July 7, 2011

To be on Earth at this point in her history is a great honor

07/06/2011 by John Smallman
Humanity’s spiritual evolution is approaching the moment when an upward leap of enormous magnitude will occur. For the last few hundred years you have been questioning your morals and your ethics, and slowly coming to the realization that to judge or condemn the behavior of others is a projection of your own fears and guilt. You were all brought up in a culture that judged some behavior as good, some as acceptable, some as less than acceptable, and some as evil. However, over the last few decades, as more and more of you have become familiar with cultures other than the ones into which you were born, it has become quite obvious that the rigid moral and ethical standards to which your culture demanded adherence were not only frequently invalid, but also led to conflict and unnecessary suffering for many.
This increase in awareness of the inflexibility of many of your attitudes – which were in fact deeply ingrained beliefs that you cherished and thought protected you from behaving in the barbarous ways of other less civilized beings – is a huge step forward in your spiritual evolution. Despite the ongoing wars, the suppression of populations, and the endemic misery and starvation in the impoverished parts of the world, much progress has been made. When you look at the negative aspects of life on Earth, do not forget that until very recently they were considered to be quite normal, accompanied by the belief that those who were suffering were experiencing their just desserts. Big changes in attitude have occurred, and much greater ones are on the way.
To be on Earth as a human at this point in her history is a great honor and a very demanding task – as you hold the Light, the Compassion, the Peace, and the Love of God in your hearts and allow It to flow through you to wherever your Father wills. Make a point of being kind and generous of spirit in whatever situation you may find yourselves, because this is how you bring your Father’s Love to it. It is the most effective way in which you can assist in bringing humanity to the point of awakening. Just one of you carrying and sharing your Father’s Love has worldwide consequences of an extremely beneficial nature, even though you are totally unaware of it. Even when it seems to you that your presence as a Light bearer is making no difference whatsoever, know that at a deep spiritual level your love is always felt, and brings healing.
You all chose to be here at this point in the planet’s evolution, and even if it seems to you that vast numbers of the Earth’s population are unaware of this, deep within each of them, alongside the divine Flame, their knowledge of this fact is being nurtured in preparation for the awakening. No one will be left behind at that moment because you all chose to be here to take part in this wondrous event.
Remember that God’s Love for you, while being infinite and eternal, does not impose Itself on you … that would not be Love. So you have to choose to accept It. And that means accepting, without any judgment or discrimination, every single human – because each one of you is Love – created by God. Love does not discriminate. Neither does God, Who is Love … and nor can you. Nevertheless, a small percentage of humanity may refuse, at this time, to accept their Father’s heavenly gift. But life is eternal and the illusion is not, so they will get as many opportunities as they need to learn the lessons of unconditional Love, and when their realization of the magnificence and beauty of what they are being offered finally dawns on them, they too will awaken.
With so very much love, Saul.


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