April 30, 2012




It is time to take action! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! Therefore we will meet in groups large and small, as individuals and couples, at the exact time of full moon this May. Millions of us will gather and visualize the liberation of our planet from the tyranny of the central bankers so that for the first time in our history we will have the chance to create our own destiny as free citizens of the Earth.

There is a plan, conceived by positive people in the military, supported by civil authority, to arrest the members of the banking Cabal for their crimes against humanity. Our visualization will support this plan, so that it manifests as soon as possible, as non-violently and smoothly as possible. We will support brave heroes that will carry out this plan. Something like this has never happened on this planet before. This is our chance to be a part of it!
Our mass effort on this day will be the trigger that will activate the plan so that it may come to its fruition. Our visualization on that day is our declaration of freedom and independence. Make this viral! Share it worldwide!

We will all be doing this visualization at the same time, the moment of full moon, which comes this May 5th /6th. Exact times for different time zones are:
8:30 pm PDT May 5th (Los Angeles)
9:30 pm MDT May 5th (Denver)
10:30 pm CDT May 5th (Houston)
11.30 pm EDT May 5th (New York)
4:30 am BST  May 6th (London)
5:30 am CEST May  6th (Paris)
11:30 am CST May 6th (Beijing)
12:30 pm JST May 6th (Tokyo)
1:30 pm AEST May 6th (Sydney)

1.  Relax your mind and body
by watching your breath for a few minutes.
2. Visualize civil authority arresting central banking criminals such as Rothschilds and Rockefellers, and other members of this Cabal such as Henry Kissinger, etc.  Visualize this process taking place worldwide peacefully and smoothly .Visualize the world finally being free from financial slavery, free from all evil dictators and corrupt politicians.
3. Visualize bright new future for humanity, with new and fair financial system put into place, with all debts canceled, prosperity funds for humanitarian projects released, advanced technologies introduced, ecosystem healed and human beings finally being free from all oppression.
Disclaimer: the date of this visualization (May 5th) is most likely NOT the date when these mass arrests will be taking place.

More information about the mass arrests:
Updates about the World Liberation Day:

GFL 22.4.12 (Cheryl)

Tonight is the night that many of you will be called upon for first contact. Those of you who have been previously told of your first contact details should now prepare for the exciting events that tonight and concecutive nights will bring. It is not necessary to 'prepare' yourselves as such, as the actual earth time that you will be absent from your families will be minimal, but many of you will be called at night time, when there is less chance of disruption to your 3rd dimensional lives.

All of you have been given indicators to look out for, to know that time is drawing near;a certain alignment of stars in the sky for example, so keep a look out for these visual signs to occur. Those who are ready to undergo first contact will receive our verbal notice too, and many of you will already have received your 'notice' that first contact will occur at any time now.
You will also have received instructions of what to wear and what to bring, so have those items ready, as when we give you the call, we would like things to move as smoothly as possible, with minimal disruption to your lives.

Some of you have been asked to meet us at a certain location. These locations have been chosen primarily for the privacy that they will provide, as we do not wish to announce our presence to the inhabitants of the Earth before they are ready for us. We are building up our anticipation of this event finally occuring, as it has been a long time in its preparation.

For those of you who do not receive a call from us in the next week or two, fear not, your call will come. This first initial contact is a test of sorts, and the people we have chosen to assist us in this are ones who are more than ready to meet up with us. They will be, in your words, our 'guinea pigs', and from this initial contact, we will be able to decide whether our methods of initiating first contact can be improved in any way.

We ask those of you who hear our call over the next few days however to not announce this occurance to anyone else, at least, not until after first contact has occured. And then we will welcome your experiences being spread as far and as wide as you care to share them.
The reason we ask that any details of initial contact not be given to others, is for your own personal safety. There are still others who, even at this late stage of the game, still wish to thwart our plans, by preventing or inhibiting first contact from occurring.

Those who hold any fear about first contact will not be among the first wave of people we have chosen, as we will not initiate contact with anyone who we deem is not ready to come into contact with us. With subsequent meetings, we may relax our guard and allow those who hold slight doubt or fear to bring a support person with them, but this first contact must be undertaken with strict codes of silence and privacy in place. And we know that the ones we have chosen for first contact will understand this and not question our methods.

The time for questions will be when you do meet up with us, not before, and then you will be able to ask as many questions as you like. We even advise you to write down any questions you may wish to ask, as we know that the excitement of finally coming into contact with your Star families after all this time will cause you to forget those questions that you had planned to ask us.
There is not much more we can say at this time now, except to remain alert, remain awake and await our call. We have been waiting for this occurance ourselves for many, many years and are ourselves very glad that the way has been cleared enough for this first contact to finally occur. We anticipate meeting up with you all, our long estranged family, and know that the same level of anticipation is also present within each of you.

So, until we meet - we send you all our love and light.
We are your Galactic family from the Stars.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Star-Gazer Cheryl.

GFL 29.4.12 (Cheryl)

Discouragement, disappointment and uncertainty. These are all emotions based on fear. Fear has no place in the higher realms, so those of you who are experiencing these emotions at this time need to recognize these feelings for what they are, and ask for assistance in ridding yourselves of them. We can help you with this.

We realize that many of you are awaiting your own personal experience of first contact with us, many of you already have, and we have learned much from these initial contactees. Subsequent meetings will therefore be much more favorable, as there were many difficulties for us to overcome in arranging meet ups with you all, but experimentation with our technology upon your world has opened up many new options to us. So we anticipate that subsequent meetings will be a lot easier to organize and more beneficial to us all.

Fear not if the call has not yet sounded for you. There is ample time for these meetings to occur; the way that we view time as such, so do not panic if nothing has happened for you yet. With events occurring all over the globe, to remove and relocate the last of the Dark Cabal, the time for us to step up our visitations to Earth are about to increase.

We have been visiting the Earth for many, many of your lifetimes, and all of our visits were kept hidden from the general public. Many politicians and high ranking officials have met with us over this time, however, our constant refusal to submit to their limiting, selfish demands was not looked upon favourably. But as we said, the time for our presence being hidden is drawing to a close, and it is up to you - our ground crew, to increase the awareness of our presence to your fellow man. Hearts and minds are opening exponentially on a daily basis, but sadly, many still remain closed. Whether it be from fear, disinterest, or disbelief - all of these negative emotions need to be dispelled, as the vibrational energy of the Earth is on a constant rise, and negativity will only hinder this process. However, soon it will be difficult for people to express themselves negatively without undergoing a great deal of discomfort, as the Earth and the surrounding energies will just not make it possible any more.

We however, will not give up. It is our place to see as many of you ascend as possible. Those who are awakened and aware already know what is required of them, and for those of you who are newly awakened, the information you seek will come to you very quickly indeed, as we need as many of you as possible to be awake and fully functional, for the ascension process to run as smoothly as possible.
The next few months are going to appear to move along extremely rapidly from your point of view, as time itself will appear to be speeding up. Time is irrelevant on the higher realms, it is not even present, but as we are dealing with your realm, we would just like to assure you all that this process of time acceleration is in no way something to be feared.

Many of you will have noticed on your news programs and radio stations, that the wealth of the world is already in the process of being redistributed evenly amongst you all. You have all been held back, and kept down in a poverty like state for so long, while the ones in power benefited from your negative states and negative emotions as you struggled to survive your daily lives while being suppressed and controlled from so many angles. Know now that this suppression has come to an end, and the commencement of your new, more enriched and enhanced lives has already begun.

