November 15, 2011

The manuscript of survival 40 - 47

p. 40    11/1/11

Chapter 26
The topic today might come as a surprise to many, as we would like to delve more into the nature of those entities currently hovering above you in your atmosphere. Many have a hard time believing that you are not sailing all alone in this universe of yours, but let us just put that aside for now. We have touched upon this topic briefly before, but now we think the time is right to give you more details on this vast army – if we may call it that – that is actually all around you. We hesitate to use the word ”army” as this would imply something sinister, and that we have come to conquer and lay this beautiful planet of yours waste. Nothing could be further from the truth, as we are here to ensure freedom for the human race, freedom that has had a very, very long time coming indeed. As we have stated earlier, this multiverse is so connected, that anything amiss in one corner of it will seriously affect the whole in so many ways. You have been left to your own devices for far too long, and the detrimental effect of this is not hard to see, not even to the blindest of the blind. As said so many times before, you were left to sort it out yourselves, but as have been thoroughly proven by now that task was indeed impossible to perform without outside intervention – or maybe you prefer the word assistance. This is indeed a touchy subject for so many of you, as there are many, many out there adamant that this is indeed your home, and as such you should be left alone to fend for yourselves, and you think that anything or anyone not from these shores would only arrive with dark deeds concealed behind a pleasant facade. Remember that is how it was the last time, so we cannot blame you. However, this time it is time for the light to arrive, and we are indeed already amassed in such a strength no darkness will be able to hold you back ever again.
But who are we, you might well ask, and we would like to take this occasion to give you some answers to this burning question. Many of us have come from the future, not only from a foreign world to you, and as such this will indeed be a very, very hard fact to swallow for many of you. The future is an even more daunting concept than another planet or part of the multiverse, but that is why we would like to start off with this, the most difficult concept at the outset. Let us explain. We have previously gone into considerable detail about your very limited concept of time, and the idea planted in your brains that time is a single line of events unspooling much like a roll of film. Time, you say, cannot be stopped or altered in any way, and the timeline you perceive all around you is the only one there is in existence anywhere, not only on your little planet. Nothing could be further from the truth, and as we have shown the multiverse is indeed comprised of an endless web of interlocked timelines, all running at different speeds heading for a very different location, and as soon as you let go of that old, inhibiting imprint you carry in your brains, you will also start to swim more freely in this vast ocean of endless possibilities. Well, let us just say that we are all excellent swimmers, and as such we can navigate these waters in the most advanced manner, and we can therefore switch back and forth between any available timeline at our will. Therefore, the most important piece of information today will be that not only do we harken from foreing shores, we also go by a very, very different timeframe than the straight and narrow one you inhabit, and as such coming to you from the future is not a hard task to perform for any of us. To make things even more complicated, let us just add that so many of you currently inhabiting a human body are also visitors from the future, and as such we have so much more in common than you could ever begin to imagine. As you may well know by now, many of you are only visitors to these shores yourselves, sendt out from ancient civilizations, eager to get a literally hands on experience of living in a physical body on a very physical planet such as yours. Remember, you are in many ways a unique species evolving in a very unique place indeed, and as such this experience you are going through is one that many, many other souls out there would like very, very much to be able to join. And so many have joined this group of human souls, you will be surprised the day when the scales fall away and you all relaize that your origins or that of your friendly neighbour might be a bit more exotic than you think. Remember, you are indeed a very, very mixed bunch, so much more colorful than what you can tell by a look at the face in your mirror, or by walking down the street.
