June 30, 2012

Mantra for transmutation by the fire of mind

Christine Anne K. Published June 28, 2012

…Today my dear ones we are going through an important phase of the Collective Mind, which is going to, sort of, grill everything that has no longer function in matter of thoughts, representations, beliefs, manipulations, distortions of paths, useless structures etc ...
At the individuals plan this leads to some overexcitement, acceleration/confusion in reasoning, thoughts, mental images, personal constructions (etc) - that can be described as a "overheating", characterized by disorganized overactivity states, less suitable for any creativity but more for fruitless and disorienting self-enclosure.

These states require some kind of final combustion, or in spurts, that will allow at the collective level the calcination of a large number of data and circuits in your systems of thought called "cultures" or "egregores", in your conditionings and beliefs , your addictions to these, your own built blindness (etc)
This acceleration/overheating of the mind has to aim, and end, with a transmutation by this fire itself.
A Phrase to transmute this state is offered to you, which is recommended to be put on sounds in your body - this is called singing, isn’it ! ..


-pronounciation should if possible be done with french vowels A and E (= A as in Art or Barbara and E as in Bed, OU as oo), and rolling R- (*)

Consider this Phrase, if you wish, as a mantra whose language speaks directly into your cells, and mind's and more subtle structures. When sung, this phrase will relieve you, and will also guide you to progressively realize this transmutation, at your own level but also (by bio-resonance) to others than yourselves.

Your mind is collective, my dear ones, before even being individual : this is one of the great illusions that blinds and imprisons you ... This Phrase has the power to free you to move towards a lot of Beauty and Simplicity, as well as shared Intelligence . What you call the transit to Supra-mental is at the end the road. Alleluiah.

Elders of Sirius C - and associated Plans – through Marie-Madeleine.
via Christine Anne K. June 27, 2012

(*) How to : Feel free to create your own melody for this song, this should be pleasant. It is also possible to repeat this phrase inwardly in silence if necessary, but the resonating effect is then lessened.
No more than four consecutive repetitions, and then remain in the inner contemplation of the mental transmutation and/or what is, without hanging comments-thoughts to it.
Can be sung alone or as an improvised choir, at any time of day, but at bedtime there will be a special kind of integration during sleep.
There is no audio version for this proposal, as it is said that "this is not appropriate : each individual her will have their own chant, adapted to their own body and personal vibration in that instant"
May this freedom be not a restraint.. (chant implies a voice vibration in the body, and not necessarily singing techniques)

June 29, 2012

AA Uriel: The Exchange of Blessings

Monday, 18 June, 2012  (posted 28 June, 2012)

Every interaction is an exchange of blessings, from your relationship with the earth to every person you connect with. While there is a range of connections available to you, according to your soul’s growth, healing promises, soul contracts and healing commitments, there is a shift in these connections with each new level of understanding you reach and you do this recognizing the exchange of blessings in every situation. You are blessed by everyone and everything and you also give blessings to everyone and everything. These may not be what you think of as blessings but they are. A blessing is any exchange of energy, without judgment as to what a blessing is and is not, or how it is received or rejected.

Blessings include all aspects of learning, from those which you feel blessed by to those you find painful and challenging. To receive all of the blessings in every situation, see yourself as both student and teacher, giving and receiving. When you give you share your energy and open someone else to the potential of  their own light. You receive through the learning and healing you experience in these connections.  It is not important if you are rejected, ask to be shown the blessings you receive. Sometimes others are not willing to receive the blessings of your gift but that is part of their healing path. The most important aspect is how you are blessed.

When you give to others you open an energetic connection to them. If your intention is to heal, help or otherwise change them, the path to blessings is very limited. Are you willing to open your heart space without expectation? Sometimes a blessing comes in the form of a strong rejection, a denial of your light and an inability to connect with you energetically. This merely shows you that the other person is not where you thought they were, but they are on their own path. This blesses you with closure and knowing that this connection cannot proceed at this time.

Other blessings can include acceptance and a shared journey that blesses you with love, joy, peace, and connection. Accept this with gratitude in the moment, do not fear that it will be over or end. The human desire for permanence limits your ability to appreciate blessings. Each situation exists to bless you with learning, healing, growth and transformation. See everything in light of those aspects and you will recognize each blessing in the wholeness of its learning and divinity. All things exist to bless you on your path as you move from healing to wholeness, from the limitations of fear to the expansion of light, from the journey of ascension to the fulfillment of your emergence as a divine spiritual human.

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June 25, 2012

How to Clean up the Pineal Gland


Cleaning up the Pineal Gland is useful for those wishing to develop their multidimensional perception. The Pineal gland will naturally make its own DMT when fully operational and we will be able to remain in a visionary state most of the time. 
An awakened pineal gland brings the ability to consciously astral travel, explore other dimensions, foresee the future and receive communications from loving dimensional beings.
DMT is a component of Ayahuasca – a plant medicine from the Amazon that brings profound physical and heart healing through its purgative effects and the perception of other dimensions. Those that use this medicine go into a period of “work” where issues come into awareness and can be healed with the insights that come from DMT consciousness.
The advantage of cleaning up our pineal gland so it makes its own DMT is that we can be in a continuous state of spiritual “work” and we are spared the purgative effects of drinking the ayahuasca. Thus we no longer need any medicines as an adjunct to our spiritual lives. 
DMT is a totally natural substance that the human body will manufacture and distribute when it is in a healed state. Thus it would appear human beings were intended to be visionary beings and be able to tap into the information in other dimensions. This dimensional perception transcends the ego and rapidly heals our sufferings, conflicts and thus karmas.
Here are some basics for pineal detox:
1. Mercury - this is really bad for the pineal gland. Its poison. Dont let this get into your body. Mercury tooth fillings are pineal toxins. Have them removed. All medical vaccines are also mercury tainted. 