Many of you experience the positive effects of the higher realms on a daily basis, and most of you will have, by now, been given an insight as to what it is going to feel like when you do ascend. There is much to look forward to and still we have many tasks to perform until the ascension process is complete. We have told you that we will be there with you all throughout the whole ascension process, right up to and including the final day, but by then, we will have also ensconced ourselves into your planet, and our presence will be commonplace.

This is a very exciting time indeed for us all, we ask that you remain aware and positive. Changes are coming and will be more profound than you have been allowed to consider from your until now,suppressed 3rd dimensional view point. Many new, previously unfelt feelings will be discovered by you all soon, as you prepare physically and mentally for the planets elevation into the 5th dimension. Embrace and allow these new feelings to envelope you,as they will be based on love, an emotion that is a given on the 5th dimension.

Keep listening for our words, as we still have much information to share with you. Stay focused, stay positive and stay happy, and just by living your life in this positive state will you do much to assist the planets vibrational energy.Many of you worry that you do not know as yet the task that you were sent here to perform, but know that by constantly living your life in a heightened state of happiness and love, you are already contributing a great deal more than you realize.
We send you our continued love and light.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Star-Gazer Cheryl.

It will be only a beginning

 – Michael channeled by Ron Head, April 30,2012, Ron Head

We will take this opportunity to speak with you of upcoming events, dear friends. No, we are not going to give you any dates for these things. You know by now that we live in a dimension where all of these things have already manifested. You have created them in the now. Many misunderstandings have occurred because of this. So, for you these are potentials.

They are potential because you have the ability to change them still. As they approach on your timeline, their probability becomes greater and greater. Let us point out to you a few things which are approaching the point of becoming inevitable. We know that on the first day of Wesak, your May fifth, a world-wide visualization is being called for. This plus the energies of the planetary and astral alignments will propel many events toward their inevitable conclusions. We speak here of societal, financial, and more importantly, personal changes. We know most of you still feel that these outside events are of paramount importance. Yet we tell you once more that the changes that are occurring within each of you are the driving force behind everything else.

To us, each of those apparently external changes are reflections of internal victories already won by a sufficient number of you to have made a crucial difference. To repeat and expand upon something we have recently told you, this is the secret long obscured from your view, often at any cost. So, yes, watch what happens now around you. But know that it is only a reflection of who you have become. Celebrate it and keep your focus on the becoming. Marvelous though it may appear, it will be only a beginning. It will be only a reflection in your mirror.

Your rising self-worth, your true value, and your growing embodiment of your true selves are beginning to change the entire world upon which you live. This is no accident. It is supported by all the power of the Universe, all the power of the All-That-Is. The game has reached its conclusion, dear friends, and you have won. And, in the truth of your Creator, there are no losers. Reach inside now and find the one who has created this. Allow yourself to value the person you find there above anything else. This is not ego, dear ones. This is appreciation for what the Creator has fashioned and gifted to you. Go in love and peace now. We will speak tomorrow.

April 29, 2012

When something disturbing...

When something disturbing sweeps into your awareness, just let it flow

04/29/2012 by John Smallman

The forthcoming event to which you – humanity – have been progressing steadily for so long, with not infrequent, apparent back-steps, gets ever closer. Yes, all is on schedule, and your awakening is to occur precisely as divinely planned with your enthusiastic help and agreement. Any doubts about it that you may be harboring are completely without foundation. Release them, and focus your attention on what you truly desire to happen, and bring it to fruition. That is your task, ably assisted by all of us in the spiritual realms who are constantly offering you advice (but only when sought) and encouragement.
To have spent so many eons in the illusory environment that you made in which to play your games has caused you to build around yourselves a hard shell to protect you from the attacks that have been an ongoing aspect of that strange environment. What you are mostly now engaged in is softening and removing that shell so that you can fully interact with the divine field of Love that surrounds you at all times and which longs to hold you in Its loving embrace.

To soften this shell, and to enable you to let it go, you are addressing all these unloving issues and attitudes as they pour into your awareness, sometimes with very unsettling effects. To awaken is to awaken into the divine Presence where all is Love. Anything that is unloving cannot enter because the brilliance of the divine Light utterly overwhelms and terrifies anything that is unloving. Any fear you may have that you will be divinely judged and found wanting stems from your deep inner knowing of this.

You know that to attempt to enter into the presence of God with anything apart from Love in your hearts is a meaningless endeavor. To enter into the divine Presence you have to desire and intend to do so with all of your heart, but if you are still harboring unloving thoughts or attitudes, then you are not doing so with the desire and intent of all of your heart, and that is why it would be meaningless.
You are so accustomed to withholding part of your heart when you relate to others, in case you should be attacked or betrayed, that it is difficult for you to release those remaining unloving elements which seem to have provided you with essential protection for so long. And it is these remaining unloving aspects you still hold in your hearts that you are in the process of addressing and releasing as the moment for your glorious awakening approaches. Consequently, many are feeling disturbed and distracted as aspects of themselves that they had buried deep within surge up to the surface of their awareness for release.

Remember, you are constantly being offered enormous assistance from those in the spiritual realms so that you can deal swiftly and effectively with these issues, and there is no way that you can fail to do so. However, it can be very uncomfortable for you. When something shocking or very disturbing sweeps into your awareness just let it flow. Do not attempt to stop it or block it – you do not need to act on it, either – just let it flow. It will not last, and when it has passed you will feel more alive, more secure, more sure and more confident in yourselves. What will have happened is that the intense energy you needed to block it, deny it, or hide from it is now available for you to use and enjoy, resulting in a marked decrease in the fatigue and stress that its misuse had caused, and you will be brighter for it.
Truly your path to awakening has become far shorter; the main part is well behind you now, and as you release what you need to release and allow your hearts to open ever more fully, your faith in the divine outcome that has been planned since the moment of apparent separation will continue to strengthen and intensify, until you will know in your conscious mind that God’s Will and yours is assured.

With so very much love, Saul.

