September 28, 2011

Remaining True to Your OWN Path


Greetings My Beloved Ones,
I greet you in Love and Light.
This is indeed an auspicious time for all of humanity. All of you are being given the opportunity as to whether to move forward. In choosing how to move forward, you are being allowed to move forward as rapidly or as slowly as you would like, for this is the time of the individual decision.

It is no longer a requirement that each person follow the same path. This is causing much consternation among many of you because in the past the herd mentality has been the rule. In this day and time that is no longer the case. Individuals must select their own path and remain true to themselves as they walk forward on that path. This can lead to great feelings of separation and loneliness if the path chosen is at odds with what you have been walking or with what others have been expecting you to walk. However, each person will be on his / her own path, and therefore, it is very important for you to honor who you are. You have a divine mission of your own, and to fulfill your divine mission, it is important for you to do what you feel called to do. It may be that your path will take you in a similar path to that on which you have been, or you may move in a completely different direction. The important thing is to honor what is in your heart and in your Soul as you move forward. Realize that you must remain strong and calm in your center, for there will be some who will try to dissuade you from your path. They will try to tell you that you are wrong and that you should be moving in a different direction.

Beloveds, remember that you were never all supposed to move in the same direction at the same time. This was necessary as humanity came out of the dark ages, but now you are in enlightened times. Therefore, it is time for each individual to answer what resonates with him / her and to move forward in that direction. When you maintain a calm center, you are able to move forward in your own direction with satisfaction. You will know that you are going in the correct direction for you because you will feel happiness and joy in your heart. You will also feel that you are doing what is right for you, and at the same time you will feel that you are performing a service for humanity. If everyone followed the same path, there would be some things that would remain undone because there are many paths. This is a greater assurance that all of the tasks and paths will be fulfilled.

The important thing is to remember to fulfill your own path to the greatest of your ability and to do it with a happy heart. It does not matter whether it is what society considers a lowly position or a high position. The important thing is that you perform your path to the greatest of your ability and with Love and compassion for all with whom you come in contact. This is the key that will help each person to move forward on his / her path. The Love and compassion that come forth from your heart will assure that you are moving forward in higher and higher directions. As you do this, you will find new opportunities opening to you. You will know which one is right for you by the way you feel when you encounter it.

Yes, Beloved Ones, it does take courage to follow your own path, for this is indeed a time of stepping out and stepping into your true identity and claiming your birthright of who you are. You are indeed magnificent Souls, and we rejoice in the fact that you have chosen to move forward on your own path, for this shows that we are all coming closer and closer together. We may come to you during your sleep time, or you may hear our whispers or feel our nudges during your meditation times. The important thing is to be true to yourself and to move forward on the path that you feel is the correct one for you. Also, remember to exhibit Love and compassion for those who have chosen other paths. You may do this by having Love and compassion for yourself first, for when you do this, you become more secure in your own path. Then you can be more secure when others select paths different from your own.
You are moving higher and higher in the realms of Light, and you are indeed a shining star on your path. We rejoice greatly in the progress you are making. We are here whenever you whisper our names, and we are glad to assist.

You are greatly loved in the Light.
I AM Archangel Zadkiel
...and I send you many blessings of Love.

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