March 27, 2011

Adama & Archangel Gabriel Talk About Money

If you like these ideas, I have created an opportunity for putting these energies and principles into practice.  Please see the event, Co-Create New Earth Energy of Abundance on to sign up.  Participation is free.

Gabriel: Money and childhood experiences go hand-in-hand.  One is balanced by the other.  If you have bad childhood experiences in your cells, your relationship with money will go sour in your adult years.  You could be picking pennies up off the sidewalk, or come into hundreds of thousands, and still, your relationship with self and your money is imbalanced.

This is an issue perfect for discussion right now because the world’s economy is crumbling.  This is a good thing.  The higher selves of those in the world are giving a global wake-up call.  Time is a vital element here – if time were short, you would think more about where you put your money, wouldn’t you?  So consider your economic timetable to be brief – the industrial revolution was the start of this particular financial cycle on the globe and we’re reaching an endpoint, around 2012 or 13.  The next ’round’ is going to be much easier for you, but you have to release your tight-fisted grip on your current monetary system to have a graceful transition to a newer, more enlightened manner of exchange.  I can’t tell you how this is going to happen, because the spiritual hierarchy is carefully controlling the outcome, but I can give you fair notice of the coming changes and help you to mentally prepare yourselves.

I AM Gabriel, the Archangel.  You must begin to feed yourselves differently – under your current economic hardship allowances for higher level education and similar circumstances, greed is still the oil makes the cogs turn.  There are allowances for people with different socio-economic backgrounds, marital status, kids or lack of them, and other things.  This is divvying up what’s available and sorting through the crowds of people to distribute money equally as seems possible, in order to free individuals from their poverty or circumstances. I’m not saying this is bad, but I am saying that the motivator is wrong.  Because it feeds cycles of poverty consciousness and the grand illusion that somehow or some way, a higher level institution or government program is going to save you, rescue you, turn you around so you can make something better of yourself.  In our view in the angelic realms, this is a system that aids people in feeling sorry for their circumstances, feeling down on themselves, because they can’t do better.  They don’t deserve to be treated like this, because they are empowered individuals and the government does not need to help them.  Government-sponsored subsistence living or educational opportunities is not the answer to your financial troubles on a large scale.  The checks and balances remain the same, unequalized.  People are still not working together for the common good of all.  They are divvying and proportioning and making allowances for people they feel need their help.

We want to suggest another sort of system.  This is a system based on the type of love that God and the Angels have for humankind, it is a fair, balanced and equal way of doing things.  I said earlier that it all starts in childhood.  This is the moment of opportunity, a time when everything coalesces into a sense of self-worth and regarding one’s output in the world – how one views themselves as useful, as Masters in the light.  There is a kind of vibration that resonates with this identity of self-worth and divine guidance that starts early on (or doesn’t).  The tone resonates with the number 5 and on the tonal scale is an F.

Note: I encourage you to ask Archangel Gabriel will be with you.  Ask him to thoroughly cleanse and clear your system of the old ways of doing things and all of the energies and thought patterns associated with it, and to let in the new energy.  This may take several minutes.
Now Gabriel encourages me to breathe in the energy of Telos and Adama from Telos.  The Telosians did promise me a few weeks ago that they would bring some new information regarding worldly finances and wealth distribution.

Adama: I AM Adama from Telos.  We are so glad to offer you this opportunity for increased planetary prosperity, and to give you some directions if you want to alter your relationship to the world’s circumstances right now – the wars and problems you face.

We bring peace to the women on the planet, to the peacemakers, to those who embrace divine love and don’t think about their money first.  The primary concern on this planet is how to distribute the wealth you have accumulated, energetically-speaking.  You are wise to consider donations to worthy causes and things, and to uplift those below you, who are in a financial bind, so that they can help themselves.  But as Archangel Gabriel said, we cannot distribute wealth equally when the energies behind it are out of balance on the planet.  This is what Archangel Gabriel was talking about: the distribution of wealth in harmony with the distribution of energy.  For energetically speaking you are all out of tune, out of harmony with each other.

You know there is plenty of goods and money on the planet to give everyone what they need for a happy lifestyle and goods aplenty.  Don’t worry so much about how it’s going to happen, but focus on harmonizing the energy that will awaken this new light out of poverty-and-wealth consciousness into a harmonious state of general wellbeing.    There is no reason anybody should be without.

 I Am Adama of Telos, and we share this energy of harmonization with you.  If you are an energy healer, bring this energy forward as much as possible, send it out onto the planes of the earth, just give it all that you can.   If you like using sounds and tones, you can send the waves of harmonizing energy out on the tone of F, or A as well.  D minor, with an emphasis on the tone of F will feel good in this energy.  The Angels are singing in this key to bring light to the area of poverty consciousness in the world.  You can join them!  Whether you are musically inclined or not, you can ask to join them and just let yourself be free.

You can harmonize yourself to this energy also by being out in nature, in the forest especially.  The trees will vibrate in harmony to this frequency that releases one from pain.  There are more voices on this planet than many realize.  The sun, the stars…the animals, the streets…everything has a vibration, has harmony, has a voice.  You need to call on all that exists in order to reach an equalibrium, and happiness and balance for all humans.  This is a core essential for enlightenment on a planetary level.

You can also simply ask, of course, for Archangel Gabriel to fill you up with this harmonious frequency of planetary happiness and equality in wealth.  These things are your innate birthright, something you have had with you since you were born, but maybe failed to activate along the way – but it is still there.  We in Telos are supporting you as you return to live from the light of your true selves.

There is more to be said but we will save it until later.  Namaste, my people of the sun.

One last note: I wanted to find the tones and scales Adama and Gabriel were talking about and discovered if you do an internet search for a ‘virtual keyboard’ you can find the tones that way.  Namaste!  <3
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18 Apr 2011 - 8:30am - 18 Jul 2011 - 11:30pm
 Release the Old Financial System
Embrace the New Energy
with Adama of Telos and Archangel Gabriel

Adama, High Priest of Telos

Before signing up for this event, I invite you to read my blog post, a message recieved by Adama and Archangel Gabriel, here:
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Channeling on Divine Currency

This event is going to be a casual way for people to share and put into practice the principles of New Earth finance and abundance that have been coming through from the higher realms.

The project begins April 18th and ends July 18th.  Each month, the group will be given a focus topic.   For the next 4 weeks, deliberately put the principle into practice and write down your experiences and insights. As you are ready, send them to me, the moderator, and I will send them out to everyone (your privacy will be protected).
The goal is to have everyone in the group inviting the New Earth Energy into their life, and to do the work of healing self and the planet - and watching as things transform for them. 
I'd like for the group to build on itself and for energies and ideas to abound.  The focus for one month may be the inspiration for the focus of the next.  After this group is finished we may begin a new event and do another level/angle of energetic attunement.
1. Please register below on Lightworkers
2. Contact Erin Mackley, moderator, at with your name, email address you'd like to use, and how you would like to be identified to the group.  Also, please include a little bit about your interests, and how you feel on the topic of money, spirituality and planetary healing.  This will be sent out to everyone on the first day. Your email address will NOT be shared with other members of the group.
3. Every few days, as insights are sent to me by participants, I will send them out to the group.

This event is TOTALLY FREE.  I will only use your email address for the purpose of this group.
This will be a delicious way to begin working with the New Energy of abundance that we are co-creating on the planet!
Your participation and feedback are needed  =-D


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