April 27, 2012

By American Kabuki – April 27, 2012


I’ve received a lot of unusual information today. I feel like I am in the eye of an information hurricane that is about to hit in May. Got this from a somewhat obscure source, claims to be ex-Illuminati with contacts in the Chinese Dragon Family, so I’ll just say that up front.
I don’t know this person outside of the emails I got. I’ll just post it and let you all digest this information, I think Cobra at Portal 2012 has pretty much already prepped us as to what to expect, this might help explain the why of the May 5 mass meditation on World Liberation Day.
It has been a while since we have spoken. Things have been quite intense and draining on one’s system.
So here goes:
This month will continue its course. It has been a murky and cloudy month. Tensions and efforts have been misdirected or muted. Energies have been haywire….this will continue for a few days into May.
May will be a defining time for the human race. There is a period of time that is astronomically important…I mean that quite literally. From May 8th through May 20th there will be energies coming to us from many directions. But these energies are of positive sychronicity. We will have 12 days to prepare for what will be coming up. As a human race we will dive into very intense personal discussion on some very key topics. Events will be unfolding in such a manner that heartfelt discussion will be the only option.
In the upcoming weeks you will see a rapid transition of the economy. I think it might be frightful to many people, as change always is. There will be an immediate desire to accept the new changes by many as well. These are the ones who have ears….and listen.
******(side comment) American, in the upcoming month I feel it important to inform you that you must stay diligent and steadfast. It is going to get crazy. Keep your cool and wits about you. This is not only a month of change for the outward, but many conflicts in the realm of “GOD” will come into play. I use that term loosely. Basically the things that make “you”….”you” will be challenged. Keep rooted.
This is where everyone (including myself) can finally participate. I feel so hopeless at times to help the progression of what is coming. I am humbled often by the knowledge that while I am important..so is every other cog in this clock called Earth. I so very badly want to make public the things I know, but that is not my place. It is however my place to share with you what I can.
The American Dollar will end. I will not give a specific time or date. I have reason to suspect it will be this month. I cannot disclose how this will come about. Do know that it is very complicated and a work in progress. Luckily with the end goal of being rid of fiat dominance…..most everyone is on board. I have a feeling that this will soon be talked about very openly. The media will not truly know how to cover this time of news. Mainly because they haven’t reported news for a while now. This is where you and many others come in.
 During all this turbulence, light will guide the way. There are many people out there who have amazing ideas, thoughts and concerns about the direction of our world. There are many people who also do not. This is where the beauty of the human spirit comes into play. While this part of our history plays out. It is up to each “cog” to fulfill its role. You may think that to ignite change you need a “movement”. This is a farce. To ignite change it starts at the heart level. This light that forms will radiate in a very large diameter. When you accept what you know to be true: “All is Love”. This light will become palpable to those around you feeling scared and confused. The human heart has the largest electromagnetic field in the body. May is a month of the human heart.
There is a call to charge for those who have been awakened to the current state of humanity. It is your duty…..to stand and deliver. Keep open discourse with loved ones, close ones or anyone who listens. Trust me…these people often referred to as “sheeple” have such an immense desire for truth and reassurance. This is where us “good guys behind the screens” come in.
Keep mindful the news that comes out in May. This is a delicate issue. Know that truly this is the Era of the Golden Age. Darkness cannot escape light in a cornered room. That is where we are now.
May 20th is an eclipse. This will be a very important day for many reasons. You are witnessing the rapid evolution of the human race and its vessel Gaia. I speak in terms of the evolution of the physical and spiritual. Watch the behavior of the Sun. Its poles are acting quite strange. The end result being quite spectacular indeed.
Love and Light,

April 26, 2012

Manuscript of survival 126

As we have often times mentioned before, mankind is heading for a huge undertaking, something so vast it will not only take your breath away, it will in man ways take away everything you know. In other words, nothing will be left standing in the wake of this tsunami of energy that is already starting to crest off your shores. Make no mistake, we do not refer to this in a literal way, as there will be no scenes like those so convincingly depicted in all of your movies heralding the end of the Earth. This is not the case here, as we refer to something much more complex than mere towers of cascading water crashing ashore. What we refer to, is something that will literally tear down any last vestige of illusion around you, and this cannot be rebuilt again like all of the rubble that is so painstakingly reconstructed in the aftermath of a so-called natural disaster. It will not be reconstructed, because it cannot be put back together again after that implosion of forces that will tear all of these flimsy buildings apart to reveal the rotten foundation they have all been built upon. Not only that, it will also serve to cleanse the very ground beneath to such a degree that only the bedrock itself will be standing when this wave finally subsides.

We speak in metaphors here of course, and this is not a message to run to the hills, not in any way. Those still persuaded that the best way to outlast this incoming storm is to pack up their emergency packs and head to higher ground, or dig themselves deep into a hill, have not even begun to understand what all of this is about. This is not an armageddon as in the biblical definition, or rather, the Hollywood definition, where brave men and women run for their lives whilst saving the cute dog found struggling alone in the street. No, this is a case of total annihilation of a whole system of belief, and no matter how far you run or how deep you dig you will not be able to outrun the impact from this storm. You see, this is all about liberation, not the annihilation of mankind, and as such, so much old garbage needs to be washed away, and washed away for good. This is not a case for gathering up the splintered pieces, clearing up the mess and then putting it all back together again in a semblance of the old world. No, this is about shattering everything into so small pieces it can not ever again be resurrected, no matter how hard some of your fellow humans hope for it. As we have mentioned already, this unveiling and dismantling will be the last straw for so many, as they cannot live with the fact that their whole truth is nothing but falseness masquerading as reality. They will search through the ruins of their ”lost” lives, trying in vain to find something that will bring back the old, but as they realize that it is gone forever, they will collapse into pieces themselves.

Not so you, as you will finally be able to breathe freely again after living under that heavy yoke of oppression, and you will see this tsunami of energy as the liberator, the one thing that will finally lift this heavy weight off your shoulders, almost like the survivors after an earthquake finally feel the debris pressing them down being taken away. That day is not far off now, but as you can see from the metaphors we use, it will not be a calm and gentle process. Rather, it will be a turmoil of feelings washing over you from every angle, and you will need all of the gravity you can muster to keep yourselves firmly planted into the ground and not being swept away. As always, we will be on hand with reassurance and advice, but it is up to each and every one of you to secure your foothold, so best start putting down some firm roots already sweet ones. You never know just when the storm will hit you, so do not stay out in the open unprepared and unprotected.

Ashtar Command, 26.04.2012


Ashtar  Command


As the days went by, we can see the expectation growing within the hearts of the Lightworkers. We can see the anxiety growing in all of you and all that we can talk about at the moment is that this anxiety will be assuaged with the conclusion of the events promised for the days that will follow.

We know the anxiety of all of you, we love the way you are spreading the information by the four corners of the planet and we can talk about the love that is pouring out of your hearts is fundamental in uplifting the planet, and it makes our work even more rewarding. 
We state that during the following days the Earth will be bombarded by solar flares and as a result, all the inhabitants of the planet will receive this load of energy in their bodies. This wave of energy will further accelerate the process of adjustment of your DNA. We want also to mention that these waves of energy will not cause pain to you unless you have low levels of energy. For this reason, we ask you constantly to raise your vibrations for frequencies compatible with those that are coming to Earth.

In these cases, the whizzing/tinnitus in the ears is one of the most common symptoms as well as certain pressure inside the head. This is part of the frequency adjustment. 

You must meditate more now seeking to disconnect from the outside world, searching to go inside of you, considering carefully about Love and Light, aiming to harmonize with everything around you.
Peace on Earth does not depend on our arrival, it depends on how you are thinking and expressing these thoughts, and today they become real almost immediately.
Our arrival will be the positive complement of your desire for the change of your world within you. This is about what we speak so much: we can only come up to you if you decide so. We respect your free will and we have always made it clear.

We can see hope within your hearts and we are here to speak that you will  not be disappointed.  Time in your world is continues to speed up and it is the fruit of the labor of the Blue People that are joining us in this big task for the Light.

Beloved ones from the planet Earth, this is an opportunity for all of you. We have come lovingly to show the wonderful beings you are and that we are also your family wanting to resume our close acquaintance. 

We are your brothers and sisters and we want you to know that each one of you has a lot to do before Ascension.

During the week of Disclosure, we will have plenty of work and we will need each one of you.

Soon after the Disclosure, thousands of questions will be made and it will lead to some turmoil in the media that will be targeted with considerable spectacular information about our presence. 

