November 2, 2011

Victory you must deserve

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Dearest Ones,
It is time for you, who are desiring to ascend, to seriously prepare yourselves.
Ascension is not just a casual matter without your own preparation, -  although there are quite many sources who tell you so.
Dear ones, don’t let yourself to be fooled.
Is it not that you are here on Earth because it was your wish to grow in consciousness and to grow as a human being, to earn your evolution? This requires you to become more and more aware of who you are by facing, observing, allowing and finally being purified of what keeps you in darkness or in a lesser vibration, which prevents you from rising your light quotient.
It is your light quotient which allows you to ascend.

Living in a way that does not serve and support the enfolding of your consciousness will not allow you to ascend in the very near future and leave this 3dimensional density behind.
You might wish, and there are very many of you who do, to be part of the first wave of ascending souls at the 11.11.11 Stargate, with many portals opening to enter higher dimensions.  But, dear ones - you have to be prepared and understand the universal law of self-responsibility.
How would ascension serve you if it would not be the result of your own victory? How would you be able to maintain your rightful place in higher dimensions if your own consciousness will not be adequate to their vibrational fields of consciousness?

This has to be understood, and the wide spread belief that another force would just come in and do the whole work for you - what will this do to your self-respect and I Am consciousness?
Dear friends, you are created in the image of God and you are not just a  piece of fleshy energy that wants to be manipulated by other, even if well-intended forces who are more evolved than you at this point.

Because you are not just a package of something. You Are of Divine Consciousness that must be re-discovered, strengthened and allowed to emerge as the Radiant One through your  own higher will, letting go of the lesser worlds and surrender to the higher worlds. And you have been given on this earth all the opportunities to do this work.

However, it is important that you do not stress yourself but know your limitations In this process, dear ones! Moving forward slower is sometimes quicker than rushing!
You must treat yourself with respect and patience and give yourself the time you need to grow. What is unique in these times are the highly elevated energy currents on your earth now that can open your awareness and help you to remember where you came from and who you are.
When you consistently follow this lead of Mother Earth continuously  rising her vibration, and thereby rising your own, when you connect persistently with her and the light of the heavens, you will grow with Her and you will be ready when Earth will be in alignment with your Galactic Center.  Although there is a date given in December 2012 do not cling to it. Your individual process is just that: individual, but the great and vast changes soon to occur in your solar system and on your Earth will be very important markings on your way.

Keep in mind that you cannot jump over a trench and leave behind unconscious material, you must connect all the dots consciously, one by one, if you want establish true mastery.
It is true mastery which enables you for true  and all-encompassing love, because you have filled with love everything that signifies what you are. In this case you have nothing left behind, you have embraced everything in love.
Your true Being is beyond the structure of the body-mind, and that true Being only is Love. The body-mind is existing in That.

Therefore you must Know yourself, every little bit, to earn your place truly in the higher dimensions.
Know that in this process you are not alone! You have many helpers. However you must be willing to deal with everything which comes your way. And everything which comes your way is perfect for your ascension process as it is merely a mirror of what is inside you. Take it as a gift, given to you to master your vibration and grow towards a higher light quotient. If you are truly serious in this process, then, with great faith, you will receive every and all help from the heavens and your process will be greatly accelerated!

Know that nothing is impossible, but that also everything still takes time in your linear perception of  reality.
With your seriousness to prepare for your ascension, 11.11.11 will be of enormous help for you to make a leap that pushes you forward to your desired goal of living in freedom from duality and separation. You can use the enormity of  light and energy which will be set free, on and around this date, as wings to take off and accelerate your conscious process. And the enforcement and almost completion of Her new crystalline energy-grid at that time is Mother Earth’s  greatest contribution and celebration for you to join.

Dear ones, be prepared for this event and take advantage of it.
To  be excited, joyful and deeply grateful for what is given to you all in this moment is a powerful way to await with open arms what is approaching.
The heavens are pouring their blessings now upon you, dear ones.
This is the most auspicious time.

