April 10, 2011

We are Containing the Radiation as Much as Possible

Hatonn through Suzy Ward

In response to Steve Beckow’s question

“Hatonn here.  Hello, Steve!  Yes, radiation is worrisome to you, and to us too because of the fear this is creating. Remember, the dark ones are feeding on your fear! We understand that right now the situation to many of you seems too serious to be corrected, but we assure you, it is not! The direst reports coming from the United States are with instruments that aren’t perfected to our standards and are registering higher levels than the actual.

“It doesn’t make sense that the level of radiation that has blown across the ocean is the same level as near the reactors.  And yes, we are containing those as much as possible from our ships and also we’re reducing the radiation as much as possible in conjunction with the small crew near the facility. Of course our efforts would be much more effective if the ships’ technology could be used on site, but mercenary troops under dark control are being alerted for readiness “for alien attack” and we can’t risk your safety or the ships’ crews’ by public landings.

“I want to mention the positive effect of this situation that’s especially sad for Japan, and for your entire world. The reign of nuclear power there is over. In the hands of third density minds it always has been dangerous and it has no place whatsoever in higher densities.  But it is not our prerogative to shut down your facilities or prevent construction of new ones. It is yours, and only your collective demand for that could make it happen. Replacement energy sources already are there, they’ve just been suppressed because they aren’t money-makers like nuclear and fossil fuels are. You will see those “hidden” technologies starting to emerge, again by your intention.

“Another factor in the fearful projections is that the scientists aren’t aware of our assistance or that when we are able to be on the ground in numbers that our technology can dematerialize the reactors and nuclear waste as well as purify the air, soil and water.  Also, it’s not known that Earth is orbiting in frequencies where radioactivity is fractured, and  her phenomenal healing abilities aren’t recognized either.

“With the help of our technological assistance, she can restore her health in months rather than the centuries you calculate as ‘half lives’ of radioactive elements. So look forward with positive attitude — don’t underestimate the power of your thoughts, or call them prayers, for Earth to be in full radiance in the near term.  A great deal has to be and WILL be accomplished in the time remaining before the end of next year.”


Hi, Steve…
Your subject line indicates that Hatonn said they are containing the radiation….   That’s not what he said.  He said they’re containing the reactors (my note: meltdown, explosion, whatever else might happen in their precarious state) and reducing the radiation.  It’s enough to put in the subject line “Hatonn’s Comments April 6.”
The 9.1 quake set a lot of energy in motion, which is the natural effect of any quake, and the Illuminati have added jolts to keep the quaking going.  Our nearby space family are continuing to level out the effects.
Hatonn explained before that dismantling the interconnected Illuminati technologies involved also would disrupt power and communcation services we need.  Matthew has said in messages that our space family is authorized to prevent all 9/11 type terrorism involving missiles with nuclear warheads because of the damage nuclear explostions have done to SOULS in space; they’re not authorized to prevent manmade quakes or storms because those release the negativity that Earth needs to be rid of and also those events provide opportunities for people to fulfill soul contract choices to wind up 3D experiencing.

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