May 9, 2012

GFoL - 10.5.12 Cheryl

We see a lot of you still very firmly enmeshed in your third dimensional lives, either unable or unwilling to move beyond the restraints that are holding you back and not allowing you to move beyond, into the higher realms.

Releasing 3rd dimensional restraints is an essential part of ascension, so if you are struggling with any aspect of this, you need to ask yourselves a few questions.
What is is that is holding me back?
Why am I unwilling/unable to move beyond this restraint?
What am I willing to do about it?

Know that we are always here to offer you guidance and assistance with any concern or any situation that you are unable to cope with on your own. Indeed, many situations will not be resolved until you admit that you do need assistance.

W have been here for millenia. As have you. The only advantage that we hold over you at this time is that we remember. Everything. Whereas you do not - due to the veil of forgetfulness which befell you upon your arrival on Earth.

Is it pride preventing you from seeking help? Confusion? Fear? Whatever 3rd dimensional emotion you are struggling to deal with at the moment, know that all you have to do is ask, and we will gladly assist you in any way we can.

Time as you know it is rapidly accelerating, and there is little time left to accomplish a still,great deal. Overcoming your emotional hurdles will be a big step for many of you, this is just one stage of many that you will be required to go through to move on to where you will feel comfortable with the changes that are occurring in regards to the ascension process.

Physical changes, emotional changes, psychological changes. Many of you will have noticed one or all of these changes occurring within yourselves. Fear not. These changes are essential. If your bodies remain carbon based, your physical body will not be able to successfully undergo the ascension process. Your minds are expanding, becoming more alert and aware, allowing your capacity to intake new information to grow exponentially. Emotionally, you are purging yourselves of all of your limiting, 3rd dimensional emotions, the negative ones, that are not only not needed, but not recognized in the higher dimensions.

As many of you are displaying fear with these new found occurrences happening to your bodies and minds, we once again urge you to establish and remain in contact. If not with us, then with someone you are comfortable with in the higher realms. Your higher selves, your Star families, your Angels, your guides.

There are very few of you that will not have someone from the higher realms available to assist and guide you through these essential changes. Know that they are necessary, and look beyond what you are experiencing now to where you are heading and why. A life full of unconditional love, prosperity, joy, happiness, no judgement, no fear, no negative emotions, thoughts, feelings or occurrences at all.
Surely it is worth a short time of momentary discomforts to be able to reach this stage?

Know that the time for complete ascension is drawing very near indeed. Stay on track, and if you are not yet on track, we urge you to get there. We wish to see as many of you as possible successfully undergo the ascension transformation, and in reality, the only ones preventing you from doing so, are yourselves.

Know that you are loved, know that you are supported and know that all you ever need to do is ask. And we will listen and guide you.
We are your family from the stars.
We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Star-Gazer Cheryl.

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