August 16, 2011

Reach out and connect to us

Channeler: Karen Doonan
I am Archangel Raphael and I come to guide on behalf of the angelic realms at this time of deep emotional clearing and cleansing across the world. Many of you are now moving into your hearts and it is here that you will find that which no longer serves you. Know dearest ones that I am a breath away from YOU at any time during this process. Many of you walk on the path of healing and yet do not take time out to heal YOUrself. That is important beloved ones as YOU can hold more love and more light to heal those around you when you have begun to heal that which no longer serves YOU.
I walk the path of the healers across the world, know that if you are a healer then you are connected to me for I pour my love and energy through all that heal. Know that if you walk the path of a lightworker then you are held within my heart dearest ones. We are here to support the energies of all who are awake at this time across the world so that the LOVE that IS may be poured out through the hearts of those awake to envelope those who are asleep. As has been guided by many realms not all humans are to awaken during this life experience and it is vital that love and compassion are poured through them as they sleepwalk through the life experience.

I work with the colour green dearest ones, see it reflected in all of nature, for all of nature is LOVE. Be aware that my colour works with your hearts for it is within your hearts that you create your life experience. Know that there is nothing that cannot be healed and no healing too small or too big for the angelic realms to help you with. Know that we are with you walking next to you at all times during this life experience. I can be found within you, I am the energy that envelopes you during times of great healing and I work closely with Archangel Michael. Know that as he stands to protect your energies that I work to release and heal those same energies with the LOVE that IS.

There are many within the angelic realms who have specific purpose and your guardian angel is no exception, know that once more it does not matter if you cannot FEEL your guardian angel, that angel has walked next to you from birth and will continue to walk with you until the transition from physical back to energy. Listen closely to hear your guardian angel for the angel will whisper to you but to hear the words you must be still. It is not possible to hear the whispers of your guardian angel if you are distracted by the mind. All guardian angels connect with all the other angelic BEings, know that even if you have no idea which Archangel to call on for assistance our guardian angel has already made the connection. We appreciate that the human life experience is at times a difficult and at times a very challenging one and it because of this that we stand ready to help at all times.

Many are not able to FEEL us as they have locked their emotions deep within their BEing. The way to TRUTH dearest ones is through the heart. Do not attempt to store people, places and events in this place for that is not what it was designed for, it was designed to allow the LOVE that IS to flow freely through your BEing.
As many are awakening they begin by trying to move into the heart and then quickly move back out again, the fear of what is there will move them back into the mind and then the fall into illusion. There is nothing to fear dearest ones for YOU have created this life experience and YOU have left the anchors that you need to see you through the chaos and the storms as you begin to create from the heart. It is not possible to get it perfect for humans are not perfect, this is a human life experience, trying to be perfect is dancing with illusion. Each one of you is here to experience. Know that each experience is an opportunity for growth and expansion. There is nothing within YOU that cannot be healed dearest ones, trust and faith in the process will see YOU through this as you begin to heal and raise your vibration.
All angelic BEings stand ready to help ALL human BEings. That is something that humans don’t need to believe in for it to be TRUTH. Many humans are moving between heart and mind and not settling on either one, if this is the case we ask you to go within and find the stillness, when there simply ask to connect to us and listen for our answer, for we answer all calls.
Notice that which is around you, where you see suffering pour love and compassion through it. Humans spend a lot of time trying to control events and people and that is not your job. Everything is created in harmony with everything else. What happens is not under the control of anyone other than the person creating it. At the moment across the world there is much chaos and many humans are attempting to control this chaos. We guide strongly to detach from this illusion of control.

The earth is clearing and cleansing, know that all emotions that come up for healing do so so that you can move forward with your life experience. If an emotion surfaces then pour love and compassion through all of it. Observe the emotion, FEEL the emotion and realize the lesson that is in this. We do not guide you to attach to the emotion for that is not the purpose of the emotions rising to the surface. They rise to the surface to be acknowledged and cleared. That which no longer serves must be transmuted back into the LOVE that IS so that your vibration can heighten and you may expand and grow. There is a lesson in all of human life, take the lesson and pour love and compassion through it all to enable it to heal.
Never was it written that humans would advance through their life experience like wounded soldiers, that was never the intention. Know dear ones that if you have fought battles of emotion with another then you were in illusion, for illusion teaches that human is in competition with human. The compassion that each is capable of for the other is immense, be aware of this and use this often. Each one of you carries pain that no longer serves and we ask you to hand this over to the angelic realms so it may be transmuted.
The human life experience is just that an experience, know that YOU are more than YOU appear to be. For humans contain vast amounts of love and it is that love that will carry you through this chaos at this time. Know that all is being cleansed and healed so that you can come into balance and achieve peace and harmony. Any storms or chaos that is felt around YOU has started from within YOU. Know that each one of you can achieve peace and harmony but that has to come from within.

We note that many humans across the world speak about peace and harmony yet do not see the connection between inner and outer. Peace and harmony will move into place when each human BEing begins to connect back to SELF, to the heart, to the place within where these qualities reside, for they do reside in each and every one of you.
I am Archangel Raphael and I pour my love and compassion through you and around you at every walking step. The angelic realms stand ready to help and assist each one of you in this your human life journey. Reach out and connect to us , connect to your guardian angel then listen to the answer for we will always respond. ALL ARE ONE.

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