Thimersal (a vaccine preservative) is methyl mercury and is very difficult to get out of the brain once its in there. Avoid eating fish and bottom feeders such as shrimps and prawns. Tuna and dolphin meat is particularly bad for mercury – the bigger the fish the higher the concentration of mercury in its body tissue.
Eco light bulbs – if one is smashed mercury vapour is released into the room and inhaled. Avoid at all costs breaking one indoors.
Mercury can be removed from the body by the daily use of chlorella, wheatgrass and spirulina. Cilantro herb taken daily can help remove mercury from brain tissue.
2. Fluoride - in toothpastes and tap water. Its another heavy duty poison. Avoid it at all costs. It calcifies the pineal tissue and basically shuts the gland down.   (VN:  I use organic Toothpaste from the health food store and ironically, it lasts longer.)
3. Organic foods - some pesticides are pineal toxins. Organic healthy food with a high ratio of raw is supportive to pineal detox. Meat is not helpful either. Some people who channel seem to not be affected but for many the toxicity and density of meat will pose challenges and we want to make the work easy if we can.
4. Alcohol + Smoking. Naturally these need to go along with the emotional attachments to using them (usually boils down to self worth issues or unresolved trauma).
5. Heart Healing - raises the overal vibration of the being and heals fear – a useful advantage for when we start seeing other dimensions.  (VN:  We did a blog on the heart called "The Second Brain", Here, and Here and one called "The Heart wall".  All worth the effort.  Its how we reach our power.)
6. Other Toxins - if something is toxic do not put it in your body. If you cant say its name its most likely bad. Toxins include artificial sweeteners (aspartame K) , refined sugar, phylenanine (in squashes), E numbers beginning with 1, deodorants, cleaning chemicals, dental mouthwashes (saltwater is suffice) and  air fresheners.  (VN:  In order as above, here are natural sustitutes for those listed.  I use "Clay deodorant" from the health food store,  then for cleaning I use Hydrogen peroxide for everything at about .56 cents a  bottle.  price is right and no chemicals, and it also oxygenates your air at home once its put on the walls or whatever you are cleaning.  Then for mouthwash, I use organic from health food store, and no air fresheners except for incense.  Finally for sweetners I use Stevia, and it can be used for both sweetening and for baking. I cannot explain how healthy I feel having changed all those habits.   Its taken about a year to finish and consistantly use all these plus eating organic.... modified.  I still like my ice cream.  lol)
7. Raw Chocolate. Raw cacao is a pineal gland stimulant / detoxifier in high doses because of the high antioxidant content.
Being disciplined with steps 1-6 for a year or so will certainly bring about pineal awakening. Step 6 is optional but very useful too.
Love and blessings,
Free Spirit

June 24, 2012

Montague Keen - June 24, 2012

It was great for John [John Mack] and I to be able to give you so much information this week. It is important that you understand better what is going on. John was able to explain why so much emphasis is being put on the London Olympics, so as to ensure that you do not notice what the Cabal is doing elsewhere. They are not of your planet, this is why they can run rings around you. Humans have been dumbed down so that they can be kept under control. You, naturally have standards; they do not. The Cabal cannot exist on your planet as it is, beyond 2012, so it's all or nothing for them. They will do whatever it takes to hang on. There is nano-technology that can stop them in their tracks. Nothing on your planet would be effective against them. You are actually at war on several levels.

Assistance is coming to you from many quarters. The Spirit World and several other planets are poised and ready to come to your rescue. It is just an evil few who are holding your planet to ransom.

You can see that the floodgates have opened. The truth is being placed before you. Please take the time to study it. What you saw this week, proved without doubt, that what you were taught about World War II was total LIES. It is no longer possible to keep the truth hidden. You need the truth to set you free. Be aware also that there are those among you whose purpose is to mislead you and create a false sense of security. They are unaware that they are being used for this purpose. When something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Too much emphasis is being placed on money, something you will not need after the Transition. Money is a tool of the DARK, not of the Light. It was created by the Dark as a tool to control your lives. You have to admit, they were very successful, as you are completely dependent on it. Now that your eyes are opened to this great scam, it is losing its power over you. The mighty are about to fall. Money will not save them. They will not be allowed to remain on Earth. It will not be long before their tight control over your communication network will be removed. The TRUTH will be transmitted over the airwaves. Then you will enjoy freedom of speech, at last. If you had any idea how hard we are working on this side of life, to bring this about, you would not be impatient. Together, we are stronger than they could ever be.

The two steps taken by the Irish government have NAILED THE COFFIN OF THE CABAL. Nobody expected it. I told you, many times, how we needed the Irish to take back what is theirs: to remove the corrupt forever from that sacred land. The true history of Ireland will expose all the lies that were forced on you. It just had to start there. The biggest crimes against humanity began when the language and history were stolen and the people of Ireland were condemned to a control system that abused the innocent children, controlled governments, and all education, with a grip so tight it was difficult to release. When Enda Kenny, the Prime Minister, was inspired to stand up to defend the innocent, this was the first step necessary for your world to gain its freedom and to release your planet from the domination of the Cabal. Both sides of life are grateful to him.

Many believe that the banks control your world. This is not so. They, too, answer to Rome. They are but an arm of the control system. They answer to their masters also. This will be a surprise to many of you, but it is true. "Nothing is as it seems."

You have seen, over the years, that anytime anyone touched on the truth, they were attacked, ridiculed, and condemned. David Icke is the perfect example of this. Spirit supported him and encouraged him to stay the course. Look at him now - a bit battered, but triumphant. His following, today, is more than he could ever have imagined it could be. He has devoted his life to waking up his fellow man to the Truth, to the shackles that enslave him. The day will soon come when mankind will applaud him and acknowledge the great sacrifice he has made on its behalf.

Be vigilant at all times. Share information and support each other. The Cabal has controlled your world for 2000 years. They know all they need to know regarding the control of the masses. You, on the other hand, are new to the game, so at times it may be difficult to see when you are being conned. Gullible people are being used to pass on false information. They are innocent of this fact and so they can be very convincing. You cannot afford to miss your window of opportunity. Six months almost gone already. No time to waste on well-laid plans to mislead you. They have nothing to lose. You, on the other hand, have everything to lose. Do I make myself clear?

Assist, whenever possible, those who work to set you free. They have put their lives on the line. They suffer attacks, as the Cabal has a large armoury at its disposal. This, they do not hesitate to use.

You met someone this week. Someone who has suffered greatly at their hands. John (J.M.) helped her a great deal when he was on the Earthplane, to cope with what was done to her. John devoted his life to helping those whose lives were disrupted, and sometimes destroyed, by abduction.

