April 3, 2011

Arcturian Group, April 3, 2011

APRIL 3, 2011

My dear ones, you who are experiencing so much at this time.  We are here with you, we see your struggles and we ask you to be patient for all is proceeding according to plan.  It seems often that there is no plan, however there must be the clearing of the old before the new can come in.  The two frequencies cannot continue to coexist in a shifting planet of the new.  That is the problem, there are the two and they are so different, and so contradictory that it causes you confusion.  Your job is to rest within; rest in the realization that all is and always has been perfect.  This sounds silly to the three dimensional mind in the light of so many struggles on the planet, but the reality is that each of you are the manifestation of Source.  Therefore, nothing--no experience, no adventure, no person, no thing can ever change that.  Even in death, you are still the manifestation of Source embodying everything  that is within the Divine Consciousness and therefore cannot ever really die.  That is the journey dear ones, the awakening to, and then  the consciousness of, this truth.

We would speak to you of discernment, dear ones.  Discernment is especially important at this time for there are many mixed messages being given to those reaching out  and  grasping for wherever appears to be help.  It is also a time when many would gain ego satisfaction from spreading negative information.  All of you have a place within that speaks to you silently, it is your intuition.  Begin to trust and use it  when reading or seeing the news, or predictions of any sort. Predictions are based on the energy in place at the moment of the prediction which can easily change in the next moment.  You, the people of earth are creating the changes; you are the power behind the energy shift.  We are watching and helping as we can, but it is you who are doing the heavy lifting.

Taking back your power means being able to see the world through eyes of truth regardless of whatever words and pictures are being presented to you.  It means having the strength to say; " I am not giving my energy to this." for it is energy that keeps things alive.  Starve  false concepts and beliefs when they present themselves to you and you will be doing the work and staying in your center, that center which is I AM.

This does not mean sticking your heads in the sand, but it does mean  choosing not to be glued to every news cast and every prediction of doom and gloom that is presented, taking it all in and adding  energy to it.  We also say that you must use discernment when reading channeled messages for channels are not always "clean".  A channeled message is presented through the consciousness of the channeler, and if the one giving the channel is not clear, it can color the message;  reflecting the channel's  own fears and state of consciousness.  It is good to understand that Beings of Light, resonating at high levels, are incapable of presenting a message lower than their own resonance. They can and will comment on what they see as it will help you, but they can never present a message that is of a fear energy.

For those of you who would like to channel, it is imperative that you declare yourselves open only to the Light and only to Beings of Light, for in this time of thinning veils many are starting to channel and yet do not understand that there are those of a lower resonance who would love to channel through them. This is not about fear dear ones, it is about  the taking back of your God given power.

It will not be long before you will see the ships of those who would help you.   Many of you see them now, but there are still those who live in denial and fear for such an idea as extraterrestrial beings.  Many still believe everything they are told, and will need you to gently educate them as you see them become open to it.  It is going to happen dear ones, so be ready for it and do not go into fear and trepidation or fall back into the old beliefs about such things.

Times are quickly shifting for all on the planet earth.  There will be more earth changes, but the Light is keeping things as gentle as possible.  We say that the earthquake in Japan was necessary and  permitted by all involved.  You say, how could they permit this?  It is done on other levels, dear ones.  The event in Japan is accomplishing many things.  For one it is helping to crumble a very rigid structure within the consciousness of the Japanese culture.  A structure that even required a person to take their own life if they happened to fail.  Many beliefs of this culture are so old and so ego driven in dimensional energy that this is  all a necessary part of their growth into the new energy.  It is also serving to awaken the world to the dangers of using nuclear power for anything.  There are those who disagree, but it is not something that is to be a part of the new clean and awakened consciousness.  We, (members of the Galactic Federation) are dismantling as quickly as we can with permission of the Higher Sources, all nuclear weapons and some other nuclear issues as permitted, for this  does not only affect the earth, but all planets.  It is not a safe method of attaining energy as you are learning from the Japanese event. It, along with most of what you are using now, is old and obsolete as you will discover soon.

In closing we wish to remind you  that all is proceeding according to plan.  Light is increasing on earth in such a way as to allow the openings of many new portals and energy centers.  Many are experiencing  the energy changes within themselves as exhaustion, buzzing in the head, and feeling nauseous. Some are preparing to leave, choosing to come back into the new energy.

This is huge dear ones. You are experiencing a massive shift in the energies around you with changes heretofore not dreamed of in third dimensional energy.  Do not immediately think that something is  wrong with you, but instead understand that your physical, emotional, and mental bodies are in the process of experiencing these massive energy changes right now.  This clearing out the old and  integrating the new is resulting in symptoms that are often confused for disease.  Pamper yourselves, rest more, relax, and trust.  Have fun, do those things that make your heart sing. Put your intentions out to the Universe, then stand back and watch the show while being open to any and all change and always holding the realization of your oneness with all living things.

We love you and are with you.
Your brothers and sisters of the Arcturian Group.                                  4/3/11

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