the lights of the world among the population on every continent, among every race and nation. Now is your time to awaken. Show others that you, and others like you, will change the world through your intentions, through your vision of the new Earth, and by living from your heart in Oneness with all.
Honor Earth for all that she gives to us. Honor your space brothers and sisters who come to assist. But must importantly honor yourselves and all other Earth humans as your brothers and sisters. Regardless of their action and beliefs, love one another. Love those who are of a like mind; love those who are reacting in fear.
You who know the truth of these moments now have an opportunity to demonstrate to all your brothers and sisters — those of Earth and others throughout the universe — how to behave during these difficult time of change. Lightworkers, this is your moment to shine.
The most important thing that each of you can do for yourselves is to keep your energies at their highest. Focus on keeping your health at an optimum level. Exercise, sleep, and eat for the maximum benefit of your body. Find ways to elevate and maintain your highest vibration. Live from your heart, not your head. Let love flow from your every action. See all in Oneness.
It is by simply demonstrating your understanding of events based on a 4th and 5th dimension view of reality that you will help others to see the larger picture. Expect many to come to your for answers; be patient with them. It is by radiating your love that you will quiet their fears. You need not broadcast your message of love on a street corner or on a radio station. You need not write books or manage a web site. Whenever possible help others to understand that the earth changes and the collapses of the 3rd dimension herald the creation of the new Earth and a brilliant new day for Earth humans. It is your attitude, knowingness, and behavior, the way you present yourself as an individual rooted in love and Oneness that counts the most. It is by being that beacon of light that you will join with Earth’s millions of other points of light to transform humanity, and in turn the entire universe will be shifted.
We are pleased to communicate with you and look forward to more opportunities. We hold you in unconditional love. Until next time, I am Adrial, a celestial of this universe, I am Bren-Ton, I am Justine, and I am Moraine, all from Andromeda, and I am Zepher of the Pleiades.

June 7, 2011

Bio Station Alpha on Mars. The latest discovery by David Martines.


It is with a sense of urgency that we come to you with this message. Events that will ultimately lead to Earth’s transformation are accelerating. These next months will be filled with even more earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and abnormal weather. You will also witness further disintegration of governments, banks, corporations, and religions.
Against this reality, there is a cover-up of massive proportions going on. By design it is just beyond the range of your perception, beyond your 3rd Dimensional beliefs. The purpose of this cover-up is a vain attempt by the elites of your governments, banks, corporations, and religions to survive the coming earth changes and to come out on top of the meltdown of the institutions they erected to gain and then to preserve their wealth, power, influence, and security. On the other hand the vast majority of people are being encouraged to continue lives ignorant of this larger picture and ignorant of the end of 3rd Dimensional civilization.
Ours is an even larger view of current events, one that will enable all to not only weather the impending chaos, but to create wondrous new lives for themselves. The way in which this will happen is to increase your vibration so that the events of the 3rd dimension will appear to you as mere theatre. By raising your vibration you will escape not only the ravages of the coming chaos but create a new civilization upon this planet based on light and love. If you are not committed to the 3rd dimension solution, then this way is open to you. Join with the celestials and your space brothers and sisters in a glorious new way to live.
All about you is changing, and from this day forward things will change even more rapidly. The sources of information that you have traditionally relied upon are misrepresenting the truth about these events. Even alternative sources of news have been corrupted with misinformation designed to induce fear. The media, in league with the governments, banks, corporations and religions, is covering up these events, hiding the truth in an attempt to maintain the veneer of the status quo.
Certain people within the agencies of your the governments and corporations are well aware of events in, on, and beyond your planet. These include secret bases on the moon and Mars. These include the truth about other sentient beings that inhabit your planet, from the advanced civilization within the Earth to highly intelligent dolphins and whales.