I ask of you today that you not allow FEAR into your lives. Fear mongers will appear in all guises. Do not be taken in by them. You are all loved and cherished by those who matter. The God of love and all understanding is always there for you and awaits your return to the light, when peace will return to Earth and all will live in harmony. Never forget that this is your ultimate goal. Do not allow yourself to be deflected from it. We are almost there.

My dear Veronica, understand the importance of the information that was given through the medium this week. John and I felt that it was an important communication. Please get a night vision camera as we have some surprises in store. Some kind person may come forward with advice on this. Never be swayed by propaganda - that's all it is. Follow your heart and your truth !

You are truly loved, my dear. Always your adoring husband, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

June 22, 2012

A Call To Awaken

Declan of the Pleiades. A Call To Awaken, From Our Brethren Of The Stars. By, AuroRa Le. June 22, 2012.

* The craft felt very tiny as it hovered just above the water, and I was conscious of being perched at the opening of a doorway or a hatch. My hands gripped the edges of the wall, and I sat in a crouched position, like I was getting ready to pounce. I looked behind me, over my shoulder, and saw a familiar face; short brown hair, twinkling blue eyes, a mischievous smile… And then I hit the icy water with a shock-I must have jumped and landed right back in my own livingroom!

Indeed, it is I, my darling girl, and I have a message of some importance I wish to impart to The Crew. Forgive me, please, for the harsh return from your lovely meditation. That was, in truth, a replay of your work with us last evening. It’s the way we sent you back. Had to get your attention somehow, didn’t I?
What I wish to say is that the walls are coming down now and the changes, they are but a breath away. Yes, I know, we see you as you scurry to and fro, in pursuit of your survival. Work, drive, study, shop, eat, sleep, perhaps a spot of the TV watching. Same go around, day in and day out. Mundane, isn’t it, and rather hypnotic? You see the sameness on the surface and you think, “Oh, well. Nothing’s ever going to happen here.” And so you carry on. A good lot of you don’t believe us, that much is happening that you can’t yet see. I am here, as are the legions of our Light Teams, the away-teams, and for those who don’t remember-we are the ones who walk amongst you unnoticed. We come for an hour or perhaps a day. We are your family and co-workers from your homes in the stars and aboard ship. Our task is to slow down our personal vibrations in order to move within the confines of your human society, and so assess your progress and the current energies at hand. I walk with you, along the busy sidewalks of your city. And for this day in time I get to feel as you feel and see as you see, experiencing firsthand humanity’s frustrations and it’s ignorance of the turmoil that is raging all around. How odd it feels to know what it’s like to not see this. It astounds us to experience this as you do. It is exhausting to say the least, maintaining this pervasive state of illusion. We see that so many still are choosing to turn a deaf ear to the messages we send, and that a sufficient portion of our own groundcrew remain in slumber. They choose to not know. It is too upsetting, too invasive to their current way of life. Their intuitive gifts are dulled to such a degree as to render us astounded. It is up to you, the awakened ones, to extend to them a hand in friendship and to hope and pray that they will listen. No small feat, I agree. I have been human many times, and I know the way of it.
So, we are here in a show of Unity. We can be found at all the many places that you frequent. Sometimes we make a purchase or we may ask you for directions. We’ve been known to speak a friendly word or to admire your familiars (Declan is speaking of our pets). We know who each of you are in truth, dwelling within the confines of the human bodysuit, and we behold you in the fullness of your authentic power and glory. To have endured this as long as you have is nothing short of miraculous in our eyes. Even the ones most soundly sleeping are still in full connection with their highest selves. They could not otherwise survive here. But now it is time to stop pretending to be that which you are not, and to help the lost ones within your ranks to snap out of their third-dimensional trance. Far too many of our crew has become complacent. There is much work to be done. It is written, they have contracted to do it, and by Divine agreement at that. In some way-whatever way it is you choose to do it-you are being called upon to wake them up. Write, speak, make a movie, engage them in friendship. Whichever. You are healers and messengers, each and every one of you. And you have such a stunning amount of help at your fingertips, and not just from your crew. Your brothers, Raphael and Michael stand ready and are waiting to assist you. You need only to call on them and they will provide you with ideas and point you in the right direction. Remember to always be tactful and patient. I am speaking to you as a voice of The Brethren as a whole, for it matters little from which vessel or star system you originate. We sympathize with the discomfort this brings to so many of you-my dear AuroRa, most especially-but there will be time aplenty to rest comfortably upon your laurels, when our jobs are done.

It is crucial at this time that all the Lightworkers find some way to be in service to the ascension process. Whether it simply be to hold the light in your community or in the example you set for others to follow. Everything little you do is of value. Tremendous changes are getting ready to overtake the planet. Suffice it to say, there will be many a gentle soul who will be taken aback when it becomes evident that something big is happening. They have lived for lifetimes under the oppression of the Cabal, most of them not even knowing they are oppressed at all! They will see their lives being turned-inside out and upside-down. We despair that this is so, but there is very little we can do at this point to prevent it. For these, the road to Paradise will be paved initially with shock and mistrust. It will take some time for them to see the truth for the blessing that it is. Some are such young and wounded souls, they’ll seem but babes in the schoolroom to you. It is you, the teachers, the healers and the leaders that you are who will be there there to take them by the hand and show them that all will be soon set aright.

Beloved Readers, I sit alone this night upon a lonely stretch of windswept beach, along the rugged shores of my beloved Britain. Embedded in my very soul, this land shall ever be! I contemplate with you the future of this planet I so dearly love, and have for many lifetimes called my home. In the eyes of your Universal family, the times ahead look nothing short of magnificent. If only all of you could see it as I do, through the eyes of one to whom time has no relevance. It is in this way that Disclosure is a thing of the present. It is already a reality, a foregone conclusion. Done and done. A touchy subject this is for you, I know. It is the area in which your patience has reached it’s limits and your faith in us is being tested. But trust me as I say that your world is transforming and the tyranny is waging it’s last war upon your lovely planet. We make ready for the full removal of the old Cabal. Expect news of this to come as a whisper in the night at first, with the absences of these individuals to become more noticeable as the weeks and months wear on. Believe me, this is no small feat, even with the technologies we have at our disposal. They know well that it is time for them to surrender and face the ending they themselves created. Immature, misguided souls they are, down to they very last one. They will be justly dealt with by our merciful Creator. Indeed, they take their leave of Earth, and embark upon a journey to a place where their actions will not take a toll on others. I may only say this land is stark and lifeless, a place of greyness and no color. It possesses none of the great beauty of the Earth. There they will find only rocks and sand, with nary a tree or an ocean to pollute and defile. It is a safe locale, and is a place of learning. Loved and tended they will be, by the strongest of instructors and healers. Be aware that in actuality, this process has already begun, though I dare not say when it will conclude. I keep no faith with misleading dates and times, for all is ever-changing, as you know.
I take my leave now, as my transport rises up to fetch me, from the waves below this rock. And no, no, no…we do not ever harm the fishes! I ask only, dear AuroRa, that you share my endless ramblings with all you wish to listen to my words. Join together with us, your family and friends who watch you from up in the clouded skies. Together we shall shall pierce the veil of secrecy and illusion and be together once more.