After Disclosure, do not expect our immediate landing; but prepare your family and friends that still do not understand the meaning of our presence. You must explain to them that our presence is peaceful and that nothing will be imposed upon you, as some still try to spread. 

The Dark ones are playing their last moves in order to spoil the image of President Obama. In this regard, we want to make quite clear that he is a Lightworker and he is fighting bravely within the cage of the wild beasts.He is doing very well and we feel assured to put the task of Disclosure in his hands.

You will have busy weeks ahead, and we can tell you about the Galactic events foreseen for the next month will increase further the activities in your world. 

Once again remember that each of you brings an immense capacity because you have been prepared beforehand.

We wish to alert you against disinformation that can be launched in the media, possibly propaganda against the Galactic Federation/Ashtar Command and it should be analyzed with your heart, because the heart is the one that gives you the certainty of the truth that we are talking about, that we have come with no intention of invasion and consequently of attack to your free will. Trust the love of God is embracing your world and those who think that we are a threat are discrediting the love of the Creator. 

You should know by now that we have high technology and if we wanted an invasion and domination of your world, we would not have already done it? We refer it in order you reflect and understand that we come in peace and we want your highest good.

After our reunion, you will see that you really are from the stars and you will wish to return to them.We are your future. We are your Family of the Stars.We are you.

Stay in the Light!

Channeler: Gabriel

Poniżej przykład negatywnej propagandy przeciwko kosmitom i  Ujawnieniu.  Jesteśmy blisko :)

April 24, 2012

The Initiative of Unified Consciousness – A Message From Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran
(as received by Ariel DeAngelis on April 23, 2012)
What exactly do we mean when we speak of the Initiative of Unity Consciousness? It is simply the concept that you – the Human Collective of Earth/Gaia – have now reached a stage where your awareness is such that you power to manifest on a global scale through your Unified Thoughts (Unity Consciousness) is vast indeed! Remember that the Energy surrounding your heart centers now reaches out not mere feet or miles, but light years out into your galaxy, influencing all around and throughout vastly and completely! We would also remind you to be careful of your thoughts and intentions at this time. Be aware of all that you consider… remembering that what affects One affects All.
You make conscious decisions now in preparation for Ascension. We congratulate you on your efforts to affect things and occurrences in a positive way, yet how many of you are aware that your own powers to manifest a certain outcome are still being used against you, craftily being guided by subtle suggestions directed at you from what you had come to know as “reliable sources” of information through your Mainstream and other media sources? 
How many “predictions” for inclement weather and catastrophic Earth changes (crippling thunder and snowstorms, floods, earthquakes, volcanos and the like) have you blithely stood by and listened to, not realizing that in your trusting the source of the information, and your consideration that these are truths and to be expected, do you realize that in your considering that they were truths,  you have actually manifested into your reality yourselves, and all because you thought the source of the information was reliable, and therefore “true”?
How reliable are these sources of information though? Where do they get their information from? The “scientists” you say? And what do we know of “science” as it has been formulated down through the years and how up to this very day it has misled you to believe in things about your true nature – or what they would have you believe as your lack thereof – that you now know simply are not true, because you now have an understanding of your true nature which you have derived from your Higher Knowing, from the Source of All That Is, which you now tap into by way of your connection through your Higher Selves?
So I ask you again, how reliable are these sources of information which have been predicting all these calamities which you have been witness to having manifested over the last several weeks and months? How many of them were “predicted” simply to see if enough of you would believe in them because of the “trusted” sources that the information came from, to in fact, because of the power of your Unity Consciousness, make them manifest into your reality, in an attempt to cause the mayhem and confusion which had been “predicted” before this current “timeline”, which we are now in, came into existence?
We have told you on many occasions that there will be no significant catastrophes affecting your Earth from now through and including your passage into the 5th Dimension. It is our sincere hope that you will continue to understand that what you collectively believe will become your reality, and vitally important for you to know that it does not have to be a “grim” reality just because someone else has predicted that it will.
We invite you once again to put on your thinking caps, enter your heart centers and consider with Great Initiative and Collective Desire in your Unity Consciousness a reality with blue skies and sunshine, smooth seas and safe travel; a journey through Ascension into the 5th Dimension that is free of catastrophic Earth changes and mass casualties. We, your Brothers and Sisters of the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command, and All Star Nations which are currently here to assist Earth in easing Her birthing process into Her new dimensional experience, in Love and True commitment to and on Her behalf and wellbeing, and that of Earth Inhabitants, continue to do all we can to help Her make the transition an easy process.
We now ask that you join us in this effort by monitoring your thoughts and feelings about it. When a source of information predicts a situation which you may feel is less than your ideal, go ahead and question it. Ask yourself if this is in fact real, or is it intended to force you, en masse, to inadvertently manifest a reality that is not your desired outcome. If you feel that you and your Brothers and Sisters of Earth and your Earth home might be negatively impacted by such a manifestation, then consider and implement your ability to change it to something more positive. It doesn’t require such a large number as you might think of you focusing on the same outcome to sway the influence of your manifesting powers in the desired direction, affecting the desired outcome.
Set the intention, directing your thoughts away from the prediction that could produce a negative outcome and direct them toward something more agreeable for All. If confronted by a prediction for inclement weather and damaging storms, put forth the concept of continuous blue skies and sunshine. If there is a drought you wish to alleviate, then make rain. If scientists or other sources predict catastrophic Earth changes with possible mass casualties and it is not your desire to experience such, then place your thoughts and feelings and intentions on NO Earth changes and safe passage, good health and prosperity for All beings on Planet Earth. See what your powers of manifestation can do when you use your Initiative of Unity Consciousness in the way that YOU see fit, and not in the way that someone else subtly directs it to do!
I AM Archangel Michael, incarnate as Ashtar Sheran. We can make this work for the betterment and the Greater Good of All! So Let’s Do It! Together! <smile> I send you Love and Light and Peace and Joy for a safe passage and wonderful journey into your New Reality!

April 22, 2012

You have a right to an open, honest reporting

Much has been said about the upcoming changes. Your media refuse to report on it yet, but this will change soon. The restructuring in this area are a major focus of our efforts.

Your people have a right to an open, honest reporting. Moreover, we need a new media landscape in order to send out our educational programs. Your media is still dominated by a few families, which prescribe exactly what issues are reported and in what form. Journalists who are against these targets are threatened or lose their jobs.

Open reporting is currently only taking place through alternative media and your internet. There have been many attempts to prevent this, but all failed. Unfortunately, these media are also used in order to sow distrust and fear against us. Therefore, please read everything through your heart. Feel the truth or lie via your heart. It tells you the truth. Learn to trust it. It is the best source of truth, you can find.
Once your public media such as television or newspapers are reformed, you will also find reports on current events there. Journalists who have lost their job due to their honest job will then find a new assignment with open arms. Still sustain a little. The changes take place. Everything is going according to plan.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and on board our ships preparations are already running for the first landings and a great reunion with our family members and our great family on your beautiful Earth.
Thank you SaLuSa

SaLuSa through Isabel Henn, April 22, 2012


Doubts, fears, and anxieties

You still have doubts and anxieties about the inevitability of this great event

04/22/2012 by John Smallman

As the moment of your awakening approaches, many of you are feeling that continuing to hold the Light is draining your energy, because despite your faith you still have doubts and anxieties about the inevitability of this great event. This is very understandable because you have become accustomed to the disappointment of missed opportunities, missed meetings, and unrealized events or occurrences to which you had been looking forward with eager expectation. And you fear that you will once again be disappointed.

