September 2, 2011

GFOL and Ashtar command special message

We of the Ashtar command bring you a special message. Dear ones you are at a time of great change. There are many factions who at this time take this opportunity to "hitch a ride" off of your empowerment, in turn and at the same time lowering your vibration and removing your focus from unity. Dear ones, now is no longer a moment of separation, instead it is a journey to oneness. The road may not be easy for many but rest assured however that progress is being made, the war dear ones was won long ago at the start of your millennium. We have been protecting your Earth for eons however it wasn't until your new millennium that we were allowed to act. The lesson of duality had to be played out. It was a battle that involved many, many races. The battle was difficult but ended more peacefully then expected.
The rogue alliance (which involved more then the reptilians and grey race) was neutralized with the combined efforts of the archs [archangels], and various other benevolent inter-galactic alliances. A great council meeting was held on the first day of your new millennium, during which time the rogue alliances were notified that Earth was being surrounded by various command ships and protection fleets and they were informed that their contract with the Earth leaders was terminated and well as their access to this region of space.
As months and years of your time passed these rogue alliances became increasingly desperate. Their resources were depleted and their access to various other star system and planets continued to decrease. In time these rebel forces had no other choice but to join the forces of light, not all joined the command or federation, but all became part of the benevolent alliances. Upon their request to serve the light and other civilizations they were spiritually cleansed and healed, their frequency is now at 5D and higher, they have broken all ties to the negative energies that were consuming them and have moved past duality.
They are now under the direction of Christ/Sananda, El Moyra and other ascended masters who have been working with them to help them understand their past actions and the roles they played. This as you know dear ones was a lesson, a lesson they both learned and taught, the nature of duality and the return to unity and the construct of fear and how it affects consciousness. It is the lesson the people of your Earth have experienced for so long. But rejoice dear ones, as stated before, now is a time of rebirth. Not just for your planet but for all of creation including creation [source] itself.
What would be learned brothers and sisters by rejecting and shunning the teachers? without teachers there can be no students, and with out students there can be no teachers, and thus life becomes void. We can not remove or ignore what is an aspect of ourselves. Remember brothers and sisters, your master Christ walked with those of your world who were lost the most. He walked with the beggars and the women who were called prostitutes. Christ loved all people, and called them all to his table. All were welcomed to break bread with beloved Master Christ. Likewise, all are welcome to join our command and the side of their benevolent sisters and brothers. Should they refuse, they will be found in direct violation of the universal laws and held by our protection fleets, once held by our protection fleets they are then brought before the great council.
While beings are held several master healers and teachers work with them.
Channeled Message From A Universal Protection Fleet Commander (Received several months ago):
Greetings to the people of Earth I am the head of an extra-dimensional protection fleet designed to protect universes and all the galaxies and planets therein. There are several billion fleets each with their own fleets (this is just to give an example of how many of our ships there are), our fleet has been assigned since 2000 to protect your universe and in doing so your planet. My reason for contacting you at this time is to share the truth about what has happened to your planet and what will soon happen. Before this year there were many who had free reign of your planet due to a treaty between your governments and beings who did not have the best interest of your people in mind.
However at the start of the shift on earth in this year* there were certain agreements put in to place to end the harvesting of the human race and to allow humanity to evolve and ascend as they were meant to. This is when the abductions ceased and the mutilations ended. Your entire universe is protected by a very large amount of our ships which assures that only those who are service to others can access. Our ships are not visible but they exist there, we also watch the operations of your NASA and make sure that no more attempts are made which do not have your best interest in mind, they have the same technology that we of the higher realms do, however it is not made public, their technology comes from the treaty between governments and service to self races.
by this year he means 2000*
You should know that your NASA has traveled to deep space, beyond and back. Have lived on other planets and have returned sometime performing the abductions themselves, but this has been forbidden and no longer can continue, this directive has come from the highest source and will be enforced at any cost, violence is always the last option, it is preferred that they meet with the great council. Though, rest assured that there will be no threat to the human race. The many anomalies that were seen upon your planet which are known as the spirals, were evidence of our removing certain beings from your planet through the portal, therefor removing that lower energetic vibration and the powers they had over your people thus allowing certain events to take place such as the rise of power of the human race over the tyranny of their planet.
Events such as these will continue to occur removing the negative implants that were embedded upon Gaia in each country in the world, once these events have been fulfilled all over the planet removing those who cause the most destruction energy wise, there will be a greater shift than could be imagined, though when this will occur can not be shared, it is up to Gaia to decide this fate, her communication with the source is the deciding factor.

The hearts of the people who remained and are service to self but not destructive in energetic nature will be transformed by the incredible amount of what I call lifting of the planet, an event in which the entire planet itself will be lifted and become lighter, and less dense, it will not be seen but felt, and it will happen soon, regardless of the attempts by those who wish to hold on to the power that has given them purpose, their attempt to keep humanity in a dense vibration will not succeed, even through the many attempts to promote a fearful and thus heavy heart and soul, because it is source who works through us all and it is source who is the one ascending to a higher vibrational reality, the ascension of ONE.


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