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June 20, 2012

Be considerate – take care of yourself, but be aware of and think about your actions/reactions and how they affect others.

Be slow to judge – every person has a paradigm they exist in and you most likely do not see the whole picture. Remember, those you judge may be clamouring to be first in line to judge you.  

Be quick to release negative emotion – negatively flows around and follows you like a dark cloud. Other are less willing to connect with a person that exudes negativity. Release, knowing you are being gentle with your body in the process.

Be kind – a moment of kindness to yourself or another sends ripples that will always be returned to you ten-fold. You may not remember the kindnesses shown, but The Universe always does.
Show respect – in showing respect for yourself and others, you are showing The Universe that, no matter what your/their station in life, they are deserving of receiving all the good your Earth has to offer.

Always love – it is what you were designed to do. It is not necessary to like every person that surrounds you but, love in it’s purest form is. Each person you come in contact with carries a piece of The Divine Spark within them. If you cannot love the person, love the Spark.

~ Creator

June 17, 2012

Relax regularly into a quiet and peaceful state

06/17/2012 by John Smallman

If you choose to pay careful attention to your intuition, your inner knowing or guidance, you can access much information and knowledge that is pertinent to your forthcoming awakening. The illusion distracts you from your homeward path by bringing your attention and focus back to your physical bodies again and again – hunger, tiredness, thirst, anxiety, fear, pain – in an endless succession of issues that it seems you need to deal with immediately.

Meditation is a way to overcome these distractions, but initially it seems impossible to quiet your mind and body, and one or other of them will divert your attention from your meditative practice. When that happens you become irritated with yourselves and frequently judge yourselves quite harshly for what you see as a failed attempt to relax and go within. But as with any skill, regular practice is necessary for you to achieve results that you can assess as satisfactory, as a sign that you are making progress. But often you feel that your attempts are unproductive, a waste of your precious time, and so you terminate the practice to go and take care of “more important” things.

Try not to give in to these temptations, for that is what they are. It is just your egoic side looking for attention by seducing you with the ideas that you have these “more important” things that you need to deal with. By resisting these distractions and continuing your practice, you do achieve something – you overcome your ego!

However, by seeking spiritual progress, such as watching for a moment of enlightenment, a moment without thought, or any other spiritual expectation, you set yourselves up for failure. Your mind will nearly always wander as it is part of the human condition where every situation is subjected to almost constant scrutiny and judgment. And that is what you need to release. As long as you engage in judgment and critique, you are coming from ego and cutting yourselves off from your center, the divine flame that glows within each one of you.

Obviously your ego does have a very useful role while you reside in the illusion, embodied. Its task is to maintain the integrity and health of your bodies, but over the eons you have spent in the illusion you have given it more and more autonomy and have come to rely on it for guidance. However, in spiritual matters it is totally incompetent, although it tries to guide you in those matters as well.
By entering a meditative state you detach yourselves from it and from its advice and guidance which it desperately wants you to honor and respect, and that is why you find its distractions as you meditate so engaging and effective. Your ego does not want to be replaced by the loving, compassionate spiritual guidance that you can access when you succeed in quieting it, and it will constantly try to distract you so that it can continue to control you. When someone pushes your buttons and you explode, that is your ego controlling you. Often, afterwards, you may wonder what got into you, and regret your words or actions
Being aware of this is the only effective way to overcome it, and you then have to use your will very determinedly in order to relax into that deep meditative state where you can access your inner guidance, your intuition, the spiritual guides who are always with you and available to offer counsel and guidance when you ask them to help you. That guidance is the gentle suggestion that informs you of its presence by making you aware of the discomfort you feel when your ego is demanding that you attack, and yet something else seems to be advising you that to do so is inadvisable. And, as most of you have discovered from time to time, when you go with the ego’s shrill advice while feeling pressured or threatened you frequently regret it later.
Relax regularly into meditation, or into a quiet and peaceful state, such as enjoying gentle music, reading a channeled message of love and upliftment, relaxing in a natural setting with water flowing or with inspiring views, and allow yourselves the luxury of just being. When you do this your intuitive sense that all is divinely taken care of will bubble up into your conscious awareness, enabling you to reconfirm your faith, your inner knowing that you are to awaken into the glory of eternal joy.

With so very much love, Saul.


June 16, 2012

Our dreams and yours are coming to fruition now

Our dreams and yours are coming to fruition now. – Michael channeled by Ron Head
June 16,2012

This morning we will speak with you about the abilities you are trying so hard to manifest. You have equated the ability to see and hear with your spiritual eye, and other things such as moving objects or lucid dreaming, with your spiritual progress.

It is true that those who are a bit further along on their paths have many of these abilities. It is true also, that intention and practice may allow you to gain many of them. There is nothing wrong with such efforts. Allow us to point out, however, that at his time, there might be more beneficial things to center your attention upon. Clearing past grievances and fears would be one. Learning unconditional love for all around you would be another. Simply intending moment to moment the ascension of yourself and your world might be the most beneficial of all. For if these were the things upon which your minds were centered, all the rest would fall into place as a matter of course. Never having given any thought to it, you would find that you were experiencing these things when needed.
Perhaps you can see that pursuing them now is actually detracting from your best and most important usage of your time. You are so close now to your quantum jump in awareness that we can assure you these things will be part of your experience very quickly. When you discover them, it is quite understandable that you will marvel at them and experiment with them. They will be quite natural occurrences. Would it be better to see the unconditional love of Creator cascading down upon those you have prayed for, or to see etheric colors? We are only attempting to point out what may be the best use of your time and efforts, dear friends.

