May 19, 2012

Jump For Joy

☀ Archangel Raphael. “Jump For Joy And Be Wildly Happy!” By, AuroRa Le. May 19, 2012.

Rejoice, Dear Ones, and be happy, bright and full of joy. As you arise each morning, greet the day with arms wide open and be ready to embrace the next adventure. A new day is a fresh beginning, an opportunity for review, improvement and regeneration. It is another chance to share the best of everything you are, and all the things you know you are becoming. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, taste the rain upon your tongue, walk headlong into the whispering wind and let your hair blow free. Feel the cool sensation of the dewy grass against your feet. The warm embrace of a loved one, the softness of a puppy’s coat, the crispy tang of a fresh picked apple…

Divine experiences, each and every one, to be cherished and revered. These are the priceless moments that characterize the uniqueness of the Human incarnation. It is what serves to set it apart from any other experience available across the galaxies and throughout the dimensions. The Earthly experience is the jewel in the crown of the most adventurous traveler; sought after by many, enjoyed by comparatively few.

You were chosen to be here for your savvy and expertise, your goodness, kindness and purity of heart. You are the brave pioneers who will lift Gaia up to her greatest heights, and usher in the sparkling new Platinum Age. Look around you and behold all that you have accomplished. Then say yes, I Am brilliant. I Am courageous. I Am successful. I Am love embodied in Human form. I Am a flawless reflection of the Mother and Father’s perfection and grace. Speak these words and feel the elation rise from deep within your core. Jump for joy! Dance and sing and giggle like a child. Laugh at that which offends you. Dry your neighbors tears and show them mercy, enfold them in the loving arms of peace. Then bless, bless, bless… Bless every person, every tree, every gentle beast and tiny insect. Infuse them with energy and see them all aglow in God’s Holy Light! Fill with forgiveness the empty spaces that exist within the broken hearts of humankind. Watch as they awaken to the basic truth of All That Is, and share in the joy as they reconnect with their own Divinity. They are so beautiful, as they see themselves for who they are, with eyes wide open and all the innocence of a newborn babe. You have helped them reach this milestone, so be pleased. For this is true healing, and there is no finer feeling than to know that you have helped another.

You, Dear Ones, are the healers. You were selected to be here, to exercise your mastership in the healing and the ascension of Gaia and Humanity alike. And it is this that makes me happy beyond measure! So give yourselves a pat on the back. Thank yourselves and begin the party, for relaxation and reward are just around the corner. Be as a child and tumble, frolic and play. Jump for joy and be wildly happy! Laugh, for isn’t laughter the best medicine? Run and skip and dance, dance, dance your cares away. Every being alive on Earth has the inborn right to live this way – free of pain, antagonism, hatred and fear. You have the right to live every day as if it is the grandest of celebrations. I Am Raphael, your beloved friend and confidante. Namaste.

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