Individuals within agencies in your governments know the truth of events and situations; they do not share this with most people. This is done as a means of maintaining power, not for the flimsy excuse that, “the people can’t handle the truth.” NASA does not share what they know about the starships clustered around your world, the truth about the artificial satellite you call the moon, and energies from the sun that impact your world. The U.S.G.S. does not share all that it knows about earth changes and earthquakes. The CIA does not admit to aerial spraying or the true uses of HAARP. Many of those within these government agencies and corporations know the truth, or at least a portion of it, and are engaged in desperate attempts to hold onto their positions of power, wealth, influence, and security.
Banks cover up the truth about events and situations in the interests of maintaining the status quo while allowing further amassing of wealth, power, and influence. The banking system in all countries, but most particularly in the US, operates for the benefit of those who draw wealth from it. The Federal Reserve creates money out of nothing and then charges interest to do so. The U.S. Treasury then prints this fiat currency that everyone accept as valuable pieces of paper and/or digits within computers representing value. Corporations similarly function in ways to maximize profits for their owners and top management.
The religions of your world that so many pay homage to and to which so many contribute money, are the most serious offenders in the cover-up. Many of them preach dogma that those at the highest levels do not believe, or know not to be the truth. For example, those at the higher levels of the Catholic Church are finally admitting to the presence of child molesters within their ranks. What is more destructive than amassing power and wealth are the deliberate contortions of the minds and souls of those who follow a particular religion, contortions that mask the divine nature of Earth humans.
In earlier messages we pointed out the structures and beliefs that do not serve you. All of them will crumble to make way for the truth about who you are and your divine destiny. It is these structures and the beliefs that we discuss here, not the many well-intended individuals who are caught in their web. There are many wonderful human beings who labor each day within the structures of governments, banks, corporations, and religions. They are caught in a web of deceit; most do not know the extent of the deceit. Others know of the deceit but choose to ignore it. Only a very few are fully informed about the damage their activities cause the rest of humanity, only a very few are complicit in its cover-up.
In short, there is very little of the conventional upon which you may rely during these times of change. All around you are misrepresentations. Watch the media for entertainment. Seek out those upon whom you can rely for insights into the larger picture. Listen to your heart. Do all that you can do to live in a state of love and higher vibration. Do not allow fear to rule your life. Enjoy quiet time and nature. Look inward for truth and support.
Those whom you call Illuminati have set in motion forces that would destroy your world were they allowed to run their course. We of the higher vibrations will not allow this to happen. You who are willing to live at a higher dimension will find yourselves in circumstances beyond the chaos of your world. There you will ride out the storms, and the collapse of beliefs and institutions. There you will establish a new civilization for this planet.
And what will this new civilization look like? Earth will appear quite different to you. She will be vibrating with a new radiance. You will relate to her in totally new ways, honoring her for all that she provides. You will live in a world without the constructs or beliefs of the 3rd Dimension. Your charge when you arrive on the new Earth is to create new ways of living that avoid the old ways of the 3rd Dimension. You will be given technology and assistance to clean Earth from the scars of the 3rd Dimension. This will enable you to live in harmony with all.
This process will not be unlike the introduction of the first computers. They ultimately created a revolution, but in the beginning they were only adopted by those who had foresight. So it will be with the new Earth. It will be a gradual process until all embrace completely the new ways. Yet without the constraint of time, it will seem to occur swiftly. It is this transformation that the Illuminati do not see because they are blind to the light of the higher dimensions. Far from leaving you behind in some sort of hellish morass, they are leaving you behind to create something wondrous.
One question you might ask is whether governments that exist today can evolve into something that can benefit all, or whether they must be reduced to dust and a completely new form of government created. As we look upon the current situation throughout your world we see little evidence that any existing government can be modified sufficiently to take into account the needs of all. Therefore we see that existing governments will need to be dismissed totally and replaced by a new form of government designed with the needs of the new Earth populace in mind, a populace that is now functioning from a higher vibration and a crystalline structured 12-strand DNA.
And what will these new governments look like? First of all they will be govern an enlightened people that vibrate in concert with the new Earth. Since those of the old 2-strand, carbon based bodies will not be able to maintain their bodies within the vibration of the new Earth, the number of people to be government will be greatly reduced. The people to be governed will be of a higher vibration. The new role of governments will be to provide on a collective basis what the individual cannot do for him or herself.