The illusion will always lead to disappointment; that is its nature, and because you have spent so much time in it you have come to expect that. But you are divinely created beings of enormous power, which means that you have the power to change the illusion and to awaken from it. Collectively, humanity is always changing the illusion by the very act of thinking about what is going on within it, although, because your thought processes are so conditioned by the illusion, what occurs often seems to be the complete opposite of what you hoped for and intended. Many of you, while hoping for the best, expect the worst and consequently, that is what it delivers.

Those who would control you encourage that line of thought as that is precisely what they are attempting to achieve – the worst (as you see it) – because they believe it strengthens their influence over you. It seems to you that there is little you can do individually to change things for the better and so you allow doubt, depression, and basically negative judgments and attitudes to occupy your minds. Doing this is giving away your power! – giving it away to those who claim to know what is best for you, and who create situations to encourage you to believe that this is so. And those attitudes encourage those with whom you interact to do the same.

This is a very strong, negative feedback-loop which you must, you can, and you will disable by firmly continuing to hold the Light. That is your task, your responsibility, and your reason for being earthbound at this moment in humanity’s evolution. You have all the spiritual assistance you need to overcome your doubts and fears, but you have to use it by holding the Light on high for all to see.
Be positive! Your awakening is divinely assured, and deep within yourselves you absolutely know this. So release your doubts – they are totally without validity – and breathe in the Love that awaits your acceptance of It. Love will then envelop you, brightening the Light that you carry, dispelling your doubts, and raising your energy levels.

When you release your doubts, even if you can only do so for short periods initially, your whole personality brightens, and those around you feel this. Think of a time when you heard a motivational speaker who raised your spirits, and realize that when you are without doubts, you too are a motivational speaker! And this uplifts and encourages others.
The purpose of holding your Light on high is to motivate yourselves, and all those with whom you interact, to awaken. As I said, you have the all help from the spiritual realms that you need in order to do this, but you too have to respond with the strong intent to awaken, because you have free will and you cannot and will not be coerced into doing so. God’s Will for you is that you use your divine gifts – free will, love, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, and so on – as you truly desire. But you can only do this by releasing your doubts, fears, and anxieties, or any feelings that suggest to you that you are not truly worthy.

When you harbor those restrictive beliefs and cling to them, convinced that they are valid, you are allowing your ego to rule you, confirming your fears, and leading you to project judgment onto others and strengthening your own need to be right; and in that state what your ego tells you appears to be the truth, and your desire to follow its guidance seems to make total sense.
However, when you release those beliefs – and truly they no longer serve you – you will find yourselves feeling much freer. Your true desires will come to mind – your desires that are always in alignment with the divine. Open your hearts, allow Love to suffuse them, breathe It in, feel It filling your whole being – and understand how much God loves you.

With so very much love, Saul.

Wonderwall 22.4.12
I am Lady Nada of the 8th ray and I am pleased to bring you this message through my new channel at this time. If you are reading or listening to this message then you are well aware of the transition that planet Earth is going through. Things are moving along on schedule at this time, however, I sense there is quite a bit of impatience stirring among the lightworkers. Please understand that the events that are close to occurring must occur at just the precise time. The timing for these events is crucial due to the fact that the majority of the humans are not prepared for the events that are to occur. As you all know, the lower negative energies on your planet are being cleansed. This cleansing of negative energies is part of the process that will lead to the events unfolding at just the right time so the outcome will benefit everyone on Earth who is willing to work with Gaia and move into the higher dimensional energies with her. So we truly understand if you are becoming impatient and frustrated with the amount of time it is taking for these events to occur, but you have remained strong this far in the game. We know you can stay strong in your light as we approach the finish line, and the finish line is right around the corner. Your courage and unwavering strength is greatly appreciated and we applaud you all for the roles you are taking on at this momentous shift of the ages. It is not an easy one. We know that many of you who have been spreading this information have found themselves behind the 8 ball. Many of you have lost jobs, friends, and even family. If you could see how close you all are to achieving what you came here to do, you would be completely consumed with an overwhelming sense of pure joy. This joy is what you will feel when all the hard work you have been dedicating to this task pays off. Those friends and family members will be coming to you for answers. They will need your knowledge and light to comfort them when they have their dark night of the soul. When they realize all the energy they put into building their materialistic life has done nothing but leave them empty. It is you, the light workers who will carry the torch and lead the world into the golden age. Stand proud, for it is an honor to walk in your shoes. This is Lady Nada of the 8th ray, and remember, if you can dream it, you can do it.

Arcturian Group 4/22/12

We come once again to inform you that there are many changes about to take place in your world. Be not afraid as you observe changes to that which you have always known to be a certain way. Be not afraid when edifices of power begin to crumble, for the time is drawing very near to when you will be seeing truth come bursting forth onto your planet in many forms--forms of informational news, forms of talk among yourselves, and forms of the visiting of planetary brothers and sisters who now await the correct time to enter into the picture. This is all part of spiritual evolution which will not be fully complete by the end of this year as many have been led to believe, but is well on its way.

All is proceeding according to plan. All is moving quickly forward into new ways of seeing and being. That which is finished is finished, however remember that it is you who are creating your new world, not us. Many tend to await the arrival of others to change things. It is your enlightened awareness that is manifesting as your outer world. You are the creators. That is why we often cannot answer questions asked about what is going to happen, because we do not know what you are choosing to create. We too are watching and waiting as you create a new enlightened world.

This is a time of strife, loss, and suffering for many but these experiences have been necessary in order to shift humanity out of their comfort zones, so to speak. There are still many, who unless forced, will choose to simply remain steadfast in what is old and finished regardless of how unsatisfying it may have become for them. All who are ready, are now in the process of clearing physical cellular memory as well as any dormant energies still within the emotional and mental bodies. This is necessary in order to assimilate the new and higher frequencies of ONE--frequencies of Light and unconditional love. These clearings can at times be uncomfortable. Your job is to allow the process, rest more if you need it, but do not claim that which is leaving, back in. This is often inadvertently done through saying; "I am so depressed, I am so this or that..." which occurs because you are re-experiencing some of these old frequencies as they release. Often you feel them as physical or emotional discomfort, but as spiritually aware individuals your job is to simply allow the process. If an issue keeps presenting itself to your thought, then look at it, for it may be something needing to be released in a more conscious way through an honest examination of your belief system.

What about unconditional love? What is unconditional love? It is not the dreamy romantic view that television shows, movies, magazines would have you believe. Nor does unconditional love mean being anyone's door mat. Unconditional Love is an attained state of consciousness that sees through appearances to the truth. Unconditional love manifests through an innate recognition of mankind's spiritual nature in spite of whatever human frailties they may be manifesting. Unconditional love is a consciousness that sees humor in the world, and is not governed by strict and rigid rules declaring that an individual must live only in accord with a particular set of concepts in order to be loveable. Unconditional Love is the ability to say what needs to be said, which may on occasion have to be firm or even seemingly harsh, while within remembering that the individual or individuals are spiritual beings. This way, the words carry and energy of love and do not reflect the negative.