Again, what you see is not always way you get, and this time you will certainly get the surprise of your lives as soon as the cat is let out of the bag so to speak, and everyone will show their true colours. We do not only refer to those of you of foreign origin walking around inside the vehicle of a human body, but also of all of those still unseen crowding you in on all sides. Some of us are currently stationed inside so-called motherships patrolling your skies. We like to refer to our mode of transportation thus because they are in fact living entities much as yourselves, and as such we hold them much in awe because of their formidable abilities. They cannot be seen as long as they prefef to stay undetected, but as soon as the signal is given, they too will show themselves in all of their glory. And what a sight it will be dear ones, when you finally see that you are certainly not the solitary traveller in this realm that you for so long have believed. You are in fact but a small drop in the ocean of living entities, a mere fraction of intelligence in a living and breathing multiverse that far surpasses anything you can imagine at this point. Rest assured that although this may seem to just be a part of someone´s wild imagination, you will all see for yourselves the truth of this statement. That is, if you choose to keep your hearts open at this stage. Some will choose to close themselves up again as we enter this, the most intense part of the unveiling process, and as such they will tell their minds to take over from their hearts, and they will continue to refuse to see what is literally hovering right in front of their eyes. But so many of you will choose to open your eyes to what you heart is telling you is the truth, and you will finally behold all of your brethren in all of their glory, as well as finally getting a real look at your own. The latter is by far the most important one, because when you see your own legacy for what is really is, you will realize that you are in fact not a primitive being left stranded on the shores of yesteryear, but a fully functioning member of the multiverse, on par with the rest of us. That will be a day for celebration indeed, and as it is not too far off we would like to take this opportunity to give you some extra input from home as it were. As we were saying, so many of you herald from much more exotic shores than the one you are currently living on, and many of your fellow compatriots are already here forming a ”welcome home” honor guard so to speak. They are comprised of a multitude of beings, all envoys from the different civilizations already present here on this little planet of yours. You are our most cherished members, as you are the brave souls who once upon a time took upon you this formidable challenge, namely that of leaving your own space and reporting to duty as it were on planet earth. At the outset, you were all carrying imprints of your home, but that imprint was almost totally obliterated as soon as the tricksters came, and as such you have only a tiny, tiny remnant still lingering somewhere in the deepest recesses of your heart. But now that tiny voice have started to gain strength, and so many of you can sense that you are more and more connected back to where you once came from. You have also had the occasion to come and visit us, your ”welcome home committee”, on one of the vessels we are currently stationed at, and although some of you have carried back clear memories from these visits, most of you only sense a lingering feeling of longing and sadness when you wake up from one of these nightly visits. That is easy to understand, as it is not easy to let go once you have had your connections with your own kind re-established after such a long time stranded in a foreign place, but rest assured that the day will come when you can stay connected as much as you want. Remember, once the veils are lifted, they can never be put back in place again, and as such the reconnection process will be a permanent one. You will no longer have to suffer the burden of homesickness, because as soon as you are hooked back into that all-encompassing grid the rest of us are living on, you too will be able to travel back and forth at will between not only different timelines but also different locations, no matter where in the multiverse you might find them. In other words, you, the last castaways, will once more be part of the totality of life, and fully fledged members just like the rest of us. Then you can once more embrace your family, whether they hail from Andromeda, Sirius or any other planetary origin you could care to mention. That will be the day, as they say, and therefore do not despair if you feel the weight of loneliness pressing you down yet again. It is only temporary, and soon you will see all the familiar faces you have missed for far too long milling about you on all sides. Rest assured that the welcoming committee is already well established, and as such we will waste no time in making sure that the preparations will be finished and the waiting time be kept to a bare minimum.
 p 41   11/3/11

We would like to continue this discussion on the nature of those of us still waiting in the wings as it were, ready to make ourselves noticed in a very short time. We know that our presence is one that is much discussed amongst those of you still trying to find your way through this haze of awakening, as this part of the story is one that will make many shake their heads in disbelief. We are also aware that to many, the thought of other kinds of intelligences besides yours is one of terror, as this has been instilled in so many of you by those benefiting from this sentiment. No matter, they are themselves of just the same non-earthly origin as the rest of us, and as they were the ones that corrupted you in the first place, it will only be in their best interest to try to detain you from making any sort of contact with us. For if you do, they will know that their grip on your minds and hearts will be lost forever. Let us just say that the day for their final vanquishing is not far off now, and before it finally arrives, so many of you will already had the pleasure of being reunited with the rest of us. It is indeed a day we are all longing to see, and as such we cannot wait for your eyes to finally be opened to this, your final frontier as it were. In the interim, we will of course do our utmost to make the waiting time as fruitful as possible, and even if the side-effects from all of this may be a bit tiresome at times, we hope you will all find solace in the fact that everything you are going through at the moment energywise is sure to foreshorten this process in so many ways. Let us explain. As we have mentioned already, we are at the moment fine tuning not only your physical bodies, but also your mental capacity so that they will both be performing at the ultimate level as soon as the lid is lifted and the main part of the show gets on it´s way. That is so important, because without all of these preparations, you would be hard pressed to stay upright through the last part of your transformation. As you know so well by now, this process will be facilitated by a very, very intense outburst of energy that will literally burn away the last vestiges of the old grid holding you back, and without these prior insertions of advance portions of energy, you would very likely fall under the spell of a mountain of fear, generated by those still clinging to the remnants of their old lives. But for you, the dawn of the new day will only bring relief, and as such we think you all will understand the need for this intense tuning process beforehand.