Some of you may be, however, discovering new senses and abilities. In these cases, you are being given new or returning abilities to use for the highest and best purposes. It would, of course, not be at all inappropriate to discover for yourselves how they can best be used or the extent to which you can expand them. With amusement we can tell you that you probably cannot even imagine yet where they will take you.

You will notice that not everyone is acquiring the same abilities in the same degrees. Is that not always, always the way things work best for all? Birds sing, antelope run, fish swim. Every flower is different from every other. Accept that which is given and make it the best it can become. It is what makes you unique among all the others. You are perfect.
Our dreams and yours are coming to fruition now, dear ones. Reach for the love of your Creator now and allow it to move through you into all that is of your world.
Peace, love, and light be yours until we speak tomorrow.

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June 12, 2012

In this manner, you are centered

Michael channeled by Ron Head,  June 12,2012

As the frequencies of light continue to build toward your coming solstice, we would speak to you each morning with some suggestions to help you in your ability to utilize them to the fullest.
You have known of these practices for many thousands of years, but as you know, a gentle reminder now and again can be of much help. You often hear us ask you to center yourselves. Let us give you a thought picture of a way to do that.

Begin by bringing these powerful energies down through your crowns and into your brow chakras. Let your breathing bring these to you. Open your inner eyes and see this light. Most of you are not yet clairvoyant. Seeing with your imagination is quite sufficient. Let the light travel down through your center to your heart. Feel and see it there. Breathe in more and more of this light until it fills your entire being. When you breathe in, bring in more of it. Allow it to spread, and when you breathe out, breathe its love out into your world. Imagine it knowing where it is needed and what it needs to do, for that is indeed the case.

While you are in your heart space in this manner, you are centered. As you become accustomed to going to this space, the first breath or two with this intent will carry you there. Use this in any situation when you need to find your peace. You will also find that the more you do this, especially now, the more you will begin to feel these energies of light and love.
While you are feeling this, it would be the perfect time to express your gratitude to your Creator for all of the blessings of the day. Even if it has not been the best of your days, you could begin with thanks for your life and breath. Give thanks for the love energy that you are feeling. You will find that once you begin in this manner, finding things to be grateful for will not be so difficult. You will also find that over a short period of time, if you do this frequently, your entire lives will begin to change for the better.

We will make this promise to you. If you are just beginning to use a method such as this in your daily life, we will make our presence known to you in the energies and light that you begin to feel. We do our best to help you feel them even as you read our words.
Tomorrow we will continue in this vein. Some of you have discovered a very beautiful way to do what we recommend as grounding yourselves. We will share it with you. Good day.

June 7, 2012

Gaia - Ascension News and Advice

Today I would like to speak about how we are going to be going through with ascension in the next couple weeks. Just the basics. The intricacies are up to you guys, anyway, there's no way to know how it will truly go down. It's happening as we speak, so be calm and patient over these troubling times. Many of you are starting to feel a hell of a lot of anxiety. This is good! Yes, it is scary, I really do feel for you, but understand that the only way to expel fear and anxiety once and for all, is to fully experience it. Understand that anything you think is happening is theatre. A play, for your learning. It is very difficult, but all is love, everything is backed by love. Nothing happens on my surface without there being a damn good reason for it. When you are going through swells of pain, you are expelling pain forever. When you are going through swells of anger, you are expelling it forever. Eventually, in a very short period of time, there will be nothing left to expell. When this happens, a spiritual awakening will occur.

Over the next three months, you will be seeing a lot of weird activity. This may be in the sky, this may be in politics, this may be in your very mind. No matter what, seemingly troubling things WILL be occurring within your sphere. Within your life experience. One of the main things we are all learning together is how to seek out and find love and calmness in the middle of the most convincing horror story we have ever experienced. Many of you are thinking "this isn't quite a horror story yet", but really, it is. Nothing is every supposed to be this hard, this difficult and this painful. Now, that being said, this is the ONE INSTANCE EVER that it has happened, and that was intentional! Everything that has happened was supposed to happen. Why would we let such terrible things happen? It's imagination! It's not real! It's just very convincing. Remain calm, as the script of this play ends with world peace. You all helped write the play, that's why you still feel in your hearts that all will be okay. Many of you now are saying to yourselves that you do NOT feel this in your heart. You are letting your imagination and FEAR get the best of you. When you finally pull the last of the fear out of you, you will have the openness in your heart to actually feel the big picture efficiently and accurately. Next time you are in a nightmare, instead of running, confront the beast. This is both a metaphor and literal.

After the arrests of the worlds tyrants occurs, (many of you still doubt this is happening. I don't know why, the signed-by-hundreds-of-lawyers evidence is right there for anybody to look at. If you are going to say it isn't happening, at least attempt to find out if you know what you are talking about, please) there will be a horrendously massive surge of information. Everything that man has ever learned about anything will become available. All patents, all technologies, all knowledge of off-world-life, you name it. You can imagine what kind of stir this will cause. It will lead to the absolute and final death of your society as you know it now. What will be replaced is a world with free information and no tyrants. Any other details you want to have in there are for you to put in there. But you actually have to DO it. This brings me to my next topic.

People you seriously have GOT to get to work now. When I say 'work' many of you think of your jobs. No no no no no. I'm talking about your creative passion. Anything else now is distraction, including work. I completely completely understand and respect the fact that this seems impractical, as "we need to eat, so we need to work!" is a very common thought process. I understand fully. However, every single one of you still has a nice chunk of free time that isn't being used up by anything moving you forward. This is a bit painful to hear, but that's because you know it's true. Wasting time has been okay all this time, but now we are running out. Many of you have yet to start working on why you are here! Now, this is okay, because you will know when you are actually needed in a mandatory manner. However, it would be swell for you to prepare yourself. I suggest meditating as much as possible, as this WILL bring you to telepathy. It would be impossible for it to not, now, because of how high my vibrations are for the first time in modern humanity's existence, at a level that permits such activities with ease (compared to say, five years ago and before). But most importantly, those of you who haven't, really need to start figuring out what you want to do with your life. What would be, in your opinion, the coolest damn thing you could do with your life? AIM FOR THAT!. It's your life! What are you here for?

