November 21, 2011

The manuscript of survival 50

As you can well understand, tempers are running high in many places. People are starting to wake up to the fact that something is amiss, and as usual they are the ones that will carry the heavyest burden in the times to come. Let us explain. Your societies have been set up in a very specific way, namely that of benefiting a few at the expense of the rest of you. Now those few at the top are starting to see their empires crumbling away before them, and they have decided to put up a mighty fight in order to save it from obliteration. They are fighting a lost battle, but that is unbeknownst to them at the moment, as they are indeed totally blind as to where this planet of yours is heading. You have made a monumental shift, and as a result the decline of the old system is inevitable. But the rulers cannot see that, and they are adamant in trying to salvage whatever is left of their dark empires. And they will go to any length to do so, even something as drastic as starting a war is not beyond their scope of feasibility at this stage. They have not learned anything from the recent fall of their fellow usurpers, beside the fact that is seems to pay off to use brute force in any way to quell any sign of unrest amongst their vassals. But that is not the way to go, as it will ensure even more fuel to the flame of freedom residing in everyone´s hearts, and that flame is burning ever brighter by the day. Violence is never the answer to anything, and no matter how many brave souls who give their lives in these upcoming upheavals, the river of likeminded souls will run ever stronger. In other words, no weapons are more inefficient than fear and violence, as they only serve to undermine those that apply these weapons on their fellow men. But that willl not stop them from trying, as they have yet to learn the lesson that their time is swiftly coming to an end, and only those ready to turn around and open their eyes and hearts and join the swell of enlightened souls will be on the winning side when the smoke clears.

Their modus operandi is becoming ever clearer, as one by one the countries in Europe is being brought to it´s knees by the demands of the so-called world of finance. Under the pretext of saving a particular country, they go in and make their own set of rules, regardless of the impact this will have on that nation´s inhabitants. Look around you, and see what is happening as the principles of democracy is blatanly overruled by the financial institutions. The outcome will be a messy one indeed, and the time has come for these nations to stand up and demand their freedom from these tightfisted oppressors. Watch as the peoples unite as they see their very lives crumbling under the heels of these moneysharks, and they will take to the streets in numbers hitherto unseen on your planet. This will indeed spread like wildfire, as more and more of your fellow men finally wake up to the fact that they have been willing fodder in the machinery of big business, but now the time has come to stand up and voice a resounding NO when these implacable insatiable moneylenders calls for ever more of their dwindling resources. Remember, you are the 99%, they are but a small fraction of your numbers, but up until now they have been leading you all on a very tight leash. That leash is something you can all shake off now, if you see just how much strength it is in your numbers. We mean this in a very literal way, as they cannot continue building their house of cards without your willingness to give them everything you have both of monetary value but also more concrete means. Without that never ending stream of your money and willingness to slave on in a hostile work environment, they will literally run out of fuel to keep their whole machinery going, and nothing scares them more than the thought of all of you rebelling against their carefully constructed parasitic world order. They will try to keep you all docilely going about business as usual, because they have told you again and again that there is no place for anyone on this planet unless they willingly put in 5 days a week at a paying job and then consume endless amounts of fuel, products, food and medicins that they themselves reap all of the profits from. Not to mention the system of finance that is rigged in such a way that they themselves call all of the shots, and the ”little people” have no choice but to obey their every whim. Let us just say that you are all in for a very rude awakening, if we may use such a word, as this system will finally be exposed in all it´s ugliness for everyone to see. And when you do, you will no longer be a willing participant in this never ending cycle of abusing not only natures´resources, but also those of each and every one of you. The outcome of all of this will be a magnificent one indeed, but it will take time before you see it hidden behind the smoke and ashes from the old going up in flames. Remember you cannot even begin to imagine what you have in store once this old system is dismantled, as you have never ever experienced a world free from this heavy burden of a corrupt monetary system. Therefore, many will have a hard time believing that anything else is feasible, and they will believe the false propaganda from those trying to instill panic in you all as they see their crafty system going to pieces. We implore you to keep your heads clear and see through all of this smoke and mirrors, as we can assure you all that the time has indeed come to start unveiling the new and so much more healthier system, a system that will ensure a fair and sustainable living for all those willing to let go of fear and greed. They are the majority, even if they seem to be just a small fraction of humanity at the moment, but watch closely as more and more starts to listen to the voice of sanity and decides to shake off the lumbering weights of the old.

Many have already fallen under the wheels of this terrible machine, and they find themselves almost crushed as a result. They are no longer able to pay their bills, and they are more often than not literally swept out into the streets by a system that holds nothing but disregard for them. In other words, this system has not been set up to assure the wellbeing of the many, only to fill the pockets of the few. Never in the history of humankind have the plights of so many been broadcasted, and now for the first time the reactions will come on a global scale. You cannot sit complacently in your own homes, unawares of the heavy price so many of your fellow citizens are paying because of this oppressive system, and now the time has come for that global upraising. This is not a call to arms, far from it, it is rather a call to the deepest instinct in each and every one of you, namely that of compassion for your fellow men. How long will the dark ones be able to conduct their businesses, when all it does is to deplete the resources of you all? For now, they can rely on the help of the military and police to frighten you all into submission, but remenber that behind all of those uniforms there beats a human heart, and for how long will that heart stay silent? How long will it continue to do the bidding of the authorities and evict innocent families from their homes? That is not their job, their job is to protect their fellow men, and it will not take long before they too awaken to the dirty truth thay they have all fallen prey to the same system as the rest of you. That day is not far off, and then the truth will be more than easy to see. You are all a part of a vast human ocean, and you cannot be stopped by a mere scattering of greedy entitites hell bent on your destruction. You will take back your own power, and you will do so by reclaiming your dignity. It has been stolen from you as so much of your worldy goods, but now it is time to take it back. And remember, you might only be a small voice in a world-encompassing choir, but your voice will be invaluable. You are all starting to sing the freedom song, and although it might sound very faint at the moment, the force of it will soon sweep away the last vestiges of darkness. Until then, know that you are beign held in the highest regards by us all, as you are indeed true warriors of the truth.

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