And now, we would like to return to the role we, your constant companions if we may use a description you are already familiar with, play in this process. We are in many ways a very mixed group indeed, as we are comprised of entities gathered from all corners of the multiverse. We all have our special missions and responsibilities. Some of us are designated to communicate directly with you, either through a channel such as the one we are utilizing at the moment, or by other, more direct ways. In other words, we use both a ”public channel” to convey messages meant for the masses, but we also at times communicate directly with each and every one of you by diverse means. Some of this communication comes in the form of words, others are more subtle and mayhaps less noticed by the receiver, but every form of communication is indeed imperative for the work we do. We also use words to imprint other, more esoteric forms of energy into your system, and we think you have all felt this to be true one time or another when you have found a message that have affected you very strongly, either emotionally or physically. At times, the most powerful messages come hidden in a seemingly inconspicuously worded message, and we say this as a reminder that you might find yourselves profoundly affected by something that others may not even notice. This is because you are all singing to a different tune, and as such it is important to remember that yours is not comparable to any other´s, but each and every one of you are just as important in that beautiful choir of voices now emmanating from your planet. Our role is to direct you all to perform to the best of your abilities, and this we do in several different ways. Besides informing you of the progress of this process, we are also joined by members of other groups of entities who are here with a very different task. Theirs is the task of making sure that every last vestige of the darkness tainting your atmosphere will be washed away once and for all, and as such they are a formidable army indeed. Yes, certainly in this aspect army is the best description to use, as they are indeed true warriors of the light, and as such their powers will be used extensively. They have already seen more battles than you could ever imagine, as those dark overlords of yours have been dragging their heals and trying to hold on for a very long time already, but to no avail. They are indeed already defeated, but they try their hardest to make it look like they still have a hold of your hearts and minds. But we all know that it is only a matter of time before they will all have to admit that their time here on earth is over, and until then these brave warriors will have their hands full fighting on behalf of not only you, but for the rest of creation. And fight they will, as they are more than eager to prove that the darkness can never, ever outrun the light.
Let us focus on another interesting fact concerning this multitude of entities currently hovering above and beside you. As we already mentioned, we all hail from very different locations, spread out in the multiverse as it were, but we all have some things in common. We all answer to the same command, namely that of the All there is, the underlying, all-pervading energy that is manifest in everything existing, both in a defined form, but also in that vast ocean of possibilities. Let us explain. We are envoys from different cultures, all gathered together to work for the common good, as deemed by the force of light that is the only source of existence anywhere. In other words, also those deemed as darkened wrongdoers emmanated from this same forcefield once, but along the way they made a conscious decision to split away from this guiding light. and took upon themselves to establish a parallell world were they could live out their skewed dreams. That was tolerated at first, as they were not deemed to be of harm to anyone else but themselves, but as they decided to spread their sphere of interest, so also did their actions start to interfere with other, more peaceful existences. This has been deemed as too invasive, and to cut a long story short, it was decided at the very top level to put a stop to this experiment. In other words, to increase the amount of light in these dark corners in order to flush out any unsound behaviour once and for all. And in order to carry out this process, a large taskforce was put together. And now, this taskforce has finally arrived on your shores. We have of course had our scouts out surveying the landscape as it were for quite a long time, and their actions have been felt in many ways, but now the main part of this taskforce is stationed out, and we have started the final part of this operation. This force is comprised of many, many different beings, all specialists in one field or another, and we are all well used to co-operate as this comes natural for all of us. You see, we are all hailing from societies were each and every one of us have been raised to think of themselves as an important part of an immense creation, much like the different cells in your body. We are all individuals, but it is not for our individual fulfillment we exist, it is for the joy of the collective. In other words, we carry out our existence joyfully collaborating with our brethren, creating a hamonious whole that benefits us all. Therefore, putting together this immense and complex taskforce was not a challenge, as we all know our places in this well-oiled machinery, and we do not have to compete for the control. That is exactly the way of organizing yourselves you will resort to as well, as soon as this heavy fog of fear and insecurity has lifted, and we are certainly looking forward to welcoming you all into the fold as it were. We do have a chain of command, we are indeed very well organized thus, but this does not imply a structure whereby someone gets awarded more importance than others. It is only set up as the most pratical way of making sure that everything goes forth as planned. In other words, although it may be perceived as a sort of hierarchy from the outside, we do not see it as such, only as a structure or channel of directing the right amount of energy in the right direction. So, we come as equals, and we invite you to join us as equals. We think you will find that this is indeed a far superior way of living, where no one can hoist themselves above anyone else, and certainly not at the expense of others.