I'm not going to say anything to do with when specific things will pan out. Time simply does NOT work that way. Time is incredibly chaotic. Organized, but only because it's impossible for it to be completely disorganized. That being said, time is so confusing on me right now. Consider this society the Universe's Large Hadron Collider equivalent. That is an excellent analogy for what we are doing here.

At any point you feel things are out of control, know that the plot is in such a way, that when the world collapses, it will collapse into exactly what would be perfect. All the pieces will fall into place.
Break the system!!!

Mogaly, 7 June 12

Aliens in Spaceships Have Landed - They're Us

Summary of Brenda’s June 6, 2012 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman

Dear Ones,

You may have read of aliens from other planets. At times, you were frightened. At other times, amused. You are the aliens.

You laugh at the thought that you are an alien from another planet. Would you not look like a green grasshopper or known if such was true?
The deepest fear you uncovered during this eclipse phase – at least subconsciously – is that you are both an alien and human.

When the earth was formed, your current splinters decided to help earth grow, develop and mature. There was no need for you to remember your Universal powers for earth was not yet a place in which such information was necessary. You just needed 10% of your totality – it was easy to bury those memories.
Such is no longer true after the most recent solar and lunar eclipses.

We told you last week that the eclipses allowed you to explore your greatest fears. Many of you have had difficult days doing so. Perhaps childhood fears were brought to light. Perhaps no fears were discovered, but you felt emotionally stretched almost beyond endurance. Such was the action of the eclipses.

Others felt little during this eclipse phase. In all likelihood, they are part of a later phase of activation or are not planning to move beyond the 3rd dimension in this lifetime. Those of you who feel as if you were placed on an emotional torture rack have exposed your deepest secrets to yourself. And of those secrets, your deepest secret is that you are of the Universe as well as earth.

The belief that you are an alien is terrifying to many and silly to others. That is appropriate. Your Universal status – aliens are merely Universal beings of different dimensions and physical locations – is acceptable to you intellectually. But because your society has placed such fear in your being, you discount your alien reality with guns to rid yourself of those evil aliens…or a giggle.

You are quite comfortable with the thought of moving through dimensional veils. Yet you refuse to believe that segments of your being might look different from you. When you portray earth death, God or any deity, all are human-like. Such is not reality. It was your need to understand your physical surroundings and being that necessitated a lock on your splinter images.

Granted, the human form is appropriate for many environments – but not all. Perhaps in some physical locations and dimensions, feet are more important than arms. The physical being in that
environment would display that.

Does that mean entities in other environments – including some of your splinters – are human faces without a body or distorted limbs? Not at all. Just as you have millions of different nonhuman entities on earth that have bodies correct for their environment, so do your splinters residing in other parts of the Universe. Your role, your goal is to experience everything on every planet in this Universe. Once you have completed that, you will move to other Universes.

The thought of such activities perhaps seems overwhelming. Do not be concerned. We are merely introducing you to the concept so you will not be frightened when your splinters begin showing themselves in your night and day dreams.

Even though it may be difficult for you to merge that thought belief into your being now, it would have been impossible to do so a few months ago.

Why must you learn this information now? Would it not be just as productive to allow your splinter knowledge to seep into your human form without the frightening visual pieces? Do you understand how difficult it would be for you to accept the memories and knowledge of the splinters entering your human self without catching glimpses of what you consider horrible space creatures? If such happened without warning, some of you might think you were having difficulties with your mental health.
There is another reason we wish to introduce this topic today. Some are channeling that alien spaceships will land soon to help you create a love-filled earth. The spaceships have landed and they are you.

Perhaps you cannot conceive of an entry to earth other than via machines already created. The truth that you merely have to open your being to splinters – as you have for months – seems unlikely for there is no precedent.

Have you watched space movies from the 1920′s or read science fiction from the early to mid 1900′s? Those materials portrayed what the authors could conceive. Such continues. You allow yourself to interpret what you know. As your science and spirituality matures, so will your thoughts and feelings about outer space.

Last week in our Creation Energies show and Brenda’s Blog, we discussed how the eclipses were to help you mature. So it has happened.

Your Universal splinters may not all look as you do, but all are equally important. You would have not accepted them into your current earth being if those splinters were not necessary for your spiritual and creative development.

Think of accepting your splinters – warts and all:) – as little different from your body changes during earth puberty. Not everyone wants to become an earth adult – they have little choice. It is going to happen. The same is now true. Perhaps you do not wish to accept that not all your splinters look like you. But if you continue to develop spiritually and emotionally, as you planned before entering earth, you must accept all of you.

Will spaceships land on earth? It is highly unlikely. Why would you accept and expect to learn from a culture that is little more advanced than you? There is no need for spaceships for the teachings of those aliens in spaceships are within you.

You merely have to accept your worth and totality and you will easily fulfill your planned-for role on earth during this transition. To deny parts of your being – in whatever form – is to halt or suspend your role. Such is not a threat. It is merely the reality you are now processing.

Your greatest fear was that you were more capable than you allowed yourself to be on earth. That secret is out. You are not different. You are merely accepting that you have other elements within you that you have not experienced on earth before now.

Allow yourself to realize the beauty and worth of the splinters you accept into your earth being.
Now that you exposed your deepest secret, you can add splinters without fear of your human being not understanding.

You are free to be you. After eons of hiding your true totality, you are finally free to create the earth of your dreams. So be it. Amen.

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for www.LifeTapestryCreations.com

June 5, 2012

Silence and Simplicity

Adama through Kata

Greetings to the Masters,

It is always an honor to address my words to you. And there is always urgency when these words need to find their way into your hearts. We are there with you always; we know which level of readiness you are connected to. We know when we can start our direct communication with you person by person. And we are fully aware of which are the issues that need a broader audience to talk to you about.

There are those long awaited preparation steps that make your recent rise in consciousness levels ready for certain planetary changes. They are the same as the universal changes, but no need to deal with them at the moment from this stage of operation. Soon the call will arrive to your heart to pay even more attention to these changes. Always seek the interconnectedness. There are no separate events to unfold but there will come a chain of events, which will bring the recognition of the broader spectrum of the transformation you and your beloved planet are in the middle right now.

