May 22, 2012

Our Pets: Loving Companions Throughout The Ages.

 By, AuroRa Le. May 22, 2012.

Many Greetings, I am Bast. I am Mother and protector of the Elemental Realms, the Realms of Fire and Earth. I bid you welcome, once more. It is of the greatest import on this day that you be made aware of a loving dynamic which enfolds you, and has surrounded you throughout what you term as time. These are connections deep and true. These bonds run strong within your core essence and your history, and it is these which may never be broken. They have left an indelible imprint upon your heart and energetic self. It is by God’s design that this be so. You know these ones. It is the Animal Kingdom of which I speak, and when I label them thus, I do so only to present this information in a manner to which you may relate. Dog, cat, fish, bird, tortoise, mouse…they go by many names, but as in all the Universe, they are One. So, let us start at the beginning…

Aeons ago, you emerged form Source. Sheltered, wide-eyed and unsullied by the many battles you would soon fight in the name of peace, unity and truth. You came forward in unimaginable numbers, as healers, teachers, warriors and the like. Carriers of the love and light of your Father and Mother. In your lifetimes you have comforted the lost, healed the sick, taught the unawakened, fed the hungry, brought peace to war-torn lands. You have been heralded as the brave wise ones. So, it was by the Creators’ decree that you would have protectors. Pet, totem, spirit-animal, companion… they would go by many names. Regardless of the form they choose to assume, know well that you have never been without the love of these fine friends. From far and wide they came, heeding the call, knowing they were needed. They knew you and they found you. They are creations of light, shapeshifting energetic entities who would merge their own energy with yours and create a bond of an unbreakable nature; becoming one of the finest parts of you, your love, your heart-self. There is no place you have ever gone that they have not been with you, and there is no place you shall ever go that they shall not follow. This is fact. Some of you have more than one of these companions, maybe two, three, four… And you may have chosen to share them with another member of your soul family. Not to worry. All is free choice, all is decided upon by the ones involved.

You have all had a variety of “pets” I’m sure, throughout the course of your human incarnations. The love you share has been powerful and unconditional, and no doubt you grieved mightily at the time of their passing. It was almost as if a portion of yourself had departed the Earth plane with them. And in this you are not entirely wrong, because in a way, it did. You then went on to find another, to fill the natural void you felt for the presence of your protector and friend. You took your new one home, and developed an instant bond of kinship. You recognized this one, over all the others. You simply knew. Do not ever doubt for a moment that your beloved companion will return to you again and again. By use of the vehicle you term “reincarnation”, these essences are indeed one and the same, returning to stand by your side as they have always done throughout the ages. They are needed. They are an island of peace amidst a paradigm of chaos. They possess no agenda, no artifice, no guile. They are very much a part of you, and when a person remarks that one has come to look like their pet, it is to this they are referring. Aspire to be as they are, for they are unity and love in it’s purest form. Theirs is the innate power to assist you in your ascension. They can sense discordance and heal you, body and soul. They are naturally telepathic and know your thoughts. Refrain from any judgement of them, do not do this, please. For to harshly judge this one is to judge a sacred element of yourself. For even the fiercest lion keeps a gentle heart. Do not “slay the dragon”, for the dragon is your friend. Do not cast them off as just another sorely worn possession, for to do so is to cast off a precious gift of The Divine.

They have been loyally steadfast forever, and you must cherish these beloved companions as they love you and assist you in the raising up of Gaia. Take heart, for it is nearly done. Whilst the smaller battles still rage on, have faith that you have won the war.
I am Bast.

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