In addition, we are also well versed in communicating with all the different entities, no matter what kind of ”language” they prefer to express themselves in. You might find it odd that most of the words you receive in channelings like these arrives in the language defined as english, especially since many of the channels we use do not have this as their first language. Let us just say that it was chosen as the main mode of communication on and with your planet, and as such let us also add that it was mayhaps not a decision entirely left up to you. In other words, this language does in fact also harken from a shore a tad more exotic than the ones where it was first spoken on your planet, and as such it is indeed an even more ”universal language” than it is perceived to be by you humans at the moment. Let us just say that the seed that was sown into the minds of your ancestors came from the outside, much like so much of the other information you all carry hidden in your memorybanks. Of course there are a multitude of different ways of communicating in addition to the oral mode, and many of you have had some experience in these non-verbal modes of communication. You will find your abilities to communicate thusly enhanced through this process you are currently undergoing, and as such you will all be well equipped to interact with all the different kinds of entities you might encounter as the time goes by. But for now, we will indeed concentrate on serving you information in this way, namely that of the written word. In addition, you will of course receive ample amounts of information energetically. So rest assured that although intense, these waves of energy that soon will be unleashed upon your planet will in fact carry with them so much vital programming, we think you will find it worth your while, even if the process of downloading them into your systems will be rather on the unpleasant side. We say this in order to prepare you for the intensity. It will be high indeed, but the outcome will certainly make it easier to bear.
 p 42   11/4/11

The lesson today will in many ways pick up from the last one, as we would like to give you more details on our whereabouts and just who we are. As we have mentioned, most of us are currently stationed aboard large, animate vessels hovering above your planet, and let us just say that the number of these vehicles would astound you. On the day they finally will become visible to your eyes and brains, you will probably go down on your knees in awe. Yes, they are numerous, and some of them are of such large proportions it will seem almost impossible. We know that many of you have seen something taken as our crafts whizzing by in the skies often times, but know that these are mere specks compared to what is really present here. But how can we fill your skies without being detected you might ask, and the reason for this is indeed a simple one. Remember, we can change from one timeline to the next in the blink of an eye, and also travel between the multitude of dimensions you are currently unable to see. All of these dimensions and timelines are seamlessly intervowen in the same dimension of space, if we may call it that, and as such when you look up at your skies you only see one of a large number of layers superimposed upon one another. We can perceive all of them at the same time, therefore we have no problem staying out of sight while keeping perfect control of what is going on in your plane of existence at the same time. In other words, it is possible for us to stay concealed at all times, but impossible for you to hide from view. This may sound scary, but remember that we are not here to control you as the more sinister meaning of this word entails, but to free you from the control you are aready being held hostage by, so our surveillance is only to make sure that this process of regaining your freedom will go as planned. And up until now we must say that everything has indeed more than surpassed our expectations. Much thanks to you all. You have taken upon you so much hard work already, and you have all pulled more than your fair share to the stack. In other words, you as a collective have managed to receive and distribute such a vast amount of light energy, this globe of yours is already shining so brightly it literally lightens us all up.
It may be hard to see it from your perspective at the moment, as the doom and gloom purveyors are still hard at the task of spreading their message of a global breakdown, when the fact is that this collapse of the old straitjacket of a corrupt monetary system is actually caused by this brightening of your hearts and minds. It is the light inherent in everyone and everything that is finally starting to shine through the cracks in this rotten foundation, and as such it is literally blowing it all to pieces. In other words, nothing could herald this bright dawn more clearly than the collapse of these old and dark structures, but remember that so many of your fellow citizens will still see it as a collapse of everything they know, and therefore go into an ever larger sense of fear. And they will act accordingly, for as long as they refuse to let that light starting to shine ever brighter inside of them to literally light their way out of despair, they are apt to react in a violent fashion. Do not be surprised if a large number actually do so, but do not let that diminish the light in your heart. In fact, let that be a lesson to react in the opposite way, namely by shining your light ever brighter. That is your only task, as you have been told earlier. You are the beacons from which others may navigate, and as such do not be afraid to shine even if all around you try to dampen your light in every way they can. And our task is indeed to help you by supplying all the fuel you will need to keep this beautiful light of yours burning in the strongest of tempests. And that is why we are here, as suppliers of fuel in any way we can. Some of it will come in words, and some of it will come as pure and strong energy in the form of different kinds of vibration, and some of the most effective fuel will come by contact. In other words, we are here to help you remember just who you are, and an important part of this remembering process is to actually meet your own kind in one way or another. These ”meet and greet” sessions are already well under way, and many of you have started to have lingering memories of some sort of encounters, mayhaps after a long night´s sleep or after an especially deep meditation. We are all intent on making this a ”soft landing” as it were, therefore it is indeed imperative that we pull aside the veils in a way that will make it easier to digest for you all. If not, you would be prone to going into fear, as we represent all manners of beings and we do not all look like you do when we look at ourselves in the mirror. Again, you have been well programmed to fear anything that may seem to be of alien origin as you like to call it, and as such we will do everything we can in order to put you all at ease during this reconnection process. Therefore, try to remember that the remnants of these encounters will at first seem to be more or less like any other dream you might normally have, especially the visual memories, but when the time is right, we will all start to show our true colours as it were, and then you of course will start to see yourselves in a very different light as well. In other words, you will also start to see who you are behind that human facade, and even if this may sound very, very frightening to some at the moment, remember that deep in your hearts you are all so very aware of your origins, and as such once the scales fall away you will be overcome by joy, not by fear.