This year brings all the changes to open the gate for the new energies to arrive full speed to your reality. The only tools needed are to be found residing within you. Silence, and simplicity are two of them. They are carrying the needed vibrations to be prepared.

Silence - not that of the hermit who keeps physical silence for months and uses the method of pulling away from his physical reality. The silence I am referring to here keeps you in your reality with a constant presence in your heart that gives you the scoop of your recent life, and helps you to recognize and manifest into it all you need to learn from, and to be gifted by it.

Silence is the simplest method to connect you to your own heart. This silence is like your personal master that can help you to stay in focus. Staying in the focus of the heart and not the mind. Silence is like a Golden Dome you can use to eliminate all the noisy disturbances around you.

Use it as a gift you give to yourself every day. When this silence is able to build its Golden Dome around you, then a new way of communication can start; first with your own self, and then with the Masters. We are waiting there hoping to communicate to all those who can appear behind the curtain of their silence. Yes, this Golden Dome is the aim of finally taking its form around your consciousness; creating this imaginary place where we can interact with you in divine perfection.

It is personal in a sense but the method can be shared easily. Few deep breaths are the beginning always. It restores the mind to heart axis, and the ability to discover all that silence can reveal. Leaving behind all the noise your brain projects constantly is the second step, the challenging one. Keep breathing is the technique. Invite silence consciously into your mind. The return of this silence has a warm, smooth feeling in your mind at first and then it brings peace and love to your heart. Try.
Simplicity is a reaction from your heart to this ‘action’ of silence. The world around you reflects back your silence in a the form of simplicity. The world is reflecting back what your heart is projecting and soon your mind will start to focus on, and find this simplicity in everything. Play as a child and try to find it in everything in your everyday life. The act of invoking simplicity into your life is the act of consciously connecting the true meanings of every single acts, deeds, words and actions. Try.
Your whole reality is ready to be adjusted by these two words. And when this adjustment happens, a way new world is ready to open its gate to you. Are you ready to rediscover a new approach to reality around you? Are you ready to realize that this new reality is right around you at the very moments you read these words?

When you realize that you are in the middle of setting your own new reality then it can unfold, and will unfold soon in the same conscious way on the planetary level. So yes certain changes are in the air dear ones but your conscious approach and heart centered contemplative effort can and will enhance their enfoldments on a high vibrational perfection level.

Deep breaths and find your silence. Find the inner master and this whole new way of living will be presented to you from the heart of the universe with its eternal simplicity.

All that will unfold on this tiny jewel called earth will be a great effect on the entire universe. We were/have been the witness of the validity of these words. You have the imprint of it in your own heart. Your heart knows simply everything; the only thing you need to do is helping it to remember.
So my beloved Masters the method is has been fully yours from the beginning of time and now you have all the support of the universe to use it with timeless perfection. Silence and simplicity will pave the way and we are there always to assist.

With the eternal love and wisdom of the Lemurians in Telos under Mount Shasta and from the time when this planet was called the Pearl of the Universe,

Adama, The High Priest of Telos and the Universal Master of New Humanity
Original Article



Setting Boundaries

Rastran Of Sirius. Setting Boundaries: A Win/Win Situation For All. By, AuroRa Le. June 5, 2012.

✤ Just allow yourselves to Be. Release the painful ways of old, where every moment of every day must be crammed full to the brim with senseless activity. Resist the urge to put on your shoes and run hither and yon, when in truth you would rather connect within and simply Be. Running about is perfectly logical as a means of whiling away the time, as in the manner of the Old Earth. But it is not by any means the way of the New.

✤ Let us peruse today’s calendar together, shall we? What do we see? So much and yet so very little. Must you do it all? Is not any of it expendable? Are there some to-do’s that may be scratched off and set aside for another day? Let us do less. Less is more, as the old adage goes. Break the habit of believing that in order to be of worth you must be constantly doing something. Dear Brethren, you were never meant to be so tired all the time!

✤ A day in your life in the incoming paradigm shall be dramatically different, to say the least. You shall be left with much time for creativity and contemplation, and unlimited opportunity to center yourselves and go still. To be the person you most wish to be. Just imagine how wonderful this shall feel to your harried senses! To not have to be someplace you do not wish to be, to never again do things begrudgingly or out of guilt and obligation. To not believe that to be good you must surrender to another’s will. What does not resonate with your truth is much like an illness. It serves to lower your vibration, undermining the very progress you have been making over the course of these many, many months. Begin today to create a better way of being. You may do this in the here and now, even as you continue to occupy a 3rd dimensional human body and still reside within it’s accompanying physical paradigm. You stand on the threshold of something far grander than you seem able to fully comprehend. There is not a moment to be wasted in the manifestation of it into a viable reality. Like luscious fruit ripening on the vine, it is there before you, merely awaiting the the moment you should take notice. Reach for a piece and take a bite. Savor it’s irresistible sweetness.

✤ Cut the cords which bind you to your frenzied lifestyles, which shall soon be rendered obsolete. You do this by mastering the concept that you dwell within your own sacred space. And by acknowledging that the body you reside in is this sacred space. It is not a separate place outside yourself, nor is there any special thing that you must do to get there. You must only relax and Be. You must also learn how to gently say no to that which does not resonate, and to bid a fond farewell to those unfulfilling things which drag you down. Perform an action only out of love-love and a true desire to see it done, and done well. Never out of guilt or obligation, as these are toxic misconceptions borne from the illusion of duality. They are parasitic in nature and possess the ability to attach themselves to you and grow until they have sucked your lifeblood dry. Guilt becomes resentment, and resentment is the vilest of pollutants, contaminating the amicable relations you maintain with those you love. Set your own personal boundaries and say yes only when you feel that yes is the appropriate response. Otherwise, say no, and in doing so others shall admire and respect you for your honestly. Display a strength of conviction and Be in your highest truth. It is a win/win situation for all.
I am Rastran of Sirius. Along with The Council of the Venus Ray and your Brethren of The Galactic Federation of Light, I send you fond wishes on this day of Our Lady’s rare transit. May God be with you.

Copyright©Bella Capozzi. All rights reserved. You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.


