May 29, 2012

When The Last Domino Falls

~ Sweet Army of Light, it is I, Indriel with a message pertaining to your role in the Ascension process and in the formation of the incoming New Earth. I speak to you today of your vocation. No, not the vocation you perform at this time in your role as a 3rd dimensional human being, but of the true calling of your heart. It is essential for each and every warrior of peace to give serious contemplation to what beckons you, as the onset of dramatic change and cultural upheavel lay just over the horizon. I am, however, elated to say that for a pleasantly increasing number of you, the dream of doing your life’s work is being manifested into reality. How wonderful this is for us to see!
~ The winds of change are upon you, Dear Hearts, and these changes shall come swiftly and sweep away all that is not of the light. You think we jest, as you have been anticipating the time when something, anything at all of a physically tangible nature should make itself known to the masses. I tell you now that this day approaches, and it brings with it a blessed sense of relief and a freedom from tyranny for which you all have so longed. Do not ask for dates, do not try to jam the Divine Plan roughly into the outgoing concept of linear time. For it shall fit there no better than a round puzzle piece should fit into a square hole. Simply trust this to be so, and know that many of the jobs you hold right now cannot exist, nor should the they exist, within the constructs of a 5th dimensional society that is based solely in Unity Consciousness.

~ Do not think we are unaware of your feelings of confusion regarding this particular facet of your journey. We know that this has been the cause of many a sleepless night. “What is my life-purpose”? “What is my true calling”? “How shall I pursue my dreams and at the same time provide food for my family?” These are some of the most frequently heard questions that you pose to us. I am here to help you discover these answers for yourselves, so that you may more effectively create a wonderful tableau for your New Earth experience. Let us begin by examining what you are doing now, within the course of your typical day. Does the work you do fulfill you? Do you feel exhilarated upon completion of a task or energetically depleted and drained? Do you feel a connection to your work? Do you feel that what you do is of service to others, to the community and to yourself? Do you approach the new day with a sense of anticipation or with a feeling of dread? Are you proud of what you you do? And most importantly-why did you initially make the choice to do it? The answers to these questions are self-explanatory and require no further illustration from me.

~ Go far within and focus on what it is you deeply desire, what you have always been called to do but have never had the financial means to accomplish, or possibly the timing was not right. Ask yourself why you are drawn to do this thing, how it makes you feel as you envision yourself in this particular role. Is this calling originating from the heart or from the mind? Does it require a sacrifice of your personal ideals and morals, or does it flow as naturally as a river to the sea? Do you face continual resistance in the accomplishment of this goal, and does it require the manipulation of the people and the natural energies around you? If you must suffer, be untrue and choke the very life out of the situation you are in so that it continues to function, then I can assure you that it is high time for a deep re-evaluation of your current path. Living in a state that unnaturally lowers your vibration is unhealthy. If you are a Lightworker, this is doubly detrimental, as you are hardwired to share your own elevated vibration and uplifting energy with collective whole. Of course, your true calling shall not be without effort or even some small struggle, but overall it should feel joyful and rewarding almost every step of the way.

~ So, how do you discover this true path of the heart? I say, find something to love in each and every day. Be it great or small, seek the joy and you shall find it staring you straight in the eye. Choose a thing you enjoy, a tiny undertaking is fine. A walk in the forest, a delicious food to eat, a trip to the cinema or tea with a friend. Please stop delaying, as all is in the Now. Think about your talents and special interests. What are you repeatedly being guided to do, but have set aside for ‘practical’ reasons? We of your Home frequencies may provide you with a wealth of ideas, should you simply take the time to ask! Many of you are crewmembers form the multitude of starships encircling the planet, and have thriving careers aboard these vessels. At times, the information you are receiving is a loving reminder of your ‘true-life’ talents, and a gentle encouragement for you to pursue them whilst on Earth. Your dream needn’t be a costly undertaking, either. Do not uproot the lives of yourself and your family in your pursuits, but begin slowly to take the first and smallest steps. Set your intentions and visualize yourself in your chosen role, each day, in a short meditation. And do not prematurely assume that others will not support you. Have faith! Have the confidence in yourself that we have in you.

~ Dear Lightholders, we know full well the situation that exists on Earth at this time. We are not blind to the stranglehold the Old Regime has upon you still. But as the last domino falls, so will the very institutions which hold you captive; the noose is loosening and your freedom is a promise from us to you. Before you know it, a history long forgotten will be revealed for all to see. I speak of clear historical revelations, great references to your Star Brethren which is set to be unearthed and presented to all who are inclined to know and hear. History, not lies, shall be taught to the willing public. Remember this; you cannot build a castle upon a pile of rubble. It takes time to clear the last of it away and when the debris is finally gone, you shall be limitless in every sense of the word. Yes, it feels like an eternity until it happens. But the wait is nearly done, and I call to you to ready yourselves for the next chapter in the story of your lives. Hold love in your heart for the lost, as it is they that you shall be called to serve in the days to come. You are loved and you are blessed.
I am Indriel, Servant to those who serve The Light. I am here for you, always.

Archangel Indriel. ~ By AuroRa Le. May 29, 2012.

Copyright©Bella Capozzi

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