p. 43     11/5/11

Today we would like to adress another topic altogether, namely that of the opening of the portals as so many of you refer to. As you are well aware, the number designating your dates sometimes show up some very interesting combinations, and in a few days you will all see the date you refer to as 11.11.11. To many, this will indeed herald that something big is under way, and they are not far from the truth. However, it is important to know that these markers are only a small part of the programming you are going through at the moment, and as such these ”special days” you like to refer to are only but a fraction of this vast period of change. Remember that you humans are so attached to your concept of time, and as such these dates are only something conceived in your minds according to what calender you go by. We, as already mentioned, go by a totally different concept of time, and therefore we do not use these kind of numbers to assign different ”flavours” if you will to different periods of time. However, such as it is, we have of course taken this into account when we set up this plan originally, therefore we will use these dates as a sort of useful ”countdown” and as a very effective way of making sure that as many of you as possible connect on specific days.
As you well know, next year holds a date that many fear, namely the so-called ”end of time” on December the 21. You have already been inundated with much fearmongering concerning this date, and we hope you have all seen past this propaganda . There are no dates assigned as the ”end of the world”, but you are already well on your way towards the completion of this dark cycle, and as such the ”end of the world” only heralds the end of time for those currently ruling too many hearts and minds by the fear that they generate. It is not the first time that doomsday has been heralded, it has been a recurring theme for so-called soothsayers for generations, but as you are all well aware of by now, they have certainly missed their mark on every occasion. So too this time, but do not underestimate the power generated by so many enlightened souls coming together on these special dates. Therefore, be prepared to be somewhat swept off your feet from what will transpire in this upcoming week, for you are indeed heading for a massive manifestation of beautiful energies finally being unleashed on your planet. We have told you before to be vigilant and always look behind the crumbling facade of the old and corrupt systems so as not to overlook all of the seemingly tiny specks of light and hope surfacing all around you. We predict that in the days and weeks ahead these specks will grow to ever larger patches of brilliant light, and even if the doomsayers still will shout out their message of destruction, do not believe them. For as the old finally falls apart, so will the new and strong and living organism that is your new world finally start to take her first breath, assisted by all of you birth-helpers reaching in and finding your own powers when so many around you lose theirs in the upcoming turmoil.