There will be a greater need for schools, but of a different type. There will be no need to control behavior, but there will be a need to model behavior. There will be no need for a military or police. There will be little need for laws beyond the basic laws of the universe, thus there will be no need for a massive legal system. So you begin to see the picture of structures of the new earth.
Thus the cover-up continues while events accelerate about you. Rely upon the certainty of your heart. Find quiet time to listen. Find ways to raise your vibration so that you resonate with individuals of the higher frequencies. The entire universe watches as the cover-up continues, as individual humans choose their path, and as communities of light come together. It is a wondrous time to live on Earth. Enjoy the transformation.
We are pleased to communicate with you and look forward to more opportunities. We hold you in unconditional love. Until next time, I am Adrial, a celestial of this universe, I am Bren-Ton, I am Justine, and I am Moraine, all from Andromeda, and I am Zepher of the Pleiades.

June 1, 2011

Steps to Navigating Summer 2011’s Celestial Portals

Summer 2011’s celestial portals kick off today with a new moon partial lunar eclipse in Gemini. Today’s celestial portal sets the stage for a sequence of summer openings that include a June 15 total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius/Gemini, the June 21 Summer Solstice and the grand finale of the eclipse series – a partial solar eclipse in Cancer on July 1.
These celestial gateways take us further along the path of transformation initiated in recent years. This summer’s portals in consciousness literally bring us to a crossroads - a turning point for quantum changes in human consciousness. The energy transmissions of these events will provide frequencies that can help each of us move deeper into this new beginning for all of humanity and for planet Earth.
These energies are hastening changes and amping up evolutionary shifts. Were able to download and integrate these new cosmic frequencies to help us move to the next level. The planetary transits and alignments of 2011 are extremely powerful and hold amazing potential, offering each of us enormous opportunity to step into our power.
Expect Chaos, Divine Love, New Endings and Beginnings
Everything now is reorganizing at a higher level. There will be more chaos, distractions, endings and new beginnings. There will be many new opportunities, new manifestations and openings designed to carry us deeper into the heart of Divine Love.
As we remain awake and aware, infinite possibilities in the quantum field come into view during this time. This is a time to take steps to elevate our consciousness (see steps below). From this higher perspective, we are able to perceive the material world as illusion; it is impermanent and constantly in flux. And the rate of these changes is accelerating. Earth changes and personal upheaval are happening with greater frequency.
It is more important than ever during these times to stay spiritually aligned. Prayer and intent are magnified during these special alignments of Earth and Sun. Hold in awareness that our experience of reality is tied to how well we're able to move with these changes. Our experience of these events has everything to do with our attitude and perception. Our personal reality is 10% circumstance and 90% our response to it. We can resist change and attempt to hold onto the way things have been but this will only drive us deeper into scenarios we are resisting. Our best option is to see these changes as exciting opportunities and choose to ride the wave.
We can start riding this wave now by learning to channel the downloads we receive during these cosmic portals and use this information to create a new vision for our life and for the world.
Eclipses are Cosmic Power Points
Eclipses are points of balance and illumination. Higher energies coalesce around these powerful alignments and can be accessed and utilized through awareness, intention and resonance. Eclipses are traditionally considered holy days reserved for prayer, reflection and meditation on behalf of all beings. Our thoughts are amplified exponentially during these celestial portals.
In 2011 the eclipses shift primarily to Gemini/Sagittarius and seed galactic consciousness, allowing us to elevate our awareness to a universal, unified perspective. Through these eclipse portals we reunite in consciousness with our soul family. Our power as co-creators comes to the forefront in this time of spiritual awakening.
The Celestial Portals
June 15, the Sun/Moon opposition of this event aligns with the heart of the Milky Way. Our hearts and minds and souls are realigned with higher truth. Meditating each day on our heart center and placing our consciousness in the heart of the galaxy and beyond that, to the heart of the universe, can manifest miracles during this time.
