August 28, 2011

Reflect and Review

Archangel Jeremiel
Channeler: Julie Miller, 28 August 2011

Welcome Beloved Children! I am Archangel Jeremiel, I AM one of the seven core archangels written about in the ancient Judaic text. I am one that helps with the newly crossed over dear souls. I AM also able to help you review your life and show or guide you where you can make necessary adjustments.  I AM also able to help you with your dreams and learn how to figure them out.

When a family member, friend, loved one, or any one crosses over, you are unable to know exactly what they are thinking. You wish them to be in a better place, with no pain, and no worries. I on the other hand am right there, calming them, comforting them and dissolving any confusion they may have as they leave their shell.

It is important to address your history, and learn from past experiences, as they help to mold you and teach you what to do or not to do. I will add more fire to your courage as you enter some areas that are painful. I will support and guide you as you face those fears of yourself that are intertwined with past events, history that is holding you back from your true potential of a being of immense Light. You will clear yourself of these events and you will successfully move on, in your own time and you will learn all that you are meant to from them. As they will help prepare you how to handle upcoming challenges and how you will cope when they come. The wisdom you gain from the clearing of your own history will give you much preparation and knowledge for the next round of events.

It is important to reflect at regular intervals on your personal and spiritual growth. It will benefit you and help you understand what or where you are to go next on this journey that will bring you to becoming one with yourself and with God. The review you do at regular intervals will go with you as you pass over to the ‘other-side”. When a dear soul passes over, they soon begin to prepare their next mission, and I help them, guide them to review their recently left lives. So by reflecting and reviewing along the way while you are living, tying up loose ends, making amends and so forth, will help your crossing to more pleasant. What a sobering thought on a beautiful Sunday.

Many of you I see are asking to see and learn your future. All comes to you as you are ready. You may call upon me for assistance with this. When you need my assistance ask, “Jeremiel, please clearly give me guidance about anything that I may do or change to create the highest and best future for myself and all concerned.” This is an example dear ones. I have faith that you can come up with your own words to call on my assistance.  I will also help  you remember past events. Select some time that is quiet, asking me to come into your thoughts or dreams at night. I will then be able to display pictures and images of events that are in your life, that will induce your memory of other happenings. What you find and decipher will help you learn about yourself and others that are a part of you life. From these small pockets of images and pictures, you will receive very important lessons. Only you will know these lessons as they come. They are not to be feared but to be thanked as they are approaching you to help you grow and become more than you already are.

Dear ones, I do feel our discussion is at an end for today. It was immensely wonderful to come forth through this fine vessel and speak to all of you. I will come back again through her in the near future. Know you are loved beyond measure dear ones.

And so it is…Archangel Jeremiel

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