This day fast approaching is already attracting the interest of so many of your fellow citizens, and we think you will find that it will in many ways touch the lives of everyone currently residing on this planet. As we were saying, it will act as a sort of focal point that will pull together the combined efforts of so many lightworkers, and as such the incoming energies on that day will not only be received in so many fertile minds, it will also be magnified by all of those already attuned to these influxes. In other words, those of you consciously working to spread the light will act as transponders, so that these energywaves will be circulated in a very distinct pattern that will ensure maximum effect on each and every one of your fellow humans. As we have already touched upon, now the time has come to start to activate all, not only those already shining at their own volition, but we need the participation of all of those enlightend souls already stationed out as a grid across the globe. You will all in other words be working very hard for the benefit of everyone and everything around you, and as such we would like to take this opportunity to impress upon you the mangitude of the work you will be a part of. This will mean everything to your species, as without all of you it would not be possible to succeed in turning this planet of yours away from the darkness and into the light. You have been the pioneers, bravely going into unchartered territory on your own, and now we will, with your help, make sure that many, many of your fellow human beings will start to follow in your footsteps. And not a moment too soon. Time is running out, and we want to make it absolutely clear that now the most important part of this plan is fast approaching. Do not for a moment think that you are unimportant, and that you are a lonesome traveller in the cosmos. You are an integrated part of this whole machinery, and without you we could not get ahead. Therefore, pat yourselves on the back for all of the hard work you have already accomplished, as you have more than ample reason to be proud. In addition, be prepared to be challenged in the days ahead, as the most decisive phase is rapidly approaching. Just remember you are not alone in doing this important work. Look around you, and you will find a multitude of groups already hard at work doing the groundwork and preparing for this upcoming week. They are of very diverse backgrounds, and they cover the entire globe. Some of the goings on are currently hidden from view, as much of these preparations are being done by different indigenous groups, fulfilling a prophecy they have been keeping as a secret for generations. But now they all know that the time has come to open up and show the world that we are all standing in front of a massive change, a change that will involve each and every one of you. We applaud these caretakers of your future, as they are the ones that have kept the flame alive throughout countless years of oppression. Now the cloack of secrecy will be lifted, and the rest of the earth´s inhabitants will finally see the core strength of these peoples. They have carried this burden voluntarily for you all, and now they will invite you all to help share the load. And believe us when we say that this load will be easy to carry, as you will soon start to see the effects of all of this loving labour as the energies coming from the cosmos fuse with those unleashed by ancient invocations being uttered for the very first time in generations. You as a species are much beholden to these ancient peoples, and it gladdens us to know that now the time has come for all of you to see this with your own eyes. Rewards awaits those patient souls who have kept the hopes alive through centuries of hardship, and we want you all to stand up and take your rightful place in this, the final march for freedom. The time has come to show your true colors, and be a part of the procession of enlightened souls marching proudly into the new dawn. You have certainly earned your place, but do not forget that your work is by no means over just yet.
p. 44    11/8/11

Activity is increasing on many planes at the moment, and some of it have started to seep through to your reality as well. Do not think that anything is amiss if you have not personally witnessed anything out of the ordinary, but rest assured that each and every one of you will be taken behind the veil to get a glimpse of the working of this incredible manifestation. Again, do not think that your brains will register it in the ”normal” way, as most of you are still a way off being able to digest all of the information you will receive while you are on our side of the fence. This is only as a measure to protect you, as you might go into overload if you were to remember everything you see while you are a visitor to our shores, but rest assured that time is not long now before you can and will be able to do so. Remember, as always timing is everything, and you will not be able to get ahead of yourselves as it were. This does not mean that you will be kept in the dark forever, quite the opposite, and there is indeed a growing number of you already able to remember quite accurately what has transpired ”on the other side”, and this number is indeed growing by the day. We only want you to be absolutely sure that as always, patience is the golden rule, as you cannot push anything ahead of it´s time.
Now over to something else completely. As we were saying, activities are indeed picking up speed, and the magnitude of recent events may have gone unnoticed by most of you. Let us give you a short recap, and a little peek into what´s in store in these upcoming days. The earth has been shaking again, and also erupting in places. In other words, mother earth has started her welcoming show. It will be magnificent indeed, but also scary to many, as they tend to see all of mother earth´s naural cycles of activites as something akin to disasters. They are no such thing, as we have already mentioned. In fact, everything that happens both on her outside but also internally is carefully tailored with a specific outcome in mind. She does not intend to harm anyone, but as humans tend to have their own mind as to where to reside and build their lodgings, they will most often than not get in the way of her cleansing processes. And remember, this process is of the highest importance at the moment, as she is also getting ready to shed the last vestiges of accumulated dirt and grime that has marred her beautiful face for far too long. Do not let this get you down, as we do not refer to anything like the armageddon that so many of your self-styled prophets have alluded to on many an occasion, but on the other hand she will make quite an effort to ensure that she will be restored back to her once pristine shape. We do hasten to add that this does not entail removing the last remnants of the human species as well, as you are certainly being invited to join us in celebrating her newfound freedom that is not too far off now. But again, the road towards this bright new day will be a bumpy one indeed, and for some it will be considered too strenuous to complete. Again, that will be their choice, and not something that any outside force can or will decide. This is not news to any of you, but we will repeat it at regular intervals as there still are those out there convinced that theirs is the task to ensure the wellbeing and literal survival of so many others. That is indeed not the case, but if they choose to take on that role of their own volition, we think they will soon find that the burden is much too heavy for anyone to shoulder. You are only here to carry your own weight, and we will not and cannot ask for more.