Unconditional love is the ever present realization of ones own self as divine being in spite of personal failings. It is a recognition of the ONE manifest as the many. It is an ability to see loving humor those situations humans often find themselves in, and also in those who may seem different or "odd" by current human standards. It is an appreciation for differences among people and an understanding of their point of view without entering into their particular energy field. Unconditional love is also the recognition that since there is only One Life, it is the life of all living things, and not just human beings.
This understanding is a facet of your awakening process dear ones, you are quickly moving into a deeper and more true awareness of unconditional love but it often takes a so called disaster to force some individuals to actually look into another's eyes and recognize that in spite of social, economic, or racial differences, all are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are not saying that unconditional love means becoming best friends with everyone you meet, but we are saying that like it or not, the new energy is one of unconditional love and if you choose ascension for your path, you must begin to accept that in spite of appearances, all living things are in and of the One Divine Source for It is all there is.

We are the Arcturian Group 4/22/12.

April 21, 2012

Monty 15.4.12

Everyone - and I mean everyone - will be given a machine that will provide all the food they could possibly want; you will just type into it whatever you would like, and in seconds, it will appear. This will ensure that everyone is supplied with all their needs. No more shopping or cooking - that will please many of you !

Yes, my dear, you are all ascended Beings of Light. You chose to be on Earth in these days of change so as to ignite the Divine Light to rescue your fellow man from the clutches of the Cabal. The energy they use to keep you down is fading. They are losing their grip on control. Of course, this is when they are at their most dangerous; after all, as they see it, what have they got to lose that they have not already lost?

We, along with your friends from other planets, are preventing the wars from escalating further. The Cabal is at a loss as to how they can overcome this problem. I always said that they will go down fighting. Now you are seeing this happen. They had managed to convince the world that they, alone, were in control, and that you were subject to their commands. They actually believed their own propaganda. They foolishly believed that riches, alone, would win the day. Now they have to face the fact that you enter the world with nothing and leave it with nothing. They systematically destroyed all that was pure and good. They created the disaster in which you now exist, where GREED is the order of the day.

When mankind steps into the Light, everything will become clear. Money and wealth will become but a distant memory of the bad old days. Everyone - and I mean everyone - will be given a machine that will provide all the food they could possibly want; you will just type into it whatever you would like, and in seconds, it will appear. This will ensure that everyone is supplied with all their needs. No more shopping or cooking - that will please many of you ! Life on Earth will become the pleasant experience that it was meant to be.

People are, at last, seeing through the veil of darkness. They are now able to see the Dark Ones as they are, not as they pretend to be. They are being exposed. They have nowhere to hide. Effectively, they are at your mercy. Their plans to go underground or off-planet have been thwarted and they will have to face the consequences of their actions. Their carefully planned take-over of your planet has failed at the 11th hour; they were totally unprepared for this. Now we see them desperately moving money around, to enable an escape; but this, too, will fail miserably. They cannot exist in the Light. This is why they have done so much to prevent it and to destroy all those who are of the Light, those who speak of the Light, and those who try to guide you to the Light.

Though many bankers are fleeing before they are pushed, I ask you, please, do not waste your energy on them. They are of no importance. Do not indulge in the feelings of revenge. This would drag you down to their level. Allow us to deal with them. They know, only too well, what they are guilty of. Concentrate on the new reality that is just around the corner. Leave the past in the past, as it is time to go forward in peace, love and harmony.

Know that your friends from other planets are all around you, waiting for the moment when they will join you and welcome you back into the Universal Family. I know that you love to connect with them at night. Our dear friend was so delighted when they sent a huge beam of light into her bedroom as she stood at the window and connected with them. They are your friends. They have come to help you return to the fold. As David Icke said in his new book, it is time to "REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE" and to connect with it.

We ask each and every one of you to help those around you to connect with the Light, to remove FEAR from your lives, and to help others to step forward into the Light. We are grateful to all those who give their time and energy to this activity; they are truly fulfilling their purpose. It would be so difficult without their assistance. This is a most important year, when all people must open their minds to truth, to welcome the many changes that must happen.

We will never abandon you. What must happen will happen, just be open to it. You are living in a false reality that was imposed on you, but soon you will be free to live your lives as you would wish to.

We have told you, in the past, of the many Earth changes that will happen; earthquakes, etc. You are seeing the reports of these, every day. Your Earth is preparing for the changes. Do not fear them, they are meant to happen. The Earth plates will move a little as well. This rearranging of your planet is necessary. Many from the distant past have returned to Earth to be present at this momentous time. Remember, my dear, shortly after my passing I told you, "You are now doing the work you came on Earth to do."

I had to leave you, as I had to work on this side of life, to assist you on the Earth side. We have worked together, you and I, since the beginning of time. We have lived through many changes in the past, but this one, my dear, is the most important. I cannot emphasise this enough. The right people are coming around you to help achieve all that we have planned. We will not fail !

You have a busy and exciting week ahead of you. Try to take it steady. Do not push yourself. We will all be there to celebrate your birthday with you, just as in the past, when we were together in life. I love to see the happy faces and to hear the laughter fill our home once more, bringing back happy memories for both of us, my dear.

I am ever present in your life, surrounding you with my love. Your adoring, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

we look at your planet now.....

we look at your planet now and we see the world of peace that you have created
AA michael through Ron Head, 21 April 2012

Good morning, dear friends. We shall speak a bit more on the subject of your ascension. We shall touch on what you may expect to see this year and what may take longer to completely manifest.
First let us tell you that there will indeed be a December twenty-second. And for those who may still care about those things, you will still have many more January firsts. By December twenty-first, much will have changed and much more will have begun to change. You have had many forecasts of monumental changes that you expect to happen upon that day. If you continue to expect them in that manner, you will indeed manifest them more quickly. But what will happen to your expectations if you awake on the twenty-second of the month and you find you are the same person you were on the twenty-first?

What we are hoping to do here is help you to understand the difference in your perceptions and what we see from the perspective of our dimension. We look at your planet now and we see the world of peace and freedom that you have created. We see the world of abundance as you have created it. You look at the same planet, at the same time, and you see a snapshot, as it were, that has not yet reached its potential. We are looking at the same thing and seeing something different. All of the promises we have made to you were and are true potentials which you are indeed creating. Many of them are so near to manifesting for you that they are now unavoidable. However, as long as you experience third dimensional time and space, you will experience them as happening in sequential moments. Even when you first begin to experience from the perspective of oneness, you may slip back and forth into and out of that way of experiencing. You may even do it out of choice at times.

Now, you may begin, even today, to experience these things as completed, just as we see them. There is a phrase we wish you had never given so much import to. That is, “It is only your imagination.” Please leave out the word “only”. Think of your imagination as the language used by your other dimensional selves to communicate with you. And also as the language you use to communicate back with them and with us. It is not something to belittle. It is a wonderful gift. Many forms of life on your world have intelligence. Far fewer have imagination. We wish you to see it for the marvelous tool it is. It can be a doorway to infinite other times, places, and dimensions.
When you have imagined, and when you continue to imagine, the world you wish to live in, you are creating it as surely as if you were building it with your tools and equipment. Each time one of you dreams or meditates upon it, you add another little bit to it. And you have set in motion changes which are now happening, even from your point of view, at breakneck speed.

