April 12, 2011

Ashtar - We are in sacred times

We of the Ashtar command understand the need to get things moving on Earth, yes we know that many people deal with wanting this to be over as soon as possible, but not much is done or gained should one rush through the experience, The tactics of "urgent" messages and first contact have been used to make us appear as if we do not exist at all and are deceiving the channelers, discernment is key in these times, not only because there are entities who will do all they can to interrupt this process both on Earth and on realms beyond your own at this present moment, but also Egos which seek to remain empowered just a little bit longer.  I and the rest of the Ashtar command can not say that these channels are in error because it is not our place, but we would like those who read or receive to see with their souls and listen with their hearts, for this is the true empowerment of all mankind, our brothers and sisters of Earth.

Sometimes dear ones, it is our own desires and worries which push us to believe in something that removes us from our true power, the light within our hearts, the voice of our spirits and the empowerment which stems forth from it, many times, we are afraid of standing in our power and establishing it, Ego does not like this, it is a fight between darkness and light, Ego and heart, but even this battle serves a purpose, for it is the fundamental aspect of ones purpose. Yes, NOW is the time, to surrender to the will of the source but it is suggested that you remind yourself that source will always love you, for you are the source and therefor you are love, and you are enacting your own divine creation through the manifestation of soul fragments, all experiencing the totality of their beingness. Life in your realm/dimension is difficult, the suffering, the imbalance, and many things should be changed, however, be wise and be grounded, to move beyond a system of this magnitude requires great effort and unification.

Move away from the system, yes, but first move towards one another, unity is what will save you from the oppression, not first contact nor spontaneity, it is you dear ones who will save one another, combining your lights to become suns, this dear ones is where your true power lies, It is not in the heavens or in the earth it is in your hearts, in the sacred fire of the sun within your soul, magnify it, amplify it, unite it,  BE it. Dear ones, please understand, that as momentum builds there will be a greater sense of urgency within you, some know this urgency as a time to become more active in their missions and common-unity and yet others see this as a time of fear and distress, it is the rebirth, the build up, the momentum which drives the force to which many are responding, listen to yourselves dear ones and tune in to the heart and spirit.

Quiet the mind, calm and relax the spirit, all the best decisions are made with a calm and peaceful mind, panic will only lead to rash decisions, collaborate and unite sisters and brothers!, Take some time to take a breath and see that which you reflect, as we are all a reflection of another, believe in yourself, believe in others, believe in the spirit which moves through all things, remember that you are a part of this spirit, remember that the only limits that exist are the limits which you impose upon yourself. Do not limit the beauty of the ascension experience believing it is an event rather then an experience, ascension is both a personal journey and an experience. Each of you, human starseeds and lightworkers are here to assist humanity in moving back on this same journey if they so wish, but I tell you this dear ones, fear will not move mountains, nor will the end of the world save souls, because there is no end, simply transformation.

Be vigilant and discerning, many will use the opportunities in these times especially, when many of the human population of Earth are vulnerable to fear, many will come in this time and proclaim there will be disasters and many fearful things, expecting worship and followers, you will know the validation of the message by it's energy, messages should uplift and inspire, not cause panic and fear. Fear has been used for many many centuries on your planet as a means of oppression. There are those service to self from beyond your dimension who transpire to prevent the inevitable, for the ascension is not an event that can be prevented nor manipulated, as it is a personal journey, a personal discovery of the self. There may be blocks in the road but these blocks dear ones, only *Appear* to be in your way, there are many ways to overcome them, you are on a beautiful path of inner revelation and your journey dear ones is shared with countless others, reach out your hand to them and remind them of why they are on that path, as you all know dear ones, it is the journey which matters not the destination, remind them to focus on the solution, not the problem.

What is the solution? let us identify first the problem, a corrupt system has been in place on your planet for many centuries, this system has bumped humanity off of the journey, removed them from their natural divine state of being, has turned man against his brother and energy to be taken instead of freely shared. What is the solution? the solution dear ones is unity, going within, and remembering your spiritual power, but most important remember the power of each other, individually you can move mountains, united you can create them. Honor one another for it is with each other that real progress can be made. You are not here to fight sisters and brothers, that has already been done, you are not here to run for shelter and await our arrival, you are here to move beyond the illusionary barriers of your mind, in this way you serve as an example of the unlimited capability of the human spirit, you serve as a reminder of how to re-light the fire within. Please do not wait for us dear ones! we will come in the blink of an eye, but till then, honor yourselves as well by being the freedom of your own spirit, it can begin right now, today, write letters of love to those who serve the self, meditate in public, take time to listen to strangers, dance, smile, be free!

Show the world what they have forgotten, and how easy it is to love, by being an example of who they are. You will be surprised dear ones how much easier it is to stay where you are and simply be, whether you move a hundred miles away or stay in your current location, love can flourish and with it change follows, you CAN be that Aha! moment in another persons life, love is powerful, love is strong, love is boundless, love is priceless, formless and nameless, love is what your spirit IS. You are unlimited in the ways you can express love. The shift begins by touching the life of another fellow human being, in a way that will remind them of their own cosmic nature. Through the awakening of the divine human spirit through love, you will awaken planetary and universal awareness and consciousness, you are first contact dear ones! You are here to not only make the transition of your world from 3D to 5D much smoother by re-lighting their torch as they walk the path of their personal ascension, but also to assist in preparing humanity in becoming a galactic society, this dear ones will happen when fear is removed and replaced with love, be the change, be the messengers of light upon the earth, and spread your wings of love to embrace one another, for we are in sacred times.
I AM your servant always,
Cmdr Sheron

April 11, 2011

This is not from an entity called Ashtar. It is from an entity called Commander Sheron. Ashtar Command is a collective and not a man.

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