April 20, 2011

Truth and Believes

Jill Harrison, 9 March, 2009

Greetings, I AM Metatron.

Throughout time, the human race has looked outside of itself for answers to the challenges life brings. As the ascension process is accelerating, it is time to ask yourselves if you control your own personal destiny, or whether you have given this right to another.

Many humans unfortunately live within a field of illusion. They trust that their partners will take care of them; that the governments of the world will ensure no harm befalls them. Many of you blindly believe what is fed to you through mass media, and yet very few, so very few humans, stop to question if what they are being told or experiencing, is the truth.

When we first began using this medium (Jill) to further help in the awakening of humanity, we spoke of the importance of seeking out the truth for the self, and we also placed a lot of emphasis on how important it is that one is self-sufficient.

You all were given free will, and with due determination, your opportunities to expand your level of consciousness are unlimited. Each of you possess powerful vibrations that enable you to discover life's experiences in its fullest sense, so it is time to ask, "Why is life being experienced as a constant struggle for so many?"

If over the coming months, you are finding the physical world challenging, it is time to STOP; and question if you are heading in the right direction. Many of your choices today will dictate your tomorrows, and if you are caught up in a negative spiral, you have to be 'willing' to break out of the conditioning, and identify what you need, to change.

We recognise that every human is at a different stage of their development. No-one is experiencing exactly the same circumstances at the same time; but how you choose to view the experience, makes all the difference.

We hear many prayers for assistance. Time and time again you tell us you don't have a choice. But 'not' choosing something, is also a choice.

Recognise that you choose who you live with.

You choose where you live.

You choose how you spend your time and your resources.

And these choices, not us, are dictating the life you lead.

We hear many prayers asking us to help you, because someone else won't let you do what you want.

You tell us you can't do something because someone else won't like it.

Recognise that if this is you, you are not living your life, your soul is not free, you are living someone else's life.

Spiritual laws dictate that we can guide you. We can lead you in the right direction, but when you are complacent, and show ignorance of the choices you truly do have, we cannot help you.

Many times we speak of being self-sufficient, but what does it mean to be self-sufficient? Self-sufficient means that you do not need things from other people. It means that you can provide for yourself; whether that means you are able to grow your own food, build your own shelter, financially provide for yourself. Self-empowerment comes from self-sufficiency, and self-empowerment gives you the authority to choose... who you share your life with, what you do, without limiting the person you are.

The universes watch and learn from the choices you make. Those who question, seek truth and knowledge, are the ones that are always prepared for all things. For you to believe in something, there always has to be an emotion linked to what you choose to accept, to make it feel true to you. Many times a human will accept the truth of others, but not listen to the truth inside themselves.

It is time, beloved ones, to awaken. Open your eyes and discover your own truths. Wipe the sleep from your eyes, and take ownership for your life. As the world begins the final stages of the ascension process, you can rest assured that the importance placed upon money, and the financial institutions, will bring about a series of desperate attempts by those you have given power to, in a bid to maintain the status quo.

Greed, and the need to own and dominate, have karmically brought about this current trend you are all experiencing. You may well ask, "Why?" The mere fact that so many of you have shown complacency towards the choices the governments of this world have made, means you all share equal responsibility in the outcome.

No longer can mankind continue to take and keep taking, whether it is the life blood of Mother Earth (Oil) that you are sucking dry, or the environment you are all polluting with your take-away bags and excess food packaging; or the extortion of one another... the time of addressing the balance is at hand.

Recognise that the time has come to choose wisely what you do with your time, your money, your resources, and most importantly your choices today. We are not here to lecture you. We are not here to wave a magic wand, and change anything you don't feel is right. We know that many humans will continue blindly, until they are totally disempowered, and we will hear their cries for help. We will do what we can to bring light and assistance, but the magic wand you seek will not be with us, but inside of yourselves. Therefore beloved ones, please act now.

Ensure that you are self-sufficient. 2009 is the year for taking charge of your life, and the sooner you take the first step to being empowered and self-sufficient, the quicker you will begin to manifest the life you should be experiencing.

Blessed be


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