August 20, 2011

Heart Awakening

Heart Awakening by Master Kuthumi, Master El Morya and Master Saint Germain

Channelled through Natalie Glasson 19-08-11

Beloved and delightful light beings upon the Earth we call upon your attention now as we allow our
energies to merge with you as we express our consciousness of light and wisdom. We come
forward to you as one voice but we are the energies of Master Kuthumi, Master El Morya and
Master Saint Germain. We have special information that we wish to share with you as it is essential
that you are aware of a transition that is occurring. The Creator has asked that humanity at this
special time of tremendous growth, experience an awakening of their heart chakra. This awakening
will be more intense for those who are aware of the process but all will experience the ascended
masters working with their heart chakras especially during their sleep states.

As you are aware, we are entering into a new cycle of energy and so many preparations must
be made. We, Master Kuthumi, Master El Morya and Master Saint Germain have accepted a
vibration of light from the Creator’s soul and now embody, hold and share this light and
consciousness as is needed. We are acting as overseers of the light but there are many ascended
masters who are working with the energy in order to aid its integration with the heart chakras of
humanity. Each person’s ascended master guide is being asked to direct the energy which we
express into the person’s heart chakra that they are working with. The vibration of light is of a
lavender blue colour and can evoke feelings of being soothed, peacefully and relaxed. The
lavender blue light has a purpose of relaxing the energies of the heart chakra especially on the
outskirts of the heart chakra in order to expand, awaken and develop the presence of the heart
chakra as well as allowing it to express greater volumes of light. The lavender blue light also works
on healing pain held in the heart chakra whether it is a pain due to separation with the Creator,
broken relationships, the death of loved ones or due to the judgements of others. All aspects of
pain held in the heart chakra will be relaxed, therefore making it easier to realise, let go of and heal
all unneeded energies in the heart chakra. With the heart chakra taking an expansive breath and
relaxing into the positive energies held in the heart, the soul will be able to expand and radiate
more fully.

It is important that this process occurs now within and around the heart chakras of many as it
will allow for people to be more compassionate, aware with their heart chakras and love more fully.
There will be many rays of light which will be anchored into the heart chakras of humanity as a way
of expanding, developing and increasing the power of the heart, thus allowing many to realise that
they hold their power, consciousness and light within their heart and soul. It is our wish that a time
will come when the heart chakras of many will truly be open, free and expansive with a free flowing
energy from and through the heart chakra. This would actually give such tremendous peace,
balance and contentment to individuals as they will be able to feel the love that they hold and can
use it to aid their spiritual development on the Earth.

The effects of the energy as it gathers around the heart chakra can be diverse; some may feel
as if their heart chakra is popping open, others may feel as if their heart chakra is closing as the
energy surrounds the heart creating a protective shield for heart to take place. This can feel very
strange as you may not be able to feel love or express love due to the energy but it will pass once
the heart has relaxed and the necessary energies have been dissolved. Due to the lavender blue
energy holding a powerful influence of relaxation this can cause an individual to feel lethargic or
sleepy but again this will pass and you may call upon the first ray of light to send energetic active
alive light through your being to bring a greater sense of vitality. It is important to allow time for the
heart to relax and transform as this may also affect the rest of your being as memories of pain can
be stored in the auric field or the cellular level of the physical body. This is a time for cleansing and
healing for the heart chakra and all aspects that are deeply aligned to the heart chakra.

You may call upon us, Master Kuthumi, Master El Morya and Master Saint Germain to work
with their heart chakra and the lavender blue vibration of light to assist in the expansion of your
heart chakra before your sleep period at night, simply say,

‘Master Kuthumi, Master El Morya and Master Saint Germain, I call upon your energy and
presence and ask you to surround me now. Please remain with me as a sleep tonight and channel
into my being and heart chakra the lavender blue vibration of light to bring a greater relaxation to
my heart chakra. Assist in healing, expanding and developing my heart chakra so that I may
express greater volumes of love and hold a greater awareness of my heart chakra and its
guidance. I thank you for your energy, light and assistance.

Most importantly we wish for you to meditate or sit peacefully calling upon the lavender blue
light that we are radiating and allowing it to engulf your heart chakra with is pure healing and
relaxation vibrations. Simply say,

Master Kuthumi, Master El Morya and Master Saint Germain, please draw forward and
surround me in a triangle of your light. Let Master Kuthumi stand before me and Master El Morya
and Master Saint Germain stand either side of me. As you create a sacred triangle of light around
me this ensures my full and complete protection at all times. I accept the lavender blue triangle of
light that surrounds me and I ask that an additional lavender blue triangle of light surrounds my
heart chakra as protection and to begin the healing process.’

(Allow time to experience this)
‘Please channel the lavender blue light into the surrounding areas of my heart chakra, as more
light surrounds my heart chakra let it pour into the very depths of my heart chakra, assisting and
supporting my heart chakra in relaxing, dissolving all tension, stress, fear, barriers or blockages. As
I breathe deeply now, I give my permission for this healing process to take place.’

(Focus on your breathing, you may wish to practice your breathing for around 20 minutes in
order to allow the process of relaxation and healing to take place. Breathe through any pain or
discomfort that may arise from your heart as a process of releasing.)

‘Thank you, Master Kuthumi, Master El Morya and Master Saint Germain for your assistance
and for bringing this process of expansion and development to my attention.’

It is very therapeutic to imagine, sense or acknowledge your heart chakra surrounded by the
lavender blue light knowing that over a period of time it will lead to a more expansive heart chakra
with the greater ability to love and feel love. It is appropriate to practice this for ten days in order to
allow the heart to become fully relaxed by the lavender blue light. Please be aware that this doesn’t
mean that you will be more susceptible to pain or that you need extra protection. The heart chakra
becomes stronger and more powerful as it opens, but sometimes a feeling of vulnerability can arise
before you become accustomed to the changes that have occurred in the heart chakra. As the
heart chakra relaxes it actually increases the vibration of light that it holds.

We are always here for you and love you unconditionally, call on our assistance whenever you
need to and we will be with you in energy, light, love and soul.

With love,
Master Kuthumi, Master El Morya and Master Saint Germain

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