June 4, 2012

SaLuSa, June 4, 2012

The path to Ascension will be much smoother than you might believe, because over time the necessity to bring about severe physical changes has passed. You can take a lot of credit for this situation, because as a collective you have raised the consciousness levels. In bringing more Light to the Earth you have enabled the transmutation of the lower energies. The result is that the necessary cleansing does not call for the depth of changes, that were once thought necessary. The Earth is constantly shifting, and there are hundreds of minor earthquakes that take place every day without any adverse results.

So Dear Ones do not spend your time in fear of the coming period, and bear the consequences knowing it is all for your good. Rather look at the changes as sweeping the Earth clear of its blemishes and ugly spots, so that it can once more be restored. Bear in mind that you too are being cleansed in a similar way, to release any vibrations that cannot be taken with you into the higher ones. Much of it happens without your knowledge, but you can contribute by having a life style that lends itself to purifying your body and mind. Your choice of food is an important factor from the point of view of your health. Try to move away from processed foods and towards fresh produce. This way you will avoid many chemicals that would otherwise be ingested and remain as toxins in your body. Where possible include raw food in your diet and benefit from the energies that they carry. Drink plenty of water to keep the organs of your body cleansed, and avoid carbonated drinks if possible.

In the future because your body vibrations will have been lifted up, you will no longer be attracted or need the heavier foods. Your needs will be considerably less, as you will replenish them by taking more of the energy that is around you. It is only in the lower vibrations that you need your meats, and you will find that gradually they do not satisfy you. Eating is a pleasure and we still indulge but nowhere to the extent that you do at present. We would not dream of putting your type of foodstuffs into our bodies. However, for the time being you need to sustain your bodies and get your energy from your traditional foods, but you can try to introduce changes that take you towards more natural and purer ones.

We lead you to a new way of looking at life but one that gives great satisfaction and fulfilment. After the changes the pace of life will be much slower and you will not be placed in stressful conditions. Indeed, you will have ample time to relax and follow your personal pursuits, and we do have Holodecks* that are for your enjoyment. Yes, they rely exist and can provide you with knowledge whilst at the same time be a source of enjoyment. We have our fun and also a sense of humor, but we do not indulge in crudity or unpleasantness. We are happy and joyful, and in appreciating the Oneness of all life are uninhibited in our companionship and friendship with other Beings. Jealousy and envy are not emotions we entertain, as we understand that all live in unity and exist for each other.

We are One whereas you have managed to create divisions and separation between you. You may look different according to the Race you belong to, but in essence you are all the same and together are on the road to Ascension. In fact because you take a series of lives for your needed experiences, you will understand that in turn you have had lives in many different countries. Think about it and consider whether you are specifically drawn to one particular country or period of history. Would that not tell you that within your consciousness you still have memories of those experiences? There would clearly be less racial tension if you could accept others as yourself.

When we look at you we know that we do not see the real you, but merely the body that you taken for your present incarnation. We also make allowances for your lack of Light and even love, as the lower vibrations have pulled you down. However that will change and is doing so right now, and there has never been such an opportunity as now exists to raise them up. More and more light is being beamed to Earth, and you can attract it to yourself by lifting up your levels of consciousness. Your true potential is unlimited and you should strive for the highest expression of yourself as possible. By nature you are peaceful loving Beings, and you are heading for a return to that level. Stay calm and walk and talk your love for your fellow Beings. It is the only way and you will become an invincible force for good.

At present we of the Galactic Federation ready ourselves for the final thrust against the last cabal. As they stand in our way and yours they will be removed in one way or another, and then our allies can really get moving with all of the changes that are planned. There is to be a total change in the way your lives are lived, and all for your betterment and preparation for the New Age. There is no reason to hold onto anything of the old or be concerned at what you may lose, as we stress again that you can only gain from the changes that are about to occur. You are to take a quantum jump into the future that is your transition into the higher realms. You could not otherwise enter them unless your vibrations were comparable with them. This is why there will be souls who are unable to do so, as they are not ready and will continue in their present vibration. Indeed, it would not serve their purpose or needs if they were placed in a higher one, as that would be uncomfortable for them.

In spite of what some may think, everything is moving along well and will ensure that you are finally ready to ascend when that opportunity arises. You still need to apply yourselves to your own needs, and work towards reaching a level of control and awareness that enables you to maintain your progress. As we often point out, it is your intent and will to succeed that will take you forward to successfully complete your journey.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and wish you joy and happiness as you prepare yourselves for the biggest event ever to happen in your lives.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

*The holodeck is depicted as an enclosed room in which objects and people are simulated by a combination of transported matter, replicated matter, tractor beams, and shaped force fields onto which holographic images are projected. Sounds and smells are simulated by speakers and fragranced fluid atomizers, respectively. (Wikipedia)

June 1, 2012

Venus transit

We will speak today on the topic of the Venus transit.  Everyone is talking about this subject and we simply want to add a little something to the discussion. 

What we urge you to do at this time is very much exactly as you did for the 5-5-5 and for the eclipse.  A great many meditations were planned and carried out on those dates.  Somehow, no matter what the planned meditation was, many of you, perhaps I should say most of you, found yourselves seeing peaceful and loving transitions smoothly taking you into your new lives.  We say, do that again, dear ones.  In fact, simply placing your peaceful and loving attention upon your intended future will be enough to hasten its arrival.

You may also want to leave some aspects of your lives, some remaining fears or doubts, some restricting beliefs, behind as you move full speed into the remainder of this shift.  These things may pop into your awareness during your meditation.  Just notice them one last time.  Turn them over and examine them.  Decide that you no longer need them and release them to the light.

Now we would like you to fill the space that those things left in your consciousness with the light and love of Source.  Pack as much in there as you can.  There is plenty to go around.  Take a deep breath.  Thank Creator for the gift and return to your visions of your new life.

In meditation, reach out your arms and grasp hands with the millions of others who are doing the same.  Share your intention for a new peaceful, beautiful, and free planet.  Allow the energy of that to overflow into all the earth.  Some of you will see people changing.  Some will see trees growing.  Some will see seas becoming abundant again.  We will see that all who allow it will feel the immense energies of the moment.

You are further along your path than you can even imagine at this time.  But we tell you that the things which are soon to surprise you so totally are those that you have worked so long to manifest.
Reach out now and find those that you wish to meditate with on the day.  We will speak again tomorrow.