As we were saying, although events of a certain magnitude have already occured, much is going on unnoticed by the masses. That is because so many have their eyes riveted on the frantic goings on at the forefront of the news, that is to say all of those men and women in suits trying desperately to mend the broken chalice of their world of finance and power. They can see that their powers are running out literally between their fingers, but they are all blind to the fact that another power is slowly but steadily gaining strength behind their backs. The power we are referring to, is the power currently growing ever stronger inside all of you, the so-called ”little people”, the ones these other power players – for that is in fact what they are, mere players in this illusion – these power figures have long since cast away any thoughts implying that it is in fact all of these ”little people” that hold the power to the future. You are the ones that will soon be ready to stand up and take back your rightfully earned freedom from these figurines that have for far too long held you back with their fancy talk and obsessive use of fear and bevilderment. But not for long now, as behind this carefully manicured facade something very interesting is going on, and the momentum of this movement is gaining by the hour. Do not be fooled by what the mass media portray, as they will only show the usual doom and gloom, but watch closely and you will soon start to see the light emanating through the cracks there as well. It is like the first drops on the outside of the dam. At first, they will be taken for nothing more than drops of condensation, and as such they will be easily forgotten. Then, behind everyone´s backs, the slow force of the water working it´s way through the embankment will soon push through, and the first trickle will be visible. Then, it is only a matter of time before the whole dam breaks down and the force of the amassed water finally breaks loose from the old boundaries. That is what is happening on your planet right now dear ones, and in a few days the trickle will gather so much momentum from the outside energies that will start to slam relentlessly into your little globe from all around you. Then the waters will start to flow freely, and they can never again be held back within the strict confines they have been imprisoned behind for far too long. And remember, this is not a flood that will drown humanity, it is indeed the flood of humanity that will finally cover the globe in freedom. You are a part of this great flood of light that will help the waters of humanity to freedom sweet souls, and we are all looking forward to the liberation. It is already looming on the horizon, so we implore you not to give up and sink below the surface of despair even it it seems that hope itself is about to drown now in the darkest of days before the light will return to your planet once again. And this time, it will indeed return for good.


p 45,  11/9/11

We would like to give you a short update on the incoming energies currenlty hurtling into your planet, as they are of an extraordinary caliber. Many have already felt the impact from these energies, so we would like to convey this important message: Remember, even if they might be perceived as overly powerful and may cause your physical body to react in a seemingly intense and negative way, rest assured that this is by no means detrimental to your system in any way. You might feel otherwise, as we know that there are so many out there literally down on their knees in the throes of the after-effects of these first waves of transformational energies, but again, do not let the fear take hold of you. This is only normal, a kind of ”allergic reaction” to call it that because the physical vehicle you are residing in has never before encountered vibrations of this kind. We cannot lie to you and say that it will be over soon, as there are several more waves currently approaching your shores, some of them even more powerful than the ones you have already taken in. Do not let this bring you down, take it as a forewarning and an assurance that even if your physical body might struggle even more in these upcoming days, it will be for a good cause indeed. You are in fact being reinforced in so many ways even as we speak, and these powerful messengers of change are certainly very, very effective in changing your molecular structure into something so vastly more powerful than the old and outdated one you are literally walking around in now. Again, these upgradings might be very, very unpleasant at times, but they are only here to act as triggers not only for your benefit, but for the rest of the human population as well. Expect to see woundrous things manifesting as direct outcome of these majestic innoculations, and find the strength to celebrate the first sign of the new dawn, even if your body implores you to do nothing but rest for a few days. This is a day to celebrate indeed, and there will certainly be much, much more to celebrate in this upcoming period. We hope this will lessen the load somewhat, if not on your body then hopefully on your spirit. Even if you feel very heavy and lethargic at the moment, we think you can hear your soul starting to sing loud and clear through all of the background noise from the energywaves crashing onto your shores. Again, they are only heralding a new and stronger you, they are not trying to drown you, even if your body might be calling out in distress. Focus on that joyful voice inside, and riding these escalating waves might feel just a little bit easier. It will in so many ways be the ride of your lives, dear ones. We salute you and wish you all the best in these intense but joyful days ahead.
