May 25, 2012

House of cards

Michael channeled by Ron Head,  May 25,2012

This morning we will speak of the progress being made, which you so eagerly await. Many envision a huge, almost cataclysmic occurrence. But the most powerful energy of manifestation on your planet right now has become that of you lightworkers as you unite your intentions.

On the fifth and twentieth of this month, huge numbers of you united in envisioning a smooth and peaceful transition into your new world. We were more than overjoyed and joined you in this effort. Not only was the effort a success, dear friends, but the transition has begun. Each successive wave of the incoming energies is lifting your frequencies so much now that your effect upon the whole is increasing and unstoppable. It is overflowing and finding its own to unite with.

If one of you is still isolated, we assure you it will not remain so. In fact, if you are reading this, consider yourself within the reach of our voice. You are needed where you are now to keep the new energy grid intact. Soon you will be able to move freely. We ask your patience a little longer.
The ‘house of cards’ is weakening so much now that there is a deal of crumbling from within. The foundation is washing out, and soon the whole will collapse very quickly. Maintain your focus when that happens. Its replacement will emerge immediately.

We ask that you keep your focus on that happy occurrence. We walk with you now. The intricate planning for this time is well in hand. If you can maintain your calm focus, the changes will seem to occur in the blink of an eye. Your complete freedom is about to be restored to you, something which has not been experienced here for many thousands of years.

Be at peace, beloveds, and in patient, grateful anticipation. Keep yourselves centered and grounded and we will speak with you tomorrow.

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