What will happen by December twenty-first? What will happen on or before that day is that vast numbers of you will have seen so many changes in yourselves and in your surroundings that the course of your future will no longer be in doubt to you. Some of you have indeed already reached that point. For others it could happen tomorrow or next week.
 We tell you daily what you have created. We tell you often how marvelous your new lives will be. We urge you to live in them as much as you can. Every moment you do that hastens the outcome and changes future moments. Every moment you do that avoids bumps and bruises or evens out the path you are on.

And it is also becoming apparent to many of you that the more of our communications you read, the more you are becoming in touch with us yourselves. In this we rejoice with you.
The many forecasts you have received regarding changes in your societies have taken longer to manifest in your time than you would have liked. There have been delays. There have been changes. They are, nevertheless, just as valid today as they were when we first told you of them. You know what needs to happen. But safety and peaceful change is paramount in our consideration. We do not wish to sacrifice a single life, nor cause suffering that is avoidable. But those changes will happen. And the resulting freedoms you will experience will allow you to quickly reach a quality of life you have only imagined, and then to exceed even that.

You have received much help in getting to this point, my friends. Much more will be given. Please continue to imagine, expect, anticipate, and revel in the changes you are making. Please continue to ignore the forecasts of doom and the constant attempts to throw you into states of fear. The end of your world is not around the corner. The end of your world of suffering is.
We surround you with peace and love, dear friends. Good day.

Copyright © Ronald Head

April 20, 2012

Melchizedek, April 17, 2012

Beloved Ones,

These days that you are each experiencing are bringing each of you into greater balance, harmony and integration with all aspects of your Being, and this will continue until all the parts of you that are not Love are loved by YOU into wholeness. This is the most important task and objective that is before you now, the realization that you are the creator of your own life and that you DO have all the tools necessary to successfully attain both personal planetary and cosmic ascension. Love and compassion for your Self is an important part of the process for if you cannot Love yourself unconditionally, it is nigh impossible to Love others in the same way.

You are but a short path away from this as you continue to work upon your cleansing and the assimilation of the higher cosmic frequencies that are pouring through your crown chakra from the Great Central Sun. More focus is needed upon the energizing of your Earth Star chakra which is approximately six to twelve inches below your feet. By visualizing a beautiful clear white light in this area below your feet and then growing roots into the crystalline diamond heart of Mother Earth, you allow the healing and supportive flow of energy come to you from Her heart through your feet and up your spinal column where it meets in your heart chakra with the cosmic energies of the Central Sun.
Allow yourselves to relax as much as you can during the coming days and months, just BE in the moment and accept the flow of energy coming into your Being. You are highly energetic Beings and the influence of the radiance of your energetic signature and system is creating more upliftment of the mass consciousness grid. As you walk upon the Earth, your expanded auric fields are beginning to connect with each other and this in turn, increases the Light that flows through the Earth’s crystalline grid. This grid is the information network that connects you to the latest upgrades that are available and any new developments that are taking place during the ascension process.

Use your inner resources to align with this grid of Light and power and ensure that your intention and focus is only for the highest good of all, that anything you envision is what you really want to manifest in your individual and global lives at the highest spiritual level. We of the higher realms surround you with our love and support but it is you, our ground warriors of the Light who are needed to visualize, intend and ASK for the highest good and outcome in all your thoughts. Know that your thoughts and intentions are being immediately stepped up and amplified in strength and power so that all upon, within and around and above the Earth will be uplifted into ever higher dimensions of expression and manifestation.

All of your efforts are making a huge difference, even though it may not be discernible to your naked eye. If you observe the trends that are taking place, you will see the subtle differences in the way that those around you act, speak and live their daily lives. There is more careful thought, contemplation and consideration taking place before actions are taken and people are beginning to take responsibility for every part of their lives. This is a very good sign, for it means the work you have all been doing as part of your Soul agreement before even setting foot upon this Planet is now coming into fruition and your courage, strength, tenacity and power are now beginning to bear the fruits of your labor and you will experience the blossoming of gifts you didn’t even know or were aware that you had.

We of the higher dimensions are so very excited and pleased to welcome you home. It is but a matter of the blending of new dimensions which will take your World into a different perception of time from that which is felt at this time. Slow and steady brings victory and success, so we counsel that you be very good to yourselves and to your loved ones and to those who are in your sphere of influence. Love IS the greatest force in the Universe and now it is the time to focus that Love upon yourself and heal all aspects still requiring your attention.

I AM Melchizedek
Melchizedek 2012

©2012 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace.

April 19, 2012

The time from April 21 to June 21

Maitreya through Elizabeth Trutwin, 19. 4.12

Purnaham Purnahamtaram. Om. Greetings this is Maitreya. I am speaking to all levels of your consciousness. I am Maitreya, the 9th Incarnation of Lord Vishnu. I come to you from a place in your Universe which is in your future. In this place the changes you anticipate for Earth have already taken place. We are here to Guide you through the steps of the transition from this moment in time.

2012 will be your year. It is in your best interest to be vigilant with your heart. The orders have gone out to begin dissolution of all the old precepts which you had created as a collective civilization. Do not be detached to the familiar leaving your space time. Release it. You must trust with all your body, mind and spirit. Not blind trust. Complete trust. Denial, fear and escapism are egocentric factors which will hold you up from the progress you seek. Tune out media and tune in to your heart. Take time to breath in the new and merge with Oneness.

The Cosmos is calling you to change along with it. Alcyone, the Central Sun, is sitting at the Solar Tribunal and ready to hold court. Your collective conscious has raised awareness with enough souls to call for justice in economics, governments, land ownership, sovereignty, health, military and space to name a few. This requires hearing the record of atrocities and sentencing the unjust. This is the next step to raising Earth as a Planetary member in our Galaxy. The admission to this new level is removal of the dark forces who wish to have Earth as their own. Alcyone, the Central Sun, Source Energy, is sending impulses from Source through your Sun Sol. You are seeing these grand impulses of energies as Coronal Mass Ejections. This releases trillions of ions into Space which float down to bombard Earth as Cosmic Rays. These ions are supercharged with love and they come in as protons, neutrons, electrons and smaller particles to change everything. Your science cannot explain to you how this is effecting your intelligence, emotions and indeed your very nature. You crave light food, the outdoors and balanced relationships with friends, family, animals and Earth.

The Angels, Ascended Masters and Galactics of every civilization gather at this time to carry out their responsibility in the dissolution. Time is over. For many years now warnings have gone out on every level to wake up and make a choice for light, a choice for love. There is no more waiting. A line has been drawn which may under no circumstances be changed. The wheat has been divided forever from the chaffe. A decision had to be rendered and that has been made complete. The clarion call goes out to the Cosmos and the separations begin. It is like a vacuum pulling to it the vibration it resonates with. You are being pulled into your next level of rest for the next tens of thousands of years. You have spent lifetimes preparing for this.

The time from April 21 - June 21 is significant for planetary change. It will go by very quickly. Arrests, Bank Closures, Redistribution of Wealth, Healings and more will come en masse. Be alert now and monitor your heart. Do not react to changes. Take charge of your ego so your vibration may be that of light and love which will pull you to the higher realms which you desire. Connect with the Planets and Stars which are aligning for the greatest good through this rapid ascension parade from April 21st New Moon through a Solar Eclipse May 20th , Full Moon Lunar Eclipse June 4th close on the heals of the Solstice June 21st. In eight short weeks Earth will change and the dark Ones will no longer have any means to act out. These recent rocket launches are the poor pathetic egoic last actions of a race of draconians whose time is over. Bid them adieu. Do not stand in judgment of their actions. Align your actions to Grace. Implement a new lifestyle which will carry you forward. Let go and ungrip from what no longer serves you. Be Fearless.