The June 21 Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year, the day of greatest light. After this day, the light begins to recede. Solstices and Equinoxes are powerful alignments that mark the Earth’s journey around the sun. These alignments hold specific energies that relate to seasons and agriculture, and help carry us forward on our year-long cycle of evolution and growth. Like eclipses, these are important gateways. Ritual, prayer and intent are magnified.
July 1 partial solar eclipse in Cancer with a Cardinal Grand Cross. The effects of this eclipse will be widespread. This heavenly alignment is filled with divine love, creativity and wisdom. It also contains the potential for chaos, upheaval and unexpected changes. It is common during such times to feel unsettled, even agitated and emotional. Feelings of bliss and euphoria may arise as well. There can be accidents and illnesses, and existing illness can become more severe. Current life circumstances can come to an end and new jobs and relationships can begin. Some people may unexpectedly decide to relocate. Psychic openings may happen during this time. Manifestations can happen at a miraculous rate when we learn to download and focus creative energies with our intentions. This is all part of accelerated evolution of consciousness.
We offer here some steps to elevating consciousness during this time. By stepping deeper into our power, we can navigate Summer 2011’s celestial portals with ease.
One) Each day attune to the flow of creation.
Two) Express gratitude for everything and everyone in your life.
Three) Clear clutter and donate unused items to those in need. Cleanse and clear the energies in your body as well. Undertake a full body cleanse, receive colonics and massage and other body work.
Four) Eliminate the frivolous. Simplify by asking yourself what you really need to feed your soul.
Five) Self-love and self-nurturing is of utmost importance as is caring for loved ones.
Six) Grounding and centering is very important at this time. Eat fresh, unprocessed foods, especially root vegetables and dark leafy greens. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables will help ground you to the earth. Spend time outdoors in nature.
Seven) Focus on love and abundance and observe how your experience of it multiplies.
Eight) During this time, the effects of thoughts and intentions and actions go quantum. Meditate and offer simple prayers for loved ones and all the universe.
Nine) Release all resistance to realities you encounter and have no opinions.
Ten) Take 100% responsibility for everything that shows up in your reality.
Eleven) Deepen your spiritual practices and begin new ones.
Twelve) Gain clarity in values and priorities.
Thirteen) Remain focused on your priorities.
Fourteen) Remain positive no matter what happens in physical reality.
Fifteen) Discover and live your purpose. Assess your capabilities, your weaknesses, and the gifts you came here to share.
Sixteen) Practice discernment in all things. Discernment is not the same as judging. It helps us take into account the highest good for all concerned and make decisions based on guidance irregardless of outside opinions or considerations.
Seventeen) Expect miracles and allow them to show up in your life regularly.
Eighteen) Revisit all contracts and agreements on a regular basis and release any that no longer serve your highest good and that of others.
Nineteen) Make regular exercise and good nutrition daily priorities.
Twenty) Meditate daily, allowing your mind to still and focusing your consciousness on unconditional love.
Twenty-one) Become one with the divine. Unify your mind and soul through dream work, journaling, spending time in nature and unifying mind, body and soul through modalities such as yoga.
Twenty-two) Express yourself creatively through art, writing and other forms of creative play.
Twenty-three) Ritualize your life with prayer, shamanic rituals and journeys, and other energy-enhancing practices that lift your vibrational frequency.
Twenty-four) Become self-sufficient. Expand your awareness to see what you will need in the immediate future and provide this for yourself. Do not ask others to do for you what you can do for yourself. Ask yourself what you would need in a time of earth changes. Incorporate energy efficiency, alternative energies such as solar and wind power to lessen your dependency on grid systems.
Twenty-five) Allow your imagination to bring you images from the quantum field and constantly expand the vision of these potentials and act on them.
Twenty-six) Get comfortable with chaos. Be willing to break down old patterns and try new things. This creates new neural pathways in your brain that eventually manifest as new energies, new people and new opportunities in your daily life.
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