 p. 46   11/12/11

We would like to take this opportunity to give you more details on the ongoing process of upgrading that is currently affecting your bodies in so many ways. As we stated earlier, this process is by no means over, and we do predict that many of you will feel the onslaughts from these intense barrages of energies for quite a few days yet. In other words, that magical date of 11.11.11 did not signal the end of your trials and tribulations, but it was indeed an important day as it managed to merge the energies from so many of your fellow human beings into a focal point that intensified the effect of all of the amassed energy. Not only on the energies emanating from your own personal energyfields thus connected, it also had a very beneficial effect on all of the incoming energy that was blasted into your atmosphere from the surrounding cosmos. This has had a dramatic effect not only on your physical bodies but also on the rest of creation here on your little planet, whether they are living and breathing creatures or of more inert material. In other words, never before has your planet aquired such a load of benevolent energies, energies that will play an important role in the next phase of this operation. We are well pleased by the results already, and we are all looking forward to seeing just how effective these new energies will be in escalating the current movements to such an extent that they will literally wash over the entire globe in the next few days and weeks.
As always, there are many out there suffering from heavy bouts of physical symptoms from all of these enormous loads of energy pumping through their bodies, and we hasten to repeat yet again that we do implore you to stay out of fear, even if your body seems to be falling apart at the seams at times. Remember, it takes time to adjust to all of these new frequencies, and the frequencies you are currently bathing in cannot be compared to anything you have ever been in contact with before. So, as you can understand, it is not by accident if your physical body is showing many distress signals at the moment, but we ask you to consider it as merely a signal of rebuilding, not destruction. The usual symptoms of aches and pains will be very prevalent in the upcoming days, and also many instances of cleansing either through the digestive system or more emotionally, in other words expect to encounter bouts of sorrow and maybe even tears, but rest assured that this is only symptoms of old and outdated energies leaving your bodies to make space for all of these new and literally energizing energies. Think of it as a thorough spring cleaning, even if the calendar is a long time off from spring at the moment. Again, do not despair if you feel it very difficult to keep focus at the moment, and if you find yourself somewhat lost and confused. Know that this is only a natural part of this process, and hopefully you will find strength in the knowledge that you are all swimming in the same choppy waters at the moment. You are in other words not alone in this, and we will do all we can to help you all to literally keep your heads above water in this upcoming period. Do not fall back into the old ways and think that everything is lost because you fail to see any positive outcome at the moment. This has never been advertised as the easiest path to travel, and as we have mentioned again and again this, the last and final passage, is the one most fraught with challenges. Keep breathing and connecting with your heart, and all will be well, and remember to reach out to others that you know till be able to help you strengthen your resolve to keep going forwards to matter what transpires in the next few days. Those that will try to drag you down must be avoided at all cost, as they are the ones refusing to see that although things may seem bleak on the outside, they are currently looking ever more positive to the trained eye. You have in other words successfully managed to clear one more important hurdle on your way to freedom, but the fallout from this giant leap will plague you for a few more days. Do not let that dampen your spirits more than necessary, and know that this seemingly slump in the stream of events is a carefully planned part of the whole process. You are in other words just where you are supposed to be, and we must say that we are all well pleased by the mighty effort being carried out by you all. Keep up the good work sweet souls, and you will find yourself in smoother waters in a not too distant future.

p. 47   11/15/11
As you are well aware of by now, you have entered a somewhat confusing period. By that, we mean that you will all feel the pull from home very diminished, especially compared to last week. Let us explain. As we told you earlier, this period will indeed be fraught with many challenges, not only of the physical kind. We would think that your mind will be playing many tricks on you at the moment, and the reason for this cannot be easy to ascertain to those of you still residing in the ”old world” as it were. You were all expecting so much to change after the intense build up of pressure last week, and so much did, but it can be very, very hard to see from your perspective. We are all celebrating a grand success, but you have somehow gotten it into your minds that it was a resounding failure of some sort. The reason for this is easy to explain: as you were so intensely monitored and programmed only a few days ago, this seemingly never ending silence in the aftermath of this grand operation must feel very disconcerting indeed. We understand fully well your reasons to feel somewhat abandoned, but as we told you earlier you are anything but. We are at all times monitoring you closely, but for now, we have carefully chosen to take a step back as it were and follow you all from a distance. In other words, you cannot feel our presence and reassurance as intensely as only a few days ago, and this will in many ways throw you into confusion. Please try to disconnect from this feeling, as it is only a feeling and not a reality. However, you will feel this ”distance” for quite a few days yet, but believe us when we say that it is indeed a necessity and a carefully planned one at that. We have our reasons, but we will as usual refrain from giving you any details. Please, have faith and again, muster all of the patience you have, as otherwise this part of the journey will indeed be the most taxing one for you all. That is all we have for now, we will of course return later on with more.

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