April 24, 2011

Montague's Message, 24 April, 2011

My dear, please do not feel guilty about taking time to be with your family. Our work is important, but maintaining family ties is important also. As you gather again, today, to celebrate your birthday, relax, enjoy the energy created by the laughter, as well as the food specially prepared with love.

The Dark Cabal created the recession. They are now creating a food shortage, world-wide. Until Man is prepared to voice his objections, then he will suffer. It takes courage to state, quite categorically, "Enough is enough. We see what you are planning. You have no right to do this to us." Food is a basic necessity for humanity. When the Earth was created, there was food to eat and herbs for medication. This was clearly understood. The information was shared by all.

The Cabal have been in operation for generations. Their take over of the planet happened a long time ago. They created myths and they told mankind that they were true. Foolishly, Man accepted the myths as TRUTH, and so religion began. The Cabal needs to create divisions. This is where the old adage comes from, "divide and conquer". The truth is there; it's hidden, but a little research will reveal it. The New World Order is the final step to complete the control. Look at those who advocate the New World Order and you will see those who do not have your best interests at heart. Their plan to "cull the population" is well under way. By doing nothing, you are assisting them to destroy Planet Earth and humanity.

Wake-up! Find your voice! Say NO, I will not close my eyes to what you are doing; because what you do to others, today, you will do to me, tomorrow. They do not have a conscience.

I constantly ask that you all come together. Refuse to assist them in their plans. They have only the power that you give to them. You are now experiencing the End Game being played out. Call their bluff; refuse to invade other countries; stop the killing. They use you to kill for them. You will never see them or their families in a war situation. See through the myths. God created all equal. Every soul enters your world and leaves it in the same way. You are all equal in the sight of God the Supreme Creator. It is time to question those who tell you otherwise. Learn to think for yourselves. Ask the right questions. The truth is there but they have placed barriers between you and it.

Earth will re-unite with the other planets. The universe will be whole once more. They visit Earth and they leave their calling-cards, the crop circles to show you that they come with ease to visit you. There is information in each genuine crop circle. They are saying, "We are here for you". Soon, you will rejoin your greater family. The Cabal fears your finding out how they removed contact and kept you in the dark for so long. Soon, your prison doors will open and you will find a totally new way of living will open up for you. FREEDOM at last. No more living the false illusion of freedom, when in fact, you have been the most controlled generation in the history of Man. Every day you see more restrictions, more laws to remove the last vestiges of free thought, to create fear of enemies that do not exist. Those who make and enforce these laws are all part of the Cabal. They present themselves in many guises. Be assured, they all serve the same master.

Share your truth with others. Talk of love, not hate. Peace, not war. You never go to war to create peace. How could people believe that. War is never justified. There is no honour in killing, whether it is for King or country. What you are conned into believing, is totally false. The Cabal are the only people who gain through wars. They provide the armaments for both sides, so they are making money as well as culling the population, and you assist in this. It is just a game to them. They win, no matter who loses the war.

John Lennon sang, "All you need is love." Look on others with love in your hearts. The Cabal does not understand love, there is no money in it. They lack the ability to love. When you look on others with love, you cannot kill them. This is why they discourage love and pity; they need you to fear and despise your fellow human beings. Remember, the Cabal are not human beings as you are. They look on the surface just like you; underneath, they are totally different. They want what you have, but they do not want you. You are surplus to requirements. They will keep only those they need as slaves to serve them. Those are their plans.

Our plans are totally different. We intend to restore human beings to full consciousness and full DNA, to create an atmosphere of love and harmony, where all nations will live together and share their knowledge. There will be much rejoicing when all planets come together as one universe, once more. The hidden knowledge will be revealed and shared. You will experience the triumph of love over evil. We will succeed. It has been written thus. The God of Love would never forsake you. Pray for the strength to stand up to the Evil Cabal, for without you, they are nothing.

My dear, it is time to rejoin your family now. You need time for you, too. We in Spirit, will guide and support you through these difficult times. Be brave, my love. Your adoring husband, Monty.

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