November 25, 2011

Disclosure Petition 2

 the request below not to be translated.  Time sensitive by end of November - thank you -- K

(Dear Ones,   I kindly ask you to translate the anouncement of th second Disclosure Petittion, As you can see now 25.000 signatures are necessary to be submited to President Obama. I hope your good collaboratiuon in achieving this aim.   The teams that have more than one translator for the same language should inform their Coordinator to avoid double work.   With Gratitude and Appreciation - Maria  Luisa)

    PRG Update - November 20, 2011
Disclosure Petition II

Disclosure Petition II

On December 1, 2011 the second Disclosure Petition will be submitted to the White House's We the People initiative.  Under the new rules this petition must secure 25,000 signatures within 30 days of its submission (by December 31) in order to receive a formal response from the Obama administration.  The first Disclosure Petition received 12,078 signatures.  Over the next two weeks PRG will pre-promote Disclosure Petition II to ensure it has the best possible chance to succeed.   Also, if on submission it quickly secures thousands of signatures, it will attract immediate media attention.

The response to the first Disclosure Petition was unacceptable and indefensible.  Disclosure Petition II is a direct challenge to that response and could generate a substantial media engagement.   But it is up to the people to make that happen.   Spread the word this petition will go active on the White House website on December 1, 2011.

Response to Disclosure Petition I!/response/searching-et-no-evidence-yet

The Disclosure Petition II language and info to be submitted are as follows:

"We petition the Obama Administration to demand a full congressional investigation of UFO/ET Disclosure efforts by the Clinton OSTP - the Rockefeller Initiative."

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