As always I stand by to Guide you. I am here with you, ready to help you. I am sending you energy and love. ~Maitreya

GF through Sheldan 17.4.12

Dratzo! We return! The great shift that your world is undergoing was first predicted by the Ancients over 13,000 years ago. It is part of what they called 'the great galactic year.' Heaven is to honor this time by establishing a great Light, which will wash away the dark and all its minions. We were asked, over 20 of your years ago, to come here and be ready at an appointed time to carry out a mass landing of our personnel on your precious shores. And so we came, and then saw that Heaven's dates for this undertaking were somewhat unclear. So we adapted, and proceeded to use these moments to get to know you better. Since our arrival here, we have become part of a sacred movement to prepare Gaia's surface humans for the requirements of the divine decrees for this planet. One of them specifies the need to resolve the issue of the dark minions' labyrinth of control on your planet through sacred cleansing. In the main this will start with a formal, immense change in the way your societies operate and in the way you perceive the nature of your reality.

This great transformation of your reality has, in fact, already been accomplished in Heaven, and all that remains is for it to manifest in physicality. Fundamental sections of your major governments have come together with many secret sacred societies and formed alliances, which include a large number of nation states. This union has obtained the legal and moral agreements which set the stage for a major action that is to happen this spring. We have brought this coalition and merged its intentions with those of Inner Earth. All of us are dedicated to performing our due diligence and, at the proper time, to removing the dark and its agents from their positions of power on your world. This action will clear the way for a flurry of activity, culminating in our mass landings on your planet. Then we can prepare you swiftly for your return to full consciousness and your reunion with your Inner Earth, spiritual, and space families. All this forms part of a far grander and more consequential plan: to turn this galaxy to Light.

Since the advent of peace in our galaxy, Heaven has been able to amalgamate our Federation with the former Anchara Alliance. This expanded Galactic Federation of Light is now focused on bringing you to full consciousness. In many respects you are a great symbol to the ex-members of the dark Anchara Alliance, who daily ask us for details of what is happening on your world. They are very keen to have you come and assist them in their own unique ascension process, which is why nearly half of our fleet in your solar system is composed of ships from these newly joined star-nations. Our liaisons have kept up a steady exchange of data and meetings with them to discuss developments on your planet. Right now, we are gathering information about what is to happen shortly. Various military and police forces are readying for the mass arrests of key members of your governments, global financial networks, and major banks around your world. These arrests form the initial thrust of a vast undertaking to remake your reality.

The remaking of your reality will allow us to come and work openly in your world. Decades ago you permitted the nuclear 'genie' to grow into a network of nuclear power plants which presently serve as prime sources of electricity. Sadly, these were built according to faulty designs which daily leak unsafe amounts of radiation into your air, water, and ground. It is essential for them to be shut down and all nuclear waste storage locales neutralized. Presently, several nuclear power plants in Japan have spread large amounts of radiation into the Pacific and around your globe. A great deal of this radioactive poison is being extracted covertly each day from your seas and air by our personnel, but such a potential health risk needs a much more hands-on interaction by our network of ships. This is one of the major reasons for your new governments to do our disclosure within days of their assuming power rather than weeks, as previously planned. We have much to address in these broadcasts regarding how to neutralize these serious health risks and how to clean up your air, water, and soil.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come with news about the progress of our associates in manifesting your prosperity and your new governance. The mass arrests are very close to happening. Many figures in banking and finance have already resigned from a wide range of institutions throughout the world, and now these barely reported events include the upper management of some major international corporations. Our associates are limiting the movements of numerous high-level officials in preparation for what is to happen. The changes in government will become public knowledge only after we have secured control of a number of major banking corporations and have assumed a supervisory role in the operation of several key central banks.

Our intention is to bring down the present corrupt financial system and clean up the trading markets of your global society. Corporations and their many stock manipulations and unjust speculation of commodities need to be drastically transformed. In order to move you out of want and deprivation into a realm of unbounded prosperity, your economy requires both a deep cleanse and a total reconfiguration. The end of illegal taxations and the application of various awe-inspiring new technologies will be a good start. The workings of your major financial institutions will quickly change out of all recognition; they are to become instruments that will enable the manifestation and management of your heart-felt dreams, leading to an optimum environment for your own transformation into fully conscious Beings of Light.

As for your governance, it is in desperate need of a complete overhaul! Politicians and their parties, from time immemorial, have needed to raise money to get elected or to retain public office. This requirement is an open invitation for moral compromise, malfeasance in high office, or even an entire take-over by 'special interests.' Your new governance will move quickly beyond such considerations and set up an environment that discourages such activity. This will be done by instituting a vast public watchdog network, inspired by a new attitude to governance and by greatly facilitated access to government and interaction between officials and the people. A fully informed and educated populace and a swiftly growing transparency in government will transform the current morass. We intend to monitor closely how things progress and to inform you about how well you are doing to get government to conform to your needs.

Today, we addressed some of the elements leading up to the events that are to change your world for the better. We also discussed some aspects of what we need to do to clean up Gaia's ecosystems. The time is getting close for some much-needed events to manifest! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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April 18, 2012

Shine my beloved friends!

Michael channeled by Ron Head, 18.4.12

Our message today is on the topic of lasting peace.  You have received many messages from many quarters concerning the control exerted over the efforts to begin another global war.  This is all true and will continue to be.

At a point in your near future, you have chosen to have all weapons rendered ineffective.  Understand, dear friends, that this alone will not create lasting peace.  Lasting peace will indeed be created by you, but it will be far more than the cessation of hostilities between nations.  You must and will find that peace inside your hearts.  As the things which have been created to keep you in lower states of consciousness are removed, you will be overjoyed to find that you are truly, in your basic natures, peaceful and loving beings.  You will find that learning about the differences between you will be enjoyable and fun, once the false fears you have been taught are removed.

When you begin to know the feelings of others within yourselves, you will have no desire to harm another being.  And when you begin to feel the oneness of all, then causing harm will not be possible for you any longer.  It will cease to be a part of your life, a distant memory.  And when those things begin to happen to you and for you, you will also begin to understand what true power is all about.  Consider what you know of me, powerful Archangel Michael, warrior, mighty, blue sword and shield.  Do you imagine me as harming any soul?  I assure you that my power, vast and benevolent, is protective and used for the highest and best interest of all.  Such power will you discover in yourselves.  The whole purpose of the controls which were placed upon you has been to prevent you from discovering these things about yourselves.  But unfortunately for the controllers, they had no control over who would be on the planet now.

You are a part of the largest undercover operation in earth’s history.  And you have tipped the balance irrevocably to the light.  Your being here has been enough to create that wonderful change.  We urge you now to continue finding and using the loving power that you have brought with you.  Spread your light to every corner of your world.  Ask for more light, more love, and it will be given before you have finished asking.

We know you feel the moment approaching.  The momentum has been created by and for you.  Yes, we are here to guide and aid you in all ways possible; but, in your words, yours are ‘the boots on the ground’.  Shine, my beloved friends!  You are indeed the ones you have waited for.  Until tomorrow then, I wish you a good day.