July 3, 2011

Message From the Council of Nine

We are the Council of Nine. We come from Sirius B located in the Adnromedia galaxy. We are a collective group. It has been said, our collective is nine beings of different galaxies and dimensions, coming together as One. We are that and more. We are teachers. We work closely with your Earth Mother Gaia.
We made contact with this human several months ago, and now is our time to talk to you through this one.
I do not have a name, we of the Council of Nine do not use names. We can if we must create them for you because humans require to relate names to beings and things.
We come to you as many speak and ask about when is the new earth going to arrive?; Many humans ask who are the ones that are helping us?
We are one of many that are assisting Earth. We embrace the needs of the Earth. We help send our own rays of light to your Earth and assist her during the times she is shaking. We are like a huge surrogate parent that has an invisible umbilical cord and we reach out in a loving way, helping Earth maintain her course and frequency. Many humans are assisting the Earth Mother Gaia also when they meditate and send out the violet flame into the Earth and Inner Earth. This kind of help from the inhabitants of Earth is appreciated by your Earth Mother. Everytime you send the violet flame into the Earth, you actually are helping to raise her frequency so she can continue with her plans. Without you knowing it, dear humans, you have been working with us for awhile on this. And we are most gracious to receive this help. We need more of you to do this. More of you are needed to send this beautiful healing flame, the violet flame. It is a flame that is filled, brimming with unconditional love.
There are other nations and groups that are of part of Universe you hold so dearly that are helping with the changes that are taking place all over this beautiful planet. We, like many others that are here helping you, we love Earth and are excited to see Earth reaching ascension and she is right on course. Even as a collective group, we can feel excitement.
There will come a time, you too will work together like a collective as we do. You will only need to think what it is you want, and it will be heard. This will not happen over night and neither will Earth's ascension, but it will happen. We understand your eagerness for change, and the ones that wish for the change the most are the ones who have been to the fifth dimension and other dimensions and they have seen a glimpse of what life will be like. Like your Creator God has been saying and other celestial beings, all things in due time. Everything has to be in place and all beings will be ready when this change, the new Earth arrives. It is coming dear people of Earth. Maintain your manifestions, your faith, and maintain a healthy body.
Yes, a healthy body. Some of you may already be noticing a change in their eating habits. Some humans may think its because of the current weather patterns, or maybe because of another contributing factor, but your lack of interest in certain foods or the quantity of certain foods, has much to do with the changes that are happening. Your body, is becoming lighter. You may not notice it when you dress yourself, but that is what is happening. It is a gradual process. We encourage you during these changes you drink plenty of water. The life giving drink, encourages lack of aches and pains from your body's responses to the changes and to your own ascension symptoms.
As a collective we respond warmly to the enthusiasm you all have to helping one another in kind gestures of the heart. You are learning to let go of the negativity in your life, which is a must. This is nothing new dear humans. You have heard this countless of times from other beings of light that want the best for you.
There will be more shaking and eruptions on your planet's surface before she, your Earth Mother reaches ascension. Gaia is not angry with you when she shakes. You haven't angered her when people die from the natural disasters that have been happening and will happen some more. Remember dear humans, the ones that leave their human body shells behind have agreed to leave at that particular moment before they were born during this lifetime. At the time you, their loved ones, or even themselves may not know this or remember, but it is true. It is true when your Creator God tells you nothing happens by accident. All has reason. Some reasons are more complex at times for you to figure out, but you do eventually.
In closing dearest people of Earth, we wish to empower each of you with our collective energy and know we are closer than you realize. We and many others like us, care very much for you and for your beautiful planet. We will come back through this one to speak again.
May peace always be with you and your loved ones
the Council of Nine

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