I Am St. Germain

Message received by Ute

Yes, we actually have limitations! It is wishful thinking and only an idea so far that we don't have any. To be totally free you need to be a master of your thoughts and a master of the universe. But first of all you must have mastered yourself. If you would have done this for real you wouldn't be here anymore. The question is here, WHO has the illusions! There is so much self-deception underway, so much unrealistic ideas. Unfortunately there are those who tell people that they don't have to do anything and it just happens to them. And people belief them, but they don't know that they deprive themselves of a great opportunity of personal growth.
The idea that we have not to be responsible for our ascension process is another wishful thinking. People have no idea what it takes! They have just read some information on the internet, but they have no experience whatsoever about the Light Body Process. They have no idea whatsoever what the true spiritual process asks of us. Many have been working hard over many years to make this moment of ascension for humanity possible. But still, everybody's conscious participation is required.
However for many this participation is only a nice idea in the head. It is a lie. Because in reality it is a whole bodily process. It requires EVERYTHING of you and you need a lot of courage, so it is a way for heroes and it is a way through the fire. If this would be YOUR experience your remarks would be different.
The date in December 2012 is not denied. But even the Mayas said that anything can happen in a time frame, starting 2007 and ending around 2014. To be able to ascend with Earth your frequency and consciousness must match with Her. Everything is energy and frequency. And the consciousness that comes with it. This is the measure.

I have to say that this message was loaded with some very powerful uplifting energy and as far as I am concerned spot on. The would only use the word devotion rather than "serious" when we are talking about our focus on this because sometimes people get so driven that they forget to relax and be in JOY!
Peace out~ and in~ Cari
LOL I am sorry to say we are absolutely in a LIMITED MATRIX currently. That is what the Fallen Angels created and are fighting to hold onto now. They are us BTW. Many are still clinging to the material world matrix based on the Fibonnaci sequence which is a LIMITED MATRIX. It is not eternal LIFE.
The difference between a master and a deluded being is that they KNOW what body and density they are in. Masters have been diligently practicing for thousands of years, sitting in meditation to quietly bring the energies up so that we can benefit. That is why they strive to die consciously and accomplish ascension or Rainbow body, so they can reincarnate and liberate humanity from the cycle of birth and rebirth. I sound like a broken record. Humans are witnessing the moment in time where they as a collective will be able to once again resonate with the higher frequencies of the original earth blueprint and that is the only way humans are capable of levitation and instant manifestation etc. By no longer being held by the LAWS OF PHYSICS in the 3rd density. Everything is mind but at the same time mind has to be mastered and part of that mastery is being able to unlock the strong grip of MIND manifestation which happens to be a LAW of PHYSICS. It is a code that was written by the original MIND and so far we simply are not skilled or practiced enough to do that. That does not mean it cannot be done but we do absolutely live in a limited Matrix and that is the entire point of this drama that is unfolding right now. It is what the Fallen Angels are fighting for. Consciously and subconsciously beings want to hold on to the material world whether it is hell or heaven on earth because they are attached to it. Attachment causes suffering no matter what density you are in. That is why I always stress that this shift to the higher frequency earth is still going to require some mind mastery for those that are attached to this instant manifestation thing. Instant manifestation is boring. Joy is in contentment of being present in your journey or in your stillness.
Peace out~ and in~ Cari

Definition of "Master" can vary, depending on point of view and personal experience. For me the true Master is beyond cosmic conditions and therefore it is not a question of definition of density. It is beyond or prior, meaning that the total body-mind is surrendered to the Ultimate Divine Consciousness. And so Mastery is not dependent on the state of the body-mind. In such a Realization one does not sit in meditation, because the Ultimate is realized. It is beyond of or prior to duality and mind. Mind, and even the "Mind of God" is the source of duality. But one can live eternal life in the midst of this limited matrix by transcending mind. What is living the limitation is the body-mind and all the dramas which come with it, - angels and "fallen" ones and so on. It is all part of the great dream, including the subtle realms and the ascension play. You sense it when your heart is brilliant with stillness. Then there is no world and neither good nor bad.You can live this in any situation, matrix and density. And this is very real. But this takes practice and joy comes when this practice is serious:)
Blessings :)

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