July 3, 2011

Letting Go

A message from Earth Mother Gaia
Channeled by: Julie Miller 7/3/11

Hello beautiful children! I have decided to speak through this one again. We are not going to speak on animals today, but I would like to revisit that subject sometime.
Letting go, seems to be something dear children you have trouble with time-to-time. Now when its most important to focus on your ascension and spiritual growth, you really need to look at the negative aspects of your life and begin removing them; one-by-one.
For some of you this is very easy, but for others its most difficult. They worry themselves terribly. You will know you are doing the right thing dear ones, if you listen to your heart. Your heart will not lead you wrong.
When you hold on to negativity, either your own or someone else's it does bring down your own personal energy. My dear ones, when you are allowing a negative situation take over your life, either a big way or small, it can effect even the ones around you. Instead of raising your vibrations, you are actually lowering them, and this can be an easy entrance for a being or person with a darker soul to possbibly begin to manipulate you. It is very possible for this to happen, if you allow yourself to become spiritually weakened from negativity.
I have watched you dear children. I have seen the pain you have lived through. You have managed time and again to bring yourself away from the darkness. Like a flower arching towards the sun, you move into the Light. It is where you belong.
When you feel frustrated dear ones, from another person who has been treating you in an uncaring way, and you feel powerfless towards them, its time to step back. Its only natural to want to defend yourself when you feel cornered. I must tell you dear ones, its always best to take the 'higher road'. Always rise above the ones who are doing you wrong. In the long run, dear ones, not only will you feel better, you will be allowing positive energy to flow through you.
I have seen the frustrations, the anger, even hatred from you towards people who have harmed you or your loved ones in some way. Addressing these feelings is very important. You must acknowledge them, but not allow them to take over. The beings and humans with darker souls is wanting you to do that, they do not want you to rise above and find the light within your own spirituality.
These ones with darker souls are also chldren of the Creator God, they chose to take this path they are on in this lifetime. The best thing to do my dearest ones, is to send them as much unconditional love and the brightest light you possibly can. Ask for guidance from the Creator himself, or another celestial being or entity of higher good to assist you with this. They are with you even if you cannot feel them or see them. They are very willing to help you.
Let go of the negativity that is lagging behind, the negativity that is preventing you from ascension or finding the real you. Once you let this go, and you breath relief, shorty afterwards, you will feel like a big weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Your energy will soar and you will feel amazingly wonderful.
Sometimes dearest ones before you can let go of the negativity, you need to accept what it is that is holding you back. If its a feeling ask, "why is the feeling bothering you?". Then you release this to the Creator God so he can put it where it belongs. Then you can move on, but without the pain. Sometimes the acceping and releasing has to be done more than once, if you still feel the pain. If this happens dear ones, you will need to look a little closer to the problem and really dig deep to the root of the situation that has caused so much hurt.
This is an important step for your ascension. Dear ones, the more negativity you are able to let go and release, the higher your own vibrations will rise and my own vibrations will be raisee as well. You will be helping to create a domino effect of high, positive energy that will be felt by many, especially the ones nearest you.
I love you dearly, sweet children. Always be kind to those that are just awakening or new on their path. Try not to be unkind to those that have a different way of looking at the world. You are not them, and they are not you. But you have one thing in common, maybe more if you look hard, but what I see, your common ground is your love of the Earth.
My love for all over is overflowing. I will depart dear ones, but know I will come back and speak again.
Gaia, your ever loving Earth Mother

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