April 23, 2011

The Wonderful Changes That Are Occuring Planet-Wide Are Due To All Your Efforts

04/13/2011 by John Smallman
The waiting seems interminable but you are truly making great progress as you strive to awaken. So, as you struggle bravely and energetically onwards, keep reminding yourselves that your awakening into full consciousness is divinely guaranteed. There is no way that you can fail to achieve your intent to do so, because it is also God’s will for you.
Those of you who read these messages, that are arriving in profusion from many spiritual guides through a multitude of channels, know that you chose your paths as way-showers and light-holders to assist the millions of humans deeply asleep and desperately wanting to awaken. It is essential, therefore, that you focus clearly and lovingly as you direct your God-given energies to your sisters and brothers who are still deeply asleep and are feeling only the faintest stirrings towards wakefulness. Many of them are confused and uncomfortable as they begin to feel the divine energies embracing them, because it is so long since they experienced love, and because they are far more accustomed to feeling alone, abandoned, and intensely threatened by others against whom they feel a strong need to constantly defend themselves. To let down their guard, even momentarily, is a fearful prospect and many of them would rather die than do so.
Consequently, you need to develop a great sensitivity to their almost constant feelings of fear and mistrust. Telling them that they are loved and that they should relax into the divine energy field that surrounds them is counter productive. The only way to help them, and it is extremely effective, is to demonstrate love in action by accepting them unconditionally without offering advice or judgment by thought, word, or body language. Advice and guidance should only be proffered when sought, and only in “bite-sized amounts.” When people start to investigate a new mode of living it causes them anxiety, and too much help or guidance can lead to overwhelm and retreat. Gentle, kind acceptance is the best tactic, while you continue to send them loving energy
and encouragement.

The results of your gentle relaxed way of interacting with others will be most effective, although it may well not be apparent to you, because they find your company safe and comforting, even though they may not share those feelings with you. So be aware that your behavior is the ideal way to shine your light and show the way. Many of you are already doing this and your numbers are increasing daily as the divine energy field embracing the world intensifies, and your ability to meld with it and make it your own becomes stronger.

You are all essential elements in God’s plan to return you to full consciousness. None of you are surplus to requirements, understudies, or reserve players. The parts you are playing are frequently quietly discrete, providing gentle nudges to people with whom your interactions may be scarcely noticeable, at just the right moment to be highly effective. Do not look for results. Doing so distracts you from your task of just being a loving and accepting presence offering a safe space to those who need it. You, as humans living the illusion, have no way of knowing who really needs your help, which is why you must offer it continuously and indiscriminately.

The wonderful changes that are occurring planet-wide are due to all your efforts. Remember, you are all one, so do not seek out successful examples resulting from your individual efforts – it could be a very depressing experience! Just know that your efforts as way-showers and light-holders are succeeding perfectly, just as divinely intended, and enjoy the peace you experience when you accept each moment as it occurs.
With so very much love, Saul.


  1. This is all important for us. We shoudl need to do more efforts for our earth. Our earth really needs our support.

  2. Now there are many problems related to earth. We have to save our livings earth for our future. So for that we have to invent something new to slow down effects which is harmful to earth.

  3. That is true. We should do efforts more and more.